The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-11-12T22:45:00Z Welders Run A 43% Increased Risk of Lung Cancer. 2019-11-12T22:45:00Z welders-run-a-43-increased-risk-of-lung-cancer The employer has the primary responsibility to ensure that welders, as far as reasonably practicable, are not exposed to health and safety risks whilst performing their job. The employer can achieve this by introducing engineering or administrative controls such as extract ventilation and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as welding powered air-purifying respirators (PAPR). 2019 meta-analysis on exposure to welding fume Based on the 2017 IARC reclassification of welding fume and the more recent 2019 meta-analysis on exposure to welding fume and the risk of lung cancer, all employers of welders should consider reviewing their risk assessments for welding activities and revise where necessary their control measures to protect those undertaking welding activities. If you want to learn more about the 2019 meta-analysis on exposure to welding fume and the risk of lung cancer, Australian Welding Supplies have just released their 2020 Welding Fume Update.  The paper takes a closer look at the 2019 statistical study on welding fume which concluded that welders run a 43% increased risk of lung cancer when compared with those who have never welded or been exposed to welding fume. The welding code of practice  The Welding Code of Practice released by Safe Work Australia stipulates that employers ‘must ensure that air monitoring is carried out to determine the airborne concentration of a substance or mixture at the workplace to which an exposure standard applies if: - you are not certain on reasonable grounds whether or not the airborne concentration of the substance or mixture at the workplace exceeds the relevant exposure standard or - monitoring is necessary to determine whether there is a risk to health (1)’. Australian & New Zealand Work, Health and Safety Laws Under both the Australian Work, Health and Safety Laws and the New Zealand Health and Safety at Work Regulations, a person who directs the carrying out of work (eg. employer) at a workplace must provide PPE to workers carrying out work unless the personal protective equipment has been provided by another person conducting a business or undertaking, like a labour-hire company. As an employer, once you have selected the appropriate PPE ‘you must provide the worker with information, training, and instruction in the proper use and wearing of that PPE’ (1). Proper guidance should be given on the storage of equipment and care and maintenance guidelines should be clear and adhered to. Where to from here? For help on selecting suitable respiratory protection for your specific welding application, or training and instruction on the proper use, fitting, or care and maintenance of your welding PPE, please contact AWS or use the links below. Download the 2020 Welding Fume Paper Here References 1) Welding processes code of practice, Safe Work Australia, May 2018 I Own a 3M Speedglas 9100 FX Air. How do I upgrade to the NEW Speedglas G5-01 Welding Helmet? 2019-11-11T00:01:21Z i-own-a-3m-speedglas-9100-fx-air-how-do-i-upgrade-to-the-new-speedglas-g5-01-welding-helmet By now you’ve likely heard about the new 3M Speedglas Heavy Duty Respiratory Welding Helmet G5-01. If you are one of the tens of thousands of Australian or Kiwi welders who own a 3M Speedglas 9100 FX Air and would like to upgrade to the new 3M Speedglas G5-01 Welding Helmet, you have TWO options:   1.      Keep your Adflo PAPR and Upgrade Your Head-Top Only The most economical way to upgrade to the new 3M Speedglas G5-01 Welding Helmet is by hanging onto your existing Adflo PAPR and simply upgrading your head-top. The 3M Speedglas G5-01 Upgrade Kit comes with the new 3M Speedglas G5-01 Flip-Up Welding Helmet and the new Speedglas G5-01 Welding Lens with True-View and Variable Colour. Simply attach the helmet to your existing Adflo PAPR and you can benefit from all the features of the New 3M Speedglas G5-01 Welding Helmet including climate control, larger welding lens with a shade 14, larger grinding visor, narrow more streamlined design, TrueView and Variable Colour, Bluetooth Connectivity and a number of configurable extra protection and lighting options. 2.   Upgrade Your Complete System The second option is obviously to upgrade your complete kit. The new 3M Speedglas G5-01 comes with a heavy-duty Adflo PAPR which gives you approximately 12 hours of battery life. If you’d like to take advantage of the configurable task light then we recommend this heavy duty battery option, as the task light draws its power from the Adflo battery. The complete kit also comes with the new 3M Speedglas Heavy-Duty Carry Bag to protect the welding helmet and respiratory system in between uses.   To Upgrade Your Speedglas FX Air Click Here High Density Shelving Systems Now Available! 2019-11-07T04:43:16Z high-density-shelving-systems-now-available Brice Australia now brings a new shelving system by Tonon to the Australian market. Italian designed and manufactured, Tonon produce high density modular shelving systems that have been crafted to maximise space utilisation. Tonon’s shelving system is suitable for use in cool rooms, supermarkets, commercial kitchens, restaurants, butcher’s shops, poultry shops, delicatessens, and various other food and hospitality settings. Tonon’s modular shelving system is 100% customisable. Using 3D imaging of the customer’s facility, Tonon can manufacture the ideal shelving system. Some of the key advantages of this shelving system are: manufactured from food grade materials, antibacterial and hygienic compliant shelving, made from recyclable materials, easy to assemble and setup, easy to clean and caters to room temperatures ranging between -30o C and +90o C. This makes the shelving system ideal for food preparation facilities that rely on clean and food-friendly storage equipment that can store various produce of differing types, sizes and weights. The shelving system is self-supporting and does not need to be secured to floors or walls. This inherent feature minimises installation time, simplifies assembly, promotes customisation and suits owners or tenants who want to limit modifications to their premises. Corner configurations can also be installed to maximise space usage by using corner brackets instead of frames which securely lock into neighbouring shelves. Depending on the space of the room, up to 90% of the room can be utilised with Tonon’s shelving system. Accessories available with Tonon’s shelving system include: dividers, colour coded racks, fall arresting bars, additional supports for heavier items and assorted