The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-09-15T05:31:53Z ZOLEO DEVICE WINS ACOMM 2020 INNOVATION - SME AWARD 2020-09-15T05:31:53Z zoleo-device-wins-acomm-2020-innovation-sme-award Melbourne, Australia, September 15, 2020 - Beam Communications Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Beam Communications Holdings Limited (ASX: BCC) is pleased to announce that the ZOLEO global messaging solution has just won the ACOMM 2020 award in the Innovation – SME category. The award is organised by the Communications Alliance, which is the primary telecommunications industry body in Australia. The 14th Annual Communications Alliance ACOMM Awards was held virtually on 10 September, featuring keynote addresses from the Federal Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts, The Hon. Paul Fletcher MP and the Shadow Minister for Communications, Michelle Rowland MP. This is the second industry award bestowed upon the Beam-designed and engineered device. In March this year, ZOLEO took out the 2020 Top Mobility User Experience Innovation Award granted by the Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA). In 2018, Beam formed a joint-venture with Canada-based Roadpost Inc. to launch a global low-cost pocket-sized messaging device that automatically switches between satellite, mobile and Wi-Fi networks. “It is very pleasing to see that the ZOLEO solution is garnering strong recognition from world-leading industry bodies around the world,” said Beam’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Capocchi. “This supports the positive feedback we have received from users and from expert reviewers since we officially launched the device in January this year, with ZOLEO now being sold through major retailers in both North America and Australia. We plan to start selling ZOLEO in more countries over the next 12-months.” Easy Ways To Look After Your Camper Trailer Pt 2 2020-09-14T01:01:12Z easy-ways-to-look-after-your-camper-trailer-pt-2 We all love the feeling of adventure when we head for new destinations in the bush. Camper trailers allow us to explore and experience, the best destinations that Australia has to offer for extended periods of time, and more often than not, will get you to and from your campsite without any dramas.   However, these hard-to-get-to destinations are naturally going to cause a fair bit of wear on your gear and your offroad camper trailer. Corrugations will put strain on your suspension, water will work its way into bearings, poor quality drinking water will taint tanks, and general wear and tear will happen. General maintenance is all part of owning a camper trailer, and dragging it through tough terrain can lead to other issues – for most of us it’s a worthy risk to get to that hidden hotspot of a lifetime with loved ones.     Offroad camper trailer maintenance, repairs and upgrades are all part of pre and post trip work, but knowing where to start and what to inspect can be a bit of a daunting process. To make it easier for everyone, we’ve put together this easy-to-follow guide on bringing your trailer back to new. Each maintenance step will tell you what to look for, how the damage occurs and how to fix the issue. This is Part Two of our three part guide to easy ways to look after your camper trailer.     TRAILER PLUGS   Quite often your camper trailer electrical trailer plug sits right at the first point of contact on your tow bar which is underneath it, so when damage is common when towing your offroad camper trailer through rugged terrain. Try remounting the plug up higher up – even on top of the tow bar is a smarter location.   Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your camper trailer electrical plugs healthy. Give them a spray with WD40 or contact cleaner after every trip, and inspect the back of the plugs each time. The grommet here comes loose, so tape up if needed.     RUST PROTECTION   Too often we see camper trailers come back from a big trip involving sand, only to sit there and rust away. Most 4×4 camper trailers are sprayed with paint that, although it is said not to, will eventually chip from the copious amount of stones being sent its way. Leaving bare metal exposed is exactly how rust infiltrates its way into your chassis. Trailers that are coated in a proper corrosion-resistant, impact resistant coating or powdercoating do a lot better here.   The fix to corrosion really does depend on the severity of the rust. If you catch it early you should be able to rub it back to bare metal with a grinder and a wire brush. Your priority once you’re down to bare metal is to seal and protect it with paint – and a bare metal respray of the affected area is the best way to go. For the best results possible, used a rubber-based stone guard paint. It’s a tad more expensive but it’s perfect for this scenario. It’s a bit of work but in the long run it will dramatically increase the service life of your camper trailer so it’s definitely worth it!     STONE GUARD   With rust on camper trailers, prevention is definitely better than a cure – and the best way to prevent stone damage is proper stone guards on your camper trailer if it isn’t coated in an impact-resistant coating. They really are a necessity on a trailer – they’ll boost the life of your offroad trailer ten-fold. The most important thing to consider when you’re installing or maintaining your stone guard is the tension and the material. Too loose and it won’t do the job, and too tight it’ll flick rocks back at your tow rig and potentially bust a rear window. Aim to have one to two inches of movement in it.     