The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-10-28T01:55:34Z Conserve It releases latest advance in PlantPRO technology, version 2.2.1 2020-10-28T01:55:34Z conserve-it-releases-latest-advance-in-plantpro-technology-version-2-2-1 Conserve It is pleased to announce the latest release of its award-winning chiller plant optimisation solution, PlantPRO. PlantPRO 2.2.1 is now available for general release through Conserve It’s VARs and OEM partners. This latest release of Conserve It’s PlantPRO technology includes numerous improvements and features, including: Expanded cooling tower controls and hardening of fault handling in the cooling tower control program Improved transitioning between chiller sequences Updates and improvements to the PROCOP calculation for validating chiller performance Additional checks and features for the Smart Sequencing program that will deliver even higher reliability and efficiency in the plant room Re-designed Commissioning and Plant Manager pages New isolation valve control program that handles a wider range of scenarios and considers a range of software interlocks for improved control Added the ability to configure Smart Sequencing in Imperial Units using Fahrenheit, kW/Ton, etc. Added the ability to configure the currency displayed in the monthly Energy Report Numerous UI enhancements and improvements Conserve It is committed to the ongoing maintenance and development of our PlantPRO technology with these latest release continuing our ability to deliver on our commitment to customers and partners, as well as our promise to develop and deploy sustainable and efficient chiller plants in the built environment. For more information on any of these exciting developments please contact Conserve It in your local region: Australia and Rest of World: EMEA: Asia: More information about Conserve It is available at Contact:Chirayu Shah General Manager, Conserve It Update on Conserve It business in Asia 2020-10-28T01:49:51Z update-on-conserve-it-business-in-asia Conserve It is pleased to advise that, despite the disruptive nature of 2020 due to COVID-19, our business in Singapore and more broadly in South-East Asia has grown and gone from strength to strength. In the last 4 months, Singapore-based Conserve It Pte Ltd has been awarded and commissioned several chiller plant control and optimisation projects through our partners across the region. In this period, PlantPRO has taken under control over four chiller plants incorporating a total of 12 chillers, 28 pumps and 26 cooling towers into an ever-growing portfolio of chiller plant equipment now managed globally by PlantPRO. Conserve It’s PlantPRO Chiller Plant Optimisation Solution was selected by three different clients for its robust and reliable control and extensive advanced optimisation. The market drivers for Chiller Plant Optimisation in the region are clear. With ever increasing power and electricity prices, warm weather and a commitment to achieving sustainable buildings, the South East Asian region is the perfect market for PlantPRO to demonstrate and continually deliver outstanding results for our customers. By implementing continuous commissioning and tuning, measurement and verification, and advanced algorithms that use machine learning techniques to solve multivariate equations, in one plant alone Conserve It was able to deliver an incredible 24.5% savings on electricity consumption across a three month period. This result is a credit to both the engineering team at Conserve It and also our partner who worked closely with site engineers and facility management staff to ensure these savings were delivered without compromising comfort and conditions in the building. For another project in a Singaporean data centre, Conserve It worked with our local partner to engineer a high reliability and redundant control and optimisation system. After working with the commissioning consultant, PlantPRO passed an extensive site acceptance test procedure with flying colours, resulting in another successful deployment. These successes have placed Conserve It in a strong position to continue to deliver outstanding savings on chiller plants across the region. As a result of these successes, Conserve It has been awarded a further project for an additional chiller plant containing four chillers and five pumps. Conserve It will work with our regional partner to deliver this project before the end of 2020. More information about Conserve It is available at Contact:Chirayu Shah General Manager, Conserve It  Digistor recognised as Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction Specialist 2020-10-26T23:58:36Z digistor-recognised-as-autodesk-architecture-engineering-and-construction-specialist Digistor was recently recognised as an Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Specialist. AEC Industry Partners are third-party technology providers that engage with Autodesk to deliver discipline-specific solutions that complement Autodesk software offerings to help solve unique business and industry challenges.  Across the manufacturing, architecture, building, construction, media and entertainment industries, if you’ve ever driven a high-performance car, admired a towering skyscraper, used a smartphone, or watched a great film, the chances are you’ve experienced what millions of customers are doing with Autodesk software.   Digistor marketing manager Mark Richards explained, “In the AEC market, it’s critical for organisations to be able to present their ideas rendered realistically at very highest quality and Digistor can help them with the technology to achieve that. One of our key offerings in this space is the Digistor Cloud Render Onboarding Package which enables studios to extend their rendering into the cloud for enhanced render speed and scalability. Utilising Digistor's extensive experience in deploying and supporting cloud-based workflows, we can set them up to scale their rendering power in minutes and to control how quickly they want to complete projects, getting incredible computing elasticity and cost control while only paying for what is used.” Overall this is an ideal solution for those who wish benefit from less time spent waiting for renders to finish and from more time to take on more projects or finish higher quality work. Once configured, users can either choose to maintain the cloud setup as is, or engage Digistor to provide ongoing support via a subscription-based support contract. Today all three AEC industries rely heavily upon technological applications, software programs and hardware provided by specialists such as Digistor as, with the shift towards urban living, cities require housing and infrastructure more than ever.    This has presented not only a massive opportunity for the AEC sector but a critical requirement for technology specialists such as Digistor, a company with over 30 years’ experience in providing clients with the competitive edge, through a plethora of integrated technology solutions and services to enhance architectural visualisation.   Mark Richards continued, “With Digistor, architectural and design firms can partner with a technology supplier to optimise the technology they use, to control software licensing and costs, achieve faster and better renders, speedily resolve technical issues and to leverage cloud and other developments. They can also increase productivity and creativity to win more work.”   Recently Digistor ran its Architectural and Design Visualisation Today virtual conference which included presentations, demonstrations and interactive panel sessions on current state-of-the-art tools and techniques for visualisation.    Some of the sessions were presented by industry experts including Andrei Dolnikov, the founder and CEO of Binyan, the global creative production company and community of diverse thinkers, storytellers and leaders of immersive architecture.   Dolnikov explained, “​We are an ‘arch vis’ company who have worked with Digistor for many years. We partner with Digistor so we can combine creativity with technology and push limits to achieve effective, inspiring work for both global and local audiences. Our services include CGI rendering, animation, concept development, VR and interactive applications so our choice of Digistor as our technology and support partner is absolutely critical to our success.”   Most recently Digistor has supplied Binyan with technology, software and services including Autodesk 3ds Max, Chaos Group V-Ray and a significant array of enterprise hardware.   Dolnikov continued, “Put simply Digistor has helped us grow over many years.​ Their responsiveness, personalised service, world class understanding of the tools we require and how they interact​ with us as a partner is second to none. They really are excellent​ in helping with every aspect of architecture, engineering and construction technology and application support.”   In short Digistor has significantly expanded into the booming AEC sector and as a result helps their clients find the technology that will assist in areas including, amongst others, 3D architectural rendering, 3D visualisation, modelling, animation, AR, VR, shared storage solutions and remote data duplication.   Andrei Dolnikov concluded, “Let’s take 3D rendering alone as an example, where you’re only as good as your last presentation so every presentation has to be excellent. Before the evolution, architectural rendering was created by hand. With that in mind it’s not difficult to see the benefits of the software alternative as a building or space’s entire plan can be rendered and checked for structural and design flaws before it even leaves the drawing board. Thereby, the rendering process is far more effective and cost efficient. This in turn facilitates design experimentation without the stress of money wasted on unnecessary equipment. Designs are also able to include more detail and the entire process provides architects with far more control over the entire project. Then there’s the cloud. We all know about the cloud but how do we leverage it in terms of 3D rendering? That’s where Digistor comes in as a company that understands exactly which kinds of software, hardware, workflows and ecosystems are required. It’s that knowledge and support that is invaluable in the AEC industries.” For more on Digistor Architectural Visualisation solutions go to: Overseas Property: Getting an Australian Mortgage as a Foreigner is much easier and quicker with Borderless Mortgagor Group 2020-10-25T00:50:37Z overseas-property-getting-an-australian-mortgage-as-a-foreigner-is-much-easier-and-quicker-with-borderless-mortgagor-group If you are not an Australian and you are wondering whether you can own property in Australia, the answer is yes, you can buy property in Australia – even if you do not live in the country. Many investors have aspired to own property in Australia. While they may currently be living abroad, there are many reasons why investors are buying property in Australia and why the country’s real estate is desirable; as an investment, as somewhere to stay occasionally or as a way to provide for future needs.   A growing number of Asian & Middle East investors are buying properties abroad. The top destinations that have attracted Asian wealth are –Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands,Cyprus, Germany, United States of America and Canada. Who are the buyers?  ·      61% Businessmen and industrialists  ·      25% Self-employed/Traders  ·      10% Working Professionals  ·      3% Self-Employed professionals  ·      1% Others    That said, buying property in the Australia as a foreigner is easier if you are a cash buyer – i.e. do not need to apply for a mortgage or additional borrowing as it may be difficult to apply for such a mortgage.   But what about if you need to buy property on a mortgage? Does it complicate things? Let’s find out.   Loan Options There have been a growing number of Australian lenders in the last decade specialising themselves in offering mortgages and short term finance designed specifically for non-Australian citizens buying or refinancing Australian property.   Borderless Mortgagor Group has several Foreign National Mortgages, Non Citizen mortgage programs catered specifically for non-resident investors investing overseas regardless if they have foreign credit reports, residency or proof of income. As of 2020, Borderless Mortgagor offers mortgages in over 26 countries to foreign nationals which includes the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, Eastern Europe, Thailand, Singapore and many more.They work directly with over 350 lenders to create loan program specifically for the requirements  for various nationalities in Asia, Australia & Europe. Mortgage programs include residential, commercial, bridging, short-term, delayed mortgage payment & cash out refinancing. Director of Borderless Mortgagor Group, Darsh Kuma, said Overseas buyers are still finding it difficult to obtain a mortgage from overseas lenders. The international mortgage market is extremely complex and time consuming. There are many issues to take into consideration such as currencies, income, security and the legal framework in different countries. There is finally an International mortgage solutions for foreign nationals who wants to invest overseas. Borderless Mortgagor Group seeks to bridge this gap with end-to-end solution for non resident mortgage lending. With a global network of over 350 lenders offering 1000 different custom mortgage products in over 20 different countries. The process is streamlined, fast, and efficient—so clients can enter the property market quickly and find the property that best suits their needs. For more information on overseas lending and international properties please visit JWA PARTICIPATES IN BHP’S 2020 FATALITY REDUCTION PROGRAM 2020-10-14T11:32:16Z jwa-participates-in-bhp-s-2020-fatality-reduction-program JWA has entered two submissions to BHP’s 2020 safety initiative aimed at reducing workforce risks and eliminating mining fatalities across its global operations. Mining giant BHP has partnered with Australia’s leading mining equipment and technology body, Austmine, to launch a program inviting suppliers to develop innovative solutions to top ten safety risks faced by the miner, such as safety of vehicles and mobile equipment operating in pit or underground, fire and explosion, falling objects or electrical hazards.  The submissions put forward by JWA aims to reduce traffic-related accidents in underground coal mines as well as provide stable ground access for haul roads, which are prone to accidents as erosion or soft ground conditions after heavy rains increase the likelihood of slippage, rollover or bogging of heavy machinery.  NAVIGATING IN UNDERGROUND COAL SHAFTS Studies conducted by the Australian Coal Industry's Research Program (ACARP), show that shuttle car movements in underground development roads is the leading cause of injuries and fatalities in underground coal mining, from potholes created from constant heavy-machinery traffic. Moreover, the use of water sprays to control coal mine dust also results in the roadways becoming a slurry mix of coal, clay and water overtime. The combination of soft floor conditions with pothole-riddled roads is a hazard for shuttle cars with 4-wheel steering, which increases the risk of the cars skidding and causing crush injuries. JWA’s DURA-BASE Composite Matting, which has been utilised for load spreading applications of over 3,200 tons, offers a ready solution to this commonplace hazard. DURA-BASE’s 105mm thick HDPE modular panels interconnect to form a solid surface to drive on, immediately improving road conditions to ensure workplace safety. Crucially, without the need for frequent pothole repairs required of concrete roads, combined with more efficient travel times by the shutter cars, the use of DURA-BASE mats can increase a mine’s production efficiency by six percent.1 The second pitch submitted by JWA offered a solution to ensure stable ground access for haul roads and heavy lift areas at mine sites.  HAUL ROADS - LIFELINE OF MINES Haul roads are the lifeline of all open pit mines and having a smooth and durable road profile is key to keeping productivity at an optimum. Having good roads are also key to increasing tyre-life of haulage machinery. JWA’s DURA-BASE matting provides a solid continuous stable surface that, unlike the current practice of using crushed rocks, is not subject to erosion and degradation due to use or heavy rainfalls, thus eliminating the need for frequent maintenance.  Importantly, matting effectively reduces the risk of loss of vehicle control and accident. Having a solid and durable roadway mitigates against serious incidents occurring due to vehicles encountering unexpected soft-sections of road, potholes and lack of visibility due to dust. The current practice of using crushed rocks require frequent repairs due to potholes, ruts or depressions that form because of damage from tracked machines, wheel rutting, spillage of material from trucks or most commonly, heavy rainfall turning the road into mud or flooding of the pavement. Crushed rocks and fill material also lead to excessive dust being kicked up in the air by moving vehicles, which is a safety issue due to visibility hazard. Dust also puts stress on machinery by clogging air filters, brakes and other moving parts.  Unfortunately, the practice of watering haul roads to control dust has created its own problems, such as roads becoming too slippery, paving the way for road degradation and loss of traction for mine vehicles.  “It is absolutely crucial that every worker has the safest working environment possible and we look forward to working with the mining majors to minimise traffic hazards in the industry,” said Hensley Wee, JWA’s Business Development Manager.   ABOUT JWA JWA is an Australian company committed to providing innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions to the resources and industrial sectors. Our company has supported major energy and infrastructure projects across the country, including the construction of LNG projects, road and rail programs and renewable developments. For more details on the use of DURA-BASE mats in underground coal mines, click on: For more on BHP’s 2020 Fatality Elimination Program, visit: JWA clinches innovation award from international erosion control group 2020-10-09T02:51:19Z jwa-clinches-innovation-award-from-international-erosion-control-group Australian-firm JWA has won an innovation award from the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) Australasia for its unique sediment control matting system. The FODS Trackout Control Mats on Thursday received the Highly Commended Award under the category of Excellence in Innovation, Contribution or Education to the Erosion and Sediment Control Industry in this year’s environmental excellence awards. Established in 1995, the IECA Australasia Awards celebrates innovation and recognises organisations that have made outstanding contributions to reduce erosion and improve sediment control in the civil engineering industry.  “Environmental sustainability and erosion control is a major issue in the construction and resource industries and our goal is to offer innovative solutions for companies to easily adopt the best practices,” says Hensley Wee, Business Development Manager at JWA.  “We will all benefit as the industry advances towards ownership in environmental protection as an integral part of their operations, especially as more projects move into greenfield land.” The patented pyramid design of the FODS Trackout mats, made of fully recyclable plastic, effectively removes mud and debris from equipment tires thus containing the sediment within a project site. The mat is reusable and can be easily transported, making it a more environmental and cost friendly solution to other methods, such as putting crushed rocks on sites.  Construction sites across the country face a common problem - building an effective sediment control method at the entry and exit points so the roads and paths beyond the site’s boundaries are clean and clear, reducing ongoing maintenance of these areas and to reduce cleanup costs. Current practices of either putting down crushed rocks, or installing steel rumble grids each have their own limitations. Rock pads cannot be used on sites with sticky clay soils. It requires constant monitoring for blockage and is also not reusable, while it also needs to be regularly replenished. Extra preparatory work needed for rumble grids also make them a less than ideal solution. The rumble grids require trenching at the area to create sediment deposit chambers, which needs to be cleaned out regularly. FODS matting is a solution to the shortfalls of the current products in the market. The highly robust and portable mats can be laid down directly on nearly all ground surfaces, which eliminates the need for any digging or trench work, and they can also be cleaned in situ thus minimising disruptions to work flow on sites. The mats are also environmentally friendly as they offer a protection layer to minimise ground disturbance, while being fully recyclable after an expected life-cycle of over 10 years. FODS mats were initially trialled at the Melbourne Metro Tunnel project, the West Gate Tunnel project as well as at Incitec Pivot’s fertiliser distribution centre in Townsville. All project managers were so impressed with the mats’ performance that they are now an integral part of their track out systems on site. ABOUT JWA: JWA is an Australian company committed to providing innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions to the resources and industrial sectors. Our company has supported major energy and infrastructure projects across the country, including the construction of LNG projects, road and rail programs and renewable developments.  Stunning Homes announces $25k worth free upgrades on your new house 2020-10-08T07:23:48Z stunning-homes-announces-25k-worth-free-upgrades-on-your-new-house Adelaide, SÁ Australia – Oct. 6, 2020 –Take advantage of Homebuilder Grant for up to $40,000 plus $25,000 worth of free Luxury upgrades on building your new house with Stunning Homes.    If you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to build your first home…here is your moment. Announcing, a bigger boost for SA Home Builders. In addition to the $15,000 first home owner grant, the government is now offering (for a limited time) a $25,000 federal grant for all new builds across SA. More details on qualification criteria on listed here   Plus, Stunning Homes is generously providing another $25,000 worth of Luxury Upgrades to put towards select homes across booming new estates. With this record-breaking incentive, it’s never been easier to own a house in Adelaide   This means if you are looking to build a new house then this is the right time to do so. This is a limited time grant, so if you have planned to buy a new house or build a house this is the perfect time as Stunning home is offering you free Luxury upgrades worth $25,000, which means a net gain of $65,000.  Stunning homes is famous for its quality work. They have 25 years of experience on commercial and residential construction. Their Spectacular house designs are feast for eyes. Their passion is to build new design houses according to your budget and needs. Their aim is always to provide excellence in each and every house they build. Their professional and skilled team is capable to build your house in Adelaide in a very quick time span. With $25K of quality fixtures up for grab, a new home owner in Adelaide can take advantage of luxury upgrades and quality finishing. Stunning Homes has the reputation of building sustainable structure and superior quality of fittings in affordable price. Every housing project comes with 25 years of structural warranty, which will provide a new home owner with peace of mind before signing up for house of their dreams. The priority is to maintain the quality of material, which enhance the structure of house and fixtures of house with their experiences project manager and complete the project well in time.  There are over 20 house and land packages available for you to choose from. All house and land packages in Adelaide come with customised floorplans and options to choose or upgrade internal fixtures and fittings.  Referoo partners with Onboarded to provide a seamless recruitment and on boarding experience 2020-10-07T22:21:41Z referoo-partners-with-onboarded-to-provide-a-seamless-recruitment-and-on-boarding-experience Referoo, Australia’s leading provider of online reference checks, today announced it has integrated its reference checking technology with Onboarded, one of the market’s leading staff onboarding solutions.    The technology partnership enables Onboarded labour hire clients to access Referoo’s award-winning online reference checking services as part of their existing Onboarded solution.    Referoo Co-Founder Neil Rose said of the partnership, “We are excited to work with Raj and the Onboarded team. They’ve built an excellent platform to assist labour-hire organisations in onboarding new staff, ensuring that all the required checks and balances are made throughout the process. By adding our reference checking technology, Onboarded clients can now easily add reference checks to this process, linking this through to their chosen ATS solution. It’s a win for labour-hire companies looking for true automation of their recruitment and onboarding process.”   Raj Soni, Founder and CEO of Onboarded can also see the value for clients. “It’s a fantastic outcome for both Referoo and Onboarded clients. Referoo is the leading online reference checking solution and adding their capabilities to our Onboarded process means that our labour-hire clients can now seamlessly automate reference checking through one platform. With Onboarded you can automate the entire on-boarding process including personal and contact info, tickets and licenses, compliance documents, skills match, right to work checks, inductions, bank/tax and super, and much more.”   Clients can access the solution from both Referoo and Onboarded. Visit for more information.   ENDS   About Referoo Referoo is the leading Australian owned complete online reference checking tool for recruiters and HR teams.  Designed to make it easy for you to generate fast and secure reference checks, our suite of tools is customisable to any business, of any size. Trial it for free at   About Onboarded Onboarded is a cloud based SaaS product focused on helping labour hire companies to better recruit and on-board staff. Simple to use and easily integrated with leading CRM/ATS solutions, Onboarded has the flexibility to work for any organisation. For more information visit   Viotel releases their new Vision Mission & Values that will guide the future growth of the company 2020-10-01T20:02:55Z viotel-releases-their-new-vision-mission-amp-values-that-will-guide-the-future-growth-of-the-company Viotel director Bob Gregg, facilitated a series of workshops to distill down the essence of Viotel into our new Vision Mission Values statement. Viotel Chairman, Dan O'Toole said " At our meeting today, the Board was unanimous in their support and enthusiasm for our Vision Mission and Values as articulated in this statement. It presents a great sense of where we are going as a company, and importantly the values and behaviours that will guide us on the journey." MissionTo empower our customers and clients by giving them better data to make better decisions. At Viotel, we believe knowledge is power. By providing mining, transport and infrastructure businesses with world-class monitoring technology, we provide critical data that informs critical decisions. From minimising risks to recognising opportunities, we put the power in your hands. Vision To be an organisation where exceptional people thrive by doing meaningful things. To be our customers' and clients' partner of choice. To become a world leader in the Industrial Internet of Things, enabling industry into a connected future Our Values We are Contemporary -   we demonstrate this through thought leadership, perspective,relevance and authenticity. We are Different -   we are prepared to challenge the norm, we are innovative and courageous,and we are prepared for disruption. We are Thoughtful - we think before we act, and in so doing are honest, fair, ethical andgenerous. we do the right thing, always for us, business is about more than just profits, we believe in people we go the extra mile, for our clients, employees, partners and the community Bob Greg added, "Guiding this process has been most rewarding. Looking at what we want to be, what we want to do, and how we are to be guided by our personal values; will help us grow and be successful. We must continually invest in our people, and setting the framework for this has been a great experience. " Voitel Director. To learn more about Viotel visit our About Us page. NBS and Central Innovation partner to release GRAPHISOFT Archicad add-on for Australian market 2020-09-29T23:31:26Z nbs-and-central-innovation-partner-to-release-graphisoft-archicad-add-on-for-australian-market NBS, the leading specification platform for the global construction industry, has announced a collaboration agreement with Central Innovation, GRAPHISOFT Archicad partner in Australia, releasing an add-on to users to build models and specifications together in the Archicad environment, reducing risk, improving productivity and increasing quality assurance on projects. Archicad is the leading Building Information Modelling (BIM) software application developed by GRAPHISOFT, and is used by architects, designers, engineers and builders to professionally design, document and collaborate on building projects. NBS Chorus enables Archicad users to develop their models and specifications at the same time, keeping their information co-ordinated and creating a seamless link between the design and specification - saving time and reducing the risk of information becoming out of sync. In line with evolving design standards, the collaboration is part of a mutual commitment to improving the accuracy and quality of specifications, helping to support architects, designers and specifiers’ interpretation of information, and their ability to make informed choices. Together, NBS and Central Innovation seek to drive efficiencies, value and better design through improved specification content and reducing misunderstandings. Utilising NBS Chorus and NBS Source, Archicad users are able to access the most comprehensive, consistent and up-to-date catalogue of building product information and specifications in Australia. Richard Kidd, ANZ Executive AEC at Central Innovations says, “We're very pleased to partner with NBS, and to offer Archicad customers in Australia this tool to make it easier to benefit from NBS' Uniclass specification accessed through NBS Chorus. In an ever competitive and time-sensitive Building and Construction Industry, effective specification combined with OpenBIM in an integrated design workflow based around GRAPHISOFT’s Archicad helps give our users a competitive edge to make informed 3D, 4D and 5D BIM decisions to help de-risk and improve project delivery.” Lincoln Easton, Managing Director NBS Asia Pacific, adds, “Providing high quality information efficiently and accurately, in a cohesive way, promotes best practice and ensures industry structures align. For too long Australian specifiers have had no choice but to rely on disconnected and manual MS Word and Excel processes.  A digitally connected approach to specification helps professionals do their jobs efficiently and is crucial to promote best practice within the wider construction industry.” He adds, “Our partnership will enable us to work closely with Central Innovation and its customers to deliver the best quality guidance and consistent standard of information on a single platform that is quickly understood.” To learn more about NBS Chorus and the GRAPHISOFT integration request a demo here.  About NBS NBS is a global leading technology platform that combines the best content and connectivity for anyone involved in the design, supply and construction of the built environment.  For architects, engineers, designers and contractors NBS provides a cloud-based specification system that enables them to work smarter and reduce their risk. For building product manufacturers, NBS helps grow their business by exposing their products across the construction project timeline.  Headquartered in the UK, NBS has a global reach via permanent bases in Australia and Canada.  With more than 300,000 customers NBS believes that the construction industry can, and must improve, and that this change can be driven by improved decision making, based on connected systems and information. Call: 1300 263 553 Email:   About GRAPHISOFT GRAPHISOFT® ignited the BIM revolution in 1984 with Archicad®, the industry first BIM software for architects.  GRAPHISOFT continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions such as its revolutionary BIMcloud®, the world’s first real-time BIM collaboration environment; EcoDesigner™, the world’s first fully BIM-integrated “GREEN” design solution; and BIMx®, the world’s leading mobile app for BIM visualization.  GRAPHISOFT is part of the Nemetschek Group.   About Central Innovation Central Innovation was founded on a passionate belief in providing world-class design solutions for the architectural, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries. Today, through locations across Australia and New Zealand, thousands of customers, large and small, rely on it to provide award-winning technical support, outstanding training and innovative products.  Central Innovation offers some of the world’s leading 3D design software: SOLIDWORKS®, Archicad, Solibri, and more. Call: 1300 423 372 Email: Cyprus Real Estate Offers Many Benefits for Overseas Investors 2020-09-28T05:43:52Z cyprus-real-estate-offers-many-benefits-for-overseas-investors Become a Cyprus citizen in just 6 months through the Cyprus Investment Program. Being a citizen of Cyprus, a member state of the European Union, you have the right to reside, work and study in any of the 28 EU member states, as well as Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland. Also you can enjoy visa free travel to more than 174 countries.  In mythology, Cyprus was known as the playground of the gods. Today it is a favorite relocation destination for ex-pats, retirees, and business executives seeking a wonderful life for themselves and their families. Acquiring Cyprus real estate is very popular among Indian investors who have found many benefits beyond the beauty of the island and the relaxed lifestyle that makes every day so pleasurable. A Paradise for Your Family Living in Cyprus has many advantages. A European Union state where family is important and elders are respected, Cyprus has friendly residents, great education, and the cleanest bathing waters in Europe. Cyprus is well known for its excellent healthcare system. Affluent individuals will appreciate the safety of the area and enjoy the sophistication of world-class sporting events, and luxurious spa facilities. Known for being environmentally clean and healthy, the island draws people from around the world with its carefree days and slow-paced Mediterranean life. Most people speak English, and Cyprus is very accommodating to foreign nationals. Cyprus real estate comes with special benefits that can be yours if you own investment property. Cyprus Permanent Residency Program An amazing opportunity to enhance your life, Cyprus citizenship can be obtained through an easy fast-trackpermanent residency program. After investing in a first-time sale property and meeting certain preconditions, an individual can apply for permanent residency within two months and citizenship within seven years. The purchaser’s entire family is included in the lifetime program, including parents, spouse, and all children under 25 years of age. Children may keep their status after they turn 25 and after they marry.   The residency requirements are simple: ·       Invest €300,000 + VAT in Cyprus real estate ·       Have an annual €30,000 income from abroad for the applicant and/or spouse plus an extra €5000 for each dependent ·       Visit Cyprus at least once every two years (permit holder) ·       Transfer €30,000 from abroad, and leave it in a Cypriot bank for at least three years  ·       Agree to abstain from working in Cyprus The advantages of having residency in a European Union state are many: ·       Easier access to Schengen Visa for travel throughout Europe ·       Multi-cultural society ·       Advantageous personal taxation ·       Double tax treaty network with over 60 countries including India ·       Application for a Cypriot passport after five of seven years have been spent in Cyprus  Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program If you are a high net worth individual, citizenship by investing in Cyprus real estate is a good choice, especially if you want to engage in business or trade while you reside in Cyprus. You and your family, including your spouse and your children up to age 28, can become lifetime citizens within 6 months. Your parents can also qualify by making a smaller investment of their own.  The citizenship requirements are simple: ·       Invest an initial €2 million in real estate within given parameters ·       Give €200,000 in government donations ·       Optionally reduce your investment to €500,000 after five years ·       Hold a valid passport with no criminal record ·       Fulfill other qualifications as applicable The advantages of having citizenship in the European Union are many: ·       Lifetime privileges for you and your family ·       Access to national healthcare benefits across the EU ·       Full residential and working rights in any of the 28 EU member states ·       Visa-free travel throughout more than 174 countries  ·       No requirement to relinquish current nationality ·       Advantageous tax rates and double tax treaties ·       Many business and financial benefits ·       Adding European real estate to diversify your portfolio Borderless Mortgagor Group  is currently developing and involved in the most prominent landmark Real Estate projects in Cyprus, ideal for investment in or through Cyprus or for relocation purposes. Our clients are mostly from Australia, India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, & Hong Kong.  We provide a one stop service for all our clients including : Property development (3000+ properties) Brokerage  Immigration services  Property management  Property rentals & rental management  Guaranteed rental between 5% to 6% Property Inspection tour for foreigners in 2021 Considering taking the plunge and investing in the real estate market in Cyprus? Contact Borderless Mortgagor Group today to get started on learning about options for living and doing business in this amazing Island. The New Breed of Lenders Bridging the Gap for Non-Resident Mortgage Lending 2020-09-28T04:58:56Z the-new-breed-of-lenders-bridging-the-gap-for-non-resident-mortgage-lending By Prwire, September 20 2020 Due to record-low interest rates, demand for housing in the UK, US, Australia & Europe is at record levels, with many tempted to borrow more than they may have in different market conditions. With those securing a mortgage currently able to do so at such favorable rates, many are borrowing that little bit extra to either buy bigger or in a better area. Global buyers have borrowed $4.4bn to fund their luxury property purchases so far this year, according to new research from Global Mortgagor Group. The latest research from Borderless Mortgagor Group has revealed the most prominent nationalities borrowing at the top end of the market in 2020, and found that the market has seen the highest level of activity from American, Australian, Indian, & Japanese buyers. Borderless Mortgagor Group is a non-resident mortgage brokerage for Foreigners & High Net Worth Individuals with offices in Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Florida and Singapore, specializing in high value and complex International mortgages. Director of Borderless Mortgagor Group, Aaron Morgan, said foreign buyers from all parts of Asia are still finding it difficult to obtain a mortgage from overseas lenders. The international mortgage market is extremely complex and time consuming. There are many issues to take into consideration such as currencies, income, security and the legal framework in different countries. There is finally an International mortgage solutions for foreign nationals who wants to invest overseas. Borderless Mortgagor Group seeks to bridge this gap with end-to-end solution for non resident mortgage lending. With a global network of over 350 lenders offering 1000 different custom mortgage products in over 20 different countries. The process is streamlined, fast, and efficient—so clients can enter the property market quickly and find the property that best suits their needs. For more information on overseas lending and international properties please visit   DESIGN INFERNO: GLASS SPLASHBACKS TO HELP IMPROVE KITCHEN DESIGNS 2020-09-23T09:22:29Z design-inferno-glass-splashbacks-to-help-improve-kitchen-designs Design Inferno is an Australian based textile retail where you can get some of the best designs splashbacks for your kitchen so that your home will look amazing and elegant. Here, at design inferno we help our clients to get custom design glass splashbacks for their home or even a project they are working on, using a team of specialists who will guarantee the best designs for your kitchen walls. Apart from glass splashbacks, we also offer pool fences, glass balustrades which will help you keep your home safe and sound especially if you have toddlers and children running around all day. Glass splashbacks have become an important aspect in the home as it gives a look of class and elegance. Not to mention that when you choose the right splashback you will get an easy to clean surface. Below is a given statement by Nadine a client from Design inferno who was thrilled by the service that the team at Design inferno provided. “They were absolutely fabulous!!!! What a great team Design Inferno has with these 2!! Very well presented, lovely, pleasant, and most of all very professional. Also, the pride they took in their work was above and beyond. They just didn’t want to install it any old way, they wanted to install it perfectly. And that is exactly what they did. They cleaned up and ensured that everything was perfect. WOW!! And our job was a tad trickier given the matching to the older previous splash back and having an older house where things aren’t square or flush. They were very meticulous and the care taken was great. Full credit to them and if you could pass the feedback onto them that would be appreciated.”  As you can see, there are plenty of different options in terms of glass splashbacks and this has given us a helpful way to help our clients with all their home/kitchen renovation needs. Rural property defies COVID 2020-09-22T21:41:22Z rural-property-defies-covid Rural property is one sector in the Australian economy that is showing appreciable promise despite the current economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic. A combination of improved seasonal conditions across the eastern states and generally good grain and livestock prices is prompting strong investor interest. It is also spurring a desire among young people to return to the land and city dwellers to flee to the regions as rural property enters the typically busy spring marketing season, This is the belief of directors of new, national Melbourne-based agribusiness and land transaction and development agency LAWD (Land, Agribusiness, Water, Development). The agency, with its strong line-up of some of the most experienced people in the industry is well positioned and sufficiently differentiated from its competitors to capture market share and make the most of current market conditions. LAWD which began operations in June already boasts a team of eight agents. The team is likely to grow to 25 by year’s end at which time an office will be opened in Brisbane. Included in the lineup are agribusiness experts as well as agents and advisors who specialise in peri-urban development land surrounding capital cities and regional centres and specialist valuers. All have expertise dealing with a spectrum of transactions, valuations and advisory from top end corporate entities and individuals at a portfolio level to medium sized family farms and smaller rural lifestyle blocks. One of the main point of differences with the LAWD model compared to other land transaction agencies is the agents all collaborate on listings rather than work independently. LAWD’s team consists of executive chairman John McKillop, who has been at the forefront of Australian agribusiness for more than 25 years. As chief executive of major corporate agribusinesses Hassad Australia, Clyde Agriculture and general manager of Australia’s largest cattle company Stanbroke Pastoral Company he presided over their divestment. In the last 12 months to April Mr McKillop has been chair of CBRE Agribusiness. Other senior directors include Colin Medway, who for the past four years was the national transaction leader for CBRE Agribusiness. Mr Medway, who is based in Yass, NSW has been at the forefront in establishing LAWD, which he believes offers more flexibility and opportunities for its agents.  His faith in the new agency is based on the wide breadth of experience its agents have “over a wide range of geographies” and who have been responsible for some of the country’s biggest individual rural land transactions in the last decade. Added to that, he says, is the personal relationships LAWD agents have established with all the major agribusiness players both vendors and purchasers, domestically and internationally. On top of strong local demand for property Mr Medway is also buoyed by interest from overseas investors seeking a safe investment haven in Australia. But, he says, it is family farm businesses that remain the engine room in the market with a new generation of young people returning to the farm and looking to expand. “I think there is a new wave of young people seeing agriculture as a viable long-term career and certainly there is a run of them coming back to the land. “And those family businesses often need to expand to accommodate this growing workforce.” Mr Medway says the rural property market is as strong as he has ever seen it. “We’re encouraged by the pipeline (of demand) we have for the spring and the assets we have to take to market.” In particular, the south west slopes of NSW was probably the hottest market at the moment. As for the impact of the Covid-19 virus, Mr Medway said LAWD was advising clients it was having no impact apart from the inconvenience of being able to cross borders to inspect properties. Generally, he was finding even overseas investors who were unable to travel to Australia had trusted local representatives to carry out inspections and advise them. Also, fuelling interest in agriculture as an alternative investment was low interest rates of around three percent, which could be covered by operating returns leaving any capital gain made when divesting the property as profit. On average, Australian farmland has delivered compound annual growth of 7.5pc over the last 20 years, according to Rural Bank. According to another LAWD director Tim Corcoran, who also moved from CBRE Agribusiness, the new agency offered him the chance to embrace teamwork even more and work closer together. Mr Corcoran, who operates from Wagga Wagga, says a lack of supply and access to cheap funds is driving strong demand for property in his area and driving up values leading to a positive outcome for vendors. “It’s a seller’s market,” he says. Another LAWD director Ian Robertson, who is based at Cowra in NSW’s Central West, said it was a perfect time to to establish the new business. “It’s a great team and a great opportunity,” he said. With the LAWD model two to three agents could be all working on the same listing together. “It provides a bit of extra grunt to the vendors”, he said. We all work together on jobs. This is the only business where multiple agents work on jobs. “We’re certainly getting our share of listings. It proves it doesn’t matter what colour shirt you wear; it’s the individual that’s in it that counts.” Two other directors who have joined LAWD, Peter Sagar and Paul Callanan from Cushman and Wakefield, a global real estate services firm, will oversee land development opportunities in the growth corridors of capital cities and regional centres and towns. According to Mr Sagar, the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a shift away from city centres and apartment living to suburban fringes and rural residential locations as more people embrace working from home.  He sees his experience as a land developer with major corporates, and an agent and valuer overlapping with LAWD farmer clients, seeking advice on subdivision in or near a town or regional centre to further add value and achieve the best outcome. ARDEX Australia Training Webinars For Formal Continual Professional Development (CPD) 2020-09-22T14:04:23Z ardex-australia-training-webinars-for-formal-continual-professional-development-cpd As a member of the Refuel CPD Provider Network, ARDEX Australia offers a convenient and cost-effective way for industry professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest construction material innovations and acquire formal CPD points. As a part of the ARDEXacademy and its series of ARDEX Australia’s Training Webinars for Continual Professional Development, you can increase vital know-how about ARDEX Australia’s products. ( The training webinars for Continual Professional Development cover crucial topics within the construction industry, including:  – The four key components of successful waterproofing – Floor preparation for resilient and textile floor finishes – Understanding grout These one-hour online webinars offer 1 formal Continual Professional Development Point each and are offered online by ARDEX Australia. Upon completion of the training webinars, you will have comprehensive knowledge on the topics mentioned above, with the ability to identify both issues that can arise with their application and the critical components of a successful application. The ARDEX Australia series of training webinars for continual professional development are available three times a month on Friday from 10.00 to 11.00 am. What You’ll Learn During ARDEX Australia Training Webinars for Continual Professional Development The 4 key components of successful waterproofing The one-hour training webinar will cover the steps necessary to successfully apply a waterproofing solution to your project. It includes choosing the right product, applying it correctly, supervising its application and the design, and detailing process. Upon completion of the webinar, you will not only learn what is necessary for successful waterproofing but also assess and solve potential problems that may arise during their application. Floor preparation for resilient and textile floor finishes A one-hour webinar covering how to prepare floors for resilient or textile-based floor finishes. The webinar will cover the importance of slab flatness, screed performance and slab moisture levels when applying these types of flooring solutions. When you complete the training webinar, you will be able to assess and deliver solutions for slab moisture, the components necessary to prepare a floor to accept textile or resilient floor finishes, and alternatives to traditional cement and sand screed. Understanding grout This one-hour webinar will introduce you to the various options available to you when choosing grout for tiling applications. Our experienced instructor will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each specific type of grout. The webinar will also cover common issues, such as efflorescence, when applying grout and how to resolve them. Why do you need ARDEX Australia’s Training Webinars for Continual Professional Development? ARDEX Australia’s Training Webinars for Continual Professional Development gives you the knowledge necessary to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest industry innovations, materials and applications. Depending on the profession and the regulators or professional bodies that regulate it, Continual Professional Development might be a requirement to continue practicing your specialty. As a member of the Refuel CPD Provider network, ARDEX Australia’s training webinars cover formal CPD point requirements for designers, architects and specifiers.