The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-07-18T03:10:44Z Natural Power Solutions celebrates 17 years of success with Eaton 2017-07-18T03:10:44Z natural-power-solutions-celebrates-17-years-of-success-with-eaton Sydney, Australia – 18 July 2017 – Natural Power Solutions (NPS), a leader in independent power quality and lightning protection services celebrates 17 years of success as an Eaton solutions channel partner, another milestone in the two companies’ lengthy history together. Both NPS and Eaton provide an extensive range of power solutions across transport and infrastructure, utilities, and industry among others. Mark Swell, Founder and Managing Director of NPS commented, “Eaton’s solutions have helped us to service the electrical, industrial and data communications market, while also providing bundled services for the more traditional IT and OEM market here in Australia.” For the past seven years, NPS and Eaton has worked with The Perth Mint to design, implement and maintain a power solution to provide extensive battery back-up for the Mint’s security applications. Using two Eaton Universal Power Supply (UPS) devices in conjunction with a generator, The Perth Mint is protected in the event of blackouts, power surges or other equipment failure.   “With security such a critical factor at The Perth Mint, having a continuous power supply is absolutely essential,” says Mark Bridger, Facilities Manager at The Perth Mint. “NPS and Eaton have helped to give us the tools we require to ensure the Mint is safe and secure.” Most recently, NPS has deployed Eaton’s power quality and power distribution solutions in organisations as diverse as pharmaceutical, clean energy, airport security and critical road transport infrastructure. As the debate around the future of energy in Australia continues, NPS plans to expand its reach in conjunction with Eaton, focusing on boutique market segments, including the fast-growing pharmaceutical and public sector industries. John Atherton, General Manager, Power Quality Eaton ANZ says, “In light of recent events such as the South Australian Blackout, there’s never been a more important time to discuss the logistics of power quality and supply. We look forward to working closely with NPS over the coming years to help formulate solutions across a variety of industries.” For more information about Eaton’s services, visit Unique Hi-Fi and AV Show for lovers of hip-hop to classical and everything in between 2017-06-22T06:06:04Z unique-hi-fi-and-av-show-for-lovers-of-hip-hop-to-classical-and-everything-in-between Music and AV aficionados from Sydney and surrounds are in for a unique treat with the upcoming Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show from 28-30 July. Just for their pleasure, dozens of hotel rooms at the InterContinental at Circular Quay will be stripped bare so they emulate a family lounge room or home theatre setting. Nowhere else in Australia can music and AV lovers appreciate 150 major brands from the world's finest audio products in one place in such an appealing five-star location. BYO music is encouraged: from hip-hop to classical. It's the best way to relax, hear and compare preferred music choices in as natural a home environment as possible. Visitors to the show can get hands-on experience on all types of gear including speakers, electronics, turntables, headphones, music streamers and computer systems. Roy Bird, CEO of the Chester Group, the Show's organiser, said the top three things that music and AV lovers want to know at the moment is: how to stream quality audio and video; the real difference between analogue and digital sound; and how beneficial or not hi-fi cables are. "We know that visitors to the show care about the quality of sound reproduction and they want the best they can afford. That's why it's important for exhibitors to have the best acoustics possible in each room," he said. Highlights for visitors to the 2017 Show in July will be: * Fiona Joy, Australian pianist, singer and composer will be performing concerts on each day in the Fort Macquarie Room. * Arguably the best home theatre system in the world combining a Barco Residential ultra-high definition projector for a Cinema-at-Home experience. * StormAudio's immersive audio processors and amplifiers in the latest format Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X with Atlantic Technology loudspeakers. * Mark Döhmann presenting his ever-popular Vinyl Masterclasses, which are always a full house. * All the top brands will be represented. Prizes available to win include: 10 portable Bluetooth speaker units; a $4000 amplifier; a portable audio player worth $1500.00; a $600 headphone; and many more generous prizes. All exhibitors ensure experts are on hand to address any questions and numerous seminar sessions help visitors learn: for example, how-to set up a sound system, stream music around the home, turn a computer into a high-end audio source, and how to control everything from a smartphone and tablet. For more information visit A full press release and photos can be downloaded from here: An industry expert is available for interview. Please contact Wendy McWilliams to arrange a suitable time. Beware of headlines promising lower electricity prices 2017-06-15T03:11:41Z beware-of-headlines-promising-lower-electricity-prices-1 Since the Finkel review was released late last week, there have been headlines stating that electricity prices would fall if the recommendations of the review were adopted.   Here’s a warning: These headlines are misleading.   While I am not in disagreement with the review or the recommendations put forward, what I take issue with is how they are falsely being framed and fed into mainstream media.   Based on my extensive knowledge of the electricity industry, a more accurate headline should be:  “Despite Finkel’s recommendations, prices will still rise for most”.   The review actually states that relative to ‘Business as Usual’ (the ongoing and unchanging state of the energy market operating within the present policy vacuum), wholesale electricity prices can somewhat improve from a forecasted ‘worst case scenario’, provided Finkel’s recommendations are adopted.   But here’s the catch: prices for most will not be lower than what we’ve seen to date. Because despite Finkel’s recommended solutions, we’re continuing to operate within the existing policy vacuum, which is pushing prices up.   Additionally, many businesses and residential users have not yet felt the full impact of the increases we have had over the last 12-18 months in the wholesale market. These increases will filter through over the next year or so as larger businesses re-contract and as retailers adjust their pricing for their other customers.   Some of this we are already starting to see with retailers announcing significant increases in pricing for residential users and small businesses from 1 July 2017. Ouch.   In short, for most us, prices are likely to go up before we experience any relief produced from Dr Finkel’s recommendations. ends * Rod Boyte is the founder and a director of Smart Power Ltd. Rod is an independent energy management solutions specialist who has helped hundreds of organisations across Australia and New Zealand rethink the way they purchase and manage energy to achieve greater levels of sustainability and operational excellence. Rod has been a member of the Energy Management Association of New Zealand (EMANZ) since 1995 and served on the EMANZ board from 1998 to 2002 (Vice Chairman in 2002). Over the past six years Rod has represented consumers at all levels by sitting on various groups including the Frequency Standard Working Group, Policy Procurement Working Group and the Metering and Reconciliation Working Group.  