DRAW BAR ACCESSORIES   Wear and tear on  your camper trailer coupling is as common as the cold, but fortunately there are a few simple maintenance tips to make sure they stay in tip top condition. The biggest killer of poly-block couplings is lack of lubrication – so give it a hit of WD40 down each side and on the pin after every trip, and grease any grease nipples. Check your coupling bolts for rust – if you do need to replace them, replace with stainless steel bolts.   Your safety chains on your camper trailer shouldn’t need too much work, but make sure you check your D-shackles are rated for the weight of your camper trailer, and check their condition. Shackles aren’t expensive to replace, and considering their importance, it’s probably worth the $20 or so for a couple of new ones. When you store shackles don’t lock them up tight– they can seize over time, and you might cause damage undoing them. Easy Ways To Look After Your Offroad Camper Trailer Part 1 2020-09-14T01:00:23Z easy-ways-to-look-after-your-offroad-camper-trailer-part-1 An offroad camper trailer is one of the best tickets you’ll ever buy to the adventure playground that we call home. Hooking up your camper trailer and heading away with your family is an incredible experience! However just like any type of vehicle, a 4×4 camper trailer needs regular maintenance and love to ensure you keep it in the best condition. Don’t stress though – camper trailer tips and tricks for maintenance aren’t hard to handle, and in fact you’ll be able to do all this camper trailer maintenance yourself at home with nothing more than basic hand tools.     From junk to absolute gem – anyone can add value to their 4WD camper trailer, and it starts right here – so grab your tools, wheel the old girl into the shed and turn your camper trailer back to the pride and joy it should be!     WHEEL BEARINGS   For us off-roaders, water would have to be the biggest wheel bearing killer we come across, and in fact it’s the number one cause of breakdowns and camper trailer problems – particularly if you only use your camper trailer once every couple of months. If the camper trailer’s hub assembly gets a mouthful of river water, the grease’s lubricating properties are severely affected.   The early warning signs are unmistakable, as water contaminated grease tends to turn white and cake up in clumps. If you don’t check your camper trailer wheel bearings fairly regularly, chances are you won’t know until it’s too late.   There are however, a few simple and easy preventative measures you can take to help your camper trailer wheel bearings last the test of time. Start by installing marine grade hub seals if your camper trailer doesn’t already have them, which are actually designed to handle the pressure of complete submersion under water. We’ll talk how to regrease and install camper trailer wheel bearings in another article as it’s worth not skipping over.     HOT TIP: INSTANT BEARING REPAIR KIT   Always carry a spare set of greased bearings for your camper trailer. If you have a packed set sealed in a sandwich bag, they are always ready to install whenever you ever need them, and there is no need for you to grease them in the bush.     WHEELS AND TYRES   There’s the obvious signs of wear and tear on your camper trailer tyres, such as tread running close to wear indicators, but make sure you inspect both tyres inside and out for slices, cuts and potential weak spots. With older tyres, check for sidewall fatigue, which can happen if the camper trailer’s been sitting in the front yard with low tyre pressures for too long.   Buying second hand tyres has to be done with caution. Quite often they’re cheap because they’ve been sitting round for a good while. The best to way check if they’re not too old is to test if the tread blocks are still soft – or to check for the date code on the side of your camper trailer tyres.   Should you need to replace your tyres and wheels, why not put on a set to suit your 4WD setup? This essentially means you’re always carrying two spares wherever you go – matching your camper trailer tyres to your 4WD.   SUSPENSION   Your suspension is arguably this most vital component of your trailer, and really needs to be given the correct attention. First up, check the wear on your springs by ensuring the camper trailer is not sagging or sitting unevenly.   With your camper trailer shocks, inspect the shock mounts for cracks, then check if the shocks are leaking fluid or have any physical damage. Bent shocks are a common problem, and need to be replaced immediately.   Also have a good look at your offroad camper trailer’s bushes – if you think they might be getting old, it’s cheaper to replace them now before they fully give way, which can cause damage to more expensive components.   If you get in the habit of conducting these checks on your camper trailer after you come back from a trip, and ideally a couple of weeks before an upcoming camper trailer adventure, you’ll minimise the risk of camper trailer problems arising and ensure that your holiday will go as smoothly as possible.   In Part 2 of our guide to easy ways to look after your 4×4 camper trailer, we’ll delve further into the world of camper trailer ownership, what to look for on your camper trailer and how to keep your offroad camper trailer in tip-top shape! An Oasis rises from the Ashes 2020-09-13T09:19:39Z an-oasis-rises-from-the-ashes On the 31st of December 2019, Mark and Sue Berry, Owners of Bower at Broulee, a luxury couples retreat that was built and developed over 20 years of hard work, watched their passion and business go up in smoke. Determined not to give-up, the last 8 months have needed more resilience and passion than ever before as he set to rebuild his passion with his wife Sue. The Bower at Broulee has now risen from the ashes in stunning glory and is set to open its doors on October 2nd to its past and future guests. Located on the NSW South Coast, just south of Batemans Bay, this stunning retreat is perfect for couples seeking privacy and luxury in a natural environment. The Bower consists of 5 fully self- contained and architect designed and located on 100 acres of bushland that it well on its way to being ‘reborn’ from the tragic fires of 2019/2020. “The miracle of nature can be seen in the ‘fluffy’ trees that now occupy our property” said Sue Berry. “the gorgeous green sprouts seen on the trees in the early days were signs of hope and kept us going with our journey to rebuild”. Set within a kilometre of the iconic Broulee Beaches, Mark Berry spoke of the unquestionable decision to rebuild as there is no better place on earth to relax than in a place surrounded by nature. “The fires took out our residence, the stables and all outbuildings. Each of the five Bowers suffered various levels of damage from nearly destroyed to scarred” Sue explains. Sue and Mark took on this challenge head-on, but not to just rebuild but to improve the facility for future guests. “It was an opportunity as much as a disaster for our business” Mark explains. The new iteration of the Bower looks incredible. Luxury fit-out, all new bathrooms, decks and finishes, plus state-of-the-art contactless check-in technology will see The Bower at the forefront in the new post-Covid tourism space. Each Bower is self-contained and has a fully equipped kitchen, stunning bathroom with underfloor heating and deep double spa, wood fires, reverse cycle air-conditioning, and private BBQ’s on the deck. “COVID-Safe practices have also been introduced ready for our opening in October” said Sue. The natural social distancing supplied by the independent Bowers is supported by experiences in the Eurobodalla region such as bushwalking, kayaking, mountain biking and other nature-based activities. And while you may be up for your own self-catering options the Bower has thought of everything in case you don’t want to cook. Chef prepared ready-made meals are an option amongst other delights that will ensure that relaxation is the outcome from your stay at the Bower. Leading Gold Coast Small Business Advocate Launches New Venture Amidst Covid-19 2020-09-03T23:39:17Z leading-gold-coast-small-business-advocate-launches-new-venture-amidst-covid-19-1 A leading Gold Coast small business advocate has launched a new venture amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, designed to connect the local community.GC Connected Markets at Broadbeach is the brainchild of Paula Brand, with the Gold Coast City Council approved weekly event promising to be a fusion of her iconic Small Business Expos and a traditional farmer’s market.Ms Brand’s passion for markets was ignited when she had a small hobby business selling salad dressings at the local Gold Coast markets when she was 24. Now she has taken her love of markets to create the weekly GC Connected Markets to share her joy of connecting people and fostering a meeting place, an activity centre and a well being hub for the benefit of the Gold Coast community.“I am so excited to offer Coast Coasters the opportunity to visit a farmer’s market during the week so they no longer need to wait until the weekend for their fresh produce,” said Ms Brand.“Not everyone works 9am to 5pm during the week, we have many people who cannot get to the farmer’s markets on the weekend.“Our markets are all about connections – connecting our primary producers to the home plate, connecting our community through healthy and creative activities, connecting to local small business owners who sell items for the home, children, entertainment and connecting local artists and entertainers who will share their skills and talents to a wider community.“This is a fabulous mixed market space to bring people together of all ages – for health, fun, well being, to connect, be happy and to enjoy this wonderful park space.”Held weekly on a Tuesday from 7am to 12pm and located at 33 Fremar Street, Broadbeach Waters at the Surfers Paradise Rugby Union Clubhouse and car park, GC Connected Markets are surrounded by the Albert Park which has dog walking trails, a lake, children’s playground, basketball courts and BBQS.“There will be live entertainment from 9am to 12pm, active and healthy activities from 10am to 12pm and picnic mats to use to sit and relax on.“Come for a cake and coffee, join in an active and healthy activity and pick up your essential fruit and vegetables for the week, support fresh and local!“Dogs are not allowed onsite, but we do have a dog area with water bowls for furry friends.”GC Connected Markets also promise to be “Covid Safe” under 500 events. with strict social distancing measures of 1.5 metres, and hand sanitisation and washing stations available within the event precinct.No stranger to hosting large-scale events, Ms Brand’s Small Business Expos have supported small business for more than six years, connecting 20,000 businesses to generate $20 million by running large business-to-business expos in partnership with 60 sponsors, across South-East Queensland.“Our business and jobs expos represent primarily the invisible businesses – home-based, online, mobile and micro businesses. There are approximately 25,000 of these on the Gold Coast alone,” said Ms Brand.For a stall holder information pack, please email: or phone Paula Brand: 0475 411 793.- ends -For more information or for interview/photo requests, please contact:Joanne RahnDirectorzanthii communicationsPhone: 0402 148 334Email: joanne@zanthii.comFacebook: 19  If, in the past fourteen (14) days: You have been overseas; You have been in contact with a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19; You have been in a COVID-19 hotspot; You have had COVID-19; You have had symptoms consistent with COVID-19, You will be unable to enter the Event Precinct. If you have symptoms conducive with COVID-19 (e.g. fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat or headache), we request that you do not enter the Event Precinct. If you present with symptoms upon entry to the Event (e.g. fever, cough, shortness of breath) you will not be able to enter the Precinct, but will be taken to a discrete isolation area for further investigation. Additionally: Social distancing measures of 1.5 metres between people/household groups must be maintained at all times. Hand sanitisation stations and hand washing stations will be available within the Event Precinct and will be identified by signage around the Precinct. Patrons are encouraged to ensure that they regularly wash and/or sanitise their hands during their visit to the Precinct. Aggression and abuse of our staff and other attendees will not be tolerated. Anyone presenting signs of aggression or becoming abusive will be removed from the Precinct. Regular Event announcements will be conducted over the PA system to remind all attendees at the event to ensure hygiene considerations are observed. Social Distancing Ambassadors will be employed specifically to monitor and encourage social distancing in all walkways, on exhibitor sites and in high traffic areas. In the event that people find themselves in a queued situation at the entry point to the event venue, we ask that you practice physical distancing in your household groups of no less than 1.5 metres. And… please – no kissing, hugging and handshakes whilst in the event precinct. Market Management  The market is owned and operated by Paula Brand from Small Business Expos. We have always supported small business for over 6 years connecting 20,000 businesses to generate $20 million by running large business to business expos in partnership with 60 sponsors, across South East Queensland Our business and jobs expos represent primarily the invisible businesses – homebased, online, mobile and micro businesses. There are approx.. 25000 of these on the Gold Coast alone. Website:  Paula Brand is the owner of the GC Connect Markets – 0475 411 793 and the owner of Small Business Expos. Her passion for markets was ignited when she had a small hobby business selling salad dressings at the local Gold Coast Markets when she was 24. Now she has taken her love of markets to create the weekly GC Connected Markets to share her joy of connecting people and fostering a meeting place, an activity centre and a wellbeing hub for the benefit of the Gold Coast community. Australian Retailer MTB Direct Announces New Zealand Launch 2020-08-13T03:55:33Z australian-retailer-mtb-direct-announces-new-zealand-launch After enjoying 8 years of success and rapid growth in the Australian market, online retailer MTB Direct has today announced the successful launch of the official New Zealand arm of their business at  MTB Direct is an Australian based online-only business, selling mountain bike parts, clothing and accessories. While MTB Direct has already been shipping directly to New Zealand for several years, the launch of provides a localised service for New Zealanders, with the ability to purchase goods in NZD and have them shipped quickly from a warehouse in Auckland.  The entire MTB Direct crew are truly passionate about mountain bike riding, gear and culture. New Zealand customers will also be able to leverage the mountain bike expertise of these experienced riders and mechanics on live chat seven days a week - this will also include staff based in New Zealand who are familiar with the local scene!  Jen Geale, Co-Founder and General Manager of MTB Direct, says: “Through our wide range of products and awesome customer service team, we’ve been able to service and build strong relationships with many loyal customers here in Australia. With such a strong MTB culture in New Zealand, we look forward to building these same relationships with customers and mountain bikers across the ditch too!” MTB Direct is highly active in supporting the growth of mountain biking through their Dollars For Dirt program; for every order placed, a dollar will be donated to a MTB club of the customers’ choosing. As part of the New Zealand launch, Dollars For Dirt is now in the process of rolling out to eligible New Zealand clubs and organisations.  With 50% of the leadership team at MTB Direct female, the organisation also has a strong interest in the growth of female participation in mountain biking. As mountain biking participation continues to grow year-over-year, MTB Direct looks forward to further growth in the Australian and New Zealand markets and to helping riders get their hands on the gear they need. Swags and Gazebos The Ultimate Camping Partners 2020-08-10T02:17:23Z swags-and-gazebos-the-ultimate-camping-partners If you love going camping in your swag, particularly if you’ve got a double swag like the Big Daddy Deluxe from Adventure Kings, then one of the best bits of camping gear that you can invest in, is a portable camping gazebo! In fact a gazebo like the Adventure Kings 3x3m Gazebo or 6x3m gazebo is the ultimate camping partner to your swag, in any sort of weather. Here’s why. Portable gazebos for camping are so good because they create almost instant, generous amounts of shelter from the sun, the wind and the rain. When you roll your camping double swag out under your portable camping gazebo, you create the perfect campsite accommodation – heaps of protection from the elements, and so quick to setup! Setting up your double swag or single swag under your 3×3 camping gazebo obviously gives you heaps of protection from the elements coming down from above, like rain or hot sun, but did you know that with a little upgrade, a camping gazebo can be a brilliant way to protect from the cold weather, and add heaps of privacy to your campsite too? If you upgrade your portable camping gazebo with a gazebo tent, you create the ideal enclosed space to put your swag inside! And when it’s cold, that means you’ve got an extra layer of protection from the wind and the rain, as well as somewhere comfortable and spacious inside the camping gazebo tent to get changed, take your shoes off, that sort of thing! Even better, if you’re camped at a busy campsite, then adding a gazebo tent to your 6x3m portable gazebo or 3x3m camping gazebo gives you a whole new layer of privacy too! No longer will you have to roll around trying to get changed or dressed inside your swag – you can simply get dressed in your portable gazebo tent, and you’ll have enough room to actually stand up inside. Talk about luxury! Even if you don’t want to upgrade your portable gazebo and use a gazebo tent to put your swag inside, there are other camping gazebo upgrade options available. You can add a 3×3 metre mesh floor underneath your portable camping gazebo for instance to protect your swag from the dirty, wet or cold ground, and then you can also add a couple of genuine gazebo walls to your portable gazebo to add extra protection from the wind, rain and sun that could come in under your portable gazebo from the sides. We’re massive fans of just how good a campsite consisting of a portable camping gazebo and a double swag is! The best part is, both a camping gazebo and a double swag are so quick to setup, that you’ll have your entire campsite created in well under 10 minutes, and likely under five minutes once you’ve done it a couple of times! Just set up your 3×3 gazebo or 6×3 gazebo, peg it down and then add your genuine gazebo accessories like a 3×3 gazebo tent, gazebo side walls or a mesh floor. Finally, roll out your swag underneath your portable gazebo and that’s your entire campsite accommodation sorted! Whether it’s for a busy campsite where you need privacy, or just for extra protection from the elements, a portable camping gazebo is your swag’s best mate out in the bush.To get yourself sorted with shelter and all weather protection making sure that you head to call our expert team on 1800 88 39 64 or drop into one of our fully equipped showrooms to see the whole range of camping equipment in person and pick up your new gear upgrades.  How to Perform a Slingshot Winching Recovery 2020-08-10T02:16:30Z how-to-perform-a-slingshot-winching-recovery If you love getting out onto the tracks for a tough low range 4WDing session, then having a quality 12,000lb winch on hand is one of the best bits of 4WD gear you can ever carry! An electric 4WD winch means the ability to self-recover if you get stuck, giving you the confidence to tackle big bogholes or hardcore hillclimbs. And even if you’re not the kind of 4WDer who actively seeks out the toughest tracks, having a quality 12000lb winch on your 4WD is security for those ‘just in case’ moments – even if it’s not you that is stuck, you’ll be equipped to help other people! One of the most advanced winch recoveries you can perform is called a “Slingshot Winch Recovery”. That’s where a vehicle is stuck on the track ahead of you, but you can’t get your 4WD around them to winch them forward, and winching back isn’t an option. Here’s how to perform a Slingshot Winch recovery using your 12000lb 4×4 winch in that scenario. SECURE BOTH VEHICLES SO THEY WON’T MOVE Safety is the number one priority of any 4WD winch recovery, so before you unspool your 4WD winch, make sure that both vehicles – yours and the stuck vehicle ahead of you – are secured and won’t move for the moment. Chock each vehicle’s wheels if necessary, and once you’re sure they won’t move, you can then unspool your 12,000lb electric winch. RUN YOUR WINCH UP TO A TREE IN FRONT OF THE STUCK VEHICLE Unspool your electric winch synthetic winch rope out with enough slack to run the winch rope past the stuck vehicle and to a tree you’ve selected to use as an anchor point approximately 10 metres ahead of the stuck vehicle. Make sure to also let your 12000lb winch out enough to then bring the winch hook back down to the front of the stuck vehicle. CONNECT A TREE TRUNK PROTECTOR AND SNATCH BLOCK Next, use a snatch block and a tree trunk protector to form a proper anchor point around the tree you have selected to winch off. Wrap the tree trunk protector around the tree, attach the snatch block and ensure that your 12000 4×4 winch has the clutch engaged and is ready to be used. LOOP THE WINCH ROPE BACK TO THE STUCK VEHICLE Take your synthetic winch rope and feed it through the snatch block, before then taking the winch hook on the end of the rope back to the front of the stuck vehicle. You may find that you need to unspool your 4WD winch a little more to give you enough length to reach the front of the stuck vehicle. Don’t forget to put a winch damper on both lines of the synthetic winch rope for safety. WINCH THE STUCK VEHICLE FORWARDS Now is the time to perform the 4×4 winch recovery to get the stuck vehicle free! Make sure that the clutch is engaged on your 12,000lb winch, and then get into your car. Start your engine so that your electric winch has plenty of power from your alternator, and then when both vehicles are ready, spool in your 4×4 winch. If all goes well you’ll quickly pull the stuck vehicle free! If not, then release the tension on your 4WD winch and re-assess the situation, and build up the track with rocks and logs if necessary to lower the stress and strain on your 12,000lb winch.To see the full range of recovery gear available head to or call our expert team on 1800 88 39 64 or visit our showroom to see the whole range in person! STACK SPORTS LANUCH GAMEDAY EVENTS 2020-08-02T22:29:29Z stack-sports-lanuch-gameday-events Stack Sports (SportsTG), the leading provider of digital solutions to Event Providers, international, national, grassroots and professional sporting organisations across the globe has today announced the launch of GameDay Events. GameDay Events is a completely new event registration, ticketing and admin solution for managing every event, from the smallest digital seminar to one-off club nights to the largest mass participation fun-run or city marathon. GameDay puts the event organiser in control and able to manage everything from branding and theming custom websites, the look and feel of online registration, through ticketing and running the event itself. General Manager of Stack Sports said “We really love this new product and are excited to get it into the hands of our events partners and customers. GameDay Events complement perfectly our existing GameDay club and association membership and GameDay website solutions and we expect Events to be a great support, and cost saver, for event organisers as they re-establish the events programs in the coming year.” GameDay Events is free to use for free events, and comes with the lowest cost and most secure payments technology in the industry. With a clear range of price options, there are no hidden costs for organisers that choose to Events for their next big occasion, event businesses and sport associations just need to visit our website to access GameDay Events. Stack Sports (SportsTG) has been providing next generation technology solutions to sports since 2001 across Australia, New Zealand APAC and EMEA. We support secure affordable and full featured membership, competition, event and ticketing solutions and related website, engagement, e-commerce and fundraising solutions to sports communities worldwide. USG Boral creates five AIA-certified CPD webinars 2020-07-29T06:04:28Z usg-boral-creates-five-aia-certified-cpd-webinars USG Boral has announced that it is now offering five continuing professional development (CPD) webinar presentations that are certified by the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA). As an official CPD provider of the AIA and member of the AIA Refuel Provider Network, USG Boral created the webinars to support design professionals. Delivered by industry experts from USG Boral’s architectural services team, the webinars cover acoustics, fire, and other elements of the National Construction Code (NCC) that relate to the design of wall and ceiling systems. Subjects offered include: building acoustic fundamentals: sound absorption building acoustic fundamentals: sound isolation healthcare and aged care fundamentals seismic design considerations for non-structural components specifying fire-rated building systems. Each webinar is one hour in length and is worth one informal CPD point. On completion of the post-webinar learning outcomes questionnaire, participants can receive one formal CPD point. Participation is free via online registrations on the USG Boral website. Adam Johnson-Kain, Architecture and Specifications Manager, USG Boral, said, “While there are still limitations with face-to-face meetings, the new CPD webinar presentations offer an opportunity to continue to support the career development of design professionals. As an addition to the webinars, where suitable, USG Boral can also host a CPD for each practice either in-person or remotely.” For more information about USG Boral’s webinars, please visit: AUSTRALIA’S LARGEST SOLAR PATHWAY LIGHTING PROJECT COMPLETED AS THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WALKING INCREASES 2020-07-23T03:31:08Z australia-s-largest-solar-pathway-lighting-project-completed-as-the-number-of-people-walking-increases With more people walking and 30 percent of people walking more than usual during COVID, the Goulburn Mulwaree Council in New South Wales has done what more local governments across Australia are being urged to do – invest in solar pathway lighting.    As part of a milestone project, Melbourne-based company Leadsun has installed 160 lights along 10 kilometres of walkway and cycle paths in Goulburn in what is the largest public solar lighting project of its kind in Australia.    Leadsun’s Managing Director Matt Pollard said Leadsun was a world leader in public SMART lighting, having designed and patented the first all-in-one LED solar light.    “This Goulburn project started 12 months ago. The first stage had 120 lights over the first section of the pathway,” Mr Pollard said.    “Since then, there’s been an extension to the pathway network and there’s been another 42 lights, so in total there’s 160 lights all connected throughout the pathway and I believe that’s the largest solar pathway lighting project in Australia.”    Energy Minister and Federal Member for Hume Angus Taylor said the walkway in Goulburn was now safer and more accessible making it a well-used community asset.     “I’m thrilled that the installation of solar lighting will extend the hours of use of the walkway,” Minister Taylor said.    Mission Australia’s Man Walk group member Daniel Strickland uses the path weekly and said he has seen more people exercising before sunrise and at night since the lights were installed.    “When we started in July last year before the lights we would come along with our iPhones and our torches,” he said.     One for one, solar public lighting is more cost effective than traditional electrical street lighting and does not require extensive trenching nor electrical wiring. Power can be stored in the lithium-ion batteries for three days.    The Goulburn Mulwaree Council is now planning a further 1.5km extension to the SMART lighting project which was partly funded under the Federal Government Community Sport Infrastructure Program.    Mr Pollard said sporting clubs, walking groups and residents were increasingly lobbying local governments to apply for grants to install SMART solar lighting to improve access and safety.    Heart Foundation figures show 30% of Australian are walking more than usual during COVID.    A Media Kit including hi-res photo and Video News Release with interviews with Leadsun MD Matt Pollard, voxies with Man Walk Group members Daniel Strickland, Dave Banham and Matt Casey is available.   War baby releases the biography of his father’s journey to be the first Australian airman to fly a Lancaster bomber in WWII and make it safely home. 2020-07-23T01:11:25Z war-baby-releases-the-biography-of-his-father-s-journey-to-be-the-first-australian-airman-to-fly-a-lancaster-bomber-in-wwii-and-make-it-safely-home As a fifteen-year-old boy growing up in Sydney, Francis Norman ‘Norm’ Crouch knew he wanted to be a pilot after he saw his first airplane-a low-flying Tiger Moth Biplane. He was so transfixed he crashed his bike into a nearby thicket. It was a fascination which led him to become a trainee pilot in the RAAF where he became notorious for his low-flying antics. Part of an early group of Australian airmen who went to Canada with the Empire Air Training Scheme, Norm survived the perilous Atlantic crossing to Scotland. He was then sent to Coningsby, England in 1941 to join Squadron 97-one of the many RAF squadrons in the legendary ‘Bomber Command’-where he became the first Australian to fly a Lancaster bomber in air raids over Germany. ‘It was the air force that incurred the highest casualty rate of all Allied forces in WWII. Of the 50,000 killed in action 3,480 were Australians.’ Norm also survived the war and was one of the lucky few to return home. ‘Of those Australians who left in early 1941 and completed a full tour, 30 missions or more and then spent the rest of the war flying and training others in Operational Training Command, only 8% returned.’ When the family home burned down in 1957, Norm lost all his war records including his personal logbook. He wrote his memoir to ensure his story would not be lost. His son, James Crouch, used his father’s handwritten notes and other sources to produce this, his first book, Norm – Bomber Command. James Crouch is available for interviews and informal chats on all media outlets. To schedule, please contact: Norm – Bomber Command is available in paperback and eBook formats from all major online retailers, priced $19.95 and $7.95 respectively. Brisbane family releases an outdoor exploration app for kids. 2020-07-21T12:05:23Z brisbane-family-releases-an-outdoor-exploration-app-for-kids A Brisbane father and daughter team created Squizzy, an app that is very different to traditional apps aimed at children as it requires players to get outside and explore. Squizzy is an outdoor exploration game that gets Brisbane families out of the house, hunting for clues and taking a Squiz – a quiz with photo clues located within a public park. Players have fun exploring the location and hunting for the clue shown in each question to work out the correct answer.  There are currently Squizzes located in 11 locations around Brisbane, including Roma St Parkland, City Botanical Gardens, New Farm Park, Kangaroo Point Park, Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens and other great Brisbane parks. Sign up is free and allows users to create their own custom avatar with thousands of options to choose from. All Squiz scores are recorded and high scorers get their avatar featured on the leaderboard.  Squizzy also features a user friendly, step by step, “Create a Squiz” tool which allows users to create their own Squiz to share with the Squizzy community. As the user base grows Squizzes should begin to pop up in new locations Australia wide. Squizzy is free to download and only $1.99 month (first month free, no lock-in contract), so is a very low cost activity for families with primary school aged children. Stack Sports partner with World Bowling for Next Generation Platform 2020-07-20T11:01:31Z stack-sports-partner-with-world-bowling-for-next-generation-platform Stack Sports (SportsTG), the leading digital provider of sports organisations in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, today signed an agreement with World Bowling the international governing body for the sport of Tenpin, Ninepin and ParaBowling. The agreement affirms that Stack Sports will provide GameDayTM, its next-generation membership and events platform, to service World Bowling’s many sanctioned events throughout the world. Stack’s system will simplify and digitise the registration and administration process for all members and competitors, across World Bowling’s portfolio of events starting from October 2020. As part of the partnership and in line with World Bowling's post COVID-19 strategic Initiatives, GameDay will be made available to all five continental zones and the current 114 member federations. The partnership allows one of the world’s biggest infrastructure and participation sports to capitalise on the global connectivity of over 200,000 bowling lanes and 160 million bowlers annually. With the launch of QubicaAMF partnership, ParaBowling World Cup and IBX Tour in 2021, GameDay offers the functionality to World Bowling to optimise the tournament data from individual athletes and their member federations with defined ranking and career tracking throughout each event and year. Andy Graham, General Manager for Stack Sports – APAC/EMEA, said: “We are very pleased to be partnering with World Bowling at such a key time for the sport. Our aim every day is to simplify sporting administration and management; to let communities communicate, engage and come together to enjoy sport. With World Bowling one of our first major customers to join us on the new platform, we are excited for the opportunity to show-off all of GameDay’s potential and build with World Bowling something very unique.” Andrew Oram, World Bowling’s Chief Executive Officer, welcomed the partnership by saying "Stack Sports provides us with the catalyst to start a new era of how we represent our member federations and athletes. Bowling is a digitally versatile sport due to the level of technology that exists already in the sports centres. Our elite events are a showcase for the sport and Stack Sports starts the process of how we will evolve our engagement with federations, our athletes and our fans." About Stack Sports - Stack Sports have been providing next generation technology solutions in the Australian market since 2001 and have extended the key markets they work in to include Europe, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Other Stack Sports partners in the European region include Basketball England, The Rugby Football League, Run for All, Basketball Ireland, GB Snowsports and the Toronto Wolfpack Foundation. Stack Sports provides membership, competition and event management platforms and various digital website, e-commerce and fundraising solutions to the sports community. About World Bowling - World Bowling is the International governing body for the sport of Tenpin, Ninepin and the newly formed ParaBowling representing five continental zones and 114 member federations. World Bowling was recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1979 as the world governing body for the sport of Bowling and by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in 2019 for ParaBowling. Award Winning Australian Watercolour Artist John Andersen has Painting Selected for Exhibition at Bundaberg Regional Gallery 2020-07-18T02:12:12Z award-winning-australian-watercolour-artist-john-andersen-has-painting-selected-for-exhibition-at-bundaberg-regional-gallery For Immediate Release – 18-07-2020 Now in his senior years John Andersen’s Australian watercolour paintings are collected and enjoyed by people throughout Australia. Recently, one of his watercolour works titled “Harbourside Walk”, was selected for exhibition at the Bundaberg Regional Gallery’s ‘Here and Now’ art exhibition conveying 2D works from local regional artists. John’s art works invoke emotions, movement, atmosphere, and imagination. With an exceptional eye for colour, John manages to use colour in a way that convey's light and mood. Many of his paintings can best be described as created in a semi-abstract style. John Andersen’s art studio is located in the small Australian regional Qld town of Woodgate Beach. It wasn’t until in his senior years that he first decided to pick up a paint brush. In only a short few short years John’s contemporary watercolour artworks has attracted attention from both collectors of art and art judges. In only a short period he has won several art awards including several highly commended. John considers himself an impatient painter one who doesn’t like fiddling, copying from photos, or trying to make something look perfect. He once told a reporter, “I paint not draw, and prefer to create my version of something leaving a little to the viewer’s imagination”. As an Australian contemporary watercolour painter John’s works continue to evolve.  You can see some of John Andersen’s exciting watercolour paintings by visiting his Website, Facebook Page, and Instagram.