The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-08-09T01:40:03Z Timber Suppliers in Brisbane Support Sustainable Forest Management 2017-08-09T01:40:03Z timber-suppliers-in-brisbane-support-sustainable-forest-management Brisbane,WA, 09 August 2017 - Of all the timber suppliers in Brisbane, one has stepped to the forefront when it comes to advocating sustainable forest management. That timber supplier is Narangba Timbers.Narangba Timbers is a third generation family business owned by Jack Kyle. According to Mr Kyle: “We think it is the duty of ethical timber suppliers in Brisbane, across Australia and around the world to advocate and support sustainable forest management. Not only are we a third-generation family business, many of our customers are also third-generation customers. Our families have gotten to know many of them and their families.”Mr Kyle continued: “We feel strongly that it is our responsibility to leave our world better than we found it. We want our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to inherit a world that is livable and enjoyable. At our current rate of climate change, we don't see that happening. By the time our children are trying to retire, Australia could lose trillions of dollars worth of property, businesses and housing, especially if climate change and melting of polar ice continue at their current rate.. This is not acceptable to us.”Sustainable forest management is based upon planting a tree to replace every tree that is harvested for timber. This is important because trees store carbon, thus keeping it from adding to our carbon footprint. Why the Carbon Footprint and Carbon Storage are Important.Greenhouse gases cause climate change. The best current measurement for the amount of greenhouse gases produced by any process or person is called the carbon footprint. The carbon footprint is defined as the amount of carbon a process or person emits into the environment.Trees help fight climate change because they have a negative carbon footprint. They breathe carbon from the air and store it as timber. They release the oxygen back into the environment, making the environment more oxygen-rich.When trees are harvested unethically, less carbon is being stored in the environment because those trees are gone. This contributes to climate change because more greenhouse gases in the form of carbon end up in the environment.The concept of sustainable forest management is simple.  The forests are treated like plantations where a tree is planted to replace every tree that is harvested. This is a sustainable cycle in which the balance of oxygen to carbon dioxide is maintained in the environment. Timber Suppliers and Their Ethical ResponsibilityMr Kyle added further: “We want to see every timber supplier fulfill their ethical responsibility to their communities and their environment. We can't force anyone else to do anything, but we always do everything we can to make sure that all of our timber comes from ethical, sustainable sources.” Mr Kyle concluded: “We want all timber suppliers to support sustainable forest management as if the future of their children and grandchildren depends on it. Because it does.”Narangba Timbers are timber suppliers located in the Brisbane area They feature high quality timber sourced as close as possible to home, low prices and customer service they feel is the best in the business. They offer a complete range of timber for projects such as timber decking, timber flooring, timber fencing and structural timber for residential and commercial construction. To learn more, call (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: Timber Suppliers in Brisbane: “Timber is Good for Your Health.” 2017-07-14T06:21:34Z timber-suppliers-in-brisbane-timber-is-good-for-your-health 14 July 2017, Brisbane, QLD - Most timber industry “lifers” seem to enjoy everything about their work. They love the smell, feel and appearance of timber. Their homes are usually testaments to their work, with timber decks, timber floors and timber fences. Some of them may suspect that timber is good for their health, but they don’t know why other than the fact that they like it.Recently, some timber suppliers in Brisbane used their company blog to publish some news that didn’t surprise those who love the industry, but may surprise some people: timber actually is good for one’s health. Recently, a worldwide group called Planet Ark released a report about how timber affects health when it is used in interior design. This kind of design, which integrates natural timber into interior design, is called “nature connected” or “biophilic” design. They cite different studies showing some surprising effects that timber can have when used for homes, schools, workplaces, doctor’s offices, aged care facilities and schools.When timber is incorporated into the interior design of aged care facilities, the residents of the facilities interact with each other more. When timber is incorporated into schools, the cognitive abilities of the students are increased. When patients recovering from surgery are placed in rooms that incorporate timber, they heal faster. In all applications where timber is incorporated into interior design, those who use the buildings benefit from reduced heart rate and less stress hormones. Timber also helps raise self esteem. Timber Flooring is the Most CommonThe most common and easiest way to incorporate timber into interior design is to install timber flooring. Solid timber doors can also be incorporated into a building that otherwise appears to not have room to add timber. Laminates are often used for desks and other furniture, but they do not produce the same effect as solid natural Timber. Timber Suppliers Weigh InJack Kyle is the owner of Narangba Timbers, a third generation family business of timber suppliers in the Brisbane area. According to Mr Kyle:“We have always made it quite well-known that we love timber and we love the timber business. We love the smells the texture and the site of freshly cut timber.  