The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-09-20T00:14:54Z HCL Technologies and Cricket Australia Conclude TechJam’21; Solutions to Empower Game Experience With New Digital Innovations 2021-09-20T00:14:54Z hcl-technologies-and-cricket-australia-conclude-techjam-21-solutions-to-empower-game-experience-with-new-digital-innovations SYDNEY and NOIDA, INDIA, Sept. 20 2021, – HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global technology company, alongside Cricket Australia as its official digital transformation partner, announced the winners of the 2021 TechJam #InspiredByHCL, who will be awarded from a $40,000 prize pool. TechJam is a global collaboration platform to crowdsource technology-led solutions that push the boundaries of innovation in cricket and inspire exceptional experiences for the Australian and global cricket community. HCL and CA collaborated with Microsoft to support participants with Azure as a platform sandbox while leveraging technology as a means to unite and encourage the passion for cricket. The HCL-Cricket Australia TechJam winners are: Winner: Cricket Carnival - For breaking down the complex game into its basic elements and using local initiatives to rejuvenate people's engagement with the game. First runner-up: Ludimos - For making learning cricket a fun and interactive experience while boosting coaching efficiency by using world’s first AI-powered video analysis platform with smart coaching tools, and tracking tools with online access to top coaches. Second runner-up: Crickey Cricket - For creating a unique fan experience by combining blockchain and non-fungible tokens as collectibles, data analytics and modelling. Challenge Track Winners:Spolib - Your Personal Training Companion - For creating a digital marketplace to connect athletes and coaches in a structured, trusted and always available manner Switch n Swift - For designing a prototype of a system that will automatically cover the entire field whenever it rains AI driven video analytics for player performance tracking - For using an AI-based approach to correlate outcomes like batting effectiveness, timing and stroke quality, to measurable technical inputs such as body posture, foot movement, balance and weight transfer. Cricket Answers for Self Service Data Analytics - For demonstrating how taking best of breed technologies will enable, empower and engage cricket fans. Finalists presented live via tele-pitch to a panel of experts and industry leaders from HCL, Cricket Australia, Microsoft and other eminent institutions and industry partners, such as the State Government of Victoria, the University of Cambridge and Macquarie University. “Focusing on how digital solutions can help us to truly understand and engage the cricket community is integral to creating memorable experiences and ramping up game performance,” Mike Osborne, Cricket Australia’s General Manager of Technology, said. “We’re thrilled to see how data-led insights and digital methodologies can act as a multiplier of fans’, community’s and players’ love of the game.” “The HCL and Cricket Australia partnership has magnified opportunities for technology to play a more pivotal role in enhancing Cricket nationally and globally,” said Michael Horton, Executive Vice President & Country Manager, Australia & New Zealand, HCL Technologies. “We look forward to continuing to exemplify how digital transformation can uplift fan engagement and player performance in exciting new ways through our collaborative efforts.” The winning solutions have the potential to be implemented into Cricket Australia’s ecosystem, fast-tracking technology’s impact on the sport. The TechJam demonstrates innovative digital solutions that are crucial to advancing the game of Cricket for its fans, players or community engagement. For more information, please visit For further details, please contact: HCL Technologies Meenakshi Benjwal, Americas Dipshikha Bhattacharyya, EMEA Devneeta Pahuja, India and APAC The curious CMY Cubes 2021-09-17T07:46:31Z the-curious-cmy-cubes The most intriguing and satisfying toy explores the worlds of subtractive colour mixing and physics with its ever-changing spectrum of colours SYDNEY, Australia (September 17, 2021)—An intriguing new toy is taking the market by storm thanks to the hours of curiosity and enjoyment it brings to kids and adults alike. The CMY Cube explores colour subtraction, optics, and physics in a simple yet compelling way and has garnered rave reviews as both a toy for people of all ages or an interesting conversation piece as part of the decor in the office or at home. CMY Cubes launched their trademark cube and polyhedron-shaped objects in September 2020 and has seen an impressive demand for their products. Since its launch, CMY Cubes has increased its revenue by 1200%, demonstrating the public’s fascination with this magical object. Each face of CMY's cubes and polyhedrons is coated in electromagnetically subtractive materials, which at first appear as cyan, magenta, or yellow. As users move the object about and manipulate it into various shapes, new colour combinations appear, allowing users to explore the magic of optics, light, and physics at play in real time. The vast number of colour changes and possibilities have proved to be captivating, delivering endless enjoyment for those engaging with the toy. The CMY Cubes is the first product of its kind and has caught the attention of a vast market of consumers, making it a timeless toy that knows no bounds when it comes to age or interests. From kids to adults, hobbyists and teachers, and people with learning difficulties, CMY Cubes are an intriguing and beautiful gift any recipient will enjoy. "Our goal is to be a household name across the world and to have everyone from kids to gen pop, hobbyists, educators and people with developmental disabilities to find inspiration from the beauty of subtractive colour mixing,” said Enzo Gonzalez, CMY Cubes co-founder and product engineer. In creating each of the brand’s solid shapes, product developers looked to the knowledge and wisdom of the ancient Greeks, landing on products crafted in the shape of the five Platonic solids. These shapes, Greek thinkers claimed, make up the core patterns of all physical creation. In addition to The Original Cube and Cube Stand, four other product offerings are currently available in CMY’s lineup. They include The Aether, The Cube Presence, The Mundus, and The Collectors Pack, featuring three of the Platonic solids in original or mini sizes. Additional products are forthcoming in early October, including The Motus, The Ignis, and The Ultimate Pack, which features all five Platonic solids. For those looking to become a brand ambassador for CMY Cubes, the company offers an affiliate program. Affiliates can earn commissions for advertising CMY Cubes' products and making successful referrals that result in purchases. To learn more about CMY Cubes and to purchase the most interesting and satisfying toy on the market, visit City dwellers asked to unite with farmers to save our planet 2021-09-16T04:29:48Z city-dwellers-asked-to-unite-with-farmers-to-save-our-planet In these times, we can’t forget our planet - our home. The experts and data show climate change is happening, and we need everyone to reverse this for our children’s and their children’s sake. This is why EcoForce Global is asking our city dwellers to unite with our farmers, to be Advocates, to help save our planet and reverse climate change by planting trees on farms. EcoForce Global CEO and Co-founder, Charles Alder said EcoForce Global Advocates are paid commission for each tree they sell on behalf of the organisation that is then planted on one of the farms we are supporting. “As Co-founder and former CEO of Rural Aid, I’ve seen first-hand the devastation that climate change has brought on our farmers and rural Australia. The drought, then fires and floods in recent years saw many farmers having to sell or destroy their livestock and growers watch their crops die as the earth become unsustainable. It was heart breaking,” Charles Alder said. “Our Advocates are on the frontline as entrepreneurs fighting climate change. Our program treats them as affiliate marketers, paid $22 commission for each tree they sell, and they can also recruit others to join their team as an affiliate and then be paid a small commission on their recruit’s tree sales.” Charles said this a fantastic opportunity for those wanting to be part of the action to reverse climate change while trying out their entrepreneurial spirit and giving back to the farmers who support us by putting food on our tables during the good and challenging times. “The more trees planted on a farm will improve the soil, help replace lost habitats, improve the local water cycle, capture carbon, and educate and expand Regeneration Ag farming principles,” Charles said. “Trees purchased fund the farmers’ adoption or expansion of Regenerative Ag farming principles based upon a $4 per tree, per year allocation. “Besides Australia, we are also recruiting Advocates in many countries around the world – USA, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, Rwanda, Nigeria, China, Philippines, India and Nepal. “Our planet needs billions of trees planted and we need millions of Advocates to sell those trees to ensure our farmers’ land improve and to help reverse climate change. “This is a fantastic way to earn income while also assisting our farmers and our planet’s future. All an Advocate needs to do is share a link to sell a tree and share EcoForce Global’s Mission.” To learn more about becoming an EcoForce Advocate, go to our Become an Advocate page. Climate Change – Australia and Global In Australia, our climate has warmed around 1°C since 1910, increasing extreme heat events – droughts and fires, including the length of the fire seasons – which we have experienced in very recent times¹ Our annual rainfall, since 1990, in southwest of Australia between April and October has declined by around 16% and at the same time, southeast Australia has seen a decline by around 12%¹ There has been an increase in extreme fire weather, and in the length of the fire season, across large parts of the country since the 1950s, especially in southern Australia. There has been a decrease in the number of tropical cyclones observed in the Australian region since 1982. Globally, the world is warming, sea levels are rising, Pacific islands are drowning, and their inhabitants have become climate refugees. According to NASA Global Climate Change, sea level rise is caused primarily by two factors caused by global warming: the added water from melting ice sheets and glaciers and the expansion of seawater as it warms. Since the late 1970s, Arctic Sea ice has decreased by about 40% and from 2014, Antarctic Ice started to decline reaching a record low in 2017² Globally averaged air temperature at the Earth’s surface has warmed by over 1°C since reliable records began in 1850. Each decade since 1980 has been warmer than the last, with 2010–19 being around 0.2 °C warmer than 2000–09. The world’s oceans, especially in the southern hemisphere, are taking up around 90 per cent of the extra energy resulting from enhanced greenhouse gas concentrations¹. Concentrations of all the major long-lived greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are the highest level seen on Earth in at least two million years, and continue to increase, with global annual mean carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations reaching 410 ppm in 2019 and the CO2 equivalent (CO2-e) of all greenhouse gases reaching 508 ppm¹. Research and articles: CSIRO – Sixth biennial State of the Climate Report – Report at a glance NASA - Global Climate Change The Royal Society – Climate change evidence and causes questions Contact: EcoForce Global CEO Charles Alder – M: 0410 714 379 | E: Farmer TestimonialJ and N Macdonald - Binnaway NSWWe feel the Tree Planting Project is an opportunity to regenerate some of our land effected by drought, flood and land erosion. Our choice in trees was influenced by the natural vegetation that currently exist on the land to extend the Koala corridor in the area, attracting native bees, and to eventually provide shade and feed for stock. The trees will also stabilize soil, minimizing erosion into an adjacent natural waterway, improve the pasture and help to restore the environment for wildlife. About EcoForce Global: EcoForce Global is a Tree Planting and Land Regeneration Company founded by Rural Aid Co-Founders, Charles and Tracy Alder. Our mission is to capture and store carbon through trees, vegetation, and soil, in partnership with Farmers. Regenerative Agriculture and associated farming methods are at the forefront in improving farming viability globally. The growing demands from consumers for a more sustainable and higher quality produce is driving these advancements. EcoForce Global is a pivotal partner in the agriculture sector, driving higher Regeneration Ag adoption rates. To learn more about EcoForce Global and the work being done to assist Farmers and the land, go to Media Links#BuyaTree imageEcoForce Global Logo AlphaFit Launches the Core Belt Squat – Innovative Product for Lower Body Training 2021-09-16T00:07:56Z alphafit-launches-the-core-belt-squat-innovative-product-for-lower-body-training Gold Coast – September 16, 2021 – The first of its kind to market, this plate loaded cable belt squat machine enables gym users to train several lower body or athletic leg movements without placing unnecessary stress on their shoulders, spine or lower back. Designed and engineered in Australia with peak performance and aesthetics in mind, this product is guaranteed to be the centrepiece of any commercial gym, specialty strength or rehab facility. The Core Belt Squat is a massive drawcard for weightlifters, powerlifters and athletes nursing back pain or shoulder injuries. It aids in increasing muscular hypertrophy in the legs without placing heavy pressure on the back and spine. Athletes with restrictions from axial loading spinal compression or rehabbing from shoulder, elbow or wrist discomfort can safely load the glutes, hamstrings and calf muscles to continue building strength despite their upper body limitations. Sure to become an indispensable piece of equipment in any commercial gym, AlphaFit’s Core Belt Squat has been designed in collaboration with athletes and high-performance coaches to ensure it accommodates different types of users and their individual training needs. This compact unit features a 1.2m x 1.2m training platform, 15kg trolley with an incorporated safety catch, dual linear shaft cable system, multi-grip handles, 250kg pin load capacity, 14 drop stop adjustments, and HDPE lined band hooks for resistance training. The generously sized training platform features a replaceable anti-slip rubber surface for maximum stability. Its dimensions allow athletes to comfortably complete squats, lunges, marches and deadlifts uninhibited. While developed predominantly for lower body training, one of the advantages of the AlphaFit Belt Squat is its high degree of versatility—it allows users to perform a solid variety of different movements with extra equipment. Athletes can connect grips and attachments via the carabiner to perform supplementary upper body cable movements within the 1.2m cable pull length.  