The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-11-28T10:37:35Z Wollongong Affordable LED Light Rejuvenation Skin Therapy Treatment Benefits Will Amaze You 2018-11-28T10:37:35Z wollongong-affordable-led-light-rejuvenation-skin-therapy-treatment-benefits-will-amaze-you If you ask registered nurse Shelley Stevens what the most exciting recent development in non-surgical treatments is, she won’t hesitate for a second. LED Light Therapy is the skin rejuvenation treatment that everyone’s talking about - and it works. It sounds almost too good to be true, but Shelley is no follower of fads. “It’s supported by sound scientific evidence,” she says. Shedding Light on LED Therapy LED Light Therapy was developed as a medical intervention to promote skin healing and to reduce scarring. It stimulates the production of the two things that make young skin look so fresh and radiant: collagen and elastin. Collagen keeps the skin looking firm and smooth, and elastin keeps it supple, literally allowing the skin to “bounce back.” With research showing that certain LED light waves do work to boost collagen and elastin production, using it as a rejuvenating skin treatment was the next logical step. And for those of us who wouldn’t even consider going under the knife for purely cosmetic reasons, it seems almost too good to be true. Not the Same as Laser Therapy or Peels As a fully qualified cosmetic nurse who comes from a medical background, Shelley is enthusiastic about the results her patients are getting with LED light. “It’s amazing what it can do,” she says, “and there are no side-effects to worry about.” Laser therapy or peels are non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments too, but there is some recovery time after treatment, and you must be careful about things like getting too much sun. Your skin needs time to heal after these treatments, and you can expect redness. But LED Light therapy doesn’t harm any tissues or pigments. It just stimulates the production of proteins which allow your skin to rejuvenate naturally from the inside out. All we need is the right light wavelength to reenergise tired skin cells. The Results That Have Celebrities Queueing up for More Stars like Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson have been vocal in their endorsement of LED Light Therapy. But unlike most trappings of the celebrity lifestyle, LED Light Therapy is so affordable that any John or Jane Doe can enjoy its benefits. While more collagen and elastin sound super, what most of us want to know is how we will look after a course of treatments. “It’s not the kind of dramatic change that is going to make people come up to you and ask what you had done to yourself,” says Shelley, “but you are going to get compliments.” “There’s a definite reduction in lines and wrinkles, and your skin looks brighter. It will also reduce any pigmentation blemishes and tighten up pores, leaving your skin looking smoother.” Getting Real With so many good things being said about LED Light Therapy, we wondered where the hitch lies. “There isn’t one,” says Shelley, “but you need to be realistic about what it can do for you. Your skin rejuvenates itself naturally, so the results aren’t instant. I usually recommend a course of treatments to kickstart the process.” The bottom line seems to be that LED Light Therapy is good news for those of us who want to regain some of our youthful glow. Shelley recommends a professional consultation and choosing a clinic with state-of-the-art equipment. “There are devices that people can use at home, but although they’re expensive, they aren’t nearly as effective as professional equipment. So, if you want the real thing, you need to go to a properly equipped clinic with fully trained personnel.” If you’d like to find out more about LED Light Therapy in the Illawarra or Sydney area, you can reach Shelley and her experienced team by calling +61 2 4200 9468 or visit the Non-surgical, Medical Grade Aesthetic Treatments for the Face and Body | Platinum Face and Body Clinic website to book a consultation online. Prepared by Baxton Media. Wollongong Expert Reveals Best Price HIFU Ultraformer III Ultrasound Treatments To Look Younger 2018-11-19T23:42:31Z wollongong-expert-reveals-best-price-hifu-ultraformer-iii-ultrasound-treatments-to-look-younger Although most people are worried about the idea of undergoing surgery to reverse the effects of ageing, non-surgical techniques, like HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), have been a game-changer. It’s not just hearsay or a ‘leap of faith’. The Ultraformer III, a device that delivers targeted ultrasound waves, has been approved by regulatory authorities around the world. It’s safe; it’s effective; and it’s being used globally by plastic surgeons and cosmetic clinics to treat patients wanting results without surgery! With over 1 Million treatments already performed worldwide, Ultraformer III has quickly become the World’s Number 1 Ultrasound Lift, tightening and contouring system. What the Ultraformer III Treatment Does When we’re young, we keep looking that way because we are able to naturally produce enough fresh collagen to keep our skins looking smooth. As we age, however, we begin to lose the ability to regenerate collagen, and our skins show it. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear, and the skin begins to sag. If we really want to turn back the clock the natural way, what we need is to revitalise our skin’s ability to produce collagen. HIFU treatment does just that. Here’s how. The Ultraformer III delivers focused ultrasound waves to target problem areas. A qualified practitioner can adjust the device to target tissues at the depth that’s required to get the results you want. The ultrasound waves cause tissues to heat up triggering healing processes and have a direct tightening effect. The latter is the reason why some people say they see instant results after going for HIFU treatment. But the best is yet to come. The deep-tissue effects of the Ultraformer III promote collagen production, allowing your skin to rejuvenate itself the natural way. Say Goodbye to Sagging, Wrinkles and Fine Lines There’s more to HIFU treatment than meets the eye. It will reduce sagging, fine lines, wrinkles and skin folds, but it can also be used to contour the body. And although many patients say they’re happy with the immediate results, the passage of a few weeks will start to reveal the full effect of the treatment. Within three weeks, they begin to notice the external improvements that come from collagen repairing itself, and this process continues for up to six months. The improvements are subtle, but before and after photographs reveal just what HIFU therapy can do. Understanding the Treatment Process Finding out more about HIFU treatments proved to be less easy than we expected. It’s still a relatively new innovation and, given the high cost of the specialised equipment therapists need to offer it, it’s not something you’ll find just anywhere, although there are many cheaper, unproven systems on the market. We asked Jacinda McKay & Shelley Stevens, co-owners of Platinum Face and Body Clinic in Illawarra what to expect. “It’s something you can have done in your lunch break,” Jacinda says. “You don’t need any downtime. If you’re working with a qualified therapist, there’s very little chance of unwanted side-effects.” “Those who do experience them find them mild - maybe the skin appears a little red for a few hours, or in rare cases, nerves are temporarily affected, causing numbness or muscle weakness in the treatment area. And yes, there’s a tiny chance of bruising or minor burns,” Shelley says. “But for most people, it’s a walk-in, walk-out procedure with no real discomfort.” “Our clients are very happy with the results they get, and we’re careful to manage expectations. It’s not a surgical facelift. That’s its primary benefit, but you also can’t expect to see the same kind of results. That’s why all our treatments begin with a consultation. We don’t make promises we can’t deliver on, but we do deliver noticeable results.” If you’d like to find out more about HIFU therapy first-hand or would like to find out about other non-surgical cosmetic interventions, you can reach Jacinda or Shelley and their experienced team by calling +61 2 4200 9468 or visit the Non-surgical, Medical Grade Aesthetic Treatments for the Face and Body | Platinum Face and Body Clinic website to book a consultation online. Written & Syndicated by Baxton Media. Genuine Australian Personals Classified Site Launched 2018-11-13T10:04:56Z genuine-australian-personals-classified-site-launched-1 Open Personals has done the unconventional and launched a free personals classifieds site only for genuine people looking for friends, dates or casual encounters. Unlike any other platform, it is free from fakes, bots, scams and escort profiles or posts. This service adds an alternative to dating apps, singles websites and generic classifieds. Despite being free, it does not have any paid or fake posts. The site is open to everyone regardless of gender, sexuality or relationship. Existing dating sites are prohibitively expensive for a lot of people and filled with false profiles or bots or other scams. Dating apps are incredibly restrictive without also paying high fees. Open Personals defies both these approaches, to provide something free and useful. Tony Myers, the site developer, says, “This is an important site. It’s not there to make money. It is genuinely there to provide a platform for adults to connect with others looking for similar things. It should be possible to meet friends or partners for free and without scams.” Open Personals is still new but is attracting a following with new user registrations daily. That launched without thousands of members and demonstrates its commitment as a genuine platform for meeting people. Corrimal Wollongong Anti-Ageing Skin