Rod is a frequent guest speaker at key industry conferences and events providing insights and predictions into current and future issues. His most recent engagement was in May at Vic Water's 2017 Future State of Electricity conference. With 25 years in the energy management field, Rod Boyte is deemed to be one of the most experienced energy management executives in Australia. enquiries: Rod Boyte can be contacted on 0420 266 866. Wendy McWilliams, WMC Public Relations, T: 03 9803 2588 / 0421 364 664 E: Global Industrial Water Treatment Equipment Market 2017 Market Research Report including Development History, Competitive Landscape Analysis and Major Regions Status 2017-05-19T10:09:23Z global-industrial-water-treatment-equipment-market-2017-market-research-report-including-development-history-competitive-landscape-analysis-and-major-regions-status The Global Industrial Water Treatment Equipment Market to GROW at a CAGR of 7.34% during the period 2017-2021. The Report provides a basic overview of the Industrial Water Treatment Equipment Market including definitions, classifications, applications and market Sales chain structure. The Industrial Water Treatment Equipment Market Report enlists several important factors, starting from the basics to advanced market intelligence which play a crucial part in strategizing. Get a PDF Sample of Industrial Water Treatment Equipment Market Research Report at: Industrial water treatment technologies and filtering procedures are necessary to remove contaminants from these freshwater sources before use. Industrial wastewater is the result of substances that having been dissolved or suspended in water. The objective of the industrial wastewater treatment equipment is to remove those dissolved or suspended substances. The industrial water treatment equipment must be designed specifically for the effluent produced. Various contaminants like waste matter, bacteria, algae, and germs, as well as waste generated by various industries, lead to an increase in the water contamination. Industrial Water Treatment Equipment Market Opportunities: With a purpose of enlightening new entrants about the possibilities in this market, this report investigates new project feasibility. Various details about the manufacturing process such as market drivers, impact of drivers, market challenges and impact of drivers and challenges, market trends, vendor landscape analysis and so on, is discussed in the report. Key players in Industrial Water Treatment Equipment Market •         Lenntech •         NALCO •         Pall •         Veolia Other Prominent Vendors •         Aquatech International •         Calgon Carbon •         Danaher •         Evoqua Water Technologies And more… Complete Report of Industrial Water Treatment Equipment Market Research available at: The Industrial Water Treatment Equipment Market is divided into the following segments based on geography: •         Americas •         APAC •         EMEA In the end, the Report makes some important proposals for a new project of Industrial Water Treatment Equipment Market before evaluating its feasibility. Overall, the report provides an in-depth insight of 2017-2021 global Industrial Water Treatment Equipment Market covering all important parameters. Industrial Water Treatment Equipment Market Driver •         Depletion of fresh water resources Industrial Water Treatment Equipment Market Challenge •         Complexities of managing wastewater resources Industrial Water Treatment Equipment Market Trends •         Increasing demand for clean water •         Advances in membrane technology •         Increased need for water treatment in developing countries •         Growing benefits of plastic pipes used in wastewater treatment equipment Key questions answered in this Industrial Water Treatment Equipment Market Report: •         What will the Industrial Water Treatment Equipment market size be in 2021 and what will the growth rate be? •         What are the key market trends? •         What is driving this market? •         What are the challenges to Market growth? •         Who are the key vendors in this market space? •         What are the market opportunities and threats faced by the key vendors? •         What are the strengths and weaknesses of the key vendors? No. of pages: 70 Single User Licence: $3500 Purchase a copy of Report @ List of Exhibit of Global Industrial Water Treatment Equipment Market •         Exhibit 01: Global water use trends •         Exhibit 02: Overview of the industrial water treatment equipment market •         Exhibit 03: Global industrial water treatment equipment market 2016-2021 ($ billions) •         Exhibit 04: Impurities found in water •         Exhibit 05: Water pollutants by the industrial sector •         Exhibit 06: Five forces analysis •         Exhibit 07: Global industrial water treatment equipment market by end-user 2016 and 2021 (%) •         Exhibit 08: Global industrial water treatment equipment by end-user 2016-2021 ($ billions) •         Exhibit 09: Global industrial water treatment equipment market by power industry 2016-2021 ($ billions) •         Exhibit 10: Global industrial water treatment equipment market by manufacturing sector 2016-2021 ($ billions) And Continue… Get Discount on Industrial Water Treatment Equipment Market Research Report at: Growth of Automotive Fuel Tank Market 2017: Overview, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast Opportunities to 2021 2017-05-19T10:05:19Z growth-of-automotive-fuel-tank-market-2017-overview-size-share-growth-trends-and-forecast-opportunities-to-2021 The Global Automotive Fuel Tank Market to GROW at a CAGR of 4.04% during the period 2017-2021. The Report provides a basic overview of the Automotive Fuel Tank Market including definitions, classifications, applications and market Sales chain structure. The Automotive Fuel Tank Market Report enlists several important factors, starting from the basics to advanced market intelligence which play a crucial part in strategizing. Get a PDF Sample of Automotive Fuel Tank Market Research Report at: A fuel tank refers to a storage tank containing inflammable fluids. The fuel is stored and released in the form of pressurized gas into the engine. The global automotive fuel tank market is categorized according to the type of vehicles. The market is primarily divided into passenger cars (PCs), light commercial vehicles (LCVs), and medium and heavy commercial vehicles (M&HCVs) segments. Automotive Fuel Tank Market Opportunities: With a purpose of enlightening new entrants about the possibilities in this market, this report investigates new project feasibility. Various details about the manufacturing process such as market drivers, impact of drivers, market challenges and impact of drivers and challenges, market trends, vendor landscape analysis and so on, is discussed in the report. Key players in Automotive Fuel Tank Market •         Continental •         TI Automotive •         Yachiyo Industry •         Magna International Other Prominent Vendors •         AETHRA GROUP AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS •         Allgaier Werke •         Boyd Welding And more… Complete Report of Automotive Fuel Tank Market Research available at: The Automotive Fuel Tank Market is divided into the following segments based on geography: •         Americas •         APAC •         EMEA In the end, the Report makes some important proposals for a new project of Automotive Fuel Tank Market before evaluating its feasibility. Overall, the report provides an in-depth insight of 2017-2021 global Automotive Fuel Tank Market covering all important parameters. Automotive Fuel Tank Market Driver •         Growing demand for ultra-luxury vehicles Automotive Fuel Tank Market Challenge •         Increasing preference for car-sharing services in China, India, and Brazil Automotive Fuel Tank Market Trends •         Increasing adoption of plastic fuel tanks to reduce vehicle weight •         Upsizing of fuel tank capacities due to increase in penetration of all-wheel drive vehicles •         Lightweighting of cars Key questions answered in this Automotive Fuel Tank Market Report: •         What will the Automotive Fuel Tank market size be in 2021 and what will the growth rate be? •         What are the key market trends? •         What is driving this market? •         What are the challenges to Market growth? •         Who are the key vendors in this market space? •         What are the market opportunities and threats faced by the key vendors? •         What are the strengths and weaknesses of the key vendors? No. of pages: 70 Single User Licence: $3500 Purchase a copy of Report @ List of Exhibit of Global Automotive Fuel Tank Market •         Exhibit 01: Segmentation of global automotive fuel tank market •         Exhibit 02: Global automotive fuel tank market 2016-2021 (millions of units) •         Exhibit 03: Five forces analysis •         Exhibit 04: Global automotive fuel tank market segmentation by type of vehicle 2016 and 2021 •         Exhibit 05: Global automotive fuel tank market segmentation by products 2016 and 2021 (millions of units) •         Exhibit 06: Global automotive fuel tank market in passenger cars 2016-2021 (millions of units) •         Exhibit 07: Market size and forecast of passenger cars segment in global automotive fuel tank market 2016-2021 (millions of units) •         Exhibit 08: Global automotive fuel tank market in LCVs 2016-2021 (millions of units) •         Exhibit 09: Market size and forecast of LCVs in global automotive fuel tank market 2016-2021 (millions of units) •         Exhibit 10: Global automotive fuel tank market in M&HCVs 2016-2021 (millions of units) And Continue… Get Discount on Automotive Fuel Tank Market Research Report at: Leading Research Report of Industrial V-Belts Market 2017: Emerging Trends, Technology, Applications, Highlights and Challenges Forecast 2022 2017-05-19T09:58:10Z leading-research-report-of-industrial-v-belts-market-2017-emerging-trends-technology-applications-highlights-and-challenges-forecast-2022 The Global Industrial V-Belts Market to GROW at a CAGR of 4.45% during the period 2017-2021. The Report provides a basic overview of the Industrial V-Belts Market including definitions, classifications, applications and market Sales chain structure. The Industrial V-Belts Market Report enlists several important factors, starting from the basics to advanced market intelligence which play a crucial part in strategizing. Get a PDF Sample of Industrial V-Belts Market Research Report at: Industrial V-belts are the basic belts for power transmission that is applied in light-weight to heavy-weight industrial applications. They are used as a source to provide power transmission efficiently. Industrial V-belts provide more friction and power and are installed in all end-user orientations for efficient machinery functions. Industrial V-belts are an integral part of power transmission systems as they are the basic belts that provide movement, speed, service life, and load bearings. V-belts are shaped like trapezoidal rough belts with the need to stop providing belt slip offs. Industrial V-Belts Market Opportunities: With a purpose of enlightening new entrants about the possibilities in this market, this report investigates new project feasibility. Various details about the manufacturing process such as market drivers, impact of drivers, market challenges and impact of drivers and challenges, market trends, vendor landscape analysis and so on, is discussed in the report. Key players in Industrial V-Belts Market •         ContiTech •         Gates •         Optibelt •         SKF Other Prominent Vendors •         Bando •         BEHA •         COLMANT CUVELIER •         Dayco •         Dunlop And more… Complete Report of Industrial V-Belts Market Research available at: The Industrial V-Belts Market is divided into the following segments based on geography: •         Americas •         APAC •         EMEA In the end, the Report makes some important proposals for a new project of Industrial V-Belts Market before evaluating its feasibility. Overall, the report provides an in-depth insight of 2017-2021 global Industrial V-Belts Market covering all important parameters. Industrial V-Belts Market Driver •         Growing retrofit activities in industrial machinery Industrial V-Belts Market Challenge •         Slump in the growth of industrial belt drives in major economies Industrial V-Belts Market Trends •         Modernization of agriculture and farm equipment in emerging economies •         Growing number of M&A •         Improvements in industrial V-belts Key questions answered in this Industrial V-Belts Market Report: •         What will the Industrial V-Belts market size be in 2021 and what will the growth rate be? •         What are the key market trends? •         What is driving this market? •         What are the challenges to Market growth? •         Who are the key vendors in this market space? •         What are the market opportunities and threats faced by the key vendors? •         What are the strengths and weaknesses of the key vendors? No. of pages: 70 Single User Licence: $3500 Purchase a copy of Report @ List of Exhibit of Global Industrial V-Belts Market •         Exhibit 01: Market landscape •         Exhibit 02: Market size and forecast of the global industrial V-belts market ($ billions) •         Exhibit 03: Five forces analysis •         Exhibit 04: End-user segmentation •         Exhibit 05: Market segmentation based on end-users 2016 and 2021 (%) •         Exhibit 06: Market size and forecast by the material handling sector 2016-2021 ($ billions) •         Exhibit 07: Market size and forecast by other sectors 2016-2021 ($ billions) •         Exhibit 08: Market size and forecast by the industrial machinery sector 2016-2021 ($ billions) •         Exhibit 09: Market size and forecast by the agricultural sector 2016-2021 ($ billions) •         Exhibit 10: Market size and forecast by the mining sector 2016-2021 ($ billions) And Continue… Get Discount on Industrial V-Belts Market Research Report at: More than 94,000 Buyers Visit Spring Electronics Fair & ICT Expo 2017-04-20T03:57:37Z more-than-94-000-buyers-visit-spring-electronics-fair-amp-ict-expo HONG KONG - Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the 14th Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) and the concurrent 14th International ICT Expo drew to a successful close yesterday (16 April). The four-day fairs (13 to 16 April) welcomed more than 94,000 buyers from 138 countries and regions, an increase of 1.4 per cent over the previous year. The number of buyers from mature markets such as Japan and Korea recorded growth, while buyers from emerging markets including the Chinese mainland, Brazil, India and Russia recorded a double-digit percentage increase.The HKTDC commissioned an independent research agency to conduct surveys on-site, interviewing over 850 buyers and exhibitors to gauge their views on industry prospects. According to the results, more than 80 per cent of respondents expect overall sales to increase or remain steady in 2017. The respondents view North America, Western Europe and Hong Kong to be the most promising traditional markets, while the mainland, ASEAN markets, India and Middle East are seen as having the best prospects among emerging markets."In this digital age led by smart technology, electronics is widely used in all aspects of life, ranging from business to home living. The industry is constantly seeking innovative and futuristic products and technology. These trends were reflected in this year's Spring Electronics Fair and ICT Expo. Together they formed an important marketplace for exhibitors to showcase their innovative products and ICT solutions to global buyers, creating tremendous business opportunities," said HKTDC Deputy Executive Director Benjamin Chau. "We saw brisk sourcing at the fairground. Buyers were keenly looking for the latest products and technologies, especially high-tech products with virtual reality (VR) elements or smart-home applications.""The fairs featured an inaugural Startup zone to provide start-ups with an ideal trading and networking platform to meet potential investors and partners from around the world and showcase their unique concepts. We saw vibrant business at the zone," Mr Chau added.- Inaugural Startup zone presents innovative solutions to global buyers -Supporting the development of start-ups, the HKTDC introduced the Startup zone at the Spring Electronics Fair and ICT Expo this year to showcase the innovative technologies, products and services of more than 100 start-ups from Hong Kong, the mainland, India, Japan, the US and Taiwan. There were also a series of start-up themed events, including sharing sessions featuring representatives from Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, the crowdfunding platform FringeBacker and angel investors. Pitching, mentoring and "Startup, Smart Launch" sessions were also organised to help start-ups connect with and pitch their ideas to potential partners or investors, showcasing their outstanding creativity to overseas buyers.At the Startup zone, Hong Kong start-up QIUB Group Ltd presented a multifunction power bank with integrated data/charging cable and USB memory card reader, for which crowdfunding was received from Indiegogo last October. "The Startup zone provides a perfect opportunity for start-ups to showcase their latest innovations, and start-ups only need to pay a small participation fee," said company founder and Director Kresimir Secak. "The pitching session is very useful as our product has attracted a lot of attention from buyers." He added that at least 20 potential investors from Europe and Hong Kong had bought samples and subsequent orders were expected.Indian start-up HAL Robotics Private Ltd, a first-time exhibitor at the fair, featured its latest product RoboTrack, an Internet of Things (IoT) item developed for the supply chain industry to manage freight logistics. "We are showcasing RoboTrack at the debut Startup zone because we are keen to look for strategic investors and buyers to take this product to different markets in the world," said company director Prabhakar K Chaudhary. "Two quality buyers from Australia and South Africa in the shipment tracking business have expressed their intention to become our strategic investors and they have taken our samples for testing the applications. We have also talked to some European buyers. The fair opens up new business opportunities."Czech buyer Jan Jirout, Managing Director of Enrecotrade, was looking for various electronics items such as wireless chargers for smart phones, electronic components for producing security systems and 3D printers. He found his visit to the Startup zone useful. "I am planning to buy US$50,000 worth of 3D printers offered by a start-up. I like the Startup zone because it provides a good opportunity for start-ups to showcase new technology and products. It's good to be here because I can find what I want, see and touch new products, and have face-to-face meetings with suppliers," he said.Samson Tam, Chairman of the Hong Kong Business Angel Network, said that the start-up ecosystem in Hong Kong has been growing vigorously over the years. The Startup zone was "an excellent place to bring start-ups and investors together to explore growth through a win-win strategy." He noted the Startup zone featured plenty of activities. "This is a very encouraging development," said Mr Tam. "On the first day of the fairs, we invited more than 20 angel investors to attend a tech start-up pitching and matching session. The session got some strong responses. It showed that many start-ups used the zone's networking activities to gain exposure. The prospect of start-up ecosystem in Hong Kong is very positive and those specialising in Fintech, smart city and health-related solutions are likely to draw keener interest from investors."- Inaugural Tech Hall, smart technology in focus -The Spring Electronics Fair is the largest spring electronics trading event in Asia. Together with the ICT Expo, the two fairs attracted more than 3,500 exhibitors from 23 countries and regions. This year's Spring Electronics Fair featured a Tech Hall with four themed zones: the new Virtual Reality zone and the returning Connected Home, Robotics & Unmanned Tech and Wearable Electronics zones, showcasing an assortment of high-tech electronics products. With the growing prevalence of IoT technology and smart homes, smart products that incorporate IoT technology continued to be highly sought after.In terms of product trends, respondents expect electrical and electronic accessories (20%), audio-visual products (12%), home appliances (9%), electronic gaming products (9%) and digital imaging products (9%) to have the best sales growth this year. Among wearable electronics, smart watches (40%) and smart wristbands (29%) are considered to have the biggest growth potential in the next two years, while good prospects are also seen for 3D goggles for playing 3D video games or watching wide-screen 3D films. Among electronics products with smart home applications, system items for wireless and Wi-Fi Internet/mobile connection (70%), wireless charging devices for smart appliances (70%) and audio-visual items with smart functions (68%) are seen to have the best prospects. On average, respondents expect consumers are willing to pay around 18 per cent premium for electronics products and household appliances that are compatible with smart home application.Hong Kong exhibitor Binatone Electronics International Ltd, an official licensee for Motorola Mobility products, showcased a series of new products at the Spring Electronics Fair, including the HUGO Smart Camera home monitor and the IVO Smart Viewer that performs many household functions. "Buyers are very excited because our new products are unique in the market and their pricing is affordable. We expect good responses from buyers. In fact, in the first two hours of the show, we have met with more than 20 serious buyers from the mainland, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia," said Sat Murthi, the company's Managing Director for Latin America.Another Hong Kong exhibitor, Dragon Creative Enterprise Solution Limited, presented its second-generation MADGAZE AR smart glasses, related apps and AR Cloud platform at the fair. Company CEO Jordan Cheng said the results were "encouraging". "During the first two days of the fair, we have received some 1,000 enquiries and around 300 buyers from Asia, Europe and the US have expressed great interest in our AR smart glasses. We have already signed cooperation agreement with a Spanish buyer to become our sole agent for the Spanish market and bought 200 pieces of AR smart glasses, while the other six buyers from the mainland, Singapore and Taiwan are now our distributors in the markets," he said.Brazilian buyer Sergio Nunes, Director of JT International, had attended the Spring and Autumn electronics fairs for more than 10 years. He said close to 90 per cent of his company's existing suppliers come from the Electronics Fairs. This year, he found potential suppliers of Bluetooth speakers and headphones. After testing their samples and factories, he planned to buy US$1.5 million worth of Bluetooth speakers and US$300,000 worth of headphones.Catch of The Day, an e-commerce company in Australia, sells all kinds of consumer products. Technology Buyer Bill Katis, a first-time visitor to the fair, said the company hoped to expand its electronics products business, which currently account for 20 per cent of the company's e-tailing business. "I plan to buy US$500,000 worth of tech products through the Spring Electronics Fair," he said. "I have identified some potential suppliers of VR gadgets, Bluetooth speakers and headphones, DAB radios and security cameras."- Diverse ICT solutions connect global business opportunities -In this digital age, apt applications of ICT can enhance corporate efficiency, productivity and profitability. The ICT Expo, held in parallel with the Spring Electronics Fair, is a leading event for the Asian ICT sector. The expo is an excellent platform that showcases a wide spectrum of ICT solutions and relevant services under one roof, including cybersecurity systems, e-commerce platforms, electronic payment, logistics management and online-to-offline (O2O) business solutions.Hong Kong company Acesobee Ltd unveiled its electronic healthcare record platform at this year's expo. The product helps patients and their families consolidate relevant medical records and information. Founder Albert Au said some local non-governmental organisations and care centres had enquired about their products and technologies while other exhibitors had also shown keen interest in collaboration. "This is really a good place to raise our profile. The results are very encouraging," he remarked.The expo attracted many buyers from emerging markets with vibrant economic growth, including ITQAN Global for Digital Cloud Systems from the UAE, one of the largest IT service providers in the region. It supplies a wide range of system integration and technology solutions, including cloud-based projects and cybersecurity initiatives. General Manager Feras Al-Jabi said that at the expo he had identified potential partners from the mainland, Taiwan and India providing such services as 3D printing, cybersecurity, mobile applications and healthcare solutions. "Subject to successful negotiation, the total value of potential projects we anticipate to undertake in the coming year will be up to US$3 million," said Mr Al-Jabi.To cater to buyers' growing need to source in small orders, the Spring Electronics Fair once again featured the Small Orders zone, where about 300 showcases featured nearly 3,000 products available in minimum order quantities ranging from five to 1,000 pieces. Over the four-day fair period, around 30,000 buyers visited the zone, generating more than 20,000 business connections.Photo download: Websites:Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition): ICT Expo: zone: view press releases in Chinese, please visit About HKTDCEstablished in 1966, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is a statutory body dedicated to creating opportunities for Hong Kong's businesses. With more than 40 offices globally, including 13 on the Chinese mainland, the HKTDC promotes Hong Kong as a platform for doing business with China, Asia and the world. With 50 years of experience, the HKTDC organises international exhibitions, conferences and business missions to provide companies, particularly SMEs, with business opportunities on the mainland and in international markets, while providing information via trade publications, research reports and digital channels including the media room. For more information, please visit: Follow us on Google+, Twitter @hktdc, LinkedIn.Google+: Contact:HKTDC Communication and Public Affairs Department Joe Kainz Tel: +852 2584 4216 Email: Madison Technologies Expands APAC Profile with New Zealand Sales and Distribution Hub 2017-04-02T21:46:08Z madison-technologies-expands-apac-profile-with-new-zealand-sales-and-distribution-hub Open for business from late-March, the Penrose-based Madison Technologies office and warehouse will become home to a range of international brands, technologies and applications and will strategically position Madison Technologies to provide its dealers and wholesalers with technologies and solutions to grow their businesses. New Zealand local Paul O’Neill-Gregory has been appointed as Country Manager and will have overall responsibility for sales, customer services and branch operations.   Paul O’Neill-Gregory, said about his new role, “What motivates me is the enormous challenge that lies ahead.  By opening this office and warehouse, Madison Technologies can further meet the growing demands of Electrical, Data and Security Wholesalers and Audio Visual Integrators, Dealers and Consultants to access international brands, service and support locally.”  “We will offer the best products, solutions and support, and as the new kids on the block in New Zealand we need to ensure that we not only meet, but exceed the expectations of the industry.  I have witnessed the fast paced changes in technology and I’m ready to help our customers to face those challenges ahead,” finished Paul. David Redfern, Madison Technologies Managing Director said, “Paul O’Neill-Gregory has an extensive background in the electronic, data, broadcast, RF and audio industries. We’re very excited about the experience and expertise he brings to our local presence.” “We have been working with New Zealand companies for many years and with so many new and exciting opportunities, it was time Madison Technologies ventured across the Tasman and invested locally in the market here.”  Madison Technologies is positioned well to service the needs of local customers having recently signed an exclusive distribution agreement with global cabling giant, Belden, to distribute Broadcast and Professional Audio Visual Solutions throughout New Zealand. Garland Cables, a cabling and connectivity icon of 40 years, will add healthy competition to the marketplace and will provide ready distribution to New Zealand Electrical, Data and Security Wholesalers. For more information, contact Madison Technologies New Zealand 0508 00 77 80 or email About Madison Technologies Madison Technologies is a respected industry leader with a 25-year track record of delivering the very best products, services and solutions for the cabling, networking, wireless, telco carrier networking, broadcast and audio visual disciplines.  Our skilled connectivity experts have been finding and creating clever and robust solutions for complex connectivity challenges for more than 25 years. With more than 100 staff in offices across Australia, and now New Zealand, Madison Technologies is on hand to source, design and manufacture for tomorrow's well connected world.  AIIA undertaking significant survey on analytics and data usage by Australian businesses, government and NGOs 2016-09-12T02:46:08Z aiia-undertaking-significant-survey-on-analytics-and-data-usage-by-australian-businesses-government-and-ngos FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12 SEPTEMBER 2016 Encourages new and established organisations in all sectors to participate in order to develop the most comprehensive report possible The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), the peak member body for the ICT industry, today announced it is undertaking a major survey of Australian organisations on analytics and data usage. The purpose of the survey is to find out what differentiates those business, government and NGO organisations that effectively use data and analytics for senior decision making. The survey is open to individual respondents via the AIIA website until 31 September 2016. It is anticipated that a whitepaper will be published towards the end of the year incorporating an analysis of the results and providing a body of knowledge that will help guide business leaders on ways to incorporate data and analytics into their organisation in order to remain competitive. Rob Fitzpatrick, CEO of the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), says, "On a global scale, we see those organisations that know how to use data effectively are usually the strongest performers. If Australia is serious about driving an ideas boom and creating new employment opportunities, we need to ensure that we help local organisations better understand and then take advantage of data to be competitive. “This is not just a survey for tech companies. The information generated will benefit all industries and we encourage participants across all sectors whether they be in education, retail, finance, or others, as well as established and newer companies to participate,” added Fitzpatrick. This initiative is being led by the AIIA’s Data and Analytics Special Interest Group, which is chaired by Dr Roger Kermode, director of business consulting firm Alimua Pty Ltd and former practice principal for analytics and data management for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and Graeme Wood, general manager of marketing for Semantic Software Asia Pacific. “There is mounting evidence that data-driven organisations tend to require fewer assets, execute with greater insight and less risk, and ultimately generate higher returns. We believe incorporating these practices is an important part of creating a sustainable and growing economy in Australia and is crucial to seeing our standing in world innovation and growth rankings improve,” says Dr Kermode. The data collected will be analysed by data scientists at the University of Technology Sydney. Professor Michael Blumenstein of UTS Sydney says, “Much has been published on big data, automation and the use of analytics at an organizational level. However, despite the recognition of data increasing in importance, the use of data between and within organisations varies widely. The AIIA survey has been constructed to find out why. It’s designed to enable deep diagnostics and analysis of what actually take place inside organisations across different functions and different levels, not just what is visible externally.” Numerous leading Australian organisations are encouraging their members to complete the survey, including: Data61, The Knowledge Economy Institute; NSW State Government; Advance Australia; FINSIA; CPA Australia; StartupMuster; UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT; and, the UTS Business School. # # # About AIIA The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is Australia’s peak representative body and advocacy group for those in the digital ecosystem. Since 1978 the AIIA has pursued activities to stimulate and grow the digital ecosystem, to create a favourable business environment for members and to contribute to Australia’s economic prosperity. We do this by delivering outstanding member value by providing a strong voice of influence; building a sense of community through events and education; enabling a network for collaboration and inspiration; and developing compelling content and relevant and interesting information. MEDIA CONTACT For more information, please contact Joanna Stevens Kramer at 0408 466 410 or email For more information about the AIIA please visit Mining’s Tough Message: Innovate or Risk Becoming Obsolete 2016-09-02T03:22:23Z mining-s-tough-message-innovate-or-risk-becoming-obsolete 2 September 2016, Sydney - The domestic mining downturn is now widely accepted as one unlikely to receive an imminent correction. This sentiment is reinforced by a recent NAB outlook report suggesting we may be as long as three years away from an upward swing. This creates a period of forced change where the industry will race to adapt in a variety of ways, including the streamlining of its business processes. Suppliers and service providers to the mining industry are in a new and unique position where the onus is now on them to provide more to their offering - beyond the suggestion of a positive impact to bottom-line, companies now need to prove this by showcasing recent examples. Mining Industry Partners Offer Options This is one of the reasons that Apex Supply Chain Technologies has demonstrated recently during Australian mining’s influential event Queensland Mining and Exhibition, and has maintained a steady client base and even expanding since opening its first Asian-Pacific office in Sydney last year. Through a variety of solutions, such as its automated locker solutions first introduced to the Australian market by Apex this year, the company has been in strong demand within the mining sector. The technology behind the Apex solutions enables subscribers to track, manage, control, and analyse supply, materials and equipment in real-time, is known as the Apex Trajectory Cloud™ Enterprise Software Service. This secure, cloud-based, technology allows businesses to affect a reduction of up to 34% in its operational costs, with many Australian companies already enjoying the level of savings. Apex Supply Chain Technologies CEO and Founder Kent Savage said, its cloud-based technology can be used from anywhere, day or night, with no software to install. The Trajectory Cloud platform powers all Apex automated dispensing solutions, including the AXCESS™ self-serve automated lockers, which provide secure accountability for high value, reusable assets and consumable products. “Each AXCESS locker also has flexible configurations to accommodate a wide variety of products, from calibrated tools or stock-kits, to handheld scanners and other electronic devices,” Mr Savage said. “And all of them are easy to access twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.” Ample Opportunity to Adapt with Asset Management In an article by Australian Mining (July, 2016), four qualities were identified as being vital to a business that will survive the current downturn, these being ‘pro-activeness, connectedness, adaptation, and access to “slack” (or readily available) resources. Mr Savage, commented that ‘slack’ or wasted resources are all too common within a company’s internal operations and can be easily audited and addressed. “When you’re dealing with high-value equipment, waste through loss, or even the time wasted locating misplaced equipment, this will put a dent in how ‘downturn-proof’ your business is,” Mr. Savage added. “Minimising waste is one of the quickest and easiest ways to bolster your bottom-line.” Automating Inventory Replenishment Eliminates More Inefficiencies Business process solutions by Apex also include the ACTYLUS™ system, which uses smart bin technology to boost productivity through self-automated inventory checks and re-orders. Mr. Savage said that Actylus can boost supply chain productivity by 30% and grow bottom-line revenues across a variety of industries and applications. “ACTYLUS eliminates the need for safety stock, emergency orders and inefficient, labour-intensive manual processes. This minimises overall inventory and provides a more cost-efficient solution for inventory management,” he said. “This means easy replenishment to ensure no stock outs which can result in production lines shutting down. With ACTYLUS you’ll always have the optimal amount of inventory.” The Apex cloud technology will have a number of potential applications across a range of industries such as manufacturing, transportation and fleet, automotive aftermarket, distribution and logistics, mining and quarrying, and healthcare. “Australia’s mining industry is challenged every day by tough, global competition. The timing is ideal for companies looking to become more competitive to adopt Apex automated dispensing technologies,” he said. Apex automated dispensing solutions increase productivity; lower costs and help businesses make better decisions by utilising the real-time asset and inventory insights at their fingertips. “Our customers report greater accountability, reduced consumption and better team morale after installing our solutions, says, Mr, Savage. This translates into an average savings of 30% or more. That’s real value.” -ENDS- About Apex Supply Chain Technologies: North American-based Apex Supply Chain Technologies is a global leader in automated dispensing systems for managing high-use, high-cost, mission-critical supplies, parts, tools, hand-held electronics and components in applications such as OEM manufacturing, fleet maintenance, automotive aftermarket, mining and quarrying, retail, foodservice, healthcare, veterinary medicine and more. Apex has managed more than three billion automated vending transactions and serves thousands of global clients. For more information visit or call +61 2 9450 0866. Media Enquiries Kevin Dugan Senior Global Communications Executive, Apex Supply Chain Technologies +1 513-486-3243 Lisa Rollings Heard Agency 02 8279 7876 Cathy Yao Heard Agency 02 8279 7876 Woman to lead Melbourne manufacturer 2016-08-05T02:07:32Z woman-to-lead-melbourne-manufacturer-setec Innovative power supply manufacturer, Setec, has appointed Louise Bayliss as Chief Executive Officer, making her one of only a few women CEOs in Australian manufacturing today. Designers and manufacturers of Australian-made power supply solutions for the medical, defence, gaming, communications, RV and automotive industries, Setec exports just over 20 per cent of the nearly 200,000 units they produce in-house annually. Returning to the fold of Setec’s strong, family-owned tradition, Mrs Bayliss – daughter of company founders Peter and Jill Lloyd – rejoins the company where she previously held the role of Managing Director from 2000 to 2009 before taking time out to raise her young family.  Mrs Bayliss replaces her husband David Bayliss who helmed Setec as its CEO from 2009 but is stepping away to pursue new business opportunities. In addition to her previous role as Setec’s MD, Mrs Bayliss also acted as the company’s Business Development Manager and is credited with significant achievements that include bringing in key customers across a range of industries as well as the commencement of Setec’s relationships with their offshore manufacturing partners. “Our growth over the last 16 years is due in large part to our understanding of the marketplace and our ability to identify new opportunities through our improved capabilities. We’re in a great place to make the most of these exciting times.” Mrs Bayliss said.Bucking the trend: from offshore to onshore With more than 80 employees at its Knoxfield Victoria design and production facilities, Setec recently made the decision to bring all of its manufacturing back to Australia. “As CEO I have a number of core goals that will be achieved in the short to medium terms. First and foremost is to launch our new battery management solutions by way of our consumer range, BMPRO, which caters to the recreational vehicle, caravan, marine, automotive and camper trailer industries. “This diversification into retail is instrumental in Setec maintaining its leading edge capabilities and inventive solution offerings for the industries we serve.  “A productivity improvement program implemented this year has seen the labour cost component reduced from 40 to 10 per cent. Through investments in advanced design and manufacturing technologies, we are now manufacturing 40 per cent more product than previously with half the staff. “Cost effective electronics manufacturing is the name of the game,” Mrs Bayliss said. Other objectives include growing the team, which has included the recent appointment of a QA manager to further enhance Setec’s quality and reliable product offering and fostering a culture of constant improvement and teamwork. “It’s an exciting time for both Setec and BMPRO as we continue to invest in our local manufacturing facilities, producing great products for both our new and long-term customers. “David’s seven years at Setec have left the business in great shape with a vitality and confidence that will further the company’s next period of growth as we continue our quest to deliver the best Australian designed and manufactured products with confidence.” on the future of Australian manufacturing by Louise Bayliss The future of manufacturing in Australia offers endless opportunity for smart manufacturers servicing the local and global markets.  The combination of Asia’s rising labour costs, a low Australian dollar, the utilisation of new technology in conceptualising and design, and the reduction of labour content has seen our production experience go full-circle, from ‘in-house’ to ‘offshore’ to bringing everything back in-house. This has resulted in Setec investing even further in our local manufacturing expertise and our people.  Setec also operates in a value marketplace, where we offer solutions rather than just a ‘me-too’ product, all supported with local engineering support and customer service. Setec will continue to invest and innovate in its design and manufacturing to ensure a healthy, long-term manufacturing environment here in Australia.About Setec: Setec Pty Ltd is an innovative, award-winning company celebrating over 48 years of Australian design and manufacturing servicing the medical, defence, gaming, caravan and automotive industries with on-site expertise in the development of custom-made power management solutions with the highest quality, reliability and integrity in mind. Founded by Peter and Jill Lloyd in 1968, Setec has been creating world-class products and providing custom-designed power supply solutions for the world stage with a growing export market that extends around the globe. Safe Work Australia’s Award for Good Design goes to a Forklift with a difference 2016-06-06T01:16:55Z safe-work-australia-s-award-for-good-design-goes-to-a-forklift-with-a-difference Safe Work Australia’s Award for Good Design goes to a Materials Handling device with a difference Creativity, innovation and design has come together, winning Makinex Construction Products’ Powered Hand Truck Safe Work Australia’s Award for Good Design last weekend. The revolutionary machine, the Powered Hand Truck, replaces the need for a forklift and has the potential to cut shoulder and back injuries in the workplace. The Makinex Powered Hand Truck is a universal materials handling solution that enables one person to safely lift and load small equipment or bulky goods weighing up to 140kg (309lbs). It provides a quick and easy alternative to using a forklift or tailgate loader for small loads. The inaugural Safe Work Australia Award for Good Design was selected from finalists across all categories in the 2016 Good Design Awards. Makinex were presented with their award as part of the 2016 Good Design Awards ceremony on 27 May 2016. Since using the Powered Hand Truck, Australian company Kennard’s Hire has seen a significant decrease in shoulder and back injuries. It has become an indispensible piece of equipment in Kennards Hire across Australia and New Zealand. “A focus on health and safety in design helps eliminate hazards and risks before they enter the workplace. Good work design can radically transform the workplace in ways that benefit the business, workers, clients and others in the supply chain.” said Safe Work Australia Chief Executive Officer, Ms Michelle Baxter. “Makinex is about making inefficiencies extinct, where the name itself comes from this driving force. Makinex strives towards continuous improvement by looking close at it’s business to find unique, innovative and practical product solutions that provide the construction and rental industries with a better way to do their jobs to save time, physical effort and money”, says CEO Rory Kennard, who plays an instrumental part in the design and development of many of Makinex’s products. Makinex is an Australian owned private company that have been experts in the design, development and distribution of innovative products since 2004, providing solutions to the construction, landscaping, equipment hire, infrastructure and related industries. With plans to expand the existing designed product range, growth in local and global markets with offices in Los Angeles, and a global dealer network they have a commitment to ongoing research and development, Makinex is experiencing exponential growth, particularly in its own line of designed and manufactured products. “We believe that ‘good enough’ is never enough for our customers”, says Kennard. Watch the multi-award winning Powered Hand Truck here ENDS For further information, hi-res images and interviews please contact: Amy Dowd | Rhetoric Communications|0420 979 187| Makinex Makinex seeks to make an impactful difference on the global construction industry through the provision of truly unique and innovative Australian designed quality products. United Technologies Acquires Commercial HVAC Business in Australia 2016-05-30T23:38:46Z united-technologies-acquires-commercial-hvac-business-in-australia SYDNEY, May 31, 2016 – United Technologies has acquired the commercial HVAC product sales and commercial service divisions of AHI-Carrier (Australia) Pty Ltd, a UTC joint venture in Australia. The newly acquired organization will conduct business as Carrier Australia Pty Ltd (Carrier Australia), a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).     Carrier Australia operates in nine locations nationally and delivers a wide range of commercial heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) solutions and services. As part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, Carrier Australia will have direct access to established global Carrier operations, factories and engineering centers, leading to closer collaboration and even stronger product offerings for customers.   “We’re excited about the opportunities this will bring. For Carrier Australia, the acquisition will facilitate closer collaboration as well as more direct access to UTC Climate, Controls & Security’s global resources in terms of products, engineering, sales and marketing initiatives,” said John Sherry, Managing Director, Carrier Australia.   “Our ability to offer more complete building solutions is a crucial differentiator for us, and this acquisition continues to build that capability, positioning us to even better serve our customers,” added Oon Wee Chin, President, Southeast Asia, UTC Climate, Controls & Security.   Carrier Australia will also be closely connected to UTC Climate, Controls & Security’s existing local operations through Chubb Australasia, and will benefit from Chubb’s established infrastructure and presence. “The synergy with Carrier Australia strengthens the full range of integrated, innovative and sustainable building solutions for customers,” said Mark Brisson, President, Chubb Australasia.   In addition, Carrier Australia employees will have access to world-class UTC programs, such as the UTC Employee Scholar Program. “Our staff will benefit from one of the world’s most comprehensive, company-sponsored employee education programs, which offers company-paid tuition, books and fees for employees to pursue a degree of their choice, whether or not it is related to their job,” said Sherry.   The remaining residential, light commercial and Totaline parts business segments have transferred to a new entity, AHIC (Australia) Pty Ltd, which will continue to be owned by AHI-Carrier FZC.                    Carrier Australia will continue to serve customers with product and service offerings that ensure a comprehensive suite of next generation products and segment-leading solutions.   To learn more about Carrier Australia, visit   -Ends-  About UTC Climate, Controls & Security UTC Climate, Controls & Security is a leading provider of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, building controls and automation, and fire and security systems leading to safer, smarter, sustainable and high-performance buildings. UTC Climate, Controls & Security is a unit of United Technologies Corporation (NYSE:UTX), a leading provider to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide. For more information, visit and follow @UTC_CCS on Twitter. ARCHICAD 20 – A fresh look at BIM 2016-05-04T01:09:16Z archicad-20-a-fresh-look-at-bim BUDAPEST, May 3, 2016 – GRAPHISOFT®, the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) software developer for architects and designers, announced today the latest version of its industry-leading BIM software solution.  ARCHICAD 20 features a number of important functional improvements that put the emphasis on the “I” in BIM, increasing the value for both ARCHICAD users and external stakeholders alike. Its brand new, “flat-design” graphical UI sets the new version apart from run-of-the-mill BIM tools. “The true potential of BIM is that it can hold all the necessary information for designing, constructing and operating buildings,” said Peter Temesvari, Director of Product Management at GRAPHISOFT. “A significant part of this information is non-geometrical data.  ARCHICAD 20 offers powerful workflows to manage, visualize and exchange such information with any stakeholder participating in the design and construction process.”  What’s new in ARCHICAD 20  Enhanced Information Management  Store the Information: Information is the most valuable part of BIM and ARCHICAD 20 helps architects and designers get the most of it! ARCHICAD 20 allows users to utilize their Building Information Model as the central storage place for all related information. They can even easily store and maintain design information that was not created using CAD or BIM tools, like Excel spreadsheets.   Display the Information: ARCHICAD 20 leverages well-structured information resulting in informative design visualization, which ensures enormous efficiencies throughout design and construction.  With the help of smart filters and brand new graphical override, designers can freely change the representation of any 2D and 3D views of elements with similar properties. This feature allows a number of workflows that make communication, coordination and model checking much more efficient.  Share the Information: ARCHICAD 20 is among the first BIM applications to fully support the IFC 4 open-source standard. IFC 4 supports new coordination workflows (Design Transfer View and Reference View) and provides great help when coordinating with other disciplines. Information sharing via purpose-made tools such as BIMx or generic tools such as Excel enables a much wider target group to get involved and use the wealth of information stored in BIM.    Graphical Favorites   Brand new Graphical Favorites provide excellent visual feedback about saved element settings with automatically-generated, colored 2D or 3D thumbnail previews -- available instantly for every Tool.  This not only helps BIM managers in setting up and enforcing office project templates, but also speeds up everyday design development work.  Renewed Graphical User Interface   ARCHICAD 20 features a completely revamped graphical user interface, making it the most modern-looking BIM application available on the market today. The design language used on the renewed GUI gives ARCHICAD a look and feel much closer to mobile apps than to traditional desktop software, making it especially appealing to the younger generation.   For more information about ARCHICAD 20, and to sign up for the live streaming of ARCHICAD 20’s world premier event, visit  About GRAPHISOFTGRAPHISOFT® ignited the BIM revolution in 1984 with ARCHICAD®, the industry first BIM software for architects.  GRAPHISOFT continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions such as its revolutionary BIMcloud®, the world’s first real-time BIM collaboration environment; EcoDesigner™, the world’s first fully BIM-integrated “GREEN” design solution; and BIMx®, the world’s leading mobile app for BIM visualization.  GRAPHISOFT is part of the Nemetschek Group.                                                                                                          Retriever Prepare Automates Pre-Planning for Field Technicians to Finish the Job the First Time 2016-04-06T22:34:50Z retriever-prepare-automates-pre-planning-for-field-technicians-to-finish-the-job-the-first-time Sydney, NSW April 7, 2016 – Retriever Communications, a global provider of mobile workforce automation, today announced Retriever Prepare, a project management solution that integrates with in field scheduling and mobile delivery, to help businesses provide a seamless experience from the initial work order appointment booking right through to the on-site project completion. Created for telecommunications, utilities and a range of other industries that manage multi-stage work orders/projects, Retriever Prepare improves efficiency and productivity by eliminating the need for manual or excel-based pre-planning processes that often result in disconnect between customers, appointment makers, dispatchers and field technicians. Retriever Prepare serves as an additional module to Retriever’s current mobile field worker management Barking Suite Solutions. End-user friendly and practical, specific features included: Appointment Management • User friendly web portal to manage customer appointment slots • Information about technician (including sub-contractors) availability and schedule coordination integrated into appointment management solution • Easier scrutiny of organizational compliance • Mobile Apps to allow easy input from field workers regarding availability and certification Job planning • Manage tasks requiring completion prior to job commencement (e.g. pre-scope inspections or parts order) • Management of job planning processes for improved productivity and higher quality outcomes • Track and record all pre-job task activities, access full audit history Retriever’s industry partner ISGM, a provider of integrated workforce management solutions and a co-author of Retriever Prepare, will deploy the new solution later this year for clients where it will deliver higher quality outcomes.  . “Current pre-planning processes can be costly and disjointed at a systems level. This new approach is holistic by enabling a seamless workflow from first customer touch to delivery and completion of the service,” said Jonathan Field, CEO of ISGM. “Retriever’s Prepare is another piece in solving the field service puzzle,” said Mary Brittain-White, CEO, Retriever Communications. “We are offering businesses a pre-planning automation solution that is configurable so technicians arrive at a customer or asset site, with the right equipment and armed with the information needed to finish the job the first time.” To learn more about Retriever visit About Retriever Communications Retriever Communications has been providing field force automation technology internationally since 1996. Privately-held with corporate headquarters in Sydney, Australia and North American headquarters in Houston, Texas. Retriever’s wireless field solutions improve productivity and automate data collection processes for companies with field operations - operators to service companies in energy, petroleum, and utility industries. Retriever Communications is a Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company of the Year award winner in the category of Industrial Mobility and Gartner Field Service Management Magic Quadrant participant. About ISGMISGM is a leading Australian services company providing advisory and workforce management services through its strategy, systems and operations capabilities with annual turnover approaching A$500 million and a workforce of over 4,500 people. The business was founded in 2010 with the objective of establishing a better, more productive service delivery model for companies to engage their own or an outsourced workforce to deliver last mile services.