Like no other on the market, the Core Belt Squat features an unmatched level of safety features for peace of mind when squatting. The adjustable drop stop ensures each user will find a safe and comfortable base position for their lowest range of movement. Another important design feature is the trolley’s safety catch. It offers users the ability to lock the loaded or unloaded trolley quickly and easily in 20 different height positions by pulling on the safety handle. This feature is especially important for users under fatigue mid set or who have overestimated their lifting capacity. The Core Belt Squat is designed and manufactured with the highest degree of quality from AlphaFit’s Gold Coast facility. All their Australian made gym equipment is available in a variety of colours at no additional cost. Local manufacturing allows AlphaFit to have complete control over the quality, turn-around and customisation of such products, enabling them to service customers like no other supplier. A belt squat machine could be one of the best investments a gym owner can make. By taking the upper body out of the equation, the Core Belt Squat provides athletes of all kinds the option to perform squats with optimum posture, balance and stability in total safety. This product is the first in the new range of plate loaded machines AlphaFit plans to release in the coming months. For more information on this product, visit our website: To see the Core Belt Squat in use, visit the YouTube video here: AlphaFit is Australia’s largest and leading manufacturer of premium strength and conditioning, functional and customisable specialist fitness equipment. With over 20 years of steel manufacturing experience, the Australian-owned and operated family business is recognised for its high-quality steel fitness products, fast turnaround times and expansive custom branding options for gyms. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Lindsay Howard, Marketing Manager, on 07 5574 4975, or email Patternfield App: The Next Steps 2021-09-09T02:06:00Z patternfield-app-the-next-steps The Early Bird campaign for the Patternfield App has exceeded its expectations by hundreds. Over 42 countries are represented on the subscriber list, with subscribers from the United States of America, Australia and United Kingdom coming in at the top.   “We are currently working with the developers to get the app to Beta phase, with the goal to be up and running by November,” says Creative Director of Patternfield App, Nerida Hansen.    “The support for it has been incredible! We have had high participation rates and enthusiastic responses to our webinars. Not only that we are seeing buyers from some of the world’s biggest retailers and boutique brands sign up.”   Patternfield App is a platform that will revolutionise the way product developers, manufacturers and retailers source patterns and illustrations for any product category including (but not limited to) textiles, home décor, stationery and fashion. With thousands of designs on offer to suit various trends and styles, the buyers can connect with agents or artists to purchase or license art in minutes. For more information contact PR Manager, Jacqui Taylor at  Maybe we don't need to obsess over fast charging network for electric vehicles 2021-09-08T22:15:02Z maybe-we-don-t-need-to-obsess-over-fast-charging-network-for-electric-vehicles Whilst there is a national obsession with on-the-road charging infrastructure, those who already own an electric car are acutely aware that most electric vehicle charging will be done from home. Far from requiring a specialised and confusing charger, many electric car users are able to plug into a regular car socket at home and charge overnight. Another secret most electric car owners know - your car battery is rarely 'empty' - or 'full'. With many trips to the shops (and especially with restricted movements seen across the state of NSW) just a few kilometres here and there - simply plugging the car back in when you get home is the answer, to 'how to charge your electric vehicle'. It goes without saying of course, once things return to normal, many looking to make the switch to an electric vehicle will be wondering if a typical car would make their trip to work and back, and what to do when they need to charge a little bit faster than the 2kWh a regular power socket would provide. One electricity provider, Bright Spark Power, keen to get to the forefront of developing products that meet an emerging consumers needs has released an electric car electricity plan - that solves home charging AND promotes electricity usage during times of the day when there is more  renewable electricity in the grid. When you sign up to the company's Aussie Car + Home electricity plan - you also organise the installation of your wall box home charging solution with their team of registered electricians. Bright Spark Power Founder and CEO Arran Coughlan said "we solve the problem of having an electrician show up to quote a job they are not familiar with, don't want to do, or want to charge you the earth for... Our team are trained to install our economical electric car charging solution, work out the best path for cables and wiring from the charger to your meter - whether your meter is 9-floors away from your car space in apartment, or just a few meters in a typical home garage." With many would-be EV owners researching electric cars as a way to reduce environmental impact - Bright Spark Power say their electricity plan has also been consciously developed with peak renewable generation times in mind. Coughlan says "with the potential environmental benefit that electric vehicles can bring in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide produced by private vehicles, it was important that we designed an electricity plan that incentivised customers to charge their electric vehicles during periods of the day when renewable energy generation is more readily available (in the grid). This is why our Aussie car and home electricity plan is primarily 'off peak' electricity, with a short peak evening period. When paired with an electric vehicle car charger installation the Aussie car and home electricity plan is specifically designed to only charge your electric vehicle during this off peak usage period". You will certainly notice the difference in 'fuel costs' when changing from a petrol powered vehicle to an electric vehicle - but this sort of sophisticated residential Time of Use electricity plan is just another economic benefit electric car users can look forward to when they make the switch, with the smart-metered time of use plan applying to all household electricity usage - not just the electric car usage. Coughlan said "To us, it is about taking the stress and complexity out of charging your electric vehicle at home, and doing it in a way that's better for the environment and for your wallet." --Media Release Ends--  Do you need a 4x4 Conversion of Toyota Coaster? 2021-09-08T03:59:43Z do-you-need-a-4x4-conversion-of-toyota-coaster Toyota Coaster is one of the world’s most popular people movers in the minibus category, sold in more than 110 countries. The Coaster was first launched in Japan in 1963 as the ‘Light Bus’ based on the running gear of the Toyota Dyna and launched into Australia in 1977. Since then, it has become one of the most popular buses used by schools, fleets, and tour companies and not surprisingly, a sought after vehicle for motorhome conversions. The current 70 Series Coaster is the 4th generation launched by Toyota in 2017 after 24 years. As per Toyota, 550,000 Coasters have been sold globally of which over 20,000 Coasters have been sold in Australia (2017 data supplied by Toyota Australia). The 70 Series Coaster in Australia is available as a 22 seat bus with a 4-litre, 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine and 6 speed transmission. The 6 speed was upgraded from a 4 speed in early 2021 along with vehicle stability control. The post-2017 model has retained the same length as the 50 Series at 6990mm, but the internal height has increased to 1.89mts with a squarer shape that provides better space for storage and passengers. The Coaster is available in a standard model with bi-folding door or the deluxe model with slug door. The deluxe model has the black fascia extending below the front windscreen giving it a more pleasing face. Why Bus 4×4 Conversion? The Coaster is only available in Australia as a rear-wheel drive. While the 2WD is good for city routes or for driving on the bitumen, it limits the bus for outback transport over rough terrain. The AWD and the 4WD version is available in Japan and is imported in very small quantities by grey importers but there have been concerns about servicing or spare parts. The best option suited for Australian conditions is the Bus 4x4 Conversion which converts the Coaster from a 2WD into an off-road capable 4WD with High and Low Range 4x4. This 4x4 conversion opens new and exciting possibilities for mining, off-road tour operators, remote transport, and aboriginal associations and of course, motorhome enthusiasts. The Bus 4x4 conversion can be done on both new and used Coasters. A 4x4 conversion of a new Coaster falls under the SSM IPA Compliance (Secondary Stage Manufacture – Identification Plate Approval) while the 4x4 conversion of a used Coaster is done under Blue Plate Compliance (Qld for Bus 4x4). This includes adding a lift-kit to the independent front suspension and the rear spring suspension, raising the body to 210mm over the factory standard. A Toyota Coaster differential is added up front getting its drive from an AWD transfer case making it a constant full time 4x4 without the need to lock/unlock free-wheeling hubs for off road driving. Bus 4x4 upgrades the standard ventilated disc brakes to accommodate the front drive axles and at the rear the drive axle is slung under the upgraded leaf-spring pack. The upgraded tyres are 9.5R 17.5 which are retained on standard wheels while super-single tyres of size 285/70R 19.5 are optional which can increase the ground clearance to a whopping 230mm. Since the Coaster is ANCAP rated, it can be used without the need for ROPS (Rollover Protection Cage) on mine sites that have strict safety requirements. We offer optional downgrade from 22 seats to 18 seats with internal storage and can also offer front passenger swivel seat for guided tours or mine site briefings. Other accessories like bull bars, tow bars, electric steps, fuel tank (180 litres), seat belt alarm systems, beacon and lighting are also offered based on site specific requirements. 4x4 Motorhome anyone? Toyota Coaster is Australia’s most popular choice when it comes to motorhome conversions. No other bus ticks all the boxes with an ideal length, internal height, walkthrough layout and spacious interior that can accommodate a double bed, full kitchen, shower/toilet, and a front lounge. Include the time proven Hino N04C engine which produces 110kW at 2700rpm and you have a powerful vehicle that can travel around Australia with ease. The Bus 4x4 Conversion of Toyota Coaster with a motorhome fitout can be an ideal vehicle to take you anywhere on and off-road, from the rugged outback to glittering beaches. The Bus 4x4 Coaster Conversion comes with an increased GVM of 6 tonnes (new vehicles), but tow capacity has been retained at the original 1.7-tonne rating. We can also fit a No Spin Diff on the rear with a breather kit for that extra peace of mind when crossing creeks. Toyota Coaster VS Mitsubishi Rosa (2021 Australian Models) Toyota Coaster Mitsubishi Rosa Size 6990mm L, 2080mm W, 2635mm H* 6990-7730mm L, 2070mm W, 2755mm H Wheelbase 3935mm 3995-4550mm Engine Hino 4 Cylinder 4.0L Mitsubishi 4 Cylinder 3.0L Power/Torque 110kW/420Nm 129kW/430Nm Fuel Tank 95 Litres** 100 Litres Tyres 250/70R 17.5*** 205/85R16, LT 117/115L Passengers 21 + Driver 21/24 + Driver GVM 5540 Kgs**** 5900 Kgs 4×4 Conversion Yes No All the above specifications are taken from Toyota Australia and Mitsubishi Australia websites. Bus 4x4 does not take responsibility for any inaccuracies or errors * Over 3 mts subject to tyres and roof modifications after 4x4 Conversion ** 180 Litres Upgraded Fuel Tank *** 9.5R 17.5 on Standard Rims or 285/70R 19.5 on Super-single Rims after 4x4 Conversion **** 6050 Kgs after 4x4 Conversion Covid-19 has increased the demand for domestic travel and people are trying to travel to places they have not been before, so the Bus 4×4 Conversion of Coaster can be an ideal 4x4 motorhome option which gives the freedom to set camp anywhere. With Toyota reliability and Bus 4x4 capability, is the Bus 4x4 Conversion of Coaster for you? ... why can’t this be easier? 2021-09-07T07:04:35Z why-can-t-this-be-easier For Immediate Release - 7/9/21 Melbourne, Australia - FIND YA HOLE  are proud to announce the launch of their new Puncture Detection Wipes, available now at They can be used to detect punctures in BBQ hoses, gas bottles, tyres, inflatable mattresses, ski tubes, pool toys or even your own personal bedroom inflatable. Company founder Peter Baumann initially came to the idea through his own laziness. “I know I should check my BBQ gas bottle and hoses for leaks, but I can’t be bothered with the hassle of going back to the kitchen, filling up a bowl of soapy water, grabbing a sponge and doing the check... why can’t this be easier?” Now it is. Find Ya Hole Puncture Detection wipes store conveniently for easy access, and can perform a puncture or leak detection in mere seconds. Find Ya Hole Detection wipes are available to purchase now at Remote Indigenous school combines science and theatre in livestreamed performance 2021-09-02T07:42:58Z remote-indigenous-school-combines-science-and-theatre-in-livestreamed-performance Tune into a remote Indigenous primary school’s original theatre show, which tells the story of Albert Einstein’s E = mc2 on Friday 1- September. E = mc² – The Musical is Good to Great Schools Australia’s innovative way to engage its students and their families in learning science.   Incorporated into its explicit instruction-based Oz-e-science curriculum, E = mc² – The Musical has been created under the guidance of music and performing arts professionals. The full 70-minute musical will be performed, for one night only, on Friday 10 September at 6:30 pm, in an outdoor amphitheatre in the Cape York community of Hope Vale and will also be live-streamed online. All 130 students at the Cape York Aboriginal Australia Academy’s Hope Vale campus participate in the performance, from Prep to Grade 6. Teachers, parents and grandparents also take part, with support from professional performers. Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy teacher and peer coach Tamara Gibson is playing the role of Emilie du Chatelet, an 18th century whose work is central to our understanding of force, she said the musical and its family engagement aspect gives students a better understanding of science.   “It’s exciting how the curriculum gets parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties and other extended members of the family involved in education, particularly science,” said Ms Gibson. “It gives students a better understanding of science and how the world evolves around us.  Education is the key and to learn through a musical helps students to grasp concepts quicker and easier,” said Ms Gibson.    “It's the world's most famous equation, E=Mc2, but what does it really mean?  It means "Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared,” said Ms Gibson. The main characters are four children who use a time machine to travel across time and space to meet famous scientists. Students, teachers and family play the famous scientists, whose brilliant discoveries all led up to Einstein’s great breakthrough. Characters in the musical include Einstein and his wife Mileva, physicist and chemist Michael Faraday, Emile du Chatelet (who successfully challenged Newton’s orthodoxy), chemists Antoine and Marie-Anne Lavoisier, physicist Lise Meitner and Otto Hahn (who discovered nuclear fission).  Other children play neutrons, protons and electrons. The performance includes hip-hop, pop, choral music with one song sung in both English and the local Guugu Yimithirr language. Good to Great Schools Australia Director of Arts Chris Kohn said that underlying the fun is a serious message that science belongs to every Australian child.  “Science belongs to every Australian child – the work of Albert Einstein, Marie Curie and Stephen Hawking belongs to us all,” said Mr Kohn. “The OECD’s PISA tests show a continuing decline in Australian students’ science results. There is a large gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous children in science. There is also a significant gap between boys and girls. Science education is an issue of national concern,” said Mr Kohn.   “Good to Great Schools Australia is reorienting thinking about science education,” said Mr Kohn. “Oz-e-science lessons use rapid reviews to consolidate content, monitoring to check for understanding, and regular progress tests. Scientific inquiry skills are taught through investigations, experiments, and frequent engagement with the local environment. It meets all the science requirements of the Australian Curriculum,” he continued. “Using our explicit instruction pedagogy, which strikes a balance between teacher-directed instruction, inquiry learning and the natural curiosity of students, the Oz-e-science curriculum, incorporates activities like theatre and field trips, makes students fall in love with knowledge, gain a sense of wonder about the universe, understand the potential of scientific endeavour, and make science a part of their life’s journey,” said Mr Kohn. Shocking new footage exposes crocodile cruelty on Hermès farms 2021-08-31T03:18:18Z shocking-new-footage-exposes-crocodile-cruelty-on-hermes-farms-1 French luxury brand Hermès plans to greatly expand their farming of Australian saltwater crocodiles in Australia’s Northern Territory by up to 50,000 crocodiles if plans for an additional crocodile facility proceed. According to a 2021 report by animal welfare charity, World Animal Protection, the welfare of crocodiles on these farms is governed by an outdated and inadequate Code of Practice that relies on decades-old science, meant to be updated years ago. Head of Campaigns at World Animal Protection, Ben Pearson said: “The crocodile farming industry is grotesque and inherently cruel, where wild animals are denied a wild life or the freedom to exhibit their natural behaviours. Crocodiles are wild animals, not handbags. They are sentient beings who don't deserve to languish in plastic-lined pens for the profits of French fashion houses. “We are calling on the Minister for Environment, Sussan Ley, to stop the expansion of this cruel and barbaric industry, by rejecting an export permit for the Hermès crocodile farm. As Environment Minister she has obligations to promote the humane treatment of wildlife. Crocodile farming is the exact opposite. “An expansion of crocodile farming would send a message to the international community that the Australian Government believes the farming of wild animals and is acceptable. Instead, they should be working to phase-out and end the trade in wild animals. “The wildlife trade is not only a source of animal suffering but threatens human health by creating conditions that could lead to future pandemics. We must accept that human wellbeing is intrinsically linked to the health of animals and the natural world.” Australia accounts for 60% of the global trade in saltwater crocodile skins, with two thirds of that produced in the Northern Territory. A recent poll, conducted by World Animal Protection, found Australians were largely unaware of the cruel industry with 74% of people not aware how Australian crocodiles were being farmed and killed for their skin*. The polling also showed that most Australians (88%) were unaware that French luxury companies like Hermès and Louis Vuitton (LVMH) owned most of the Northern Territory’s crocodile farms*. In response to the shocking new footage from a Hermès crocodile farm, World Animal Protection, alongside animal charities The Kindness Project, Collective Fashion Justice, Farm Transparency Project, Animal Liberation Queensland, Animal Liberation and others are leading a global digital protest targeting Hermés and their new proposed farm in Australia set to house up to 50,000 saltwater crocodiles. The new Hermès farm comes as the use of exotic skins is becoming increasingly controversial; leading brands like Chanel, Victoria Beckham, Mulberry, Karl Lagerfeld, Vivienne Westwood and Tommy Hilfiger have committed to or are moving away from using exotic skins and wild animals in their products, shifting to humane alternatives. WAP has been lobbying the G20 world leaders - of which Australia is a member - to end the global wildlife trade and has received over 1.1 million petition signatures. The new footage was provided to The Kindness Project by Farm Transparency Project, and can be found on Drake Wellness and Port Melbourne Football Club announce Borough Wellness Partnership 2021-08-30T03:57:08Z drake-wellness-and-port-melbourne-football-club-announce-borough-wellness-partnership It's a very different end to football seasons in most organisations.  