We also enjoy helping our customers turn timber into decks, fences, buildings and floors.”Mr Kyle continued: “We have always suspected the timber is good for us just because it helps take the stress away. There's nothing more relaxing than sitting on a timber deck and enjoying a few beverages at the end of a long day or having a few friends over to share them with.”Mr Kyle concluded: “We are not surprised to learn of the many health benefits of incorporating timber into interior design. As far as we are concerned, all the scientists may as well be preaching to the choir. And we’re good with that.”Narangba Timbers are timber suppliers serving Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the surrounding areas. They specialise in high quality, low prices and what they call the best customer service in the timber industry. They carry a wide selection of timber species for structural building, timber cladding, timber decking, timber flooring, timber fencing and more. To learn more, call (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: Timber Firm Puts Customer Service Over Sales 2017-06-15T06:04:38Z timber-firm-puts-customer-service-over-sales Brisbane, QLD, 15 June 2017 - To many Australians, it seems like people don’t do business like they used to. It can seem like today’s world is is a never-ending maze of sales outlets where nobody remembers their customers’ names anymore and everyone is viewed as a revenue resource to be maximised when they walk in the door. It can seem like too many businesses are so focused on money that they forget to provide customer service. At Narangba Timbers, a timber sales outlet in Brisbane, this kind of behaviour is unacceptable. According to Jack Kyle, Owner of Narangba Timbers:  “As a third generation business that has been around since 1972, we have long-standing relationships with many of our customers. Some of our employees are third generation employees and some of our customers are third generation customers. Over time, many of our customers have become one large, extended family. We remember that every day when we open our doors.” Knowledge is the KeyAt Narangba Timbers, they pride themselves upon having what they see as the “most knowledgeable customer service crew in the business.” Their employees are “lifers” in the timber business and have dedicated themselves to providing the best customer service in the business. Younger employees always have older employees who have amassed decades of knowledge to rely on until they become the older employees and another generation of younger employees are asking them questions. This cycle has gone on for three generations at Narangba Timbers and Mr Kyle doesn’t see the cycle being broken anytime soon. According to Mr Kyle: “We make sure everyone here knows their timber and does their best for every customer who walks through our doors. We feel everyone deserves our best so we treat everyone like we would treat our own family. So many of the people who walk through our doors are family, friends and neighbours that treating everyone like family just becomes second nature to everyone here.” Case in Point: Timber DeckingAt Narangba Timbers, they have employees they call “decks-perts” who pride themselves in knowing all there is to know about timber decking. They also have a display deck at their facility that contains many different varieties of timbers and finishes so customers can experience for themselves how they would look in their backyards. They make it easy for the DIY builder by providing a decking calculator on their website, but most of their customers take full advantage of the knowledge and service provided onsite by their “decks-perts.” Mr Kyle concludes: “We have made it a priority to provide our customers with the best service in the business. When we combine literal lifetimes of knowledge with the professionalism and the motivation to help everyone who walks in our doors complete their projects successfully, the results are amazing. You really have to experience it for yourself.” Narangba Timbers are a timber sales outlet serving the Brisbane area. They have developed a reputation for providing world class customer service along with low prices and high quality timber. They provide a wide selection of timber and hardware for timber decking, timber flooring and timber fencing for their customers in the Brisbane area. To learn more, call (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: Save A lot of Time & Be Selective With Sale At Bed Bath and Table Australia 2017-05-05T07:06:38Z save-a-lot-of-time-amp-be-selective-with-sale-at-bed-bath-and-table-australia Making home approachable is everyone’s desire. People want to go back to the most comfortable zone when they return home after a hard day spent out at work. Australia has been introducing such stores which have been providing this facility to their customers. The latest trends, contemporary approaches, and exclusive ranges & variety are the main genre at one of the best Home & Garden store in Australia, Bed Bath and Table. With the exclusive 20% off on full priced items has grabbed the attention of people whether shopping in-store or online. The best quality items and the new look through runners, throws, china and other daily used stuff, has made this store a charm of attraction. By just visiting online you can check out the items on sale which easily fit within your budget. The store is on the verge of expanding the business now and then with up to 150 stores across Australia. Just a month back with the new store opening in Launceston made people available with almost anything to buy for their home grooming. Let your home have the feeling which can make you get the utmost comfort you look out for with the discounts in the form of coupon codes. About: SuperSaverMama has been providing its customers with the desired stuff they look out for. By just availing the hefty discounts on the purchase with the promo codes offered at the website will make people be contented. Don’t miss out on the offerings and let the world know the super choices with super savings. For further queries visit:   Custom Built Doors and Windows Help Perth Residents Modernise their Homes 2017-04-07T02:13:05Z custom-built-doors-and-windows-help-perth-residents-modernise-their-homes Perth, WA, 07 April 2017 - Much to their surprise, homeowners in the Perth area are finding out that they can modernise their homes solely by installing custom built doors and windows. Many are surprised because home renovations usually cost a lot of money and involve a lot of structural work, but custom built doors and windows can be installed with no structural work and for less money than the cost of a full renovation.How Custom Built Doors and Windows Modernise HomesA majority of people live in homes that were built by volume builders off of plans that are used for many such homes. To increase profits, builders try to provide quality homes but try to spend as little money as possible doing so. This results in the same ordinary doors and windows that most people have.The doors will usually be made of hollow, laminated timber unless they are made of aluminium and glass. Windows are usually made of aluminum and the cheapest glass the builder can find. Some homes have sliding patio doors, but they are usually made with the least expensive materials possible. While these doors and windows are safe and reasonably weatherproof, they still let a lot of heat and cold in and out of a home. They also tend to look the same as everyone else’s doors and windows. If a home was built 20 years ago in a neighbourhood where most or all of the homes were built 20 years ago, it will look like everyone else’s: ordinary and in need of a modernisation or upgrade.Michaela Ashord is the office administrator for Fremantle Door and Window, a creator and installer of custom build doors and windows. They offer a variety of modern and traditional door and window designs, custom built with solid timber and thick, weatherproof glass. According to Ms Ashord:“A lot of people don’t realise it, but the doors and windows have a lot to say about how your home looks. Walls are just that: walls. They can’t really determine home design except by placement. But the doors and windows can totally change the design of a home without any expensive structural work.”Ms Ashord continued: “The doors and windows determine whether your home looks dated and ordinary or fresh and modern. When you replace your ordinary aluminum windows with timber and glass designs or your patio door with timber and glass bifold doors, it totally changes how your home looks from the inside and outside. Bifold doors and an open floor plan can make your home look new on the inside.”Ms Ashord concluded: “Custom built doors and windows are the most cost-effective and quickest way to modernise your home. Second place isn’t even close.”Fremantle Door and Window create and install custom built doors and windows for homeowners in the Perth area. They build all of their doors and windows by hand with solid timber, weatherproof glass and old world craftsmanship. They offer a variety of modern options, including bifold doors and windows, sliding doors and windows, servery windows and more. To learn more, call (08) 6500 6888 or visit their website: Timber Decking Supplier States Case for “Best in Brisbane.” 2017-04-05T04:15:55Z timber-decking-supplier-states-case-for-best-in-brisbane Brisbane, QLD, 05 April 2017 - At Narangba Timbers, timber decking is one of their specialties. They take a lot of pride in their materials, their prices, their display deck and their “decksperts” who help DIY enthusiasts build their own timber decks perfectly the first time. The Display DeckAt the Narangba Timbers facility in Narangba, they have a display deck which is the centerpiece of their effort to provide the best timber decking materials and advice in the Brisbane area. The Display Deck has various timbers of various lengths with various finishes built into a multi-design deck. This allows shoppers to view and walk on the different varieties of timber and look at all the elements of a successful timber deck project.How To GuidesTo help DIY builders get the results they desire, Narangba Timbers have a number of how to guides and timber deck plans on their website. They feel that if they supply the right information, along with the right materials, their customers have all they need to build a great timber deck that they will enjoy a long time.Decking CalculatorThey have a decking materials calculator on their website. Users input the approximate area of the timber deck and are given an estimate of their costs, including a wastage allowance.Decking FAQThey also have a “Decking FAQ” section that provides even more information for their customers. This section is based on the questions that they are asked the most by customers.The “Decksperts”The customer service team in charge of timber decking at Narangba Timbers take so much pride in their ability to help their customers build the perfect timber deck that they call themselves the “decksperts.” They are proud to “walk their talk.”High Quality Materials at Low PricesNarangba Timbers are proud of both their high quality timber and their low prices. Their Australian timber is obtained from local, ecologically sustainable sources. They keep their prices as low as possible because they know their customers will come back, time after time.Best Timber Decking in Brisbane?Jack Kyle is the owner of Narangba Timbers. He is personally responsible for every facet of the operation. According to Mr Kyle:“We love the timber business. We are actually a third generation, Australian, family-owned business. We are now providing the same great materials to the grandsons of some of our original customers. At Narangba Timbers, we are all like family. From staff to customers, a day at Narangba Timbers is often like a big family reunion.”Mr Kyle concluded: “Timber is our life. We all do the best we can to give the best customer service, the best materials and the lowest prices in the business. When it comes to timber decking, nobody makes it easier for a do it yourself project to succeed than we do.”Narangba Timbers are timber decking suppliers in Brisbane. They supply a full line of timber products and the hardware needed for timber decking, timber flooring, timber fencing and more. Their “decksperts” pride themselves in being the foremost experts on timber decking in the business. To learn more, call (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: Bifold Doors Becoming Even More Popular in Perth 2017-03-07T02:54:40Z bifold-doors-becoming-even-more-popular-in-perth Perth, WA, 06 March 2017 - According to a leading builder of custom doors and windows in Perth, bifold doors are becoming the most popular door installation for those who want to modernise their homes. Bifold doors are popular for a number of reasons. Their popularity has made them an essential part of modern home design. Advantages of Bifold DoorsBifold doors provide a number of advantages over other types of doors, especially for those who want their homes to be more than just living space. One of the biggest advantages is that they let a lot of light into a home. Sunlight makes a home more cheerful and more modern-looking. That is why so many contemporary designs are built around bifold doors, both inside and out.On the inside bifold doors allow for numerous design options. They are most commonly used in open floor design. When the walls between common areas such as the kitchen, dining room, family room and living room are knocked down, it turns them into one large open area. Bifold doors can be used to separate the rooms when necessary. When they are opened, though, they sit to the sides, allowing all of the space in a home to be used to its maximum benefit.Bifold doors allow for the widest openings of any door configuration. They are made of from two to any number of sliding panels. The panels fold against each other and are stored at one or both sides of the opening. There are many designs that feature an entire wall of bifold doors, allowing for an opening nearly the entire length of the wall wide.Bifold doors on an exterior wall are the most effective doors for integrating the outdoors into a home and the home into an alfresco living area. Because they can open so wide and allow such unencumbered views, they essentially turn the alfresco living area into part of the home’s living space.Standard doors that open toward the inside require clearance space. Bifold doors don’t require any clearance space because they sit neatly at the side. Not only do bifold doors provide more space, but the light they let in and the views they provide give the illusion of even more space. For those who believe perception is reality, this is a plus.Michaela Ashord is the office administrator for Fremantle Door and Window, local builders and installers of bifold doors and other custom build doors. According to Ms Ashord:“Bifold doors are extremely popular right now across all demographics and suburbs in the Perth area. People are beginning to realise how bifold doors can help them modernise and update their homes for far less than a full renovation would cost.”Ms Ashord concluded: “As far as we’re concerned, bifold doors provide the best value in home renovation today.”Fremantle Door and Window create and install custom built bifold doors for homeowners in the Perth area. They use high quality, locally sourced timber frames and weatherproof glass panels specially made for them in WA. Besides bifold doors, they offer a variety of contemporary and traditional styles of doors and windows. To learn more or for a free consult with a craftsman, call (08) 6500 6888 or visit their website: Timber Sales Outlet in Brisbane Reminds Customers about Bushfire Safety 2017-03-02T04:15:56Z timber-sales-outlet-in-brisbane-reminds-customers-about-bushfire-safety Brisbane, QLD, 03 March 2017 - A lot of business owners talk about how they value their customers and their community. But some actually make the effort to serve their communities beyond the standard business/customer relationship. Jack Kyle, owner of Narangba Timbers, is a business owner who consistently does his best to help make his community better.Recently, on their company blog, Mr Kyle provided what has become an annual plea to those in his community to have a bushfire evacuation plan. Bushfires are dangerous. They can spread a lot faster than people think and many lives are lost because people didn’t have a plan and didn’t understand just how dangerous bushfires can be. According to Mr Kyle: “We love the timber business, but we love our family, friends and neighbours even more. So, once a year we like to remind readers of our blog about how important it is to have a bushfire escape plan ready. Bushfires can be deadly and it is important to know when to leave.”Mr Kyle continued: “ We are proponents of leaving as soon as it looks like you could be in danger. As far as we are concerned, there is no such thing as evacuating your home too early when a bushfire is on its way.”Every state in Australia has a reminder on its website to create a bushfire evacuation plan, practice it and execute it when the time is right. The basics may seem like “common sense” to some, but it is crucial to know what to do and when to do it.It is recommended that every household have a bushfire evacuation plan and that everyone in the household understands it. Most states recommend practicing it because it can save crucial minutes in a bushfire emergency.It is important for everyone to know their bushfire danger ratings. Those with elderly relatives or small children are advised to evacuate as early as possible. Those in areas at high risk for bushfires should know their nearest evacuation centres, bushfire safe places or meeting points. They should also know their locations and how to get there.It is also advised that anyone in the path of or near an active bushfire pay close attention to local TV and radio for updates. Most media outlets and emergency organisations now post updates on social media. According to Mr Kyle: “We think it is most important to have a cut and dried plan for leaving and execute it when the time comes. People tend to underestimate the danger of bushfires and think it won’t happen to them. The extra hours one gains by evacuating early can be crucial and can even save your life and those of your family.”Mr Kyle concluded: “Don’t worry about your possessions; you can always rebuild. But only if you are alive to do so.”Narangba Timbers is a timber sales outlet in the Brisbane area. They provide high-quality, ethically-sourced timber for the lowest prices in the area. They have been supplying timber fencing, timber flooring and timber decking materials to the Brisbane area for three generations. To learn more, call (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: Timber Revolutionises High-Rise Construction 2017-01-31T23:37:53Z timber-revolutionises-high-rise-construction Timber construction could revolutionise skyscraper typology, says Dr Philip Oldfield, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of the Built Environment, University of New South Wales. Dr Oldfield will be appearing at the inaugural Australian Smart Skyscrapers Summit in Melbourne to discuss opportunities for rethinking Australian tall building design inspired by climate, culture and context. His presentation will explore opportunities for reinvention in tall towers, looking at how they can play a more generous role in future cities as well as accommodate innovative new functions and provide places of community and recreation in the sky. Dr Oldfield will also feature on a panel discussion regarding Regulations Impacting Height Limits for High Rise Buildings. While there are many new developments and innovations in the high-rise construction arena, Dr Oldfield is most intrigued by the timber as a building material. “For me the most exciting development is the growth of timber as a potential structural material in tall buildings.” Australia is already home to some impressive timber structures, including the Forte Apartments in Melbourne which held the title of the world’s tallest timber building before the recent construction of an 18-storey timber tower in Vancouver by Acton Ostry Architects. The 18-story Brock Commons Student Residence at the University of British Columbia is, at 53 meters tall, the tallest mass wood hybrid building in the world. The $51.5 million project boasts costs that are comparable to concrete and steel structures. The wood hybrid structure rose at a rate of two floors per week. The design also incorporates prefabricated materials with a prefabricated steel beam, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) slab panels, steel connectors and façade elements. From an environmental perspective, the project demonstrates the benefits of timber construction in the construction of smart, green buildings. The development is estimated to have a carbon benefit of 2,563 tonnes through the use of carbon-trapping wood construction. “The big advantage is that timber has a far lower embodied carbon than steel or concrete,” says Dr Oldfield. Increased use of timber results in a reduced reliance on steel and concrete, which require large amounts of energy to be transformed into useable materials. However, cautions Dr Oldfield, as timber construction soars in popularity, becoming more widespread in Australia, it is imperative to ensure that forestry can handle increased demand.  “In terms of sustainability, using timber is only useful if for every tree you fell, you replace that with a similar tree. A future of timber towers requires us to be planting these trees now.” Dr Oldfield’s research suggests that 33% of a modern office tower’s carbon footprint is embodied in its materials. While skyscraper design has long focused on optimising operating energy performance, they have neglected the energy costs associated with construction materials. “We need to focus more attention on reducing embodied carbon through dematerialising the structure and using low-carbon materials,” says Dr Oldfield.   Beyond the obvious environmental advantages of timber, the material also presents additional benefits in terms of design and liveability. “Timber can bring a warmth and natural quality to interiors so often lacking in high-rise,” says Dr Oldfield. Other notable timber constructions in Australia include Melbourne’s Library at the Dock in the Docklands, constructed primarily from Cross Laminated Timber. The project won the Sustainability Award at the 2014 Australian Timber Design Awards. Melbourne will also see the construction of an 8-storey CLT building with the proposed development at 105 Punt Road promising to deliver a smart, sustainable structure with a carbon sequestration system. As well as using innovative CLT technology, the building places priority on shared communal spaces and environmental features such as solar panels and recycled rain water. With plans for timber towers of up to 35-storeys in the pipeline around the world, timber construction is certainly on the rise, rivalling traditional building materials with its undeniable array of substantial benefits. Timber design and production specialist Associate Prof. Gregory Nolan is Director at the Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood School of Architecture and Design, University of Tasmania. Prof Nolan will appear at the Australian Smart Skyscrapers Summit to discuss opportunities for timber construction systems in high-rise buildings, profiling the increased use of prefabricated timber structures in major building projects. The Australian Smart Skyscraper Summit will be held on the 28-29th March 2017 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.    About Expotrade  Expotrade is a global conference and event organizer with its head office based in Melbourne, Australia. Expotrade has delivered some of the largest, most successful B2B industry conferences and events in the areas of infrastructure, major projects, sustainability, technology & architecture. For almost 10 years, our unique blend of knowledge, experience and flexibility has accomplished an array of consistently top quality events. Today, Expotrade events enjoy such a distinctive edge, they are amongst the best patronised in the calendar. For more information, visit Timber Decking Takes Over Brisbane 2017-01-30T03:52:27Z timber-decking-takes-over-brisbane Brisbane, QLD, January 30, 2017 - To many, it seems like timber decking is mandatory for every house in the Brisbane area. While it isn’t really a requirement, it is easy to understand how so many people feel that way. Indeed, many homeowners who don’t have timber decks but have enough room are planning on having one in the future. Timber decks are a natural for Brisbane’s climate. They provide a great place to entertain friends or to just unwind from a hard day of work. Many Australians have used timber decks to create alfresco living areas. Alfresco living areas don’t cost as much as expanding a home, but allow the homeowner to gain a sizeable amount of living space. Alfresco living areas can be as simple as a deck, a table and two chairs or they can come with all of the trimmings, such as a flat screen TV, a roof, flyscreens, BBQ, a fridge and even a full kitchen or a pizza oven. People who love to entertain friends, neighbours and relatives are more likely to build alfresco living areas. Not only are they a lot of fun and a great place to entertain or just “hang out,” they keep all of the mess outside. It is no wonder so many people in the Brisbane area have built their own alfresco living areas.Timber decking can also enhance a home’s appearance and value. Besides the added living space, timber decks make a home look more inviting and tend to add more money to the selling price. They can also enhance the appearance of the landscaping and both can be integrated into the other. Timber decking can be used for verandahs, balconies and as a transition from the swimming pool to the pool house. When other features such as lighting or timber planters are integrated into a timber deck, it can turn a drab garden into an exciting one.Jack Kyle is the owner of Narangba Timbers, who supply timber decking materials to the Brisbane area. According to Mr Kyle:“Relaxing or entertaining on timber decks seems to be the Australian national pastime. We have helped numerous homeowners get their DIY timber decks up and running in record time. We have a display deck where customers can see what different varieties and combinations of timber and different finishes look like. They can also get design ideas from our website or at our service facility.”Mr Kyle continued: “We are committed to providing the finest customer service possible. We have helped complete novices succeed on their first projects and produce professional looking timber decks. We have all of the timber you need to build a timber deck. We also carry all of the hardware you need. We even carry deck oil and a variety of finishes.”Mr Kyle concluded: “All you need for the perfect timber deck is a positive attitude and a willingness to work. We’ll supply you with the rest. And we’ll save you money doing it.” Narangba Timbers provides timber decking and other timber products to the Brisbane area. They offer a full range of timber for building and DIY projects. Their customer service staff, often known as “decks-perts,” have an incredible knowledge base and are dedicated to providing the best customer service in the business. To learn more, call (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: Local Supplier Stunned by the Popularity of Timber Flooring on the Sunshine Coast 2017-01-23T05:51:42Z local-supplier-stunned-by-the-popularity-of-timber-flooring-on-the-sunshine-coast Brisbane, QLD, January 23, 2017 - According to a timber flooring supplier in Narangba, timber has become the material of choice for an increasing number of Sunshine Coast residents. Timber flooring has been around for centuries but never seems to lose its appeal. Carpet and tile have become popular over the years, with many designs becoming trendy, only to disappear or become “dated” when something else becomes more popular. Timber flooring, however, looks a lot like it did hundreds of years ago and never seems to go out of favour.Benefits of Timber FlooringFor most homeowners, the main choices are between carpet and timber. While kitchens and bathrooms often have tile, carpet and timber are the main choices for the other living areas of a home. Timber flooring offers a number of benefits over carpeting.According to most people who have timber flooring, one of the biggest benefits is its aesthetic. Most timber floor owners feel that nothing can provide the “look” or beauty of a high-quality, well-maintained timber floor. Timber provides a natural, timeless, prosperous appearance that is unmatched by most carpet or tile designs. While timber does provide an air of prosperity and was once seen as only affordable by rich people, timber is increasingly affordable and is the most cost-effective flooring material over the long term. Timber costs a bit more at the beginning, but it doesn’t have to be replaced every five years like carpet. While both carpet and tile tend to degrade in appearance with time, a well-maintained timber floor actually looks better with age.One of the biggest benefits of timber flooring over carpet is that it is so much more sanitary and easy to clean. Carpets are often described as a “magnet” for dust mites, fleas, cat litter, fungi and a host of parasites. These can be mostly removed by vacuuming, but vacuuming ends up forcing a lot of dust mites and other parasites into the air, where they are breathed in by residents of the home. This can be an extreme bother for those with allergies.Timber flooring is easy to clean and maintain. It just needs to be swept and mopped. Spills need to be wiped as soon as possible. The finish needs to be maintained long term. Timber is a cleaner, safer surface for everyone in a home. Even if one doesn’t have pets, the air in a well-maintained home with timber flooring will always be of better quality than that of a home with carpeting.Timber Flooring Wins the Day on the Sunshine CoastMore and more Sunshine Coast homeowners are choosing timber as their surface of choice for all areas except the kitchens, bathrooms and dining areas. Trends may come and go, but timber flooring will probably be around in the next millennium.Narangba Timbers supplies timber flooring from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane. They offer a wide variety of Australian and imported hardwood for businesses, builders and homeowners. They carry timber flooring, timber fencing, timber decking, structural building timber and a host of miscellaneous hardware and building supplies. To learn more or to talk to a customer service agent, call (07) 3888 1293 or visit their website: Custom Built Doors and Windows Continue to Wow Perth Homeowners 2017-01-16T08:10:59Z custom-built-doors-and-windows-continue-to-wow-perth-homeowners Perth, WA, January 16, 2017 - A rising trend for homeowners who want to improve their homes is to replace their standard doors and windows with custom built doors and windows. Many Perth area homeowners are doing this because they are consistently amazed at how much improving the doors and windows can update a home. How Custom Built Doors and Windows can Modernise a HomeStandard homes built off of builders’ standard plans are decent places to live. When they are new, they look great and the buyers are excited to move in. However, builders need to turn a profit and they tend to do so by lowering their costs of materials and labour as much as possible. The doors and windows are often a place where they can save a lot of money but still put out that looks good, at least initially.As time goes on and the homeowner has lived in a standard home for a few years, they begin to notice some of the “little things” going wrong. The fit of a sliding door or window in its track may start to feel “funny.” They may notice light coming in through gaps under doors or through the outer parts of their windows. Sometimes the doors and windows don’t open and close as easily as they used to.Michaela Ashford is the office administrator for Fremantle Door and Window, a business that creates custom built doors and windows for Perth area homeowners. According to Ms Ashford:“Ultimately, it’s not the walls that make a modern home modern: it’s everything else. Your doors and windows are a large part of your home’s makeup. The fit and finish of your doors and windows will determine a large part of its appearance. But it’s when you add the element of style that the true magic happens.”Ms Ashford continued: “Think of what happens when you replace a standard front entry door with a solid timber front door or a sleek pivot door. Or you replace an entire wall facing your pool with a series of bifold doors. Or servery windows in your kitchen. There are so many great design improvements that can be made in your home just by installing custom built doors or windows.”Bifold Doors Can Even Change a Floor PlanBifold doors are being used by more and more Perth area homeowners to provide an open floor plan with little to no effect on the home’s foundation. Inner walls of common living areas are knocked out and replaced with bifold doors. This gives homeowners the option to turn their kitchen, dining area, family room and living room into one large open room by opening the bifold doors. When closed they allow light to permeate the home, making the home look larger.Ms Ashford concluded: “Of all the ways you can modernise your home, custom built doors and windows create the most change for the lowest cost.”Fremantle Door and Window create custom built doors for homeowners in the Perth area. They offer a full menu of popular options, such as bifold doors, sliding doors, french doors, casement windows, servery windows and many more. To learn more or to call for a complimentary design consult, call (08) 6500 6888 or visit their website: Custom Built Doors and Windows Help Homeowners Save on Home Renovations 2016-12-09T04:49:06Z custom-built-doors-and-windows-help-homeowners-save-on-home-renovations Perth, WA, December 09, 2016 - Homeowners in Perth and across Australia have a propensity for home renovations. The proliferation and popularity of home renovation shows on television would indicate that Australians love home renovation and that nearly everybody renovates their home at least once. Due to an uncertain property market, many Australians want nicer homes but don’t want to “buy up” to have one. Instead, they modernise the homes they currently live in through renovations. Unfortunately, many renovations are intrusive into the homeowner’s lifestyle, especially if it is a major renovation. It is difficult to live in the space being renovated if there is a lot of work being done.Luckily for Perth area homeowners, there is a solution that modernises homes while saving time, money and inconvenience: custom built doors and windows. How Custom Built Doors and Windows Modernise Homes When a house begins to “look old,” it is often the doors and the windows that are causing most of the visual discomfort. Most home builders use aluminium windows and doors, except for the front entry door, which is usually a hollow door made with a frame and timber laminate. As the home ages, “standard” doors and windows tend to age badly.Aluminium doors and windows can warp and lose the shiny appearance they have when they are new. The timber laminate entry door can also begin to look old and dated. They can make any effort to renovate one’s home futile. Ironically enough, it is the doors and windows that are making the home look dated. The walls of any home can usually be modernised simply by painting them in a bright, contemporary colour. But it is the doors and windows that most determine how a home looks. Custom built timber doors and windows are an immense improvement over “mass build” doors and windows. Timber frames are versatile because they can be finished with paint, stain or a clear finish. On the exterior, such as entry doors, sliding doors, bifold doors, servery windows, French windows, casement windows, bifold windows or sliding windows, timber integrates a home with nature. On the interior, bifold doors can be used to convert a drab home into an open floor plan, using bifold doors to provide one large common room in the open position or separate rooms when they are closed. Open floor plans let a lot of light into a home, making it look more spacious and modern.Tish Thompson is the office administrator of Fremantle Door & Window Company, a provider and installer of custom built doors and windows. According to Ms Thompson:“It’s no contest. Custom built timber doors and windows are the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to renovate and modernise a home.”Fremantle Door & Window Company provides custom built doors and windows for homeowners in the Perth area. They provide a wide range of contemporary and traditional doors and windows, including bifold doors, sliding doors, French doors, front entry doors, bifold windows, sliding windows, servery windows, Aneeta windows, casement windows, awning windows and more. Their doors and windows are built with WA-sourced weatherproof glass and sustainably sourced Australian timber. To learn more, call (08) 6500 6888 or visit their website: Builders Reveal Why Homeowners Love Custom Built Timber Doors and Windows 2016-10-13T07:12:49Z builders-reveal-why-homeowners-love-custom-built-timber-doors-and-windows Perth, WA, 13 October 2016 - Fremantle Door & Window Company provides custom built doors and windows to the Perth home market. In a recent blog post called “Why Timber is Our Favourite Material for Custom Built Doors and Windows,” they revealed the main reasons not only they, but Perth homeowners love timber as a building material. The Timber AestheticTimber is used by architects, builders and home designers alike to integrate homes into nature. Timber is a natural material. When it is cut and stained correctly, the natural grain shows through. Timber doors and windows create a visual transition from the surrounding trees to the home itself.When bifold or sliding doors are used, they can turn a patio, deck or alfresco living area into a part of the home’s living space. A solid timber entry door in the front of a home can project prosperity, abundance and tradition. Those who love timber feel that nothing can replace the appearance of timber.Timber Can Save MoneyTimber can save money on heating and cooling costs for two reasons. First, solid timber is a much better insulator than alternatives like aluminium or laminate. It helps keep heat out of the home in the summer and cold out of the home in the winter.In addition, timber makes a much more snug “fit” around the edges. Aluminium can often leave small gaps. It also tends to warp after a few years, creating gaps so large that not only heat and cold, but insects can get into the home.The end result of installing custom built timber doors and windows is a lot less money spent on heating and cooling bills. Custom Built Doors and Windows Raise Home ValuesCustom built timber doors and windows can raise a home’s value by much more than the homeowner spends on them. Improving the doors and windows is the most cost-effective method of updating or modernising a home. It is also the method that involves the least inconvenience for the homeowner. The longer the homeowner holds onto the home, the more increase in value they will attain when the home is sold.Environmental ConsiderationsTimber helps fight global warming. When timber is harvested from responsible and ethical sources, another tree is planted to replace the one that was just cut down. That tree starts storing carbon as it uses carbon to make timber fibres. This helps the environment because all carbon that is taken from the environment fights global warming. Meanwhile, materials like aluminium actually add greenhouse gases containing carbon into the environment. Environmental impact is measured by the “carbon footprint.” Timber has a negative carbon footprint while artificial materials such as aluminium have a large carbon footprint.The End ResultThe end result is that homeowners and builders alike love timber as a building material. Fremantle Door & Window Company provides custom built timber doors and windows to homeowners. They help homeowners modernise their homes and they also provide custom built doors and windows for elite Perth builders. They offer popular choices such as sliding doors, bifold doors, servery windows, french doors and a plethora of other modern and traditional options. To learn more, call (08) 6500 6888 or visit their website: AIIA undertaking significant survey on analytics and data usage by Australian businesses, government and NGOs 2016-09-12T02:46:08Z aiia-undertaking-significant-survey-on-analytics-and-data-usage-by-australian-businesses-government-and-ngos FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12 SEPTEMBER 2016 Encourages new and established organisations in all sectors to participate in order to develop the most comprehensive report possible The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), the peak member body for the ICT industry, today announced it is undertaking a major survey of Australian organisations on analytics and data usage. The purpose of the survey is to find out what differentiates those business, government and NGO organisations that effectively use data and analytics for senior decision making. The survey is open to individual respondents via the AIIA website until 31 September 2016. It is anticipated that a whitepaper will be published towards the end of the year incorporating an analysis of the results and providing a body of knowledge that will help guide business leaders on ways to incorporate data and analytics into their organisation in order to remain competitive. Rob Fitzpatrick, CEO of the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), says, "On a global scale, we see those organisations that know how to use data effectively are usually the strongest performers. If Australia is serious about driving an ideas boom and creating new employment opportunities, we need to ensure that we help local organisations better understand and then take advantage of data to be competitive. “This is not just a survey for tech companies. The information generated will benefit all industries and we encourage participants across all sectors whether they be in education, retail, finance, or others, as well as established and newer companies to participate,” added Fitzpatrick. This initiative is being led by the AIIA’s Data and Analytics Special Interest Group, which is chaired by Dr Roger Kermode, director of business consulting firm Alimua Pty Ltd and former practice principal for analytics and data management for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and Graeme Wood, general manager of marketing for Semantic Software Asia Pacific. “There is mounting evidence that data-driven organisations tend to require fewer assets, execute with greater insight and less risk, and ultimately generate higher returns. We believe incorporating these practices is an important part of creating a sustainable and growing economy in Australia and is crucial to seeing our standing in world innovation and growth rankings improve,” says Dr Kermode. The data collected will be analysed by data scientists at the University of Technology Sydney. Professor Michael Blumenstein of UTS Sydney says, “Much has been published on big data, automation and the use of analytics at an organizational level. However, despite the recognition of data increasing in importance, the use of data between and within organisations varies widely. The AIIA survey has been constructed to find out why. It’s designed to enable deep diagnostics and analysis of what actually take place inside organisations across different functions and different levels, not just what is visible externally.” Numerous leading Australian organisations are encouraging their members to complete the survey, including: Data61, The Knowledge Economy Institute; NSW State Government; Advance Australia; FINSIA; CPA Australia; StartupMuster; UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT; and, the UTS Business School. # # # About AIIA The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is Australia’s peak representative body and advocacy group for those in the digital ecosystem. Since 1978 the AIIA has pursued activities to stimulate and grow the digital ecosystem, to create a favourable business environment for members and to contribute to Australia’s economic prosperity. We do this by delivering outstanding member value by providing a strong voice of influence; building a sense of community through events and education; enabling a network for collaboration and inspiration; and developing compelling content and relevant and interesting information. MEDIA CONTACT For more information, please contact Joanna Stevens Kramer at 0408 466 410 or email For more information about the AIIA please visit