The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-12-15T05:05:50Z SatPhone Shop Launches New Purchase and Rental Website 2017-12-15T05:05:50Z satphone-shop-launches-new-purchase-and-rental-website World Reach Limited (‘World Reach’) is pleased to announce that one of its subsidiaries, SatPhone Shop Pty Ltd (‘SatPhone Shop’), a leading online shop for remote satellite communication products and Telstra’s largest mobile satellite dealer, has this week launched a new transactional and content rich website at Expected to give customers an industry leading online shopping and rental experience, SatPhone Shop’s new website is simple to navigate, enabling customers to access a range of mobile satellite and safety communication products and service offerings. With the major shift to online purchases via mobile devices the new website enables an enhanced shopping experience for all users, regardless of their device. A one page checkout interface has also been introduced. “We have transformed the website experience for our customers” explained Reiny Gajewski, General Manager of SatPhone Shop. “The website is our shop window and we wanted to make sure that no matter who visits the site, they will find what they are looking for quickly without any fuss.” Given the rising demand for safety products and remote mobile satellite communications, both in Australia and abroad, including at sea, the new website, which showcases Iridium satellite products as well as other big brand names from producers such as Beam Communications (another World Reach subsidiary), Uniden, Garmin and ACR Artex, will be of particular appeal to 4x4, camping, hiking, fishing and outdoor adventure travelers. Since its inception in 2012, SatPhone Shop has seen annual revenues grow year on year and is now a key contributor towards the performance of World Reach. The commerce and transactions effected through this new website, which we consider to be the best of its kind in Australia, is expected to repay the considerable investment made in the last 12 months, delivering an online experience that should set SatPhone Shop apart from its competitors well into the future. Magnolia Finance Offers Businesses Working Capital Loans as Low as .5 Percent 2017-12-08T02:09:55Z magnolia-finance-offers-businesses-working-capital-loans-as-low-as-5-percent Magnolia Finance, a leading small business funding organization is offering working capital loans to help businesses in Australia shore up short-term funding needs. The company also provides business loans for young entrepreneurs so they can begin their own businesses. Working capital is the lifeblood of a business. It keeps a business open and prevents it from floundering and reaching the verge of collapse. Working capital or operating liquidity loans are tailored for a business deemed too risky by traditional lenders. These loans can be used to buy inventory and equipment, aid cash flow management, tap into new business opportunities, and pay for other expenditures. Trying to obtain a business loan with traditional financing options can prove to be difficult in today's financial market. People with bad credit believe business loans are not even available to them because they think banks would just turn down their applications once they see their scores. Magnolia Finance gives individuals and organizations with bad credit business loans to jumpstart or revitalize their operations. By lending working capital to people with bad credit scores, Magnolia Finance allows them to start or sustain their businesses. The company especially offers business loans for entrepreneurs who want to start their own commercial ventures but are burdened with less than stellar credit records. Through a business cash advance, Magnolia Finance offers working capital loans to companies that need to address liquidity issues in order to operate more efficiently. Magnolia Finance places no restrictions on lenders with regards to their loans. For more information on the company's services, visit: or call 1300471308. About Magnolia Finance Magnolia Finance has built a strong and trustworthy reputation in the cash business industry in Australia. The company’s headquarters is in Sydney, Australia. Thousands of small businesses throughout Australia rely on the small business loans, short term mortgage loans and debt factoring services provided by Magnolia Finance. The company’s customers are across industries from aviation, construction, dentistry, franchises, healthcare, manufacturing, communications, real estate, retail, and wholesalers.  ### Contact Details Contact Name - Mitchell Atkins Address: Suite 3, Level 27, Governor Macquarie Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia. Phone number:1300471308 Magnolia Finance Announces the Small Business Loan Initiative 2017-12-06T04:38:58Z magnolia-finance-announces-the-small-business-loan-initiative Magnolia Finance, one of the leading providers of business loans to small businesses in Sydney announces a multimillion-dollar credit line for their new small business initiative. The new line of credit has been established in partnership with several institutional investors to make a variety of business loans readily available for small business owners across Australia. The present capital will be the first installment in the initiative and will likely be followed by a significantly larger credit line based on the success of the program.     The additional working capital will compliment Magnolia Finance’s existing funding portfolio and make the company a clear leader in the small business lending industry. The company’s spokesperson Mitchell Atkins said, “The overwhelming demand by our continually growing customer base was the impetus for reaching out to our funding partners to launch this initiative.” The economy is clearly establishing positive trends and the company believes that launching the small business initiative at this juncture will allow small business owners to take advantage of the growth opportunities that are available. The additional clients will improve the company’s brand recognition and their overall market share in the current marketplace.   The low interest short term loans will be made available to small and medium-sized business owners that are looking to develop and expand their existing operations. All of the loan options will be unsecured and distributed through the variety of business loan options the company offers. Additionally, due to the company’s expanded financial resources, the initiative will also assist small business owners in a variety of industries that are currently experiencing credit problems. Mitchell Atkins added, “There are a lot of good companies out there that can be great companies with the right financial backing.”  The continuously tight credit markets have steadily contributed to the growing demand for business loans. As the economy improves it is likely that the demand for financing will grow, and most banks will have to remain on the sidelines until the economy re-establishes a healthy financial picture. This scenario has made the small business loan initiative necessary for both the borrowers and Magnolia Finance. About Magnolia Finance Magnolia Finance has built a strong and trustworthy reputation in the cash business industry in Australia. The company’s headquarters is in Sydney, Australia. Thousands of small businesses throughout Australia rely on the small business loans and working capital loans provided by Magnolia Finance. The company’s fast short term loans customers are across industries from aviation, construction, dentistry, franchises, healthcare, manufacturing, communications, real estate, retail, and wholesalers. For more information on the company's services, visit: or call 1300471308. ### Contact Details Contact Name - Mitchell Atkins Address: Suite 3, Level 27, Governor Macquarie Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia. Phone number:1300471308 Increasing Australia’s grain fibre intake could save the economy $3.3 billion a year 2017-12-01T01:38:57Z increasing-australias-grain-fibre-intake-could-save-the-economy-3-3-billion-a-year New research, conducted by Nutrition Research Australia and Deloitte Access Economics, has been released today announcing some staggering statistics around the economic and health implications associated with our national fibre inadequacy. The research reveals that if every Australian adult were to add two to three serves of high fibre grain food to their daily diet it could save our national economy $3.3 billion per year and help prevent 139,000 cases of cardiovascular disease and 272,000 cases of type 2 diabetes annually. These are two of Australia’s biggest killers and the prevalence of both of these diseases is unfortunately on the rise. Please find the media release below and attached and the following documents can be found in the Dropbox link here: -Research whitepaper -Infographic -Additional Statistics -Animated Content -Spokesperson Interviews -Social Media Assets Alternatively, all resources can be found at the following website: If you would like more information, or to speak with one of our spokespeople, please get in touch with me directly. We also have the below supporting quote provided by Sturt Eastwood, CEO of Diabetes NSW/ACT: “Type 2 Diabetes is one of the most serious health challenges facing Australia today. There are currently more than 1 million people registered as living with type 2 diabetes and a potential half a million who are undiagnosed. There are a number of lifestyle factors that can be modified to slow the development and help manage type 2 diabetes, and this report identifies diet as among the most important. Helping people improve their diet can go a long way towards reducing the numbers affected by type 2 diabetes, which is a life changing condition. I encourage all Australians to look at the fibre in their diet and try to achieve a better balance in the mix of wholegrains, fruit and vegetables they’re eating. A diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is news no one wants to receive, and a few small changes to daily eating habits could go a long way to helping Australians have a much healthier outlook.” Magnolia Finance Continues To Increase Its Customer Base In Australia 2017-11-10T03:20:32Z magnolia-finance-continues-to-increase-its-customer-base-in-australia Magnolia Finance, a major player in the alternative financial service providers in Sydney announces that customer base of the company is increasing hugely on a month by month basis.   Mitchell Atkins the spokesperson of Magnolia Finance said; “the outstanding results are the direct result of our professional support staff giving outstanding customer support and assistance in a difficult and sometimes challenging arena." Mitchell continued, "we make loans available to people who have a lower credit score whom would otherwise be denied a loan by the bank; this together with a whole new level of real assistance has been instrumental in us achieving our amazing results”  Magnolia Finance specializes in and offers different loan services to best fit their customers' needs. the company is fully licensed and regulated. The company services are available in Sydney and growing. Magnolia Finance continues to lead the way toward the future of secured lending services. "Outstanding support, unrivaled customer care, super-fast payments, fair fees and a professional service is what you can expect from us." Said the CEO of Magnolia Finance.  "Customers are treated patiently, understandingly and most importantly with respect." The Company provides different types of services, such as short-term loans, Cash Flow Finance, Invoice Finance, personal loans, installment loans, debt management, and small business loans. About 70 percent of the jobs in Australia are in small businesses category. Every day Magnolia Finance match thousands of small businesses with the financing they need to grow, thrive, and hire new employees, fueling the Dream of Australians.  “Each day our team makes a positive impact on the lives of small business owners in America. The lives we help are moms, dads, sons, daughters, friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents all with the goal of helping them build their dream, their business.” Mitchell added  About Magnolia Finance Magnolia Finance is a leading small business funding organization headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Thousands of small businesses throughout Australia rely on the small business loans and working capital loans provided by Magnolia Finance. The company’s customers are across industries from aviation, construction, dentistry, franchises, healthcare, manufacturing, communications, real estate, retail, and wholesalers.  More information on invoice finance Sydney and other financial services offer by the company, visit: or call 1300471308 ### Contact Details Contact Name - Mitchell Atkins Address: Suite 3, Level 27, Governor Macquarie Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia. Phone number:1300471308 FinPal’s financial planning CRM adds support for mortgage brokers 2017-11-01T11:48:54Z finpal-s-financial-planning-crm-adds-support-for-mortgage-brokers-2 FinPal has announced the next release of its software will include support for mortgage brokers. According to FinPal’s CEO, Stephen Handley, “There has always been significant overlap between the worlds of financial advice and mortgage broking. Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increasing effort to integrate these services and offer consumers a one-stop-shop. Unfortunately, the integration generally stops at the sign on the door. Because advisers and brokers use different, disconnected software systems, sharing of information is still very much a manual process, resulting in a disjointed client experience” FinPal’s software is built upon Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM system, resulting in tight integration with Office 365. The system also includes features such as Client Portal, Revenue Management and Document Generation. Handley said FinPal will quickly become a full featured solution for brokers. “Building a capable software system is all about the data. Because data required for advisers and brokers is almost identical, it is relatively easy for us to add support for the lending industry. The initial release will focus on automated workflows and support for mortgage commissions. Data specific to the mortgage industry will also flow through to existing features like our client portal and document generation system.” In future releases, FinPal plans to connect to complementary technologies to further expand capabilities for the lending industry. “Supporting a vibrant ecosystem is a core philosophy. Connecting to other systems enhances the ability of our customers to automate the acquisition and analysis of data, reducing the time and cost of service. Our connection to personal financial management systems such as Moneysoft is a great example.” FinPal already has customers who provide both planning and lending services. “We were really excited to have businesses with both financial planning and lending services come on board. We always planned to add support for brokers, but knew it would be important for our customers to participate. Having the opportunity to start adding these features now will allow us to deliver to increased efficiencies and cost savings sooner than anticipated.” TechnologyOne sees a surge in local government sales 2017-10-18T19:57:41Z technologyone-sees-a-surge-in-local-government-sales BRISBANE, 19 October 2017 - TechnologyOne (ASX:TNE), Australia’s leading enterprise software as a service provider announced today that FY17 was a record year for local government deals with a 48 per cent increase in licence fees in this sector. The company also closed a strong fourth quarter in FY17 in the local government market with 10 new major deals totalling $40 million in total contract revenue - across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. TechnologyOne Chief Executive Officer, Edward Chung said there was a 90+% win rate and a surge in the value and quantum of local government deals closed in FY17. “We dominated competitors in the local government sector by securing 240 deals from Australia, New Zealand and the UK in FY17. Of these, 222 were new purchases from our loyal existing customers and 18 were new customers,” Mr Chung said. “More than 18 new customers chose TechnologyOne’s integrated enterprise software as a service solution over competitors. “Also many amalgamated councils kicked-out outdated standalone software products from the likes of Civica and Infor who continue to dress-up their old hosted solutions as cloud”, said Mr Chung. TechnologyOne Executive Chairman, Adrian Di Marco said the company had geared up to continue its domination of the local government market in the coming year. “This is the tip of the iceberg for us as we continue to deliver our market leading integrated solution to meet the growing demands for digital transformation by local governments. We are uniquely placed to do this because of our mass production, digitally enabled software as a solution, that is delivering significant benefits to the sector. “We have more than 300 council customers and are continuing to grow fast” he said. “We continue to deliver exceptional projects at breakneck speed with several recent SaaS go-lives being implemented in less than 12 weeks. “The press has been unfortunately very focused on the BCC litigation. This was an entirely different project to anything else we have ever contracted, and our customers and the local government sector understand this. “BCC were a development partner which has never before been done in local government; and BCC struggled to fulfill their obligations. This was highlighted in an independent report commissioned by BCC which they have continually refused to release, because they have publicly stated it would not be in the interest of the rate payers of Brisbane. Clearly this has been an unfortunate event for both BCC and TechnologyOne.” - Ends - About TechnologyOne TechnologyOne (ASX:TNE) is Australia's largest enterprise software company and one of Australia's top 200 ASX-listed companies, with offices across six countries. We create solutions that transform business and make life simple for our customers. We do this by providing powerful, deeply integrated enterprise software that is incredibly easy to use. Over 1,200 leading corporations, government departments and statutory authorities are powered by our software. We participate in only eight key markets: government, local government, financial services, education, health and community services, asset intensive industries, project intensive industries and corporates. For these markets we develop, market, sell, implement, support and run our preconfigured solutions, which reduce time, cost and risk for our customers. For 30 years, we have been providing our customers enterprise software that evolves and adapts to new and emerging technologies, allowing them to focus on their business and not technology. Today, our software is available on the TechnologyOne Cloud and across smart mobile devices. For further information please visit: The Workstores ahead of time to meet Brisbane buyers’ increasing demand for quality strata storage sheds. 2017-10-10T21:17:28Z the-workstores-remain-on-track-to-meet-brisbane-buyers-increasing-demand-for-quality-strata-storage-sheds FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Brisbane, QLD, October 11, 2017– The Workstores, a commercial real estate project from renowned Brisbane businessman, Kevin Miller, have completed their Eagle Farm facility ahead of time, following on from the successful completion and sale of units in Wynnum in Brisbane's bayside, and Gaven on the Gold Coast. Most of the Eagle Farm premium storage sheds sold off the plan. Only a few remain available for purchase. Owner and Developer, Kevin Miller said, "We created this premium product to cater for a growing number of buyers who demand quality storage and space solutions. Sales and interest remain high from the luxury car and boat owners and those who love to tinker with their weekend toys, but we're also attracting and converting online retailers needing secure and accessible warehouse space for stock, and tradespeople with a need for space to store tools and materials. We've developed it to be multi-use, so it's perfect for any space requirement. We also intended to ensure the sheds were a smart investment." Mr. Miller said his storage shed concept has moved beyond the traditional uses of a large and basic industrial building for storage and warehousing. The Workstores offer a far superior product with a live-in manager a standard feature, and a selection of luxury add-ons including such things as a wet bar area and mezzanine level. Admitting it to be a somewhat indulgent space, he described the sheds as a high-end version of the typical backyard man shed or "man cave." The success of The Workstores concept so far was due to the quality design and build with the multi-use buyer in mind. Location was also crucial, he concluded. About the Company The Workstores is a commercial real estate project from renowned Brisbane businessman, Kevin Miller – an award-winning developer and entrepreneur behind some of Brisbane’s most iconic developments. Alongside his business partner and CFO, Michael Rogers, they have created a premium multi-use storage shed and office space concept with impressive high spec design features. The sheds cater to a multitude of users from online retailers needing warehouse space for stock, to luxury vehicle and boat owners requiring a space to store and tinker with their prized possessions. # # # If you would like more information about The Workstores, please contact Paul Hughes at 0418 234 444 or email at Website: Classic Cars Outperform Property Despite Pullback 2017-09-13T04:41:10Z classic-cars-outperform-property-despite-pullback The ten-year rolling average of collectible car prices has fallen from 457% to 404%, according to the latest report from Knight Frank. Despite the market slowdown, collectible cars continue to outpace property as an investment by a factor of four-to-one. Over the past decade Melbourne house prices have increased by less than 100%. “To put that into perspective, had you bought a collectable car for the same price as a house in 2007, your investment would now be worth $1.69m. Your house would only be worth less than half that,” says Benjamin Zachariah, editor of car investment advisory Harris & Silverman. Even with the decline in the market average, hammer prices for modern classic cars from the 1980s and ’90s have been exploding across European auction houses. “People who grew up in that era now find themselves with the disposable income to allow them to acquire the hero cars of their youth,” says Zachariah. Locally, prices for Australian muscle cars continue to see significant increases, with a Holden HK Monaro GTS 327 selling for $210,000 at Shannons and a Torana SS A9X selling for $260,000 at Lloyd’s. Racing cars with significant histories have also been on a vertical trendline. Notes -= End =- Australian real estate innovation doubles residential property investor net returns whilst tackling housing affordability and retirement income concerns 2017-09-10T23:42:11Z australian-real-estate-innovation-doubles-residential-property-investor-net-returns-whilst-tackling-housing-affordability-and-retirement-income-concerns A new Australian real estate innovation is shaking up the investment and property industries, turning low residential net property yields for investors (and what was once a bleak retirement for many) into high yielding property investments and more choice for investors. Developed in Australia and internationally patented, Assquire provides residential property investors with accelerated and higher residential property gross rents, on average 40% to 60% better than conventional gross rents over ten years, often doubling very low net rents. It can be used for both currently rented properties and for newly acquired properties. Founder Keith Burchill says Assquire has been designed to combat the usual low net yields that residential property investors are accustomed to, as well as mitigate vacancy risk, property management risk and uncertain future capital growth. “There is a long-standing myth that residential property investment is all about capital gain. That’s simply no longer the case,” said Mr Burchill. “Assquire is turning the relationship between property investment capital growth and yield on its head and proving that investors can be better off through higher contracted long-term yields.” “With Australians simply not happy to work until they drop, Assquire is also about positioning retirees better for the future, tackling housing affordability and the deposit gap, and enabling investors and buyers to work together rather than compete against each other for properties,” said Mr Burchill. Assquire benefits investors of any age, but the returns for semi-retired people and self-funded retirees are even greater than double in many instances. “We’re talking potential returns that are 131% higher than rental returns plus capital growth at an assumed 4.5% per annum average property price growth for the next ten years,” said Mr Burchill. (See Table 1, scenario 6 for detail and various other scenarios at different taxable incomes and settlement periods). Assquire is aimed at investors who prefer stable and predictable high yields and long-term tenants of up to ten years, rather than relying on low yields now, a series of back to back short-term tenancies with possible rental gaps, and uncertain long-term capital growth. To benefit from Assquire, investors can utilise an existing residential property or purchase a new property, but must have a minimum 30% equity in the property to potentially qualify. To gain the accelerated higher yields, and up to ten-year tenancies, an investor sells (with a settlement period of up to ten years) their investment property today to a pre-qualified home buyer at a pre-agreed set price. The deferred settlement produces the long term higher rental yields and the investor remains on title until settlement. Buyers must occupy the property immediately and continue to occupy it until settlement with the investor, with the buyer’s interest secured by a registered lease and other security until settlement. In return for the long settlement and a very reasonable pre-agreed ten-year price, investors receive accelerated higher monthly rents, plus monthly deposit payments from the buyer. For example, a Queensland investor employed on a good income and selling and leasing their $500,000 investment property could be on average $210 - $257 per week better off (in today’s dollars and after tax) during their leasing period of up to ten years, compared to their landlord position today. (Results vary depending upon the taxable income of the investor. See Table 2 for detail). “The benefits of Assquire are substantial for both the investor and the buyer. The investor has only one tenant for up to ten years, with no more vacancy periods. In addition, the tenant has a vested interest in keeping the property in good condition, so repairs and maintenance are often reduced. “The accelerated cash flows enable the investor to buy more, or more valuable, investment properties or to utilise the funds for more pressing needs, rather than hoping for a good enough capital gain in the future. They can also reinvest the excess returns each month in their superannuation, which is simply not possible with an unrealised capital gain. So it’s the perfect way to future-proof your investment returns against possible down turns with higher, stable, contracted rents.” Buyers don’t lose out, just because investors are gaining. “This is a great community initiative as it assists buyers into their own homes sooner and more safely. Assquire investors in effect incubate credit worthy buyers into their new or established homes sooner, without any of the typical mortgage worries or upfront mortgage costs like mortgage insurance,” said Mr Burchill. “Even without long term capital appreciation, a buyer’s monthly deposit payments and a purpose designed savings plan are the foundation stones to their embedded equity to assist them to settle with a mortgage at the end of their lease, should they choose to do so.” For more information about Assquire, visit About Assquire: Assquire is a patented system that enables residential property investors to swap uncertain future capital growth and low net rents from tenants, with stable, accelerated, higher monthly cash flows today. Haigslea Residential Limited (HRL) is the property investment and management group licensed (by Mortgage Alternative Pty Ltd) to deliver Assquire®. HRL is a licenced real estate agency in Queensland (Real Estate Licence No. 3995434). Background information: Visit Case studies of Assquire investors: How buyers purchase from Assquire investors: Case studies of buyers who purchase from Assquire investors Why this isn’t ‘rent to buy’ and a comparison of Assquire with ‘rent to buy’ Media Contact: Margot Furlonger, Holy Mackerel Group, tel 0422 548 323 or Regional Australia Bank awards over $30K to the Coonabarabran community as part of its innovative Community Partnership Program 2017-08-28T21:06:22Z regional-australia-bank-awards-over-30k-to-the-coonabarabran-community-as-part-of-its-innovative-community-partnership-program Regional Australia Bank’s innovative Community Partnership Program scales new heights of success. Regional Australia Bank’s Community Partnership Program is now in its ninth year – and with this year’s donations reaching a staggering $840,000, the program continues to go from strength to strength. Under the program, new bank customers open a transaction account and select which group they would like to support. Regional Australia Bank then calculates the average annual balance of all supporters’ accounts and donates 1% of the total to the cause on the customers’ behalf – all without costing them a cent. With more and more people getting on board, the Community Partnership Program has continued to grow at over 30% per year ­– and this year, the total amount has edged ever closer to the million dollar mark, with $840,000 of funds ready to donate to various local grass roots clubs and community groups. At Coonabarabran’s Community Partnership presentations last night, Regional Australia Bank awarded $31,769.03 to the local community – and the United Hospital Auxiliaries of NSW – Coonabarabran Branch, Rotary Club of Coonabarabran, Coonabarabran High School P&C Association, Coona Amateur Boxing Club, The Men’s Shed Coonabarabran Inc, the Coonabarabran Local Aboriginal Land Council and the Urabrible Landcare Group were just a few of the groups lucky enough to receive a donation. Over the past few years, the Bank has been able to contribute more than 1.5 million dollars to deserving community groups – and as Regional Australia Bank Coonabarabran Branch Supervisor Sarah Jackson explains, “we’re immensely proud of our ability to deliver these kinds of social and environmental returns to our regional communities.” Ms Jackson continued that “for a bank like ours, which is founded on the promise to operate in the best interests of our customers and communities, it’s entirely fitting that our customers are able to lead the way in initiatives like this, given that they’ll often be the ones benefitting from the positive impacts of this program.” “The Community Partnership Program is just one of the ways in which we assist our customers and communities,” said Kevin Dupé, Regional Australia Bank CEO. “Regional Australia Bank is proud to continue delivering the Community Support Program in 2017, enabling it to continue enhancing the quality of life and a strong sense of community for the regions it serves.” The banks goal for the Community Partnership Program is to reach $1M in donations to local communities in 2018 and invites regional Australians to get on board and choose to bank with them, so that they can take advantage of this initiative and enjoy both better value from their financial institution, and help create local communities that can fully prosper and thrive. A full list of Community Partnership Program beneficiaries has been included below. - Ends - Contact: Sara Crowe, C7EVEN Communications, 02 6766 4513 / 0438 197 559 It is requested that Regional Australia Bank is not shortened to an acronym and always referred to in full as Regional Australia Bank. Suite 4 Technology Park, Madgwick Dr, Armidale NSW 2350 Australia Phone: 02 6776 0000 Coonabarabran Community Partnership Beneficiaries United Hospital Auxiliaries of NSW - Coonabarabran Branch Rotary Club of Coonabarabran Coonabarabran High School P & C Association Coona Amateur Boxing Gym Coonabarabran Soccer Club Inc Coonabarabran Local Aboriginal Land Council Urabrible Landcare Group Inc Coonabarabran P & H Association The (Men's) Shed Coonabarabran Inc C/Bran Rugby League Football C Riding for The Disabled Association (NSW) Coonabarabran Centre Coonabarabran Volunteer Rescue Coonabarabran Public School Parents and Citizens Association St Lawrences Primary School - Canteen Coonabarabran Youth Club Inc Coonabarabran Fishing Club Coonabarabran Bowling Club Co-Op Coonabarabran Junior League & Netball Inc Coonabarabran Garden Club Binnaway Jockey Club Inc. Coonabarabran Junior Golf Coonabarabran Jockey Club Inc Baradine Country Bushfire Brigade Baradine and District Progress Association Coonabarabran Lady Golfers Improvement Fund Coonabarabran Pony Club Inc Warrumbungle Regional Radio Inc Yearinan Bushfire Brigade Coonabarabran Arts Council Coonabarabran Bran Horse & Rider Club Inc Warrumbungle Arts and Crafts Inc Coonabarabran & District Greyhound Racing Club Baradine Bowling Club - Baradine Health & Fitness Binnaway Amateur Boxing Gyminc RSL Womens Auxiliary Coonabarabran Orbital Swing Band Warrumbungle Rural Community Programme War Fm RSP Coonabarabran Physical Culture Club Coonabarabran Little Athletics Coona Civilian & Military Rifle Club Dps Coonabarabran Local & Family History Starfest Rocky Glen Branch of CWA NSW Coonabarabran Landcare Warrumbungle Eventing Inc Hell Yeah Sports & Activities Astronomical Society of C/Bran Castlereagh Working Equitation Coona Drop in Incorporated Castlereagh Support Brigade Coonabarabran Christian Education Association Gowang Rural Fire Service Coonabarabran Lions Club Incorporated Coonabarabran Teachers Bugaldie Rural Fire Brigade Napier Lane Bush Fire Brigade Burra-Bee-Dee United Coonabarabran Men's Choir Coonabarabran Amateur Dramatic Society Coonabarabran Local Aboriginal Lands Council Mindfields to democratise RPA by offering a one stop solution at a fixed price per process. 2017-08-22T21:15:38Z mindfields-to-democratise-rpa-by-offering-a-one-stop-solution-at-a-fixed-price-per-process Sydney: Australian automation and AI advisory firm Mindfields has launched Automation as a Service (AaaS), a banquet of RPA services such as research, education, consulting and execution, packaged at a fixed price per process. It will open doors to automate processes that were previously unimaginable or unfeasible. RPA takes business processes that are currently performed by human workers and creates a software bot that then performs the same task around the clock. Mindfields Managing Director Mohit Sharma said, “We do not want to charge new clients for the framework we have already developed for existing clients, instead we have customised workshops backed by ongoing research to reduce the cost of automation and shorten their decision cycle," Mindfields has automated and robotised its own consulting and delivery processes in the form of AaaS. Clients will get a bundled offering containing consulting backed by ongoing research in emerging technologies and delivery embedded with training. “Our aim is to make it free in the long-term and focus on feeding and exploiting data generated by automation. Automation is the first step in the journey and should be treated as investment in short-term” commented Sharma. AaaS will provide following benefits to clients for a fixed price per process: Automate more at faster pace Consulting backed by ongoing research on RPA tool and process selection Education to empower client teams to execute RPA in-house Execute and implement RPA efficiently based on Mindfields’ experiences and lessons learned Automation at a fixed price per process, which provides cost assurance to a business case Enabling clients to focus on the most important outcome of RPA i.e. automating data and interaction analytics, rather than the technical details. Currently, clients are paying separately for these services to various vendors who work in silos which can increase costs and project timelines. AaaS will democratise RPA irrespective of industry vertical and client’s company size. “Businesses can now think about the outcomes they are seeking, rather than getting bogged down in the technology specifications and cost of initiating the RPA journey.” Mindfields has also been recently covered in the technology section of the Australian Financial Review. You can view the article here - For more info on AaaS, visit - or watch this video About Mindfields: Mindfields is a vendor and tool agnostic full-service Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence firm with a global presence. We provide consulting, education and execution to clients backed by comprehensive independent research. For more information, please visit our website. Australian Customers Prefer Digital-First Approach to Banking Services 2017-08-10T00:00:00Z australian-customers-prefer-digital-first-approach-to-banking-services Sydney, Australia, August 10, 2017 – Australian customers would prefer to resolve their basic banking issues without having to deal with a human being, according to a new survey by market researcher, YouGov. The Avaya-commissioned Customer Experience in Banking 2017 report indicates that Australians’ most-preferred method of contact with their bank would be via the website, while a third, 34 per cent, regularly use mobile banking apps, more than their counterparts in the UK and UAE. The survey covered more than 5,000 banking customers in four countries – Australia, India, the UK, and the UAE. Given the choice of only one channel, 28 per cent of the 1,153 Australians surveyed would prefer access to a complete list of services via their bank’s web site, only speaking to a person if they really have to. Likewise, 19 per cent would prefer to use a mobile app, while eight per cent would choose to access services through the contact center application. More than half, 54 per cent, regularly use online banking, behind only the UK’s 60 per cent, while only 36 per cent usually visit their branch, the joint-lowest with the UK. Unsurprisingly, younger generations of Australians are more likely to use mobile services, with 58 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds and 53 per cent of 25 to 34-year-olds regularly using mobile apps, compared to just 13 per cent in the 55+ category. Interestingly, 57 per cent in the latter group use online banking, while just 45 per cent of 18-24-year olds do. Still, the YouGov study found that traditional interactions continue to hold a place in the financial services industry. In fact, 22 per cent of Australians prefer to visit branches, a figure led by older respondents, with a third of over-55s selecting that option. While more than half, 51 per cent, of Indian respondents said they regularly visit their branch, the highest of the four countries surveyed, only 13 per cent said they prefer to do so – by far the lowest of the four. “The financial services industry (FSI) has typically led technology adoption and digital services – in part due to available capital, but primarily because a highly-competitive market creates constant pressure to exceed the expectations of demanding consumers,” said Peter Chidiac, Managing Director Australia and New Zealand, Avaya. “Customers see value in more than just rates, meaning banks and other financial organisations must provide an experience that aligns to the daily lives of their consumers. To meet those expectations, they have to optimise traditional transactions while enabling interactions across the latest platforms and introducing innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI).” Regardless of how they choose to contact their bank, the most important issues for Australian customers is that they get the same level of experience and service, and that their problem is resolved on the first point of contact. The most common customer complaint is being kept waiting for a long time on the phone, cited by 21 per cent. This may explain why less than a quarter, 23 per cent, of Australian respondents regularly call a contact center. “Consumers are looking for fast resolutions, and within reason, hope for an answer within the first point of contact,” said Chidiac. “The problem is that some contact centre agents in financial institutions aren’t prepared to deal with a wide range of enquiries, especially in omni-channel environments. Contact centre agents need to be equipped to deal with enquiries no matter which platform the consumer is using to make contact, and importantly, the interaction must be able to shift across platforms without forcing the consumer to explain their issue repeatedly.” To learn about how Avaya is digitally transforming financial services, check out this short video or browse this resource guide. About Avaya Avaya enables the mission critical, real-time communication applications of the world’s most important operations. As the global leader in delivering superior communications experiences, Avaya provides the most complete portfolio of software and services for contact center and unified communications with integrated, secure networking— offered on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid. Today’s digital world requires some form of communications enablement, and no other company is better positioned to do this than Avaya. For more information, please visit Certain statements contained in this press release may be forward-looking statements. These statements may be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as "anticipate," "believe," "continue," "could," "estimate," "expect," "intend," "may," "might," "plan," "potential," "predict," "should" or "will" or other similar terminology. We have based these forward-looking statements on our current expectations, assumptions, estimates and projections. While we believe these are reasonable, such forward looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond our control. These and other important factors may cause our actual results to differ materially from any future results expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. For a list and description of such risks and uncertainties, please refer to Avaya's filings with the SEC that are available at Avaya disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements. All trademarks identified by ®, TM, or SM are registered marks, trademarks, and service marks, respectively, of Avaya Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners ### World Renowned Australian Artists Go Under The Hammer, In Landmark $5M Liquidation Sale 2017-08-06T23:12:17Z world-renowned-australian-artists-go-under-the-hammer-in-landmark-5m-liquidation-sale Gold Coast, Queensland: An estimated $5M in limited edition artworks by some of Australia's most collectible artists – including Arthur Boyd and Charles Blackman - are being offered for auction this month, in a sale which will liquidate the entire catalogue of premier Fine Art publisher, Berkeley Editions.  Among the collection are more than 1,000 limited edition artworks, original printing plates and paintings from notable artists such as Arthur Boyd, Margaret Olley, Charles Blackman, Garry Shead, Ray Crooke, David Boyd, Fred Cress, Kerrie Lester, Jason Benjamin and Tim Storrier.  Valued in excess of $5 million, the collection includes handmade, limited edition collagraphs, lithographs and etchings, each of which are numbered, titled and signed by the artist.  All lots will be offered for sale at the starting price of $1, representing a never to be repeated opportunity for members of the public and established collectors alike, to own one or more of these highly collectible artworks.  For 40 years, Berkeley Editions has been responsible for releasing some of the most important limited editions in Australian art. Owner Robyn Berkeley says her time working with such esteemed artists will be fondly remembered.  “It was such an honour and fun, to work with and know these fine people. We worked with the wonderful Arthur Boyd for the last twenty years of his life. He was such a gentleman,” Berkeley says.  Berkeley Editions has long been known and respected in the Australian art world for its support of Australian artists and printers, a contribution which was recognised in 2011 by the State Library of NSW, at an event opened by Edmund Capon, Director of Art Gallery of NSW. In-keeping with its respected position in the Australian art industry, Berkeley has chosen to entrust the sale of its catalogue to Lloyd's Auctioneers and Valuers, whose Fine Art division boasts a team with over 30 years collective experience.  Bidding on items within the Berkeley catalogue is open to all members of the public via from Friday the 21st of July 2017.  The first UNRESERVED auction closes on Tuesday 8th August 2017.  Whitepaper Highlights Risks of Passive Investments 2017-08-03T23:42:23Z whitepaper-highlights-risks-of-passive-investments Melbourne, Friday 4th August, 2017: There has been a significant move towards Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) as investors have switched en-mass to passive style investments, often at the expense of active investment. This may supercharge potential future drawdowns.   ETFs are index funds listed on the exchange that replicate a nominated benchmark or index. Proponents of ETFs espouse the attractiveness of lower fees for exposure to equity markets/sectors/thematic investing as an alternative to active management via the traditional path of a managed fund. The risks of passive investments are discussed in the recently released Whitepaper “The Rise of Passive Investing: Fee Saving or Increasing Risk?” Published by Providence Independent Investment Advisory, the Whitepaper asserts the view that while ETFs can play a role in portfolios as a low-cost beta allocation, investors should be mindful of how ETFs will perform in a falling market. The Whitepaper author, James Smith (Head of Melbourne and Senior Investment Adviser at Providence) stated “The perennial argument of whether active managers can outperform the index usually reappears towards the top of investment cycles. This is a result of active managers underperforming their relevant benchmarks when markets are driven by momentum and also the fear of missing out on a rising market. We are once again at this juncture and hence this Whitepaper is a timely discussion of the attraction and risks of ETFs”.  “With careful due diligence and a focus on what part of the cycle we are entering, we believe investment advisors can identify those active fund managers that will outperform an index, particularly during a sharp market correction.” The Whitepaper is available at Currently in its 16th year of operation, and with a 185% growth of Funds Under Management (FUM) over the past 5 years, Providence has $1bn of funds under management on behalf of Australian individuals, families and not-for-profit organisations from its Sydney and Melbourne offices. -ENDS- Note to the editor: James Smith, Head of Melbourne, Providence, is available for comment. About Providence: Providence was established in 2000 as an independent advisory firm providing independent, expert advice and investment strategies to high net worth individuals, families and not-for-profit organisations. For more information, please visit