The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-03-22T03:42:45Z Three reasons to celebrate! 2019-03-22T03:42:45Z three-reasons-to-celebrate-1 March has been an eventful month in the calendar for Adelaideans and for local engineering business gama consulting who are celebrating three years since opening their doors. The Kent Town based consultancy prides itself on offering a fresh approach to structural engineering within the residential and commercial sectors and has now grown to employ around ten full time staff. “Employing the right staff is really important. If you have the right team behind you, which we are fortunate to have, then you have every opportunity to build and run a successful business,” Matthew Mammone, gama consulting joint director explains. “After deciding that we needed a challenge in our careers and with the support of our families, we went on to pursue our dream of starting our own consultancy. “Our aim was to offer a service and a product that people in the industry would respect and enjoy and create something we would get a kick out of too.” “Fortunately, the growth we’ve seen and the feedback that we’re receiving is that people are liking and appreciating what we’re doing,” Gabby Stracci, gama consulting joint director explains. And while one of the business goals was to create work life balance, Matthew explains with a smile, “That has been questionable, especially with a young family!” He also tells that, “One of the greatest things about gama is being able to make decisions about how the business is run and moves forward without having to jump through too many hoops.” While being a business owner has many positives, Matthew and Gabby explain, “Adelaide is probably one of the most challenging places to start and run a business in the current economy. “We have been extremely fortunate to work with some amazing companies and clients to build our business from the ground up. “You’re never quite sure how it’s going to play out, so getting through our first three years has been a great achievement. It doesn’t mean that the foots been taken off the pedal though!” Matthew also recalls the challenges of running a start-up business. “I remember I had a ‘wake up’ moment when we first opened our doors. I was sitting in the office, typing up my first inspection report when I had the realisation that it was up to Gabby and myself to push as much as we wanted.” Gabby goes onto explain that it’s very much a relationship-based industry. “It’s obviously about providing our clients with a quality service and product and putting our vision into practice by setting a plan and then having the support around us to grow the business. “Each job we work on receives the same high level of attention to detail and follow through. Client communication is a big focus for us.” When asked how they define success, Gabby explains, “I think if we’re happy and our staff are happy then you’re on your way to achieving success.” And as for the future of gama consulting, Gabby and Matthew explain, “We’re working on our internal processes and at the same time hoping to showcase some of the work we’re doing through our website and online channels. “Our aim is to keep our heads down, keep working hard and enjoying ourselves as a team.” gama consulting offers a fresh approach to structural engineering within the residential and commercial sectors. To find out more about the range of services, visit or call 08 7123 4050 Melbournia Development’s Couture Armadale likely to shake up Melbourne’s apartment market with Deco styling that hits new personalised highs. 2019-03-20T01:27:44Z melbournia-development-s-couture-armadale-likely-to-shake-up-melbourne-s-apartment-market-with-deco-styling-that-hits-new-personalised-highs Melbourne property developer, Melbournia Developments, has announced that its new project Couture Armadale, will be launching in the city’s prestigious suburb of Armadale next month.    The 19 apartment low-rise build is set to shift entrenched perceptions of apartment living - away from the mainstream cookie-cutter strategy by offering a development that elevates each apartment’s design to its own unique experience. No two are the same.     This design approach, which rightfully places buyers at the forefront of the experience by building quality, value and individuality directly into each apartment, is anticipated to surprise the industry and excite the market.    Inspired by Art Deco, Couture Armadale takes authenticity to a new level. Critiquing the design from the perspective of all disciplines - architectural, interior and environmental - the development presents as a highly considered residential experience. Its curation and tailor-made strategy is built around a highly targeted audience group, rather than being commercially driven with the audience as an after-thought.    Melbournia Group, Director and Founder, Zoe Zhu commented, “Couture Armadale is an honest statement of exceptional quality which demands attention. It’s uniqueness and extravagance are tastefully executed. This is true sophistication. We’re expecting interest from a mature and cultured market who have a honed appreciation for beauty and are ready to indulge in life a little.”    “We were drawn to the Deco theme for its sumptuousness and character and you really see this in the detail we’ve applied. Each apartment is a real celebration of individual style, right down to garden beds. No one apartment is the same,” Zhu said.   The Art Deco period (c.1908-1935) became its own movement as the decorative arts spilled over into every part of modern life from fashion, to furniture, art, textiles and music. It became a way of being. Couture Armadale brings this to the apartment living experience in a genuinely enticing way.   The development is the brain child of Kevin Phuong, Director, Melbournia Group. Even before the site was acquired, the concept and theme were developed. “I had a very clear vision for a specific demographic. There was an underlying gut feel and desire to create a residential experience that would engage this market emotionally,” Phuong said.   “It was important for me that it could express a level of detail not usually offered in an apartment setting, and that there was a real sense of thoughtful living integrated throughout.”     Armadale attracts a multi-cultural, educated and high-earning community that appreciates its adjoining suburbs’ offers of high-end shopping, restaurants and boutiques.   “People are clear about why they want to live in the area and expect that the advantages and prestige the area affords them will be directly experienced in their own living environments,” added Zhu.     “Couture Armadale respects this in a way that most apartment developments gloss over. The fact is the market is astute and apartment living shouldn’t feel like a compromise.”   Melbournia Developments collaborated with multi-disciplinary architecture, and interior design company Peddle Thorpe. Peter Brook, Director, Peddle Thorpe, Melbourne agreed that the collaborative process was not only enjoyable but that the project itself will offer a different level of interest from the market.    “We’ve seen decades of much of the same from state to state, city to city. Couture Armadale most definitely has been approached with a level of integrity that is rare in the industry,” Brooke said.   The development comprises 1, 2, 3 and penthouse apartments starting from $660,000. The project will be released to the market with an accompanying display suite in April 2019. Interest can be registered on or sales concierge on 1300 813 098. -ENDS- Local Electronics Company Can Breath A Sigh Of Relief 2019-03-19T12:57:51Z the-hazard-of-asbestos-1 Local electronics company Jaycar have recently had Asbestos Removal Experts - Asbestos Eliminator rebuild their entire building. The building was laden with cancer causing asbestos. "It was an honour serving a local legend like Jaycar" said director Jake Zangera.  Experts state that ‘disturbing findings show that, despite repeated warnings, Australians are still not protecting themselves from asbestos-related diseases”. This study of around 860 individuals who had recently completed a DIY renovation, found that 61% stated that they had been exposed. Alarmingly, more than 20% stated that their children had been exposed. Don’t become a statistic! The removal of asbestos from a property is covered by strict government regulation and code of practice that identifies the removal requirements and specifications for asbestos removal. If you are unaware of this code then that is a sure sign that you shouldn’t think about removing it yourself! It is important that you understand the need to engage a qualified and licensed professional, such as Asbestos Eliminator to look after the removal process for you. A licensed professional will have the necessary qualifications, training and insurance to ensure you are protected. In addition to the regulatory requirements a licensed professional will have the necessary tools and experience to remove it safely, effectively and efficiently. The process in removing asbestos is not as simple as chucking it into a rubbish tip. Once identified a professional will utilise high level safety equipment, carefully remove the asbestos and then action safe disposal of it. Asbestos Eliminator has the necessary qualifications, expertise and experience in managing the entire asbestos removal process. Our integrated experience ensures we can identify, remove and dispose of the asbestos safely and effectively. Health and Safety Incidents Now The Biggest Loss Driver for Organisations 2019-03-19T02:15:59Z health-and-safety-incidents-now-the-biggest-loss-driver-for-organisations Health and safety incidents have become the leading financial loss drivers for businesses around the globe, with cumulative losses now outstripping the costs of more high-profile disruptions such as cyber-attacks or IT outages, according to the latest research. The British Standards Institution (BSI) 2019 Horizon Scan analysed the risks and threats recognised by 569 organisations worldwide, and compared these against the impact of actual disruptions over the past year. The findings highlight a significant gap between perceived business risks and actual issues. The researchers say that despite the frequency and cumulative cost of health and safety incidents, organisations continue to incorrectly perceive their impact as relatively low – ranking them twelfth on the list of top risks for 2019. In reality, surveyed organisations which suffered losses of more than 7 percent of annual turnover had cumulative health and safety incident costs of $1.186 billion in 2018. BSI Chief Executive, Howard Kerr, said true organisational resilience meant not overlooking the underrated, and easily missed, issues that can seem like “business as usual.” “It is easy for leaders to be kept awake at night by high-profile risks such as cyber-attacks, technology disruptions and IT outages. But they must not ignore the smaller, more frequent risks that steadily erode the bottom line.” “Organisations that do not take all threats they face seriously, or develop plans to manage them, are exposing themselves to not only reputational loss but what can become quite severe financial costs.” For 2019, organisations are most concerned about high-impact events, including cyber-attacks, IT outages and extreme weather events, despite the fact that other incidents recurred more often and have a cumulatively higher impact. Other key findings: Political change is predicted to be one of the top ten disruptions in the next 12 months but the financial aspect of political change seems to be neglected, as threats related to exchange rate volatility and higher cost of borrowing do not appear in the top ten. Organisations with business continuity plans in place for more than a year suffer fewer disruptions than their peers; they report lower losses (6%) than the average (7%) from disruptions in the last twelve months. Organisations direct a lot of time and attention towards risks that were previously considered ‘black swans’ – events that struck as a surprise, with a high impact on those affected. These events then become a key focus of attention. Risks such as critical infrastructure failure and natural disasters are among the most anticipated disruptions with high risk scores (5.47 and 5.43 respectively). Discover how work safety can impact performance, profit, and culture.  Ash Taylor Building a Career on and off the Field 2019-03-17T22:38:37Z ash-taylor-building-a-career-on-and-off-the-field A footballers career is an exhilarating one, just ask Ash Taylor, half-back for the Gold Coast Titans. In the 2018 season Ash achieved 17 try-assists for the team and his pre-season lead-up this year indicates he is one to watch, evident in his commitment for ongoing improvement.  But like many elite sporting careers, football careers often run short and players can find themselves hanging up their boots with no other skills to fall back on.  This is where the Queensland Government’s pilot program, Elite Sportsperson Apprenticeship & Traineeship (ESAT), has stepped in. The program aims to support elite athletes, who have long training hours and scheduled games or competition events, into apprenticeship training opportunities with companies that can work around their sporting commitments.  Ash is excited to be one of the first elite athletes to sign up to the program, commencing a part-time Carpentry Apprenticeship with Koryzma Constructions.  “I’m grateful for Koryzma Constructions for giving me this opportunity. It’d be great to make a lifetime career out of football but it’s important to have a back-up plan as there are limited opportunities in the industry once you finish playing the game. I’ve always been interested in building and actually started a school-based apprenticeship in carpentry back in 2011, before football took over”, Ash stated.   BUSY At Work is the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider who has signed up the apprenticeship opportunity and Ash’s Carpentry Apprenticeship training will be delivered through Building Industry Training.  “BUSY At Work and Building Industry Training, have made the whole process easy and we are looking forward to having Ash on board”, Shannon Koryzma from Koryzma Constructions stated.  Paul Miles, Managing Director at BUSY At Work further stated “It’s exciting that Ash Taylor, an incredible athlete, is one of the first to be involved in ESAT, a worthwhile program for athletes that allows them to diversify skills and earning capacity throughout their lifetime. Ash is the third elite athlete that BUSY has signed to part time construction-industry apprenticeships and we are proud to be pioneering this pilot program. We look forward to following Ash’s career, both on and off the field.”    For more information on the ESAT program or employing a trainee or apprentice for your business, contact BUSY At Work on 13 BUSY (13 28 79) or visit   MEDIA ALERT: Pickles Hosts Mackay’s Massive March Industrial Equipment Sale (March 14 - 20) 2019-03-13T21:45:55Z media-alert-pickles-hosts-mackay-s-massive-march-industrial-equipment-sale-march-14-20 WHAT Australia’s largest industrial equipment auctioneer Pickles, will host six online auctions and one live auction on behalf of two Queensland behemoths in the construction and engineering sectors.   Stock has been sourced from Epoca Constructions (fleet rationalisation), a privatively owned and operated civil, structural, and mechanical engineering company, and Q H & M Birt, a family-owned delivery orientated construction contractor.    Millions of dollars’ worth of functional, high-quality fleet including portable buildings blocks, prime movers, dozers, loaders, trucks and trailers will be auctioned off, and stock has been grouped into the below auctions:   1.      Light Vehicles & Utilities Online Auction 2.      Truck & Trailer Online Auction 3.      Earth Moving & Mobile Plant Online Auction 4.      Cranes, Forklifts & Access Equipment Online Auction 5.      Containers & Portable Buildings Online Auction 6.      Mackay Light Industrial & Workshop Equipment Online Auction 7.      Major Earthmoving Equipment Auction   WHERE & WHEN ONLINE AUCTIONS (1-6) VIEWINGS All stock can be viewed by making an appointment, please call 1300 869 602.   AUCTIONS Thursday, 14 March 9am AEST to Wednesday, 20 March. Check the sale info, linked on each asset listing, for full details of the auction.   LISTING Please view listing here   LIVE AUCTION (7) VIEWINGS All stock can be viewed prior on Friday, 15 March 2019 and Monday, 18 March 2019 in person by appointment or online.    AUCTIONS  Tuesday, 19 March from 10am at Lot 12, Ron Searle Drive, Mackay Harbour.   LISTING Please view listings here.   For bidders unable to attend, Pickles offers an online bidding facility – Pickles Live – allowing bids to be placed Australia-wide in real time.  Interested parties are asked to register on the site prior.    ABOUT PICKLES Pickles is Australia’s leading marketplace for used vehicles, salvage, industrial, and general goods, offering thousands of quality assets every week at below-market prices.   With over 50 years’ experience selling on behalf of trusted vendors including government departments, major financial institutions, fleet, lease and insurance companies, and major corporate businesses, Pickles offers customers value, flexibility, and convenience.    ABOUT EPOCA CONSRUCTIONS Epoca Constructions is a privately owned and operated civil, structural, and mechanical engineering company established in 1970. Epoca Constructions is a highly valued contractor providing professional construction services to a wide client base.    ABOUT Q H & M BIRT Q H & M Birt is a well-known family owned civil and mining contracting company with over 40 years of experience in the industry. The business has grown to be a dynamic provider in the construction industry, managing a diverse range of projects Australia wide.     VostroNet’s Advanced Software Redefines Hotel Property Management 2019-03-11T06:19:32Z vostronet-s-advanced-software-redefines-hotel-property-management <> VostroNet has built an advanced property management platform to meet the needs of hotel operators. After hearing many frustrated clients, VostroNet has designed its hotel network to provide an all-in-one solution to hotel operators and developers. VostroNet’s advanced software platform provides management with visibility over its user base and provides the tools to easily administer users on the network. The platform also generates sophisticated analytics on user behaviour to aid management in optimising its offering for its users. VostroNet offers operators a customised hotel branded log-in page to promote their brand. Its software analytics are then used to learn about guest/resident demographics to further improve hotel marketing and function. Hotel operators and developers also have to purchase the PMS separate to the other infrastructure. Currently, a hotelier has to purchase the link into the building, find an electrical contractor to do cabling, find a Wi-Fi installation specialist, source a PMS to administer users to the network and find external contractors for upgrades to the system. VostroNet acts as an end-to-end provider, providing a direct 10 Gbps fibre link to buildings, network installation, hotel property management software that peers to most PMS systems and expense free maintenance and upgrades to the network. <> SAI Global Loses Monopoly On Australian Standards 2019-03-11T05:20:23Z sai-global-loses-monopoly-on-australian-standards Following a decision from an independent arbitrator, Standards Australia have announced that any extended distribution agreement with SAI Global would be “non-exclusive” – a win for Australian businesses. Currently, SAI Global own an exclusive 15-year license (with an additional 5-year option) to publish and distribute Australian Standards. The arbitrator’s decision means that Standards Australia can now take steps to move beyond the exclusive distribution arrangements that have been in place with SAI Global since 2003. Over the past year, the SIA, on behalf of the health and safety profession, has actively lobbied for an end to the 15-year monopoly distribution arrangements. Standards Australia’s Chairman, Richard Brooks, said the arbitration decision was an exciting step towards delivering greater value and improving access to Australian Standards, while building capability and external partnerships to deliver new methods of distribution to end users. “Improving every aspect of our work – from how we connect with contributors, to how we foster innovation and how we distribute our content has been a major part of our agenda.” “However, as the world of publishing changes, we must also change to continue our strong, positive contribution to the community and empower those who use our content.” SIA Chief Executive, David Clarke, congratulated Standards Australia on taking up the challenge of removing what has long been seen by the SIA as an unfair arrangement to Australian business. “Standards are an important tool for Australian businesses in many ways, they play a vital role in understanding health and safety responsibilities and implementing good health and safety practice. The price of standards has been increasingly prohibitive and one of the key reasons has been the distribution monopoly. This announcement is the first step in seeing those costs come down.” Mr Clarke said that the Institute would continue to take a strong interest in the development of the wider distribution market for Australian Standards, and that this announcement was only the first step. “This is not just about medium and large enterprises. A million small businesses in this country do not access standards because of their cost which directly affects their health and safety. This recent decision will reduce costs which is a positive step, but there is still a case to be made for the Commonwealth to look at subsidising access for some areas of Australian business, especially small business.” Standards Australia said exactly how the arbitrator’s decision would be implemented is still unclear, but that it is committed to starting the process sometime later this year. In the meantime, Australian Standards will continue to be distributed through SAI Global. As part of this transition process, Standards Australia will soon begin an open consultation with stakeholders to understand how the current and future distribution models can deliver easier access for those who use Standards Australia’s content. Standards Australia’s CEO, Bronwyn Evans, emphasised the importance of stakeholder engagement as part of the transition. “Operating an open and transparent process is our core business. This is an opportunity to design a Standards Australia of the future that relies on all interested stakeholders, whose support and contribution will be vital in the improvement and innovation in the distribution of Australian Standards.” Challenges ahead but KL on target to achieve status as world class city of the future affirms Tan Sri Michael Yeoh 2019-03-10T23:19:30Z challenges-ahead-but-kl-on-target-to-achieve-status-as-world-class-city-of-the-future-affirms-tan-sri-michael-yeoh The momentum driving Kuala Lumpur’s progress towards recognition as a world class liveable city has been impressive and continues to propel this aspiration – however there are still numerous challenges ahead for the nation’s capital said Kingsley Strategic Institute’s (KSI) Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh in his welcoming address at KSI’s international conference last month.   KSI’s international Conference – Shaping the future of Greater Kuala Lumpur Towards Sustainable & Inclusive Smart City Living brought together senior government officers, corporate leaders, SMI’s, entrepreneurs, civil society organisations, thought leaders and community heads to discuss the transformation of Greater Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya into a world class city of the future.   The Conference program facilitated the exchange views, insights and ideas and assessed future challenges and opportunities.  It will also promoted KL as an investment destination and regional hub for foreign investors.   A great city is not measured by more and more physical structures, but also by its plans and activities that benefit its inhabitants said YB Tuan Haji Khalid Bin Abd. Samad, Minister of Federal Territories Malaysia in his keynote address.  “It’s important to compare KL against other global cities and learn and be inspired by them”.   Vienna demonstrated by winning the 2018 Most Liveable City that the five key attributes for liveability are 1) Stability; 2) Healthcare; 3) Culture and environment; 4) Education; and 5) Infrastructure.   In looking to the future and the successful attainment of KL’s goal to achieve world class liveability status, Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh said it was essential to consider the seven Es.   1.  