The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-09-16T00:46:00Z SugarCRM Named a Leader in Four Categories in the 2021 CRM Industry Leader Awards 2021-09-16T00:46:00Z sugarcrm-named-a-leader-in-four-categories-in-the-2021-crm-industry-leader-awards CUPERTINO, Calif. – September 15, 2021 – SugarCRM today announced that several solutions within its cloud-based, AI-driven CRM platform have been named winners in the 20th annual CRM Industry Leader Awards program. The CRM Industry Leader Awards honor the leading providers of customer service, marketing, and sales technologies and services across ten categories. Each year, CRM magazine’s panel of expert analysts and consultants are asked to walk in the shoes of a customer that is looking for a top-performing CRM platform, and with thorough vendor analysis, produce their top five solution winners.   SugarCRM’s award-winning achievements include: Best CRM for Midsize and Small Businesses: SugarCRM has deep roots in addressing the unique needs of mid-market companies that often require enterprise-level CRM performance without enterprise budget for advanced features and capabilities. In CRM’s editorial, industry analyst Kate Leggett says SugarCRM “is built on a unified platform that empowers teams big and small to collaborate across the customer life cycle with a full understanding of the journey and the ability to anticipate and fulfill customers’ needs.” Best Enterprise CRM Software and Solution: Sugar Enterprise is perfect for companies that require maximum flexibility, customization, and complete control over the technology stack. And as enterprise data concerns mount, Sugar Enterprise provides on-premise deployment, enabling complete autonomous control. It also offers the flexible customization that enterprises require while being robust enough to support multi-user, multi-location, and multi-system processes. In CRM’s editorial, Marshall Lager, independent CRM industry analyst and consultant, says, “Sugar works well, looks good, is highly customizable, and has a great partner ecosystem.” Best Marketing Automation Software and Solution: Sugar Market is a powerhouse for lead capture, qualification, nurturing, and hand-off to sales. The solution offers inbound and outbound email marketing tools, social media management capabilities, AI-driven predictive analytics, performance tracking, and even Google Ads management tools. The addition of SugarPredict helps to facilitate lead qualification and prioritization through AI-powered predictive lead scoring.  Best Sales Force Automation Software and Solution: Sugar Sell is supercharging sales performance at scale with AI-powered capabilities that help take the guesswork out of lead prioritization, Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) alignment, and opportunity-to-close-won scoring. These new AI capabilities powering SugarPredict enable Sugar Sell to analyze historical account, deal, and company data to accurately predict which leads are most likely to become customers. Lead scoring is based on similarity to historical conversions (converted leads or closed-won opportunities), while ICP matching identifies leads that are similar to a company’s past and current customer bases. In addition, CRM’s panel of analyst and consultant experts applaud Sugar Sell for its “no-code approach that allows users to customize layouts, modules, and plug-ins to meet their individual needs.”  “We’re proud to have the SugarCRM platform recognized as industry leading for both large and small organizations by CRM and the distinguished panel of industry analysts and consultants,” says Craig Charlton, Chief Executive Officer, SugarCRM. “We are committed to purpose-driven innovation to help companies reach new levels of predictability and bring productivity and efficiency gains by letting the platform do the work. This is helping sales, marketing, and service leaders to build stronger customer relationships, increase brand loyalty, and grow business bottom line.” Click here to learn more about Sugar’s AI-driven solutions for CRM. Visit Sugar Sell for more information about the next-generation sales automation platform. Visit Sugar Market for more information about the all-you-need marketing automation platform. Visit Sugar Serve for more information about the effortless customer service platform. Haus introduces range of residential stacking and sliding doors 2021-09-14T04:27:34Z haus-introduces-range-of-residential-stacking-and-sliding-doors Adelaide, SA – 14/09/2021 - Haus Windows & Doors provide residential aluminium sliding and stacking doors in Adelaide, making it a perfect choice for Australian consumers and developers. Their range of aluminium doors offer unique combination of strength, quality and aesthetics.  Haus Aluminium doors supplied in Adelaide are the ideal choice for glazed openings in your house. Residential aluminium sliding and stacking doors opens to two-thirds of its width and seamlessly connect your home to outdoor open space. This type of stacking doors are available in two, three, four or six-panel configuration. These panels are accessible up to 2700mm high and 1500mm wide subject to site conditions.  Haus Windows & Doors offer a wide range of standard colours and finish. You can also get some information about our custom alternatives and door installation provided in Adelaide to extend beyond our standard range. Aluminium stacking doors & window ranges offered by us in Adelaide, are dependable all throughout the year regardless of any weather conditions in summer or winter. Also, you will likewise appreciate the savings on your energy costs, which is both useful for you and the concerning global climatic conditions.  