As we reach the end of the AFL and NRL season, we are operating in a very different environment. The usual mad Monday and post season parties are off the table. The holidays players often take with their families or friends to Noosa, Byron or overseas are no longer available owing to lockdowns and the virulent spread of the COVD-19 Delta variant. The AFL finals series has started in places like Launceston.  So... how do players manage their wellbeing in a time like this?  Likewise with Olympians returning home and coming out of quarantine, getting back into the groove for another Olympic cycle will present its own set of challenges, especially where the usual four year cycle was extended out to five years, and some are making a decision whether Paris 2024 is doable.  Drake's Wellness Hub with its myriad of tools to assist in mental, physical, emotional and financial wellbeing was designed to help organisations and individuals to manage their wellbeing.  Port Melbourne Football Club has partnered with Drake to create Borough Wellness, offering the team, administrators and the football community access to a program to assist them in managing wellness. Probably more important than ever asa we look to have our current lockdown extended.  Players and the CEO from Port Melbourne, along with Drake CEO Christopher Ouizeman available to talk about the organisational perspective and the Wellness Hub and the transformative effect of having a wellness and wellbeing program in place to address the very unusual end to sports seasons. Media Release details are below For immediate release DRAKE WELLNESS HUB PARTNERS WITH PORT MELBOURNE FOOTBALL CLUB Drake International, Australia’s oldest recruitment and productivity group has announced a partnership with VFL club, Port Melbourne. Port Melbourne aligned with Drake’s Wellness Hub to create Borough Wellness, a holistic program influencing systemic change and supporting organisational wellness and wellbeing. Port Melbourne Football Club is the first sporting organisation to partner with the Hub. “Creating a partnership with Drake’s Wellness Hub could not have come at a more appropriate time,” said club CEO Paul Malcolm. “There are many pressures on those in elite sport, not to mention the impact of COVID-19 on our community. As a club, it is important for us to be able to provide the tools and support mechanisms Borough Wellness offers,” he continued. The partnership provides access to programs within the Hub, supporting physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing. Holly Bailey is part of the Port Melbourne VFLW playing group, and said of the program, “I'm grateful to play for a club willing to invest in my development on and off the field. The Borough Wellness program helps me to improve my wellbeing off-field which I know translates to a better performance for all of us on field.” The Borough Wellness program will evolve in two phases – the first to support the playing group and football and operations department, before expanding to the larger Port Melbourne FC community – including members, partners and sponsors. “We look forward to growing the relationship with Drake and building a long and successful partnership reaching well into the future,” Malcom continued. In a first for Drake’s Wellness Hub, the partnership with an elite sporting organisation emphasises the diversity and flexibility of the Wellness Hub Program. “This program promotes all forms of wellbeing, in a variety of organisational situations,” said Drake CEO Christopher Ouizeman. “We knew when we launched the program in 2020, we were offering a world class, market leading product, to positively influence physical, mental, social and financial wellbeing. The flexibility of the Wellness Hub draws upon a mix and match approach, building out custom solutions to meet specific organisational needs, capability and budget,” he added. ENDS  Paul Malcolm, Holly Bailey and Christopher Ouizeman are available for comment. For imagery, information or interviews, please contact Pete Dillon at Fearless Collective | 0409142365 About Drake Wellness Hub The Drake Wellness Hub launched in 2020, in an effort to support individuals, teams, and organisations better manage their health and wellbeing. After the unprecedented events of 2020, we have seen significant deterioration in the mental, physical, social, and emotional wellbeing of Australian workers. The Wellness Hub was designed to provide organisations with access to a complete wellness solution, customised in alignment with business needs. We wanted to provide organisations and their workers with the tools necessary to not just survive but thrive in today’s world. About Port Melbourne Football Club The Port Melbourne Football Club, nicknamed The Borough, is an Australian Rules club based at ‘The Borough’ in Port Melbourne. The club was founded in 1874 and has been competing in the VFL since 1886. Port Melbourne is the most successful club in the VFL, having won 17 senior men's premierships. Port Melbourne is considered one of the strongest Victorian- based football clubs which does not compete in the AFL. The club has fielded a women's team in the VFLW competition since 2021, and in the past, it has fielded premiership-winning teams in the now-defunct VFL Reserves and Development leagues.  Band Camp boosts music education for Cape York students 2021-08-30T01:50:21Z band-camp-boosts-music-education-for-cape-york-students More than thirty Indigenous students from remote Cape York primary schools will participate in an intensive week-long music camp in Cooktown next week.   The annual Cape York Aboriginal Australian Academy (CYAAA) Band Camp is a unique opportunity for students from Hope Vale and Coen, to work with professional musicians, composers and directors to grow their musical talents. Culminating in a public performance in Hope Vale on Friday 6 September, the camp’s program includes training for a science-themed musical and professional tutoring in an array of instruments including brass, percussion and woodwind. The performance will include the CYAAA School Band followed by the world premiere of E = mc2 – The Musical, a theatre show developed especially for these students as part of the science curriculum at their school. Band Camp’s director, Good to Great Schools Australia Director of Arts Chris Kohn, said Band Camp is part of a larger performing arts program the Cairns-based organisation has developed for students in Cape York. ‘The benefits of music education are huge – as important as literacy and numeracy – and all students should have the opportunity to access quality music education, no matter where they live,’ said Mr Kohn. ‘We believe that the Malpa Performing Arts program is the most comprehensive and high-quality music program happening in remote Indigenous schools anywhere in Australia,’ Mr Kohn said. As well as an annual band camp, the Malpa program includes year-round in-school music teacher mentoring, an instrumental music program and community-specific live theatrical performances focused on the local culture and history.   ‘For example, at Hope Vale’s Academy, The Epic Story of the Guugu Yimithirr Peoples uses poetry, dance, theatre and song, in English and Guugu Yimithirr, to explore the rich history of the Guugu Yimithirr peoples,’ said Mr Kohn. Facilitators at the Band Camp will include Yothu Yindi drummer Ben Hakalitz and other leading musicians from Cairns and beyond. Mr Hakalitz said 2021 is his seventh year as a facilitator at the Band Camp. ‘The thing that really excites me most is to see Indigenous kids pick up an instrument, not only play it, but read the musical notations, that’s the thing that really gets me going,’ said Mr Hakalitz. Watch the students perform from 6pm on Friday 10 September in Hope Vale. Full interview with Ben Hakalitz: What excites you most about working with these kids from remote communities? The thing that really excites me most is to see Indigenous kids pick up an instrument, not only play it but read the musical notations, that’s the thing that really gets me going. For them to understand that – it’s amazing – it’s such a universal language to any kid, whether Indigenous or other different cultures or background or whatever, but music is such a universal language. To see them play and play it really well reading the notes, that’s what gets me excited. Every year I say it’s going to be my last year and now it’s been seven years. You see them grow with the instruments and you get attached to them. That’s what gets me passionate about working in Indigenous communities, they are just amazing. What’s your dream for the musically talented children from these schools? You know my dream is to see some of them play in the orchestra. Some of those kids to go on and be part of the Melbourne Symphony or the Sydney Symphony, Youth Symphony – things like that where they can get that opportunity besides sports, because sports have been the extracurricular activity they’ve been doing more. But it would be nice to see Indigenous kids play together in an orchestra or create an orchestra of Indigenous students playing those instruments and maybe form an Indigenous orchestra – that’s my dream! Imagine that! I think that’s not impossible, I think that’s achievable. And you know, I’m so grateful of what Good to Great Schools Australia is doing and the years I have been working with them, I’ve been so attached to them it’s impossible to leave. I see the instructors come in, there’s new people, new direction, then I see the kids and I can’t bring myself to leave. Top Dog & Office Dog Competition Coming to Australia with celebrity judge Deborah Hutton 2021-08-30T00:18:12Z top-dog-office-dog-competition-coming-to-australia-with-celebrity-judge-deborah-hutton-1 Leading recruitment company people2people is excited to announce that in partnership with PETstock, the OZTOPDOG campaign is coming to Australia for the first time this September. Following its success in New Zealand in 2020, Australians will now have the chance to celebrate the goodest boys and girls in the country.A poll by the award organisers, recruitment agency people2people, found three out of four Australians working from home during the current COVID-19 lockdowns confirmed their pooch helped their mental wellbeing. In addition, to the 614 dog owners surveyed, 60 percent said their dog is a key reason to want to work from home (WFH).people2people’s Group Managing Director Mark Smith says, “Our reoccurring COVID-19 lockdowns and work from home orders are starting to take their toll on Australian workers mental health, with 7 in 10 Australian workers this month saying they were feeling more burnout than prior to COVID. “There is so much research out there on the benefits and impact a workplace dog can have, especially when it comes to mental health and on those once again sharing lockdown with their WFH dog. It’s a good time to introduce Australia’s OZTOPDOG competition, a campaign that has been successfully running for five years in New Zealand, celebrate the impact Australian dogs have on peoples’ lives and thank them for their continuous tail-wagging support in those difficult times,” said Mark.The country’s top canine colleague that demonstrates a commitment to improving the work lives of their human colleagues will be awarded the revered title of Australia’s Top Office [& Home Office] Dog to one canine. Sitting alongside the Top Office Dog will be the winners of Top Dog with a Job, Top Dog People’s Choice and our brand new award Top Dog Friendly Workplace.Judging will be undertaken by people2people, headline sponsor PETstock, Australian celebrity and self-confessed dog lover, Deborah Hutton, and OZTOPDOG charity Assistance Dogs Australia. This year’s prize package includes a OZTOPDOG trophy for each category winner, a $1,000 PETstock voucher and much more!Deborah Hutton OZTOPDOG judge says, “In these strange times of isolation, we need love around us more than ever and the love of a dog is like no other. Our constant companion, who brings joy, laughs, listens to our woes and is always there for a cuddle. I love the initiative behind OZTOPDOG as it gives us a chance to really see and appreciate what dogs truly bring to our world, now more than ever. Dogs give you unconditional love and if you have that every day, life can’t be that bad.”Entries will open from the 30 August 2021 until 15 September 2021 for dogs across Australia to be nominated for this year’s awards. Entering a dog is as quick as a game of fetch. Visit to complete the entry form and upload a photo of your dog. Don’t forget to tag @people2people.recruitment, @petstock_australia and use the hashtag #OZTOPDOG.The winners will be announced by people2people during the world’s largest Zoom meeting attended by dogs on Tuesday, 28 September 2021.About people2people:people2people is an Australasian recruitment company built on an established reputation for providing professional and personalised recruitment services since early 2005. At people2people recruitment, their focus is on identifying potential today to build careers and businesses of tomorrow. Recruitment expertise includes accounting & finance, business support, executive, government, human resources, legal, marketing & digital, property, sales, supply chain management and technology. further information, interview requests with Deborah Hutton or Mark Smith from people2people, please contact: Lisa Solomons @ 360 PR | e: | p: 0416 175 518 Nerida Hansen Fabrics Extends its Global Reach with Spoonflower Store 2021-08-26T01:14:51Z nerida-hansen-fabrics-extends-its-global-reach-with-spoonflower-store Nerida Hansen Fabrics is opening a store on Spoonflower. But why? There are a few reasons.Like Spoonflower, Nerida Hansen Fabrics is on a mission to make a difference within the textile industry. Spoonflower has recently made a conscious shift with their business model to be more sustainable, reduce their waste, incorporate ethically sourced materials and grow their range of eco-friendly fabrics, and all of these values align with Nerida Hansen Fabrics. “This is the direction that Nerida Hansen Fabrics is on,” says creative director, Nerida Hansen. “It makes sense for us to be part of this journey with Spoonflower.” Not only that the Spoonflower store creates an archive of Nerida Hansen Fabrics, that are readily available 24/7 to print-on-demand. “This is a major win for consumers as they can always shop their favourite designs,” says Nerida. “Plus, there will be designs that are exclusive to Spoonflower.” The partnership also enables Nerida Hansen Fabrics to deliver their designs as not only textiles, but also wallpaper and home decor to corners of the globe that have been inaccessible due to the ongoing shipping restrictions. “Thanks to the pandemic we have experienced increasing difficulty with shipping our fabrics overseas, particularly to the United States,” says Nerida. “This move eliminates that problem for us.” Nerida Hansen Fabrics will be ready for business on Spoonflower from Friday 27th August. Nerida Hansen Fabrics is a textiles business that curates quality fabrics to showcase unique designs and sell easy-to-sew patterns. Images are available on request. Contact PR Manager, Jacqui Taylor, How To Care for Buffalo Grass During Wet Weather: Tips By Andrews Turf suppliers 2021-08-24T04:37:48Z how-to-care-for-buffalo-grass-during-wet-weather-tips-by-andrews-turf-suppliers Buffalo turf is the most extensive variety of grass grown in Australian backyards and is the most popular recommendation from Sydney turf suppliers. There are many types of Buffalo grass varieties including, Matilda Buffalo, Sir Walter Buffalo, Palmetto Buffalo, Shademaster Buffalo, and many more unique varieties depending on the turf supplier you visit.   Even though all types of Buffalo grasses are hard-wearing, durable, and low maintenance options perfect for Australian gardens. During extended periods of wet weather, too much water can lead to a whole host of turf problems for all types of Buffalo grass.   Such issues occur because when the rain falls hard, your Buffalo's soil profile may reach a point where it can no longer allow infiltration, resulting in pooling and flooding in your backyard.   As much as we Aussies appreciate the rain for replenishing our dams, water tanks, rivers, and, of course, watering our lawns, those prolonged periods of heavy rain can put all types of Buffalo grass at risk! So, to ensure your type of buffalo grass has the greatest chance of surviving, follow these few wet weather tips and tricks from a leading Sydney turf supplier.   What Happens to Types of Buffalo Grass During Extreme Wet Weather? Unfortunately, as the rain falls harder, there isn't much you can do at that point except watch as your type of buffalo grass becomes soaked. The drawback is that your lawn may reach a point where it can no longer allow infiltration resulting in pooling and floods, causing your type of buffalo grass to suffocate.   During this time, if the lawn's drainage is inadequate and the turf is submerged for several days, your type of buffalo grass cannot draw on the oxygen it needs for the soil to live as the turf is so sodden and wet.   On the beneficial side, when the rain event passes and the sun returns, your grass will begin to respond with more significant growth with rising soil temperatures.   The most typical error made by homeowners is that they are too eager to return to regular lawn responsibilities and activities while the lawn is still too wet, which causes many problems. So, it is essential to wait for your type of Buffalo grass to dry out completely and then return to regular turf maintenance.   Do: Fertilise Types of Buffalo Grass After Wet Weather Some might suggest fertilising turf during wet weather to be a good idea, but large amounts of rain might wash fertiliser away before it has the chance to absorb into the soil. So, it's best to apply fertiliser to your type of Buffalo grass at least two days before heavy rain or wait until the weather forecast predicts a dry time.   Since nutrients might be drained from your lawn after an extended wet period, leaving your type of Buffalo grass pale and yellow, fertilisation is best done after a wet period. Not only can a fertiliser plan help avoid contributing to water pollution in your neighbourhood, but it will also save you money.   Your local turf suppliers can help you select the best fertiliser for your type of Buffalo grass and direct you on the best application.    Do: Aerate Types of Buffalo Grass After Wet Weather Lawn compaction happens all year, particularly in high-traffic areas and especially occurs after a rainy winter that over soaks the earth and compacts the dirt. Lawn aeration is the simple answer!   Plus, since your lawn's soil should be slightly wet before you start aerating after an extensive wet period is a perfect time to aerate! Aerate your lawn by hand using a fork or hire aeration shoes or a lawn core machine from your local turf suppliers.   Don't: Mow Types of Buffalo Grass During Wet Weather Mowing a damp lawn might result in a variety of problems, from clippings clumping everywhere to indents and holes in your grass caused by your mower.   Mowing wet types of Buffalo grass can do more damage than just surface issues, like causing the blades of grass to be more susceptible to illnesses after being cut but mowing damp grass also exposes your lawn to potential long-term concerns.   We've all been there, missing the window to mow before the rain arrives, but if you do, it's far better to wait. So, if at all possible, let your lawn dry thoroughly before mowing.   How to Control Wet Weather Diseases on Types of Buffalo Grass Turf diseases, similar to lawn pests, can emerge on stressed grasses, mainly in places where the soil has been compacted or poorly drained. So, after a significant wet weather period, you might notice these two common wet weather diseases on your types of Buffalo grass.   In general, the most common lawn diseases may be treated with a fungicide, but for additional information, contact your Local turf suppliers for more detailed information. It is crucial not to spray any chemicals on your lawn during wet weather, as the rain will just wash your hard work and money down your stormwater drain. Instead, you should manage diseases and pests after the wet period is over.   Fusarium Patch is a form of fungus that emerges on water-soaked patches of turf that may have experienced consecutive rainy days with low temperatures. The colour of a Fusarium Patch changes from orange-brown to dark brown to pale grey and looks like a halo-like "smoke ring" on the outer border of a Fusarium Patch. The Fusarium Patches may expand endlessly but are generally less than 20cm in diameter.   How can I get rid of Fusarium Patch on types of Buffalo grass? To avoid Fusarium Patch, proper lawn care management is suggested, which includes fertiliser, thatch removal, aeration, deep and infrequent morning watering, and mowing at regular intervals. Fungicides with the Common Active Ingredient Iprodione can be used.   Pythium is another common turf disease that occurs after an extended wet season. Small areas of water-soaked grass with a dark purple colour are the earliest signs of Pythium disease on your lawn. When touching the grass blades of lawns infected with Pythium disease, you may detect a greasy or slimy feeling. Lawn blades afflicted with Pythium disease will eventually shrivel and perish.   How do you control Pythium on types of Buffalo grass? Proper lawn care management is suggested to avoid Pythium Disease, including fertiliser, thatch removal, aeration, deep and infrequent morning watering, and mowing at regular intervals. If the following lawn care maintenance techniques fail, fungicides containing the Common Active Ingredient Metalaxyl-M can be used – but first, consult your turf suppliers for guidance.   Keep in Contact with Your Local Turf Suppliers There you have it: a few essential tips and tricks to take care of your types of Buffalo grass throughout the rainy season. Have additional lawn-care questions? Contact your local turf suppliers for more information on wet weather lawn care or to place a new grass order.