Treatment Clinic Expands to Canberra With HIFU Ultraformer3 Technology 2018-11-08T07:04:28Z corrimal-wollongong-anti-ageing-skin-treatment-clinic-expands-to-canberra-with-hifu-ultraformer3-technology-1 Janet Wilmot is a marketing professional based in Canberra. Her work requires confidence, but she experienced difficulty maintaining it until she consulted Shelley Stevens of Platinum Face and Body Clinic. This is her story. The Problem: Frown Lines Janet has frown lines. She thinks they’re inherited, because everyone in her family has them, and she began to notice them when she was in her teens. “I really didn’t think it was fair getting wrinkles so young, but my mum said we all had the frown,” she says. Teenage years are always a time when we lack confidence, and although Janet was as pretty as any young girl should be, she felt uncomfortable about the frown. “I worried that others would see me as cross and unapproachable,” she says. The Consequence: That Confidence Issue That Wouldn’t go Away As Janet grew up her natural confidence and bubbly personality grew too, but she still hated photos of herself, and worried about how others’ opinions might be affected by her frown lines. “I’m really a happy person, so it’s a bit incongruous having a permanent frown,” she says. “I didn’t let it spoil things for me, though. Most of the time, I didn’t think about it at all, but whenever I was in a situation where making a good impression was a big deal, I’d get self-conscious about it.” Investigating Options With skin creams making hardly any difference to her frown lines, Janet decided to investigate other options. She says she would even have considered surgery. It was then that she discovered Platinum Face and Body Clinic, a business based in Corrimal, Wollongong that’s run by a trained cosmetic nurse, Shelley Stevens, and her business partner Jacinda McKay. During her appointment with Stevens, Janet felt completely at ease. “I was expecting to feel embarrassed, but Shelley listened to me. It’s a problem I’ve never liked talking about. People think that if it’s your looks you’re worried about, it’s not important. Shelley really seemed to understand why my frown lines were such a problem for me.” No Surgery Needed To her relief, Janet found that she wouldn’t need to consider surgery after all. “Shelley talked me through my options, starting with skin creams which I’d already tried. She explained what differences I could expect from various interventions, and which surgical and skin clinic treatments could help me.” Stevens explained the surgical procedure that could work for Janet, but she also ran through several non-surgical therapy options. “I was willing to opt for surgery, but the thought of it worried me a lot. With Shelley’s help, I was able to choose a non-invasive therapy using the amazing HIFU Ultraformer III with no recovery time, and I’m happy with the results. “I do still have very faint frown lines etched in from long term frowning, but they are now soft and smooth and I have control over the activation of those muscles that causes the frowning. I’m worlds away from the deep creased angry look I always had. I have full confidence that my face is saying what I want it to say now, and it feels good!” Further Information To find out more about Platinum Face and Body Clinic’s services, reach Shelley or Jacinda and their experienced team by calling +61 2 4200 9468 or visit the Non-surgical, Medical Grade Aesthetic Treatments for the Face and Body | Platinum Face and Body Clinicwebsite to book a consultation online. PR Agency: Baxton Media. MELBOURNE ART WEEK ENLIVENS THE CITY IN AUGUST 2018 WITH EXCEPTIONAL WINTER PROGRAM 2018-06-13T03:51:14Z melbourne-art-week-enlivens-the-city-in-august-2018-with-exceptional-winter-program Melbourne, Australia: Melbourne Art Foundation unveiled details of the Melbourne Art Week 2018 program which cumulates in the return of Melbourne Art Fair, 2-5 August 2018 (Vernissage 1 August 2018) and the Visual Arts Awards on 4 August 2018. Over 50 Victorian cultural organisations, institutions, art spaces, satellite fairs and galleries will come together in the staging of Melbourne Art Week; a dynamic program of exhibitions, events, talks, performances and workshops that take place during the first week of August. Other highlights include programming from MoMA at NGV: 130 Years of Modern and Contemporary Art; From Will to Form: Tarrawarra Biennial 2018; ACCA: A Lightness of Spirit is the Measure of Happiness, Buxton Contemporary: No One is Watching You: Ronnie van Hout and VCA Open Studios. Minister for Creative Industries Martin Foley said, “Melbourne Art Week is set to take over our arts precinct with a celebration like no other. Through exhibitions, fairs, workshops, talks and performances, it will be an opportunity to deep dive into the best in contemporary art. Our Government is proud to support Melbourne Art Week. Events like this bring together some of our most exciting artists