The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-10-19T23:04:32Z JIM ROGERS “THE INDIANA JONES OF FINANCE” COMPLIMENTARY SEMINAR 2020-10-19T23:04:32Z jim-rogers-the-indiana-jones-of-finance-complimentary-seminar-www-wealth2021-com LEGENDARY INVESTOR JIM ROGERS TELLS AUSTRALIA TO MAKE FRIENDS IN ASIA & STOP RUNNING UP DEBTS! # JIM ROGERS “THE INDIANA JONES OF FINANCE” # STOP RUNNING UP DEBTS, MAKING ENEMIES & INCREASE IMMIGRATION # INVEST IN COMMODITIES & AGRICULTURE # 3 TIPS FOR KIDS  - SPEAK A 2NDLANGUAGE, SAVE & WORK Legendary investor and author Jim Rogers rode around the world on his motorbike twice and a convertible Mercedes once, to write Investment Biker and Adventure Capitalist, believes Australia needs to stop running up debts and make friends in Asia, advises people to invest in commodities and agriculture and will be speaking at the free WEALTH TRANSFER 2021 livestream seminar across Australia on Wednesday 28th October 2020. Free registration at  At the Wealth Transfer 2021 livestream seminar Jim will speak about how to get ready for the imminent global collapse of the economy as well as reveal where the real money is hiding in the market right now. In 1973  Rogers co-founded the Quantum Fund and during that decade the portfolio gained 4200 % while the S&P advanced 47%. Rogers then decided to “retire” and spent some time travelling on a motorcycle around the world.  Rogers was named the Indiana Jones of Finance by Time magazine following his 3 Guinness World Record achievements in riding around the world on his motor bike to write Investment Biker and driving in his sunburst-yellow custom-built convertible Mercedes to write Adventure Capitalist. His 3rd record was the car trip over 3 years for the longest continuous car journey.  “While I have never patronized a prostitute," Jim writes, "I know that one can learn more about a country from speaking to the madam of a brothel or a black marketeer than from meeting a foreign minister." Commodities and Agriculture. Jim Rogers says “ Wherever there is a crisis there is an opportunity. They go together. Transportation, shipping, tourism are a disaster. However people will fly again, London, Paris..they will stay in hotels, drink wine , there’s lots of opportunity too. US stock market is at near all time highs. China is down 40%.  NO to bonds, they are in a bubble. Sugar is down 80%  and Silver is down 60% from their world time highs.  Invest in commodities and agriculture.” Trump or Biden? “ I’m not a betting man but if I was I’d bet on Trump to win the US election. It’s very hard to dislodge a sitting President. Whether Trump or Biden wins it’ll be more spending and more money printing, but with Biden, he says he will raise taxes too.” Australia’s future Jim says “Your politicians are worse than ours. Running up debts and making enemies. The Australian dollar is down a lot for political reasons but you’re building staggering debt. I see problems ahead. My advice is to stop running up debt because you can’t afford it. Stop making enemies in Asia. Get out and start making friends with them. If the idea is that the US will defend Australia then you’ll be surprised. It won’t happen. Also open the borders to get more immigrants. Australia is the same size as the US but with 10% of the population.” Children. Rogers authored a book for his children, “A Gift to my Children: A Father’s Lessons for Life and Investing.” He says his three tips for parents in the 21st Century for their kids are firstly make sure your children can speak a second language. My two daughters were taught Mandarin. Secondly teach them to save and then invest. I gave mine piggy banks, actually 6 piggy banks so that they got in the habit when getting money to save and put their money in piggy banks. Thirdly to learn the value of work. I thought just getting a job at McDonalds for $8 an hour was a start. My 14 year old taught Mandarin and earnt $30 an hour. She complained when she found out adults were getting paid $70 an hour for the same job. Success. Jim Rogers says that “ successful people concentrate, work hard, are diligent, never give up, keep trying but most important it’s all about perseverance. Perseverance.” TO INTERVIEW JIM ROGERS email or call Max Markson 0412 501 601       Max Markson 0412501601 SETH GODIN VIRTUAL MARKETING SUMMIT Wednesday 21st October 2020 Free registration     JIM ROGERS Legendary investor & author INVESTMENT BIKER & ADVENTURE CAPITALIST WEALTH TRANSFER 2021 LIVESTREAM Wednesday 29th October 2020 Free registration   ROBERT G. ALLEN ZERO TO CA$H LIVESTREAM Thursday 29th October 2020 Free registration     ON THE ROAD WITH BILL CLINTON Nelson Mandela, Kim Kardashian, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Blair, Al Gore, Mike Tyson, Pele and more.By Max Markson. Book available now from   Markson Sparks! Suite 411 4th Floor 410 Elizabeth St Surry Hills Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA 2010   E: M: 0412 501 601 Work: +61 2 9213 2900     Robo-advisor acquired by digital advice provider SuperEd Pty Ltd to create the pre-eminent retirement focused financial advice FinTech with in-house asset management capabilities. 2020-10-19T22:53:15Z robo-advisor-clover-com-au-acquired-by-digital-advice-provider-supered-pty-ltd-to-create-the-pre-eminent-retirement-focused-financial-advice-fintech-with-in-house-asset-management-capabilities SuperEd Pty Ltd (“SuperEd”) has acquired the business of automated investment advice and management ‘robo-adviser’ (“Clover”).  SuperEd was founded in 2012 by former Vanguard Australia head Jeremy Duffield and senior banking and technology executive Hugh Morrow, with the vision to deliver affordable pre-retirement advice to more Australians through the use of innovative digital technology. The range of retirement related services provided by SuperEd has expanded over time, to now incorporate Retirement Essentials, a service for Australians seeking guidance in determining qualification for the Age Pension, and assistance with the complex application process through its Centrelink Entitlements Service. Retirement Essentials has helped over 40,000 Australians estimate or access their Age Pension and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card entitlements. Clover was founded in 2015 by former Mercer colleagues Harry Chemay, Sahil Kaura and Darcy Naunton together with Warren Burns, founder of digital agency BurnsRED.  Clover was created to allow a low-cost entry for the many Australians with insufficient wealth or financial resources to seek financial and investment advice. Clover’s offering was developed to cater to the needs of Australians in the 25 – 45 age bracket, a cohort traditionally not well served by the financial planning industry.  Clover’s user-friendly engagement technology, use of low-cost Exchange-Traded Funds and segregated investment ownership model allowed for savings and investment plans at a cost unattainable in Australian wealth management prior to the arrival of robo-advice technology. SuperEd has acquired Clover’s business, including its technology and staff. Clover’s Co-founder & CEO, Sahil Kaura said: “the transaction is a big win for our customers, partners, and the team. Over time, Clover’s customers will be able to take advantage of SuperEd’s range of proprietary retirement planning and digital advice tools.” Speaking about the successful outcome of the merger discussions, SuperEd CEO, Hugh Morrow said: “Clover’s capabilities are an important step forward for us to implement our retirement advice. It fits really well with our existing capabilities and moves us forward in terms of our strategic plans to deliver better retirement outcomes.” Clover’s Co-founder Harry Chemay will not be transitioning as part of the acquisition, electing  to focus his energies on his recent appointment as an Australian Ambassador to the UK-led Transparency Task Force (TTF).  Chemay noted: “Our drive, from Clover’s conception onwards, was always to reduce complexity and opacity in wealth management.  Technology has taken us part of the way there, but there remains much work to be done in the policy and regulatory spheres.  That’s where I’ll be directing my focus as a TTF Ambassador”. Much has occurred since both Clover and SuperEd were established.  The dynamics of the financial advice landscape has shifted significantly in the wake of the Hayne Royal Commission, to the detriment of both the industry and to Australians in need of quality yet affordable financial advice. Given the prevailing regulatory and structural headwinds facing the financial advice industry, it is now more important than ever that innovative methods of providing quality financial advice be available to service the circa nine million Australians who say they have unmet advice needs. Horizon Bank Brings Financial Literacy E-Learning Events to NSW Students 2020-10-19T03:49:37Z horizon-bank-brings-financial-literacy-e-learning-events-to-nsw-students Horizon Bank has partnered with The National Theatre for Children (NTC) to educate students about financial literacy. The livestream educational program is available for grades 1-6 across the Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Far South Coast. While Horizon Bank and NTC have partnered to bring live-in-school theatrical performances into schools for many years, this year during Term 4 the program has been adapted into an all-digital livestream interactive alternative. This will ensure the continued and safe education of students as schools switch to a combination of classroom instruction, distance learning from home and COVIDsafe curriculum. "Given the unpredictability of the current school year, e-learning programs that can be delivered remotely to teachers and students are an important way to reinforce the curriculum and form connections in this time of social distancing," said Horizon Bank CEO, Jon Stanfield. “The livestream event, ‘Showdown at Two Bob Billabong’, allows Horizon Bank to bring vital financial literacy education to schools, students and their families." The Financial Literacy program focuses on what is money, the uses of money, why we should save money and how we can save money. The livestream educational event features a live actor/educator host who introduces the program, sets up and recaps a series of educational theatre episodic videos, and leads a Q&A in which students and teachers submit questions for the host to answer live in real time. The comedic, educational videos feature a variety of characters including Mayor Matilda, Gordon Gumnut, The Great Barry Reef and Ned Jelly, in humorous situations revolving around money. The livestream education events are supplemented by student playbooks (both print and online versions) as well as a full digital curriculum including games, activities and hands-on lessons. Horizon Bank sponsors every aspect of the program, making the livestream event and supplemental curriculum a cost-free curriculum addition to classroom lessons in maths, literacy and the arts. Local schools can sign up to participate in the "Showdown at Two Bob Billabong" livestream events at: About Horizon Bank Horizon Bank’s branch network spans the NSW South Coast. Horizon looks after over 15,000 people in that region and is in its 55th year of operation. It is a customer-owned bank. Anyone can join Horizon. Horizon returns profits back to its customers in the form of competitive rates, fair fees and support in their communities.   About NTC NTC is a premium provider of educational programming with operations in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. NTC works directly between schools and clients to promote beneficial behaviours and life skills to students in grades K-12 on a local, regional and national level. Through formats including live performance, livestream events, in-class discussion, graphic novels, print curriculum, and digital games and activities, NTC presents topics such as energy conservation, safety, financial literacy, STEM, water and environmental stewardship, and health and social responsibility in ways that engage and empower students. DISCONNECT BETWEEN MANAGERS AND EMPLOYEES COULD HINDER GLOBAL ECONOMIC RECOVERY 2020-10-15T03:54:50Z disconnect-between-managers-and-employees-could-hinder-global-economic-recovery Business leaders and employees are aligned when it comes to rating the importance of skills development within an organisation, but poles apart when it comes to the confidence they will achieve it, according to worldwide research commissioned by Cornerstone OnDemand, a global leader in cloud-based learning and human capital management software.   While 90 per cent of business leaders are confident of their ability to develop the skills of their employees, only 60 per cent of employees felt assured of their employer's ability to deliver the right resources to be able to develop those skills.    Similarly, while 87 per cent of senior leaders felt equipped with their company's resources to develop employee skills, only 62 per cent of employees believed the same, with an alarming 26 per cent strongly disagreeing their company had the resources to build employee skills.   The global research "Making Skills of the Future a Reality for all" was undertaken in March and April 2020, just as the effects and reverberations of COVID on the economy were being understood. The research was conducted in two tranches and measured the views of 500 Global business leaders of companies with more than 500 employees, including 145 from the APAC region. It also measured the views of 1,000 employees across the world, including 299 from APAC.   "As the global economy grapples with the fall-out from COVID, the future of businesses, and employees' careers, will be contingent on developing skills of the future," Cornerstone OnDemand's Australian Managing Director Sue Turk.   "Alarmingly, our research found a wide gap between the perceptions of employees and business leaders when it came to a roadmap of priorities to develop the teams of the future. And it comes at a time when we need to work together more than ever towards economic recovery," she continues. The results found that as COVID took hold, almost half of all employees surveyed (47%) were concerned their role will change significantly over the next few years, and nearly a third of respondents (30%) held concern their position would not be required at all in the next few years.    The majority of employers and employees accurately predicted their daily work experience would be altered because of COVID, with 76% of employees ranging from slightly agreeing to strongly agreeing with that statement. Almost all non-HR execs (91%) agreed with the statement, with a similar number of HR execs (88%) concurring.   While COVID itself was not an attributable answer, 21 per cent of employee respondents were concerned their role would become too technical for them to continue, and 20 per cent worried more qualified candidates would fill their role.   The disconnect between employees and employers is even more apparent when it comes to employee fears, that they will be replaced by someone more qualified.    In contrast, 86 per cent of employers believed that assessing the skills of their current workforce was more important to them than confirming their credentials. And 81 per cent of employers felt that skills assessment was more critical than proving work experience.   "It is more important than ever that employers and employees are aligned, especially as working from home could lead to social isolation and further exacerbate feelings of insecurity among employees," says Sue Turk.    "It is imperative that organisations are agile and able to adapt and pivot to develop a skills framework that will carry them through current events and meet their needs for the future. They need to identify the people and skills to carry their business forward and be able to measure success according to their industry priorities."   She continues: "For companies to adapt and survive, they must have the right skills as quickly as the workforce needs to adapt to change or technology accelerates. If not, this skills gap will cause further talent shortages and global uncertainty," she continued.   The survey found the biggest impediments to success for employees in terms of training included time, money, direction and availability of content, with the majority of employees (61%) citing a lack of time to complete training as the most significant barrier to success. That was followed by lack of money to invest in their own skills training (42%), not understanding what they should be learning or how to learn (39%), a lack of available content (38%) and a more than a quarter of employee respondents (26%) not having the confidence their leadership team supports their learning.    All of these issues are further compounded with face-to-face training no longer a viable or economical option for employers.    "While it may seem like an expense to invest in online training solutions, we know it is worth the investment. Gartner research found that on average, larger organisations spend $49m replacing employees who quit due to lack of career development opportunities[1]. In other words, it is more cost-effective to train existing employees where there are skills gaps than to lose them and their valuable company knowledge and experience, to then undertake recruitment and induction training to replace them.    "We know that employees feel valued when employers invest in training, and that satisfied employees are loyal and committed. At a time where we will need to work doubly hard to salvage the economy, training really is a worthwhile investment."   Online or cloud-based training platforms and solutions address the issues of delivering face to face learning remotely, personally and whilst observing social distancing protocols. Online training should deliver ubiquity and hyper-personalisation. In other words, it needs to be all things to all people while providing personal and bespoke skills training.    Sue Turk concluded: "Our research is showing us that it is critical to have teams and aligned and connected if we are to recover.  Investment in up-skilling or re-skilling employees will bring about a faster return on investment and create stronger teams to deliver on business recovery strategies.”   -ends-         About Cornerstone OnDemand: Cornerstone is a premier people development company. We believe people can achieve anything when they have the right development and growth opportunities. We offer organisations the technology, content, expertise and specialised focus to help them realise the potential of their people.    Featuring comprehensive recruiting, personalised learning, modern training content, development-driven performance management and holistic employee data management and insights, Cornerstone’s people development solutions are used by approximately 6,300 clients of all sizes, spanning more than 75 million users across over 180 countries and nearly 50 languages. Learn more at     For further information, a photograph of Sue Turk or to arrange an interview, contact Fiona Hamann on 0415 9191659 or [1] SugarCRM Launches New Cloud-Based Omni-Channel Customer Service to Help Companies Deliver High-Definition CX 2020-10-14T10:31:19Z sugarcrm-launches-new-cloud-based-omni-channel-customer-service-to-help-companies-deliver-high-definition-cx CUPERTINO, Calif. – October 14, 2020 –SugarCRM Inc., the innovator of time-aware CX, today announced the launch of SugarLive, a new integration with Amazon Connect voice, chat and text messaging for omni-channel customer service and support. SugarLive seamlessly embeds Amazon Connect’s advanced, omni-channel contact centre capabilities into Sugar Serve’s intuitive Service Console, empowering teams with powerful tools for routing, tracking, prioritising and solving customer service interactions.   The increase of distributed workforces and reliance on digital channels accelerates the need for fast, simple, easy-to-deploy solutions for customer service teams to provide more omni-channel, self-service and AI-powered automated customer engagement models. SugarLive solves many of these issues by offering embedded omni-channel capabilities inside a complete agent service console. Sugar Serve users need only their Amazon Connect credentials and few simple configurations to add robust omnichannel engagement models to their existing or new Sugar Serve deployments.   “The current global environment underscores the need for seamless omni-channel communications between support professionals and customers,” said Rebecca Wettemann, Principal Analyst, Valoir. “SugarLive and Amazon Connect can offer users a fast path to adding new digital engagement channels with little effort and financial risk, while also quickly building more intelligent orchestration of customer engagements through automated voice and chat toolsets.”   “SugarLive helps deliver on our new vision of high-definition CX for our customers,” said Rich Green, Chief Product Officer and CTO of SugarCRM. “By offering a single, unified view of the customer, from their very first marketing engagement to understanding their service needs, Sugar is replacing a fragmented, out-of-date, and incomplete picture with a sharply focused understanding of both the customer and the business.”   Other enhancements to Serve include case deflection with the integrated Sugar Knowledge Base. Customers are empowered to research and close their own issues through a self-service portal, thus reducing the load on service teams and resolution times.   Also launching as part of the Q4 2020 release is an all new Nurture Builder capability in Sugar Market to optimise prospect engagement and conversion. New features for sales teams include sales automation and duration-based capabilities for Sugar Sell, designed to increase efficiency and help manage and close more sales pipeline for both new and existing customers. Sugar also completed the rollout of new SugarCloud hosting locations on AWS in the UK and Singapore to support customers’ data sovereignty preferences and ensure global performance.   To learn more about all the new features in the Q4 release and unpack the product details, watch the  Sugar Scoop  video. Class Limited launches trust accounting product, Class Trust 2020-10-12T23:00:30Z class-limited-launches-trust-accounting-product-class-trust Today, there are more than 1 million trusts in Australia, including 530,000 investment trusts making them the second largest investment vehicle after super. Leveraging the expertise in SMSF administration, Class Trust brings Class’ market-leading automation and integration capability to this growing space of discretionary (family) and unit trusts.  Class led a customer-centric research approach in the development of the product – including a closed pilot with more than 30 accounting practices – to address the typically complex and time-consuming process of administering different types of trusts. Some of the data and customer feedback from the pilot showed:     ·       Jobs could be processed in 50% of the time  ·       An average saving of 3 hours per trust   ·       In one pilot case, an estimated 17 hours of processing time was saved.    Class Trust enables accountants, financial advisers, and administration professionals to automate significant parts of the trust administration process, making it more efficient for practices to navigate the typically disjointed and error-prone process. Using comprehensive data feeds connected directly to leading financial institutions, and automated tax accounting reconciliation, an accountant can use the full Class product suite across the trust life cycle, from deed establishment and management, through to closing a trust.   Integrated with Class’ market-leading product suite, Class Super and Class Portfolio – and bolstered by the capabilities of recent acquisitions NowInfinity and Smartcorp – Class Trust delivers a genuine trust solution for accounting professionals. Class continues to innovate and invest in the development of its multi-product technology and is focused on remaining the platinum standard of back office automation for the Australian accounting industry.  Class is midway through its three-year Reimagination strategy and is currently in its Accelerate phase. “Class has listened to our customers’ wish to simplify and automate the complexity of trust administration,” Class CEO, Andrew Russell, said. “Class software product expertise is solving customer pain points through complex rule-based coding. The launch of Class Trust is a natural extension of our product suite for our customers. “As we have seen through our in-depth customer research, managing trusts is complex and while we have used the components of the Class engine, our Trust product has been designed and built to address the specific challenges we know exist for professionals that administer trusts. “Our work with customers and partners through our pilot phase, in addition to our strategic acquisitions in the legal documentation space this year, have enabled us to create this dedicated trust accounting solution.” Class research showed that Excel is still one of the primary tools for trust administration, while obtaining information and source documentation as well as reconciling capital gains and income were key pain points. Class Trust solves these pain points. Class’ NowInfinity platform is already the most popular trust documentation provider and its functionality will be available to Class Trust users from within the Class product suite. Class partners with more than 3,500 firms of accountants, advisers, and administrators Australia-wide. Class’ award-winning solutions continue to help drive positive changes across accounting businesses and SMSF administrators by boosting productivity, improving client service levels, sand helping businesses deliver high-impact results. Class Trust is now available. PMM Group announces appointment of Murray Hills as Executive Chairman 2020-10-12T02:37:40Z pmm-group-announces-appointment-of-murray-hills-as-executive-chairman Perth headquartered financial services group PMM Group Pty Ltd (PMM) has announced the appointment of Murray Hills as the organisation’s Executive Chairman effective October 8th.      Murray Hills is acknowledged as a financial services industry stalwart.    He has an exceptional leadership track record, deep strategic expertise, a unique ability to forge long-standing adviser relationships and industry alliances, and proven experience of managing and growing national financial services advisory businesses.   Until recently, Murray had been Chairman (and founder, MD & CEO) of Perth based Sentry Group Pty Ltd.  He stepped down from the role in June on the 15th anniversary of the group.   Prior to Sentry, Murray was MD & CEO of the DKN Financial Group.  He was also an inaugural and past associate member of the FPA and a fellow, life member and past National President of the AFA.      Commenting on his appointment, Murray Hills said he was excited and looking forward to driving PMM’s strategic and growth objectives.    “PMM is about to embark on a new chapter and is positioned positively to seize opportunities in a changing and evolving financial services landscape”.   “I’m delighted to have this opportunity to head PMM at a time of exciting change and disruption in financial services”.   PMM has been operating for ten years and currently comprises four advisory practice subsidiaries.  It is a full service national financial advice business offering comprehensive and integrated solutions to individuals and business clients. The group is acknowledged for working in collaboration with accountants, finance brokers, GI brokers, real estate agents, lawyers and professional consulting businesses to provide comprehensive financial advice and solutions for clients.   PMM is self-licensed through its wholly owned subsidiary, Badge Financial, and has state offices in Perth and Melbourne with plans to open in Sydney in 2021.    “PMM has developed an innovative and unique marketplace offering for SMEs and HNW clients that will resonate with many advisers and clients in the new financial services era”, said Murray Hills.    ENDS   Issued by PMM Group Pty Ltd                    Media Enquiries:    Mr. Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates Pty Ltd                               Mob:  +61 412 112 545     Email:     BPAY Group recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative companies for second year running 2020-10-08T20:34:27Z bpay-group-recognised-as-one-of-australia-s-most-innovative-companies-for-second-year-running BPAY Group has been named on the 2020 AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies List for the second consecutive year. The prestigious annual list, published by The Australian Financial Review and Boss Magazine, is based on a rigorous assessment process managed by Australia’s leading innovation consultancy, Inventium, in conjunction with a panel of industry expert judges. BPAY Group ranked #3 on the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services list, from over 600 nominated organisations across Australia and New Zealand. The ranking was based on an assessment that measured BPAY Group’s Developer Portal which provides access to BPAY APIs - a top innovation implemented in the past two years.   Specifically, the judges looked at how valuable the problem is that the innovation is solving, the quality and uniqueness of the solution, and the level of impact that the innovation has had.   Inventium also assessed internal elements such as innovation culture, strategy, resources and process, which demonstrate a sustainable and repeatable approach to innovation. The full list can be viewed here.   “For BPAY Group to be named on the 2020 AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies List for the second year in a row makes me incredibly proud. It proves that we continue to excel at transformational leadership, and that innovation is embedded within the organisation’s DNA,” said John Banfield, BPAY Group CEO.   “Our purpose is to make life simpler and our business strategy has been built to ensure everything we do is focused on that purpose.   “Last year our innovation mindset was exemplified through the success of our Osko payment service, which was ranked the second top innovation in the Banking, Superannuation & Finance category. This year our Developer Portal which provides user friendly access to BPAY APIs, has been our recognised innovation case study. These innovations highlight how we create solutions that support businesses and their customers’ needs.   “Following our top 5 ranking in the Best Place to Work in 2020 awards in July, our two gold awards for our new websites in the W3 Awards on Wednesday, and our Employer of Choice win in The Australian Business Awards 2020 yesterday, we will continue to actively transform BPAY Group by focusing on our clear business strategy that includes an emphasis on strong customer relationships and employee engagement. I’m privileged to lead a company that truly makes a difference,” said Banfield. Watch BPAY Group’s latest video on how the company drives connection with employees while working remotely here.   -ENDS- About BPAY Group BPAY Group is resilient, agile and has successfully adapted to our changing environment over decades. BPAY Group was previously known as Bankcard and Cardlink. Today, our brands include BPAY, Osko® and Sypht. The BPAY brand has led the way as Australians’ favourite way to pay bills, all from the safety of their digital banking. Throughout our evolution, we have focused on continuing innovation from our unique position in Australia’s financial services industry. We’re the brains behind some important Australian firsts – like our flagship BPAY bill payments system; Osko, the faster way to pay and Sypht, the latest way to unlock the value in unstructured data. Our purpose is to ‘make life simpler’. For more information about BPAY Group visit   About the AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies list The AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies list (previously the BRW Most Innovative Companies list) is now in its ninth year. The list ranks the most innovative organisations in Australia and New Zealand, by industry, and is the only national list of its kind. The list is judged and compiled by Inventium – Australia’s leading innovation consultancy. Inventium uses a unique, scientifically proven approach to help organisations grow through innovation. In 2020, the list comprised of ten industry lists, compiled from over 600 nominations.   About Inventium Inventium is Australia’s leading behavioural science and innovation consultancy. Since 2007, Inventium has helped over 400,000 people become more innovative and more productive at work. Inventium applies the latest findings from science (psychology and neuroscience) to help organisations unlock growth through innovation. Inventium is the official methodology partners of the AFR Most Innovative Companies list and the AFR Best Places to Work List. Inventium is also a proud BCorporation.   About the ABA Employer of Choice Awards 2020 Now in its fifteenth year, The Australian Business Awards (ABA) is an annual all-encompassing awards program which recognises organisations that demonstrate the core values of business innovation, product innovation, technological achievement and employee engagement via a set of comprehensive award categories. The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice (EOC) recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices which demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.\ About the W3 Awards The W3 Awards celebrates digital excellence by honouring outstanding Websites, Marketing, Video, Mobile Sites & Apps, Social and Podcasts created by some of the best interactive agencies, designers, and creators worldwide. Simply put, the W3 is the first major web competition to be accessible to the biggest agencies, the smallest firms, and everyone in between. Small firms are as likely to win as Fortune 500 companies and international agencies. Are investors better off with smaller banks? 2020-10-08T08:20:35Z are-investors-better-off-with-smaller-banks New data from loan comparison platform has revealed that none out of the top 10 best interest rates on offer to investors right now are from the Big 4 banks, suggesting that investors may be better off looking for a loan outside of the majors. The data, pulled from the website’s vault of more than a thousand home loans, showed the majority of the top-10 best interest rates come from neobanks, credit unions, smaller banks, or non-bank lenders. Sarah Megginson, managing editor of YourMortgage, said that when applying for a home loan, people should review the different finance solutions available, rather than settle for what their bank currently offers. “Our data shows that none out of the top 10 best interest rates on offer to investors right now are from the Big 4 banks and what this really demonstrates is that it pays to shop around,” Megginson said. “Investors often have really unique needs when it comes to finance, with complex financial arrangements, which means cookie-cutter or general solutions are not always the right fit.” Many investors are homeowners, and as their financial situations become more complicated, they may tend to turn to their existing bank for a loan, thinking they can get a loyalty discount or have an easier time being approved. “In fact, if you're a new customer, you might even have access to a cheaper rate,” Megginson said. “Every bank has their own policies, interest rates, and criteria and they apply to you whether you've been a customer for 25 years or you're brand new.” Raj Ladher, home loan specialist at Your Mortgage Broker, said policies vary considerably across lenders, especially during this COVID-19 period. “All lenders have their own borrowing capacity calculator which determines the amount of loan you are eligible for,” Ladher said. “In addition to this, lenders will calculate your income differently, especially if you earn commission, bonuses, overtime, etc. This is evident even more for investors as the way lenders calculate your rental income and any other financial institution (OFI) debt you may have can change your borrowing capacity.” With the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority introducing a maximum number of loans a lender can have for investors and on interest only, lender appetites can change for investor and interest-only subject to how their loan book is at any given time. “Speaking to a mortgage broker with a range of lenders will allow you to understand what your eligibility is not just with one lender but with over 30 which include the majors, non-bank, and specialists,” Ladher said.  Below is the list of top-10 most competitive investment loans currently available: Company Product Name Option Interest Rate Comparison Rate Smart Booster Investor Bundle Discount Variable - 1 year I/O Investor (Interest Only) 1.99 2.71 UniBank Fixed home loans 4 Year – Investment 2.24 3.93 Ubank Investor 3 Year Fixed (Principal & Interest) 2.29 2.74 Teachers Mutual Bank Fixed Rate Home Loan 3 Year Fixed - Investment (Principal & Interest) 2.29 3.87 People’s Choice Credit Union Fixed Investment Loan Package 2 Year - Investment (Principal & Interest) 2.38 4.15 HSBC Fixed Rate Home Loan 2 Year - Investment - Deposit amount 20% or more  (Principal & Interest) 2.39 3.29 Regional Australia Bank Partnership Advantage Home Loan 1 Year - Investment (Principal & Interest) 2.39 3.74 Bank First Premier Home Loan Package 3 Year Fixed (LVR of 80% or Less) – Investment 2.44 3.54 QBank Special Offer Fixed Rate 3 Years <90% - Investment 2.44 3.81 Reduce Home Loans 3 Year Fixed Wealth Maximizer Investment (Principal & Interest) 2.49 2.88 Source:, September 2020 --ENDS—  Since 1995, has been offering daily updated interest rate information to Australian home and investment borrowers to assist them in finding the loan that best suits their needs. The database includes daily updated interest rates, fees and charges, and features more than 1,400 Australian home and investment loan products from over 80 lending institutions.  In addition to daily interest rate information, provides interactive financial tools and calculators and weekly mortgage news. More Than 11 Million Australians to pocket up to $2,430 from budget tax cuts 2020-10-07T01:08:50Z more-than-11-million-australians-to-pocket-up-to-2-430-from-budget-tax-cuts To stimulate a struggling Australian economy, the Federal Government announced that Stage 2 of their 3-Stage tax cuts originally penned to commence July 2022 have been brought forward, and backdated, to July 1 this year. This will increase the weekly take home pay packet for roughly 11 million Australians. The tax cut changes will see: ·        An increase in the 19 per cent tax bracket from $37,000 to $45,000, ·        An increase in the 32.5 per cent bracket from $90,000 to $120,000, ·        An increase in the low-income tax offset from $445 to $700. Ashley Debenham, Senior Manager at says “This round of tax cuts essentially means that anyone earning above $37,001 will see a a change to their tax rate and more money in their pocket each week.” How extra money will Australians get from the tax cuts? ·          ·       $21,886 - $45,000: Up to $1080 ·          ·       $45,001 - $90,000: $1080 ·          ·       $90,001 and above: Up to $2,430 The Tax Cuts Will Be Backdated to 01 July The cuts which are anticipated to be in place by the end of October, will be backdated to 01 July 2020. This sees the condensing of a year worth of tax cuts into approximately 8 months. Mr Debenham explains what this means for taxpayers. “A worker with an income of $80,000 won’t just receive an extra $20 per week, they’ll receive about $31 a week as the government “catches up” on payments for the weeks that have already passed since 01 July.” “Then, from 01 July 2021 payments would adjust back to the $20 a week figure.” Come tax time, the introduction of the tax cuts should not have any negative implications on how Australians do their tax return. “All tax cut changes should be implemented by employer’s payroll software, including the low-income tax offset and the low & middle income tax offset. The only changes Australian taxpayers can expect this year is an increase in their take home pay each week” Mr Debenham says. 2021-22 tax changes The low to middle income tax offset (LMITO) was scheduled to end with the introduction of the stage 2 tax cuts however for now the Federal Government has decided to keep the LMITO for the 2020-21 tax year. Come 2021-22 the LMITO will be scratched, meaning only the newly introduced tax cuts will stand. Mr Debenham explains, “Looking forward to 2021-22 it’s important for middle-income earners to understand that with the removal of the LMITO they will actually end up paying more tax in 2021-22 financial year than they will this tax year.” “They shouldn’t be surprised if their 2021-22 tax refund isn’t as high as expected”, he says.   What about stage 3 tax cuts? Stage three tax cuts due in 2024 where the entire 37% tax bracket is removed altogether are not included in this announcement and remain scheduled for the 2024 financial year. See below for tax rate comparison tables: 2020-21 Tax Rates   2019-20 Tax Rates Taxable Income Tax Rate   Taxable Income Tax Rate $0 - $18,200 Nil   $0 - $18,200 Nil $18,201 - $45,000 19%   $18,201 - $37,000 19% $45,001 - $120,000 32.5%   $37,001 - $90,000 32.5% $120,001 - $180,000 37%   $90,001 - $180,000 37% $180,001 and over 45%   $180,001 and over 45%   – Ends – ABOUT ETAX ACCOUNTANTS is Australia’s number one online tax return service. Etax has been specialising in online taxes since 1998 and enables most individuals to complete their tax returns in under 15 minutes. Each tax return is checked by qualified accountants for accuracy and extra deductions prior to lodgment, offering a higher level of support and expertise than at most tax agents plus the time-saving convenience of a 100% online service. Lloyds of London Insurance Syndicate mandates Trusted Sender Score to help mitigate successful cyber security attacks 2020-10-06T02:51:09Z lloyds-of-london-insurance-syndicate-mandates-trusted-sender-score-to-help-mitigate-successful-cyber-security-attacks-1 MELBOURNE, Australia – October 6, 2020 The Lloyds of London syndicate responsible for Worlds leading cyber security insurance product, Data Insurance, has appointed and will mandate Trusted Sender Score as the default email cyber security metric for organizations wishing to purchase their innovative and ground breaking cyber indemnity insurance product. With successful cyber-attacks creating a nightmare for insurance companies, the Lloyds of London syndicate member, Cyber Indemnity Solutions, identified Trusted Sender Score as the most feasible and credible way to help organisations prevent a successful attack. According to industry reports up to 92% of successful cyber security attacks begin with an business email compromise attack An organisation with a Trusted Sender Score of 7 that has completed the self-serve tasks is unlikely to suffer from such an attack. “Partnering with Zulu Labs and mandating their Trusted Sender Score is an important milestone in the cyber security insurance industry. The team at Zulu Labs understand email like no other and their research into protecting domains from being used in a spoof phishing attack, the effect that has on emails users and the resultant effect that a domain reputation is the only research of its kind.” said Cyber Indemnity Solutions CEO Greg Hodkiss. Other members of the Lloyds of London syndicate includes key Global insurance giants Munich Re and American Insurance Group (AIG). The process to purchase the Data Insurance cyber indemnity product is a simple multi-step process. Part of that process is the requirement for a organization to have every internet domain owned by that organisation to be declared and have a Trusted Sender Score or 7 or more. Dropping below a score of 7 creates too many vulnerabilities and therefore the insurance may possible my invalid. The Trusted Sender Score process was been designed so that an internet domain owner, email administrator or someone of similar skills can follow the step by step process be compliant within 30 minutes or less. An interface for insurance assessors and for insurance brokers is an essential part of the service provided by the Trusted Sender Score application which takes snapshots and provides alerts if their domain falls beneath the minimum requirement. “Our fight against business email compromise attacks, SPAM and irresponsible email management is a labour of love. We are most delighted that we have been able to partner with such a progressive organisation such as Cyber Indemnity Solutions and their syndicate members. As I have said in the past, there is no reason for any email user to suffer from an email attack again and this appoint goes a long way to progressing that vision.” said David Barnes, Zulu Labs CEO and Founder. Implemented correctly using Trusted Sender Score, the email domain trust standard, DMARC can and will prevent targeted phishing emails, malicious (spoof) emails and other sinister emails that affects millions of people across the World daily. ENDS Media Enquiries David Barnes Greg Hodgkiss Babl launches its highly secure & customisable web conferencing & virtual events service in Australia & appoints APAC CEO 2020-10-05T23:13:07Z babl-launches-its-highly-secure-amp-customisable-web-conferencing-amp-virtual-events-service-in-australia-amp-appoints-apac-ceo Babl Pty Ltd, a highly secure cloud-based audio, video and web conferencing business, today announced its launch into the Australian market, with a new office in Melbourne. Babl has invested in its Australian operation by hiring a local team with new leadership and is providing a localised service offering for organisations that want unparalleled security, performance, resilience and customisation from their web conferencing and virtual events platform. Formerly called SpeakServe, the privately owned UK firm, has appointed Tobias Raper as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Babl Asia Pacific (APAC) to lead its business in the region from its new Australian sales and service centre in Collins Street, Melbourne. He was formerly Executive General Manager at Aaron Sansoni Group, which is a provider of education and coaching to business owners, entrepreneurs and SMEs across Australia. Prior to that, he was the Regional Vice President for Research and Operations at expert network, Third Bridge and a financial analyst at SEI in London before that. “I’m extremely excited to join Babl due to its high performance, secure and customisable web conferencing offering, as we look to address the evolving communications needs of Australian organisations with many employees working remotely,” said Tobias Raper. “When other web conferencing providers are becoming so generic, they are used as verbs, one of our points of difference is that our white label solution enables our customers to provide a customised meetings environment that is personally branded and suits their individual needs perfectly,” he continued. The company is already working with local clients that demand robust security and a fully customisable virtual meetings and events conferencing solution. Babl works with a number of leading law firms including Eversheds Sutherland, banks and financial institutions like Canaccord Genuity, as well as several “expert networks” including Third Bridge, that require robust security and Australian data sovereignty for data privacy and compliance purposes. “We are already seeing demand from customers that want to organise large virtual events for customers, investors, shareholders, channel partners and employees via Babl. We are extremely well-positioned to meet the specific needs of government and healthcare organisations, financial services firms, banks and law firms that want to host large and highly secure virtual events for stakeholders such as company announcements and earnings calls,” said Tobias. Babl’s new Australian support team will be based at the Melbourne office and will assist local customers by providing expertise that will guide them in getting the best out of their large and small web conferencing interactions. The company is planning to hire additional support, administrative, marketing and sales staff to join its growing Australian team over the next twelve months to be based in Melbourne and the other major capital cities to service local customers. Babl’s cloud-based technology provides global professionals and remote workers with a high quality, simple to use, secure and cost-effective cloud conferencing service. They can collaborate with confidence through instant messaging, screen and document sharing, call recording and highly accurate and immediate transcriptions, available on any device, whenever and wherever they are. “It’s a really exciting time for Babl as we are seeing amazing growth potential in Australia and across the Asia Pacific region for our highly secure cloud-based meeting and event conferencing service,” said Jonathan Grant, Global CEO of Babl Cloud. “We already know and respect Tobias Raper and are extremely excited that he has joined us to spearhead our growth both nationally and regionally at such pivotal time, since so many people just cannot travel to meetings and events.” Leading Gold Coast Small Business Advocate Takes Steps To Fight Economic Crisis 2020-10-02T04:31:17Z leading-gold-coast-small-business-advocate-takes-steps-to-fight-economic-crisis One of the Gold Coast’s most prolific small business advocates believes she has the solution to repair the economy in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis.Paula Brand, founder and chief executive officer of Small Business Expos, says the way forward is for businesses and the unemployed to reconnect and network.Ms Brand has spent the past six years connecting 20,0000 businesses to generate $20 million by running expos in partnership with 60 sponsors.“Once COVID hit in March my industry was decimated and I was upset and angry and under a lot of stress, as were hundreds of small businesses across the Gold Coast,” said Ms Brand.To that end, Ms Brand is hosting the Recovery Gold Coast Business and Jobs Expo on October 15 at the Carrara Indoor Sports Complex.Ms Brand is urging the Gold Coast business community to unite and fight the economic crisis together by supporting the COVID-safe event which will feature 175 stands, workshops to help get people off JobKeeper and JobSeeker, and information and training sessions similar to ones offered by council.“There is a huge demographic on the Gold Coast that is unemployed seeking work. Particularly at risk are micro operations, women over 45, and also the 20-30 age group,” said Ms Brand“It is time for all of us to reconnect on the Gold Coast, particularly the invisible ones who don’t have a shopfront and rely on networking and face-to-face sales to do trading.“Business industry groups are working together to put on the expos and our campaign is about connecting with confidence.“The bottom line is if you need more customers or are looking for employment support and different options for your next career step, this is the place to be.”The Recovery Gold Coast Business and Jobs Expo is one of four Ms Brand is hosting across southeast Queensland.“We have never stopped believing in delivering the four upcoming Business and Jobs Expos this year on the Gold Coast, Moreton Bay, Brisbane and Redlands and Logan,” said Ms Brand.“It was through sheer grit that this expo is going to run as 95% of expos across Australia have been cancelled.“We have also just launched GC Connected Market every Tuesday in Broadbeach Waters which is a way to connect and network for the sector.“Businesses are sick of being virtual, particularly the invisible businesses such as home-based, mobile, online, micro which makes up 25 per cent of our small business community.”The Recovery Gold Coast Business and Jobs Expo will be held at the Carrara Indoor Sports Centre, on Thursday 15 October between 10am and 4pm.Due to COVID-19, attendees must be registered prior to arrival. There will be no entry tickets available at the events, with the entrance fee being a gold coin donation upon entry: exhibitors are being urged to act quickly with only a handful of part-funded expo stands still available. More information can be found at: ends -For more information or for interview/photo requests, please contact:Joanne RahnDirectorzanthii communicationsPhone: 0402 148 334Email: joanne@zanthii.comFacebook: INFORMATIONARE YOU ON JOB KEEPER or JOB SEEKER?Do you need more local business sales leads?This is the Gold Coast’s biggest local business networking eventLet's work together and reconnect businesses and unemployed for networking.Let’s fight this economic crisis together so that our local businesses keep their doors OPEN.Connecting with confidence for information - inspiration - employment + more local sales on the Gold CoastBring your business cards and let’s fight this economic crisis togetherWe need more business and people need jobs !Gold Coast Business and Jobs ExpoProudly sponsored by QoinThursday 15 October, 10am to 4pmCarrara Indoor Sports Centre, 10am to 4pmTICKETSGold coin donation on entry 8 part funded expo stands are now available and then we are✅FREE Voice to Your Business Speaker Program - showcasing local businesses✅FREE TINAx Talks Panel Sessions - smashing out information + inspiration for Women in Business✅FREE Jobs Workshops✅FREE Head Shot Hub Photos for your social media + resume✅FREE Mentor Hub by the Queensland Office of Small Business✅Food Trucks and Live Entertainment✅175 Expo stands to connect and see if and how you can do business together✅Find out about the hottest way to trade products + services by Qoin✅ YES COVID SAFE21 local business industry groups and sponsors are working together to host this event.The expo is a managed business event and we are using the track and trace and following the Covid 19 under 500 event plan.Gold Coast -15 OctoberMoreton Bay Region - 29 OctoberBrisbane - 11 NovemberRedlands and Logan - 19 NovemberTICKETS are now OPEN you need more customers or are looking for employment support and different options for your next career step, this is the place to be:Reach 700 exhibitors and 6000 local business professionals3 Speaker programs at each expoGet a new head shot photo for FREELive entertainment and Food TrucksGrab a FREE massage to nurture yourselfSupport local businesses which is so critical to do so now.Reconnecting + Regenerating NEW sales leads with local businesses and new employment opportunities.The only Business and Jobs Expo program to run this year.These are indoor retail marketplaces as per Qld Health guidelines.Please note due to COVID-19, you must be registered to attend the expos - before you arrive. There will be no entry tickets available at the events.These are COVID Safe events, so please remember to keep yourself and others safe by maintaining social distance and following the instructions of our expo team.Over 550 businesses have booked stands already EXHIBIT WITH USPART FUNDED EXPO STANDS - be quick to book TODAY - Gold Coast Business and Jobs ExpoWORKSHOP PROGRAM In the Speaker Area - 10.30am to 12noonTopic: Why Your Business Should Employ a TraineeLena Southwood - Sponsored by Blue Print Career DevelopmentWhat is on the job training and how does it work?How to fill a Traineeship vacancy?What are School-based Traineeships?Commonwealth incentives and funded trainingHow to equip staff with employability skills for the futureTopic: Employment Strategies with Co-VID-19 LensLesh Prasad - Sponsored by HELP Employment and TrainingCo-VID 19 impact towards the Employment marketWhat is the Employment market like today?What does job-keeper & Job-seeker mean for you?How do I attract good staff?Topic: Supporting Small Business Through Recovery Brett Haagsma - Sponsored by Queensland Office of Small BusinessSupport for workers and jobseekers in COVID-19Queensland Government support for your small businessAdvice, support and training for businesses during COVID-19Topic: “Get that Job”Alec Betham Sponsored by ETC Ltd “How to get your name above everyone elsePreparing for the interview, taking away the nerves.A good understanding of the job description and matching current and transferable skills.Making sure you are memorableFollowing UpTopic : “Getting Hired in 2020”Sally Watson - Sponsored by Sally Watson, Career CoachTips on standing out from the crowdJob search strategiesNew world vs old world hiringThe importance of crafting your value statementHandling setbacks & rejectionTopic: Employment Solutions for Small BusinessesSue Burns & Danny Delaney - Sponsored by EPIC Assist People with disability and mental health conditions are willing and able to work. They usually only want part time hours, suitable for small businesses.There are many benefits a person with disability/mental health condition can bring to the workplace. Unique perspectives, loyalty and increasing your business’ reputation are some of the few.Inclusive workplaces are beneficial for all- employee, employer and the community.EPIC Assist walks beside businesses/employers every step of the recruitment journey, from presenting job ready candidates, to regular visits once employment has commenced.Wage subsidies and ongoing support are some of the benefits of hiring a person with disability/mental health condition.Recovery Gold Coast Business and Jobs ExpoVOICE TO YOUR BUSINESS WORKSHOP PROGRAMIn the Speaker’s Area – 12.30 to 2pmTopic : Team Building and Development Boosts RecoveryDawn Jarvis - Sponsored by People & OD PartnersThe greatest business asset you have to ensure your recovery and sustainability is you and your team.People make a business, and great customer experience is based on how valued and engaged your employees feel.Understand the 7 essentials for team and business health and recovery.Take our 28 question health check and discover the areas to celebrate and the areas to work on.Find out how to plan your own development as a business leader and the development of a strong STELLAR TEAM to escalate recovery.Hear about the power of coaching and mentoring and why it is essential to focus on your development as a business leader.Time spent refuelling, time spent on you provides reflection, focus and clarity to drive your business to recovery and beyond.Topic: COVID-19 Crisis & Recovery: Key Website Tactics to Focus OnPeter Baldwin - Sponsored by Small Business Solutions - TAFEWhat your key customer’s need changes are with Covid-19How to deliver better web offers, services and packagesThe exact steps how to provide good website contentLearn the Future for Voice Search, Artificial Intelligence and ChatbotsHow to pull it together so you have clarity & are in absolute management control of your websiteTopic: Teaching English as a Second Language. Heather Wright – Sponsored by AIT TesolLiving the DreamHow to teach English online from Australia to ESL students overseas.How to teach English in the ESL classroom in Australia or overseas.How to integrate activity-based methodology while teaching the essential English skills.How to create a fun learning environmentTopic: Energy Aligned Woman - Align yourself + attract more opportunities in 2020Heidi Goodman - Sponsored by Minds ConnectHow to Find your Flow and stop strugglingThe secret to increased sales in 2020Effective tools to align your Energy in your businessWays to become a magnet to your clientsHow to make 2020 your best year in businessTopic: Why Policies & Procedures are Critical for your Business CuccessGreg Arnold - Sponsored by Team Accelerate Why policies and procedures are an essential part of your businessHow policies and procedures affect your businesses compliance with laws, guidance for decision-making, and streamlining internal processesWhat your staff need to know about your businesses policies and procedures and the importance of following them.When implementation is more than just a matter of arbitrarily forcing employees to do things they don’t want to do.Recovery Gold Coast Business and Jobs ExpoTINA X TALKSIn the Speaker’s Area - 2.30pmHow to make sales when under pressure?How to convert from conversation to sale?What sales system works now?Sharon Davies, Founder and CEO of Sales 2 Success Pty LtdSharon is an expert in the field of sales, sales management and training sales team. Sharon has over 28 years selling experiences covering all areas of new business, business development and strategic selling.What part of business should I focus on first to systemise?What are some time saving tools?Where are businesses really lacking? Pip Meecham, Founder of ProjectBoxPip is excited to lead a company that uses innovative systems to achieve big goals, and limitless dreams. A systems consultant who is fuelled with ambition, She is on a dedicated mission to bring a systemised approach to your business operations while reducing costs, improving efficiencies, and achieving your business goals in less time than you can say ‘coffee fix’.What is the best strategy for business now?What are most businesses doing wrong with their marketing?Where should business be investing time and money with marketing?Leanne Cohens, Owner of Marketing LeapA passionate and knowledgeable speaker on Marketing, Digital Strategies and all things Google, she comes armed with over 25 years of Marketing experience. Leanne teaches that while the Business platforms we use in this digital and social age rapidly change, the basic tenets of marketing don’t. If people don’t know what you do or how you add value to their lives, they simply won’t do business with you. Now, as a certified Google Specialist, she teaches and mentors business owners on Google and Digital success Post-COVID. Take advantage of her 25+ years of marketing and let’s talk Google & Digital Success!How do I deal with money stress?What are the best opportunities for finance right now?What should I be doing now as a business owner to ensure the financial stability of my business? Natasha Neary, Financial Wellbeing GroupNatasha was the Head of Sales for one of Australia’s largest mortgage lenders where she managed a sales team and built referral relationships to help and grow other small/med business. She now has her own finance brokerage with a team of brokers who specialise in helping small business be financially sustainable.Events? Marketing attendance and engagement, Zoom vs Real?Leigh MoanaLeigh Moana is a Sales Strategist, Coach and Trainer. She specialises in helping established Queensland business owners increase their sales, improve their processes and increase their profits.Leigh is a Sales and Marketing professional with over 20 years experience. During her time in business, Leigh has observed that most businesses are not reaching their sales potential. They are lacking a Sales Strategy and missing opportunities, their conversion rates are lower than they should be, and their lack of processes are costing them sales.PROUDLY SPONSORED BYQoinBartercard South Gold CoastRed Energy PromotionsSplitChekOutsource Safety Australia4Business GroupHelp Employment and TrainingGriffith UniversityOptus Business Centre Gold CoastGrow Advisory GroupBendigo Bank Paradise PointETC LtdBforB NetworkingAdMarketing AustraliaBNI Gold Coast and Tweed Shire RegionRotaryOutsourced HR SolutionFemale EntrepreneursThe Audacious AgencySouthport Chamber of CommerceThe Gold Coast Innovation Hub Integrity Life raises $43 million to continue building the future of life insurance. 2020-10-01T22:02:42Z integrity-life-raises-43-million-to-continue-building-the-future-of-life-insurance Integrity Life secured $43 million in their recent series B round of funding. There was a strong interest in the raise, that took place before and during COVID-19. Given the instability of the global economy, this significant investment is being viewed by the market as further endorsement of the importance of Integrity’s digital-led positioning. The majority of the capital has come from institutional funds managed by Schroder Investment Management (Switzerland) AG, a member of the Schroders group (“Schroders”), with support from existing institutional shareholders Leadenhall Capital Partners and Daido Life, and smaller parcels coming from Australian and International sophisticated investors. The money will be used to support the expansion of operations and continued development of their digital-led insurance offering.   Chairman Eric Dodd, said of the investment “We’re thrilled to have the confidence and backing of Schroders, who have recognised that our approach to Life Insurance in Australia is changing the game. Our ethos of ‘digital when you want it, human when you need it’ allows us to marry the convenience of technology with an empathetic approach that guides everything we do. In an industry that is crying out for innovation, we’re excited that this injection will enable us to bring more Australian firsts and step-change improvements to both the financial adviser and customer experience”.   Scott Mitchell, Portfolio Manager for Life Insurance Linked Securities at Schroders said, “We are excited to support Integrity Life in its next phase of growth as it continues to strengthen its position in the Australian life market. The investment provides Schroders’ investors with a rare opportunity to support a digital-focused business that provides access to diversifying life insurance risks, such as mortality, critical illness and disability.”   In 2019, Integrity Life became the first Life Insurer to win an Australian Good Design Award, for the innovative experience their Adviser Portal provides.  The start-up, that opened their doors in mid 2018, now protects more than 60,000 customers across both their Group and Retail books. They continue to win design and customer experience awards as well as being named by LinkedIn as one of Australia’s top start-ups to work for. Eric Dodd continues “we are on a growth trajectory, despite the backdrop of COVID-19 and a possible global recession, our low-cost operating model and flexible technology systems give us a significant advantage to adapt and pivot to keep pace with change. We are very excited about the future and what we’ll be bringing to market”. About Integrity Life – Life insurance that’s all about you! Integrity Life Australia Limited (Integrity Life) is a customer-focused innovative life insurance provider, with a commitment to bringing integrity to life insurance and helping Australians when they need it most. Using the latest technology, Integrity Life offers advisers and customers an easier and more transparent experience, and faster access to modern, flexible and fair solutions. Integrity Life is privately owned by local and offshore investors, including specialist insurance investor Leadenhall Capital Partners, and established life insurer Daido Life Insurance Company. Visit for more information.   About Schroders Schroders is responsible for GBP 525.8 billion of clients’ assets1. Clients are major financial institutions including pension funds, banks and insurance companies, local and public authorities, governments, charities, high net worth individuals and retail investors. Schroder Investment Management (Switzerland) AG acts as investment manager to certain collective investment schemes and/or investment vehicles invested in Insurance Linked Securities, and is a leading global provider of ILS investment solutions. Schroder Investment Management (Switzerland) AG is a Swiss regulated fund management company and asset manager for collective investment schemes authorized and supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA. About Leadenhall Capital Partners Leadenhall Capital Partners is an asset manager focused on managing life and non-life insurance linked investments with over US$5.7bn assets under management, with offices in the UK, Bermuda and in the United States. Established in November 2008, Leadenhall Capital Partners has made investments in companies at various stages of their growth cycle, as it has the expertise to identify promising investment opportunities whilst also backing companies which may provide access to attractive life and health related risk for its investment portfolios. Why Cash-in-transit is Essential Today 2020-09-29T05:37:26Z why-cash-in-transit-is-essential-today Cash is the pumping blood of every business. It is vital in the success of any company, no matter what industry you belong to. But with the ongoing challenges brought by COVID-19, the management and transport of money have become inconvenient for many businesses.Several shops have closed, and the market is on the brink of collapse. And even though some essential stores may operate, others chose to temporarily close down in fear of virus contamination through physical contact, conversation, and cash handling.But despite these troubled times, cash-in-transit (CIT) companies continue to operate to assist essential businesses that have remained operational throughout the pandemic. They continue to provide relevant and diligent transport solutions to help clients move funds from location to location while consistently adhering to standard health protocols.Here’s how cash-in-transit benefits your business amidst the health crisis today. Reduce Health Risks and Contamination People have relied on the internet more dependently than they ever had before. They have resorted to e-payments and mobile banking to avoid physical contact.But if your company is still accepting cash and you need help in banking your funds, then a cash-in-transit service provider should get the job done. When you need money delivered to your store, a CIT agency like SecureCash can liaise with your banking institution and pick up the funds for you. You may request to have your cash and coins sorted in various denominations and have them delivered right at your doorstep.By having this kind of service, there shouldn’t be a need for you to head out and go to the bank personally, risking your health in the process. Adapting to the New Normal Cash-in-transit companies are just a phone call away. To avoid human contact, they’ll initially discuss your requirements and collect your information over the phone. You may access their website or email for inquiries and schedule changes. By transacting online, they can easily pick up and convey money to your specified location without further deliberations. All cash security companies have adapted to the new normal by incorporating necessary health measures in every operation. CIT agencies have been briefed to refrain from skin to skin contact and minimise unnecessary conversations. They should wear masks all the time. Hand sanitation should follow after every contact with money, and they observe social distancing in every visited office. They perform each task with extreme precaution for the safety of both the client and courier. Minimising the Fear of Handling Cash From the onset of the pandemic, the WHO kept reminding people to avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands, especially if you were outside. This made people paranoid, triggering panic attacks and agoraphobia that some were afraid of touching cash and coins. There were even companies who banned and destroyed banknotes to reduce infections. It was actually a misconception that was later cleared out by health officials. In fact, the WHO encouraged everyone to continue using cash as long as health protocols like sanitising and handwashing are followed.If your company deals heavily with cash and coins, and you are not confident to sort them on your own, you may contact CIT companies that offer cash counting services to arrange your takings for you. They will document the takings collected, for your convenience. Once the total amount is confirmed, they can deliver the money to your address or take it to your bank for deposit. This way, you’ll have lesser cash handling time and a minimal chance of getting contaminated. Contactless and Paperless Solutions You may reach out to your trusted cash in transit firms through their social media pages, websites, emails, chat services, and customer service lines if you need their help. They intend to gather all information digitally and over the phone, if possible, to cater to your needs with less contact.SecureCash offers a paperless way of tracking your banking through their new eDocket System, which allows easier monitoring and tracing of funds. With this innovative approach, they can process cash collection and deliveries without risking your health. By going paperless, you’ll efficiently satisfy the needs of your customers while saving the environment at the same time. More Time to Focus on Business and Family Thousands of companies are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the fear of completely shutting down if unable to cope up. Businesses now need more attention than ever. Employees now need more support than ever. If you’re a business owner, your presence is needed now more than ever. Though many establishments have slowly reopened, continue protecting your business by delegating your banking tasks. Having a trusted cash in transit partner to process the banking on your behalf will give you more time to listen to your customers’ concerns. You can talk with your employees and understand what they’re going through. With more time in the office, you can create a positive atmosphere that can help motivate your staff and build genuine connections with your clients.