Aluminium stacker doors are a great way to create space in your home. If you are a party lover or love to invite your friends and family to your home for catch-ups, then stacking doors are the best choice. It will create more space for your guest to mingle between both indoor and outdoor. Stacking doors have a faultless design permitting accessibility and flow within the house. What sets Haus stacking doors apart is the clean aesthetic design, effortless movement and graceful operation.  You can genuinely feel a sense of harmony after introducing Haus’s Aluminium stacking and sliding doors at a chosen spot in your home or office space. Just let them know a particular glass type that you have in mind and they will source it for you in a greater quality and within quickest time possible. Adelaide Designer Windows introduces new range of Doors and Windows 2021-09-14T04:17:45Z adelaide-designer-windows-introduces-new-range-of-doors-and-windows-1 Adelaide, SA - 14/09/2021 - Adelaide Designer Windows introduces a new range of energy efficient and uniquely styled Aluminium windows and doors in Adelaide. Their product ranges are designed to the highest standards using a range of quality Aluminium material rigorously tested with Australian industry standards and are committed to beautiful designs. Their doors are a versatile option for any residential or commercial space for the plethora of customisable options it provides. For example, the classic two-three or four-panel sliding aluminium door is the company’s most unique configuration and is known to work excellently for larger openings. Adelaide Designer Windows (ADW) in Adelaide also specialise in several other aluminium doors and windows like the corner sliding doors. The cavity stacking sliding aluminium door is one of the most innovative products, as it saves space and minimizes obstacles by having panels that open up into a wall.  So why would you choose Adelaide Designer Windows’ sliding aluminium doors when there are other windows and doors manufacturers in Adelaide?  ADW’s technical knowledge within the Aluminium Windows and Door Industry ensures a quality and tailored solution to every project. They are regarded as the best sliding aluminium door and window provider in Adelaide and are known for using high standard and best quality of aluminium for windows and doors. ADW offer premium stacking door for those looking for superior quality, style and colour. Their specialists have first-hand knowledge and experience in building products that can handle harsh weather conditions.  All products are made to the highest standard, are Australian-made, and are fully certified and tested. If you are looking for a boutique provider of excellently designed, custom-made sliding aluminium doors for your home or commercial project - Adelaide Designer Windows (ADW) is the one to go for. New study from Entrust identifies opportunities and challenges for securing the new hybrid workplace 2021-09-02T01:49:07Z new-study-from-entrust-identifies-opportunities-and-challenges-for-securing-the-new-hybrid-workplace As a rise in variants spurs new uncertainties around the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses around the globe are tasked with developing a long-term plan and work model, whether in-person, remote or hybrid, that meets the needs of employees and the business. Amid this transition, Entrust, a global leader in trusted identity, payments and data protection, set out to uncover what is needed to secure the world’s hybrid workplaces in its new data study, “Securing the New Hybrid Workplace.” Entrust surveyed 1,500 business leaders and 1,500 general employees from 10 countries, including 300 from Australia, to better understand how workers from the manager level to the C-suite are preparing for a new hybrid workplace. Key findings include: Hybrid is here to stay, but security concerns are high: The overwhelming majority of respondent companies are moving to a long-term hybrid workplace approach. In fact, 77% of leaders and 81% of employees said their company is currently using a hybrid model or is fully remote and considering a hybrid work model. However, 53% of employees reported up to six instances of lost productivity due to network access issues and leaders cite home internet security (23%) and leakage of sensitive company data (21%) among their top security challenges.Visitor management is an in-office priority: Having a detailed record of who has been in and out of a company’s office is a larger priority in 2021. 96% of business leaders and 95% of employees agree that it is important for their company to have a system in place that logs and tracks visitors who enter and exit the building when employees work in the office.Home office data security presents new challenges: Businesses need to change their data security approach now that employees are more decentralised than ever before. However, while data security is a priority for leaders with 81% saying their company has offered employees training on it, only 61% of employees said their company offers this training, indicating a communication gap. “With the uncertainties of the last year and a half, many organisations are well-adapted to remote work. With leaders planning the future state of their workplace models, we wanted to ask how they are adapting security and identity for the hybrid workplace: how are leaders and employees prepared to protect data and sensitive information? How will office security evolve? Will adapting to hybrid workplaces multiply vulnerabilities, or will enterprises choose smart security strategies to enable employees wherever they work?” said James Cook, Director of Digital Security, Asia Pacific and Japan, at Entrust. “With the study overwhelmingly indicating the desire of 92% of employees to work in a hybrid model moving forward, this data study provides businesses insight about how to democratise work from anywhere and incorporate security practices into their hybrid approach by working with companies like Entrust to implement solutions such as passwordless and biometric authentication, mobile identity verification and more.” Perfecting the hybrid work model There is no question employers are responding to a clear desire among employees for hybrid work options, with 64% saying they are considering hiring talent that resides in geographically diverse locations. For employers following this trend and hiring employees in a new, hybrid environment, there are several ways to improve and secure the onboarding process. The study found business leaders are improving training methods (58%), rolling out new or improved collaboration tools (47%) and implementing mobile ID issuance for remote employees. Furthermore, leaders are taking steps to maintain internal security as they incorporate a hybrid model, with 49% using mobile identity verification, 47% rolling out one-time password technology, and 25% utilising biometric authentication, citing the desire to stay ahead of hackers and protect their internal data. Maintaining and enhancing security in the office environment As companies start bringing workers back to the office, the ongoing pandemic raises the stakes of physical security to include health, safety and infosecurity. For example, companies must consider best practices when they begin to open their doors to visitors outside their internal workforce once more. Entrust found support for organisational visitor management is overwhelming, with 96% of business leaders and 95% of employees agreeing that it is important for their company to have a system in place that logs and tracks visitors who enter and exit the building when employees work in the office. With this in mind, companies will begin paying more attention to who’s going in and out of the office building. Reasons for this enhanced scrutiny of visitors is primarily due to caution surrounding COVID-19, with 76% of leaders and 87% of employees citing the risk of spreading COVID-19 as the top reason it is important to have a system in place that manages and tracks guests. Other reasons included avoiding physical harm to employees (76% of leaders and 71% of employees) and protecting confidential information (73% of leaders and 45% of employees). Merging data security with work from home standards Business leaders also agree that it is imperative to consider the intersection of data security and work from home standards. Fortunately, it appears that the introduction of hybrid work has resulted in a step in the right direction for workplace data protection. In fact, while 81% of leaders said their company has offered employees training on data security, the overwhelming majority (88%) said it was offered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, indicating a trend towards enhanced data security. Unfortunately, while leaders are offering this training, only 61% of employees in Australia said their company offers this training, indicating a communication gap between leadership and their employees. By communicating these trainings to employees, leaders can help reduce the risk of security threats including phishing and ransomware attacks. Other highlights Australia has the second highest adoption rate for physical smart tokens (35%) and for mobile push authentication (49%), indicating that the country is adapting rapidly to seamless, secure digital authentication methods.A relatively high proportion of Australian companies (64%) are also considering hiring talent outside their geographical location, empowering employees to work remotely, full time, in a hybrid work model. However, that figure sits well below in Saudi Arabia (89%) as well as neighbouring countries such as Singapore (73%), where business leaders have indicated their willingness to hire remote global talent.When asked whether a vaccine requirement would prevent or deter them from returning to the office post-pandemic, 58% of Australian respondents responded in the negative. Securing the New Hybrid Workplace is a study of 1,500 business leaders and 1,500 employees in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Japan and Singapore. The data was gathered and distributed by Entrust in 2021. The study examines new data surrounding hot topics including best practices for hybrid work, office visitor management systems and how hybrid work affects workplace security. To learn more about the Securing the New Hybrid Workplace data study, download the first of three reports and access more content and insights, visit Pandemic fatigue new global health crisis 2021-09-02T00:27:03Z pandemic-fatigue-new-global-health-crisis A NEW crisis is spreading globally with doctors and patients, called Pandemic Fatigue, according to Dr Olivia Ong, who is hosting a free webinar on September 16 to help people reduce burnout.The Melbourne ‘Heart-Centered Doctor’ said a recent Washington Post article reported that 30% of healthcare workers were burned out by the pandemic and they were considering leaving the profession. “After a year of trauma, doctors, nurses and other health workers are struggling to cope and we are all fatigued,” Dr Ong said.“With more than half a year of lockdown in Melbourne and similar situations worldwide, people are burnt out from pandemic fatigue which is leading to many physical and mental health conditions.”She said pandemic fatigue, burnout and stress syndrome in frontline health care workers was coming from an increase in patients from the pandemic, particularly the Intensive Care Units (ICU) and emergency department workers.“Many doctors and nurses need mental health support but they are very reluctant to seek help due to the stigma around it,” she said.Dr Ong said Pandemic Fatigue was leading to fear/ anxiety; morbidity/ mortality risk; isolation/ loneliness; relationship/ family issues; financial/ uncertainty; moral injury and risk of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).She knows full well what burnout and fatigue is like after a severe car accident in 2008 when she was told she would never walk again as a paraplegic.“I began walking two years later, am about to write my second book and run programs helping doctors transform their lives from burnout to brilliance,” she said.The medical leadership mentor and pain physician has developed a 7-step Heart-Centred Method which includes mind, heart, body and external self care strategies for burnout prevention and recovery. “We need to acknowledge that frontline healthcare workers need more mental health support from politicians, hospitals and medical associations,” she said.“This needs to be a legislation and an act to be passed, like the Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act in the US.” Dr Ong will host a free webinar, called From Burnout to Brilliance, on September 16 at 7.30pm AEST on burnout. Her first book is The Heart-Centeredness of Medicine, which Jack Canfield wrote the foreword for.Her second book Quantum Leap your Life: The 12 keys to go from burnout to joy, fulfillment & balance is due out in early 2022.She sees more than 1000 patients each year in Melbourne, has been married to her husband for 15 years and has two children, a son aged 6 and daughter, aged 1.For more details, visit Industry Giant Positioned to Grow 2021-09-01T06:27:02Z industry-giant-positioned-to-grow Seoul: Korea’s number one shopping site has been part of the evolution of e-commerce since its inception in 2000.  Originally a subsidiary of Interpark, eBay’s acquisition of the company in 2009 saw Gmarket firmly established as a benchmark presence in online marketplace, contributing to the revolution of the global market by connecting international merchants and consumers in a near-bottomless, never-ending flea market/auction style shopping experience.  Today’s Gmarket continues to lead the vanguard at the forefront of digital marketplace, outpacing competition in a digital global economy that has never been stronger. The Affiliate Program:  Currently about 10,000 members strong, Gmarket’s Affiliate Program represents forward thinkers who got in on the ground floor in an endeavor positioned to extrapolate potentially staggering growth. Through organic marketing, increasing traffic, ever-expanding product and exposure, and perpetual generation of sales, The Affiliate Program is a self-contained circuit of supply and demand that operate like a How does it work?:  In a word – volume.  Our online merchants pay Gmarket a commission to conduct business via the platform; in return, Gmarket directs shoppers to their sites and products. Gmarket then shares this revenue with members as “cash back” – a cycle of incentive that benefits all players. Gmarket’s presence and standing also generate their own attraction.  Solidly established as a principal player on the field, Gmarket Affiliates enjoy the fundamental element of confidence already in place by a major competitor with a rock-solid track record. Hard-won over decades, the proven business acumen of Gmarket’s old school established reputation is already taking members to new levels the old-fashioned way – by having stood the test of time.  Affiliates are well-placed for success. New Affiliates will stand with them on the shoulders of the giants. Some Benefits of the Affiliate Program: Affiliates expand. Online stores, product sales, and their place on the e-commerce playing field through exposure through our growing marketplace – all achieve the benefit and boost effect.   Build website traffic. Driving paying customers to your site is essential in the online sales process. Gmarket provides as a vital marketing tool supporting both consumers as well as merchants and vendors, helping each reach the other and supplying information, products, even competition.    Solidify of brand awareness. The built-in size of the network is a natural boost for general website traffic, which in turn will spike search algorithms. Search engines will recognize the validity alongside the authentic popularity of your website. Your SEO and SERP rankings also get some TLC. As membership increases, Gmarket’s Affiliate System continues its great expansion as well, building on the most fundamental level – again, one of volume. Simple increase of manpower permits more work to be accomplished just by virtue of logistics. Tasks can be completed in greater numbers when there are more hands available to complete more of them.  This greater share of accomplishment results in higher sales volume on the part of our merchants, which results in greater product exposure, brand recognition, digital presence, and revenue.  Bigger numbers and higher sales carry their own momentum, as well – it’s an established principle that items with higher sales numbers and a strong following will continue to sell well, and sell more; many consumers tend to have faith in the “hive mind,” and to trust the selections of the masses.  It’s as if the greater sales prove that quality control research has been completed by those who already made the purchase, and the success of the product in the marketplace already established, taking te guesswork out of the selection.  A kind of insurance of public opinion. And Gmarket also provides something unique and valuable to today’s online shoppers: by offering a range of options and international selections to members – and Affiliates – Gmarket continues the progress of globalization of the online marketplace, providing cultural experience and reach.  In a world which gets smaller by the day, it’s to the benefit of every businesses to contribute to the development of an inclusive, truly borderless market. At the Gmarketplace, members find it all, and then some. All of their everyday necessities are here, including the newest digital videos, movies, books, and music; clothing, groceries, school supplies, engagement rings, automobiles, and furniture.  Along with the expected, there are perhaps more surprises than usual items, including rarities and collectibles, antiques, vintage and the outright bizarre.  Members come to our marketplace looking for appliances, artifacts, and miscellaneous novelties; many find unique treasures that might have been thrown out, if not for the existence of a market full of thousands of eager bidders… which just goes to show that if one provides a comprehensive enough marketplace, one can probably find someone willing to buy whatever’s for sale. The Gmarket Affiliate Program is available now.  For more information, visit the website at Element Plumbing & Gas Provides Solutions that Saves Customers Money 2021-08-31T09:54:48Z element-plumbing-amp-gas-provides-solutions-that-saves-customers-money Plumbing encompasses much more than unclogging drains and unblocking toilets. It involves eight different areas within the industry ranging from stormwater and drainage to gas fitting and specialised training in sanitary systems. Brad Deutscher, owner of Element Plumbing & Gas, ensures that every member of his team is highly trained in the plumbing trade. The company works with residential and commercial customers to install and maintain systems, while repairing plumbing problems of all types. The team at Element Plumbing & Gas is experienced with new building projects, renovations, refits and refurbishments. The company’s experts work cooperatively with an extensive range of industry professionals to provide innovative solutions. Services also include gas fitting and installation tasks, leak repair and appliance swap outs. There’s no good time for a challenging plumbing situation and the plumbers Perth provide maintenance services that aids in the prevention of leaks from multiple sources indoors and outside. The company quickly and efficiently alleviates back-ups of drains and toilet-related problems that have the potential to create a toxic environment. Commercial plumbers Perth are conducted to eliminate disruptions in the performance of regular business whenever possible. The company provides planning, installation and testing of plumbing systems for an extensive range of commercial endeavours encompassing offices to shopping centres. The experts are licensed and insured to work with water, gas and sewage systems, creating simple solutions to even complex and complicated situations. A leak occurring in the average household can account for up to 10,000 gallons of water each year and 10 percent of homes actually have a leak that wastes up to 90 gallons of water per day. Wait times are kept to a minimum by the residential plumbers Perth each job is addressed as if they were working on their own home. Element Plumbing & Gas charges no call-out fees, offers a 10 percent discount for Senior Card holders and 5 percent off labour costs when clients mention HelloTradie. Individuals can sign up for a free health and safety plumbing report and concierge plumbing services. The company is fully licensed, insured, and backed by the Master Plumbers Association. About Element Plumbing & Gas Element Plumbing & Gas is focused on providing high-quality work, keeping prices down, building lifelong relationships, and creating trust among clients and tradesmen. The founder has 15 years of experience in the business, having traveled the world and worked abroad in different professional pursuits. Connect with the company on Facebook and LinkedIn.   Media Contact Brad Deutscher Phone: +61439 099 048 Email: 3 Moira Lane, Scarborough Perth, Western Australia 6019 Website: Shocking new footage exposes crocodile cruelty on Hermès farms 2021-08-31T03:18:18Z shocking-new-footage-exposes-crocodile-cruelty-on-hermes-farms-1 French luxury brand Hermès plans to greatly expand their farming of Australian saltwater crocodiles in Australia’s Northern Territory by up to 50,000 crocodiles if plans for an additional crocodile facility proceed. According to a 2021 report by animal welfare charity, World Animal Protection, the welfare of crocodiles on these farms is governed by an outdated and inadequate Code of Practice that relies on decades-old science, meant to be updated years ago. Head of Campaigns at World Animal Protection, Ben Pearson said: “The crocodile farming industry is grotesque and inherently cruel, where wild animals are denied a wild life or the freedom to exhibit their natural behaviours. Crocodiles are wild animals, not handbags. They are sentient beings who don't deserve to languish in plastic-lined pens for the profits of French fashion houses. “We are calling on the Minister for Environment, Sussan Ley, to stop the expansion of this cruel and barbaric industry, by rejecting an export permit for the Hermès crocodile farm. As Environment Minister she has obligations to promote the humane treatment of wildlife. Crocodile farming is the exact opposite. “An expansion of crocodile farming would send a message to the international community that the Australian Government believes the farming of wild animals and is acceptable. Instead, they should be working to phase-out and end the trade in wild animals. “The wildlife trade is not only a source of animal suffering but threatens human health by creating conditions that could lead to future pandemics. We must accept that human wellbeing is intrinsically linked to the health of animals and the natural world.” Australia accounts for 60% of the global trade in saltwater crocodile skins, with two thirds of that produced in the Northern Territory. A recent poll, conducted by World Animal Protection, found Australians were largely unaware of the cruel industry with 74% of people not aware how Australian crocodiles were being farmed and killed for their skin*. The polling also showed that most Australians (88%) were unaware that French luxury companies like Hermès and Louis Vuitton (LVMH) owned most of the Northern Territory’s crocodile farms*. In response to the shocking new footage from a Hermès crocodile farm, World Animal Protection, alongside animal charities The Kindness Project, Collective Fashion Justice, Farm Transparency Project, Animal Liberation Queensland, Animal Liberation and others are leading a global digital protest targeting Hermés and their new proposed farm in Australia set to house up to 50,000 saltwater crocodiles. The new Hermès farm comes as the use of exotic skins is becoming increasingly controversial; leading brands like Chanel, Victoria Beckham, Mulberry, Karl Lagerfeld, Vivienne Westwood and Tommy Hilfiger have committed to or are moving away from using exotic skins and wild animals in their products, shifting to humane alternatives. WAP has been lobbying the G20 world leaders - of which Australia is a member - to end the global wildlife trade and has received over 1.1 million petition signatures. The new footage was provided to The Kindness Project by Farm Transparency Project, and can be found on Jackson Dwellings Eliminates Top Concerns for Clients, Reduces Build Times 2021-08-27T06:51:10Z jackson-dwellings-eliminates-top-concerns-for-clients-reduces-build-times Individuals may wait years to have their dream home built and they don’t want to wait a moment longer than necessary to begin living in it. Jackson Dwellings Registered Builder, Cameron Jackson, understands the emotional investment people have in their homes and reduces build times for clients while working to the highest standards. By truly listening to individuals, Jackson Dwellings knows that poor quality homes, long build times, hidden fees and a lack of communication are the top issues for individuals waiting for their dream home to be constructed. Jackson Dwellings eliminates those concerns. The company communicates with individuals via weekly voice messages, video texts and Instagram throughout the entire building process, provides fixed price quotes, a 7-year structural warranty and reduced build times. As a premier provider, the home builder Macedon Ranges provides new construction and renovations, specializing in bringing each client’s vision to life whether it’s a primary home, vacation getaway or retirement retreat. The builder is committed to providing a stress-free experience for each client. The company obtains the required permits and can even arrange insurance coverage within 48 hours of signing the building contract through Intelligent Insurance Services. A unique feature available at Jackson Dwellings is its revolutionary One-to-One Display software that allows clients to see a life size virtual display of exactly how their project will appear prior to breaking ground. The company’s innovative approach has been featured in multiple media outlets and enables individuals to view each element of the home design and make informed decisions about every facet of their project. A 3D walkthrough is also available. The builder Macedon Ranges eliminates the top concerns of clients through weekly communication, fixed price quotes, a 7-year structural warranty, and shorter build times while maintaining the highest standards. Jackson Dwellings removes the guess work out of planning a custom home or renovation and offers a convenient online cost estimator to assist clients in determining their costs. About Jackson Dwellings Since our launch in 2010, we’ve been dedicated to building luxury homes of exceptional quality, with a focus on excellent workmanship, open client communication and unrivaled professionalism. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. Media Contact Jackson Dwellings 7A Newry Dr. Gisborne, VIC 3437 Australia Website: How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Scrap Cars At Good Value In Brisbane 2021-08-20T11:04:51Z how-to-get-rid-of-unwanted-and-junk-car-at-good-value-in-brisbane Old cars are often kept in the backyard for emergency use. Many people believe that owning a second car will help them take an emergency trip or occasional trip. The country's average citizen assumes that keeping an old car on the premises is a money-saving idea. However, practically this is not economical, and in the season of a terrible recession, it becomes urgent to maintain the "book of balance," so such an idea should be dropped. To retain the cost and expenses, people do many exercises, like disconnecting the satellite television and the minor air-conditioner use. But the most effective step for controlling the costs is often missed. One can get his old car sold at a reasonable price, earn a good amount of money, and save the monthly expense of the fuel and mechanic. We are the " Brisbane cash for cars " an excellent service provider that accepts your old modeled car at the best price. We offer our services to the citizens of Australia living in Brisbane. It is simple to hire our services. One has to request us, and our skilled drivers will come to your private address and take back the scarp car. We offer you a good amount of money instantly. We are one of the biggest dealers of wrecked old cars. You can easily get free online used car valuation itself without any hassle. Usually, people keep the late model car for the secondary purpose. However, that purpose never meets. After purchasing a new vehicle, every member of the family wants to ride in a new car. Thus, the old vehicle remains unused. It is better to sell such a vehicle. We accept such cars and offer the popular junk cars Brisbane services. These junked cars are just like a burden in the premises and pocket. Each month one has to spend a good amount of money on fuel and maintenance of the vehicle. A considerable amount goes to a mechanic who offers service to the car. Besides, these old model cars drink petrol, and thus it should be scrapped away. scrap cars Brisbane is ready to tow your vehicle all the time; you can make the call to get it over anytime in twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Sydney Electrical Service Addresses Overhead & Under-Ground Electrical Issues 2021-08-20T08:26:59Z sydney-electrical-service-addresses-overhead-amp-under-ground-electrical-issues People use electricity without a thought about what goes into the power lines and systems that deliver it until it’s not there at the flip of a switch. The professionals at Sydney Electrical Service think about it every day. The Level 2 electricians have the ability to work on overhead and underground lines to keep electricity flowing. The company is licensed, insured and accredited by the NSW Department of Planning. Electric lines are installed above ground to make them easily accessible for servicing during earthquakes, storms and other potential sources of damage. It also prevents people, vehicles and other items from coming into contact with the lines and generates less environmental impact. Even more importantly, it allows the heat generated by the wires to dissipate into the open air. The electrician Bondi is qualified to provide services for any contestable works. The Sydney Electrical Service’s highly-trained and licensed professionals are able to work with overhead lines, and provide disconnection and reconnection services. The company also provides metering, engerises new systems, works with live systems, and can replace poles. Placing lines underground is extremely expensive, raises customer rates, requires a specialized process to regulate the heat coming from the lines, and impacts electrical fields. Underground electric lines are more difficult to access and reaching them can be severely hampered by weather conditions. There’s an increased safety risk for the electricians charged with repairing them and the electrician Inner West is highly qualified to safely work on underground lines. Sydney Electrical Service provides a wide range of services encompassing preventative maintenance and strata management, safety switches, alarm and security systems, smoke and fire alarms, and switch box upgrades. The electrician Sutherland provides free no-obligation quotes and 24/7 emergency services to quickly restore power to customers, whether the problem is faulty wiring, flickering lights or a complete power outage. Media Contact Sydney Electric Service Phone: 0433 462 902 Chifley Tower, Level 29/2 Chifley Square Sydney NSW 2000 Australia Website: Why Should You Prefer Car Removal Services For Disposing Of Your Car? 2021-08-06T10:19:19Z why-should-you-prefer-car-removal-services-for-disposing-of-your-car Many of you may need to replace your car as it is too old or you want to buy a new car. If you intend to do this, the best option will be to contact a car removal service company. Such service providers will collect your vehicle from your home and take it with them after doing all the necessary paperwork. Against your car, they will offer you fast cash for car Sydney and will not make any extra charge for carrying your car with them. You can also get in touch with them on their website People nowadays prefer to take their service and contact those car removal Companies instead of looking for a buyer for their old cars. As a seller, you need not bear any delivery cost too. The following are a few good reasons why most people nowadays prefer to avail of these car removal services. 1. Need not look for a buyer By preferring this option, you need not take any trouble of advertising for the sale of your old used car. You can call them and you are done. 2. Car wrecker service at free-of-cost By availing of their service, you do not need to pay anything extra for any car wrecker service or car removal service, as the service provider will bear all that cost. 3. Instant Cash you get for car All car removal service companies will offer you instant cash against your car after contacting such dealers to lift your vehicle to get the best price for your old/unwanted vehicles. 4. Removal of your unused car With this option, you need not be bothered about the removal services of your old and unused car, as their experts will visit your place all by themselves and collect it. 5. Saving of your time and efforts By availing of their services, you can save your lots of headache, time and efforts that you have to do to dispose of your unused car. 6. All paper works handled by them You need not waste your time making important documentation and other paperwork to sell your old car. Their staff will visit you and do all the needful. 7. Less stress/trouble This option of using cash for such car service is probably the least distressing choice for disposing of something that you will never find. Mostly to sell any old car, there is a need for repairing and getting the body settled for acceptable standard. 8. Negotiable prices Car removal service will offer you a negotiable price deal for the old car. You can estimate the price of your used car and negotiate and get the amount as much as you can mutually agree to decide the cost. 9. Benefits the environment By getting rid of your unused cars, which was lying on your premises, not only you can create additional space in your home but also help the environment. They will use the most advanced technology to prevent any effluent discharge or fuel leakage during recycling. Wellnex Life empowers Mums with scent-sational brands 2021-07-27T05:25:54Z wellnex-life-empowers-mums-with-scent-sational-brands Loved Aussie Company, Wellnex Life (formerly Wattle Health Australia) gets set to introduce family favourite skincare range, Little Innoscents and their new to market organic Toddler Milk, Uganic to more Mums.  Wellnex Life (formerly Wattle Health Australia) has reappointed Australia’s leading agency shaping brands that speak to mums, Mumpower, to fuel mum to mum advocacy, increase brand awareness and drive sales for their well-known, family favourite skincare range, Little Innoscents and their new to the market organic Toddler Milk Drink, Uganic. Proudly Australian made and owned, Wellnex Life explain their focus is “on making the sustainable goodness of Australian health and wellness products affordable and widely available to families and households around the globe”. To amplify this message, Mumpower has facilitated relationships with respected Mum Influencers who have welcomed the brands into their lives to enjoy with their children and warmly share with their audience of Mum shoppers. Over the years, Mumpower has introduced both brands to Influencers who collectively talk with Millions of Mums, via Mumpower’s premier influencer marketing event, the Bloggers Brunch. Now, several years on, Mumpower is again entrusted to introduce the portfolio to the next generation of mums via other influencer marketing activation. Mumpower CEO, Christie Nicholas says, “I remember the response from Aussie Mums when we first showcased Little Innoscents and how it instantly resonated. Beyond the outstanding quality of the product and the ingredients, influencers fell in love with the fact it is Aussie made, Aussie owned and created by a mum in her own kitchen. Mumpower is fueled by a desire to build and nurture relationships, both B2B and B2C and we are excited to both grow with the brand and continuously promote it to today’s shoppers nationally.” This new generation of Mums have mirrored the excitement to become raving fans. Popular influencer, @nadinemuller (35K followers) told Mumpower, “I have had a flurry of conversations via DM’s of people who either loved it already, or were interested to know more about trying it for their little ones”. While another collaborator, @Micaelawillet (18.3K followers) Mumpower appointed said “We’ve been using the products since they arrived and couldn’t love them more! So happy to be getting this amazing brand name out there”. Mumpower is committed to empowering today’s Mums to make informed buying decisions about quality, relevant and affordable Australian health and wellness products for them and their family. -end- Australian owned MEP business set to fill a critical gap in the off-site construction sector 2021-07-27T01:16:18Z australian-owned-mep-business-set-to-fill-a-critical-gap-in-the-off-site-construction-sector EVO MEP has opened a purpose-built off-site prefabrication facility, offering the only prefabricated and modular MEP specialist in Australia. Working with architects, developers, builders and contractors, EVO MEP provides design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly services for mechanical, electrical and plumbing solutions to the construction sector.  “Our aim is to not only deliver world-class prefabricated building services and efficiency to the Australian construction industry, but also allow these services to be constructed in a safer environment for the Australian workforce.” said Neil Wypior, Co-Founder of EVO MEP Simon Waldren, Co-Founder of EVO MEP agreed stating, “By significantly reducing the need for trades to work at height and using our purpose built prefabrication facility, not only can we deliver high quality projects, but also very quickly without any on-site waste.” EVO MEP was set up to specifically target a gap in the Australian construction industry, with a clear emphasis on early adoption of prefabrication in build projects.  EVO MEP’s suite of products includes prefab and modular MEP services in vertical risers, integrated corridor modules, prefabricated plant rooms, pre-engineered bathrooms and serviced headwall systems. IMAGES: Image 1  | Image 2 Sydney Electrical Service’s Level 2 Specialists Provide Enhanced Skills, Expertise 2021-07-21T03:39:05Z sydney-electrical-service-s-level-2-specialists-provide-enhanced-skills-expertise The electricity people use has become so commonplace that they often forget just how dangerous the utility can be. Sydney Electrical Service is a level 2 authorized ASP provider. All the company’s highly-trained professionals are experienced in every safety precaution to ensure the installation and repair of electric-based systems to the highest standards. A level 2 electrician is different than a normal electrician in that they have obtained a higher level of training and can perform electrical tasks with an elevated level of danger. The electrician Bondi level 2 professionals are licensed to work with overhead and underground lines that run between electrical networks and homes and businesses. They perform typical repairs, maintenance and installations, along with installing power meters in structures that monitors usage for billing. The electricians perform highly complex connection and disconnection services to homes, businesses and commercial enterprises. The electrician Inner West has the expertise required to install and replace faulty cables and electrical poles. The level 2 experts comply with all NSW Australian Wiring Rules and Regulations standards or excellence. As an electrician Sutherland, the experts at Sydney Electrical Service are qualified to work with complicated 3 phase electrical systems and perform upgrades. The company’s professionals are knowledgeable in all building code requirements to ensure safety. Sydney Electrical Service provides an extensive range of services to residential and business clients. Annual maintenance services ensure that electrical systems work at peak performance. The specialists install, test and replace back-up batteries in smoke and fire detectors and are trained in the proper positioning of the devices. The company provides 24/7 emergency services, strata management, and works with traditional, wireless and high-tech security systems. Free no-obligation quotes are available for customer convenience and works with solar companies to deploy solar technologies. The company has a consistent 5-Star Google rating by satisfied clients. Sydney Electrical Service is fully licensed, insured, able to work on contestable works, and is accredited by the NSW Department of Planning. Media Contact Sydney Electric Service Phone: 0433 462 902 Chifley Tower, Level 29/2 Chifley Square Sydney NSW 2000 Australia Website: