The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-06-30T00:38:56Z Launch of Sustainable Design Wetsuit Startup 2020-06-30T00:38:56Z launch-of-sustainable-design-wetsuit-startup Press Release Friday, 3rd July 2020 Launch of Sustainable Design Wetsuit Startup This is to announce that BlackGoat Wetsuits is launching a new style for surfers with a sustainable edge soon. The brand offers fashionable design surfwear using Limestone Neoprene, an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional Petroleum-based Neoprene.   The performance material and avant-garde designs make BlackGoat Wetsuits a new premium surf brand that stands out from the monotone surf crowd. The concept underlying this business is to develop practical, trendy, and durable wetsuits. Though, without a compromise on the environment.   Each wetsuit under the label offers improved performance over petroleum-based neoprene including super stretchiness for elasticity, flexibility, weight, and insulation. The brand is specifically eager to change the surfing landscape from all-black wetsuits to fashionable and cool styles.   BlackGoat Wetsuits is determined to enable fluid and liberated movement for the users. The business welcomes all surfing enthusiasts to join in this new wave by launching a Kickstarter very soon.   Founder, Marc Bohmann Mentions:   I am a sports enthusiast and surfer. I started my journey in Santa Barbara and South Africa and since fell in love with surfing. But, something about the conventional wetsuits was not right. And, that had to change.   About BlackGoat Wetsuits: Founder Marc is a traveler and surfer himself. Hence, the designs match the needs of travelers and surfers. As of now, the brand offers ten patterns created by designers from across the globe. Each pattern is bold and eye-catching. The number of options is bound to increase over time. After all, the brand is geared towards making waves all over the international waters.   For press inquiries: Media Contact: How Adventure Respite Is Using Eco-therapy For Autistic Children Gold Coast Area 2020-06-24T13:47:44Z how-adventure-respite-is-using-eco-therapy-for-autistic-children-gold-coast-area Gold Coast, Queensland, June 20, 2020: Adventure Respite is a team of passionate autism support workers that offer Eco-therapy to children diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum. Currently located on the Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia, the company which carries professionals of diverse training and backgrounds, uses autism respite as their prime therapeutic technique marketed and designed for families with an ASD child.    Business founder Ben Dimmock says - “Our mission is to improve behavior through the development of active and meaningful hobbies, offering relief for families suffering from carer stress and helping families achieve better routines and more stable lifestyles. Build your confidence with one of our skills-based programs or join one of our social groups for some fun! Our team has lots of experience working with people with physical disabilities, autism, or other additional support needs and can help you get the most out of your choice of activity”. The company extends an invitation to all clients to escape and find relief in a variety of eco-based activities. These include but are not limited to animal therapy, horticulture therapy, forest bathing, swimming, hiking, and nature walks. The skills and benefits of these activities include greater strength, agility, and fitness of the body, increased mindfulness, decreased anxiety, stress reduction, and increased mental stability. Eco-therapy sessions take place with children in a safe space with autism support workers, allowing for primary caregivers such as mothers and fathers to take personal time for themselves to run errands, take part in recreational activities, attend appointments or take care of business engagements. This is the fundamental design of an autism respite program. Using eco-therapy to engage children during this allotted time ensures that both children and parents reap benefits. The company firmly believes in early intervention services for children on the spectrum as being of high and utter importance. Their evidence-based approach to therapy combined with their care, compassion, and sincerity makes for an environment that successfully impacts a child in need of such attention. Eco-Therapy activities are not offered in every country. With this service now being offered on the Gold Coast, many improvements in the lives of the ASD population there are set to benefit and thrive. Eco-therapy takes on a mind, body, and soul approach and has been proved to fill in gaps that traditional therapy such as speech, language, behavioral, and occupational therapy do not target or address. Eco-therapy has benefits that cater especially to the mental stability of an individual. The mental stability of persons on the spectrum is one of great fluidity, often ranging from calm then frustrated in a matter of minutes. Decompression via outdoor therapy is not just a relaxation technique but also one that translates into daily routine, often showing its benefits long after a hike or swimming session is over. Nature therapy also is proven to shed light on issues a child may be internally grappling with. One such example is the reflection of emotions that occurs during animal therapy. The interaction between an animal and a child is said to result in a therapist being able to pin-point emotions that have been long suppressed and untreated. Adventure Respite offers a quality therapy experience that has tangible and yet priceless value. The services they offer are available to all who qualify for their programs. Adventure Respite is also on the NDIS program, making its services accessible to those registered with the insurance scheme. If you or a loved one may have a child in need of respite service in their care, inquire about the packages and offerings Adventure Respite has to offer. There is a service available there for every type of need. Your journey through their Eco-therapy, you will soon discover how precious the Gold Coast truly is!   Media Contact Adventure Respite Email: Vape Merchant Announces Final Nicotine Vape Orders to Australia In Wake of Imminent Import Ban 2020-06-23T02:01:59Z vape-merchant-announces-final-nicotine-vape-orders-to-australia-in-wake-of-imminent-import-ban Due to the Australian government’s recently announced ban on imported nicotine products, Vape Merchant is taking final nicotine vape orders from their Australian customers. The NZ vape device supplier is proud to have offered Australian vape users a viable and affordable alternative to harmful tobacco products and will continue to advocate for Australians’ future access to reduced harm products. Ahead of Australia’s nicotine import ban, which takes effect 1 July, Vape Merchant will be issuing a final wave of orders to Australia prior to their 2 pm (NZST) deadline on Thursday, 25 June. Customers with PHIX pod subscriptions through Vape Merchant will see those subscriptions automatically cancelled at end of day Thursday as well. Vape Merchant’s dedicated customer service team will be in touch with subscribers to assist with any final orders or queries. Vape Merchant is anticipating heightened demand during this unprecedented time, so they will be unable to service orders placed after the Thursday deadline. Australians who import nicotine vaping products from 1 July 2020 risk a fine of up to $220,000. This ban will remain in place for 1 year before a review. Vape Merchant has been vocal in opposition to Australia’s efforts to limit access to tobacco alternatives. Many Australians have successfully used vaping to break their addiction to tobacco products. Vape Merchant encourages them to contact their MPs and share their success stories. Together, a more sensible approach to vape legislation may be possible. For more information about Vape Merchant’s final nicotine vape orders to Australia, click here: Australian Maritime Safety Authority working to penalise local boat owners 2020-06-18T01:09:28Z australian-maritime-safety-authority-working-to-penalise-local-boat-owners Tech company, Boatigo has developed a platform to bring recreational boat owners and users together to organise their recreational trips in a more secure, safe and sustainable way. After Boatigo worked carefully planning and developing the business model, the AMSA has recently retracted the statements they made in 2019 and are threatening boat owners with fines for obtaining contributions to help cover the cost of recreational boating and fishing trips, and not for profit. "In August 2019, we reached out to both the Australian Taxation Office and the ASMA to confirm our view that the type of trips on Boatigo would be deemed recreational. Both parties agreed that because the trips were recreational boating or fishing trips, no fish caught were being sold, and the contributions are not at a profit, this constitutes a hobby and is not deemed assessable income. These responses confirmed our understanding that a recreational boat owner, getting out on the water, who receives a contribution to help with costs is a hobby and can be operated under a recreational skipper's ticket.  This is common sense.” "But due to some misinformation about Boatigo on social media in March this year, we reached out to the AMSA again in hopes to reaffirm their previous advice and also discuss best safety practices. During this communication, we pointed out that the AMSA had previously advised that the trips were recreational in nature as they were not for commercial profit. We also took the time to outline some of the many benefits that Boatigo brings to the recreational boating community. The AMSA responded, and to our disbelief, had retracted their previous statements and now stated that vessels listed on Boatigo's platform by recreational owners will be treated as domestic commercial vessels." said CEO of Boatigo Joel Keane. The Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Vessel) National Law Regulation 2013 states that a vessel is not classed as a domestic, commercial vessel simply because a person is paid to operate the vessel or to be a member of the crew. The AMSA confirmed with Boatigo that because these recreational boats are commercially in connection with Boatigo, they were classed as a domestic commercial vessel.  However, as a peer-to-peer platform, Boatigo does not own any of the boats displayed, it is just like any other form of sharing platform. The difference is, however, the boat owners DO NOT make a profit and receive a contribution towards their boating costs so they can all enjoy their hobby more frequently. "In our view, this all happened after the AMSA was bombarded with enquiries from charter boat operators. Unfortunately, it may be the case that the AMSA is being influenced by irate charter boat operators that are under the incorrect belief that Boatigo threatens their industry. To be clear, Boatigo's community of recreational Captains and Crew do not, and will not, operate in the same marketplace as commercial charter operations. Charter boats offer completely different services and experiences for their customers, and there will always be a place for them. Boatigo is all about bringing the recreational boating and fishing communities together to share their boating experiences more safely and securely. We are just in disbelief that ASMA is now taking away choice from the recreational boating and fishing communities," said Joel. Currently, the AMSA is now threatening recreational boat owners who have listed their vessels on Boatigo with fines for merely having someone come along on a trip and contribute (not at a profit) to the running costs for the day. Boatigo believes that every recreational boat owner should have the choice to get non-profit contributions that allow tourists and people looking for a post COVID-19 activity to enjoy a hobby more frequently. The AMSA's current interpretation of regulations takes this choice away from the public. "To help Boatigo and all the recreational Captains and Crew around Australia, we are asking everyone to feel empowered to use Boatigo without the fear of a fine. We are asking for people to sign our petition for Michael McCormack, the Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, so the AMSA can acknowledge that Boatigo community members can organise their recreational trips on our platform without being persecuted. It astonished us that the AMSA state on their own website that they are wanting to work with emerging innovation and peer-to-peer communities, but don't as they are doing everything to bully us out of the market, which is against consumer choice laws," added Joel. Boatigo is a new platform that offers a great change in the areas of safety, security and choice for recreational boating and fishing communities. “We started the Boatigo platform to give the recreational boating and fishing community choice.  The choice to organise their trips in a more safe, secure and sustainable way. We have asked the AMSA to provide a determination on this matter. However, they have stated that they will not comment on Boatigo’s terms and conditions nor the application of the law on Boatigo and users of Boatigo. Instead, they continue to threaten recreational boat owners with the prospect of receiving fines for taking boating enthusiasts out on their boats. In our view, this is not in accordance with the law which they are attempting to apply – both technically speaking and also in the spirit of the law,” finalised Joel. To sign the petition, please head to A full timeline, along with correspondence may be available up request. -END-   For more information, please contact: Joel Keane | CEO of Boatigo E: P: 0409 598 563   About Boatigo Boating and fishing should be all about a sense of community. Sharing knowledge and experience and creating memories. All of the boats are operated by individuals willing to let boating and fishing enthusiasts and tourists join them on their recreational trips. By utilising all available seats on boats, Boatigo and its community members are contributing to making boating and fishing more sustainable for the future. For the Boatigo Captain Boatigo offers a great way to get contributions towards the running costs of a Captain’s next recreational trip. This can allow them to offset the running costs and get out on the water enjoying their hobby more often for less expense. It can also be an excellent way for Captain's to meet new people that have a common passion for boating and fishing! For the Boatigo Crew? For someone wanting to get out on the water to boat or fish, Boatigo allows them to search for boats in your area and find available spaces. Perhaps on holidays without a boat? No problem! Search the holiday location and find recreational boats going out on the water on days that suit.   2020 Sunshine Coast Whale Watching Season now here 2020-06-16T01:58:05Z 2020-sunshine-coast-whale-watching-season-now-here The Humpback Whales are back and the 2020 Whale Watching Season on the Sunshine Coast has begun, presenting a special opportunity for locals and Queenslanders. Sunreef Mooloolaba’s Dan Hart said this year’s whale watching season started a little later than usual due to COVID-19 but that with restricted numbers on board it offers a special experience. “This year we started a couple of weeks later than usual, but we have our COVID SAFE plan in place which includes additional cleaning and hygiene measures as well as a restriction on the number of people on board,” Dan said. “While normally we would have up to 100 guests onboard each whale watching trip on Whale One, at this stage we are hosting just 20 guests for each trip. “This means there is plenty of extra room to move around the boat and see the whales from all Whale One’s vantage points.” Dan said this year’s season was expected to be better than ever with whale researchers predicting the number of humpback whale migrating up Australia’s east coast to continue to increase. “This year will see an expected 35,000 humpback whales migrate through Sunshine Coast waters, which could attract about 25,000 people to take a closer look and participate in a whale watching or swim with whales experience. “While final numbers of guests for the season will depend on the continuing easing of COVID-19 restrictions, we are always super excited to welcome the whales and to give guests the opportunity to get closer to them. “While all of us humans have been restricting our movements, no one told the whales, so their migration is on track with other years. “We are already seeing good numbers of whales including some calves and expect this to continue throughout the season.” Dan said whale watching tours would be aboard Whale One, which underwent a total refurbishment last year, while Swim with Whales tours would be onboard Sunreef’s fast boats, Wild One, and the brand-new purpose-built Tsunami, which Sunreef took delivery of in March. “Whale Watching season is an economic driver for the tourism sector, during what is traditionally a quieter period,” Dan said. “It’s even more important this year as the region begins its recovery following the COVID-19 shutdown.” “Whale Watching brings in visitors, who spend not just on whale watching but also on accommodation, hospitality and other attractions, which in turn creates employment so we are super proud to be playing our part,” Dan said. “Whale One has taken hundreds of thousands of people whale watching since she was first launched in 2007, and we are proud to have her as part of our fleet and to also have introduced Swimming with Humpback Whales to Australia.” Dan Hart said the whale watching season would run through until 1st November, with the Swim with Whales season to run from 4th July to 18th October. He said as part of Sunreef’s commitment to marine conservation, they will again be working closely with researchers from the University of the Sunshine Coast to find out more about the humpback whale species, with two spots on each Whale Watching and Swim with Whales boats reserved for their use. To find out more or book your Whale Watching or Swim with Whales experience, visit or call 07 5444 5656. Travel Companies: Want to get in front of Thousands of Australian Travellers? 2020-05-25T01:13:59Z travel-companies-want-to-get-in-front-of-thousands-of-australian-travellers Racking your brain figuring out how to get in front of a fresh audience post Covid19?  This is for you. The Australian economy has taken a hit over the last few months with Covid19, and Australian national services company, PetCloud, want to support Australia's Tourism Industry and see thousands of operators get back on their feet with bookings. So whether you run a chain of hotels, an airline, a farm stay, a cruise ship, a glamping or wellness retreat - they want to hear from you.  PetCloud has thousands of frequent travelling Pet Owners who want to be enticed to travel domestically over the next few months.   Previous travel collaborations have landed on national breakfast tv, showcased at expos, national news sites, and have included Flights, Hotel Gift Cards, Luxury 5 Star Ocean View Rooms. Due to previous demand, expressions of interest from travel companies are open for the next 5 days only. __________________________________________________________________________ About PetCloud:  PetCloud is headed up by former travel industry executives and is Australia's most trusted national Pet Care Services Network part-owned by RSPCA Qld with over 100,000+ users.   PetCloud helps travel companies in the following ways:  1. Increase Booking Frequency PetCloud encourages EXISTING customers to book more frequently due to national availability of Pet Carers, increasing travel companies' annual revenue. 2. Access Fresh Segment of Customers PetCloud helps travel companies access NEW customers who previously experienced a barrier to travel, increasing companies' annual revenue + increase customer base. Australia’s Leading Experience Company, Hidden Door Experiences, Releases We Clue, a Game-Changing Race-Style App 2020-05-21T03:03:18Z australia-s-leading-experience-company-hidden-door-experiences-releases-we-clue-a-game-changing-race-style-app Sydney, Australia - Australia’s leading group experience company, Hidden Door Experiences, is pleased to announce the release of We Clue, a new app developed for people to play Amazing Race-style city adventures with their friends, families and work colleagues.   All Sydney races on We Clue will be free until the end of August to coincide with the easing of COVID restrictions.   Designed to help users explore their city and compete in a fun and friendly competition, We Clue users can create teams, choose from existing races or design their own race, solve clues as a team, and solve clues and puzzles while on the move.   As the COVID-19 restrictions start to lift, finding exciting and fun-filled activities for the whole family can be a challenge, thereby making We Clue an ideal way out to balancing fitness, fun and adventure.   The simplicity of We Clue make it the perfect weekend adventure for anyone looking to inject some fun, clue-solving and laughter into their weekend.   “We Clue is designed so you can download the app and either design your own race or play one of the races we’ve crafted.  As a gift to Sydney-siders, all races are free until the end of August so it’s the perfect way to explore the city with your family or friends as we ease out of COVID restrictions.”   “We’ve built over 40 ready-to-go races in Sydney with the rest of Australia and New Zealand to be online by Spring.” Says Will Gray, Founder of Hidden Door Experiences   He says further, “No matter what your definition of a game is, We Clue has got you covered. From quirky photo challenges to cracking complex codes like a guru, answering trivia questions as you comb the city immersed in speedy adventures around the city. All you need to do is choose a race, choose your team, and you’re racing!”    We Clue has a list of curated races to get started, and users can design their competition from the app’s pick ‘n’ mix of We Clue Challenges.     Some of the thrilling features on We Clue include:   – Selection of curated races to choose from – Create your custom race from scratch from our pick ‘n’ mix challenges – Races vary in difficulty and duration to suit all ages – Play as a solo team or against friends – Automatic live race scoring – Step-by-step and live GPS tracking to help your team navigate between challenges – Share your experience across your social media accounts – Get outdoors, have fun, be healthy and explore hidden areas of your city We Clue is available now on iOS in the app store: About The Company   Hidden Door Experiences provides group activities to over 20,000 people each year throughout Australia, Asia and the USA. Founded in 2008 with a few simple principles scribbled on the back of a beer coaster that remain the core purpose of the business today; create unforgettable moments to connect people with purpose.   Media DetailsCompany name: Hidden Door ExperiencesContact person: Will GrayEmail:    Phone: 1300 390 082Website: We Clue: ingogo adds 2500+ taxi drivers to help scale retail delivery 2020-03-26T06:12:50Z ingogo-adds-2500-taxi-drivers-to-help-scale-retail-delivery FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date: 26th March 2020 Contact:  Ben ScottHead of Strategy, Growth & 405 506 243 ingogo adds 2500+ taxi drivers to help scale retail delivery ingogo’s network of over 2500+ taxi drivers will be able to deliver goods direct to customers from retailers using their existing online click-and-collect function. Customer books collection then uploads proof of purchase and can track the driver throughout the collection. Zero interaction payment, all handled through the app with ingogo’s up-front fares ensuring there are no surprise charges. Better, and more secure than alternatives (e.g. 13 Cabs). Available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. SYDNEY, NSW - ingogo is launching a new click-and-collect delivery service available from tomorrow Friday 27th March 2020 that utilises its network of over 2500 taxi drivers to collect and deliver goods on behalf of customers without leaving home for retailers such as JB HI-FI, Target, Harvey Norman and more.  This is a lifeline for ingogo’s driver community who have been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 restrictions. Customers place orders online and select click-and-collect delivery.  Once the order is ready, customers book a collection through the ingogo passenger app which includes uploading their proof of purchase.  The ingogo driver presents the proof of purchase in-store, along with their Driver Licence for identification purposes, then delivers the goods to the customer. Ben Scott from ingogo, says “Customers have the peace of mind that they can track the delivery end-to-end and stay in contact with the driver.  We’ve worked with several retailers to ensure the process is as seamless as possible given the circumstances”. All ingogo bookings utilise its unique fixed fare pricing and include all fees and charges up-front so there are no surprise charges on delivery.  Payment is made through the app to ensure zero contact on delivery for COVID-19. Resources Screenshots: ingogoclickandcollectWebsite: Download: Help Keep The Gold Coast Beaches Safe & Open 2020-03-26T01:14:39Z help-keep-the-gold-coast-beaches-safe-amp-open HELP KEEP GOLD COAST BEACHES SAFE OPEN!   25 Gold Coast beaches Covered. OLD COAST, QLD, March 26th 2020 -   Our beaches are a valuable asset we can use for safe short exercise under social distancing policy Bondi Beach was a wake up call for everyone. If the Gold Coast beaches and surf become overcrowded and unsafe for the public, Tom Tate has said he will close them.  Being informed is key to making decisions.   SwellBuddy is a “”crowd sourced ”voice activated service that was designed for surfers to be able to report current surf conditions. But you report anything you like including   THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE USING THE BEACH & SURF RIGHT NOW.   Anyone can make a report. You just add your name and select the beach.    We currently have 25 Gold Coast Beaches listed and can add more on request.    IMPORTANTLY each report is time stamped - so users know how fresh and accurate the report is. New reports overwrite old reports. You can then access the report via Google Assistant - this works on EVERY MOBILE DEVICE - Apple & Android.   If the report says it's too crowded then don’t go   I don’t make any money or charge for this app so...PLEASE SHARE THIS MESSAGE WITH EVERYONE AND ANYONE YOU KNOW WHO USES AND LOVES OUR BEACHES.   Together we can make a difference, like all crowd sourced services it relies on people sharing information. We are all in this together.   Stay safe out there.   Pete - SwellBuddy Founder.   To Make A Report Or Find Out more visit  -more-  Notes To Editor:   PROGRAM PRODUCTIONS helps businesses to utilise new voice-activated technologies to enhance customer experiences, increase revenues and optimise operations. Cross Platform voice controlled applications are developed for Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa. The Buddy Range of free voice-activated services includes Access Buddy, to help disabled people plan trips to concerts and events.  Carbon Buddy is developed to help attendees understand how to offset C02 emissions released on journeys to festivals. Program Productions is based in Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast. GOOGLE ASSISTANT is a free voice assistant available on over one billion android devices. It is built into phones, speakers, smart screens, TVs, cars, wearables and more. For more information visit HELPFUL LINKS How to get Google Assistant On An iPhone   MEDIA RELEASE: BLUES ON BROADBEACH 2020 – SECOND LINE-UP ANNOUNCEMENT 2020-03-05T04:40:51Z blues-on-broadbeach-adds-some-g-love-to-its-2nd-line-up-1 Thursday March 5, 2020 BLUES ON BROADBEACH ADDS SOME G. LOVE TO ITS 2nd LINE-UP Australia’s largest free music festival, the mighty Blues on Broadbeach, is almost here. This autumn find your place in the sun, with warm weather, sensational beaches, and incredible blues music filling the streets and parks of beautiful Broadbeach in the heart of the Gold Coast. Following their mammoth first line-up announcement, the much-loved music festival has revealed over 25 more unmissable acts that patrons can catch across 20 performance areas offering more than 200 hours of live entertainment.  If 2020 could do with an added dose of fun, versatility and exceptional music this is your festival! “We are excited to invite such varied, dynamic and talented acts from Australia and overseas to Blues on Broadbeach this year to experience the festival’s fun, energetic, and welcoming vibe,” said Festival Director Mark Duckworth. “Our festival has become an important part of Broadbeach’s cultural identity, with locals and visitors coming together each year to listen to an amazing mix of sound at this spectacular beachside location.” Check out the festival line-up video.   Joe CamilleriReturning to headline the 2nd line-up is THE BLACK SORROWS fronted by ARIA Hall of Famer Joe Camilleri.  The Black Sorrows continue to be one of Australia’s most prolific and enduringly popular bands and a festival favourite. Renowned for their high-energy live shows, musicianship and infectious rootsy rhythms, The Black Sorrows through various incarnations, have not stopped performing or recording since Joe formed the band in 1984. "I’m truly excited The Black Sorrows will once again take to the stage at Blues on Broadbeach 2020,” said Joe Camilleri.  “I think this will be our fourth appearance…I always feel incredibly humbled to be part of the festival and the community spirit Blues on Broadbeach generates.” “Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the growth of this festival…the production is incredible, the atmosphere is electric and the music top-notch.  Real credit to the Blues on Broadbeach team... they deserve the accolades...It's well-organised and inclusive which appeals to me.  I especially like that local musicians have the opportunity to play…side-show or main-show…there’s a sense of belonging…and to top it off it's a free event!" Joe Camilleri’s ‘shout-out’ to Blues on Broadbeach fans. G. Love Joining The Black Sorrows is super cool US artist G. LOVE (above) who is set to entertain with his eccentric personality and quirky hybrid of hip-hop blues.  His latest album, The Juice, was co-produced and co-written by five-time Grammy Award-winner Keb Mo. G. LOVE is a genre-defying artist who offers a distinctly modern pop spin on traditional blues, mixing programmed beats and hip-hop grooves with blazing guitar and steel. Don Bryant Ladies and gentlemen, Memphis soul is in the house! For the third year, Memphis Tourism is partnering with Blues on Broadbeach and is bringing a very classy act direct from Memphis with DON BRYANT AND THE BO-KEYS set to take the stage this year.  Don Bryant (above) and his eight piece band will keep the spirit of classic Memphis alive as they epitomise the best of blues and soul. "As the home of blues, soul, and rock n' roll, the partnership between Memphis Tourism and Blues on Broadbeach is one with undeniable synergies,” said Director Australia/New Zealand of Memphis Tourism, Chris Ingram.  “The city of Memphis continues to foster and support blues artists around the world, and Blues on Broadbeach provides the perfect local stage for a host of international artists all just as committed to the genre.” “In partnership with United Airlines and Love Police Touring, Memphis Tourism will this year bring soul icon Don Bryant to Australia for the event along with the incredible Bo Keys, and the appearance of these living legends will no doubt thrill long-standing blues fans, as well as inspire the next generation." Bootleg Rascal Also joining the diverse line-up is Sydney-based BOOTLEG RASCAL whose eclectic combination of hip hop, reggae, indie-rock, dub and electronica is reminiscent of Gorillaz, Kid Cudi, and Massive Attack.  Bootleg Rascal traverse the globe playing sold-out shows in France, UK, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, and the USA. Tami Neilson Returning to Blues on Broadbeach after blowing audiences away last year is TAMI NEILSON (above) who has been described as a “fire-breathing belter” by Rolling Stone.  New fans will be super impressed by Tami’s voice which comes straight from the golden age of soul, country and rockabilly music, and has seen her win ‘Best Female Artist’ at the New Zealand Country Music Awards in 2010, 2011 and 2014. Blues on Broadbeach Official Spotify playlist.  Click here to view Blues on Broadbeach’s social media: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. About Blues on Broadbeach One of the largest free music events in Australia, Blues on Broadbeach sees over 200,000 people attend the four-day festival each year. The festival allows patrons to enjoy over 200 hours of entertainment in stunning locations throughout Broadbeach’s streets, parks, bars and restaurants. Fly or drive and stay in the heart of Broadbeach with the festival right on your doorstep! There are many sophisticated accommodation options in the precinct from five-star hotels to self-contained apartments, satisfying all needs and budgets. Check out Broadbeach accommodation here. The 19th Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival will be held from Thursday 14th May to Sunday 17th May 2020. Blues on Broadbeach is supported by the Queensland Government through Tourism and Events Queensland and features on the It’s Live! in Queensland events calendar, worth $800m to the state’s economy in 2019. Media assets here. For more information, please contacts SueMacMedia: Sue McAullay / M: 0418 172 602 / E: 2020 Surfing Dog Championships Photos Now Available 2020-03-02T04:39:39Z 2020-surfing-dog-championships-photos-now-available First official photos from the 2020 VetShopAustralia Surfing Dog Championship  held yesterday (1 March) at Noosa First Point are now available.  For a preview visit: For more hi-res photos and videos,  and permission to reprint/republish, please contact us.  A new caravan management system has hit the market, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. 2020-02-19T12:04:18Z a-new-caravan-management-system-has-hit-the-market-and-it-s-like-nothing-you-ve-ever-seen-before FEBRUARY 18, 2020 THE MOST ADVANCED CARAVAN MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AVAILABLE The Sabre Living system is an advanced monitor, control and automation system for caravans and motorhomes. It turns things on and off from a tablet or phone, but that’s where the similarities to other devices end. Like most caravan management systems, the Sabre system monitors your batteries and power usage, your water tanks, the temperature and air quality, your geographical location, van movement as well as its own built-in security camera. It also controls your lights, fans, slide-outs, heaters, water heaters and water pumps - just like most other systems. It is also run by Android or Apple devices, just like many systems. However it’s the other features that make Sabre different. Daniel Bissett, the engineer behind the technology says “Sabre is the result of looking at what should be in a caravan and starting from scratch. Most other systems are a slow evolution of existing systems”. Sabre takes the technology like IOT (Internet-Of-Things), CI-BUS and Satellite communications to offer a device that has the brains to do it all, and to keep growing with the benefit of over-the-air software updates. “Sabre is built to grow“ Mr Bissett said. “It has IR control for TVs, air conditioners and sound systems that aren’t connected, two-way satellite for safety and messaging when out of phone range and physical switch connection which tell the system which position the switch is in.” continues Mr Bissett. The system also has a large safety and anti-theft component. A built-in security camera, air quality sensors, connection to smoke and gas alarms, internal movement sensors, GPS tracking and jolt detection all work together to create an anti-theft system. Mr Bissett says “if your van is stolen, Sabre will track its location in real-time, and turn on strobes, sirens and cameras - which can be tracked via a phone or through a website if the app isn’t installed.” he continues “If gas or smoke is detected, Sabre will not only notify you within the van, but can also send messages via the internet or satellite if the van is unattended”. Sabre can also automate some convenience processes such as turn on lights when it gets dark, or turning on the heater or air conditioner when the temperature changes. It can also turn on some soothing music and dim the lights when it's time for bed. Mr Bissett says “Sabre is not just a control and monitoring system, it’s a system that the van owner can configure to suit and serve them.” he continued “It can also let you know what kind of day is forecast for your next day of travelling, and show you what’s in the area”. A 20-page booklet is available by visiting The Sabre system has been installed in a number of production vans in one of Australia’s largest manufacturers. It is available to both manufacturers as well as for retro-fitting. The company behind Sabre has been creating internet-based systems since 2002 for aviation, health-care and mining industries. Sabre Living Pty Ltd is an Australian company (ACN 621 440 426) and is based on Devonport, Tasmania with stock warehousing and distribution in Eastern Melbourne. For further media information contact: Jon Hatto Sabre Business Development Manager Email: Phone: 03 6423 2051 or 0418 137 680 Girl Guides calls for volunteers to support the next generation of Australian women 2020-01-31T00:45:57Z girl-guides-calls-for-volunteers-to-support-the-next-generation-of-australian-women-1 Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT, one of the largest organisations in Australia dedicated to supporting girls and young women, are calling for more volunteers to play a vital role in the organisation by sharing their experiences and wisdom with the Girl Guide Community. After the success of the A Place To Grow campaign in May 2019, memberships significantly increased creating a need to recruit volunteers. State Commissioner, Sarah Neill said that volunteering is not only about helping others, studies have shown volunteering helps increase your health, happiness and sense of fulfilment. “From our own research – Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT Insights Research 2018 – we know that our volunteers are making lifelong friends, gaining personal fulfilment, develop a sense of belonging and learn new skills,” Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT, offer a range of flexible volunteering positions available to suit different schedules and needs. “When considering becoming a volunteer, we encourage people to choose a position that reflects one of their passions and/or experience; to add greater value to the team, the girls and gain personal satisfaction,” said Mrs Neill. NT Region Manager, Letitia Baldwin, who has been involved in Girl Guides for 16 years said, “We are constantly looking for volunteers with unique passions to share them with our community. It is incredibly important for volunteers to love what they are doing as this provides the greatest benefit to our girls.” District Manager, Tegan McAnulty, has been a member of the Guiding community for 22 years both as a Guide and a Leader. When asked why she has been a part of Guiding for so long, her answer is simple. “The biggest opportunity – at the heart of the Girl Guiding movement, is the girls we work with; it’s the greatest privilege,” said Ms McAnulty. Tegan has participated in the recruitment campaign with other Leaders sharing their experiences as a volunteer. View the recruitment video series here: With all these amazing benefits and the start of a new year, why not become a volunteer? -ends- Notes to editor: Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT are devoted to the growth and development of girls. They provide a place where girls can learn, build their skills and connect with like-minded peers. The benefits also extend to the volunteers who play a vital role in supporting the girls. Guides work to serve their community and support those in need by offering to help where they can. They participate in many local activities and initiatives aimed at giving back to the community. Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT offers girls, women and volunteers A Place To Grow. For Media Enquiries please contact: Simone Gur | ZADRO Agency | | 0417 778 511 Oakley Grioli I ZADRO Agency I | 02 9212 7867 IMAGES Images are available for use. For high-resolution images, please contact: Image: Girl Guides at Lark in the Park, Sydney, 2019. Image: Volunteers at Lord Mayor’s Picnic. Image: Recruitment Campaign Artwork. WILLIAM SHATNER ‘TO BOLDLY GO’ TO COSPENDIUM 2020 2020-01-21T07:11:19Z william-shatner-to-boldly-go-to-cospendium-2020 WILLIAM SHATNER ‘TO BOLDLY GO’ TO COSPENDIUM 2020 Legendary Star Trek actor heading to Australia for brand new cosplay event   ICONIC STAR TREK, BOSTON LEGAL AND TJ HOOKER ACTOR TO FEATURE AT NEW AUSTRALIAN COSPLAY AND ESPORTS CONVENTION INTERVIEW, MEET & GREET, PHOTO OPPS & AUDIENCE Q&A AT COSPENDIUM 2020   Actor, author, singer, producer, director, businessman & philanthropist William Shatner will attend the new two-day pop culture, cosplay and gaming convention Cospendium on Saturday 4th July AND Sunday 5th July 2020 at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne.   Register interest for tickets at:   As well as a stellar career in Star Trek, the Emmy and two-time Golden Globe winning actor has also starred in globally successful TV series Boston Legal and TJ Hooker as well as over 50 movies across eight decades including the Miss Congeniality films and cult classic Dodgeball.   Shatner will take part in a Q&A session on the Cospendium main stage as well as meet ‘n greets and one-on-one photos & autograph signings with fans over both days of the debut convention.   “When you’ve been around as long as I have and worked in this business for so long, there’s a heck of a lot to share. I’m very excited to be bringing the spirit of the Starship Enterprise, Boston Legal and more down under,” says William Shatner.   “One of the surprising things I discovered years ago about conventions is that they’re filled with love. It’s very special to be up on that stage and share a unique moment with thousands of people at once – I can’t wait to feel the love when we usher in the first-ever Cospendium!”   Fans can also expect gaming tournaments, artist & cosplay stalls, cosplay competitions, prize giveaways and plenty more, from the brand-new event striving to become the ultimate cosplay convention.   “I’ve been a William Shatner and Star Trek fan since I saw the first episode in 1966 and just thought ‘WOW!’” says Cospendium founder Philip Rainford.   “I went to Star Trek conventions with my teenage daughter in the ‘90s in full costume and now my grandkids have the chance to attend our new convention with Captain Kirk himself. It’s just amazing.”   To purchase tickets or a full experience package with William Shatner, visit:   Watch the event announcement trailer here: ABOUT COSPENDIUM 2020 Running for an entire weekend at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens, Melbourne, Cospendium will launch on Friday night on 3rd of July 2020 with an enormous, immersive Viking-themed banquet!   The convention commences the very next day, on Saturday July 4, with celebrity meet ‘n greets, gaming tournaments, artist & cosplay stalls, cosplay competitions, prize giveaways, and plenty more!   The debut convention aims to restore a sense of intimacy and community to the culture that the founders believe has been lacking for too long.   ABOUT WILLIAM SHATNER Since he was in his early 20’s, William Shatner has maintained his status as a star of both TV and the silver screen. He achieved the status of a pop culture icon thanks to his portrayal of Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek series and film adaptations. He is also well known as the eponymous TJ Hooker and Boston Legal’s Denny Crane.   Shatner has maintained an impressive side career in music and spoken-word recordings, having released eight albums since the ‘60s. He is also routinely involved in a range of charity work and raises American Saddlebred horses.   WHAT IS COSPLAY? Cosplay, or costume roleplay, is a global phenomenon where fans of franchises from all forms of media dress up as their favourite pop culture icons. At conventions such as Cospendium 2020 , You’ll be sure to run into everyone from Game of Thrones’ Ned Stark and Star Trek’s Spock to Princess Zelda and One-Punch Man.   According to trading platform Liquid, the global cosplay industry is estimated at a value of more than $45 billion and is growing at a rate of 15 per cent each year.   To register interest for ticket sales and for more information, visit: Facebook Instagram World's Greatest Videos awards 2019 US$100,000 Grand Prize 2020-01-14T21:15:43Z world-s-greatest-videos-announces-2019-us-100-000-grand-prize-winner World's Greatest Videos™ (WGV™) is pleased to announce the winner of the highly anticipated 2019 US$100,000 Grand Prize. The first global, cash-awarded, continual short video competition, World's Greatest Videos hosts Regional Weekly Contests and Global Challenge Contests. The first-place winners from each of these contests go on to compete in the Grand Prize Contest held every December. This year's final five competitors were from countries across the world including the US, UK, Brazil, and Mexico. The videos encompassed a variety of categories: Music, Comedy, Feel good, and Pets. The final winner was declared as Victor Franco from Brazil with his video Hello! Ma Baby, but it's JAZZ ( year old Victor hails from the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil. He comes from a family of musicians, and started singing in church when he was just three years old. Victor says he got a lot of support from his parents for his music over the years, and he wants to use part of the prize money to give back to them.Other finalists include Lyricmjc from the United States, who won $3,000 in the June Monthly Contest. Lyric, the little girl featured in the video Down Syndrome ABILITIES! ( has Down Syndrome. In the last year, she's learned to match the pitch of different tunes, and articulate the words and phrases of songs.Beccabsmithmusic, from the U.K., has won several prizes for over $300. She says was inspired to share her talent after her grandmother was diagnosed with dementia and she performed for the residents at her nursing home. Her video can be accessed at Flores is from Mexico and won 1st place for $3,000 in our May monthly contest. Hermes Flores, Toshiro's owner, manages a fan page for Toshiro, which has followers from all over the world. Watch the video at Mckenzie, aka. zzfrosty won $10,000 in the February contest. Ansel is not only a content creator, but an aspiring entrepreneur as well. He says that he used his prize money to invest better production for his videos and his business. His video can be seen at's Greatest Videos gave away 3,500 cash prizes worth US$267,000 in the first (Beta) year to short-form video makers from around the world. The platform prides itself on true community - members who watch and react to videos are just as important as members who create them.  According to 27-year-old founder Makayla Allen, there's a lot more that makes it stand out from the crowd. "We are truly inclusive, and take a firm stance against any type of bullying or negative comments," Allen explains. "Our goal is a safe, comfortable environment for creators and viewers alike, so we only allow positive comments and reactions to our members' videos."For more information about World's Greatest Videos and to view the winning videos, visit World's Greatest VideosLaunched on January 1, 2019 by 27-year-old Makayla Allen, World's Greatest Videos awards 21 cash prizes every week. First-place winners from Regional Weekly Contests and Global Challenge Contests become eligible for the annual Grand Prize which is announced in December.As the first global cash-awarded video contest, World's Greatest Videos is on a mission to expose people around the globe to different cultures and what those cultures find entertaining. The company's app and website operate in the top 20 languages across the world.