brackets. About Brice Australia Established in 1939, Brice Australia serve the commercial and domestic food and hospitality industries in Australia with user-friendly, reliable and quality food-preparation equipment. From small hands-on equipment through to fully automated process-line equipment, Brice Australia can satisfy any sized business with effective food preparation solutions. The company has partnered with prestigious manufacturers in Europe to provide the Australian market with some of the highest quality, elegantly refined and superior performance equipment available. Brice Australia stock slicers, food processing equipment, mixers, meat processing equipment, light kitchen equipment, ovens, grills, manual wrappers, vacuum packers, weighing scales, access control systems and shelving. All products have been crafted to achieve maximum benefit to the user to help minimise downtime, improve productivity and satisfy common operational requirements. For more information, please visit: Rizing, LLC: Thirteen Countries, One Company, One System, With SAP® SuccessFactors® 2019-11-05T03:18:09Z rizing-llc-thirteen-countries-one-company-one-system-with-sap-successfactors SYDNEY, November 1, 2019 – Rizing, LLC, is pleased to announce its go live with SAP SuccessFactorsEmployee Central in 13 countries. The journey is about more than technology; it’s about the consolidation of multiple SAP solutions and platforms into one centralized system. Rizing has the capabilities of a much larger firm and the personal touch of a neighborhood corner store. In tandem with the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central go live, Rizing is consolidating its multiple brands into one brand: Rizing. Rizing Chief Executive Officer Mike Maiolo says, “Rizing is experiencing a revolution with SAP cloud solutions that enable the type of business transformation that was once only the domain of the largest enterprises. SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central is allowing our firm to operate as one company with the best software in the world for Human Resources.”   GLOBAL BUSINESS CHALLENGES SOLVED IN THE CLOUD   The challenges Rizing faced were the ability to have a clear line of sight to talent across 13 countries in three regions. Rizing incorporated four acquisitions across the globe over one year, resulting in multiple systems and processes across the business. Rizing needed to create alignment, a common vision and shared values. Furthermore, data integration and tracking were necessary to meet compliance and reporting mandates and to attract and retain talent that fit the core competencies and culture of Rizing.   “We are honored to accompany Rizing on their journey as they look to create one brand and one vision for their growing organization, with a consistent employee experience across the globe,” said Greg Tomb, President, SAP SuccessFactors. “With SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, Rizing can now truly put people at the center of their business by using technology to automate and streamline key HR processes and engage its global workforce in new and meaningful ways.” SAP SUCCESSFACTORS IS POWERING THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE AT RIZING   SAP was selected because the flexibility of its cloud solutions meets Rizing’s needs for scalability as the company continues to grow. The ability to achieve an expeditious implementation, minimize maintenance and deliver ongoing innovation with the software were key criteria. These qualities of an HR system will allow Rizing to focus more time and attention on their core business: that is, their commitment to provide best-in-class solutions to meet global client demand for consulting, implementation services and innovative products.   SAP SuccessFactors allows Rizing to go beyond simply managing headcount. By adopting and deploying end-to-end processes for recruiting, onboarding and continuous performance management and development, Rizing is able to create a workforce experience for its managers and employees that is intuitive, engaging and consistent. This is essential with a workforce that is spread across many different locations and often not tied to a corporate office. Furthermore, with SAP SuccessFactors serving as a single source for accurate employee data, Rizing is also able to implement a single sign on (SSO) approach to company systems, simplifying and securing the management of user records, but also creating a more enjoyable experience for employees.  In the future, Rizing will introduce analytics using Lyra, Rizing’s proprietary application, in order to achieve a more complete, real-time picture of employee engagement and the effectiveness of current HR programs.   Katie Obi, Chief HR and Transformation Officer at Rizing says, ““Our business is a people business. We need an inspired and engaged workforce and this begins with knowing who we are. Who is our talent? Do we have the right skills to meet our current and upcoming business and customer needs? How do we effectively manage and develop our people to be the best they can be? How can we find more people that fit Rizing's culture and growth objectives? These are the questions that the integrated SAP SuccessFactors suite is helping us address.” HCM SUITE SUCCESS: SAP SUCCESSFACTORS INTEGRATED FOR SUCCESS   “SAP SuccessFactors will enable Rizing to have an integrated view of each employee from day one through various aspects of their career development, and help us achieve a competitive edge,” says Mike Maiolo, Rizing’s Chief Executive Officer. “As one company, with one system, we can maximize our talent across all lines of business and geography – which is a win-win for employees and for Rizing.” For more information, press only:  Contact Sherryanne Meyer, Rizing Corporate Communications Director,    About  Rizing   Headquartered in Stamford, Conn., USA,  Rizing  is a privately held multinational company leading the development of the intelligent enterprise through our portfolio of services that includes Human Capital Management expertise for SAP SuccessFactors and SAP ERP HCM; SAP Enterprise Asset Management and SAP Consumer Industries. Rizing provides consulting and support services, SAP Partner Managed Cloud payroll and our proprietary apps leveraging the SAP Cloud Platform to Fortune 500 and small and medium enterprises.  For more information, please visit or contact: Rizing, LLC at +1 (203) 517-0400,     Viva Energy Fuels the Future of Shipping 2019-10-31T01:05:14Z viva-energy-fuels-the-future-of-shipping 31 October 2019 | Melbourne, Australia – Viva Energy Australia Pty Ltd ("Viva Energy") has announced the launch of its new very low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO), developed to meet the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) new regulations on fuel sulphur content. The new regulations will limit the sulphur content in marine fuels to 0.5% from the current level of 3.5%, in a move to reduce sulphur oxide emissions globally. Vessels worldwide will be required to comply by 1 January 2020. The introduction of the IMO’s new sulphur cap on fuels is one of the most significant events in the shipping industry since ships started transitioning to fuel oil from coal over 100 years ago. Viva Energy is proud to be supporting this transition. Manufactured locally at Viva Energy’s Geelong Refinery, the new VLSFO is the first low sulphur fuel oil to be produced in Australasia. The fuel, which has been in development for over 12 months, has been successfully trialled by a number of customers and is now available in Melbourne and Geelong. Viva Energy CEO, Scott Wyatt said, “The introduction of this new fuel is a significant milestone for Viva Energy and our shipping customers. It’s a testament to our technical and refinery capabilities, our ongoing commitment to meet the needs of our customers, and our support for tighter fuel quality standards which can benefit the environment. “By leveraging our technical and local refining expertise, we have created a high quality fuel that ships can rely on to ensure compliance with the new regulations, with no detriment to operational safety and efficiency, while driving significant savings versus other fuels such as MGO. “Adding a VLSFO to our comprehensive suite of fuel products further strengthens Viva Energy’s position as a leading fuel manufacturer and supplier to the maritime industry in Australia,” Mr Wyatt said. In comparing Viva Energy’s new VLSFO to other IMO2020 compliant fuels, namely diesel and Marine Gas Oil (MGO), the company said the new fuel has some notable advantages, including an expected price benefit. Thys Heyns, Geelong Refinery’s General Manager commented, “Viva Energy’s VLSFO is expected to be cheaper than diesel and MGO. Its viscosity and lubricity are better than diesel’s, and it is higher in density meaning ships have the ability to run further on VLSFO. Compared to high sulphur fuel oil (HSFO), VLSFO is superior in terms of fuel economy, ignition characteristics, and of course, the environmental benefits it has through reduced sulphur oxide emissions. “Because we manufacture the fuel locally ourselves, we have full control over the process and can guarantee a high quality and consistent product. This means less risk and no surprises for our customers who use the fuel. It is compatible with most existing fuel systems on board, meaning ships can use the fuel without having to make significant upgrades.” TT-Line, operator of Spirit of Tasmania I and II, is the first customer to make the switch to Viva Energy’s VLSFO following a successful trial in July and August this year. Spirit of Tasmania General Manager Marine Operations Captain Stuart Michael, said “Based on trial conditions, VLSFO has shown itself to be a suitable fuel for burning in the main engines (MEs) and the auxiliary engines of Spirit of Tasmania vessels. The trial proved the fuel to be volatile and allowed the engines to reach maximum power output. Operating pressures and temperatures were within acceptable limits and similar to those when operating on marine gas oil (MGO) or MFO380. Adverse wear to fuel injection equipment has not occurred under trial conditions. The MEs fuel oil circulation and filtration system was not compromised with the change to VLSFO. Trial conditions have recorded a minimum 3% saving in consumption overall compared to MFO380. " Visit for more details on VLSFO. - ENDS – About Viva Energy Viva Energy is one of Australia’s leading energy companies and supplies approximately a quarter of the country’s liquid fuel requirements. It is the exclusive supplier of high quality Shell fuels and lubricants in Australia through an extensive network of more than 1,250 service stations across the country. Viva Energy owns and operates the strategically located Geelong Refinery, in Victoria, which converts imported and locally sourced crude oil into petroleum products including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, aviation gasoline, gas, solvents, bitumen and other specialty products. Viva Energy operates bulk fuels, aviation, bitumen, marine, chemicals and lubricants businesses supported by a nationwide fuel supply chain with an extensive import, storage and distribution infrastructure network, including a presence at 52 airports and airfields. Visit Viva Energy Australia is a Shell Licensee and uses Shell trademarks under license. The views expressed in this release or statement, are made by Viva Energy Australia and are not made on behalf of, nor do they necessarily reflect the views of, any company of the Shell Group of Companies. Media contacts: Carla Alderuccio That Communications Company M: 0400 221 123 Anoosha Delpechitra That Communications Company M: 0449 758 324 How to Find the Best Plumbers Near You ... Guaranteed! 2019-10-30T05:08:03Z how-to-find-the-best-plumbers-near-you-guaranteed No matter who you are, what you do, where you live or how much money you make, there is a great leveller - the need from time-to-time to find the best plumbers near you. And it's not just about toilets flushing and hot water coming out of our taps. Efficient plumbing keeps homes, families and communities safe and hygienic. Industry innovations boost efficiency and help the environment, and smooth-operating plumbing makes our lives more comfortable at home, and makes driving profits easier for small business. In short, plumbing is no mere afterthought. Not all plumbers are created equal But in Australia alone, there are 27,000 plumbing businesses, with over 65,000 people working in the industry in total - and not all of them are up to the job. In fact, some of them are downright dodgy. For instance, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) found that in 2017, four out of every ten hot water system installations were not up to mandatory standards. It was found that an incredible 40% of all hot water systems were being installed with defects as serious as missing tempering valves, insufficient pressure relief valves, no safe trays and poorly-supported bases. We consulted with an industry expert who told us that poorly installed hot water systems can cause flooding, deliver contaminated water to your home, or even explode. The QBCC describes the alarming 40% statistic as a "major concern", and in response began to ask local governments to help to address the problem. An online club for only the best plumbers near you An online service called Best Plumbers Club is also now playing a major role in the sweep to ensure only great local plumbers who deserve to survive and thrive are connected with the hard-working public. Put simply, the service exists to help consumers find the safest, most trustworthy, and overall best plumbers in their local area. As it states on the website, finding a plumber good enough to be trusted with your home and family involves checking their local credentials, double-checking their licensing, and then triple-checking online reviews to ensure people are recommending them. But even if you do have time to read the reviews yourself, the top business magazine Forbes says you should not automatically trust them. The CEO of Fakespot, a service whose mission is to ferret out fake reviews, says businesses are "constantly" not only faking positive reviews, but blasting their competitors with negative ones. Weeding out the fake reviews from the real ones is, therefore, a mammoth and complex task. "But who has time for that?" Best Plumbers asks on its website. "'I need the best plumbers near me now!' Well, we've done all the hard work for you." The importance of real reviews The combination of dodgy businesses and even dodgier online reviews means that the proliferation of recommendation services and websites is in overdrive all over the web. Why? Because they're changing the way we shop - for the better. Before these types of recommendation services started to get noticed, finding a service provider was like playing darts in a blindfold. But now, these services are skilfully helping local consumers make educated, informed, safe and smart decisions about how they spend their money to improve their lives. You might even say that these sorts of recommendation services are the great new moral additions to the big, bad, world wide web. So in this world of dodgy hot water installations, Best Plumbers is the go-to service for people struggling to trust the search results when they search in the hope of 'finding the most trustworthy plumbers nearby'. A rigorous standard for joining the Best Plumbers Club Every local plumber in the Best Plumbers Club is not just verified on the basis of an approval process for quality workmanship, excellent service and licensing. They are also hand-picked for their verified recommendations and their real, positive online reviews. Not just that, the Best Plumbers Club guarantees that every eligible Australian-owned local plumber offers a range of peace-of-mind protections, including up-front pricing, compliance certification, and workmanship guarantees. But perhaps the best part is the way Best Plumbers goes about verifying those online reviews. Google Maps has a service called Local Guides, and the idea is that actual people gain points as they feed in information based on real feedback and personal experience. And every plumber in the Best Plumbers Club has been verified by at least a level 5 Local Guide, having gained 500 or more points. Good not just for consumers, but for great plumbers too For the local resident or business owner, the process of using Best Plumbers is as simple as typing in your details and sitting back for a leisurely coffee until the best and most trustworthy plumber near you calls to book a time. It really is that simple. Users of Best Plumbers often report not only that they found the best plumber near them, but that the entire plumbing job was done fast and done well - all with a workmanship guarantee. And the success of the plumber verification process is not just great news for the consumer - great plumbers are also incentivised to get in on one of the smartest plumber marketing investments they can possibly make. One Gold Coast plumbing business went from being a one-man-band to turning over more than $1 million a year with 4 vans and multiple plumbers on the road. How? With hundreds of monthly leads at a price five times cheaper than Google Ads - and all adding up to an 8,000% (yes, 8,000%) increase in organic traffic. To join the success story, a plumber needs to prove beyond a doubt that they are actually among the Best Plumbers in their local areas - but the result is a win for absolutely everyone. So if you're sick of Googling 'best plumbers near me' when your plumbing goes bung and getting second-rate outcomes, or you really are one of the best plumbers looking for a service custom-designed for success, get in touch with the Best Plumbers Club. Sydney’s Expert Property Management Company, LeaseTeam Creates Strategic Partnership With i4Tradies 2019-10-29T10:39:12Z sydney-s-expert-property-management-company-leaseteam-creates-strategic-partnership-with-i4tradies Melbourne, Australia, October 29, 2019 – (Press Release)LeaseTeam, an expert property management company servicing greater Sydney has partnered with i4Tradies taking their property maintenance service for tenants to the next level of excellence with better process efficiency, transparency, security and compliance. Ashley Johnson, CEO and founder of LeaseTeam believes a key strategy to continuing the company’s high growth is to provide pro-active maintenance that will ensure tenant happiness and in turn minimise vacancy periods.  “Our innovative investor-centric business model calls for a modern style, value added property maintenance service and we believe i4Tradies can help up deliver just that,” says Johnson. “We realise that befriending technology is the only way forward to deliver higher efficiencies and better customer experiences to our tenants as well as our landlords who have trusted us to get the most of their properties. Working with i4Tradies lets us tap into the vast pool of qualified tradies and resolve issues faster.”  Founder and CEO of i4Tradies, Logan Nathan has worked with a number of short-term and long-terms property management groups and one thing that he finds common is how i4Tradies has truly changed the process of handling property maintenance jobs from start to finish.  “Responding to tenants’ requests in a timely manner, being able to quickly get quotes from licensed and insured trades companies, tracking progress of maintenance jobs in real time and being able to resolve conflicts faster with everything recorded and saved automatically as proof of job, are some of the things that will revolutionise the property management business in the days to come,” says Logan. About LeaseTeam LeaseTeam Property Management offers a truly unique business model based upon improving the complete life cycle of property management. Their value proposition to landlords is to offer a complete service that ensures optimised yield on investment. LeaseTeam backs this up by applying more value to 8 key areas of property management that help ensure best outcomes for landlords’ property goals. Website: Phone: 0492 274 234 About i4Tradies Founded in 2016 to disrupt the status quo and shake the traditional ways in which Trades Services industry operates, a team of innovators walking in the Trades business owner's shoes day in and day out set out to deliver an unparalleled service delivery experiences for their customers, namely Trades Associations, Real Estate, Strata and Facilities Managers. i4Tradies is a Google Cloud Platform partner. Website: Phone: 1800 i4Tradies (1800 448 723) MBS Insurance & CRA merger realises early integration benefits – exciting growth opportunities on horizon 2019-10-29T02:45:24Z mbs-insurance-amp-cra-merger-realises-early-integration-benefits-exciting-growth-opportunities-on-horizon The merger of MBS Insurance (MBS) and Complete Risk Analysis (CRA) that was announced in August has been completed, systems/processes integrated and the higher industry profile and national presence realizing many benefits for the new entity said spokesperson Kris Mason.   Commenting further Kris Mason said the benefits of the merger and national footprint have been immediate with increased productivity and access to new business, growth and JV/alliance opportunities.      “MBS CRA clients have been the first to benefit and access the opportunities of size and the broader range of specialist risk advice services”.      “Although the combined risk advisory business now comprises 18 authorised financial advisers supported by 40 skilled administrative staff members and approximately $55 million in premiums under management – the boutique personalised approach to client service and engagement has/and will continue”, affirmed Kris Mason.    “The broad demographics of the combined MBS CRA adviser team ranges from 28 to 60 and is another benefit for clients seeking a more personalised engagement with their risk advice practitioner”.   The depth and wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise contained within the adviser team is also being utilized to support and mentor newer members that join the group.    Kris Mason confirmed that the announcement of the merger has been the catalyst for a steady stream of advisers seeking to join the group.     “This is understandable considering our specialisation, industry knowledge and dedicated infrastructure, flexibility and scale”, said Kris Mason.   “However, our aim is to manage growth carefully in order to continue being an intimate organisation that delivers personalised professional risk advice and service.    “We are not obsessed with attracting advisers for growths sake!”   With respect to the future, the need for growth is required in order to have sufficient scale to manage operating expenses, implement technology and process advancements and meet compliance costs.   Kris Mason confirmed that scale has also allowed the group to hire a lawyer to address the complexities of compliance by implementing robust modern processes and systems throughout the organisation.   Prior to the merger, MBS and CRA had 10 formalised JVs and alliances between them.  This is another area of interest since the two risk specialist groups joined forces and one that is expected to increase rapidly in the future.   “Our success in partnering with large professional advisory businesses, financial advisory firms and accounting groups is projected to grow as these companies embrace JVs and alliances to deliver a more comprehensive range of benefits to their clients”, said Kris Mason.   “Insurance and its myriad of variations, options and offerings is highly complex and there is no online or over the phone ‘one size fits all solution’ as promoted in many advertisements – especially for HNW clients, professionals and business owners”.   “Personnel with qualifications and skill sets needed to provide professional compliant risk insurance advice are in short supply and the number of practitioners declining rapidly.  Hence, companies seeking an alliance partner or JV with our group that has these required capabilities and capacity”.   Looking to the future, Kris Mason is confident the MBS CRA growth trajectory will continue to be positive with the group and its network of advisers going from strength to strength on the growing demand for professional risk specialisation services and advice.    Kris Mason also confirmed that they are in discussion with a number of potential JV and alliance partners.   ENDS   Issued jointly by    MBS Insurance and Complete Risk Analysis Pty Ltd                Media Enquiries:    Mr. Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates Pty Ltd                               Mob:  +61 412 112 545     Email:    THE BLOGGERS BRUNCH IS TRANSFORMING INFLUENCER MARKETING - MERGING THE ONLINE AND OFFLINE WORLDS 2019-10-23T09:50:33Z the-bloggers-brunch-is-transforming-influencer-marketing-merging-the-online-and-offline-worlds Australia’s number one agency that connects millions of mums with brands, Kids Business Communications is back with their Bloggers Brunch™ this October 25th in Melbourne with leading brands taking centre stage. What started as the industry’s best kept secret almost 10 years ago, has morphed into an organically grown platform that is accelerating and leveraging brand awareness, with grassroots marketing that brings the online world, offline – and then back again. In its journey, the event has been home to hundreds of brands, both established and emerging and involved thousands of influencers along the way. The Bloggers Brunch™, now Australia’s Premier Influencer Marketing Event, removes the online disconnect and unites mums and brands via face to face experiences with the influencers Mums turn to. It gives both the influencer and the brand a chance to discover one another personally, creating authentic interactions and facilitating real brand/consumer relationships that resonate with readers.   Christie Nicholas, Managing Director of Kids Business has spent almost 20 years marketing brands to women, primarily Mums, and curated the event from its beginning. Nicholas believes: “The Bloggers BrunchTM gives brands and influencers the unique opportunity to fast-track perfectly aligned partnerships that go beyond a single post, to deliver amplified results. We do this by creating a brand experience. Without an experience, there is no emotion. Without emotion there is no advocacy. And advocacy is the catalyst to a brand’s success.  In light Facebook and Instagram’s changes as well as today’s very noisy online marketing sphere, the power and ability to do this well is critical to growth.”  One of the long-term brand partners involved in previous events as well as the upcoming event, Jen Harwood of Happy Hair Brush fame explains:  “Influencers need to meet us, see us and most importantly experience our product. If they love our product and share it, that gives us the 3rd party credibility with potential customers. This event enables us to get to the majority of influencers FIRST, establishing ourselves as the leaders and the response has been incredible! We can hardly keep up. Influencers create powerful, genuine content that speaks about the problem our product solves and our relationships with them is personal.”  As online platforms are moving away from vanity metrics, it is relationships, now more than ever, that matter most. “Potential customers are more receptive to the messages coming from someone they already know, like and trust and who clearly believes in the product” Nicholas adds. The benefits not only lie with the brands – it is the ONLY event on an influencers calendar designed to directly introduce influencers with a stable of the hottest brands and key contacts who are keen to ignite relationships.  Brands participating at this event include a mix of global brands, FMCG essentials, emerging players and everyday home essentials, including: Moose Toys, VTech, LeapFrog, Black + Decker, Breville, Smash Enterprises, Mustela, Uganic by Wattlehealth, Beginners on Stage, Happy Hair Brush, KONG, Nutriderm, Dermavive and retailer Spotlight.   Discover what happens when the online and offline worlds unite, the role influencers play in educating the wider audience and why more brands want messages shared organically and transparently. -end-  Please contact for Media access and story ideas. Allan Van Planning Provides Critical Services for any Development 2019-10-22T06:07:59Z allan-van-planning-provides-critical-services-for-any-development A new development goes through an extensive process and a variety of steps before it becomes an accomplished fact. Before a city council undertakes any new development there’s critical information required and Allan Van Planning has the resources and experience to ensure that the principles of inclusion, human rights, social justice and empowerment is achieved. Communities may explore the feasibility of a wide range of developments to meet the needs of its citizens encompassing subdivisions and high-rises, retail, industrial, commercial and mixed-use endeavors. Developments must meet a myriad of criteria whether it’s the establishment of a new manufacturing complex or an addition to a church. Project planning includes multiple steps to define the scope of the development, the steps required to achieve it, and create a plan for accomplishing stated goals. Allan Van Planning can assist with tasks ranging from ensuring the usage is supported and allowed in a specific location, a mandatory survey to establish property lines, and presenting the proposed project to concerned citizens at public meetings. Allan Van Planning has extensive experience with developments in the booming Gold Coast area and can also aid city councils and planning commissions when property must be purchased for development. The agency is experienced in obtaining pertinent applications and permits, and can help when demolition of any existing structures are required for development to proceed. The planning process is highly complex and becoming more complicated each day. The firm has the expertise to handle pre-lodgement meetings, and provide expert advice on the highest and best uses. The company has experience with Show Cause Notices, resolving compliance actions, and can negotiate on behalf of clients. Allan Van Planning provides a comprehensive array of services for developments from the discovery phase to completion that facilitates approvals and minimizes risk. As town planning Brisbane experts, the firm is committed to providing honest and timely advice and assistance at every juncture for any type of development. ### Media Contact Allan Van Phone: 0418 312 724 Email: Daniel Ebert Phone: 0434 812 386 Email: 38 Park Road, Milton QLD 4064 Website: Financial planning practices can excel in the new era of advice – but growth must be the focus 2019-10-22T02:25:52Z financial-planning-practices-can-excel-in-the-new-era-of-advice-but-growth-must-be-the-focus Generally speaking, boutique financial planning practices can excel and prosper in the new era of advice, however the rules have changed and standing still or staying small, is no longer an option.   Growth, whether in terms of profit, expansion or market share is an imperative if financial planning businesses are serious about the future.  It may sound harsh but the reality is if advice practices aren’t growing they’re dying!   However, the underlying need for growth is not an objective driven by ego but required to fund and resource business capacity in order to remain relevant to the changing needs of clients.  It is also reassuring and demonstrates the viability of the business to clients.    Therein is the reason for Cardena Private Wealth (Cardena) being in growth mode.    Yes, we have invested significantly in our staff, training, technology and processes (and will continue to do so) to lift efficiency, capacity, productivity and effectiveness.  This has also included the introduction of complementary service offerings – all dedicated to staying relevant and improving / enhancing the client experience.   However, it’s improving the client experience where Cardena has focussed the most and is committed to excel.   This objective is guided by connecting with our clients via many touch points, including bi-annual surveys that obtain in-depth insights and deeper understanding of their evolving needs and aspirational drivers.    Our clients are all successful people, very good at what they do, and most have little time or experience in managing their own financial affairs.  They turn to Cardena around the clock as it were, to help them make smart financial decisions and to take away the complexity, so that they can focus on doing what they do best, live their dreams and aspirations and just enjoy their lives.    Hence the importance for Cardena to keep in touch and stay ahead of changing habits and client expectations.  We learn from the surveys and the results monitored and benchmarked to ensure services and processes are keeping pace and delivering as expected.   Earlier this year, we conducted a client journey workshop to map out the Cardena client experience and identify ‘friction points’ for clients.    Often the solutions to these ‘friction points’ in the client experience can be found outside financial services as new players disrupt the old ways and conventions of the past.  Online streaming services like Netflix and Spotify that have revolutionised access to entertainment such as movies and music are excellent examples of new ways of doing business by removing ‘friction points’ for consumers.   We need to learn these lessons – especially those that relate to advances in technology and apply them in advice businesses.  Technology is the next big wave of innovation we are embedding within Cardena to free up more time to engage more deeply and effectively with our clients.    Too many advisers look at innovation and advances such as artificial intelligence, through the narrow prism of ‘robo-advice’.   The benefits for advice practitioners, planning businesses and our clients are far more wide reaching and deeper than that.    Cardena uses technology extensively and this will only increase as we replace manual, lower value-added tasks, with more-higher value and client related outcomes.        Finally, this is the era of authenticity and financial service clients / consumers want genuineness.  The world of spin and disingenuousness is over – hence the need to grow and engage more effectively and more personally with clients.   The dual outcomes that are an endorsement of Cardena’s growth strategy are measured in the increased number of alliance opportunities and satisfied clients that are passionate brand ambassadors to peers, family, friends and business associates.     Cardena Private Wealth and its advisers are Authorised Representatives of Fortnum Private Wealth Ltd  ABN 54 139 889 535 AFSL 357306   Issued by Cardena Private Wealth    Media Enquiries:     Mr. Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates Pty Ltd                                     Mobile:  +61 412 112 545  Email:   Prophecy International announced as winner of SA Business Australian Export Award 2019-10-20T22:31:35Z prophecy-international-announced-as-winner-of-sa-business-australian-export-award Adelaide — October 21, 2019 — Prophecy is very pleased and proud to announce that it has won the Technology and Innovation category at the SA Business Australian Export Awards. The Business SA 2019 Export Awards recognise South Australian companies which are excelling in the international marketplace by selling and promoting their products and services.   Announced at a gala event at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Friday night, Prophecy International Holdings was recognised as a leading innovator in the international tech space. Prophecy International Holdings is an ASX-listed company that develops analytics and cyber solutions software, operating globally since the 1980s across brands including Snare and eMite.   Our Snare monitoring and analysis tools gather and filter IT event data for security monitoring, analysis, auditing and archiving. eMite develops advanced real-time analytics and dashboard solutions especially for the contact centre market. More than 75 per cent of Prophecy’s revenue is generated from international markets, and it sells to more than 45 countries. Prophecy has operations in Sydney, London, Denver and Manilla.   Prophecy CEO Brad Thomas said, “This is a great endorsement of the efforts of our teams in all our offices around the world, we are all trying to build the next great Australian software company at Prophecy and this is a fantastic rewards for our efforts so far. With over 80% of our income generated from international markets and our US business growing at 25% for the last 2 years we are proud to have our efforts in building great products and having customer adopt globally them recognised.”   Now in their 57th year, the Business SA Export Awards recognise the success of local South Australian companies and organisations breaking into export markets and achieving sales, organisational and educational growth. As a result of winning the state award Prophecy will now become a finalist at the national awards which will be awarded in early December.   About Prophecy International Holdings Limited   Prophecy International Holding Limited is a listed Australian company (ASX:PRO) that operates globally. The focus at Prophecy is growing the eMite and Snare lines of business.   CX Intelligence by eMite provides a SaaS based real time and historical analytics platform, dashboards, wallboards, KPI and orchestration products for Customer Experience, Contact Center & IT Operations environments.    The Snare product suite is a highly scalable platform of Centralized Log Management, Security Analytics and SIEM products designed to enable customers to detect and manage cyber threats in real time & maintain regulatory compliance.   Prophecy operates globally from Adelaide and Sydney in Australia, London in the United Kingdom and in Denver, USA. Cross Plumbing 37 Years of Plumbing Services in South Brisbane and Logan City 2019-10-16T08:20:45Z cross-plumbing-37-years-of-plumbing-services-in-south-brisbane-and-logan-city Cross Plumbing is an Australian owned family business that has been in service for 37 years. The firm is also known as M.A. Cross Plumbing after the name of its owner Michael Cross. The plumbing service offers both commercial and residential plumbing services to customers in South Brisbane, Logan City. The service covers more than 50 suburbs in the South Brisbane area and is available 6 days a week. Besides plumbing Cross Plumbing offers drainage and roofing services as well! M.A. Cross Plumbing is committed to providing environmentally-friendly and sustainable solutions for clients. The company’s team has undergone Green Plumbers training for water audit assessments, waste water management, and solar hot water systems. The solutions are economical and lessen clients’ carbon footprint. The Logan plumber conducts installation, repair and maintenance of all water and drainage systems. M.A. Cross Plumbing has twenty years of membership with the Master Plumbers Association of Queensland. The plumber in Logan is not just able to fix common plumbing problems but being a Master Plumber Association member they are able to upgrade old plumbing works at both residential and commercial locations. M.A. Cross Plumbing is experienced in storm water systems, greywater systems, rainwater tanks , water pumps, taps and faucets. The company provides drainage and plumbing systems for new homes and renovations. The plumber Logan is also skilled in roofing, gutter systems, and leaf free gutter guards. Michael Cross, owner of M. A. Cross Plumbing says, “We understand how much damage a water leak can cause, so if you need plumbing repairs for leaking pipes or a broken water heater or a leaky toilet, we will send our plumbers Brisbane out to you promptly so that you can get on with the tasks of daily living. Our repair services include frozen or leaking pipes, leaky toilets, broken water heaters and more. No job is too small or large for our team of expert plumbers!” At Cross Plumbing, the plumbing work is always handled with the utmost care and caution to assure that we make no mistakes and that every plumbing job done is up to all of the appropriate construction codes, so you never have to worry about a poor or unreliable plumbing job. Also, remember that Cross Plumbing works at your convenience – not only will we work on your schedule, but we always clean up after ourselves when we finish a plumbing job. About M.A. Cross Plumbing Michael Cross is able to assist you with products and solutions that best fit your needs. We are fully qualified trades people and we are here to offer you sustainable solutions while delivering quality workmanship and expert advice. We’ve been a member of the Master Plumbers Association for more than 30 years. We were sponsors of the first Sustainable House Brisbane built at Seventeen Mile Rocks in 2007. Website: Is Tree Damaging your Property? Call Professional Arborist to Protect 2019-10-12T10:04:35Z is-tree-damaging-your-property-call-professional-arborist-to-protect Do you think a tree can become a reason of injury? After the years or decades, the tree needs to be cut or prune because if you don’t give Tree Removal Melbourne service then might your tree fall and can harm your kids or family who seat or playing under the roof of the tree. How can trees damage your property? Over something always leads to damage whether its tree or temper. So overgrown tree means overweighed branches and roots which have 100% possibility to fall down and also have the chance of damage home near the tree. The tree also can damage the other trees and plants because the root is always in big shape and size which fall on other small tree and plant which can damage plants. Water drainage is the most common problem you may found just because of weak turf. So how it can damage the whole property.  Benefits to professional Arborist Melbourne Company: Make tree healthy As top said, an overgrown tree means overweighted branches and roots which need to be prune otherwise can damage property as well as your family. So professional arborists will reduce the chance of harm or damages by Tree Trimming Melbourne service. Professionals always eye on all the tree care services to make the tree healthier and strong. Ultimately, professionals will reduce the chance of tree fall, which saves your property like home, garage, fence and power system near your tree. Prevent tree disease The tree has few dead branches which create fungi and other diseases around the tree, and that’s why professional arborist will remove that all dead branches to give protection and also help to prevent other trees. Having expert arborist will remove each dead and dying branches from your tree to avoid the overspreading disease. Manage the tree every day Having arborist at hand means daily care and attention to a tree, which helps you to take pride in yourself to call professional. Arborist always takes care of each and every part of the tree and prune when need arises. A tree is the alluring spot of your neighbors, and by tree care, you can attract them more to visit your home. Maintain the Shape Most of the homes have a tree with the age of 30-40 years old, and that’s the reason by the time if you not cut some of the branches or prune the tree then it can block the air coming from the outside of your property. Hence, a professional arborist will solve your problem by Tree Removal Melbourne if any need arises or damage occurs. So calling professionals will never have been a disappointment and benefits you in many ways. Guide to select Landscape Might you don’t know or confuse about to plant a tree in your landscape then professional arborist will be the best choice as they help you to select the best landscape as well as the best place for your tree to plant. Wind Up! Has tree become tensity for your property? Then hire professional Arborist Melbourne and enhance the lifespan of your tree as well as your property. A professional arborist also helps by Tree Trimming Melbourne service to make alluring property spot for visitors FIFO Workers: Have Your Say on Mental Health 2019-10-11T07:56:25Z fifo-workers-have-your-say-on-mental-health Current and past FIFO workers are being urged to anonymously share their experience in a short online survey, as part of an author’s ongoing research into FIFO mental health. A 2018 study found one-third of FIFO workers in the resource sector experience high levels of psychological distress, a number double the rate of the general population (see related article). Writer John Toomey said his book would explore how FIFO workers can reverse this trend, and create themselves a successful and rewarding FIFO experience. “For a long time, I have been watching the unfolding mental health challenges that seem to impact so many FIFO workers across Australia. I can feel the impact on the individual, their families and their workmates. We need to move to reduce the suffering here.” “Having a great deal of experience in working with physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and providing workable solutions, I have felt strongly that I can offer some guidance and support.” According to the 2018 study, 33 percent of FIFO workers experienced high or very high levels of psychological distress (compared to 17 percent among non-FIFO workers). FIFO workers also reported higher levels of burnout and suffered more bullying. The report‘s recommendations include changing shifts and roster patterns to provide better downtime, building on community connections, providing workers with permanent rooms whilst on-site, and providing reliable communications for workers to talk to loved ones back home. Acknowledging the clear problem, Toomey said his book would help all workers and their families, new and old, to better prepare for the experience and make it work, for everyone. “This is my effort to reduce the unacceptable levels of mental health issues impacting this workforce.” Toomey is now seeking responses from the FIFO community as part of his research and has created a 10 minute, 35 question anonymous online survey – found at the bottom of the article. “I want to hear from the people on the ground, living the FIFO life, or who have lived the FIFO life.” “Your genuine responses to this survey will help me gain a clearer understanding. I will simply use the data to collate to give me a better understanding so that the book will be as relevant and useful as possible.” “Even if you are not currently working FIFO – if you have worked FIFO in the past, please do the survey and answer as you would have whilst working FIFO.” Take the survey Original Post is here: