The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-11-01T11:48:54Z FinPal’s financial planning CRM adds support for mortgage brokers 2017-11-01T11:48:54Z finpal-s-financial-planning-crm-adds-support-for-mortgage-brokers-2 FinPal has announced the next release of its software will include support for mortgage brokers. According to FinPal’s CEO, Stephen Handley, “There has always been significant overlap between the worlds of financial advice and mortgage broking. Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increasing effort to integrate these services and offer consumers a one-stop-shop. Unfortunately, the integration generally stops at the sign on the door. Because advisers and brokers use different, disconnected software systems, sharing of information is still very much a manual process, resulting in a disjointed client experience” FinPal’s software is built upon Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM system, resulting in tight integration with Office 365. The system also includes features such as Client Portal, Revenue Management and Document Generation. Handley said FinPal will quickly become a full featured solution for brokers. “Building a capable software system is all about the data. Because data required for advisers and brokers is almost identical, it is relatively easy for us to add support for the lending industry. The initial release will focus on automated workflows and support for mortgage commissions. Data specific to the mortgage industry will also flow through to existing features like our client portal and document generation system.” In future releases, FinPal plans to connect to complementary technologies to further expand capabilities for the lending industry. “Supporting a vibrant ecosystem is a core philosophy. Connecting to other systems enhances the ability of our customers to automate the acquisition and analysis of data, reducing the time and cost of service. Our connection to personal financial management systems such as Moneysoft is a great example.” FinPal already has customers who provide both planning and lending services. “We were really excited to have businesses with both financial planning and lending services come on board. We always planned to add support for brokers, but knew it would be important for our customers to participate. Having the opportunity to start adding these features now will allow us to deliver to increased efficiencies and cost savings sooner than anticipated.” ARSENAL WELCOMES COVER-MORE AS OFFICIAL TRAVEL INSURANCE PARTNER 2017-10-25T20:08:35Z arsenal-welcomes-cover-more-as-official-travel-insurance-partner Arsenal Football Club is delighted to announce Cover-More as its Official Travel Insurance Partner. The partnership will run for three seasons and gives the global specialist and integrated travel insurance and medical assistance provider a number of rights and areas of exclusive access. Cover-More Group operates in 14 countries including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, China, India and the USA, where the group owns Travelex Insurance Services. From December 2017, they will create Arsenal travel insurance, car-hire insurance and match ticket cancellation insurance solutions for fans attending and travelling to games throughout the season. They will also develop insurance packages for supporters that cover the club’s pre-season tours. The partnership will help Cover-More, who is part of the Zurich Insurance Group, to build global brand awareness by promoting their services through the club’s digital platforms, on pitchside LED branding and post-match interview backdrops within Emirates Stadium. Cover-More will also become an official partner of the club’s increasingly popular Emirates Stadium Tour experience, which currently welcomes 250,000 visitors per year.  Arsenal Chief Commercial Officer Vinai Venkatesham said: "We’re pleased to welcome Cover-More into our family of official partners. After our hugely successful pre-season tour in Sydney, we are delighted to be partnering with this leading Australian-headquartered brand on a global basis. I’m certain that we can support Cover-More’s global growth plans while providing our supporters with insurance packages that help and protect them at home and on the road”. Cover-More Chief Executive Officer Mike Emmett said: “We aim to protect the individual Arsenal fan experience when they want to go to a game, whether they’re travelling from Islington or India, Sydney or San Francisco. “We will employ technology to customise our proposition for each fan and use geo-location to offer them meaningful types of protection products. Examples are a ticket-protection product that also rewards fans if the team wins on the field or switch-on-switch-off travel insurance products for diehard Gunners fans whether they live within or outside the UK. “Arsenal Football Club has thrived on a pioneering and innovative spirit throughout their 125 years in existence. They make their fans proud wherever they are in the world and it is that focus on innovation, the fan experience and their loyal worldwide following that makes this an exciting partnership for Cover-More.”  ENDS  Notes to editors Arsenal Football Club Arsenal is one of the leading clubs in world football with a strong heritage of success, progressive thinking and financial stability. The club was founded in 1886 in Woolwich, south London, before moving to Highbury in north London in 1913. We moved to Emirates Stadium in 2006. Arsenal has an impressive roll of honour: English League Champions 13 times, FA Cup winners a record 13 times, League Cup winners twice and European Cup Winners’ Cup (1994) and European Fairs Cup (1970) winners once. In addition, Arsenal Women are the most successful English club in women’s football. They celebrate their 30th season this year. The club has 45,000 season ticket holders, 1.8m digital global members and one of the biggest digital followings in the game with a reach of 85m across all channels. The Arsenal Foundation uses the power of football and the Arsenal name to inspire and support young people in north London and across the globe. The Arsenal Foundation raises funds each year and works with a number of key partners including Save The Children, Islington Giving, Willow and the Gunners’ Fund. Locally, Arsenal in the Community has delivered programmes to drive positive social outcomes for more than 30 years. For further information please visit Cover-More Group Cover-More Group is a global specialist and integrated travel insurance, medical assistance and employee assistance provider. Cover-More operates in 14 countries including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, China, India and the USA where the group owns Travelex Insurance Services. Cover-More has diversified distribution across retail travel, aviation, financial institutions and direct. The group was acquired by Zurich Insurance Group in April 2017. Media contacts: Mark SnellArsenal Football ClubTel: +44 (0) 207 704 4014Email: Maureen MullinsCover-More GroupTel: +61416118011Email: Insurance for Tradespeople a Vital Tool of the Trade 2017-10-04T04:38:51Z insurance-for-tradespeople-a-vital-tool-of-the-trade As a tradesperson, you’re confident in your tools, skills and knowledge that you use to get the job done, day in, day out. But if you’re like most tradespeople, you’re probably not as good as managing your business, including organising adequate insurance for your needs. Tradespeople are certainly not the only ones that face the underinsurance risk. In fact, Australian business and Australians in general are careless when it comes to ensuring they have adequate insured. For example: • Research has shown we’re one of the most underinsured nations in the developed world. • Studies have shown that insurance for small businesses, and this includes insurance for tradespeople, is often inadequate.  • For example, around 80% of businesses don’t have cover for machinery breakdown, 16% aren’t covered for fire damage to property and more than 30% aren’t even covered for theft.  • What’s perhaps more telling than these figures is research that shows around 70% of small businesses don’t recover after a major loss or incident. When it comes specifically to insurance for tradespeople, more often than not the key items you need to cover are things that go on the job with you every day. Items such as your tools and your vehicle. Whether these items are stolen or damaged in an accident, the impact on a tradesperson who is not adequately covered by insurance can be devastating. But it’s not just your tools and your vehicle you need to protect, as Phillip Carr, Managing Director of boutique insurance brokerage firm, Safe Hands Insurance, explains. “Insurance for tradespeople may seem as simple as covering things like tools and vehicles, but it’s also important to insure for other risks,” Phillip adds. “At Safe Hands Insurance, we specialise in customised solutions that protect the entire business. For many tradespeople, this will cover for tools, vehicles and trailers. It’s also likely to include areas such aspublic liability, subcontractors insurance, workers compensation and income protection. “It’s about peace of mind for you, your business and your family, so in the event that something does go wrong you will be protected and can get back on your feet as soon as possible.”  While Safe Hands Insurance looks after all business insurance needs, they specialise in providing insurance for several industries, including insurance for tradespeople. This experience and knowledge means that Safe Hands Insurance can provide tailored solutions that precisely meet the needs of each and every tradesperson. Note: This content was written by Safe Hands Insurance, a boutique insurance brokerage that services small and medium businesses across Australia. For more information on insurance for security firms or for a quote, phone Safe Hands Insurance on 1300 744 442. Details for directories / business information Safe Hands Insurance Group ABN: 69 163 926 261 Physical address: C/- 5a Hartnett Close, MULGRAVE VIC 3170 Contact name: Phillip Carr Contact name phone number: 1300 SHIB IB (1300 744 442) Email address to listings: Safe Hands Insurance Group is an Australian owned and operated insurance brokerage. Our boutique firm creates customised insurance solutions for small to medium businesses and individuals across the nation. While we look after all businesses for their insurance needs we do specialise in many industries. These include insurance for trades, asbestos, hospitality, heavy motor, party equipment hire, indoor play centres, trampoline parks, security firms, hairdressers, beauticians, not for profits and child care.  Managing Director Phillip Carr has vast experience in the insurance industry and has helped protect businesses and their assets since 1997. Adequate Asbestos Insurance Vital 2017-09-30T06:52:38Z adequate-asbestos-insurance-vital As a business that works with asbestos, you’ll understand the risks that asbestos poses on health. But there may be one risk you’re not aware of and that’s the risk to your business if you don’t have adequate asbestos insurance coverage. Asbestos insurance is vital for anyone who works in the industry or deals with asbestos during the course of their work. This includes asbestos removalists, those who transport asbestos, waste stations, samplers and tradespeople such as carpenters, plumbers and electricians.  We know, however, that in general Australian small business owners aren’t great when it comes to ensuring they are adequately covered with the correct insurance. Research has shown that around 60% of small businesses are inadequately insured and that’s just for basic things such as property damage, machinery breakdown and theft. When it comes to asbestos insurance, businesses often aren’t adequately insured because they are unsure of the coverage they need, are put off by perceived high premiums or believe that organising asbestos insurance is a difficult process. “Having asbestos insurance coverage is one of the most valuable things you can do for your business and yourself,” says Phillip Carr, Managing Director of boutique insurance brokerage firm, Safe Hands Insurance.  How important is it to have asbestos insurance? It’s important to remember that if you do fail to include asbestos in your coverage and you have a claim involving asbestos, it’s likely your claim will be denied. And with with claims involving asbestos often involving large amounts of money, this is a situation that no business owner wants to face. So, having asbestos insurance is not just desirable, it’s vital to protect your business and ultimately you. “At Safe Hands Insurance, we’re committed to helping you get the correct insurance at the lowest premium,” Phillip says. “Getting asbestos insurance coverage is not difficult and we can provide cover that’s specifically tailored to you and your business. Not matter what your job or how you deal with asbestos, we will help ensure you’re adequately covered. So you can do your job with the peace of mind of knowing that you and your business are protected.” Phillip adds that when looking for an insurance broker to look after your asbestos insurance needs, look for one that is highly qualified, has significant experience in insurance, has the support of several market insurers, operates in accordance with Australia’s General Insurance Code of Practice and manages claims in Australia, rather than overseas. Note: This content was written by Safe Hands Insurance, a boutique insurance brokerage that services small and medium businesses across Australia. For more information on insurance for security firms or for a quote, phone Safe Hands Insurance on 1300 744 442. Details for directories / business information Safe Hands Insurance Group ABN: 69 163 926 261 Physical address: C/- 5a Hartnett Close, MULGRAVE VIC 3170 Contact name: Phillip Carr Contact name phone number: 1300 SHIB IB (1300 744 442) Safe Hands Insurance Group is an Australian owned and operated insurance brokerage. Our boutique firm creates customised insurance solutions for small to medium businesses and individuals across the nation. While we look after all businesses for their insurance needs we do specialise in many industries. These include insurance for trades, asbestos, hospitality, heavy motor, party equipment hire, indoor play centres, trampoline parks, security firms, hairdressers, beauticians, not for profits and child care.  Managing Director Phillip Carr has vast experience in the insurance industry and has helped protect businesses and their assets since 1997. Regional Australia Bank awards over $30K to the Coonabarabran community as part of its innovative Community Partnership Program 2017-08-28T21:06:22Z regional-australia-bank-awards-over-30k-to-the-coonabarabran-community-as-part-of-its-innovative-community-partnership-program Regional Australia Bank’s innovative Community Partnership Program scales new heights of success. Regional Australia Bank’s Community Partnership Program is now in its ninth year – and with this year’s donations reaching a staggering $840,000, the program continues to go from strength to strength. Under the program, new bank customers open a transaction account and select which group they would like to support. Regional Australia Bank then calculates the average annual balance of all supporters’ accounts and donates 1% of the total to the cause on the customers’ behalf – all without costing them a cent. With more and more people getting on board, the Community Partnership Program has continued to grow at over 30% per year ­– and this year, the total amount has edged ever closer to the million dollar mark, with $840,000 of funds ready to donate to various local grass roots clubs and community groups. At Coonabarabran’s Community Partnership presentations last night, Regional Australia Bank awarded $31,769.03 to the local community – and the United Hospital Auxiliaries of NSW – Coonabarabran Branch, Rotary Club of Coonabarabran, Coonabarabran High School P&C Association, Coona Amateur Boxing Club, The Men’s Shed Coonabarabran Inc, the Coonabarabran Local Aboriginal Land Council and the Urabrible Landcare Group were just a few of the groups lucky enough to receive a donation. Over the past few years, the Bank has been able to contribute more than 1.5 million dollars to deserving community groups – and as Regional Australia Bank Coonabarabran Branch Supervisor Sarah Jackson explains, “we’re immensely proud of our ability to deliver these kinds of social and environmental returns to our regional communities.” Ms Jackson continued that “for a bank like ours, which is founded on the promise to operate in the best interests of our customers and communities, it’s entirely fitting that our customers are able to lead the way in initiatives like this, given that they’ll often be the ones benefitting from the positive impacts of this program.” “The Community Partnership Program is just one of the ways in which we assist our customers and communities,” said Kevin Dupé, Regional Australia Bank CEO. “Regional Australia Bank is proud to continue delivering the Community Support Program in 2017, enabling it to continue enhancing the quality of life and a strong sense of community for the regions it serves.” The banks goal for the Community Partnership Program is to reach $1M in donations to local communities in 2018 and invites regional Australians to get on board and choose to bank with them, so that they can take advantage of this initiative and enjoy both better value from their financial institution, and help create local communities that can fully prosper and thrive. A full list of Community Partnership Program beneficiaries has been included below. - Ends - Contact: Sara Crowe, C7EVEN Communications, 02 6766 4513 / 0438 197 559 It is requested that Regional Australia Bank is not shortened to an acronym and always referred to in full as Regional Australia Bank. Suite 4 Technology Park, Madgwick Dr, Armidale NSW 2350 Australia Phone: 02 6776 0000 Coonabarabran Community Partnership Beneficiaries United Hospital Auxiliaries of NSW - Coonabarabran Branch Rotary Club of Coonabarabran Coonabarabran High School P & C Association Coona Amateur Boxing Gym Coonabarabran Soccer Club Inc Coonabarabran Local Aboriginal Land Council Urabrible Landcare Group Inc Coonabarabran P & H Association The (Men's) Shed Coonabarabran Inc C/Bran Rugby League Football C Riding for The Disabled Association (NSW) Coonabarabran Centre Coonabarabran Volunteer Rescue Coonabarabran Public School Parents and Citizens Association St Lawrences Primary School - Canteen Coonabarabran Youth Club Inc Coonabarabran Fishing Club Coonabarabran Bowling Club Co-Op Coonabarabran Junior League & Netball Inc Coonabarabran Garden Club Binnaway Jockey Club Inc. Coonabarabran Junior Golf Coonabarabran Jockey Club Inc Baradine Country Bushfire Brigade Baradine and District Progress Association Coonabarabran Lady Golfers Improvement Fund Coonabarabran Pony Club Inc Warrumbungle Regional Radio Inc Yearinan Bushfire Brigade Coonabarabran Arts Council Coonabarabran Bran Horse & Rider Club Inc Warrumbungle Arts and Crafts Inc Coonabarabran & District Greyhound Racing Club Baradine Bowling Club - Baradine Health & Fitness Binnaway Amateur Boxing Gyminc RSL Womens Auxiliary Coonabarabran Orbital Swing Band Warrumbungle Rural Community Programme War Fm RSP Coonabarabran Physical Culture Club Coonabarabran Little Athletics Coona Civilian & Military Rifle Club Dps Coonabarabran Local & Family History Starfest Rocky Glen Branch of CWA NSW Coonabarabran Landcare Warrumbungle Eventing Inc Hell Yeah Sports & Activities Astronomical Society of C/Bran Castlereagh Working Equitation Coona Drop in Incorporated Castlereagh Support Brigade Coonabarabran Christian Education Association Gowang Rural Fire Service Coonabarabran Lions Club Incorporated Coonabarabran Teachers Bugaldie Rural Fire Brigade Napier Lane Bush Fire Brigade Burra-Bee-Dee United Coonabarabran Men's Choir Coonabarabran Amateur Dramatic Society Coonabarabran Local Aboriginal Lands Council Mindfields to democratise RPA by offering a one stop solution at a fixed price per process. 2017-08-22T21:15:38Z mindfields-to-democratise-rpa-by-offering-a-one-stop-solution-at-a-fixed-price-per-process Sydney: Australian automation and AI advisory firm Mindfields has launched Automation as a Service (AaaS), a banquet of RPA services such as research, education, consulting and execution, packaged at a fixed price per process. It will open doors to automate processes that were previously unimaginable or unfeasible. RPA takes business processes that are currently performed by human workers and creates a software bot that then performs the same task around the clock. Mindfields Managing Director Mohit Sharma said, “We do not want to charge new clients for the framework we have already developed for existing clients, instead we have customised workshops backed by ongoing research to reduce the cost of automation and shorten their decision cycle," Mindfields has automated and robotised its own consulting and delivery processes in the form of AaaS. Clients will get a bundled offering containing consulting backed by ongoing research in emerging technologies and delivery embedded with training. “Our aim is to make it free in the long-term and focus on feeding and exploiting data generated by automation. Automation is the first step in the journey and should be treated as investment in short-term” commented Sharma. AaaS will provide following benefits to clients for a fixed price per process: Automate more at faster pace Consulting backed by ongoing research on RPA tool and process selection Education to empower client teams to execute RPA in-house Execute and implement RPA efficiently based on Mindfields’ experiences and lessons learned Automation at a fixed price per process, which provides cost assurance to a business case Enabling clients to focus on the most important outcome of RPA i.e. automating data and interaction analytics, rather than the technical details. Currently, clients are paying separately for these services to various vendors who work in silos which can increase costs and project timelines. AaaS will democratise RPA irrespective of industry vertical and client’s company size. “Businesses can now think about the outcomes they are seeking, rather than getting bogged down in the technology specifications and cost of initiating the RPA journey.” Mindfields has also been recently covered in the technology section of the Australian Financial Review. You can view the article here - For more info on AaaS, visit - or watch this video About Mindfields: Mindfields is a vendor and tool agnostic full-service Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence firm with a global presence. We provide consulting, education and execution to clients backed by comprehensive independent research. For more information, please visit our website. Australian Customers Prefer Digital-First Approach to Banking Services 2017-08-10T00:00:00Z australian-customers-prefer-digital-first-approach-to-banking-services Sydney, Australia, August 10, 2017 – Australian customers would prefer to resolve their basic banking issues without having to deal with a human being, according to a new survey by market researcher, YouGov. The Avaya-commissioned Customer Experience in Banking 2017 report indicates that Australians’ most-preferred method of contact with their bank would be via the website, while a third, 34 per cent, regularly use mobile banking apps, more than their counterparts in the UK and UAE. The survey covered more than 5,000 banking customers in four countries – Australia, India, the UK, and the UAE. Given the choice of only one channel, 28 per cent of the 1,153 Australians surveyed would prefer access to a complete list of services via their bank’s web site, only speaking to a person if they really have to. Likewise, 19 per cent would prefer to use a mobile app, while eight per cent would choose to access services through the contact center application. More than half, 54 per cent, regularly use online banking, behind only the UK’s 60 per cent, while only 36 per cent usually visit their branch, the joint-lowest with the UK. Unsurprisingly, younger generations of Australians are more likely to use mobile services, with 58 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds and 53 per cent of 25 to 34-year-olds regularly using mobile apps, compared to just 13 per cent in the 55+ category. Interestingly, 57 per cent in the latter group use online banking, while just 45 per cent of 18-24-year olds do. Still, the YouGov study found that traditional interactions continue to hold a place in the financial services industry. In fact, 22 per cent of Australians prefer to visit branches, a figure led by older respondents, with a third of over-55s selecting that option. While more than half, 51 per cent, of Indian respondents said they regularly visit their branch, the highest of the four countries surveyed, only 13 per cent said they prefer to do so – by far the lowest of the four. “The financial services industry (FSI) has typically led technology adoption and digital services – in part due to available capital, but primarily because a highly-competitive market creates constant pressure to exceed the expectations of demanding consumers,” said Peter Chidiac, Managing Director Australia and New Zealand, Avaya. “Customers see value in more than just rates, meaning banks and other financial organisations must provide an experience that aligns to the daily lives of their consumers. To meet those expectations, they have to optimise traditional transactions while enabling interactions across the latest platforms and introducing innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI).” Regardless of how they choose to contact their bank, the most important issues for Australian customers is that they get the same level of experience and service, and that their problem is resolved on the first point of contact. The most common customer complaint is being kept waiting for a long time on the phone, cited by 21 per cent. This may explain why less than a quarter, 23 per cent, of Australian respondents regularly call a contact center. “Consumers are looking for fast resolutions, and within reason, hope for an answer within the first point of contact,” said Chidiac. “The problem is that some contact centre agents in financial institutions aren’t prepared to deal with a wide range of enquiries, especially in omni-channel environments. Contact centre agents need to be equipped to deal with enquiries no matter which platform the consumer is using to make contact, and importantly, the interaction must be able to shift across platforms without forcing the consumer to explain their issue repeatedly.” To learn about how Avaya is digitally transforming financial services, check out this short video or browse this resource guide. About Avaya Avaya enables the mission critical, real-time communication applications of the world’s most important operations. As the global leader in delivering superior communications experiences, Avaya provides the most complete portfolio of software and services for contact center and unified communications with integrated, secure networking— offered on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid. Today’s digital world requires some form of communications enablement, and no other company is better positioned to do this than Avaya. For more information, please visit Certain statements contained in this press release may be forward-looking statements. These statements may be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as "anticipate," "believe," "continue," "could," "estimate," "expect," "intend," "may," "might," "plan," "potential," "predict," "should" or "will" or other similar terminology. We have based these forward-looking statements on our current expectations, assumptions, estimates and projections. While we believe these are reasonable, such forward looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond our control. These and other important factors may cause our actual results to differ materially from any future results expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. For a list and description of such risks and uncertainties, please refer to Avaya's filings with the SEC that are available at Avaya disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements. All trademarks identified by ®, TM, or SM are registered marks, trademarks, and service marks, respectively, of Avaya Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners ### icare (Insurance & Care NSW) implements OnBase by Hyland for digital information management 2017-07-27T05:27:03Z icare-insurance-care-nsw-implements-onbase-by-hyland-for-digital-information-management icare, the New South Wales’ government’s insurance and care provider, has selected and implemented OnBase by Hyland, an enterprise information platform, hosted in the Hyland Cloud. icare will use OnBase to support its enterprise vision of digital information management, initiating the project in its largest division, which delivers insurance and care services to customers of the NSW Workers Compensation scheme. icare is one the largest insurers in Australia with $33 billion in assets and more than 3.4 million customers. icare is a new public financial corporation undertaking business transformation from a previously adversarial process to a contemporary business, delivering a world-class service experience to employers, injured workers and motorists – focused on quality of life outcomes, not process. Through this transformation, icare is creating a fresh new business model from one based on previously fragmented systems to one powered by a common platform, providing an integrated view of the customer and service delivery. To enable this goal, icare sought an innovative technology to provide a single view of the customer information and optimise business processes. “Hyland was a natural fit for icare. They show impressive insurance and health industry experience and have provided sound advice on how we can optimise their OnBase technology within our business environment and successfully integrate it with our insurance lifecycle management software, Guidewire. We’ve enjoyed a successful partnership where they’ve met our deadlines, enabling us to meet our program milestones,” said John Nagle, icare group executive, workers insurance. “The OnBase product provides an end-to-end record management and secure storage solution to manage our customer correspondence, policies and billing – linking them to claims and care delivery, as well as enabling secure access of information from the cloud,” Nagle said. “Their solution provides a fully integrated platform which gives our underwriters and billing staff a birds-eye view of the data they need to support employers and ultimately respond to injured workers in a timely manner.” icare completed phase one of its OnBase implementation in its workers’ compensation policy processes in April 2017. It has selected workers’ compensation claims processes for phase two, implementing Guidewire ClaimCenter® and OnBase simultaneously. “Utilising the OnBase Ready for Guidewire accelerators for Guidewire InsuranceSuite™, icare staff gain instant access to important information – improving decision-making for its workers’ compensation policies and claims and eliminating the need to search multiple applications, file shares or paper records,” said Ruth Fisk, global director of insurance at Hyland. “We’re looking forward to working with icare to connect information throughout the enterprise and deliver the best service possible to their customers, resulting in getting the injured employee back to work as quickly as possible.” For more information about workers’ compensation and the OnBase integration and accelerators for Guidewire, visit Breaking News - ASX Listed G Medical Signs Binding MOU for US $67.5M for China Distribution 2017-07-27T00:24:14Z breaking-news-asx-listed-g-medical-signs-binding-mou-for-us-67-5m-for-china-distribution ASX Announcement 27 July 2017 G MEDICAL SIGNS BINDING MOU FOR CHINA DISTRIBUTION VALUED AT US$67.5M •Binding MOU signed with Shandong Boletong Information S&T Co. Ltd. •Agreed terms include call centre cooperation and a minimum purchase order of Smartphone Prizmaunits within the first year. •Medical and ancillary support via Nurse and Physician staffed call centres and ‘Cloud’ services. Mobile health and e-health company G Medical Innovations Holdings Ltd (“G Medical” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce it has executed a Binding Memorandum of Understanding (“Agreement”) between its subsidiary G Medical Innovations Asia Limited and Shandong Boletong Information S&T Co. Ltd. (“Boletong”), for the distribution of G Medical’s products and for call centre and ‘Cloud’ services in the People’s Republic of China. G Medical Smartphone Prizma Purchase Order Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, Boletong has agreed to purchase a minimum quantity of units within the 1st Year of the G Medical Smartphone Prizma, and to provide associated support services for a minimum period of 60 months. Boletong will pay a pre-determined price for each unit, with the value of the agreement based on the minimum commitments being no less than US$67,500,000. The obligation to acquire the units commences on the granting of the CFDA certification to G Medical, which is currently in process. Support Services 1) Medical Services: Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, Boletong and G Medical will set up a medical call centreproviding support services from 50-60 Nurses and 3-5 General Practising Physicians. Boletong will be responsible for the recruitment of the Nurses and General Practising Physicians, andthe establishment of the call centre. 2) ‘Cloud’ Subscription and Support Services: Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement, Boletong and/or G Medical will provide; a) Automated Cloud algorithm interpretation services, for biomedical signals 20170727_GMV - Binding MOU for China Distribution Page 2 of 3 b )Level 1 services including, Live and/or automated end-user technical support c) Level 2 services including, hardware (device) support, replacement/repairs Marketing and advertising G Medical agreed to contribute an immaterial portion of the per unit price as marketing and investment for Boletong's promotion of the products and services in China, with such payments to be set-off against payment of the purchase orders by Boletong. Non-competition Boletong and its associations are subject to non-competition restraints for the period of the Agreement, and ending five years after its termination (unless G Medical is found by a Court to have breached the Agreement). These non-competition restraints extend to competing with the products or services of G Medical. G Medical CEO Dr. Yacov Geva, commented: “I am extremely pleased to announce yet another significant relationship for G Medical within the ever-growing and lucrative Chinese territory. To have further increased our purchase commitment for our G Medical Smartphone Prizma devices, over and above our existing agreements, is an exceptional outcome with a key partner in Boletong. This adds further to our robust, multi-year revenue stream for the Company, particularly within the first year of a CFDA approval being granted”. “I have met with the executives of Boletong, and whilst in China have visited their facilities and operations. Boletong operates in 16+ provinces and works with the National Public Health care system and acts as a distributor of medical services for the government. Boletong is currently working with several large healthcare organisations such as Wanda, a medical company which is positioned in the top three in their area, and along with telecom carriers such as China Telecom. Boletong is also supported through investment from a large and reputable group in Beijing. Our team, has invested more than 3 months in bringing this MOU to fruition, during which time we were able to satisfy ourselves as to Boletong's strong financial position, their key government partnerships in place, and the ability to deliver all aspects under our agreement.” “This relationship is a significant strategic partnership, allowing the roll out the Company’s medical and ancillary support services within the Chinese territory, for both our professional call centre and Cloud based systems”. Ends Corporate Advisors Otsana Capital 108 Outram Street West Perth WA 6005 Telephone: +61 8 9486 7244 About Shandong Boletong Information S&T Co., Ltd Shandong Boletong Information S&T Co., Ltd. (Boletong) is a hi-tech medical and healthcare company invested by Beijing Honghui Group which has businesses in medicine, investment, drug store automation system and new energy areas, based in China. Boletong focuses on the production and sales of medical devices, membership healthcare management systems and R&D and applications for the National Basic Public Healthcare Project Solution. Boletong is currently one of the top 16 service providers for the national public healthcare system. Boletong is located in Jinan Hi-tech Technology Development Area, Shandong province. Boletong’s website is About G Medical Innovations G Medical (ASX:GMV) was founded in August 2014, aiming to be at the forefront of the digital health revolution, developing the next generation of mobile health (mHealth) technologies. The Company brings forth the experience and expertise of its Board to deliver best-in-class solutions to address this global opportunity. The Company specialises in innovative next generation mobile and e-health solutions and services using its suite of devices and software solutions with a view to driving multiple and recurring revenue streams, across numerous verticals and territories. For more information on G Medical, please visit ThoughtWorks Releases First-Ever Report on Courageous Leadership Among Successful C-Suite Executives 2017-07-25T23:34:26Z thoughtworks-releases-first-ever-report-on-courageous-leadership-among-successful-c-suite-executives p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Arial} li.li1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Arial} span.s1 {font-kerning: none} span.s2 {text-decoration: underline ; font-kerning: none; color: #0563c1} span.s3 {text-decoration: underline ; font-kerning: none} ul.ul1 {list-style-type: disc} ThoughtWorks, a global software consultancy released a first of its kind report, “The Next Big Disruption: Courageous Executives”, revealing what sets top business leaders apart from their competition. The report profiles an elite segment of C-Suite leaders referred to as “Courageous Executives” in the US, the UK, Australia and India and the findings underscore the critical role technology plays in business strategy, from navigating the chaos of digital transformation to how they’re setting their business up for future success. The report also sheds light on the leadership styles of Courageous Executives including their tolerance for risk and failure, their use of customer insights and the ways leaders in all four countries are preparing for the future of work. This report, developed by ThoughtWorks in partnership with research agency Northstar, features insight from Fortune 500 C-Suite executives who are: advocates for digital transformation; have an active role in directing how technology enables their business; have seen their company’s revenue or profit increase significantly due to a recent technology change; and 85 percent of which self-identified as risk takers. “As companies across all industries embrace the changes of our increasingly digital world, we’re seeing leaders at the helm of these companies dive deeper into how technology is implemented and how it works,” said ThoughtWorks President and CEO, Guo Xiao. “I began my time in the industry as a developer, giving me the tools I needed to approach business with a technology first perspective. Executives across the globe are learning that a strong grasp of technology matters and they’re finding ways to adapt. Our findings show that 54 percent of Courageous Executives have developed a deep understanding of technology with a remarkable 57 percent of these leaders reporting having written code,” noted Xiao. "A tenacious commitment to embrace technology is what today sets apart truly Courageous Executives." According to Ange Ferguson, Group Managing Director for ThoughtWorks Asia Pacific, “In this new age of digital disruption, technology is being catapulted closer to the business core and that’s challenging the traditional C-suite. They need to think and behave differently when it comes to the role of technology in their strategy, and to question how they are engaging technology to produce better outcomes for the business. “While capability was once a barrier to what’s possible, now the constraint lies in the willingness of decision makers to be courageous with foundational technologies,” she said. REA, which operates Australia’s leading residential, commercial and share property websites, as well as a number of property portals in Asia and interests in the US and India, credits its impressive growth and success to a culture based on consistent innovation and invention. “The REA business is built around customer delivery, which demands that we work to the same agile rhythm across all levels of the organisation. Visualised work, team stand-ups and collaboration enable the innovation and invention that has become part of our DNA,” said Nigel Dalton, Chief Inventor, REA. “Our competition is global and the landscape is set to change as AirBnB, Facebook, Google, eBay, and WeChat become major players in property over the next few years. We’re embracing the opportunities this creates by focusing our culture of innovation and invention on the technologies that will change how people find property - robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality and data science. “That, along with our diverse backgrounds, creative thinking and scalability, will see us continue to deliver new products and services to market faster than anyone else, and ensure we are the world’s best.” According to the report, notable themes uniting Courageous Executives include: Proactive Approach to Technology Changes According to the report, to keep pace and anticipate future technology shifts, Courageous Executives conduct research, analyze their competitors, troubleshoot tech challenges and hire subject matter experts. A majority of Courageous Executives (65 percent) say that digitizing and adapting to new technology is a top business priority followed by growth. Research – 63 percent of leaders do their own research to stay ahead of technology changes. Top trends they’re exploring include security threats; human and machine interaction; new hardware, software and operational platforms; machine learning and artificial intelligence; virtual reality and augmented reality. Competitor Analysis – In all four countries, big tech decisions are most often fueled by competition. Asked to identify the largest driver motivating change, 47 percent pointed to their competitors. Tolerance for Risk and Willingness to Fail Understanding risks and its impact on ongoing business success is an important characteristic of a Courageous Executive along with the ability to rebound after a perceived failure. Appetite for Risk - In fact, 87 percent of all executives agree that taking risks is necessary to achieve goals and maintain a strong competitive advantage with 62 percent pointing to their willingness to take risks their competitors won’t as a key differentiator. Failing Well - Courageous Executives reported their most common reaction to these setbacks was to focus on what went right with the second being to stay as positive as possible. When asked how failure affected their employees, 54 percent globally said that they believed failure made them even more motivated to succeed. Use of Customer Insights Throughout the world, courageous leaders recognize the necessity of maintaining a close connection to their customers. 91 percent report that customer input directly informs their strategic decision-making. While there is some agreement as to the best methods for gathering that customer input, there’s still a lack of consensus among executives when it comes to what data they’re collecting and who is assessing the insights. Data Source - Overall, the most common source of insight is customer research, followed by social feeds which are monitored by 68 percent of Australian, 60 percent of UK and Indian and only 38 percent of US leaders. Other ways executives gather information includes using analytics from a content management system or implementing a designated customer insights task force. Customer Engagement - Gathering data from multiple sources is universally valued, but 87 percent of executives report having an internal team dedicated to their customers. Additionally, 58 percent of US and 48 percent of Australian executives say they speak to their customers themselves, which is far more than 32 percent in India and 22 percent in the UK. The Future of Work Across continents, nearly half of all courageous leaders describe their company culture as “team-first,” meaning they hire primarily for cultural fit, with skills and experience the second consideration. A third define their company as having an “elite” culture, described as hiring only the best to change the world by untested means. Subject Matter Experts - An overwhelming majority of Courageous Executives (90 percent) emphasized the importance of key hires, stating that discovering subject matter experts and new talents helps their context and credibility and is crucial to success. Tech’s Impact - 70 percent believe that replacing white-collar workers with technology is a natural progression and to be expected. To prepare for the potential impact of technology on the workforce, 87 percent of leaders admit to researching new technologies that may help them save on staff costs. 83 percent also agree that they’re preparing for the impact of technology replacing their workers by limiting new hires to reduce ongoing overhead. To download the report visit Methodology Developed by ThoughtWorks’, this report is based on data collected by Northstar Research Partners from C-Suite executives from Fortune 500 companies with 100 employees or more, 87 percent of whom have occupied their office for at least three years and 79 percent reporting more than $100 million in revenue. The executives are primarily Presidents or Chief Executive Officers, the data also includes insights from the full C-suite including CIOs, CMOs, COOs, CTOs from a variety of industries from finance and retail to healthcare and manufacturing and more. About ThoughtWorks We are a software company and community of passionate purpose-led individuals. We think disruptively to deliver technology to address our clients' toughest challenges all while seeking to revolutionize the IT industry and create positive social change. Cover-More and Zurich announce new mental illness cover in travel insurance policies 2017-07-18T22:55:05Z cover-more-and-zurich-announce-new-mental-illness-cover-in-travel-insurance-policies ·   New cover for existing mental illness conditions—pilot underway in Australia and NZ ·   Travellers with existing mental illness conditions including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and PTSD apply for cover just like travellers with physical medical conditions ·   Cover provided for first onset conditions and general exclusion for mental illness is removed Sydney, (Wednesday 19 July 2017): Cover-More Group, a specialist, integrated travel insurance and medical assistance provider, today announced new mental illness cover in their travel insurance policies for Australia and New Zealand. The move follows Zurich Australian Insurance Limited (Zurich) becoming Cover-More’s underwriter in Australia and New Zealand on 1 June after Zurich Insurance Group acquired Cover-More in April 2017. The new mental illness cover is one of a number of changes to policy benefits and policy wording that Cover-More and Zurich have developed to offer Australian and New Zealand travellers greater protection when they head overseas. Under the new policy, Cover-More has removed the general exclusion for mental illness from all their travel insurance products in Australia and New Zealand. In addition, if a traveller experiences a serious mental health condition for the first time e.g. first onset of anxiety or depression before they travel or while overseas, cover is provided for amendment and cancellation, and medical expenses respectively if their condition is serious enough that they need professional support. “We also recognise the importance of providing protection for travellers with existing mental illness conditions so we have commenced a comprehensive pilot of cover for existing conditions in the Cover-More direct sales channel in Australia,” Cover-More Group Chief Executive Officer, Mike Emmett, said. In the pilot, a traveller with an existing mental illness condition, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), can apply to Cover-More for cover just like someone with a physical medical condition. The assessment process is straightforward and there will be one of two outcomes depending on the nature and severity of their condition—cover offered with the payment of an additional premium and in some more serious cases, no cover will be able to be provided. “We are trialling cover for travellers with existing mental illness at this stage because we want to get it right and give people with mental illness a fair deal and effective care.” Mr Emmett said the new cover for mental illness is a significant step for Cover-More and Zurich in recognising the critical importance of offering specific cover for people with mental health conditions. “It seemed a natural, and overdue, extension for Cover-More and Zurich to incorporate cover for mental illness into our travel insurance policies and we hope other travel insurance providers follow our lead,” he said. He said that for some time Cover-More has been offering trauma counselling free-of-charge to customers involved in horrific events overseas, such as the Bastille Day attack in Nice in 2016 and the recent London Bridge terror attacks. “Trauma counselling sits outside our usual policy benefits. It’s offered because we can offer it and because we care enough to. And this will continue.” Mr Emmett said the trauma counselling offered to Cover-More customers is by experienced psychologists in Cover-More’s DTC business, one of the leading corporate psychology providers in Australia. Since 2012, DTC has also delivered beyondblue’s National Workplace Program to more than 67,000 employees in organisations across Australia. Underwriting partnership with Zurich The move to offer cover for mental illness has been facilitated by Cover-More’s new underwriting arrangement with Zurich. Since 1 June 2017, Cover-More travel insurance policies in Australia and New Zealand have been underwritten by Zurich Australian Insurance Limited. For Zurich this is a business-to-business underwriting arrangement in which Cover-More continues to manage the retailing of travel policies and claims for customers. “We’re very excited around this underwriting arrangement for our local business, as well as the strengthening of our travel insurance offering in Australia and New Zealand. It allows for further opportunities to explore how Zurich and Cover-More can collaborate and support our local plan to diversify the product and distribution offerings,” Zurich Australia and New Zealand Chief Executive Officer, General Insurance, Rajbir Nanra, said. ENDS For more information contact: Angela Cross, Pilot PR +61 412 929 397 or About Cover-More Group Cover-More Group is a global specialist and integrated travel insurance, medical assistance and employee assistance provider. Cover-More has strong market positions in Australia, India and the USA where the group owns Travelex Insurance Services. In addition, Cover-More has a presence in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Cover-More has diversified distribution across retail travel, aviation, financial institutions and direct which is underpinned by optimisation technology. The group was acquired by Zurich Insurance Group in 2017. About Zurich Insurance Group Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) is a leading multi-line insurer that serves its customers in global and local markets. With about 54,000 employees, it provides a wide range of property and casualty, and life insurance products and services in more than 210 countries and territories. Zurich’s customers include individuals, small businesses, and mid-sized and large companies, as well as multinational corporations. The Group is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, where it was founded in 1872. The holding company, Zurich Insurance Group Ltd (ZURN), is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and has a level I American Depositary Receipt (ZURVY) program, which is traded over-the-counter on OTCQX. Further information about Zurich is available at FinPal’s Financial Planning Software to integrate real-time client data from Moneysoft 2017-07-17T19:56:20Z finpal-s-financial-planning-software-to-integrate-real-time-client-data-from-moneysoft FinPal and Moneysoft aim to streamline the advice process by delivering real-time client data directly to an adviser’s financial planning software system. Moneysoft’s suite of cloud based technology solutions help financial professionals and their clients to improve overall financial capability.   According to FinPal’s CEO, Stephen Handley, “Historically, the inability to accurately monitor cash flow, and accounts not managed by the adviser, has made it difficult to truly know your client. Connecting Moneysoft’s client facing platform with FinPal’s financial planning software will strengthen the partnership between advisers and their clients.” “Having a real-time view of their clients’ financial situation will enable advisers to be more proactive and more efficient in the delivery of advice. The data we receive from Moneysoft will automatically flow to all parts of our system, including the client portal, financial modelling and document generation.” FinPal’s financial planning software uses a customised version of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM as its foundation and then extends the functionality of the core CRM through a collection of cloud based apps and integration with other systems. Jon Shaw, Moneysoft’s head of technology and commercial operations, said integration with FinPal was a logical step. “One of the key benefits of our solution is increased efficiency. Delivering our data directly into advisers’ financial planning software increases their potential efficiency gains even further. FinPal shares our vision of enhancing value through partnership, and the open architecture philosophy of both systems means we can integrate quickly.” Moneysoft’s and FinPal’s development teams have already commenced work and expect to release the initial integration within a few months. Release Info For further information or to arrange an interview with Stephen Handley, please contact: E: P: 0458 224 427 About FinPal FinPal is a fully integrated, cloud based, financial planning software system designed to enhance team performance, increase client engagement and reducing business risk. At the heart FinPal’s system is a customised version of Microsoft’s, enterprise grade, Dynamics 365 CRM, ensuring reliability and scalability. Integration with Office 365 and other Microsoft software is seamless. FinPal has added all the essential financial planning features to deliver a solution that is instantly useful out of the box but easily customised for unique business needs. FinPal’s value proposition is simple. Through a truly integrated financial planning software solution it will help financial planning businesses become more profitable. About MoneySoft Moneysoft is an independent Australian financial technology company established in 2012. It provides innovative and customised products and solutions to the financial services industry. Helping Australians to quickly gain an accurate and reliable view of their complete financial situation, Moneysoft plays a crucial role in the journey towards financial literacy and engagement. The partnership with Link Group further enhances Moneysoft’s offering as a market leader in financial management solutions, allowing businesses to improve  their overall customer engagement strategies. COVER-MORE LAUNCHES PRE-TRAVEL GP CONSULTATIONS FOR OVERSEAS TRAVELLERS 2017-06-26T21:38:29Z cover-more-launches-pre-travel-gp-consultations-for-overseas-travellers Cover-More, Australia’s leading travel insurance and medical assistance provider, today announced the launch of Pre-Travel GP consultations for customers, provided under their travel insurance policy.  Australian travellers who buy a Cover-More policy can access a telephone consultation with a qualified Australian doctor who specialises in travel medicine before they head overseas. Cover-More’s Pre-Travel GP consultations expand on the company’s industry-first Travel GP service, launched in 2015, providing travellers with access to an Australian doctor via telephone or video 24 hours a day, seven days a week and no matter where they are in the world. The Pre-Travel GP will undertake a full medical assessment, covering medical history, travel plans, destinations and timing, and advise a complete plan of care, including recommended immunisations and vaccines, and travel medical kit essentials. The doctor will issue any prescriptions the traveller needs ahead of their holiday and refer the customer to their regular GP if they need to visit them before they travel. After the consultation, the customer is emailed a comprehensive summary of their consultation, including emergency contact details for when they are overseas. Cover-More Group Chief Executive Officer – Global Medical Assistance, Meredith Staib said: “We are thrilled to be the first insurance and assistance company in Australia to launch a Pre-Travel GP consultation service to our customers, as it allows our customers to prepare for their best holiday possible. “We are firmly committed to helping Australian travellers keep travelling, and our Pre-Travel GP consults are another example of this focus.” Cover-More Group Global Commercial General Manager – Financial Institutions, Richard Austin said: “This is a great tool to help busy people prepare for travel and the feedback we have received from customers so far is overwhelmingly positive.” Cover-More’s Pre-Travel GP consultations are in market now. Customers are offered a Pre-Travel GP consult when they buy their policy, and an appointment is scheduled with the Travel GP.    FinPal Australia’s first FinTech solution certified for Microsoft AppSource 2017-04-29T00:10:28Z finpal-australia-s-first-fintech-solution-certified-for-microsoft-appsource Australian financial planning software provider, FinPal, today announced its financial planning software solution is available on Microsoft AppSource. FinPal’s financial planning software is a sophisticated client & business management system – built upon Microsoft’s cloud-based services Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI – providing a comprehensive set of financial planning, intelligence reporting, and management tools through one platform. Businesses will now be able to download FinPal’s software through Microsoft AppSource, a platform connecting enterprises with tailored business solutions helping them make smarter and faster business decisions. By making its software available for download on the platform, FinPal is extending its reach to organisations across the globe. “The submission process for AppSource was very thorough, which is a credit to Microsoft. They’re obviously committed to building a high-quality ecosystem of business applications.” said Stephen Handley, Founder and CEO, FinPal. “We’re extremely pleased to have been accepted. As well as validating the quality of our solution, being on AppSource makes it easy for businesses to get up and running quickly with our software. In about 15 minutes we can set someone up all the necessary Microsoft & FinPal software components”   FinPal will initially focus on building its customer base in Australia, but plans to expand into new geographies in the future. “As an Australian company, we’ve designed our product first for the Australian market. However, financial planning concepts such as cash flow, debt & assets are universal so, through the global reach of AppSource, we’ll be able to help financial services businesses everywhere increase profitability by being more organised, efficient and delivering better client outcomes.” added Handley.       “FinPal is a great example and advocate of how technology empowers organisations and individuals to achieve more. The close integration with a range of Microsoft cloud technologies allows FinPal to focus on innovating in ways existing software providers would find extremely difficult and costly, while AppSource delivers significant growth opportunities for the business,” said Sophie Corker, Business Apps Group Lead, Microsoft Australia.  Further information about FinPal’s financial planning software is available on their website  Release Info For further information or to arrange an interview with Stephen Handley, please contact: E: P: 0458 224 427 About FinPal FinPal is a fully integrated, cloud based, financial planning software that is enabling modern financial planning businesses to realise a new potential.   Our revolutionary business intelligence and management systems enhance team performance, increase client engagement and reduce business risk, resulting in a more profitable business.   At the heart FinPal’s system is a customised version of Microsoft’s, enterprise grade, Dynamics CRM, ensuring reliability and scalability. Integration with Outlook, Sharepoint and other Microsoft software is seamless. Extending Dynamics already rich feature set, FinPal has added all the essential financial planning features to deliver a solution that is instantly useful out of the box but easily customised for unique business needs. FinPal’s value proposition is simple. Through a truly integrated financial planning software solution it will help financial planning businesses become more profitable Banking on a sustainable future for our regions 2017-04-20T03:48:44Z banking-on-a-sustainable-future-for-our-regions Through its partnership with Landcare NSW, Regional Australia Bank is continuing to lead the way in Corporate Social Responsibility, donating $1 for every member that switches to online statements. Over the last four years, Regional Australia Bank has donated over $18,000 to Landcare NSW, a contribution State Landcare Coordinator Sonia Williams says is vital to local Landcare groups. “Without Regional Australia Bank’s support, many local Landcare groups would not be able to undertake their environmental conservation, education and sustainable agricultural projects,” Ms Williams said. “Regional Australia Bank’s contribution not only helps us to assist groups showcase their projects and build connections with their community, it also helps us fund important training to show them how they can widen their net of potential funding to help deliver their projects.” This financial year alone, six local Landcare groups, across Regional Australia Banks service regions, were the recipients of this much-needed support - support that has ensured the success of their projects. They include Southern New England Landcare – Frog Dreaming project; Congewai Valley Landcare – Regent Honey Eater project; Wollombi Valley Landcare Field Day – Meeting of the Waters project; Landcare NSW - Crowd-Funding Training workshops; Manning Landcare - Farm Gate Tour and the Murrurundi Landcare Tidy Towns Committee – Page’s River Warrior project. Regional Australia Bank CEO Kevin Dupé said: “Regional Australia Bank is proud to have contributed to these worthwhile projects through our partnership with Landcare NSW.” “As a bank we are committed to setting ourselves significant sustainability goals that will help ensure the future of our communities. We also endeavor to inspire and empower our members to make ethical decisions of their own and it is heartening to see so many already doing so by making the switch to online statements.” Through partnerships like this, Regional Australia Bank is acutely aware of the role it can play by encouraging sustainability and it seems, others are now taking notice of this ingenuity too. “Recently, a member of our Executive Management Team, Darren Schaefer was awarded a scholarship to take part in the Prince of Wales Leadership in Sustainability Programme through the University of Cambridge,” said Mr Dupé. “This programme recognises influential senior leaders operating at a strategic level within sustainability and arms them with knowledge and techniques to address key sustainability challenges in a practical way.” The Bank also recently held its second Sector Sustainability Summit in Sydney with other like-minded institutions - discussing the establishment of sector benchmarks for sustainability reporting, reviewing best practice and exploring collaboration opportunities around the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Mr Dupé says this is all part of the bank’s ongoing focus to minimising its own impact on the environment and maximising social and environmental returns to its regional communities, in the same way its partnership with Landcare NSW has done. - Ends - Contact: Sara Crowe, C7EVEN Communications, 02 6766 4513 / 0438 197 559 It is requested that Regional Australia Bank is not shortened to an acronym and always referred to in full as Regional Australia Bank. Image caption: Lucinda Chapman (Landcare NSW) and Kevin Dupe (CEO, Regional Australia Bank) at the Armidale Creeklands Suite 4 Technology Park, Madgwick Dr, Armidale NSW 2350 Australia Phone: 02 6776 0000