Economic Growth     The city must create more economic and commercial opportunities in the future – especially for SMEs that underpin much of Malaysia’s economic growth and employment.   2.  Environment     It is imperative that government, business and society work together to protect and safeguard the ‘living environment’ and ‘green lungs’ of the city.   3.  Education     Kuala Lumpur needs to be an education hub.  The creation of education hubs throughout the city to focus on science, technology, technical advancement, research and innovation is crucial.   4.  Employment     Creating employment opportunities, especially for future generations is must.   5.  Enforcement     Protecting citizens and the environment against pollution and activities that endangers the city’s population and natural surroundings requires strict enforcement – including maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness.   6.  Engagement     There must be an infrastructure that facilitates dialogue and engagement between the city council, Malaysian government, business, community associations, chambers of commerce and civil society.  The input, feedback and support of KL’s citizens is especially important for success.      7.  Ethical Leadership     The goal of ethical leadership is to trickle down and address issues of corruption and mismanagement from all activities.   Minister Samad, concluded his presentation by calling on the conference delegates to ‘dream big’ and be inclusive.    The goal of liveability can only be achieved by all stakeholders from government, council, business, academia and resident associations working together to make the vision reality.   The conference ended with a suggestion to organise an Asia Pacific Mayors Conference next year – Tan Sri Dr Michael Yeoh has confirmed planning has been commenced by KSI for this initiative.   ENDS Issued by Connect Malaysia              Media enquiries         Mr. Joe Perri, Connect Malaysia Tel:       +61 3 9662 2550   Mob:  +61 412 112 545  Email:   Profile:      Kingsley Strategic Institute       The Kingsley Strategic Institute (KSI) provides strategic advice, high level executive briefings, international conferences, policy roundtables and national summits.  New Malaysia has brought new hopes for the country and new challenges and this requires innovative strategic thinking, plans and ideas.   In line with the revived Malaysia Inc concept to foster closer public – private sector cooperation KSI organises top level exclusive briefings and policy dialogues and provide policy inputs to government derived from policy analysis.   KSI is a bridge between Government and Business and is committed to excellence, professionalism and integrity.   In addition, KSI assists organisations prepare for the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Age of Disruption through meetings of minds sharing new ideas, insights and intelligence.  KSI is also the Secretariat for the prestigious Economic Club of Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysia China Economic Cooperation Council (MCECC) and Dialogue Rakyat.   The MCECC organises high level meetings on the Belt and Road Initiatives (BRI) and works closely with think tanks, business organizations and research institutions in China and ASEAN.   The Economic Club of Kuala Lumpur promotes discussions and debate on economic policies and issues and host Roundtables and luncheons with Cabinet Ministers, top CEOs and thought leaders from Malaysia and the ASEAN region.   How to Take Advantage of a Revit Course in Melbourne 2019-03-08T11:05:54Z how-to-take-advantage-of-a-revit-course-in-melbourne Revit is a Building Information Modelling piece of software from Autodesk, the same company where AutoCAD came from. Learning and knowing Revit are two different things. You may have learned how to use Revit back in college while you were studying architecture, but you probably do not know how to utilise and implement the software. With a Revit course in Melbourne, you can learn more about specific features, functions, and other fundamentals. You can grasp more details about the software and how to use it correctly in just a short period. Certified industry experts teach Revit training courses where you can develop your knowledge in modelling or designing your construction projects. Aside from lectures, you can also improve your skills with the help of practical exercises that you can use in the real world. During the training, you will be able to enhance and streamline your regular workflow processes. The great thing about Revit courses in the city is that you can find one that is specifically intended for your skillset. You can visualise, design, and work with the training program that can either be basic for newbies or comprehensive for experienced users. Preparing Yourself for a Melbourne Revit Course Before you start the training program, it helps to be familiar with the software first. Begin by downloading Autodesk Revit, which offers a 30-day free trial. Install it and complete all the tutorials available. You should not wait to get to the firm to familiarise yourself with the interface. Open it and start exploring to understand even the most basic functions. You can practice modelling when you have the software and play with certain parameters. This way, you will find it easier to learn the program. When you are ready for the course, you will learn more about how to use the software. One of the most important things that you will discover is working collaboratively with other people. Using What You Have Learned from the Revit Course Taking a course can help you meet project deadlines easier, faster, and more effectively. You will understand many things, and you can use what you have learned to accomplish your design or modelling tasks. Here are more ways on how you can take advantage of the course, especially at work: No More Accidental Double-Clicks Revit is not for mindless clicking, which is why you should always pay attention to the buttons you hit. Although it is quite simple, many Revit users accidentally click the mouse twice, particularly on a component family, which can ruin the designing because it will go to the family editor. Slowing down the mouse clicking speed or adjusting the settings of the program through customising the double click options for families does the trick. From there, you can choose your preferred choice. Thinking Twice over Free Stuff Before users take the course, most would add in components from sources and other manufacturers who do not even understand their jobs. They expect these components to work until they realise those are not written with the same standards, so they have to rework on everything at the last minute. Other components are also not created to be repurposed so you are locked into something that may not work correctly. With your course, you will learn to pick the varieties of libraries and families that are designed specifically for you. These modules are proven to work and can be used automatically upon acquisition. Smart Object Selection With Revit, many users select objects they do not intend to, mainly when they are performing a crossing or window selection using the mouse. The training program will help you get to know and utilise your selection methods. This way, you can easily prevent selecting things that you should not. Additionally, Revit has tools that you can use for selecting objects. For instance, you can turn Select Links off. When your link is set to the right position, you can turn this feature off so you will not mistakenly select the link. Another is Select Underlay, which should also be turned off unless you will truly have to shift an underlay element. Enjoying the Constraints Placing constraints within your model’s components tells Revit and the members of your team regarding their relationships, which should be maintained. Often though, these relationships are difficult to visualise, particularly for the team members who did not design them in the first place. If you get an error or a warning message that tells you the constraints are not satisfied, the Reveal Constraints mode will allow you to determine the Revit model’s constraints as precisely as possible. Using Rendering Technology Finally, Revit courses enable you to take advantage of cool rendering technology and resources. These things are leaping fast where the tasks you can accomplish in just a few minutes would take days or at least a few hours before. The training programs allow you to keep abreast of the technology so you can use it with your work, especially in furthering your career. All the benefits above provide you and businesses a way to understand Revit as a Building Information Modelling application. You will grasp that the training is about the processes and the people using the software, not Revit itself. Fundamentally, learners fixate on the tool, which is a mistake. Instead of focusing on Revit, you should train based on your relevant experience and what you want to achieve, which are two of the compelling aspects of the learning equation. Many companies in Melbourne and even the rest of Australia invest in BIM technologies and training their employees to grasp the fundamentals of software applications, such as Revit. The amount of time needed to learn the ins and outs of the software depends on the person and his or her skills. You will not be an expert user unless you have started a project and finished it with a team of people. However, a Revit course is your best way to comprehend the essentials until you get to the intricacies of the powerful tools in the program. The Downsides Of Ignoring Underfloor Insulation Explained 2019-03-07T04:45:01Z the-downsides-of-ignoring-underfloor-insulation-explained As a whole, heat in your home is 100%, and percentages from this total value can escape from elements of your home. For example, about 35% of the heat can leak through the walls, and 15% can flow through windows and doors. And, this is why experts in the insulation industry have introduced thermal barrier options for each of these elements, and Underfloor Insulation is the product for your floors. In this article, we explain the downsides of not investing money in insulation. Also, we discuss a few other helpful topics too. Let’s get started! Underfloor Insulation can be rigid panels or batt thermal barriers, and depending on the floor type; choose the right type wisely. Usually, we don’t install spray-foam and blown-in insulation on floors. Like all other areas, the R-value is the measure that you should focus on when choosing insulation for your floors. For example, if you live in a colder or hotter part in Australia; make sure you buy a product that comes with a higher R-value. What are the downsides of choosing the wrong R-value? Well, nothing will happen if you buy Underfloor Insulation that comes with a higher R-value than the required value. Anyway, the prices of high-R-Value thermal barriers are a bit high. Hence, you will spend extra money for no reason. Anyway, if you choose a lower R-value; you will have to go through a series of downsides such as high energy bills and frequent temperature fluctuations. You can imagine the downsides of frequent temperature fluctuations, don’t you? For a comfortable life, the temperature in your home should stay at a constant level, and Underfloor Insulation helps you a lot with it. Most homeowners in Australia install thermal barriers on the roof/ceiling, walls, and doors as well, but they sometimes forget the floor. As mentioned, when 20% of the heat leaks through the floor; you can’t achieve optimal temperatures in your home. To balance it, you will either turn on the heaters air conditioners that are home appliances consume electricity in high amounts. High energy bills and energy wastes are the downsides of it. This money waste on energy bills will affect you in the long run. For example, if you keep on spending too much money on energy bills for 40 years; calculate and see how much you would waste! What if you save that money by installing Underfloor Insulation and use the money for something productive for your family? Remember, it’s not only about saving your money but about saving energy as a responsible citizen. An uncomfortable home is a happiness killer: When your kids always complain about frequent temperature fluctuations, which can stress you out; everybody will get disappointed, right? Anyway, you can create a better life for your family with Underfloor Insulation and other types. A quick tip: you can’t even ignore a single crucial element of your home that contributes to heat loss. Even a damaged garage door can cause an uncomfortable environment in your home. Can I insulate the garage door? Of course yes. Since the garage door covers a large area; insulating it with a reliable thermal barrier is highly advisable. Try your best to keep 100% of heat in your home; hence you can minimize or stop using heaters and air conditioners forever. Looking for a reliable thermal barrier supplier in the Melbourne region? We are the best; call us today! Resident action groups rate Moreland Council Design Excellence Scorecard a FAIL 2019-03-06T11:00:09Z resident-action-groups-rate-moreland-council-design-excellence-scorecard-a-fail Although Moreland Council’s recently approved Development Excellence Scorecard seems like a worthy program to improve the design of too rapidly built buildings – in reality it fails residents and deserves a low-score says Brunswick Residents Network’s (BRN) Ms Jo Stanley and Fawkner Residents Association (FRA) Mr Joe Perri.   The first failing in a litany of many was the omission of both the Brunswick and Fawkner resident groups, together with Protecting Moreland in the development of the Scorecard.  Over the three-year journey since the concept was announced – no input was sought or requested from the three high profile community-based groups.   “The second (but strongest) failing is that the Scorecard will open up a unique avenue of permit approval for multi-unit developments with decisions on contentious issues such as height – made behind closed doors by non-elected representatives”, said Jo Stanley.   According to the Council Report, industry professionals such as planners, architects, developers, builders, engineers, ESD consultants, access consultants and academics were consulted – with the obvious omission being the representatives from the resident groups of Brunswick, Moreland / Coburg and Fawkner.   Even the input of buyers was another obvious omission.   Joe Perri said, “February 2020 will be earliest opportunity for residents and neighbourhood associations to have a voice, express concerns and input into the program at a public meeting”.   “Efforts by Councillors Bolton and Tapinos at the February Council Meeting to have a community information event to present the concept to residents were overruled in the haste to enact the program.   “Even the efforts of the two Councillors to ensure that Moreland’s height restrictions were not compromised in order to accommodate subjective ‘design’ excellence were rejected”.    The Scorecard first came before Council in 2017 as the Fast Track program and its objective was to fast track development projects of ‘architectural and environmental’ merit.  The benefit to developers being fast tracked construction without the need to reference or seek approval from Councillors.    The fast track development program was again before Council in early 2018 as the Quality Design Scorecard and finally the Design Excellence Scorecard that was approved at Council’s meeting on February 13.   Jo Stanley continued, “The Scorecard by-passes the elected representatives.  No other councils in Victoria have such avenue, so again as we have seen in the past Moreland becomes the guinea pig.  The trap when the community is excluded from political decisions is that we see a ‘council trade-off’ of features of design (such as height that is important to objectors)”.   “I envisage most appeals to VCAT on height (if any) will have to be funded by the objector.  A consequence may be the shifting of appeal costs from the developers to the community.  With cost in the tens of thousands, this Scorecard will put off objectors from participating at all in the approval process”.   “Because of the discretionary heights in the planning scheme, the Scorecard is void of real definitions of what heights are in accordance with the planning scheme, for each site”.   “Moreland has now recently approved a development that is three-levels above the preferred height of the planning scheme.  The Scorecard will inevitably become attractive for eight-level building applications.  If this becomes the acceptable height at a pre-planning (or a pre-pre-meeting) between the developer and council staff – then there‘s no way back from that, because the Councillors do not get a say”.   “For example, if the building should be 6-level, or seven level according to a councillor or community, the objectors have to either put up with the 8-level decision or raise the tens-of-thousands of dollars needed to appeal”.    At a time of headlines filled with stories about the Spencer Street high rise cladding fire, the Opal Tower disaster in Sydney and predictions that far more examples of construction failures are ahead – Council will reward and ‘incentivise’ developers to do the right thing in Moreland with the Excellence Scorecard that will fast track their projects and further supress community objection to development.     ENDS   Issued by Brunswick Residents Network & Fawkner Residents Association   Media enquiries:                 Ms Jo Stanley     Mob:  +61 425 735 715 Mr. Joe Perri      Mob:  +61 412 112 545                                                 Discounted Building Inspections in March 2019-03-06T01:31:45Z discounted-building-inspections-in-march Master Building Inspectors, Perth's premier building inspection company is offering discounted building inspection packages for the month of March.Follow this link to our blog for more information: building inspections perth MHIAA Celebrates 20 Years in Australia 2019-03-06T00:22:18Z mhiaa-celebrates-20-years-in-australia In 2019, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia, Pty. Ltd. (MHIAA) celebrates its 20th anniversary in Australia. What initially started off as dedicated Air Conditioners sales division in 1999 under the banner of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Australia (MHIAU), has today expanded around the country and into New Zealand. Through successful operations, the company grew and eventually developed as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) in 2009 to bring award-winning, high quality air conditioning solutions for both commercial and residential applications.  Building on a rich global heritage of more than 130 years, MHIAA has endeavoured to develop a company with a local heart, right here on our local shores. Driven by their commitment to innovation, integrity and excellence, for MHIAA it is the people who have been responsible for the company’s success and growth. According to Mr. Yuji ITO, Managing Director for MHIAA, “Taking Australia’s comfort into our hands is no small feat. We are inspired by our customers; we listen to them and we develop solutions based on their needs.”  “Over the past 20 years we have witnessed and have been instrumental in creating change through engineering and design. From silent operation, to long reach air flow, energy conservation and durability right through to digital advancements with Wi-Fi connectivity, MHI products continue to focus on innovative solutions for the HVAC market. One of the things I really enjoy about being part of the team is the focus on innovation, research and development. It is so important, not only in today’s competitive market, but in keeping us ahead of consumer demands and new technology” adds Mr. ITO. To celebrate 20 years in the local market, MHIAA wanted to give something back to the community. The 2018/19 summer campaign proved just that, where MHIAA donated $20 to the Australian Red Cross Natural Disaster Relief Fund for every registered air conditioner unit purchased by the consumer (Dec 2018 – Feb 2019). Mr. ITO says that this cause resonates in the hearts and minds of Aussies, particularly over our harsh summer season. “While most of us enjoy a comfortable home environment throughout the year, many Australians face the reality of natural disasters each day particularly during our harsh summer. With MHIAA celebrating its 20th year in the market, we really wanted to use this time to give back to our local communities.” Further cementing its commitment to the market, MHIAA was selected by CHOICE® as the Best Brand of Air Conditioners for 2018 against tough competition. This highly regarded stamp of approval is based on the latest reviews of 140 split-system air conditioners and the 7,738 responses in the annual reliability and satisfaction survey completed by CHOICE® members. The results were based on a number of different factors including ‘Customer Satisfaction’ and ‘Brand Reliability, in which Mitsubishi Heavy Industries scored extremely well – achieving an impressive 91% for customer satisfaction and 88% for brand reliability. This allowed the company to out-perform all competitors and achieve an overall Best Brand Score of 79%.  Furthermore the brand is endorsed by brand ambassador and home aficionado, Tara Dennis. Tara joined the company in July 2017 as the brands first ambassador to Australia and New Zealand. For Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Tara Dennis was an undeniable choice as she represents all that the brand stands for and brings a level of trust to the minds of consumers. This partnership has generated and extended the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries brand image across Australia and New Zealand. “Without our customers and our resellers, it would not be possible to have achieved any of these milestones or accolades. Thank you for your continued support and here’s to the next 20 years” Mr. ITO concludes.  About Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia offers a complete range of premium air-conditioners for residential and commercial spaces. Innovation is central to the organisation and underpins every aspect of MHIAA’s product range. Fostering Japan’s technological leadership and in combination with the organisation’s rich heritage in engineering, aviation and spacecraft leadership, the company continues to achieve unrivalled success in Australia and New Zealand.    Janet Matton joins pitt&sherry's Board 2019-03-04T22:46:28Z janet-matton-named-as-non-executive-director-on-pitt-amp-sherry-s-board-2 Media Release   5th March 2019   The Board of pitt&sherry welcomes Janet Matton as a Non-Executive Director. Chairman, Paul Hardy commented: “Janet brings a wealth of experience to this position and we are excited about her appointment.”   Janet is an AICD graduate and currently, a director of Better Care Victoria, Epworth Healthcare and Chair of the Eastern Community Legal Centre Janet was head of operations for IBM in Australia and New Zealand where she oversaw the extensive and robust management systems of the entire IBM company, a $4.5B entity in Australia and NZ.     Janet has a forte for ensuring businesses embrace technology-enabled business model changes that both minimise strategic and operational risk and maximise business growth and return. Janet’s capabilities include the ability to work at both the strategic and detailed operational levels with a talent for developing strategic initiatives and translating them into operational success. Her vast experience encompasses strategic change programs, acquisitions and divestitures, large scale project management and leadership of large, complex teams.  She has more than 20 years of senior, corporate management experience across multiple disciplines including Finance, HR, Strategy and IT.    Janet also brings broad international experience, having spent 12 years living and working in the USA, UK, Europe, Japan and China. Janet was recognised in 2012 as a finalist in the Westpac/AFR 100 Women of Influence Awards and awarded Victorian Telstra Business Woman of the Year in 2010.  It is very pleasing that pitt&sherry has attracted someone of Janet’s calibre and experience that will be a great benefit to pitt&sherry.   pitt&sherry’s board have been looking to bring a fresh perspective and extend its experience base. Janet brings not only vast experience but passion, critical thinking and positive energy and is a very welcomed addition.     About pitt&sherry   pitt&sherry is an inspired thinking company which embraces the challenges of a changing world with agility. Our deep knowledge and advisory capability provide market-leading solutions to the transport, industrial, mining, energy, and community infrastructure sectors Australia wide.   Media Contact; Dan MacInnis, Marketing, 0400507037,