The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-11-28T01:22:08Z INDE.Awards launches its 2019 program 2018-11-28T01:22:08Z inde-awards-launches-its-2019-program Awarding the most progressive architecture and design in the Indo-Pacific region, the INDE.Awards is gearing up for its most exciting program yet. Entries open Thursday 29 November 2018, calling on architects and designers to make their mark on the region and establish their voice among the world’s leading design names.  Now in its third year, the INDE.Awards celebrates the diversity and dynamism of the Indo-Pacific, bringing together creatives from all fields and corners of the region to shine a spotlight on the most progressive buildings, spaces, objects and people. In 2018, INDE.Awards welcomed over 400 entries from more than 14 countries across the region. Of those entries, 15 Winners and 12 Honourable Mentions were arrived at by an internationally renowned panel of judges. “The INDE.Awards is the Indo-Pacific’s single and most significant design awards program, symbolising the coming together of a large and diverse regional design community,” said Indesign Media Asia Pacific CEO, Raj Nandan. “We’re incredibly proud to see the INDE.Awards take on a life of its own, as both a platform and a program that recognises the dynamic pursuits of creatives right across the region. It champions the people who are doing amazing work and opens that design conversation to a wider global audience,” said Mr Nandan. With categories celebrating architecture, interior design and object design in all its forms, the INDE.Awards has brought recognition and growth to the firms which have entered and won. Mat Hinds of Taylor and Hinds Architects, winner of The Building and Best of the Best awards in 2018 for their ‘krakani-lumi’ project in Tasmania, said: “As a small practice, coming from a small island on the southern tip of the region, it just goes to show that the INDE.Awards does facilitate recognition for work that is on the margins, regionally.” Mr Hinds said they were overwhelmed by the double win. “It allowed us to focus the meaning of the project in a broader regional context. We saw it had potency for an entire region of the world, beyond the community of people who were our client. It was a huge privilege and meant our small studio and practice was given more meaning, we could see that all the hard work was significant, and it meant something.” View the entire media release in PDF outlining 2019 INDE.Awards categories and Jury here 2018 Winner | The Building & Best of the Best: krakani-lumi, Taylor and Hinds Architects Photography: Adam Gibson 2018 Winner | The Social Space: Barangaroo House (Architecture), Collins and Turner  Photography: Rory Gardiner 2018 Winner | The Wellness Space: Bendigo Hospital, Silver Thomas Hanley with Bates Smart   Photography: Shannon McGrath 2018 Winner | The Shopping Space: Domaine Chandon, Foolscap Studio  Photography: Tom Blachford 2018 Winner | The Living Space: Room Without Roof, HYLA ArchitectsPhotography: Rory Gardiner INDE.Awards 2018 Gala Event: Location | JW Marriott SingaporePhotography: Winston Chuang Access all images featured in this media release by clicking here. Note To Editors: The INDE.Awards is organised and presented by regional design and architecture publisher Indesign Media Asia Pacific, with the intent of recognising the Indo-Pacific region’s most progressive design and architecture on a global stage. As the Indo-Pacific’s first and only design awards program, the INDE.Awards remains unique and unparalleled in its mission: to unify the region and shine a spotlight on the buildings, spaces, objects and people putting it on the global map. Entries open for INDE.Awards 2019 on Thursday 29 November. Buildings, spaces and objects completed between 1 January 2018 and 29 January 2019 will be accepted into the 2019 awards. Entries can be made online at The INDE.Awards 2019 Gala ceremony will be held in Melbourne, June 2019. For Media Enquiries, Please Contact: Kobe Johns, Event Director Phone: +61 2 9638 0150 Email:   Website:   **End of media release**   Collard Maxwell Architects Prescribes Top Five Trends in Retirement Living and Aged Care Design in 2019 2018-11-26T04:04:28Z collard-maxwell-architects-prescribes-top-five-trends-in-retirement-living-and-aged-care-design-in-2019 Sydney, 26 November 2018 - Collard Maxwell Architects, one of Australia’s leading design and construction architecture firms, has launched its top six predictions for the year ahead based on an analysis of current trends and issues likely to arise from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. The company’s predictions are as follows: 1. Design and Development for non-for-profits will pick up strongly as the residential economy is expected to remain slow for some time. A slower economy causes more potential sites to become available, lower development costs, and renewed interest from institutional investment funds seeking temporary safety heavens. Non-for-profits have some catching up to do and have been waiting for a market slow-down for some years now. 2. Volume and momentum both pick up but are inconsistent. Planning approvals will become easier and quicker for retirement living and aged care projects due to residential development applications being at their lowest in years. Aged care SEPP and planning approvals will become a prime focus within government, but the key constraint remains with licensing approval times which ironically become lengthier, partially caused by a flood of new projects and entrants to the market. 3. Quality is a concern. Public awareness generated by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety and the media is welcome but will likely not lead to a quick-fix or a clear way forward as the root-cause of most problems can be linked to larger systemic failures relating to lack of experience, training, or funds. The Royal Commission will likely put additional pressure and constraints on licensing in an attempt to kerb predatorial practices and increase quality assurance and accountability. 4. Aged Care professionals are on trend to become rare. Scarcity in HR resources will require operators to revisit their business model. Professional-appeal becomes as important as markets, and operators and developers of new facilities acknowledge that some parts of their business case will need to be re-written to remain competitive. This will result in new facilities being planned closer to population/lifestyle hubs, in more technology being introduced, and in good design becoming a premium. 5. Technology makes a big entrance in the retirement living and aged care space. Some key solutions are recognised as essential services, just as mechanical, electrical, hydraulics. Engineering experts and architects will start paying attention to the benefits of certain IT systems earlier in the design process. New projects will start receiving more significant tech funding as a result. Larger Australian multi-disciplinary engineering firms will follow suit and start offering software engineering services, following the trend currently underway in other advanced economies. Fear of technology still persists with the customer, however, and the architect must think of ways to manage those concerns in areas where quality of life can be improved. 6. Specialist providers are thriving. More Australian seniors are retiring, and they are healthier, wealthier, more diverse, and increasingly sophisticated. New offerings range from theme retirement such as golf course living, coastal living, mountain living, high-rise super luxury living, as well as a gamut of denser and more affordable multi-generational options including shared high-rise living. All promise a smoother easier transition to an attractive lifestyle. Aged care and specialist care such as dementia or end-of-life care will get more attention, and start experiencing good design. Charles Fortin, Managing Director, Collard Maxwell Architects, said, “The old way of looking at aged care is broken. Today’s seniors are focussed on adding life to days, not days to life; and those looking for a lifestyle upgrade find their retirement or options so limited that they might as well stay home alone.” Katrin Klinger, Director of Retirement Living and Aged Care at Collard Maxwell Architects, added, “Successful providers will be those focused on lifestyle and service innovation. We are starting to see such offers, but barriers to entry are still high and the industry needs more latitude to innovate within this wider transitioning market. As a result, new opportunities, new contenders and new leaders will inevitably emerge.” About Collard Maxwell Architects Collard Maxwell Architects (CM+A) is a leading Sydney-based architectural practice focused on the design and delivery of complex project types including Lifestyle Retirement, Aged Care, and Dementia Care facilities. This knack for complexity, design and delivery has led the company to a wide range of exciting projects since 1947. CM+A architects strive to be thought leaders in their field through regular contributions to various publications, research, and industry summits. Today, CMA is a member of the APEC Architect Project which is intended to facilitate the provision of architectural services between participating economies around the Pacific Rim. Fostering the Effective Convergence of Light, Space and Design 2018-10-23T22:43:36Z fostering-the-effective-convergence-of-light-space-and-design For the first time ever, Expotrade has diverted from its usual format to bring together the best minds in the lighting, interior design, and architecture fields at the inaugural 2019 Light•Space•Design summit. With plenty of technological and societal shifts rapidly impacting the lighting industry, the summit intends to start a conversation about how best to tackle the practice of architectural lighting design against the backdrop of these changes. Creating human-centric, appropriately-lit spaces demands optimality across a variety of spaces; from a structure’s lighting and interior design to its architecture and engineering. At Light•Space•Design, experienced professionals will piece together the puzzle of achieving an impeccably designed structure through the aid of mood-boosting, sustainable and fundamentally human-friendly lighting design. Opening the summit will be NDYLIGHT Director Steve Brown, board member of the International Association of Lighting Designers, and practising lighting designer for 30 years. Steve will explore the history of the lighting design profession and zero in on where the industry sees itself heading in the near future. Arup’s Florence Lam, the first woman to win the UK’s coveted Lighting Designer of the Year Award, will travel from London to speak at the summit. Florence is set to provide a keynote presentation on how building tenants’ growing expectations are impacting lighting design typologies and how this shapes not only the work of lighting professionals, but that of architects and designers in charge of designing entire spaces. Joining Florence Lam as Light•Space•Design’s second international speaker is Michael Grubb. As Creative Director of the Michael Grubb Studio and founder of the award winning Re:LIT Project, Michael will draw on his 19-year career to unpack the art of designing innovative lighting concerned with human well-being and underpinned by effective collaboration. Other speakers will tap into the trends, themes and associated challenges currently permeating the design industry, from smart technology to sustainable, ‘green’ lighting. The award-winning lighting design consultancy Electrolight, who designed the new lighting on Melbourne’s now-iconic Sound Tube has put forward its director Donn Salisbury to present. Donn will provide a reality check on the balance that can be difficult to strike between creativity and sustainability when seeking to design and light energy-efficient spaces. DJCoalition Director David Skelley, Martin Klaasen of Klaasen Lighting Design and BVN Principal Ninotschka Titchkosky are just three other names rounding out the summit’s distinguished and knowledge-packed speaker list. Light•Space•Design will blur the line between attendee and keynote presenter, enabling delegates to play the role of speaker as part of its Rapid Light Talks segment. The fast-paced presentation format will allow 30 delegates to step forward for 1 minute to share their latest work, design philosophies, or ideas with the aid of 3 slides. Rapid Light Talks will allow attendees to raise their profiles among industry peers, while simultaneously uncovering surprising talents and insights. The segment encapsulates Light•Space•Design as a whole, as an event dedicated to fostering collaboration and knowledge in the pursuit of high-quality, human-centric lighting and overall design. Light•Space•Design is taking place on March 27 2019, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. About Expotrade Expotrade is a global conference and event organizer with its head office based in Melbourne, Australia. Expotrade has delivered some of the largest, most successful B2B industry conferences and events in the areas of infrastructure, major projects, sustainability, technology & architecture. For over 10 years, our unique blend of knowledge, experience and flexibility has accomplished an array of consistently top-quality events. Today, Expotrade events enjoy such a distinctive edge, they are amongst the best patronised in the calendar.For more information, visit Australia’s longest-standing sustainable building awards announces this year’s winners 2018-10-14T22:01:46Z australia-s-longest-standing-sustainable-building-awards-announces-this-year-s-winners   Australia’s longest-standing sustainable building awards announces this year’s winners Architectus, Aurecon, Bent Architecture, Defence Housing Australia and EME Design were all recognised in Architecture & Design’s 12th Annual Sustainability Awards ceremony, hosted at The Star in Sydney last-night.   Celebrating its twelfth year, the Sustainability Awards continues to attract projects of the highest calibre. Powered by Infolink Magazine and Architecture & Design – a subsidiary of Indesign Media Asia Pacific – this year’s Sustainability Awards winners herald a new age of design expertise and environmental commitment for Australia’s combined AECO industries.   Following the Sustainability Live day-long symposium of seminars, demonstrations, architectural product exhibitions and industry debates, the Sustainability Awards gala ceremony was attended by more than 300 of leading architectural, development, engineering, construction and government professionals, all collaborating on creating a new culture of sustainability in the built environment.   As master of ceremonies for this year’s gala evening, Tone Wheeler of Environa Studio presented EME Design with two awards for ‘Passive Butterfly’ in the prestigious Best of the Best category and Single Dwelling Alteration or Addition. According to the jury, the twice-fold recognition for ‘Passive Butterfly’ proves that centuries-old heritage structures can become environmentally-conscious dwellings with the adaptive re-use of sustainable design thinking.   Defence Housing Australia was presented two category awards: Green Building of the Year and Multiple Dwelling for ‘The Prince’s Terrace Adelaide’ development in recognition of the project’s commitment to health and wellbeing exceeding Green Star Criteria for VOC emissions, along with upcycling 100 per cent of brick materials from other demolition projects.   High-profile projects awarded this year include ‘8 Chifley Square’ by Lippmann Partnership / Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners and ‘One Malop Street’ by Aurecon – both redefining the public domain whilst also proving to be energy-efficient and environmentally-sustainable.   A newly added category to the program – the category for Emerging Architect of the Year – was awarded to Jean Graham of Winter Architecture, for Graham’s inspired use of online collaboration between remotely located staff. This year’s jury was particularly inspired by Graham’s democratic approach in broadening the possibilities of architecture to clients who may not be able to readily access the latest advancements in architectural best practice in remote locations.   Official Sustainability Awards 2018 Category Winners:   Smart Building: ‘8 Chifley Square’ by Lippman Partnership/Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners Single Dwelling: ‘Drumkerin’ by Mahalath Halperin Architects  Achievement of Merit: Humberto Urriola, Founder of Atlantis Corporation Single Dwelling, Addition/Alteration: ‘Passive Butterfly’ by EME Design Public & Urban Design: ‘krakanilumi’ by Taylor and Hinds Architects Multiple Dwelling: ‘The Prince’s Terrace Adelaide’ by Defence Housing Australia Landscape/Biophilia: ‘Phoenix Rooftop’ by Bent Architecture Interior Architecture: ‘The Burcham’ by Stable Innovations Innovation/Application: ‘e-Board’ by Winya Indigenous Furniture Healthcare: Wallen Veterinary Hospital by Crosshatch Green Building of the Year: ‘The Prince’s Terrace Adelaide’ by Defence Housing Australia Education & Research: ‘Macquarie University Incubator’ by Architectus Commercial: ‘One Malop Street’ by Aurecon Best of the Best: ‘Passive Butterfly’ by EME Design Emerging Architect of the Year: Jean Graham, Winter Architecture   According to Architecture & Design and Infolink editor Branko Miletic, this year was a watershed moment for sustainably architectural practice in Australia:   “Not only has the Sustainability Awards become Australia’s longest-running sustainable building awards program, but this years’ entries proved that sustainability and aesthetics have finally become part of one complete package – one that the built industry is now able to offer to the wider public. Therefore, both for the industry and our awards, a new benchmark has been set – one that I hope will see sustainability become the integral component of each, and every built environment across this nation from now on.”   Judging was conducted by an esteemed panel of industry experts including: Tim Horton, Registrar of NSW Board of Architects; Suzanne Toumbourou, Executive Director of Sustainable Built Environment Council; Robin Mellon, Supply Chain Sustainability School and Dick Clarke, Director of Envirotecture.     About the Awards: The Sustainability Awards is the nation’s most respected awards program for sustainable building and design. The program recognises those pushing for new forms of best practice. Each year, the program brings together industry influencers who share a desire to curtail and reverse the ecological footprint of the AECO sectors’ combined practice including (but not limited to) those who design, manufacture and construct green buildings and products of all sizes and purposes. The awards program is supported by Sustainability Live – a daytime knowledge enterprise by and for highly regarded industry experts, endorsed by the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) Refuel Program.   For Media Enquiries, Please Contact: Branko Miletic: Editor, Architecture and Design Phone: 02 9018 2039 Email: Website:   Figure 1Passive Butterfly-Winner Best of the Best & Single Dwelling Alteration or Addition Figure 2 Smart Building: ‘8 Chifley Square’ by Lippman Partnership/Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners Figure 3 Emerging Architect of the Year: Jean Graham, Winter Architecture Figure 4 Public & Urban Design: ‘krakani lumi’ by Taylor and Hinds Architects Figure 5 Commercial: ‘One Malop Street’ by Aurecon Figure 6 ‘The Prince’s Terrace Adelaide’ by Defence Housing Australia Winner of Green Building of the Year & Multiple Dwelling * End of Press Release *   BYD’s distribution channel and expanded Battery-Box portfolio on display at All Energy Conference and Exhibition 2018-10-02T22:30:00Z byds-distribution-channel-and-expanded-battery-box-portfolio-on-display-at-all-energy-conference-and-exhibition Strong growth in ANZ Distribution channel partners locked in New compatibility with Solis Inverter BYD Co., Ltd., the world’s leading supplier of rechargeable lithium batteries, will present its extended portfolio of the successful Battery-Box lithium storage systems series (previously named “B-Box”) at the All Energy Conference and Exhibition in Melbourne from October 3rd and 4th 2018. The company’s products will feature strongly throughout the event, with several distribution and inverter-partners featuring Battery-Boxes at their stalls. This extended presence underlines the fact that BYD’s distribution network has now reached maturity in Australia, and is beginning to impact a broader range of vertical markets. The expanded product portfolio now supports even more application types of all sizes on their way to energy independence and self consumption. The Battery-Box range of products places special emphasis on deployments for off-grid applications, and is compatible with a wide variety of mainstream inverters, such as SMA, Goodwe, Victron, Sungrow and Selectronic, highlighting the range’s versatility. The company has also recently added compatibility with the Solis Inverter. “Australia is an important market for BYD, representing our second largest region by global sales. Our large representation through our partners at All Energy proves that we have now consolidated our presence in the market, and are in a position to capitalize on the exceptional growth already experienced here over the past two years,” said Julia Chen, Global Sales Director, BYD Batteries. “The positive market reception of our Battery-Box storage system, which we showed at All Energy 2017, was a key motivation to grow our energy storage portfolio and regional partner network, and that move is paying off for us in Australia with ten percent growth, year-on-year.” Expanded Partner Portfolio and configuration examples support self-consumption At the event, BYD partners will showcase the expanded range of solutions in the field of inverters and present a selection of new compatible systems. They will also showcase configuration examples for the combined systems of storage solutions and inverters which demonstrate how the flexible modular storage system - in combination with proven partner solutions - can support many uses, from self-consumption through to off-grid applications. New Battery-Box LV generation After the successful introduction of the award-winning Battery-Box HV (high-voltage) lithium storage system in 2017, BYD now expands the low-voltage storage portfolio with the latest generation of the Battery-Box LV. At the company’s partner event in March 2018, the company presented the new Battery-Box LV (Low Voltage) 48 volt lithium storage system, which employs the successful modular design of the energy storage series, with battery capacities ranging from 3.5 to 14 kWh in one system, with one to four modules. The capacity can be scaled up to 42kWh with three systems connected in parallel. It is ideally suited for residential use. The system provides a high discharge power and higher usable energy ration than comparable systems in the market. It also employs BYD’s patented innovative connection system which allows for an extremely easy plug-and-play installation without the need to connect cables. The new generation adds an automated support for the connection of three systems to make the scaling up to 42kWh even easier. Other BYD products on display at the All energy event will include: • BYD Battery-Box LV 2.5-10 • BYD Battery-Box Pro 13.8 • BYD Battery-Box HV 6.4-11.5 Textile designer produces thought-provoking collection inspired by the built environment 2018-09-27T07:17:19Z textile-designer-produces-thought-provoking-collection-inspired-by-the-built-environment-1 Media Release: 27 September 2018 Textile designer produces thought-provoking collection inspired by the built environment Tappeti launches new collection – GEO Leading textile design firm Tappeti have again pushed the envelope with their authentic, truly unique and masterful new collection - GEO, inspired by the architectural forms of the built environment. The GEO collection playfully explores exciting combinations of colour, shape, line and form, in part due to the exceptional design talent from Tappeti, and the meticulous handwork techniques they employ to craft their floor art. This standard of quality has been underscored by material integrity that is suitable for commercial wear and tear, and a keen eye watching out for the perfect balance of style and functionality. Karinna Gobbo, Tappeti’s Founder and CEO, said GEO is a juxtaposition of the ancient traditions of handmaking rugs, with the powerful forms of the modern world. “Marrying commercial grade quality and sought-after manufacturing techniques, with the best quality materials has resulted in a delightful celebration of individuality and sophistication. “Each GEO piece uses hand-dyed New Zealand Wool with shimmers of art silk, and uses traditional handcraft techniques of carving, looping, raised pile and fringing. “The GEO collection rugs are handmade in India based on designs refined in our studios in Australia and Singapore and are built to withstand commercial environments or become an heirloom in residential spaces. “When interiors are full of mass production and ‘seen-it-all-before’ designs, GEO stands out as a breath of fresh air offering the highest level of quality, adding complexity and depth to all environments,” said Ms Gobbo. Consistent with Tappeti‘s offering, a range of customisation options complement the GEO range. Endless design configurations are on offer due to the choice of a variety of rug pile heights, various shapes and sizes depending on application, and Tappeti‘s vibrant selection of custom distinctive colours. This unrivalled degree of design flexibility also extends to finishes, which include fringe details, tapered edges and carved lines. Tappeti launched GEO on Thursday 27 September in Sydney. Notes to editors All images are available in high resolution upon request. For more information and interviews with Karinna Gobbo please contact: Felicity Zadro, Managing Director, Zadro | | +61 2 9212 7867 About Tappeti Tappeti has collaborated with some of the most illustrious firms in Australian design including Bates Smart, HASSELL, Woods Bagot and FJMT. Each collection is handcrafted using the highest quality materials that have the ability to amplify any design statement. Crone strengthens its senior team with internal promotions and new appointments 2018-09-25T23:38:14Z crone-strengthens-its-senior-team-with-internal-promotions-and-new-appointments Sydney – 25 September 2018: Multi-award-winning practice, Crone Architects has announced several changes to its senior team. Ashley Dennis is appointed to Principal – Design, Architecture while the introduction of Paul Brace and Martin Stacey will provide new leadership to the team. Both Paul and Martin bring considerable experience to the practice with Paul joining as Principal – Interior Design and Martin as Associate Director – Technical Design Delivery. Crone CEO and Chairman, Greg Crone, said: “We are excited to recognise the exceptional talent and dedication of staff with a number of promotions. Their achievements over the past two years have enabled the firm to achieve new levels of design excellence and secure a number of awards including the recent Chicago Athenaeum’s International Architecture Award for Museum Design for Orange Regional Museum.” With a tenure of close to 10 years, Ashley is one of Crone Architect’s lead designers, delivering innovative architectural and urban design outcomes across a range of scales and building typologies. He has been instrumental in the design and delivery of significant civic developments including the Orange Regional Museum, awarded the prestigious Sulman Medal NSW in 2017 for Public Architecture, and The Connection – Rhodes community precinct. Ashley noted: “Crone Architects has an impressive legacy in Sydney, across Australasia and internationally. During my time at the practice, I have grown both as an individual and as an architect. In my new role, I will continue to help shape, evolve and add value to the design process and look forward to contributing to the positive legacy of previous leaders through collaboration with the existing team and our new talent. The practice is also celebrating the promotion of the following key team members. Stephen Harris – Associate Director Andrew Woodward – Senior Associate Sally Hsu – Senior Associate Maria Strandberg – Associate Ryan Williams – Associate Paul noted: “Crone is undergoing an exciting phase of evolution with a number of high profile projects underway. Many people see exterior and interior architecture as separate elements of a project however I see them as working hand-in-hand. I look forward to enhancing the design-led, fully-integrated service offering for Crone’s clients with exceptional interior design”. Martin will provide technical support and leadership across Crone’s existing and future project pipeline including project delivery and documentation. He specialises in client management, stakeholder engagement and co-ordination of contractors and project teams to deliver large-scale, complex projects in the hospitality, residential, commercial, education and infrastructure sectors. Previously, Martin was involved in a number of key Sydney developments including The Star, One Central Park and The Pacific in Bondi. He brings global experience having worked for five years as Project Leader at the renowned Aedas Architects in the UK. Ends For further information please contact: DEC PR on behalf of Crone Architects Rebecca Jagger or Duyen Nguyen 02 8014 5033 About Crone Crone is a multi-award-winning architecture and design practice with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. The company nurtures a collaborative ethos; uniting independent thinkers to generate better, more creative ideas. The firm is currently working across Australia and Southeast Asia. Truedek's Long Span Capacity Avoids Damage 2018-09-21T03:38:28Z truedek-s-long-span-capacity-avoids-damage-1 Truedek® has recently been used as the steel decking system for a large residential project by Sydney building company BFS Constructions, who were contracted to undertake major alterations on a Double Bay property. Built in the 1930’s and located four storeys up at the end of a long driveway, the grand old family home needed a complete makeover and additional accommodation for extended family. The brief included some internal reconfiguration of existing walls and the addition of external concrete balconies with lift access and had to be built to maintain and match the original charm and fittings from the old home. The new design included a concrete slab across the entire top floor for a rooftop apartment, paved terrace and garden areas. The existing design called for conventional formwork to the roof top slab, requiring support from the lower ground level through each of the three levels above, which would have caused major damage to the timber floors and ornate ceilings, resulting in an extensive and expensive restoration job upon completion. An internet search by BFS Director, Tallal Mostafa for a longer span steel decking product found Truedek® and it proved perfect for the job, as the TD90mm panels could easily span the required areas without any requirement to prop underneath, leaving the timber floors and ceilings below in original condition. “The system and outcome were ideal for this project as it saved time in construction and stripping traditional formwork and restoration expenses. It was the first time our Site Manager, Mohammed Khan had used Truedek® and after a 15 minute training session, it was surprising how easy it was to install”. “We wish to thank the team at Truedek® for assisting us during the design and installation process and we highly recommend this system as an alternative to traditional formwork,” The Truedek® panel is a remarkably strong product, made up of 4 different rollformed sections which are brought together and joined with the state-of-the-art German Tox clinching system to form a trapezoid shape. Each panel consists of a top and bottom chord, both manufactured with longitudinal ribs to maximise the strength and 2 side ‘web’ panels rolled with vertical ribs that also enhance the strength and all four profiles can be made in various metal thicknesses to suit the requirements of the slab. The panels are custom made and designed with a pre-camber, engineered to suit the concrete load and ensuring a flat soffit. Depending on the slab requirements, some panels can also be voided, saving concrete costs and as they are manufactured to a plan, there is no onsite cutting or scrap to clean up. The stronger, lighter Truedek Decking system was the result of the collaboration of the Engineers at OneSteel Reinforcing and the University of Western Sydney and has been successfully used in thousands of construction projects. The product is now owned by Premier Steel Technologies at Wetherill Park in Sydney and has since been renamed Truedek. For more information on the Truedek Steel Decking system, visit: or call (02) 9756 0602 or by email: Architecture & Design extends Top Trusted Brands industry survey by 72 hours 2018-09-20T00:39:19Z architecture-amp-design-extends-top-trusted-brands-industry-survey-by-72-hours   Due to unprecedented demand, Architecture & Design has announced it is extending its fifth Top Trusted Brands industry survey nominations period by a further 72 hours.   The second phase of nominations will now close at midnight, 23 September 2018.   If you have not yet nominated your brand for 2018, this is your chance to ensure your entry is included in the 2018 survey.   The survey has been highly beneficial to the Australian built industry since its inception in 2012, consistently ranking the nation’s Top Trusted Brands in the architecture, building, construction and design industries.   The survey has set an industry benchmark for brands to consult, while at the same time, offering an insight into which brands Australians perceive as trustworthy.   Having seen a significant number of entries come through during the initial phase of nominations, Architecture & Design has extended this phase to allow for any last-minute changes and/or additions.   In terms of ensuring entire industry coverage, Architecture & Design recently added four new categories to the survey, taking the list of categories up to 29: ·       Associations & Information ·       Furniture ·       Lifts & Elevators ·       Office Equipment   If you have not yet submitted an entry for your brand, you may consider nominating in one of the four new categories.   If you have already nominated your brand, you still have the opportunity to submit an additional entry, particularly if you feel your brand should be nominated in one of the recently-added categories.   “Brand differentiation is most effectively achieved by creating trust of your brand in a crowded marketplace, and one of the fastest ways to garner more market trust is to be listed in the Top Trusted Brands survey”, said editor of Architecture & Design, Branko Miletic.   Previous surveys have revealed a number of interesting trends in Trusted Brands rankings over the years.   The Laminex Group, CSR Gyprock, Caroma and Dulux Australia all maintained a Top 10 ranking in previous editions of the survey. Blum placed in the Top 3 for three consecutive years before dropping down to number 14 in the most recent survey in 2016.   Alucobond Architectural was initially ranked number 46 in the first survey in 2012, but since then has continued to climb the ranks. The company sat at number 23 in 2014, before appearing in the Top 10 in 2015 and most recently ranked 5th in 2016. Where will they end up in 2018?   Austral Bricks (Brickworks) saw impressive progression, going from a rank of 95 in 2012, to number 16 in 2015. Austral Bricks continued to rise, placing in the Top 10 of the 2016 survey.   If you would like to nominate a brand, you can do so using the link below. The extended nomination period will now close midnight, 23 September 2018, and voting will be open to the Australian public shortly after.   Nominate your Trusted Brand for 2018:   About Architecture and Design is Australia’s largest architecture, building, construction and design media providing daily updates on the best in new projects, industry news and expert commentary. We act as an information hub for practicing architects, designers, builders, specifiers, engineers, developers and suppliers – the professionals creating Australia’s buildings.   About the survey The Top 100 Trusted Brands Survey was established in 2012 and is Australia’s leading national showcase of the best brands within the Building and Architecture space. Brands compete in one of 29 categories. They will also compete for a place in the overall 10 Trusted Brands for 2016 to receive editorial coverage in Architecture and Design’s suite of media publications.   Media Release Contact Branko Miletic: Editor, Architecture and Design Phone: +61 2 9018 2039 Email: Architecture & Design announces official Shortlist for 12th Sustainability Awards 2018-09-13T03:15:09Z architecture-amp-design-announces-official-shortlist-for-12th-sustainability-awards The official shortlist for Architecture & Design’s 2018 Sustainability Awards has been finalised, which means we are now ready for the Gala Awards ceremony, that will be held on 11 October at The Star.     Architecture & Design, which has hosted Australia’s longest running sustainable building awards, also acknowledges Australian designers and architects working towards a more efficient and ecologically friendly built environment.   Following a near-record submission of almost 200 nominations, an esteemed panel of judges has finalised a selection of projects and designs they believe best satisfy the various criteria across 15 industry-specific categories.   The Jury for 2018 Sustainability Awards ·       Dick Clarke (Jury Chair) ·       Kate Harris ·       Rory Martin ·       Steffen Welsch ·       Suzanne Toumbourou ·       Jeremy Mansfield ·       Caroline Pidcock ·       Jeremy Spencer ·       Michael Faine ·       Tim Horton ·       Kerryn Wilmot ·       Robin Mellon   The Shortlist for 2018 Sustainability Awards   Category 2018 Shortlist 2017 Winner Smart Building ·       8 Chifley Square, Sydney ·       Smart Home New category. Single Dwelling, New ·       Drumkerin ·       Jenny’s House ·       The Shed Downsize Up(Grade) House Positive Footprints Single Dwelling, Addition/Alteration ·       Passive Butterfly ·       L-House ·       Vasey House Cheese House Public & Urban Design ·       krakani lumi ·       Foreshore Amenities Sunshine Coast University Hospital Multiple Dwelling ·       The Prince’s Terrace Adelaide ·       Clyde Mews ·       The General Gen Y Housing Landscape/Biophilia ·       Phoenix Rooftop ·       Bendigo Garden for the Future ·       The Burcham Adelaide Botanic Gardens Wetland Interior Architecture ·       The Burcham ·       Italianate House Henry Street House Innovation/Application ·       e-Board ·       The Footprint Calculator ·       The GreenBook La Trobe University Integrated Stormwater Management Project Healthcare ·       Wallan Veterinary Hospital ·       Melrose Health New category. Green Building of the Year ·       The Prince’s Terrace Adelaide ·       The Beehive ·       The Burcham New category. Education & Research ·       Macquarie University Incubator ·       Synergy, CSIRO ·       Sustainable House Charles Sturt University School of Engineering Commercial ·       One Malop Street ·       The Beehive ·       Barwon Water HQ EY Centre, 200 George Street Mirvac Emerging Architect of the Year ·       Jean Graham, Director of Winter Architecture ·       Mathew Hinds, Architect/Director of Taylor and Hinds Architects ·       Sarah Lebner, Lead Architect of Light House Architecture & Science New category.     “The high calibre of entrants for this year’s awards reflects the depth of talent in Australia’s architecture and design community, as well as their ever-increasing commitment to sustainability and environmentally-friendly design”, says Architecture & Design editor, Branko Miletic.   The winners of each category, including Achievement of Merit and Best of the Best categories, will be announced at the Gala Awards Dinner, to be held at The Star on 11 October, 2018.   For the second year running, the Awards ceremony will also be preceded by a day-long CPD-endorsed panel event, that has quickly gained popularity in the industry.   For more information about the 12th Annual Architecture & Design Sustainability Awards, visit or call Branko Miletic, Editor at Architecture & Design (details below).     About Sustainability Awards & Sustainability Awards 2018 The Sustainability Awards is the nation’s most respected and longest running awards program for sustainable building and design. We reward those who share our desire to curtail and reverse the ecological footprint of our built environment, bringing together those who design, manufacture and construct green buildings and products of all sizes and purposes. The awards program is supported by Sustainability Live – a daytime education series of live panel discussions and Q&A with highly regarded industry experts, endorsed by the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) Refuel Program.     Media Contact Branko Miletic: Editor, Architecture and Design Phone: 02 9018 2039 Email: Habitus Magazine presents a new celebration of residential architecture in the Indo-Pacific 2018-08-27T23:50:41Z habitus-magazine-presents-a-new-celebration-of-residential-architecture-in-the-indo-pacific For a decade, Habitus magazine has shone a much-needed spotlight on the unique architecture, art, and design of the Indo-Pacific. Produced in the Region but beloved around the world, Habitus has become the leading global destination for Design Hunters searching for inspiring projects that challenge conventional ideas about architecture and home. Over the past ten years, Habitus has remained true to its origins as a labour of love: each issue combines stunning imagery with thoughtful, immersive writing that carefully strips back the layers to find the real stories behind the stories. Bold and authentic, the magazine has followed the narrative of Indo-Pacific design as it unfurls in new and unexpected directions, and in doing so has bridged the gap between design and everyday life. Habitus reflects a new and radical type of design magazine that recognises – and honours – design as a way of life. Habitus House of the Year To celebrate ten years of supporting regional excellence, Habitus is pleased to announce ‘Habitus House of the Year’, a new initiative celebrating outstanding residential design in the Indo-Pacific. Our upcoming special edition will showcase a hand-curated selection of the 20 best homes – plus 5 online exclusives – completed in the Region in the past 12 months, bringing together a diverse selection that spans from Sri Lanka to Australia and Thailand to New Zealand. Homes by established heavyweights will appear alongside those by emerging prodigies to create a snapshot of where regional design is at – and provide a tantalising glimpse of what the next ten years may bring. From this initial selection, an independent jury of leading practitioners will nominate their pick for the inaugural Habitus House of the Year; Exemplary Integration of Environment; and Outstanding Interior Architecture. In true Habitus spirit, all projects embrace the values of its owner and the broader culture of its site and community to demonstrate what really makes a house a home. From the lay of the land to climatic conditions, landscaping to interior products, the Habitus House of the Year will respond sensitively to its context and present a new and exciting way of life. Get involved In addition to the jury special mentions, the ‘People’s Choice for the House of the Year’ will give Habitus readers the opportunity to have their say. Stand by for more details about voting, the shortlisted houses, and a number of exclusive events to commemorate the Habitus House of the Year special issue. Pages Hire appointed Official Supplier of Overlay for Invictus Games Sydney 2018 2018-08-14T22:52:08Z pages-hire-appointed-official-supplier-of-overlay-for-invictus-games-sydney-2018 AIMG is pleased to announce that Pages Hire has been named Official Supplier of Overlay, Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment for Invictus Games Sydney 2018 presented by Jaguar Land Rover. The Invictus Games is an international adaptive sporting event for wounded, injured and ill service men and women, both active duty and veteran. The Games use the healing power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and celebrate the crucial role played by family and friends in the recovery process. Pages Hire, now in its 60th year of business, will provide marquees, furniture and equipment for competitor, official and support crew facilities, and corporate entertainment spaces. David Berry, Procurement Officer, Invictus Games Sydney 2018, said he was impressed with Pages Hire’s flexibility to meet the unique requirements of the event. “The Pages Hire team’s exceptional work, commitment, wealth of experience and passion for the Games could not be overlooked. We are excited to have Pages Hire on board as part of our supplier group to deliver a successful event,” said Mr Berry. Stephen Thatcher, Managing Director, Pages Hire, said his experienced team is looking forward to supporting the delivery of the Games and showcasing the high calibre of work the Australian event industry can offer. "We connected on the values that the Invictus Games represent, and I just knew we had to be part of this project and help make it a memorable event for all," said Mr Thatcher. Invictus Games Sydney 2018 will take place from 20-27 October with events being staged across Greater Sydney, including Sydney Olympic Park and in and around Sydney Harbour. Tickets start from just $20 at Media contact(s): Zadro Felicity Zadro, Managing Director | +61 2 9212 7867 | +61 404 009 384 Elizabeth Williams, Group Account Director | +61 2 9212 7867 | +61 411 201 354 Images: 1. Example of Pages’ previous work: DHL Lions' Series, Eden Park, Auckland, 2017 2. Example of Pages’ work: Commonwealth Games, Gold Coast, 2018 3. Pages Hire 4. Invictus Games About Pages Hire: Pages Hire is a highly successful supplier of event infrastructure. Pages has the widest range of temporary single and multi-storied structures in the country to suit any environment or application, whether it be a hospitality enclosure, product launch, private event or exhibition. Pages has developed its own in-house design and manufacturing capability which gives it the flexibility to meet each clients individual requirement. This has led to significant contracts in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Thailand and New Zealand. The presence of Pages Structures at all Australian Events of international significance over the last 20 years proves that Pages offer the perfect solution for any premium event. To find out more, visit: or contact Stephen Thatcher at Crone’s ‘The Connnection – Rhodes’ Community Centre Wins For Urban Design Aat the NSW Architecture Awards 2018-07-09T04:33:38Z crones-the-connnection-rhodes-community-centre-wins-for-urban-design-aat-the-nsw-architecture-awards Sydney – 9 July 2017: Sydney practice Crone Architects has been recognised at the 2018 NSW Architecture Awards with ‘The Connection – Rhodes’ collecting the Award for Urban Design. Announced on Friday 6 July by the Australian Institute of Architects, the awards profile the innovative work of NSW architects through peer recognition while promoting architecture within NSW, across Australia and internationally. The Jury surmised, “The Connection at Rhodes is a noteworthy example of the next generation community building in a productive dialogue with the site and the surrounding public space. Each wing has an intimate way of relating to the external space and bayside location, encouraging privacy, porosity and prospect.” “A common palette of robust materials ties the whole site together into a single multi-dimensional community precinct. Its prospect enhances the waterfront promenade by creating a deck jutting out into the bay, offering a point of respite and contemplation as well as a social focal point around an external stepped auditorium.” Crone commenced work on the 2,000sqm development after winning a competitive design process, responding to the City of Canada Bay’s brief to address a growing need for community facilities, services and active open spaces in the area to foster positive interaction between the diverse communities residing in Rhodes and neighbouring suburbs. Crone Senior Associate, Ashley Dennis, said, “We are extremely proud to win the Award for Urban Design. We re-envisioned the community hall and civic space typology. Rather than proposing a single building, our design response distributes the program into four distinct pavilions, integrating the reorganisation of the public realm as part of the overall design. The pavilions house a variety of uses, an e-resource centre and learning space, digital gallery, multi-purpose and event space, community meeting rooms, training spaces, playgroups and a cafe/restaurant. These uses spill out onto the different outdoors areas around the site and the waterfront, enhancing community engagement and use of the public space by the community” City of Canada Bay Mayor Angelo Tsirekas congratulated Crone Architects for the win. “I am delighted that Crone Architects have been celebrated for their brilliant work on The Connection. This is not only a win for the team at Crone – this is a win for the wider Rhodes community who are so proud of the innovative world-class facility that Crone and the City of Canada Bay delivered last year. “I congratulate the wonderful team at Crone Architects and every member of staff at the City of Canada Bay who worked on this great project.” By separating the program, Crone opened up the site to pedestrian desire lines and created multiple interfaces between the internal and themed external environments and integrated public art. The buildings are arranged in such a way that they create an intimate central events and water-play space – a public square in continuous dialogue with all programs of the community precinct as well as the waterfront. This rich network has created an optimistic, playful, sustainable and more inviting public destination for the Rhodes community. Crone worked closely with property consultants Urbis, fostering a collaborative design process that was essential for the successful integration of landscape and architecture, ensuring the two disciplines complemented each other and gave cohesion to the site. Notably, Crone also received a Lord Mayor’s Commendation for 333 George Street, a building designed by Grimshaw and delivered by Crone. The City of Sydney Lord Mayor’s Commendation honours projects that improve the quality of the public domain through architectural or urban design excellence. The development was similarly recognised by the AIA Jury with a Commendation for Commercial Architecture. These wins follow Crone being awarded the prestigious Sulman Medal for Public Architecture at the 2017 NSW Architecture Awards for Orange Regional Museum. They showcase the team’s talent and experience in designing and delivering projects across a variety of scales and sectors. Ends For further information please contact: DEC PR on behalf of Crone Architects Rebecca Parry or Duyen Nguyen 02 8014 5033 About Crone Crone is an award-winning architecture and design practice with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. The company nurtures a collaborative ethos; uniting independent thinkers to generate better, more creative ideas. The firm is currently working across Australia and Southeast Asia. 2018 INDE.Awards Winners Announcements: The Best Architecture and Design in Asia Pacific 2018-06-23T05:44:51Z 2018-inde-awards-winners-announcements-the-best-architecture-and-design-in-asia-pacific 2018 INDE.Awards Winners Announcements: The Best Architecture and Design in Asia Pacific On Friday 22nd June 2018, Indesign Media Asia Pacific celebrated the second year of INDE.Awards, connecting and recognising the Asia Pacific region via satellite feed live from the Gala event in Singapore’s JW Marriott Hotel in South Beach to the Zenith Sydney showroom in Surry Hills NSW.   With more than 1,000 of the region’s top architects, designers and creative professionals in attendance in Sydney and Singapore, the INDE.Awards in 2018 reaffirms its position as the premier design awards program in the region. From over 400 entries across 14 countries in the region, all eyes turned on Singapore for the INDE.Awards Gala Night. In what is undeniably a very proud accomplishment for the A+D community in this region, the INDE.Awards represents the most concerted effort to elevate Asia Pacific’s design to the global stage. And  based on the calibre of submissions this year, it has become clear that some of this planet’s most progressive buildings, spaces, objects, proposals and practitioners stem from our pocket of the world.  This year’s incredibly diverse shortlist was a tough one to narrow down, and our esteemed INDE jury worked hard to hand-select this year’s best in Asia Pacific’s design industries. The night was a tremendous success, rewarding and celebrating the industry’s most exceptional design talent from South-East Asia. Each of the 2018 INDE.Awards winners are now the lucky owners of a bespoke designed, custom-made trophy from our official Trophy Partners, Dinosaur Designs.   On behalf of our official Partners and Supporters, we would like to congratulate the winners and shortlisted candidates of the INDE.Awards 2018. For further information, contact:                                                                              Kobe Johns, Event Director:  Narelle Yabuka, INDE.Awards Director:  FRONT The Event, a new commercial design event from Indesign Media 2018-06-23T05:43:25Z front-the-event-a-new-commercial-design-event-from-indesign-media This 9-10 August, FRONT arrives in Sydney to shake up the commercial design and property industries. And you’re invited to lead. FRONT is a first-of-its-kind event for the commercial sector, bringing together the new ecosystem controlling the built environment. We unite the most influential brands and experts in commercial architecture, design, property and development to give authority to these new relationships and drive profitable action in procuring your brand’s best and latest products. Here’s everything you need to know to put your brand in FRONT and your products in Australia’s biggest and best commercial projects     As the nation’s first and only knowledge enterprise for commercial architects, property, and development professionals, FRONT lets your brand lead changing behaviours in commercial specification. FRONT’s two-day format over 9-10 August combines: - Purpose-driven networking with leading commercial specifiers, commercial developers, high-volume asset managers and facility managers; - Deep dive knowledge outputs with the country’s top architects, developers and product R+D teams; - The nation’s most powerful showcase of design products commanding the attention of large enterprise commercial clients 90% of the FRONT Presentation Pods are SOLD   With spots available for only the top 100 brands in commercial product design, only 8 presentation pods remain to participate in FRONT. Your competitors are already on board, and our specifiers want to know … Where are you? The time to get involved in the Australia’s most focused event for return on objective is NOW. Get on board with FRONT and make a difference to your own balance sheet. Registrations for the nation’s leading commercial specifiers to attend FRONT open next week, and they’re expecting to see you.  But don’t just take our word on it… “Design is not done in a silo. The myth of the singular design genius needs to be smashed to pieces. For us to get the best possible outcomes for our clients, we rely on our collaborators and in the commercial sector, that means having relationships with all the different players such as contractors and consultants. The thing that gets me excited about FRONT is the fact it will be bringing everyone together, in a completely new way.” – Gavin Harris, Design Director, Futurespace Join over 3,500 active commercial specifiers, property developers, MLE clients and assets management teams at FRONT. This is your very last chance to join FRONT: 9-10 August Enquire now to participate in Australia’s first and only dedicated event for new standards in commercial architecture, design, property and development.