The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-10-29T17:42:59Z Climaterite Launches New Website 2020-10-29T17:42:59Z climaterite-launches-new-website CLIMATERITE LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE Melbourne, Australia – 22 October 2020 – Climaterite has recently launched its new website to make its services more accessible to residential and commercial property owners across Victoria. You can quickly and easily request an appointment online by completing a short form and by providing your contact details. With their services clearly described and a handy blog available for reading, you will be able to understand the scope of their operations and how best they can assist you. You can also keep up-to-date with their latest announcements and developments by subscribing to their newsletter. This is great for property managers, commercial property owners, building managers and others who are responsible for maintaining the HVAC system at the property. Climaterite will provide interesting tips and tricks, information about new services, updates about the team and operations and much more so that you can stay connected with the air conditioning specialists. Climaterite is headed by Grant Schumacher who has over 35 years’ experience in the air conditioning industry. As an air conditioning refrigeration mechanic by trade, Grant is familiar with the operations of an air conditioning system and can diagnose all types of units without difficulty. Grant leads a team of qualified, experienced and licenced technicians who apply their trade to the highest standards when operating on residential and commercial air conditioning units. This provides consumers confidence that the team know what they are doing. The company offers a range of services including commercial air conditioning services, residential air conditioning services, air conditioning repairs and maintenance, preventative maintenance inspections and remediation, upgrades, installations, and HVAC condition reports. The team can take care of all your air conditioning needs and if you are a commercial property owner, they can develop a periodic maintenance regime so that you know your AC unit is always in good hands. Their services are covered by insurance and service reports can be provided on request. No matter what brand of air conditioning unit you have or the type of problem you are experiencing with an existing system, the team at Climaterite can perform a timely and cost-effective diagnosis, attend to resolving the issue using genuine parts and enable you to continue using your air conditioning unit without any further complications. They recommend you engage a professional technician over DIY assessments and handyman activities as this can damage the commercial or residential AC unit and void warranty in some circumstances. If your air conditioning system is not performing well, the team at Climaterite can also make recommendations on a new AC model and a better layout so that the AC unit performs effectively. Especially when the use requirements of the property change, the layout is modified, the demand has increased or the performance of the AC unit has dropped, it is important to consider an upgrade so that running and maintenance costs are managed effectively. Climaterite are equipped with engineering knowledge to assist with recommending improved installation locations to make better use of the air conditioning system. Climaterite are ready to serve you and their new and equipped website makes it easy for you to understand their services and request an appointment with the team. About Climaterite Climaterite offers residential and commercial air-conditioning services in Victoria. Qualified and licenced technicians are ready and equipped to complete a range of tasks including installation, servicing, upgrades and repairs. The team of experienced technicians offer comprehensive services at affordable prices with a quick turnaround time. The group have over 60 years of combined industry experience and operate on all major brands across all types of air-conditioning systems including split, central and ducted air-conditioners. They are ARCtick certified and accredited AC specialists with all technicians undergoing rigorous training to ensure that their services are of the highest quality. Contact Climaterite Climaterite Vic Pty Ltd trading as Climaterite Factory 31, 31-39 Norcal Road, Nunawading VIC 3131 (03) 9878 4158 Phoenix Creative Management wins Small Event Management Company of the year in the 2020 Australian Event Awards 2020-10-29T03:31:47Z phoenix-creative-management-wins-small-event-management-company-of-the-year-in-the-2020-australian-event-awards Founded in 2015 by Creative Director Amber Coupe, Phoenix Creative Management is a team of 5, who despite their small size, have been recognised for their ability to deliver large scale, complex live events, including the NO/BS conference, which also received the State award for Best New Event, along with creative, innovative virtual events, such as ‘Turning the Tables’, Phoenix’s 5th Birthday Virtual event, which was a finalist in the Best Small Event, National category.   The Australian Event Awards Judges said, “Their ability to deliver the essential elements of an event - coupled with the determination to embrace creativity- shone through in the entry.”   In a time where many industries have been hit hard by Covid-19 Phoenix has challenged their small team to rise above and evolve, by diversifying their offerings into the virtual event space, a move that has enabled Phoenix to deliver 11 virtual events in October alone.  Founder & Creative Director Amber Coupe says, “To be acknowledged in this way in 2020 after everything the events industry in Victoria has been through, and to know we are on the right track in the event world means everything to us! To all our clients who trust us to bring their brands to life - THANK YOU - we share this award with you.” About Phoenix Creative Management  Phoenix is an award-winning boutique events & marketing agency, fierce organisers who are authentic, strategic, innovative and supportive – with a passion for creating unforgettable moments and compelling content.  We create content and experiences that reach out, inspire change, and bring you results. A moment in time you will always remember. Our full-service agency is authentic, strategic, innovative, supportive and we go beyond the brief and deliver as one of your team.   For more detail on this story or for industry comment from Amber Coupe, please contact   About the Australian Event Awards The Australian Event Awards is the national awards program for the events industry. It is the only opportunity for event professionals to compete directly across the nation, and across all facets of the industry, to establish which are Australia’s best events and event-related goods, services and innovations.   Sam Zervides steps down as IPA VIC President to focus on financial advice practice growth 2020-10-29T01:51:44Z sam-zervides-steps-down-as-ipa-vic-president-to-focus-on-financial-advice-practice-growth Principal and founder of Australian Wealth Solutions Pty Ltd (AWS) Sam Zervides has advised that he chose not to renominate for the position of Victorian President in the recent Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) election in order to focus on managing the growth of his expanding financial advice business.   Commenting on his decision, Sam Zervides said he was very proud of what he had achieved during his term as IPA’s Victorian President, but it was time to move on.  Sam will maintain his association with the IPA and continue to oversee the local networking / focus group he has headed for nearly 14 years.   “2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges for the financial services industry and many practices are still trying to come to terms with the dual impact CV19 and FASEA has had on their businesses.  Unfortunately, these factors, together with industry rationalisation have combined to polarise advice businesses into two distinct camps”.   One is pessimistic about the future and want to exit the industry as soon as possible.  The other is bullish and preparing to capitalise on the opportunities to come in the new era.   “AWS is most definitely in the second group and the manner in which we weathered the challenges of 2020 has served to validate our strategy and operational framework”, said Sam Zervides.    “Even though AWS was able to successfully continue its activities and provide the highest standards of advice and service, there is an immediate imperative to prepare for the new normal post CV19.  To be in a position to create value for clients as expectations, values, habits and demands are going to change”.   “These changes in client expectations are already shaping the structure of advice businesses and are irreversible.  It’s for this reason that I am focussing my energies on the future and being ahead of the curve in responding to these evolving client needs”.   Sam Zervides is adamant that those who fail to respond and continue with their business-as-usual pre-pandemic approach run the very real risk of becoming irrelevant and being left behind.   The first of two critical agendas Sam Zervides is focussed on is the client experience that prioritises the client journey and utilises technology, latest processes and innovation to improve engagement, outcomes and service.    New complementary financial and lifestyle services and value-add offerings are also being developed and well advanced.  They will be provided in-house or in partnership with appropriate alliance partners and recognise that financial strategies are not standalone undertakings.    It will take the provision of financial advice and professional services to the next level.   The second of Sam’s priorities reflects his steadfast belief that AWS’s most important asset are the people that comprise the business.    In order for staff to operate at their best, they need the best tools available to them i.e. friendly / efficient work environment, systems, technology, processes and achievable KPIs.    Sam also devotes a great deal of time personally coaching and mentoring staff as a winning culture starts by treating each team member as an individual and being responsive to their personal and professional aspirations.   “The team of planners, paraplanners and administrative staff are collectively central to everything we do: and if you ask any client or alliance partner what they like most about AWS, I know for a fact that dealing with the team will be one of their highlights”, said Sam Zervides.   Sam Zervides concluded, “As advice businesses grapple with the new decade and beyond, it’s clear a more strategic approach is needed, hence AWS laying a foundation for tomorrow.    “The benefits will be many and doing so reaffirms the significance of the relationship and services; demonstrates the creation of value for AWS clients; acts as beacon to attract highly talented, motivated employees; and positions the business for long-term growth and success”.   Issued by Australian Wealth Solutions             Media enquiries:     Mr. Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates Pty Ltd Mob: +61 412 112 545       Email: Manufacturers and Distributors gear up for digital transformation in the new normal 2020-10-29T00:12:35Z manufacturers-and-distributors-gear-up-for-digital-transformation-in-the-new-normal-1 Sydney, October 29 2020. Business leaders within APAC and global manufacturing and distribution sectors have shown urgency in embracing digital transformation to overcome the disruption caused by the pandemic. This is according to new research that has been released by SYSPRO, a leading global provider of ERP software. In order to understand the impact of the pandemic on manufacturers and distributors as well as emerging trends, a survey was completed by 144 industry professionals of different managerial levels within the United States, Canada, EMEA and APAC. The survey was conducted in August 2020 and focused on the rise of the remote workforce and the need for increased collaboration, the impact of supply chain disruptions, and emerging trends that will shape the manufacturing and distribution sectors moving forward. The rise of the remote workforce As social distancing became the new normal, entire workforces needed to connect as well as collaborate remotely. Based on the survey findings, nearly half of businesses were unable to function effectively due to a reliance on their operational staff only being able to function from the work premise. In a shift towards remote work and increased collaboration, 73% of businesses stated they would need to invest in technology to facilitate remote working capabilities in the future. According to Paulo De Matos, Chief Product Officer at SYSPRO, “COVID has had a ripple effect in many areas but remote work is here to stay and will need to be supported by systems that allow for easy communication, collaboration and performance management.” Supply Chain disruptions and resulting trends Unsurprisingly, the survey showed that 60% of businesses were impacted by supply chain disruptions during the pandemic. When looking specifically at distribution, 45% agreed that they were unable to operate at the same levels of distribution efficiency enjoyed before the pandemic. “Supply chains have been heavily integrated and increasingly reliant on foreign raw material, in particular from Asia. Companies looked to offshoring with the knowledge of the potential risk of quality control, but with the benefit of lower labor costs. With the increasing shortages of parts, manufacturers and distributors started looking to find alternative supply sources and establish more resilient supply chains. This shift in strategic sourcing and procurement as well as a high percentage considering re-shoring, is now being considered as a viable option worldwide.” This was echoed in the study, where 42% of businesses stated that they will re-shore manufacturing operations. “Near or re-shoring is the practice of transferring a business operation that was moved overseas back to the country from which it was originally relocated. Here, industry-built technology solutions will deliver industry specific functionality for manufacturers and distributors to optimise and simplify operations, stay current and in control,” said De Matos. The inflection Point for the Factory of the Future According to the study, only 38% of businesses felt that their business systems were adequate to handle the disruptions. When diving deeper into these findings, the study found that business systems lacked the necessary accessibility, availability, insights and basic planning tools needed by the industry to react to the pandemic. In fact, 29% of businesses stated that their systems lacked in providing them with the availability and accessibility during this time and they would be pursuing cloud-based business systems to deal with any possible future disruptions. “Manufacturers and distributors are shifting their preference towards a cloud deployed business solution, not only to address immediate needs, but as a catalyst to accelerate their digital transformation journey. We also anticipate that organisations will adopt different approaches to sourcing strategies and will shift their focus away from cost and efficiency control towards certainty and quality. This shift will be long lasting and innumerable,” concludes De Matos. Read more about SYSPRO’s study into how manufacturers and distributors handled the shift during COVID-19 via this link. About SYSPRO SYSPRO is a global, independent provider of industry-built ERP software designed to simplify business complexity for manufacturers and distributors. Focused on delivering optimized performance and complete business visibility, the SYSPRO solution is highly scalable, and can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or accessed via a mobile device. SYSPRO’s strengths lie in a simplified approach to technology, expertise in a range of industries, and a commitment to future-proofing customer and partner success. For more information, visit M-Files is an Easy Choice for Government Agencies in New Zealand 2020-10-28T22:06:13Z m-files-is-an-easy-choice-for-government-agencies-in-new-zealand AUCKLAND(NZ) – October 29th, 2020 – M-Files Corporation, the intelligent information management company, today jointly announced with Auckland based Premier Reseller DocSmart Solutions Ltd (DocSmart) that M-Files was selected for the government Marketplace in New Zealand. M-Files is now available in the “Content Services Software” and “Managed Content Services” categories of the catalogues for government agencies – the first products and services in these categories. The Pae Hokohoko|Marketplace ( was established by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) and the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) to link business with New Zealand government agencies, making the procurement process easier for all. It facilitates the government’s procurement process by connecting companies that offer services and sell products with government agencies that wish to buy them.  The Marketplace offers many benefits to government agencies. They can browse relevant catalogues when they want to buy specific products or services, spending less time on procurement and enjoying a simplified purchasing process and reduced costs. It is easy to compare services offered, and ICT services and products have a security rating where appropriate.  “The government Marketplace approval further validates that M-Files is producing substantive value for existing public sector clients. This will make it much easier for any other government agencies in New Zealand to benefit from M-Files’ unique AI-based intelligent information management capabilities,” said Scott Erickson, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Channel Sales at M-Files. “New Zealand is a thriving market for us, and we're really proud to have DocSmart as a business partner - they are delivering transformative innovation for customers there.” Just recently, DocSmart received the 2020 APAC M-Files Partner of the Year Award for its outstanding achievements and excellent support of M-Files customers in the region.  “We have already deployed M-Files to more than a hundred and forty organisations throughout the region, including many government agencies such as Clutha District Council and Real Estate Agents Authority,” said Treve Clayton, Director of DocSmart Solutions Ltd in Auckland. “M-Files has proven many times that it can help government agencies to streamline document and process management, making them more efficient and agile.” For more first-hand feedback on M-Files, please read the full Clutha District Council success story: For more information on M-Files Intelligent Information Management, please visit:  To arrange a demo or talk to an expert, please visit the DocSmart website: Tags New Zealand, government agencies, marketplace, document management, ECM, intelligent information management Summary Leading enterprise content management solution M-Files is now available on the government Marketplace in New Zealand for simplified purchase and reduced cost. Malaysia to host 2020 World Chinese Economic Summit – a significant post pandemic global event 2020-10-28T08:11:11Z malaysia-to-host-2020-world-chinese-economic-summit-a-significant-post-pandemic-global-event Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh, chairman of the World Chinese Economic Summit (WCES) and President, KSI Strategic Institute for Asia (KSI) has announced that the prestigious annual event will return to Kuala Lumpur for 2020.    The theme for this year’s Summit is Connecting Business, Promoting Shared Prosperity and Sustainability in the Post COVID New Economy.    The event will be held on November 26 in two formats – on site and via the virtual platform.  Furthermore, reflecting the internationality of the Summit, it has been held in Chongqing, China, Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, and last year in Macau.    “As the world begins its long journey towards recovery in the aftermath of the global CV19 pandemic, this year’s theme is indeed apt and timely”, said Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh.   “Leveraging this moment of crisis, when usual policies and social norms have been disrupted, bold steps can steer the world back on track towards an inclusive and sustainable economic growth”.   As well as promoting global and regional dialogue on China’s importance as the world’s second largest economy, the Summit program also acknowledges the important role of the worldwide Chinese diaspora in the promotion of B2B connectivity, entrepreneurship and innovation through networking and sharing of knowledge and best practices”.   Over 300 delegates from across the globe are expected to attend and participate online drawn by the Summit’s program that promotes entrepreneurship, smart partnerships, the digital economy, connectivity and green / sustainable growth.    Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh continued, “Now is the time for change, for a profound systemic shift to a more sustainable economy that works for both people and the planet.   “Wellbeing, sustainability and economic prosperity – we need to connect the dots and address issues collectively rather than pitting them against one another is key for creating a better future, a more prosperous and sustainable future”.   The WCES provides an opportunity to connect the global Chinese diaspora, to promote closer cooperation between China, ASEAN, Europe and countries of Asia Pacific. In addition, it provides a platform for global strategic thinkers, business leaders and future leaders to exchange views and ideas.    The highlight of this year’s main platform program and concurrent sessions will be –   - China and the world in the age of disruption & the post COVID new normal - Enhancing connectivity & business cooperation in the Belt and Road - The digital silk road – new opportunities from digitalization, AI and blockchain in the new economy - Start Ups – youth entrepreneurship and social enterprises: engaging with the global Chinese diaspora - Property development, smart cities and tourism development: what next? - Women in business and leadership: Enhancing the role of women and family business among the global Chinese diaspora - The Great Bay Area and ASEAN – maximizing opportunities and collaboration   The WCES also remains committed to the UN Sustainability Development Goals and aim to promote closer links between business, NGOs and other stakeholders to achieve the sustainable development goals for a more inclusive and sustainable world.   Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh concluded, “This year the WCES will celebrate its twelfth anniversary and is acknowledged as the flagship event on the economic benefits of doing business with China.  In addition to promoting bilateral trade and engagement with China, the Summit has facilitated the forging of friendships and connections with dynamic individuals and entrepreneurs”.   “I am confident the 2020 Summit and the new dual attendance / online participation format will attract a record number of delegates from across the globe to participate in a program of international speakers and China experts of the highest calibre providing visionary keynotes and insightful panel discussions”.      For registration and information about the 2020 World Chinese Economic Summit program, speakers, venue, sponsors and partners – please visit the Summit website   ENDS   Issued by: Kingsley Advisory & Strategic Initiatives Sdn Bhd                                           Media Enquiries:       Mr. Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates Pty Ltd                                     Mob:  +61 412 112 545     Email: Need a Tutor founder recognised 2020-10-27T23:43:21Z need-a-tutor-founder-recognised Bronwyn Covill, the founder of a social impact tutoring program for Indigenous and remote students, is one of 40 outstanding individuals sharing in $1 million of grants from the AMP Foundation’s Tomorrow Fund this year. The Melbourne entrepreneur will use her grant to further develop Need a Tutor’s capacity to connect young people outside our big cities with high-quality tutors. Since 2014, this AMP Foundation grants program has provided $7 million in grants to more than 300 Australians who are working hard to make a positive difference in their communities. Known as AMP Tomorrow Makers, these inspiring award winners work across a range of fields and disciplines, including science, social innovation, sport, technology, disability advocacy, education and more. The grants are designed to help talented Australians to take their passion projects to the next level. Bronwyn founded and funded Need a Tutor, to provide online support to Indigenous and remote children in all subject areas including literacy and numeracy with 2020 seeing high demand as a COVID catch up option. Bronwyn’s social enterprise now works with a range of charities to tutor Indigenous students across the nation, safely connecting young people with experienced educators. With online learning now widespread, Bronwyn believes Need a Tutors’ personalised approach has great potential to engage more young learners and strengthen communities across the land – especially given the focus on remote learning. “We focus specifically where other organisations don’t – working with people who are disadvantaged because of their postcode,” Bronwyn said. “Need a Tutors’ interventional tutoring has been shown to positively impact individuals living in remote and regional areas, particularly Indigenous children living in remote locations.” Our 2020 Tomorrow Fund recipients range in age from 15 to 62 and come from across Australia - from Perth to Townsville, rural Victoria to inner-city Sydney and regional New South Wales.  QUICK-THINKING COVID PIVOT SAVED LOCAL EVENT BUSINESS 2020-10-27T23:37:57Z quick-thinking-covid-pivot-saved-local-event-business When Melbourne’s first restrictions were introduced on March 13th, Woohah Productions, an audio visual production house located in Braeside, made a decision that would transform the way they work and ultimately keep the 19-year-old business on its feet throughout the pandemic. It was estimated that cancellations in the Australian events sector would account for a $35 billion loss to the economy in 12 months and more than 92,000 jobs. With the odds stacked against them, Woohah Productions founder, Arosh Fernando, made a call that would pivot Woohah Productions into the world of front-facing event management and position the company as a leader in hybrid and virtual events throughout the pandemic. Back in March, it took four days for Arosh and his team to create Studio45, one of the largest ready to use broadcast studios in Melbourne. Through Studio45, Woohah Productions was able to pivot an upcoming client event on the brink of cancellation, the Arnold Sports Festival, into a hybrid ticketed event that streamed online to over 3,000 viewers worldwide. In under a week, Arosh and his team had undertaken an incredible feat and the Arnold Sports Festival was the beginning of a new era of events for Woohah Productions. Over the coming months, Studio45 hosted a range of hybrid and virtual events from corporate conferences, award ceremonies, Easter Sunday church services, music performances, and virtual fashion show conferences for clients such as 7/11, Victorian State Government, Jaggad, Hype DC, Accent Group, Mushroom Group, Sunglass Hut/OPSM, Woolworths Group, and Carlisle Home. When Stage 4 lockdown hit Melbourne in August, Arosh and the team had to leave Studio45 and take their event business totally virtual. By solving client problems and generating innovative solutions, the team created the Kasō virtual event platform, which hosted virtual conferences and award ceremonies through the use of 3D architectural programs and integrating with video-sharing platforms like Zoom. In these branded virtual worlds, attendees could explore different rooms, watch speeches, visit exhibitor/ sponsor stands, play games, and engage with other attendees through chat and video links. In total, since initial restrictions began, the team has hosted over 88 virtual/ live events, connecting over 81,000 people from 104 countries across the globe. With Australia beginning to move out of restrictions, Arosh believes that virtual and hybrid events will still stick around for a while to come. “We’ve been truly overwhelmed by the response Studio45 and our virtual event platform has had during the pandemic. It’s not only enabled Woohah Productions to stay on our feet, but we’ve been able to collaborate with other companies in the event space to keep their teams working too,” says Woohah Productions’ founder, Arosh Fernando. “As the country, and Victoria in particular, starts to re-open and physical events begin to make a comeback, we believe that virtual and hybrid events will still play a vital role in our company moving forward. We’re finding that companies who are investing in upcoming events are looking to mitigate risks and by creating hybrid and virtual events they’re setting up a fool-proof contingency plan. We’re proud to be bridging the gap and providing virtual experiences that are fun, interactive, and engaging and can be attended from anywhere in the world.” ENDS For further information about Woohah Productions, or to interview founder, Arosh Fernando about his COVID pivot and the innovative work the team is doing, please get in touch: Megan Chambers || Gartner Identifies 10 Ways Organisations Can Reduce IT Costs Quickly in Tough Times 2020-10-27T01:58:10Z gartner-identifies-10-ways-organisations-can-reduce-it-costs-quickly-in-tough-times SYDNEY, Australia, October 27, 2020 — The COVID-19 pandemic has had widespread impact on the global economy, leaving many CIOs with the challenge of making immediate IT cost savings, according to Gartner, Inc. IT spending is forecast to contract across all categories and regions in 2020. While businesses in most industries have begun to reopen, pandemic mitigation measures such as lockdowns, social distancing, travel restrictions and border shutdowns have created financial burdens, with the transportation, manufacturing and natural resources industries the most severely impacted. Speaking at Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo APAC today, Chris Ganly, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner said COVID-19 has fundamentally transformed the way people are spending their money, and organisations simply have to respond. Gartner advocates a strategic cost optimisation approach, which is a continuous discipline to managing spending while maximising business value, rather than simply cutting costs. “Difficult times call for difficult actions,” said Mr. Ganly. “But even in organisations fighting to survive, CIOs need to approach cost cutting in the least damaging way to the medium-and long-term health of the business. This will help them recover faster in 2021 and beyond.” Gartner advises CIOs to follow 10 rules when faced with the need to cut IT budgets quickly: 1. Target immediate impact. Eliminate, reduce or suspend items that will hit the budget in weeks or months, not in years. Examples include expenses that are incurred and paid monthly or quarterly on a “pay as you go” basis, rather than annually. 2. Reduce, don’t freeze. Focus on costs that can truly be reduced or eliminated, not just frozen for the current period, only to reappear again further down the line. 3. Cash is king. Target items that will have a real cash impact on the profit and loss statement rather than noncash items like depreciation or amortisation. 4. Plan to do it once. Most organisations don’t cut deeply enough the first time, which means they often need to revisit costs and do it again. This is particularly relevant for staff cuts, where cycles of ongoing reductions can be very damaging.  5. Carefully inspect accounts. Work with your finance partner to obtain a solid view of the expense level detail, such as expense accounts, accruals and prepayments. Use this view to identify specific cash reductions that will immediately have an impact. 6. Target unspent and uncommitted expenses. Unless payments (or commitments) can be recovered or prepayments returned, the most immediate impact will be on unspent or uncommitted payments. Evaluate contracts for renegotiation and termination clauses. 7. Be Holistic: Include Capital. Typically, operating expenditures are the easiest to impact, but capital expenditures can also be reduced. Gartner’s IT Key Metrics Data shows that 25% of the average IT budget is spent on capital, so ensure that the complete range of IT spend is considered for rapid reductions.  8. Sunk costs are irrelevant. When it comes to saving money, it is commonly said that “sunk costs are irrelevant,” meaning that future spend should be considered without relation to past spending or “sunk costs.” From a rapid cost reduction standpoint this is certainly true, but it’s still worth considering whether the saving will be more than the benefit that can and will be delivered by continuing. 9. Address discretionary and nondiscretionary cost. Discretionary spending, such as for new projects, additional capability or services, is often seen as an easier place to cut. However, even nondiscretionary “run the business” expenses such as IT infrastructure and operations can be cut by reducing usage or service levels.  10. Tackle both variable and fixed costs. Fixed costs are expenses that remain constant, regardless of activity or volume, such as office rent, subscriptions and payroll. For fixed costs, focus on elimination. Variable costs change with activity or volume, for example, telecommunications, contractors and consumables. For variable costs, focus on both reduction and elimination. Gartner clients can read more in 10 Rules for Rapid Spend Reduction. About Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2020 is the world's most important gathering for CIOs and other IT executives. IT executives rely on these conferences to gain insight into how their organisations can use IT to overcome business challenges and improve operational efficiency. Follow news, photos and video coming from Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo on Smarter With Gartner, on Twitter using #GartnerSYM. Upcoming dates and locations for Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo include: November 9-12| EMEA| Virtual November 17-19| Japan| Virtual November 23-25| India| Virtual Coupa Taps Technology Veteran Stuart O’Neill for Key Appointment in APAC 2020-10-26T23:30:14Z coupa-taps-technology-veteran-stuart-oneill-for-key-appointment-in-apac SYDNEY, 27 October, 2020 – Today, Coupa Software (NASDAQ: COUP) announced that twenty-year technology veteran Stuart O’Neill has joined the company as managing director for the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. In his role, O’Neill will lead regional go-to-market strategies and sales operations, helping APAC companies spend simpler, safer, and smarter with Business Spend Management (BSM). “Stuart has decades of experience and deep industry knowledge in building out go-to-market strategies for cloud platforms and business technology,” said Steve Winter, chief revenue officer at Coupa. “His leadership approach and strong commitment to measurable customer success will help elevate the value of a comprehensive BSM platform to customers and prospects in the region.” Building on the success in the region from a consistent flow of new customer wins including facility services provider Spotless Group, aged and dementia care provider HammondCare and mining equipment manufacturer Transmin, O’Neill will prioritise building a great regional team and contributing to making Coupa a great place to work. Since joining Coupa, O’Neill has already led the team through 18 new deployments with an average customer implementation time of only 4.6 months, most of which were completely remote due to COVID-19 restrictions. Additionally, the team set a company region record, completing a customer implementation in 10 weeks, 100 percent remotely. “One of Coupa’s core goals is ensuring customer success and that emphasis on success is one of the reasons I wanted to be a part of the company,” said O’Neill. “I joined Coupa right before the pandemic, and have since been focused on helping companies in crisis gain visibility and control of their spend and mitigate supply chain risk so they can emerge from the pandemic stronger than they went in.” Most recently, O’Neill served as APAC president at CloudSense, a commerce and subscriber management platform built to work with Salesforce. Prior to that, O’Neill was in leadership roles at SAP Australia and New Zealand for more than five years. While at SAP, O’Neill established himself as a trusted voice on e-commerce and digital customer engagement, as he evangelised a shift to ecommerce and the cloud. Hitting horses is abhorrent 2020-10-26T19:58:02Z hitting-horses-is-abhorrent The Editor, Dear Editor, The scenes of Friday’s anti-lockdown protests with police on horseback in the middle of angry crowds, was upsetting to see. The people who hit horses in the face with flagpoles should unquestionably be prosecuted for animal cruelty, but horses have nothing to do with human conflicts and should never have been there in the first place. Watching horses flinch from a stick felt like a prescient reminder of Melbourne’s next public holiday: the Melbourne Cup Carnival. In this grotesque event, sensitive horses –who can feel a fly land on their skin—are repeatedly whipped to run faster. Juvenile horses are forced on the tracks, despite their skeletons not being developed for such exhausting work. Horses are fed a cocktail of drugs to run through their injuries and push their exhausted bodies to the finish line. As a result, many horses are injured—and die—on the track. In the last racing year, 116 horses died on Australian racetracks, as a result of injured limbs and broken bones. Horses forced to race can also suffer from stomach ulcers and bleed from the lungs. Unlike the scenes we witnessed at the Shrine, all of that abuse is entirely legal. Let’s show that we care for all horses—none of whom asked to be involved in human violence. We can say “Nup to the Cup” and instead choose peaceful pursuits on November 2’s public holiday. Mimi Bekhechi Campaigns Strategist People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PO Box 20308 World Square Sydney, NSW, 2002 (08) 8556-5828 FourPL Announces Strategic Partnership with SnapLogic to Simplify and Accelerate Process Integrations 2020-10-26T02:41:08Z fourpl-announces-strategic-partnership-with-snaplogic-to-simplify-and-accelerate-process-integrations-1 Melbourne, 26 October: FourPL, a leading Australian IT consulting company specialising in supply chain and procurement, has announced a strategic partnership with SnapLogic, provider of the #1 Intelligent Integration Platform. The partnership will enable customers to seamlessly connect their Coupa and third-party systems, automating business processes faster and improving decision making. FourPL is a preferred SnapLogic reseller and consulting partner in Australia delivering a unified view in Spend Management (Coupa) and Business Automation. “We are excited about this partnership with SnapLogic and believe that we will be able to support our customers in integrating solutions and business processes in a much shorter time so they can start realising value from their cloud solutions that are common in today’s modern hybrid landscape,” says FourPL’s COO Chris Poulton. “Fast, seamless data flow across the end-to-end spend management supply chain provides organisations with the real-time visibility and control they require to effectively manage their spend and deliver faster value at lower costs,” says Brad Drysdale, Field CTO at SnapLogic. “FourPL has deep knowledge and expertise in spend management and understands the integration challenges organisations face. We’re excited to work with FourPL to help our customers integrate and automate their spend management processes and get the most out of every dollar.” SnapLogic’s self-service, AI-powered integration platform helps organisations connect applications and data sources, automate common workflows and business processes, and deliver exceptional experiences for customers, partners, and employees. Thousands of enterprises around the world rely on the SnapLogic platform to integrate, automate, and transform their business. -Ends-   About FourPL FourPL is a leading Australian owned supply chain and procurement solutions provider with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Our focus is to help large companies recognise where they can gain value with technology, understand how a technology initiative is performing, help them buy a solution, or deliver the outcome/service they require. We have specialist systems expertise within the domains of Spend Management, Logistics Execution and Supply Chain Visibility. We work with global partners and leading-edge technology solution providers and take pride in our independence when choosing to work with solution providers.  LeadershipHQ announces new program to become a leader for the future of work with Veriskills 2020-10-24T07:59:11Z leadershiphq-announces-new-program-to-become-a-leader-for-the-future-of-work-with-veriskills-1 At this point in time, we are facing huge issues globally - a fragile economy, pandemic and business recovery and the need to reinvent work, to name a few. Brilliant, courageous leadership is required now to reimagine the nature of our work, understand the way we engage with people and to build exciting new companies. You have the opportunity now to become a leader for the future of work by putting development ahead of any other priority through the LeadershipHQ Leadership Essentials Program. Take Your Leadership to the Next Level Imagine taking your leadership to the next level, going for promotions or new opportunities and applying for tertiary education as a Leader! LeadershipHQ are the leaders in leadership development and we now working with VeriSkills™ to train and coach leaders through our in-house or public One on One or Group Leadership Essentials Program and give them the leadership and human capabilities and skills for the future. Human capabilities are soft skills that are not tied to technical competence and are what sets humans apart in this growing world of automation. VeriSkills™ verifies courses against the framework to determine the human capability outcomes and their corresponding level of achievement attained on completion of various courses. Our Leadership Essentials course is now verified by Veriskills™ backed by QTAC’s 40 years of experience in the assessment of formal and experiential learning. The Leadership Essentials Program The Leadership Essentials Program is either a self-paced (not VeriSkills™) or a group and one on one leadership program which is delivered in-house and or via our online public program and it takes 6-9 months. It gives participants the human capabilities, tools, skills and resources to be the best person and leader they can be. Human Capability outcomes you will be awarded on completion of our Leadership Essentials program are as follows: ·      Initiative and Drive ·      Communication ·      Collaboration ·      Empathy   Click here to learn more about VeriSkills™ and the Human Capability Framework. This program and coaching will take your leadership skills to the next level! 2021 Enrolment options Leadership Coaching, Programs and Certification are all a unique and premium development for you and your leaders. Designed for emerging leaders, team leaders, SME’s and self-aware professionals with ambition to take their seat at the leadership table, be a courageous leader and take charge of their business. Leadership isn’t easy and sometimes we need help. Get in touch today to learn more about how to build leadership skills through the Leadership Essentials Program and set yourself up for success! View the Leadership HQ website for more information on LeadershipHQ and our programs:   For more information or to interview Sonia McDonald contact: Sonia McDonald or Katie Watts  0424 447 616 | 1300 719 665 New webinar from Digivizer: How to drive more sales online 2020-10-21T21:49:07Z new-webinar-from-digivizer-how-to-drive-more-sales-online Sydney, 22 October, 2020: As part of the NSW Government’s Small Business Month, Digivizer is running a free webinar for businesses that will explain how to grow sales and lower costs using digital channels - including social, search and web.   The COVID-19 pandemic has sharpened the interest of many SMBs in digital marketing and online sales. According to Australia Post, August 2020 was the biggest month in Australian online shopping history. In the same month, online shopping grew over 85% year-on-year and between March and August 2020, over 8 million Australian households shopped online. "We work with a number of businesses, and some have seen their online sales grow by as much as 250% over the past six months," says Emma Lo Russo, CEO and co-founder of Digivizer. "What has changed are customer habits. It is critical for every business to have a strong online presence, and a better understanding about how to drive cost-effective digital sales.  "This webinar will help any online business become better at driving their digital marketing by taking a data-driven approach to increasing sales, and lowering the cost to do this.  We have designed an event that will take owners and marketers through the steps they can take to drive better cost-per-outcome and ultimately greater ROI for their digital marketing spend." The webinar will feature Mike Barnett, Head of Sales for Shopify Plus in APAC, Digivizer Head of Digital Performance, Jordan Schofield and Digivizer Head of Digital Strategy, Brian Gibson.  They will share strategies for businesses to follow, using case studies backed by real-time data. The webinar will equip businesses with the skills and insights they need to grow online. Topics covered will include using social media and search campaigns to drive customer acquisition and sales, and how to build better online sales platforms and customer lifetime value.   Register at ENDS About Digivizer Digivizer, founded in 2010, is Australia’s leading digital marketing analytics technology company. Digivizer helps businesses get better results from their digital marketing, across owned, earned and paid media, in search and social, and in web performance, by giving them the information they need to make better decisions and improve their marketing ROI.  Digivizer’s digital insights are available through a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform affordable to any business, and if required, digital marketing services.  Digivizer is an ad., development and technology partner of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google, and is a marketing and agency partner of Google and Facebook. It is also a partner of start-up venture capital investors Investible and Remarkable, and of global online retail outlet platforms Shopify and BigCommerce. Contacts Digivizer is at: Web: LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: For more information:  Alan Smith, Head of Strategic Business Communications, Digivizer.  Phone: +61 404 432 700. Email: Twitter: @alansmithoz    ACMO take the win for the 2020 Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Local Business Awards for Outstanding Professional Service 2020-10-21T01:24:15Z acmo-take-the-win-for-the-2020-hornsby-ku-ring-gai-local-business-awards-for-outstanding-professional-service 2020 being an exceptional year with many businesses facing a myriad of un-expected challenges, our Sydney based business ACMO has managed to help others achieve more this year by streamlining difficult and labour-intensive business processes for our customers. ACMO is an IT service company specialising in business process automation using Kofax Cognitive Capture and Robotic Process Automation. We are proud to announce our win last night at the 2020 Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Local Business Awards for Outstanding Professional Service. Our director Joseph Joy was also humbled to be a finalist himself for Outstanding Business Person of the Year. Joseph has a passion for delivering digital transformations to companies, using our intelligent automation software. Our team look forward to making 2021 another successful year and helping even more business with their digital transformation though automated artificial intelligence.