The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-01-17T01:19:19Z Launches New Retirement Channel to Help Chinese Spend Their Golden Years Overseas 2019-01-17T01:19:19Z juwai-com-launches-new-retirement-channel-to-help-chinese-spend-their-golden-years-overseas-2, the No. 1 Chinese international property platform that reaches 3.1 million Chinese consumers per month, has launched a new Retirement and Lifestyle Channel on its website, dedicated to giving its Chinese users information and real estate listings related to retirement living and property buying abroad.   The new channel is the last element of’s fourth-quarter 2018 new product push. In total, has launched five new channels focused around buyer intentions in just two months: commercial property, emigration, education, investment, and retirement plus lifestyle. The retirement channel can be found at: CEO and Director Carrie Law said:   “The four top reasons Chinese retire overseas are affordability, medical care, family, and lifestyle. They can find real estate and daily expenses to be more affordable. They can access more advanced health care. They can be near children and grandchildren who are already living internationally. And they can enjoy themselves by choosing a place that has the weather, environmental quality, and lifestyle they desire.   “With this new channel, they have at their fingertip homes in all the world’s best places to retire. Developers shouldn’t miss this opportunity to introduce their projects to Chinese consumers based on targeted demographics and lifestyle   “Some recent content on the retirement channel includes an analysis of the world-rankings-leading Dutch pension system, a listing for a 5-bedroom oceanfront mansion in the California city of Newport Beach, an analysis of the pros and cons of retiring in Thailand, news about the 17th Shanghai Overseas Investment and Immigration Fair, news about a Canadian proposal to curtail birthright citizenship, and tips on outfitting a new home in Australia.   “Within 11 years, there will be 340 million Chinese aged 60 or above. That’s more than the present population of the entire United States. The potential audience for this channel is even larger than just those who are already at retirement age. We know that most people begin planning and investing for retirement in their 40s and 50s.   Most Popular Countries for Chinese Retiring Overseas “The countries that are most popular for Chinese retirees are the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Most older Chinese want to live near their children and grandchildren, and these are the countries with the largest Chinese immigrant populations.   “Malaysia has the My Second Home program that gives foreign retirees renewable, 10-year visas if they can meet relatively modest financial requirements. They need to have liquid assets of about US$85,000 and have a monthly income of about $2,500. Malaysia offers a high quality of life at a low expense, quality health care and easy access back to China.   “Thailand has a one-year renewable visa for retirees over 50 years of age. It requires that you have only about US$25,000 in liquid assets. Thailand is close to China and within several years should be connected by a fast rail link that will make traveling back and forth much more convenient. Thai cities like Chiang Mai are already popular with Chinese retirees.   “The Philippines offers a retirement visa for people as young as 35 and in exchange for nothing more than depositing US$20,000 in an approved Philippine bank. The cost of living is very low at less than US$1,500 per month. In Manila the standard of health care is high.   "With the fast launch of these new channels, our Digital Team proved themselves the best in the industry. These five new channels went from conception to implementation in only two months. That helps our users. It helps our advertisers reach the right users in the most cost-effective way.   "With these new channels we hope to limit the number of clicks that separate users from the information and listings they are looking for. That should improve their experience. It should also lead to even better results for our customers in the form of awareness, enquiries, and transactions. We're keeping the search box and also giving consumers other ways of finding what they need.” New Crestron Performance UI Empowers Integrators to Deliver Stunning User Experience on TSR-310 Remote 2019-01-10T01:48:42Z new-crestron-performance-ui-empowers-integrators-to-deliver-stunning-user-experience-on-tsr-310-remote SYDNEY, Australia – January 10, 2018 – Crestron, a global leader in advanced smart home technology, have announced the release of the Crestron Performance UI, a completely new and revolutionary user experience designed exclusively for the TSR-310 handheld touch screen remote. The Crestron Performance UI integrates natively with the Crestron Pyng® OS 2 operating system, giving residential integrators unprecedented power to deliver stunning user experiences never seen before in a handheld remote. Integrators will also appreciate how the Crestron Performance UI dramatically reduces deployment time, thanks to minimal programming requirements. Crestron integrators can download the latest Crestron Pyng OS 2 update now to see how the TSR-310 UI instantly updates to the Crestron Performance UI. “Crestron smart home automation is already renowned for ease of scalability, high performance, and unmatched reliability,” said Michael Short, Global Residential Marketing Manager at Crestron. “Now, with the Crestron Performance UI, our residential integrators can also deliver an incredible user experience that takes virtually no time to configure. It’s the full package.” More major new features and enhancements Among other new features, the Crestron Performance UI provides integrated media, lighting, shades, and climate control, along with quick actions. The user interface takes industry standard actions to an unprecedented new level, with smooth and stunning transitions and animations. The UI is pre-built, so no design tools are necessary. The voice command interface is built-in, as well, further simplifying configuration. Software support The Crestron Performance UI is supported in Crestron Pyng OS 2 via a simple OS update. About Crestron At Crestron we build the technology that integrates technology. Our