and organisations and showcase why Victoria is the creative state.” Melbourne Art Foundation continues to support contemporary art and living artists through its initiative Melbourne Art Week, and in 2018 has joined with Associate Partner, MLC Life Insurance to commission a new performative work from Japanese-born, Australian-based artist Hiromi Tango (represented by Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney). Performed on the streets of the Southbank Arts Precinct and incorporating Melbourne’s iconic cultural landmarks including ACCA, the 2018 home of Melbourne Art Fair, the work titled Lizard Tail (Dawn) has been embraced as the visual identity for the celebrated Melbourne Art Week. Susan Karson, Chief People, Marketing & Corporate Affairs Officer, MLC Life Insurance said, "We are delighted to partner with Melbourne Art Week in 2018 to support the commissioning of a new body of work by celebrated Japanese/Australian performance artist Hiromi Tango. Premised on the notion of interactivity, forging individual, social and cultural connections, Hiromi’s new work encapsulates the ethos of Melbourne Art Week in the bringing together of more than 50 cultural organisations to celebrate and support contemporary art and living artists.” MELBOURNE ART FAIR Melbourne Art Fair returns from 2-5 August 2018 (Vernissage 1 August 2018) as the anchor event of Melbourne Art Week, housed for the first time within the Southbank Arts Precinct and across two venues alongside the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) and the University of Melbourne Southbank Campus. Melbourne Art Fair exhibition sectors Galleries and Accent present 40 new and established galleries from Australia, New Zealand and the region exhibiting a diverse range of artists and curatorial themes through both solo presentations and group shows of closely related works. In 2018, the Fair will debut TIME, a site-specific video sector curated by Hannah Mathews (Senior Curator, Monash University Museum of Art) and Rachel Ciesla (Curator and Administrator Galleries and Programs, Melbourne Art Foundation). Unveiling a selection of new and recent works by Michaela Gleave (represented by Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne), Jess Johnson (represented by Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney) and Simon Ward, Sriwhana Spong (represented by Michael Lett, Auckland) and Angela Tiatia (represented by Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney), TIME joins with a growing number of organisations focusing their resources on the activities of female practitioners. TIME speaks to the power of the now and is presented across four sites including Melbourne Art Fair, Buxton Contemporary, Fed Square and QT Melbourne. Michaela Gleave's A Galaxy of Suns (2018) transposes what is perhaps the most epic measure of time for humanity: the distance between earth and the universe, questioning the relationship to time, matter and space. The work takes the form of a highly ambient field of colour and sound presented for an intimate audience via QT Melbourne's inhouse entertainment system. New Zealand artist, Jess Johnson and animator Simon Ward’s new video Webwurld (2017) offers a glimpse into a hallucinatory netherworld. Presented at scale on Federation Square’s iconic Big Screen, the work materialises a dark portal into a dimensional world whose activities may be taking place simultaneously to our own. London-based, New Zealand artist Sriwhana Spong’s 2016 video This Creature provides a sensorial travel through time and place. Presented in Melbourne Art Fair and within the Riding Hall and historic surrounds of the former Mounted Police Stables, the work channels female medieval mystic Margery Kempe (known for writing the first recorded western autobiography) through a walk undertaken by the artist through London’s Hyde Park. New Zealand born multimedia artist, Angela Tiatia, explores contemporary culture by drawing attention to its relationship to representation, gender, neo-colonialism and the commodification of the body and place. Screened at the street entrance to the newly opened Buxton Contemporary, Tiatia's The Fall collapses conventional structures of time in a deceivingly lush portrait of human consumption and greed. Projects Rooms, presented by Four Pillars and supported by the Melbourne Art Foundation, returns as a non-profit platform for cutting edge art spaces presenting experimental work within the context of a major visual arts event. The 2018 Project Rooms take place within Melbourne Art Fair and will feature presentations from the Institute of Modern Art (Brisbane), Gertrude Contemporary (Melbourne), Blak Dot Gallery (Melbourne) and The Physics Room (Christchurch). Gertrude Contemporary’s Anxious Bodies for Unstable Environments is a project that reflects upon the current state of global instability. Curated by Mark Feary, the project will present new, recent and context specific works of sculpture, performance, video and robotics, by artists Deanne Butterworth, Mathieu Briand, Kate Daw, Kuba Dorabialski, Jason Maling and Mark Shorter. Ryan Presley brings performance and exchange in his exhibition Prosperity produced by the Institute of Modern Art, which centres on his ongoing project, Blood Money (2010 - present), in which he reimagines Australian banknotes’ figureheads as the heroes and warriors of Aboriginal history. Blak Dot Gallery will present new work by four Melbourne based artists Kirsten Lyttle who is of Māori descent, Lisa Hilli who was born in Raboul - PNG, New Zealand-born Tongan woman Frances Tapueluelu, and local Aboriginal artist Vicki Couzens. All four women explore their own traditional cultural and often matriarchal influences or issues to create discourse and examine identity. The Blak Dot Project Room will create an empowered and empowering space for both the artists and the viewer. The Physics Room, (Un)conditional Part 3 is a two-person exhibition of specifically-commissioned work by New Zealand artists Ayesha Green and Cushla Donaldson, which examine the conditions—unspoken and assumed—under which things are given and received, and how, in the shadows, agency can be leveraged or subverted. TALKS Melbourne Art Week will commence with the Keynote address by Philip Tinari, Director of Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) at Deakin Edge, Fed Square on 31 July 2018 at 6.30pm, co-presented by the Melbourne Art Foundation, University of Melbourne and 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, and supported by Fed Square. The Keynote headlines the Talks program, which is presented in association with the University of Melbourne, Learning Partner of Melbourne Art Week. Designed to promote discussion, education and interest in contemporary art practice in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, the free for the public Talks 2018: Space of Friendship takes place from Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 August at Federation Hall at the University of Melbourne Southbank Campus. PERFORMANCES & WORKSHOPS The city will come alive during Melbourne Art Week with live performance and creative workshops taking place at a range of venues and spaces across the Southbank Arts Precinct. The program includes Phillip Adams BalletLab's Metamorphosen, a performance installation created in a response to composer Richard Strauss Metamorphosen (1945). Adams situates a continues rolling of body bags arriving one after the other onto a giant 18 metre inflatable designed by artist David Cross. Described as a Mondrian pop art grave yard of dripping paints the body bags roll continuously in long drawn out adagio representation of grief and trauma but of great upheaval in response to romantic musical climaxes in the score. Weaving Workshops: Bush Toys and Baskets, presented by ACCA and the Melbourne Art Foundation, is a hands-on workshop with senior weavers from the Victorian Aboriginal Weaving Collective to be held on Sunday 5 August. Art lovers of all ages are encouraged to join Gunditjmara weaver Bronwyn Razem and Yorta Yorta weaver Donna Blackall to explore traditional and contemporary weaving practices. Spaces are limited and registration is essential. Other workshop highlights include NEW YORK! NEW YORK! Coinciding with 2018’s Melbourne Winter Masterpieces exhibition MoMA at NGV: 130 Years of Modern and Contemporary Art, NGV Kids presents a large–scale participatory installation that will showcase New York City. Featuring interactive displays, multimedia projections and hands-on activities, this free exhibition will introduce children to the vibrancy of New York. Melbourne’s leading contemporary dance company Chunky Move will offer public contemporary dance classes for participants ages 18+ on Wednesday 1 August and Saturday 3 August, with a special Dance Party on Friday 2 August. Sessions take place in Chunky Move's purpose built, state-of-the-art dance studios, located in the heart of Melbourne’s Southbank Arts Precinct and a short stroll from Melbourne Art Fair. Melbourne Art Week is supported by major partners the Victorian State Government through Creative Victoria and the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. Owned and presented by Melbourne Art Foundation, a not for profit organisation established in 2003, Melbourne Art Week will run from 30 July-5 August 2018 and Melbourne Art Fair from 2-5 August 2018. For further details please visit Ends Media Contact Rhiannon Broomfield, Senior Publicist,, +61 410 596 021 Media pack including imagery: Video of Hiromi Tango performance: About Melbourne Art Week | 500 + Artists | 50 + Events | 30 + Venues Melbourne Art Foundation has joined with over 50 Victorian cultural organisations, institutions, art spaces, satellite fairs and galleries to stage Melbourne Art Week (30 July-5 August 2018); a dynamic winter program of exhibitions, events, talks, performances and workshops. Melbourne Art Fair returns from 2-5 August 2018 (Vernissage, 1 August) as the flagship event of Art Week and will take place for the first time across two venues within the Southbank Arts Precinct and alongside ACCA. Other highlights of Art Week include the Visual Arts Awards (Saturday 2 August), From Will to Form: Tarrawarra Biennial 2018; ACCA: A Lightness of Spirit is the Measure of Happiness, Buxton Contemporary: No One is Watching You: Ronnie van Hout, VCA Open Studios + more. About Melbourne Art Foundation Melbourne Art Foundation is a not for profit organisation established in 2003 to promote contemporary art and living Australian artists. Melbourne Art Foundation produces the biennial Melbourne Art Week, and flagship events Melbourne Art Fair and the Awards for the Visual Arts. Melbourne Art Foundation sponsors a range of programs during Melbourne Art Week for the benefit of living artists, to facilitate public discussion and develop new audiences for contemporary art. They include major commissions, project rooms featuring emerging and independent artists and art spaces, public talks, collector programs, guided tours and the celebrated opening night; Vernissage. About Melbourne Art Fair Melbourne Art Fair is the flagship event of Melbourne Art Week, taking place for the first time within the Southbank Arts Precinct and alongside ACCA. Showcasing a curated selection of 40 galleries, the Fair will present some of the newest and most respected artists from Australia, New Zealand and the region. Beginning in 1988, Melbourne Art Fair was founded by galleries from Australia, and has fired the enthusiasm of discerning collectors and an informed public for 30 years. Over its extensive history, the Fair has been instrumental in stimulating critical and commercial attention for galleries and their artists, presenting a rich and diverse cross-section of the region’s visual art scene. Melbourne Art Fair 2018 is set to welcome over 20,000 visitors over 5-days, from Thursday 2 August to Sunday 5 August (Vernissage Wednesday 1 August). Tickets now on sale: Melbourne Art Fair Event Details Melbourne Art Fair runs from Thursday 2 August to Sunday 5 August 2018 (Vernissage, Wednesday 1 August) in the Southbank Arts Precinct alongside ACCA, 111 Sturt Street Southbank VIC | Collector Preview Wednesday 1 August, 2pm-5pm Vernissage Wednesday 1 August, 5pm-9pm Collector View Thursday 2 August, 10am-12pm Public Opening Thursday 2 August, 12pm-5pm Friday 3 August, 10am-9pm (Friday Up Late) Saturday 4 August, 10am-6pm Sunday 5 August, 11am-4pm About MLC Life Insurance MLC Life Insurance is a specialised life insurance business. It represents a landmark strategic partnership between National Australia Bank (NAB) and Nippon Life Insurance under which NAB retain 20% shareholding and Nippon Life hold a majority 80% of the shares in MLC Limited, the entity which operates the MLC Life Insurance business. The Australian-led and managed business aims to leverage Nippon Life’s global presence, built over 128 years, alongside MLC Life Insurance’s significant experience in understanding and meeting the insurance needs of everyday Australians since 1886. For more information on MLC Life Insurance, visit RAINBOW DINNER & AUCTION WITH HELEN CLARK 2018-06-01T22:02:40Z rainbow-dinner-amp-auction-with-helen-clark   Rainbow New Zealand Charitable Trust, Aotearoa’s longest running LGBTI+ charity, is delighted to announce details of its dinner and auction fundraiser on Sunday 9th September at the Cordis Hotel in Auckland.  Building on almost 20 years of fundraising tradition, the evening of fine dining, entertainment and auction will feature internationally renowned guest speaker, Helen Clark, the 37th Prime Minister of New Zealand and former Head of the United Nations Development Programme. The fundraiser will host up to 500 opinion leaders and supporters from the community, business sector and political arena. Tickets are available from This is the first fundraising event the Trust has held since the GABA Charitable Trust became the Rainbow New Zealand Charitable Trust taking on a national purpose beyond Auckland.  “We are extremely delighted to have a guest of Helen Clark's calibre and profile, and are proud to call her a friend”, says Trust Chair, Gresham Bradley. Gresham comments that while NZ is a world leader in LGBTI+ rights, there was still much work to be done and raising much-needed funds for distribution to the community is Rainbow NZ Trust's purpose.  Since its founding, the Trust has donated over $300,000 to fund a broad range of LGBTIQ+ community organisations, projects and initiatives.  GUEST SPEAKER HELEN CLARK Helen Clark is a long time supporter of the LGBTI+ community.  As the Head of the United Nations Development Programme she addressed the 2016 Rainbow Auckland fund-raiser live by Skype to loud appreciation from the hundreds in attendance at the SkyCity venue.   In 2000, then Prime Minister Helen Clark stood up for the LGBTI+ community during changes to include same-sex relationships in the Matrimonial Property Act. Then in 2002 she issued an apology to the LGBTI+ community on behalf of the Government for many years of discrimination.  More recently as Head of the United Nations Development Programme Helen spoke on International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia, stating that UNDP supported initiatives to promote understanding of the negative impact of homophobia and transphobia, and to reducing human rights violations.  VIP Function with Helen A strictly limited number of guests will have the opportunity to meet Helen Clark in person at this exclusive event. Beverages and canapes will be served. This private function will take place in the Grey’s Room (set in standing cocktail style) from 5:30pm to 6.30pm prior to the event start at 7:00pm. RAINBOW NEW ZEALAND CHARITABLE TRUST Background: ‘The Rainbow New Zealand Charitable Trust’ has a long history of giving back to the LGBTQI community. Since its founding, the Trust has donated over $300,000 to fund a broad range of LGBTQI organisations, individuals, projects and initiatives. The Trust formally changed its name in January, 2018, becoming the ‘Rainbow New Zealand Charitable Trust’.  The new name adopts the now universally understood term “Rainbow” as reflecting the LGBTQI communities, better communicates the national purpose of the Trust, and more closely aligns the Trust’s name with ‘Rainbow Auckland’ (formerly GABA), ‘Rainbow Tick’ and the many other “Rainbow” organisations in New Zealand. For more information about the ‘Rainbow Dinner & Auction with Helen Clark’ and the Trust’s ongoing activities please contact: Gresham Bradley,  Chair, Rainbow New Zealand Charitable Trust Mob - 021 473 741 Email -   Stylish Male Bedding Collection Launched Just in Time for Christmas 2017-11-28T17:34:08Z stylish-male-bedding-collection-launched-just-in-time-for-christmas FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Stylish Male Bedding Collection Launched Just in Time for Christmas  Melbourne, Victoria - November 29, 2017 - For the first time in Australia, a range of quality, affordable bedding, featuring designs exclusively for men, is available to purchase online – and can be delivered in time for Christmas. Traditionally, bedding is marketed towards the female and couples market dominated by flowers, white and just plain boring. But bedrocks is bucking that trend with their exclusive line of men's and gender-neutral quilt cover sets that are all set to make Australian beds rock.  This is refreshing news for many Australians who also feel that quality bed linen is over priced. bedrocks claims to deliver affordable designer bed sheets from around the globe that look great and are just seriously comfortable. Bedrocks also include free bed sheets and pillowcases with every quilt cover set sold. Shipping is free and there is an option to buy now, pay later, to help shoppers get organised in the run up to Christmas.  Teenagers and youths will no longer have to rely on their mums to choose their bed linen. Men no longer have to stick with the same old bed sheets they’ve had since their teens. And, with reports suggesting men wash their bed linen just four times a year nobody will ever want, or need, to avoid changing bed sheets ever again,” and we believe bed-change day can be something additional for men to get excited about in the bedroom with the right quality linen” said Andrew Saunders of bedrocks. And, if buying bed sheets seems like a boring or overly-practical idea for a gift, one look at the cool and luxe designs from bedrocks will convince customers that originality in the bedroom is most definitely a good thing. bedrocks quilt covers are the perfect gift for men, youths, and that difficult-to-buy-for friend, or lover this Christmas. Women need not feel left out. bedrocks stocks a huge range of bed linen for their female customers and there are plenty of designs for those looking for something different to the quilt covers which are typically found in bed stores. Bold colours, Bohemian patterns, cool checks, sexy stripes and classy gingham abound.  “A quilt cover from bedrocks will add a whole new dimension to the bedroom. They are bound to leave our customers keen to stay in bed, or excited to show them off to someone else," said Andrew Saunders of bedrocks. "Finally, an Australian company is supplying bed linen that will enable everyone to feel great in bed!”  bedrocks original quilt covers, bed sheets, pillow cases and cushion covers can be found at the following website: Contact:  Name:  Andrew Saunders Address: Melbourne, Australia Telephone Number: +61488178146 Email: DISCOVER 30 YEARS OF ROXETTE HITS AS YOU’VE NEVER HEARD THEM BEFORE 2016-12-14T06:59:15Z discover-30-years-of-roxette-hits-as-you-ve-never-heard-them-before "Songs for Nurseries, Toy Rooms & other Sweet Places" MEDIA RELEASE, SYDNEY, 14 DECEMBER 2016: Today, Australian boutique music company, