The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-02-20T01:03:39Z Supercharged medical community to unite against urgent threats to global health 2020-02-20T01:03:39Z supercharged-medical-community-to-unite-against-urgent-threats-to-global-health-2 Inspired to make meaningful change on global health issues, Intensive Care Specialists, Oliver Flower and Roger Harris from Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital have founded Coda – a global community of medical professionals dedicated to generating, proving and sharing revolutionary health care ideas for societal change. Backed by global health organisations, hundreds of volunteers and built on the highly successful conference series SMACC (Social Media and Critical Care), which travelled the globe from 2013-2019 accumulating 50,000 members, Coda begins where SMACC left off. The first-ever Coda conference will be held in Melbourne from 28 September to 2 October, uniting the entire healthcare community unbound by critical care. Each year, Coda will identify a specific and urgent threat to global health and deliver a draft set of tangible, achievable and sustainable actions for the community to build upon prior to the major event, with final action plans presented at the Coda conference for rapid adoption. Published via academic journals and disseminated across the community, these actions will be open for industry-wide comment, engagement and discussion via social platforms. In 2020, Coda will focus on an action agenda for climate change. Asking for a call-to-arms, Roger Harris said, “There are 60 million health care workers around the world, and as an industry, we’re leaders in society – the people who the public trust with their health, wellbeing and their lives. “Imagine if this community could come together as one to make positive and actionable change on global health crisis. We as a medical community can change humanity’s global footprint. We have the power to inspire, revitalise and provide hope for the future.” Connecting this to how Coda 2020 will have an impact, Oliver Flower said, “Coda was created to accelerate progress toward better health outcomes for all. We exist to create a healthier world together, however, to make real changes – we need fast action, not just talk. We will use Coda 2020 as a launchpad to mobilise our local and global communities – it will be the benchmark for real change.” Over an intensive five days, beginning with 40 CPD workshops, more than 50 expert speakers from across the globe will connect across four central domains at Coda 2020: Coda Earth: Threats to humanity from climate change, water and food shortages, and air pollution. Coda Cure: Threats include sepsis, pandemics, trauma, communicable disease. Coda Educate: Threats include equitable access to learning, knowledge dissemination, harms of medical misinformation particularly on vaccine hesitancy and antibiotic resistance. Coda Ethics: Threats include equity within healthcare itself, artificial intelligence, end of life care, population and genetic modification. Coda 2020 will provide a hub for the medical profession to come together to accelerate change, be empowered and make a real impact on local and global health issues. You can be the first to secure your seat at Coda 2020 from 1st April (no joke) – get in quick at #Coda2020 @codachange -ENDS- Notes to editors: Interviews are available upon request with Coda Co-Founders Roger Harris and Oliver Flower About Coda: Coda is a global community that comes together to generate, prove and share revolutionary ideas to solve urgent global health challenges. Founded by the same team that created the SMACC (Social Media and Critical Care) worldwide conference series - which ran from 2013 – 2019 visiting Australia, Chicago, Ireland, Germany - the Coda community is driven by four key values: collaboration, action, creativity and humanity. Coda 2020 is a supercharged medical conference for professionals in the health community. It is built on a desire to improve health outcomes across the world, and the opportunity to convert that desire into action. Coda 2020 will deliver: A captivating and thought-provoking healthcare program. Incredibly inspiring speakers with compelling messages. A huge variety of program formats to stimulate and engage. Unparalleled production qualities guaranteed to capture your attention. Unforgettable social events to relax, recharge and connect. A community experience that is diverse and inclusive in every way. Roger Harris Roger Harris is a senior staff specialist in the intensive care unit at the Royal North Shore Hospital and the Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAN). He is dual qualified in Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care. Roger is one of the co-founders of Coda and SMACC (Social Media and Critical care). He is passionate about education, his five children and especially his beautiful wife Georgie. Oliver Flower Oliver Flower is a staff specialist in Intensive Care Medicine at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney. He is an intensivist in Sydney who’s been driving SMACC (Social Media and Critical Care), and now Coda, from their beginnings. He has steered the creative side of SMACC & Coda, from the graphic design elements to the style, marketing, website and social platform strategies. He has an interest in neurocritical care and has shaped the neuro workshops. Media Contacts: For further information, images, interviews or industry commentary, please contact ZADRO: Debbie Bradley, Group Account Director | 0420 761189 | Event Contacts: For event and registration, please contact Coda: Phone +61 2 9431 8600 Email Website Join Australian Scientist Who Drew Every Ray in the World for First Ever Art Workshop in Australia 2020-02-19T22:30:15Z join-australian-scientist-who-drew-every-ray-in-the-world-for-first-ever-art-workshop-in-australia Canberra’s very own botanic art studio, NatureArt Lab, is delighted to welcome one of Australia’s leading natural history experts, Dr Lindsay Marshall, who will be delivering a ‘Painting Rays with Acrylics’ workshop at NatureArt Lab’s Griffith studio on 28 and 29 March. Students will get the opportunity to learn about stingray taxonomy and create beautiful natural history illustrations with acrylics.Lindsay Marshall is a world expert in shark fin identification, but other than high school art class has never had any formal artistic training. Lindsay’s first artistic commission; Rays of the World is of particular significance as it is the first time in 100 years a single natural history artist has illustrated an entire faunal group. Lindsay said: “I’ll take students through the process I used to create the accurate natural history images for the Rays of the World book. We will be observing real specimens of stingrays from the local market and learning about stingray taxonomy. We will be observing, drawing and transferring onto final watercolour paper.” Julia Landford, Founder of NatureArt Lab said: “This is the first time that Lindsay is delivering an art workshop of this kind in Australia and we are delighted that she has chosen Canberra to share her expert natural history knowledge and artistic skills. Places are selling out fast so I’d advise any interested parties to book a place now.“DETAILS:Dates: Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 March 20200Time: 9.30am to 4.30pmVenue: NatureArt Lab, M16 Artspace, 21 Blaxland Crescent, GriffithPrice: $330Bookings: Click here Throughout March, there will be other courses on offer, giving students a chance to examine and interpret insects, birds and other creatures through various art mediums. Each course will take students through a step-by-step process to develop valuable drawing techniques used to create beautiful works of art.The NatureArt Lab Summer Program continues throughout March - for more information or to book a course, visit For more information please contact Amy Cox at Nerio Communications on T: 02 5100 6123 or Notes to Editors:Rays of the World features a unique collection of paintings of all living batoid species by Australian natural history artist Lindsay Marshall, compiled as part of a multinational research initiative, the Chondrichthyan Tree of Life Project. As the sole illustrator for the project, Lindsay spent six years illustrating one of the larger extant vertebral classes of species, the Chondrichtheys, in its entirety (sum 1200 species). This can be compared to painting every single living species of bony fish, or mammal, or reptile, or bird, or amphibian. Although Lindsay has a PhD in shark fin identification and illegal fisheries, she has no formal artistic training. She approaches her work with the perspective of scientific evaluation, with a great appreciation of form and colour and of the diversity of the natural world. This precision and attention to detail is exactly what is required of a scientific illustrator. MRI PRO ANNOUNCES GLOBAL RESELLER AGREEMENT WITH SIEMENS HEALTHINEERS 2020-02-18T20:40:47Z mri-pro-announces-global-reseller-agrement-with-siemens-healthineers PEPconnect (Personalized Education Plan), an online platform providing thousands of learning modules on imaging and laboratory diagnostics, now offers access to additional education content to meet the holistic needs of the healthcare professional. With flexible technology, now everyone from the institution to the individual can have access to education in a single space, including product focused, clinical, and beyond. The first subscription offering MRI PRO, with a library of 300 PIRADS scored multi parametric prostate MRI cases, is now available on PEPconnect.   MRI PRO Co-Founder & Chairman, Assoc Prof Jeremy Grummet MBBS, MS, FRACS, said: “As an organisation, we are committed to improve the safety, precision, and efficiency of prostate cancer biopsy, and recognise the hugely important role MRI diagnostics can play. However, ensuring all healthcare professionals can gain the necessary experience to maximise the value of this methodology within the prostate cancer pathway, is key. We are pleased to partner with Siemens Healthineers with the aim of improving the overall patient experience and delivering the best possible health outcomes.”   MRI PRO is an e-learning platform that trains radiologists, urologists and trainee specialists through online case-based learning-by-doing, complete with full histological verification for instant feedback. The program offers quality images validated against the standard of tissue histopathology, and provides the opportunity to earn CME and CPD points. All cases on MRI PRO are acquired and reported to PIRADS v.2 specifications.  Users submit their answers on PIRADS score, location of index lesions and staging information for each case, and get instant feedback, including access to the actual histo pathology report. MRI PRO is uniquely positioned to have a significant impact on the way that doctors diagnose the disease and manage the treatment of men. MRI PRO is also accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME), the American Medical Association (AMA), the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, and the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists to earn CME points. Developed in Australia for radiologists and urologists around the world, MRI PRO is the world's largest online trainer in prostate MRI. Team of the world's top experts from universities including Cambridge, Stanford, University of California San Francisco and New York University have advised on the program.  For more information, or to see the tool in action, head to Education Perfect’s technology minimising impact on 100 Coronavirus affected schools in China 2020-02-17T20:57:48Z education-perfect-s-technology-minimising-impact-on-100-coronavirus-affected-schools-in-china As a leading global education software provider, EP's online learning tool is already helping support over 100 schools in China affected by the Coronavirus.  Seeing a dramatic increase in support calls from impacted schools using the platform in South East Asia and China, EP launched a taskforce to help aid schools in need. EP is also looking at ways to assist schools currently not using the platform during this uncertain time. EP’s Head of Community, Tim Vaughan, highlighted the urgency of the situation in the region - “This is unprecedented and many schools are now having to navigate the delivery of their lessons entirely online. EP presents a unique opportunity for schools to elevate the roles of their teachers through rich data and insights, whilst providing students with an engaging and effective learning experience remotely. Plugging directly into a school's existing Learning Management System, schools can minimise the impact of the current disruptions.”  Currently used by over 1 million students across 1,800 schools, as a cloud-based software, EP enables schools to deliver curriculum-aligned lessons and assessments remotely. By allowing teachers to monitor and measure how students are engaging with their learning in real time, teachers can maximise their efficacy - even in a remote setting.    The impact of learning in a remote setting was highlighted by EP’s recent engagement with the  ACAMIS (Association of China and Mongolia International Schools) Group. With their Spring Leadership Conference postponed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, member schools have had the opportunity to access EP and continue their teaching and learning online. The response was overwhelmingly positive which only highlighted the need to make EP available for more schools.  EP are a New Zealand-based organisation, originally started by Craig and Shane Smith, two brothers who were struggling with their learning at school, with the platform now being used in 27 countries around the world.   “Being able to support schools who are affected by these disruptions is very much in the Kiwi spirit. This commitment is a small reflection of the investment teachers are putting into the lives of students everyday. It is great to see technology and the EP platform helping to solve this global problem.” - CEO, Alex Burke. Schools, organisations and governments who are being affected by Coronavirus disruptions are encouraged to register for further details.   Online Personal Development Summit Takes Flight on Leap Day 2020-02-17T06:32:52Z online-personal-development-summit-takes-flight-on-leap-day LOS ANGELES, Feb. 29, 2020: A group of renowned personal development speakers and leaders from around the world will gather online for a special four-hour event. The What Else is Possible? summit is a unique one-stop-shop for personal empowerment, and will feature experts in ten different fields including business and entrepreneurism, finances and personal wealth, communication and expression, parenting and kids, and authentic living. What Else is Possible? is a special event by Access Consciousness, a set of personal development tools that has enhanced the lives of individuals for more than 30 years, in over 170 countries worldwide. Throughout the day, attendees will be treated to a wide range of specialty programs and over 40 interactive experiences, each one unique in its ability to empower people to make positive changes, and create the life they desire and deserve.  According to Access Consciousness founder, Gary Douglas, the aim of the event is to help attendees expand their view of what is possible, in every aspect of their lives. “Each individual has an innate awareness of what decisions will bring them the best of love, life, health, finance and business. The trick to revealing this unconscious wisdom is to keep your mind open to every possibility – especially those that you have never considered before”, Douglas explains. Attendees will explore: ·       The power of asking questions ·       How to put joy back into your business ·       The art of authentic communication ·       Why changing your point of view around money can change everything ·       The adventure of truly being YOU ·       The power of horses to enhance and heal your life ·       ‘X-men’ powers ·       Practical tools and advice that can create more possibility in your life The What Else is Possible? summit is running for one date only: Date: Saturday, 29 February 2020 Link: Time: 12 noon – 4pm (USA Pacific Time)   Access Consciousness is a set of practical and pragmatic tools, techniques and processes designed to empower people to create the life they desire. Founded by world renowned speaker and entrepreneur, Gary Douglas, the organisation has been transforming the lives of tens of thousands of people for more than 30 years, providing them with the means to alter any aspect of their life. Originating in the USA, Access Consciousness facilitators are now located in more than 170 countries around the world. Parents urged to build kids’ ‘maths muscles’ to improve results 2020-02-13T06:13:49Z parents-urged-to-build-kids-maths-muscles-to-improve-results Ratika Khandelwal from Mathnasium, an internationally renowned mathematics learning centre, said there was a dire need to refocus attention on the importance of the subject following Australian students’ failure to exceed the OECD average in maths in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). “Focusing on improving skills just a little each day will go a long way to help children foster a respect for the subject and excel at it. But it starts at home. “Education is ultimately the culmination of parents, school, teachers and students working together to generate better results, but parents can do more. As a parent myself, I know we need to take more responsibility for our role in children’s education and helping shape their skills and mindset around learning.  Parents need to step up and make maths a normal part of the day. “It is as simple as getting the kids involved in activities like basic addition or subtraction at the supermarket, halving or doubling a recipe, or estimating how long it takes to get to school, for example. It’s all about doing things that make maths fun and helps build their confidence in the subject.” Ms Khandelwal’s advice is echoed by Seung Yi, National Maths Coordinator at Australian Christian College, who agreed students should be dedicating time every day to improving their mathematic skills. “We’re definitely not where we should be in mathematics in Australia, and the trend is indicating that we are continuing to fall further behind the rest of the world. It needs to be adequately addressed and fast,” he said. “It’s not hard to spend regular time at home developing basic number skills – addition, subtraction, division, multiplication. Just imagine if students worked on basic maths drills every day.” Ms Khandelwal shared her tips to make maths easy at home, based on the Mathnasium method of teaching that uses a unique combination of mental, verbal, visual, tactile, and written techniques to help children learn math. 1. Have kids use cash/coins instead of cards to pay for things. Have them calculate how much a few items will cost and the expected change. 2.  Buy analog clocks and have children tell time that way or buy them a watch with an analog clock. 3. Let them help with cooking/baking to learn about measurements and calculations - halve or double a recipe for added practice. 4. Have them measure things in the house using their hands, feet, and a ruler to compare. 5. At Easter have them create a bar chart of the types or names of lollies/eggs they get and how many. 6. At the supermarket have them weigh different produce to get an understanding of weights. Sony creates the ideal future for education to the workplace at ISE 2020 2020-02-12T04:21:44Z sony-creates-the-ideal-future-for-education-to-the-workplace-at-ise-2020 Sony Professional Solutions demonstrates a bold vision to create the ideal future for education and work at ISE 2020, as it reveals its latest AV and IT solutions on stand 1-N20. These include a new beamforming microphone MAS-A100 for lectures and presentations, an upgrade to the transformative workplace management solution with TEOS 2.2, and significant expansions of laser projectors. Visitors to the stand can meet experts from Sony to discuss how digital technologies are reshaping our organisations and the importance of adaptability, flexibility and personalisation today, while offering first-hand insight into the latest Sony products and solutions Crystal LED display system with breath-taking visuals and new interactive content. “Technology is reshaping every aspect of our modern lives. At Sony we’re dedicated to helping our customers harness the full potential of modern technologies to create their ideal future, whether that's in education, at work or elsewhere. This is why we are proud to showcase our latest line up of advanced products and solutions here at ISE 2020," explains Daniel Hancox, Group Manager, Sony Professional Solutions, Australia and New Zealand. "From our ground-breaking new beamforming microphone to impressive additions for our comprehensive workplace management solution TEOS. We are introducing innovations that build on decades of experience and are the result of Sony creating solutions together with our customers and industry partners.” The future of educationSony is expanding its range of advanced solutions for delivering, recording and streaming engaging presentations and video content in education environments. All solutions will be combined in the live demo setting to showcase the advanced teaching and learning experience.·       MAS-A100 is a new IP-based ceiling beamforming microphone enabling flexible and creative “hands-free” lectures and presentations. It offers advanced clear audio for speech reinforcement and recording with a unique combination of beamforming technology and its unique Intelligent Feedback Reducer function. The microphone can also be easily integrated into existing AV setups with the Dante®[1] digital audio-over-IP networking standard.·       Edge Analytics Appliance (REA-C1000) enables users to create impactful video content with minimal resources. The Artificial Intelligence-powered solution features automatic handwriting extraction from black and white boards, a Chroma key-less CG Overlay feature to extract the presenter and overlay them onto any background without the need for a dedicated backscreen or specialist training. The PTZ Auto Tracking also keeps presenters in frame throughout their presentation by accurately and smoothly tracking a presenter.·       UbiCast, an easy-to-use automated solution that allows corporate and education organisations to create and share dynamic, searchable, feature-rich video content. UbiCast will also showcase a new generation of video recorders to support the latest SRG cameras. Sony’s audio Auto Gain Control and Noise Reduction plugins will be included in these video recorders and the video platform to deliver an enhanced audio experience to online viewers. The future of work Sony’s TEOS continues to play a critical role in transforming workspaces to increase productivity, efficiency and employee engagement in over 200 organisations across 28 countries to date, including Capgemini and Siemens. The latest updates to the TEOS line-up provide users with the most comprehensive set of tools to work more collaboratively and flexibly. TEOS 2.2 uses the advances in IoT sensor technology to boost integration and unlock efficiencies with 20 new functionalities and features. These include tailored Smart Automation options, a new customisable Meeting Display interface and an intuitive Outlook integration for room booking, reception sign-in and content sharing.·       4 new TEB-XP Professional Tablets - available in a range of sizes from 7” - 22” for meeting rooms, classrooms and reception areas·       4K Android Player - for mirroring signage and meeting room display content via Connect for TEOS.·       Two new smart sensors - a desk sensor to measure occupancy and a meeting room sensor to measure both occupancy and CO2 levelsVisitors to the stand can also see demonstrations of 7 models in the  range of Sony’s BRAVIA Professional Displays, which combine exceptional picture quality and design with advanced professional features to meet the AV needs of any organisation.The future of laser projectionFrom entry-level through to premium projectors, Sony offers a solution for any space and budget, whether in classrooms and conference venues or museums and churches. All new laser projectors will also support the Intelligent Setting feature to simplify installation, with pre-sets that adjust brightness, cooling system, colour and other projector settings for optimal performance based on the environment the projectors are used in.·       VPL-FHZ131L is the newest and brightest premium WUXGA projector from Sony, boasting outputs of 13,000lm. With 100% S-RGB colour space reproduction and high contrast of ∞:1, they deliver incredibly bright, engaging and immersive images. Its wide lens shift capability and an optional short-throw lens VPLL-Z4107 can increase the flexibility of installation in the venues where the throw distance is limited.Sony also plans to launch the following projectors from June 2020 onwards, which will not be showcased at ISE.·       VPL-FHZ101L and VPL-FHZ91L are also the premium WUXGA projectors, boasting outputs of 10,000lm and 9,000lm respectively.·       VPL-PHZ12 is the new Sony mid-range 5,000lm WUXGA laser projector using a 0.76-inch LCD panel with its incorporated optical compensator. The model delivers bright, vibrant images with high contrast of ∞:1 and true-to-life colour reproduction.·       VPL-CWZ10 is the new, industry’s most compact[2] 5,000lm WXGA laser projector on the market. The projector is approximately 40% smaller and 35% lighter when compared with conventional model (VPL-PWZ10). Affordable cost and low maintenance make it a sensible, entry-level laser-based replacement for lamp models.For those seeking multiple projectors for different purposes across a single location, the Sony line-up offers high quality reproductions from both still image data and video playback, as well as unification in colour tone, controllability, design, and integration, regardless of use case or room size. The future of broadcasting solutions An area of the Sony stand will be dedicated to its portfolio of Media Solutions designed to meet the needs for simple and cost-effective content creation in education and corporate organisation and enable them to realise their vision. Stand demonstrations will include:·       Virtual Production - an on-demand cloud production service that provides a complete production toolset for multi-platform content creation and delivery.·       Professional Camcorders - bringing outstanding image quality, versatility and leading-edge technology to every level of content creation, Sony will be showcasing a range of camcorders with 4K and HDR capability.·       Professional Audio – high sound quality solutions from Sony, including the DWX Series digital wireless microphone with Dante support as well as compact and lightweight UWP-D series, built on its 60 years of experience in redefining the creative and technical possibilities for live recording or recorded sound.·       New Camera Remote Software Development Kit – On show for the first time, the new SDK for select α™ (Alpha™), Sony’s Interchangeable Lens Digital Cameras, allows developers and integrators to create bespoke applications such as to remotely control cameras for tailored usage requirements.Sony will be exhibiting at stand 1-N20 at RAI Amsterdam from 11th - 14th February. MRI PRO & BXTACCELYON ON A MISSION TO COMBAT INACCURATE DIAGNOSIS OF PROSTATE CANCER 2020-02-11T00:56:43Z mri-pro-amp-bxtaccelyon-on-a-mission-to-combat-inaccurate-diagnosis-of-prostate-cancer With high-level evidence[1] now confirming prostate MRI’s place in the diagnostic process of prostate cancer detection, as well as adoption of the methodology in NICE[2], EAU[3], AUA[4] and national and international urology and radiology guidelines, demand for healthcare professionals experienced in interpreting and accurate reporting of MRI scans is skyrocketing. Gaining the experience that is required for accurate interpretation of prostate MRI is essential, l but is difficult to obtain without the availability of immediate histological feedback. MRI PRO addresses this global, unmet need.   MRI PRO is a subscription-based e-learning platform that allows healthcare professionals to test themselves on 300 of the highest quality histology-verified prostate MRI cases. All cases on MRI PRO are acquired and reported to PIRADS v.2 specifications, including access to histology reports.  Users submit their answers on PIRADS score, location of index lesions and staging information for each case, and get instant feedback on how they did, including access to the actual biopsy report. MRI PRO is uniquely positioned to have a significant impact on the way that doctors diagnose the disease and manage the treatment of men.   MRI PRO is also accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME), the American Medical Association (AMA), the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, and the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists to earn CME points.   MRI PRO Co-Founder & Chairman, Assoc Prof Jeremy Grummet MBBS, MS, FRACS, said: “As an organisation, we are committed to improve the safety, precision, and efficiency of prostate cancer biopsy, and recognise the hugely important role MRI diagnostics can play. However, ensuring all healthcare professionals can gain the necessary experience to maximise the value of this methodology within the prostate cancer pathway, is key. These are values which are also closely mirrored by the team at BXTAccelyon; their approach to training whole prostate cancer teams in the PrecisionPoint biopsy device is one we welcome, and are keen to mirror. We are pleased to partner with BXTAccelyon with the aim of improving the overall patient experience and delivering the best possible health outcomes.”   Saheed Rashid, Managing Director, BXTAccelyon, adds: “Earlier and better detection of prostate cancer is proven to widen the available treatment options to patients, which will improve outcomes whilst reducing potential adverse side-effects and / or relapse. In recent years, we have made great strides in transforming traditional biopsy techniques, however, it is still the case that we currently diagnose cancers that are harmless, leading to unnecessary investigations and operations, and we miss cancers that are harmful.    “Prostate MRI represents the next stage in prostate cancer diagnosis, but there is an unmet demand for education and training in MRI imaging and interpretation by urologist and radiologist. BXTAccelyon is therefore delighted to be the global distribution partner for this online learning platform that is paving the way for MRI education.” Made in Australia for radiologists and urologists around the world, MRI PRO is the world's largest online trainer in prostate MRI. A team of the world's top experts from universities including Cambridge, Stanford, University of California San Francisco and New York University have advised on the program.  For more information, or to see the tool in action, head to   About MRI PRO PTY LTD: MRI PRO is a world’s industry standard online prostate MRI training tool designed to help doctors and health care professionals required to accurately diagnose prostate cancer scans from MRI machines and to learn how best to interpret these images.  For media enquiries and/or high-resolution images please contact [1] [2] [3] [4] Increase in Apprentice and Trainee Enrolments 2020-02-07T05:43:12Z increase-in-apprentice-and-trainee-enrolments Minister for Innovation and Skills, Hon David Pisoni MP, visited PEER on Friday 7 February 2020, announcing key findings from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) publication: Government funded students and courses – January to September 2019. He highlighted the large increase in apprentice and trainee enrolments across critical sectors for the SA economy.   Key findings from the report, indicate an increased confidence in the South Australian economy, with over 700 business taking on an apprentice for the first time. This is attributed to the Marshall Liberal Government working closely with industry and businesses, to continue the turnaround of the state’s training system.   Minister for Innovation and Skills, Hon David Pisoni MP said, “The first full year of the Skilling South Australia program has yielded fantastic results, with over 13,000 new apprenticeship and traineeship commencements.”   “We’re seeing strong growth in government funded VET program enrolments across critical sectors for the SA economy, including community services, agriculture, horticulture, conservation and land management, construction and traditional trades, as well tourism, hospitality and events.”   