automation and control solutions for homes and buildings let people control entire environments with the push of a button, integrating systems such as AV, lighting, shading, security, BMS and HVAC to provide greater comfort, convenience and security. All of our products are designed and built to work together as a complete system, enabling you to monitor, manage and control everything from one platform. Our products are backed by more than 90 fully-staffed offices that provide 24 x 7 x 365 sales, technical, and training support across the globe. In addition to its World Headquarters in Rockleigh, New Jersey, Crestron has sales and support offices throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Australia. Discover Crestron by visiting # # # All brand names, product names, and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Certain trademarks, registered trademarks, and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Crestron disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Crestron is not responsible for errors in typography or photography. ©2018 Crestron Electronics, Inc. Crestron Now Shipping Complete Portfolio of Crestron Flex Unified Communications & Collaboration Solutions 2019-01-10T01:45:35Z crestron-now-shipping-complete-portfolio-of-crestron-flex-unified-communications-collaboration-solutions SYDNEY, Australia – January 10, 2018 – Crestron, a global leader in workplace technology, announced it is now shipping its complete portfolio of Crestron Flex Unified Communications & Collaboration solutions. Crestron Flex clears the way to more productive, stress-free days by providing a simple, consistent user experience in all the places people work and meet, from desks to boardrooms. There’s no more time wasted trying to get the technology in different meeting spaces to work. Crestron Flex provides a native Microsoft Teams™, Skype® for Business, and Zoom Rooms™ software experience, including one-touch join. “We are pleased to elevate our long standing partnership with Crestron. The integration of the Crestron Flex portfolio of devices with Microsoft Teams delivers an impressive end-to-end portfolio for customers,” said Bob Davis, CVP, M365 Customer and Partner Experience at Microsoft Corporation. “We decided that Crestron Flex was the perfect solution for us,” says Bradley Wilbanks, Global AV Supervisor at Sealed Air, a Fortune 500® company that designs and manufactures unique and innovative packaging products. “In the past, we were always finding ourselves trying to force our customers to bend to our platform and codec. Crestron Flex allows us to be more flexible while offering a seamless experience; taking the technology out of the equation and letting us focus on doing our jobs.” Crestron Flex solutions come in several forms, but all deliver the same experience, regardless of the space in which they’re deployed: Crestron Flex P100 Series: Crestron’s first ever voice-over-IP desk phone, the P100 Series takes a new approach to the notoriously complex and disjointed world of telephony. It delivers the Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business experience to users of desktop phones. It features a large touch screen that provides convenient tools that connect you to your calendar and coworkers, right at your desk. Crestron Flex B100 Series: With a stunning, yet practical, wall-mount sound bar design, the B100 Series delivers crystal clear audio with a beam forming microphone array, an integrated 4K high-definition camera that provides auto-zoom, people counting, and lifelike image quality. A front of room solution for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, or Zoom Rooms, the B100 Series pairs with a 10" touch screen to deliver a simple, intuitive in-room user experience. Crestron Flex M100 Series: The Crestron Flex M100 Series is a tabletop solution that provides everything you need to instantly and securely call, present, and videoconference using Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, or Zoom Rooms software. An included 4K high-definition camera provides auto-zoom, people-counting, and lifelike image. The premier audio performance is delivered via the incorporated four-microphone 360-degree array. Crestron Flex C100 Series: The Crestron Flex C100 Series is a flexible, integrated UC kit that brings one-touch join to even the most custom spaces. It natively supports Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, or Zoom Rooms, and includes an optional certified UC DSP and ceiling tile microphone array Centralised deployment and management Crestron Flex solutions benefit from zero-touch deployment via the Crestron XiO Cloud™ platform. The world’s leading companies are seeing up to 90% reductions in installation time, improvements in device uptime, and less strain on support resources. Crestron was awarded the prestigious 2018 Microsoft Global Partner of the Year Award for Internet of Things (IoT) in recognition of how Crestron XiO Cloud, built on the Microsoft® Azure® platform, has revolutionised provisioning and management of Crestron’s workplace solutions. Learn more Visit to learn more about how Crestron Flex solutions are creating better meeting and collaboration experiences everywhere in the modern workplace. About Crestron At Crestron we build the technology that integrates technology. Our automation and control solutions for homes and buildings let people control entire environments with the push of a button, integrating systems such as AV, lighting, shading, security, BMS and HVAC to provide greater comfort, convenience and security. All of our products are designed and built to work together as a complete system, enabling you to monitor, manage and control everything from one platform. Our products are backed by more than 90 fully-staffed offices that provide 24 x 7 x 365 sales, technical, and training support across the globe. In addition to its World Headquarters in Rockleigh, New Jersey, Crestron has sales and support offices throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Australia. Discover Crestron by visiting # # # All brand names, product names, and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Certain trademarks, registered trademarks, and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Crestron disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Crestron is not responsible for errors in typography or photography. ©2018 Crestron Electronics, Inc. Welding Safety in Western Australia 2019-01-08T22:38:01Z welding-safety-in-western-australia Having worked in the welding safety industry for over 23 years, I have seen more positive change in the last year than I have over the last twenty years and I feel like we’re just getting started in WA. Toward the end of 2018 we saw the WA housing market and general growth bottom-out and begin to rebound and it was announced that there would be a number of large-scale iron-ore and lithium mining projects planned to commence in the coming years. The Western Australian welding outlook looks bright in 2019 both from an economy and safety perspective. The main welding industries and applications in WA The mining of iron ore, gold, lithium, and nickel drives the welding industry in Australia’s westernmost state as well as a strong shipbuilding presence. So, the news of large-scale iron ore and lithium projects on the near horizon is great news for WA. Due to the heavy-duty nature of the welding that supports these industries the primary welding application in Western Australia is high amperage MIG welding between 200 and 400 amps. MIG welding at high amps is hot work and produces high levels of welding fume which is basically microscopic particles of hot metal and gases that are small enough and buoyant enough to be released from the welding arc and rise in a cloud of metal fume. If not properly protected, welding fume can pose significant short-term and long-term health risks to welders and workers in close proximity. As an example, it’s recommended that even in good environments with forced ventilation that a powered air respirator be worn when MIG welding with materials like aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised steel and non-coated steel. The big change in welding safety in Western Australia The big change in Western Australia came shortly after the 2017 reclassification of welding fume by the International Agency for the Research on Cancer (IARC). The IARC concluded that there was sufficient evidence in humans that welding fume can cause lung cancer and limited evidence for kidney cancer. As a result, the IARC reclassified welding fume as carcinogenic to humans. Following this news, 2018 witnessed many large, medium and small Western Australian companies completely change their stance on welding fume and the protection of their employees. The 3M Speedglas Welding Helmets with the Adflo PAPR which offer powered air respiratory protection against welding fume have become the “norm” for welders and companies in Western Australia. For me personally, it’s great to see the faces on the welders when they experience the refreshingly cool and clean air delivered by the Adflo PAPR for the first time. Not only do the systems keep the welders protected from welding fume, they also keep welders cool in the WA heat. Speedglas Welding Helmets Speedglas welding helmets with Adflo PAPR also protect the welders’ eyes and face from ultra-violet and infra-red radiation, bright visible light, high-speed particles, and certain helmets are also available with integrated over-head safety helmet protection and hearing protection. A recent study performed by a large company in the US found that foreign body eye injuries decreased by over 70% year-on-year after introducing the 3M Adflo Powered Air Purifying Respiratory Protection (PAPR) Systems. This is an often-overlooked positive side-effect of using these welding PAPR systems. Speedglas welding helmets are available with clear grinding visors which means the welder can keep the welding helmets in the safe down-position for the entirety of their workday providing continuous high impact eye and face protection. What does WA need for welding to remain strong into the future? For the welding industry to remain strong in WA I think we need to make sure that welders, companies and educational bodies training our next generation of welders coming through, understand that while the risk posed by welding fume and welding, in general, is real, protecting themselves from this risk is both easy and readily available. Teaching welders about respiratory and welding safety will ensure welders don’t leave the industry due to the potential health hazards. We’ve experienced that the general level of welding safety knowledge can be low and often misguided. This would be a major step in ensuring welders are fully informed to facilitate positive change. If you’d like more information on welding safety please contact AWS. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: Best Brand of Air Conditioners for 2018 by CHOICE® 2019-01-08T00:36:27Z mitsubishi-heavy-industries-best-brand-of-air-conditioners-for-2018-by-choice Standing tall against the ‘best of the best’, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) has been selected by CHOICE® as the Best Brand of Air Conditioners for 2018. This highly regarded stamp of approval by Australia’s Consumer Group CHOICE® is based on test reviews of 140 split-system air conditioners and 7738 respondents in the annual reliability and satisfaction survey completed by CHOICE® annually. Furthermore, the findings are weighted on brand reliability, overall average test score, recommendation ratios and overall customer satisfaction. According to CHOICE®, air conditioners are reviewed twice a year – in May and October respectively, to ensure the most accurate results for both the winter and summer seasons. Data is then cross-checked against the Government registration database for complete accuracy. Adrian Brown, General Manager- Sales and Planning  for MHIAA says that receiving the Best Brand recognition by CHOICE® cements its commitment to quality, technology and customer service. “Against tough competition, we scored a Best Brand score of 79% and a satisfaction rating of 91% with a high reliability rating of 88%. This talks to high performance, quality, exceeding customer expectations and ultimately improving lives”. In addition to this, MHIAA has licenced three CHOICE® recommended products in the small, medium and large capacity categories in October 2018 for its Bronte® SRK71ZRA-W and Avanti PLUS™ SRK25ZSXA-W and SRK50ZSXA-W units. “At MHIAA we pride ourselves on global research and development. Our products are designed and engineered in-line with local and international standards while keeping the Australian consumer needs top-of-mind” says Adrian. “We believe in creating long-lasting relationships with our customers and in walking this exciting journey with them – from finding the perfect AC solution right through to installation and after sales services”. “We would like to thank CHOICE ® and the Australian consumers for this esteemed recognition. It is an honour and it further validates our commitment to our customers.” concludes Adrian This acknowledgement of merit will continue to help Mitsubishi Heavy Industries grow and develop in the consumer market and increase awareness of our quality and technological advancement across residential and commercial applications. For further information and to see the full range visit or call 1300 138 007   Trueline’s Carports, Patios and Pergolas Work Well for Commercial Units 2019-01-06T23:40:27Z trueline-s-carports-patios-and-pergolas-work-well-for-commercial-units Outdoor lifestyle company Trueline can provide a comprehensive all in one solution of durable front and rear outdoor spaces within large scale multi-unit developments. Founded in Brisbane Trueline has progressively evolved into a modern outdoor living company designing and building patio, pergola and carport projects for residential homes and multi unit developments throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.  Carports from Trueline provide a sleek form of garaging to compliment contemporary architecture integrating modern, prefinished structural materials with high quality insulated roof panels. They give excellent weathering and is low maintenance. They feature an embossed ceiling and one degree roof pitch in an assortment of profiles and roof colours. The Trueline commercial division is run as a separate entity with dedicated project management and construction teams locally based and interstate providing their development partners with the assurance of onsite specialist expertise and resources. Patios from Trueline range from the purely practical to the fashionably elegant in flat, elevated and gable roof styles providing a full scope of modern solutions to suit all forms of residential developments. The high-quality insulated roof panels are integrated with low maintenance, prefinished structural materials and aesthetically enhanced with an embossed ceiling and one degree roof pitch. Trueline’s pergolas add a subtle outdoor design feature and make a bold architectural statement. The possibilities are endless as Trueline capability can extend to work with all material forms from the contemporary look of prefinished steel or aluminium to the more traditional style of natural timber. Trueline strives to consistently provide the highest possible standards of quality workmanship and technical excellence backed by industry leading customer service standards, highly efficient processes and experienced project management. The company’s design excellence is ingrained within the Trueline culture making a successful progression from the residential to commercial sector leading to multiple new, innovative and successfully completed designs. For more information on pergola, trueline patios, patio extensions, patio extensions Brisbane and more, visit Trueline can be contacted on 1300 502020 European company - DUKA leads innovation with installation of EnduroShield’s X-line 2018-12-21T07:34:32Z european-company-duka-leads-innovation-with-installation-of-enduroshield-s-x-line Duka, touted as a leader in design for more than 30 years, is a prestigious European innovator in shower glass solutions. Their brand represents the interaction of comfort and versatility, lightness and resistance, luxury and fashion trends.   Co-Owners Krapf and Gasser see the company as, “an interface between architecture, design and technology,” and emphasize quality where, “Technical details such as innovative adhesion technology, elegant sliding elements or folding pivot systems are planned to the last details and produced in-house.”   Duka combines stylish architectural design and the latest technology, offering their partners custom-made enclosures with quality that is difficult to surpass. Their use of in-house fabrication from high-quality raw materials and the latest innovations positions them as an industry leader.   They continue to be at the forefront of manufacturing innovation including the adoption of EnduroShield’s state of the art X-Line glass coating machine, designed and built to seamlessly integrate the easy-clean coating into their production line.   Duka joins the ranks of some of the most prominent names in the industry who rely on the overall solution EnduroShield provides to major glass manufacturers globally.   International + Americas: +1 805 617 4609 Europe: +31 208 081 445 Asia Pacific: +61 2 9674 9299 China: +86 400 842 9152     GRC Announces Associate Appointments 2018-12-18T07:06:25Z grc-announces-associate-appointments Independent construction cost consultancy, GRC are pleased to announce the recent promotions of Matthew Brown, Doug Fletcher and Hugh Mackie to Associate which recognises not only their technical competency but also the contribution each of these staff make in the areas of business planning, strategic support and leadership.  Matthew Brown celebrated his five year service milestone at GRC in September this year and has more than 20 years’ professional experience.  As a published co-author and a regular industry guest speaker, Matthew has been pivotal in providing value-add solutions to complex asset portfolios for GRC across multiple sectors.   Doug Fletcher joined GRC in February 2016 and has more than 20 years’ professional experience. He has an established reputation for delivering practical and economical solutions to his clients problems with a specialisation in state government projects.  Doug is also a passionate advocate for the profession and was recently appointed as the AIQS QLD Chapter Vice President.   Hugh Mackie joined GRC in May last year and brought a diverse portfolio of expertise to the business across the building, infrastructure and oil and gas sectors.  His 25 years of relevant quantity surveying experience across projects both in Australia and abroad provides him with a breadth of experience which has underpinned his successes to date at GRC.  Hugh sets the benchmark for his project teams to follow and has the ability to maintain a high standard of work all whilst staying actively involved with training and mentoring junior staff around him.  Managing Director Andrew Brady commented: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge the contributions Matthew, Doug and Hugh have made at GRC.  These appointments recognise the respect and report each of these staff have established with their work colleagues, clients and acquaintances.  I look forward to working with each of them in their new management role.” Perri Projects appoints Ovolo for $50m South Melbourne Designer Hotel 2018-12-17T03:32:34Z perri-projects-appoints-ovolo-for-50m-south-melbourne-designer-hotel Australian developer, Perri Projects, has appointed international award-winning designer hotel owner operator, Ovolo, as hotel manager for its $50 million South Melbourne project, expected to open in 2020. Located at 183-199 Moray Street, the 100 room, Upper Upscale, six-storey designer hotel, will bring Ovolo’s signature ‘effortless living’ ethos to one of Melbourne’s most iconic inner-city suburbs. Ovolo’s appointment represents a significant milestone for the project, which has received planning approval, with construction anticipated to commence in the third quarter of 2019. David Scalzo, Managing Director of Perri Projects, said Ovolo’s international track-record for delivering innovative, design-led destination hotel concepts that emphasise lifestyle aligned with Perri Projects’ vision for the site. “We are delighted to partner with Ovolo to realise our original vision for this site as a mixed-use lifestyle precinct featuring destination bars and restaurants, as well as leisure, event and function facilities,” he said. “Ovolo hotels are internationally renowned for their high-end, high-energy designs that blend form and function to ensure each hotel delivers a unique experience for guests and visitors. Ovolo is well established and revered, yet agile and bold enough to challenge convention and break the mould on new sites, ensuring that each design complements and enhances the location of their hotels.” With Ovolo owning and operating 10 hotels across Australia and Hong Kong, its appointment as hotel manager for Perri Project’s South Melbourne site represents the independent hospitality group’s first solely hotel management agreement. Girish Jhunjhnuwala, Ovolo CEO and Founder, said Ovolo in South Melbourne represented a new phase of growth for the company, made possible through a shared vision with Perri Projects. “The Hotel Management Agreement with Perri Projects represents a natural evolution for our business as we continually look to expand our offering in new markets,” he said. “While we each bring our respective expertise in property development and hospitality management to this project, this partnership was forged through our mutual affinity for delivering truly unique projects and a shared vision for the South Melbourne site,” he said. Dave Baswal, COO & CFO of Ovolo Australia, said he was confident Ovolo’s offering in South Melbourne would be well-received by the growing pool of higher-end established housing and major commercial office buildings. “Ovolo is a proud owner and operator of hotels and this HMA will be the start of a new chapter in order to take our disruptive lifestyle designer hotel collection to the next level in Australia and internationally,” Mr Baswal said. “Ovolo is committed to ensuring our guests can expect the unexpected from us and like all our sites, Ovolo in South Melbourne will stand alone from a design perspective, but the experience will be unmistakeably Ovolo.  “The underlying demographic of South Melbourne has been evolving steadily as creative industries in particular look to take advantage of the central location and raw industrial edge the suburb has to offer,” Baswal continued. “But while the suburb is on the rise with those in the know, local hospitality amenity has not kept pace with this change, and we believe Ovolo South Melbourne with its bars, restaurants and even a roof-top function and events space will be uniquely placed to provide a focal point for those local communities.” ENDS Does drinking milk protect you from welding fume? 2018-12-13T01:16:46Z does-drinking-milk-protect-you-from-welding-fume There will be two types of welders reading this article. The first will think this is a joke. That no one could seriously believe that milk would be a suitable shield against a now known carcinogen. The other has heard from their peers that drinking milk does protect them from welding fume and wants to know whether there is any truth to this tale. Below, we look into facts and give you the answers once and for all.   Drinking milk to protect you from welding fume The first concept is that after drinking milk, the body will absorb the calcium from the milk and this will “fill up” the spaces that other heavy metals like zinc and cadmium would otherwise fill. By filling these gaps, the welder lowers the potential intake of these heavy metals. While the body will absorb calcium, this process relies on the digestion system pathway NOT the respiratory system. Therefore, the heavy metals that make their way into the respiratory pathway by breathing in welding fume are in no way affected by the intake of milk through the digestion system. Furthermore, a healthy diet means there should be no calcium deficiency, so the extra calcium in the milk will not be absorbed (or very little).   Holding milk in the mouth while welding acts as a filter The other theory is that welders would hold the milk in their mouth while welding. After welding they would spit the now dirty milk out! Trying to use it as a scrubber solution.   The whole notion is wrong. Holding the milk in your mouth forces the welder to breathe through their nose. Again, this process relies on the respiratory system with the welding fume being transported to the welder’s lungs. Clearly a respirator worn and used correctly will be more effective at preventing the welding fumes from getting into the welders’ airways to start with, rather than attempting to do something after the fumes have already entered the body.      So how should welders protect themselves from welding fume? The 3M Speedglas 9100 Welding Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) give welders a required minimum protection factor of 50. This means that the air the welder breathes when using a PAPR welding helmet will be 50 times cleaner than an unprotected welder. This is 5 times the level of protection offered by a properly fitted and tested disposable or reusable respirator. To learn more about how to protect yourself from welding fume please visit our resources below or download our free Welding Fume White Paper which takes a closer look at the recent reclassification of welding fume as a Group 1 Carcinogen.  Visit our range of Welding Helmets with Powered Air   Crown Residences at Barangaroo, Ironfish, ArchiStar, and BC Securities Win Chinese Global Choice Awards from 2018-12-12T09:27:59Z crown-residences-at-barangaroo-ironfish-archistar-and-bc-securities-win-chinese-global-choice-awards-from-juwai-com Australian companies Crown Residences at Barangaroo, Ironfish, ArchiStar, and BC Securities were four of the most notable among the 20 of the world’s very best China-focused real estate marketers who were named as winners of the Global Chinese Choice Award by at a gala black-tie dinner event in Shanghai on Wednesday, 5 December.    The awards presentation followed four months of nominations, online voting by Chinese consumers, and final selection by an esteemed panel of judges that included senior executives from Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, Noah Holdings, and other respected companies.   The Juwai Global Chinese Choice Awards is the only awards program in the world to target China-centric residential developers, agencies, lenders, and other organizations. Organizer is the No. 1 Chinese international property portal and exclusive international property partner to Tencent.   A full list of winners is below.   ArchiStar was founded by Dr. Benjamin Coorey to change the way the property industry operates. The Property platform enables developers to instantly determine the development potential of any block of land. uses architectural parametric technology and government controls to identify development hotspots.   BC Securities is a Melbourne-based private lender with a dedicated residential real estate finance team that specialises in lending to non-residents in Australia.   Ironfish is one of Australia’s largest and fastest growing property investment groups, with 14 offices in Australia and China; development arms in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth; and partnerships with national and global brands such as Mirvac, Stockland, Frasers Property, Colliers International, CBRE and Knight Frank.    Crown Residences at Barangaroo are the first six-star hospitality branded residences in Sydney and Australia, one of the most luxurious residences in the world, and Crown Resort’s flagship project in Australia.   Comments from Selected Winners Lanny Xu, CEO of Ironfish China, which won the ‘Trustworthy Overseas Property Service Provider’ award, said, “Since 2004, we have built up our business in China and received lots of awards and are very appreciative, but none of these can be compared with today’s award from Juwai. It is one of the best awards in the industry and we are very honoured to receive it. Hopefully, in the future, we will work with in a long-term relationship in terms of serving clients in purchasing and investing in overseas property.”   Todd Nisbet, Executive Vice President - Strategy and Development for Crown Resorts Limited, whose Crown Residences at One Barangaroo in Sydney, Australia won the ‘Best International Hospitality Branded Residence’ award, said,“We couldn’t be more excited about receiving this award, given the fact that it is voted on by the general public who are interested in real estate. That an award has been won by a project in Australia is a testament to how truly global real estate has become for the Chinese has the largest reach and a level of credibility that a lot of companies don’t currently enjoy in China.”   Comments from CEO CEO Carrie Law said:   “At, we work to create happy consumers and happy customers. That’s what makes us happy as a team. We see the fantastic teams who won awards tonight as sharing a similar vision.   “If you can make it in China, you can make it anywhere. Chinese buyers are the most motivated, biggest spending, and savviest cross-border buyers in the world.   “No other market is as fast-paced, competitive, and remunerative as China. China is where marketers invest in the most innovative marketing strategies because it has the scale to deliver the biggest payday. Our winners constantly experiment and fine-tuning their approach. They often take what they learn in China back to their home markets and apply it there, as well.    “More property marketers targeting Chinese consumers use VR in property marketing. More use live video. More use the online-to-offline model. China is the proving ground, so we created the Juwai Global Chinese Choice Awards to acknowledge the very best.   “Mainland Chinese invested US$119.7 billion in international property last year. We expect investment this year to be up 3% to 8% over that level, bringing total investment to at least $123.3 billion in 2018.”   Comments from the Judges The judging panel included nine senior leaders from, Noah Holdings, Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, and other respected companies. Discover the full judges’ panel here:   “All of the judges found it extremely difficult to choose winners from among so many excellent companies,” said Georg Chmiel, who is Chairman, has 24 years in online and technology and has been CEO and MD or iProperty Group and LJ Hooker Group, as well as CFO of the US$7.1-billion REA Group.    “Ironfish, like all the winners, stands out as the very best in the world.    “Crown Residences, like all the winners, stands out as the very best in the world.    “The 20 winners represent an incredible diversity in terms of location, category, and even business model. They have in common an unmatched understanding of —and commitment to— Chinese consumers. They have managed to overcome challenges in terms of language and of distance by using technology to assist them in cross-border selling. And they stand out in terms of Chinese consumer loyalty, which we can read via consumer online votes, search patterns, and transactions.”   ***Global Chinese Choice Awards by*** ***Full List of Winners***   Global   Best Use of Big Data on E-commerce Business: ICBC E-Mall. Best International Hospitality Branded Residence: Crown Residences at One Barangaroo, Sydney, Australia. Trustworthy Overseas Property Service Provider: Ironfish (China) Co. Ltd. Best Overseas Mortgage Lender: BC Securities.  Best International Property Agency: Landscope Christie’s International Real Estate.   Best Digital Innovation Development: New World Development Company Limited.   Best Property AI Service Provider: ArchiStar Pty Ltd.     Greece   Most Popular Developer – Greece: MD Homes LTD.      Japan   Best Property Investment Consultancy – Japan: Century21 Culture Centre Property Ltd.    Best Immigration & Startups Consultancy – Japan: Far East International Investment Immigration Consultant Company.     Malaysia   Best Development – Malaysia: D’Rapport Residences, Ampang, Malaysia, by the ACMAR Group.     Thailand   Best Developer – Thailand: All Inspire Development PCL.   Best Agency – Thailand: Thai D Real Estate Co Ltd.     United Kingdom   Best Developer – London, UK: Mount Anvil Limited.    Best Developer – Birmingham, UK: Top Capital Group.   Best Property Developer – Manchester, UK: Salboy International.   Best Development – Manchester, UK: Local Blackfriars by Salboy International.     United States   Best US Real Estate Company: Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.     Vietnam   Best Premium Development – Vietnam: Halong Bay Golf Club & Luxury Resorts by FLC Group.   Best Developer – Vietnam: FLC Group.     ((END)) Crone expands Melbourne office with new appointment 2018-12-10T22:27:48Z crone-expands-melbourne-office-with-new-appointment Sydney – 11 December 2018: Multi-award-winning practice, Crone Architects announces a new addition to its leadership team with the appointment of Nick Williams to Principal – Design Melbourne. Greg Crone CEO and Chair said, “We are proud to welcome Nick to Crone and to our leadership team. His appointment brings significant experience to the Melbourne market to build on the success of our recent Melbourne projects, including the award-winning design of the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation Headquarters, a nurses training facility.” Nick is leading the design process, from feasibility through town planning, design and delivery through to construction. His experience in complex mixed-use, commercial, retail and hospitality development is strategically strengthening Crone’s Melbourne team. Nick says, “Crone has an impressive body of work built upon a foundation of history and experience. I’m excited to have joined a practice that celebrates this heritage, while looking to the future championing innovation through creativity, sustainability and technology. I’m thrilled to be part of the Crone team and contribute to the built environment in Melbourne.” Crone is currently working on projects in Melbourne including the former Brash’s & Carnegie Buildings adaptive re-use project in Elizabeth Street, a new mixed-use development in the inner south-east with a number more in the pipeline. Nick brings nearly 20 years of experience to the practice having held senior positions at Rothelowman, and Artisan Architects. In his previous roles, including over half a decade at Hayball, Nick provided leadership to project teams where he cemented his expertise in residential, mixed-used and commercial projects. Crone continues to invest in its people to foster leadership through innovative thinking and design excellence. Ends For further information please contact: DEC PR on behalf of Crone Architects Rebecca Jagger or Duyen Nguyen 02 8014 5033 About Crone Crone is a multi-award-winning architecture and design practice with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. The company nurtures a collaborative ethos; uniting independent thinkers to generate better, more creative ideas. The firm is currently working across Australia and Southeast Asia. Buildxact signs new partnership with PROTRADE United 2018-12-10T03:22:06Z buildxact-signs-new-partnership-with-protrade-united Today Buildxact announced a new partnership with PROTRADE United, a leading provider of business services to the trade industry, incorporating business strategy, financial services, marketing guidance and team training. The shared mission is to help builders and trades run better businesses through better processes, better technology and better insights. The partnership will encompass educational webinars, events, and publications that promote greater productivity and business acumen. Jason Loft, Managing Director of PROTRADE United commented: ”In aligning with Buildxact, PROTRADE United is looking to provide further opportunities for trades and construction business owners to work smarter, not harder, and be equipped with the right tools to run their business. Buildxact’s job management software and estimating tools are a key aspect of running a successful business so it’s a natural fit for us and our customers.” From Buildxact’s side, Tim James, Head of Partnerships and Channels said: “We’re really excited to be partnering with a very successful organisation like PROTRADE United with a great industry reputation. They’re doing excellent work in helping builders and trades run better businesses. For small business, the right advice and mentoring combined with the right tools has a transformational effect on people’s life and wealth.” About Buildxact Buildxact provides builders and trades with simple online business tools.  We help customers get ahead and stay ahead with estimating and job management software to manage the job end-to-end, from first contact and quote to final invoice.  Today, Buildxact's cloud and mobile software is used by construction companies from one or two operators to teams of many, delivering new homes and renovations, as well as small commercial projects.  Together they are estimating and project managing hundreds of millions of dollars in profitable construction jobs. About PROTRADE United PROTRADE United is Australia’s leading provider of business services to the trade industry, incorporating business strategy, financial services, marketing guidance and team training. Our mission is to provide business owners with the tools, resources, information and connections to enjoy the freedom and luxury of an unhurried lifestyle. Solving the Problem of Interior Acoustics 2018-12-09T22:23:21Z solving-the-problem-of-interior-acoustics BRISBANE/ QUEENSLAND – NOVEMBER: A major problem with designing modern working andliving spaces is that hard interior surfaces reflect sound waves thereby creating an excessively noisyenvironment. Brisbane-based design studio ty.designs set out to find an innovative way to solve that problem. Introducing the one.two - a medium sized pendant light made of a sound absorbing textile, that givesarchitects, interior designers, home & business owners an attractive and functional way to fight noisepollution and improve acoustic privacy. ty.designs is launching their first bespoke collection of noise reducing pendant lighting this month.The collection called “one.two” has a curvaceous fluted design which is comprised of twelve fins,made from a dense sound-absorbing textile, contrasted against Scandinavian inspired designerplywood support rings. The one.two can be installed stand-alone or in clusters of three (or more).More details can be found on their website “It’s becoming commonplace for interior designs to be largely comprised of solid and densesurfaces” explains Tyrone Cleary, lead designer at the studio. “Whether it’s polished concrete orhardwood floors, timber furnishings or solid set walls and ceilings, our interiors have an inability toabsorb or reduce noise. Our lives are also increasingly becoming integrated with technology and we   seem to have multiple appliance and devices simultaneously generating a mass of noise. It’s nowonder our home and workspaces are increasingly becoming impacted by noise issues.”Tyrone went on to explain that noise pollution is an issue in places where you naturally would expecthigher noise volumes (clubs, pubs, coffee shops, restaurants offices, waiting rooms, etc.) as well asprivate spaces, like our homes, where we naturally put an emphasis on speech intelligibility. Thenegative impact of excessive noise in our daily lives is an increase to our fatigue and stress levels. Tyrone, who started his design studio in 2015, says that he became acutely aware of the “echochamber issue” while collaborating on a design for a reputable radiology clinic’s main waitingroom. “Our client mentioned that one of their concerns with previous practices was the amount ofnoise in the main waiting area. At any given time you can have two or three receptionists conversingwith patients, in person or on the phone. There can be a couple of TVs on for the patients to watchwhile waiting for their name to be called and you can have multiple patients on mobile devices.Accumulatively, all these factors degrade the comfort, increasing fatigue and stress, of all the staffand patients alike.” In a market very heavily dominated by pendant lights constructed predominately from metal, timber,glass and/or ceramic, consumers would justifiably feel they have a lack of variability. Using a soundabsorbing textile, the one.two collection offers another unique point of difference with its competition- a soft luxurious aesthetic. “Using a textile-based material as the mainstay for our pendant lighting designs gives us anotherexcellent advantage,” says Tyrone. “It’s a rarely used medium for pendant lighting and it gives ourdesigns a pleasing subtle appeal that is exceptionally easy to integrate into almost any environment.”In a day and age where our lives are becoming more engulfed in technological advancements, it’srefreshing to know that there are products out there aiming to improve our interiors ambience. Noisereducing pendant lighting may not be the only means to achieving an echo-free environment, but itcertainly gives architects, interior designers, home & business owners excellent options. Pricing and AvailabilityThe one.two is available in various colours and configurations, the cost for a single pendant is $595. Please visit the website to find out more or email us Images of the one.two standalone and installed.Download All Conserve It releases PlantPRO CORE® 2018-12-06T02:49:13Z conserve-it-releases-plantpro-core Conserve It, developers of PlantPRO®, announced today the release of a new version of the award-winning solution, named PlantPRO CORE. PlantPRO, released in 2014, is award-winning plant room optimisation and control software developed by Conserve It. PlantPRO provides control of the chiller plant system in a way that delivers efficiencies beyond that of the individual components. PlantPRO 2.0, released in 2017, is the latest version of PlantPRO, incorporating trusted and proven control algorithms supported by an informative HTML5 user experience. Built on the success of PlantPRO 2.0, Conserve It is excited to announce PlantPRO CORE – a low cost, high feature chiller plant control system. PlantPRO CORE will be released in Quarter 1, 2019. “PlantPRO CORE is a lightweight version of PlantPRO, and includes the most commonly used features of PlantPRO 2.0.” explains Conserve It General Manager Chirayu Shah. “Our objective with PlantPRO CORE is to provide a control solution for more price sensitive projects and markets, whilst still maximising the features and benefits provided by the flagship PlantPRO 2.0 product.” About PlantPRO® PlantPRO uses feedback from its on-board real-time analytics, diagnostics, measurement and verification systems to continually readjust the chiller plant for optimal performance. PlantPRO was named Product of the Year at the 2015 AIRAH Awards in Australia, and was awarded Energy Savings Solution Product of the Year at the 2017 Control Trends Awards in USA. The solution is currently deployed across six continents, 20 countries and 50 cities around the world covering over 3 million square metres of building space. Introducing PlantPRO CORE® Like PlantPRO 2.0, PlantPRO CORE will include the ability to control chillers, pumps and cooling towers in a very wide array of plant configurations. Users will be able to monitor current plant operating conditions with PlantPRO CORE via a responsive HTML5 user interface on either desktop, mobile or tablet without the need for JAVA or similar supporting software. PlantPRO 2.0’s reliable charting and alarming features will feature in PlantPRO CORE to allow end users to chart historical data effortlessly. Conserve It is releasing PlantPRO CORE on the highly reliable edge IoT controller – CI-534 series hardware.