The Minister also stated that the Skilling South Australia projects, are growing the state’s skilled workforce, while meeting the needs of employers.“There are almost 100 Skilling South Australia projects underway, co-designed by industry and business, to grow our skilled workforce, build careers and meet the needs of employers by driving growth in apprenticeships and traineeships. Encouragingly, we’re also delivering increased participation in terms of Aboriginal students and increased female participation in skills training.”   Peter Nolan, Chief Executive of leading South Australian training organisation PEER, said that the State Government’s investments in skills and expansion of subsidised training, is delivering positive results for the sector.   Mr. Nolan stated: “2020 has commenced very positively for PEER and we have seen a strong uptake of apprentices already. We have 42 new well-trained, high quality apprentices either commenced or commencing soon. We also have vacancies in the refrigeration and air-conditioning trade and are always looking for more females in all of our trades. The Skilling South Australia projects have been of great benefit to new apprentices and the demand for well-trained apprentices is continuing to grow.” About PEER  PEER is a non-profit industry-based organisation, a Group Training Organisation (GTO) and an award-winning Registered Training Organisation (RTO), delivering nationally accredited trade training packages to meet South Australia’s skill development needs.  We are the largest employer of apprentices within the Building and Construction industry in SA and we deliver VET in schools training, apprenticeship training, upskilling, short courses and skills recognition training.  Agile and innovative, PEER is highly regarded for delivering trade training and assessment excellence in the following trades: electrical, plumbing, data & communications, refrigeration & air-conditioning.  We are proud, to be the winner of the 2018 SA Training Awards, Training Provider of the Year and the 2018 Australian Training Awards Small Training Provider of the Year.  EP’s commitment to Te Reo Māori in 2020 2020-02-06T00:26:40Z ep-s-commitment-to-te-reo-m-ori-in-2020 In 2020 EP, aka Education Perfect, commits to heavily investing in the education of Te Reo Māori across schools and the workplace.   In 2019, over 3,000 teachers and 25,000 students, completed EP’s Te Reo Māori course, but this is just the beginning.     This year EP aspires to have 10 times the number of participants understanding and actively speaking basic Te Reo Māori. EP plans to enhance the Kaupapa Māori content and invest time in the community to assist individuals, teachers, schools and businesses in acquiring this important taonga.   “This is such an important initiative for us at EP, considering our heritage as a Kiwi Tech business. We see it as our responsibility to do our bit to grow confidence and competence in using our national taonga.” Alex Burke, EP CEO.   In 2019, EP supported New Zealand kaiako to improve their knowledge of Te Ao Māori and use of Te Reo Māori in the classroom. EP’s Te Reo Māori course was hugely popular as it could be completed online whenever teachers found available time. Upon completion of the course, teachers received a certificate to acknowledge their efforts and commitment to developing their overall knowledge of Kaupapa Māori.   “We’re proud to be able to support so many teachers and students across the country with learning Te Reo Māori. We have fantastic course material, which we hope will encourage both schools and businesses across Aotearoa to pick up the essentials of Te Reo Māori and general tikanga.” James Santure, EP Head of Product and Content.   “It has been a really interesting and valuable experience and I have thoroughly appreciated being in the role of a learner and being able to walk in the shoes of our students.” Stephanie Barnett, Deputy Principal at Rangi Ruru Girls School.   EP is also receiving growing interest from a number of businesses who are looking to support their staff to learn Te Reo Māori. A huge positive for businesses is that EP can work with them to tailor the course to their specific needs. The course can be completed on any device including mobile, removing barriers to learning.   EP’s recent launch of EP for Work, combines cutting edge technology with instructional design services with comprehensive support and training. It’s a win win for team development and work learning cultures   To lead this initiative, EP has appointed Te Rau Winterburn as Head of Kaupapa Māori. Te Rau has a long history of teaching and advocating for Te Reo Māori across all sectors, and will drive the ongoing development of EP’s courses, while supporting schools and businesses across the country. Te Rau is of Ngāi Tahu, Ngāti Raukawa ki te Tonga and Ngāti Kahungunu descent.   “I have a deep passion for our reo, Te Ao Māori, bilingualism and multiculturalism. I am very excited to bring my skills, knowledge and expertise to EP to further enhance the impact that our Kaupapa Māori content will have on kura, kaiako and businesses throughout Aotearoa and beyond.”  Te Rau Winterburn, EP Head of Kaupapa Māori.   For course details   About EP Enabling transformative teaching and learning experiences to power the 21st century classroom, EP is changing the shape of education and enhancing teaching and learning experiences through technology.   EP For Classroom and For Home provides teachers with a digital learning and assessment platform for Languages, English, Maths, Science and Humanities. The platform includes content to suit the New Zealand and Australian Curriculum, as well as content to suit a growing international market.     Recently launched EP For Work takes the learning platform into the workspace helping design futures and learning work cultures. It combines cutting edge technology with instructional design services with comprehensive support and training.    The EP innovative platform: - Drives positive learning outcomes - Magnifies the value of a teacher and frees up valuable time - Supports learner-centred approaches - Aims to create lifelong learners How to Recognise an Imitation Vaping Device! 2020-02-04T17:27:36Z how-to-recognise-an-imitation-vaping-device This article will further look into imitation devices used in the market. It is always important to seek out and purchase your vaping devices and e-liquid juices from reputable distributers and sellers. With the advances in technology it is hard to tell the difference between an authentic device from an imitation device. Below we will list some aspects you should carefully consider and inspect to avoid purchasing imitation or fake devices. Listed Price The price for any mod is easy to look up via the manufacturer's website, or a on our website. Even if you choose to check for a general price consensus only after you've purchased the mod, you should be able to tell very quickly if you got stuck with a fake. Build Quality A rule of production is that cost dictates retail price. When you buy an expensive device for very cheap prices, it won't be long before you notice issues. Imitation devices will have differences in weight, detail and colour including attachments and accessories. Buttons Another good way to spot a fake is tactile response in the buttons. Generally, electronic personal devices are designed to be functional and discreet. Their buttons are usually soft, producing little to no noise or sticking upon pressing. If you're vaping on a device with stiff buttons that clickety-clack whenever you take a hit, you've probably got a fake. Serial Numbers Almost all electronic devices come with serial numbers. These are essentially keys you can use to register on the manufacturer's website for two purposes: the first being to verify your product as genuine. More importantly, it could make you eligible for slight discounts on future online purchases as thanks for shopping with that manufacturer. If your serial is unrecognised, or your product doesn't even have a serial number, it's more than likely a fake. Warranty Another straightforward method of checking is simply checking for a return or service warranty. A golden rule for shoppers: never trust hardware retailers who don't provide warranties. Instruction Manual Lastly, the content quality of an instruction manual is a good tell for knockoff vapes. It's easy to spot a raw translation to English from another language; if the instruction manual that came with your vape is barely intelligible, you've probably purchased a fake. Shoalhaven STEMship students graduate in Nowra 2020-01-31T03:09:44Z shoalhaven-stemship-students-graduate-in-nowra 31st January, 2020 Representatives from Regional Development Australia – Far South Coast (RDA FSC), Regional Development Australia – Hunter, the Shoalhaven Defence Industry Group (SDIG), Mission Australia, Defence NSW, Training Services NSW and the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet gathered at the Aerospace Training Services new training facility in South Nowra today to celebrate the graduation of students from the 2019 Shoalhaven STEMship Program.  Developed by RDA Hunter, STEMship is an innovative vocational education and training (VET) pre-employment program open to young people who have completed Year 10. Designed to bridge the gap between secondary school and university STEM programs, STEMship is an industry-led program that helps guide students into technical apprenticeships and traineeships and/or continue on with VET courses. STEMship is supported by the NSW Department of Industry via Training Services NSW and Defence NSW.  The 21-week program included a combination of technical training and work placement (25 hours per week), industry site visits to promote awareness of employment pathways and completion of a nationally accredited qualification – the Certificate II in Aeroskills. Students were also exposed to opportunities to gain work placement with the Shoalhaven region’s innovative organisations.  To date, outcomes for the STEMship program have been positive with one student already employed as an apprentice and the majority of students currently undergoing recruitment.  The NSW Defence Advocate, Air Marshal (Ret) John Harvey AM PhD said, “The NSW Government is committed to supporting the future skilled workforce needs of the defence industry across regional New South Wales. The Shoalhaven STEMship Program is a key initiative providing training and employment opportunities to local youth, whilst ensuring that small-to-medium defence enterprises and prime contractors have access to skilled talent.”  Chair of RDA FSC, Rob Pollock OAM, said, “RDA FSC and our STEMship partners are proud of the efforts of our graduating students. We acknowledge the high level of support provided by the employers in the Shoalhaven and look forward implementing further success stories across our region.”  Chair of RDA Far South Coast, Rob Pollock OAM; David Collins, Executive Director – Training Services NSW; Minister Geoff Lee MP; Minister Gareth Ward MP and Air Marshall (ret) John Harvey AM PhD, NSW Defence Advocate with some of the 2019 graduating STEMship class.  Girl Guides calls for volunteers to support the next generation of Australian women 2020-01-30T23:45:57Z girl-guides-calls-for-volunteers-to-support-the-next-generation-of-australian-women-1 Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT, one of the largest organisations in Australia dedicated to supporting girls and young women, are calling for more volunteers to play a vital role in the organisation by sharing their experiences and wisdom with the Girl Guide Community. After the success of the A Place To Grow campaign in May 2019, memberships significantly increased creating a need to recruit volunteers. State Commissioner, Sarah Neill said that volunteering is not only about helping others, studies have shown volunteering helps increase your health, happiness and sense of fulfilment. “From our own research – Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT Insights Research 2018 – we know that our volunteers are making lifelong friends, gaining personal fulfilment, develop a sense of belonging and learn new skills,” Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT, offer a range of flexible volunteering positions available to suit different schedules and needs. “When considering becoming a volunteer, we encourage people to choose a position that reflects one of their passions and/or experience; to add greater value to the team, the girls and gain personal satisfaction,” said Mrs Neill. NT Region Manager, Letitia Baldwin, who has been involved in Girl Guides for 16 years said, “We are constantly looking for volunteers with unique passions to share them with our community. It is incredibly important for volunteers to love what they are doing as this provides the greatest benefit to our girls.” District Manager, Tegan McAnulty, has been a member of the Guiding community for 22 years both as a Guide and a Leader. When asked why she has been a part of Guiding for so long, her answer is simple. “The biggest opportunity – at the heart of the Girl Guiding movement, is the girls we work with; it’s the greatest privilege,” said Ms McAnulty. Tegan has participated in the recruitment campaign with other Leaders sharing their experiences as a volunteer. View the recruitment video series here: With all these amazing benefits and the start of a new year, why not become a volunteer? -ends- Notes to editor: Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT are devoted to the growth and development of girls. They provide a place where girls can learn, build their skills and connect with like-minded peers. The benefits also extend to the volunteers who play a vital role in supporting the girls. Guides work to serve their community and support those in need by offering to help where they can. They participate in many local activities and initiatives aimed at giving back to the community. Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT offers girls, women and volunteers A Place To Grow. For Media Enquiries please contact: Simone Gur | ZADRO Agency | | 0417 778 511 Oakley Grioli I ZADRO Agency I | 02 9212 7867 IMAGES Images are available for use. For high-resolution images, please contact: Image: Girl Guides at Lark in the Park, Sydney, 2019. Image: Volunteers at Lord Mayor’s Picnic. Image: Recruitment Campaign Artwork. Book Your Online Driver Training Course in the New Year With SharpDrive 2020-01-29T02:09:16Z book-your-online-driver-training-course-in-the-new-year-with-sharpdrive-1 Educated drivers bring a lot of value to organisations that have a mobile workforce, and when drivers are kept up-to-date on safety protocols, and are always attentive to safe driving practices, they avoid the dangers of the road and save their employers time, energy, and money. The New Year is a good time to book your drivers into one of SharpDrive’s online driver training courses. The best way to bring your drivers up to that standard is to implement a driver training programme, as fully-educated drivers are more adept at handling vehicles in any number of conditions they may face. Not only does training ensure your employees are protected – it lowers the costs your company may incur for vehicle maintenance and replacement. SharpDrive’s course is a uniquely designed innovation in online driver training — with research and development headed by expert driving trainers. SharpDrive training is focused where it counts - attitudes and behaviours of driving, because statistically that's how the majority of accidents occur - fatigue, stress, mobile phone use and inattention to name a few. It improves your drivers' knowledge of the best driving practices, and reducing risks on the road, and it is also an ideal catalyst for organisations wishing to lower their fleet running costs, gain effective health and safety compliance and reduce their fleet crash rate. SharpDrive not only enhances safety behind the wheel, it helps drivers improve their fuel economy, reduce wear and tear on tyres and engines, and learn to be "greener" drivers. In fact, in a few short months SharpDrive graduates recover the low cost of driver training with the savings they make through better, safer and more economical driving. SharpDrive are the driver training programme of choice by leading organisations across Australia and New Zealand, so for more information on advanced driver training NZ, driver safety online courses and online driver safety courses please go to .  Autism SA is excited to launch The Spectrum, a national online resource providing answers to your questions about autism. 2020-01-29T01:54:32Z autism-sa-is-excited-to-launch-the-spectrum-a-national-online-resource-providing-answers-to-your-questions-about-autism This has driven an increasing need for autism-related information across the nation, with autism SA receiving over 10,000 enquiries in the last two years. The enquiries have been wide-ranging, coming from parents, educators, GPs and other health care workers, autistic teens and adults, family members and carers, among others. Working closely with individuals on the spectrum and families, the broader autism community, other experts and allied health professionals, Autism SA has developed an online resource called ‘The Spectrum’ which provides 24/7 access to evidence-informed autism information. The creation of the website has been funded by the NDIS through an Information, Linkages and Capacity (ILC) Building – National Readiness Grant. Chief Executive Officer of Autism SA Jenny Karavolos says, “The Spectrum was born out of the need to make easily accessible pre- and post-diagnostic information for families, individuals and professionals to aid them with pertinent and reliable information. The core aim of this digital resource is to address the primary questions that people may have regarding autism”. During the research and development phase of the website, many families and individuals across the autism community were consulted and they contributed to the development of the website by providing lived experience, guidance, content, videos and generously sharing their own stories. “One of the main things I like to explain is that people with autism have varied abilities and character traits, there’s not one single experience of autism” says Zoran Bekric, a member of the site’s reference community. “This one-stop,  digital resource aims to  meet the needs of our community by offering evidence-informed information to people when they need it and when it suits them – whether it’s before school or work, late at night or during that very short time in-between life’s demands !” comments Jenny Karavolos. The information content is based on harnessing the breadth and depth of many years of rich expertise. The website’s design and content provide a user friendly and accessible resource, written with an Easy English approach and translated into five of the most commonly spoken languages in Australia. The Spectrum answers the most commonly asked questions about autism and provides a comprehensive resource list to help guide visitors towards more information and support, during any stage of their autism journey. “We’re grateful for the support and contribution of the autism community and the NDIS to develop this great resource. We are delighted we can make this available and we are confident that it will make a significant difference to Australians seeking reliable information and support about the topic of autism in their families, schools, workplaces and communities”, says Jenny. The Spectrum website, launches on Tuesday 28 January 2020. The Spectrum Video: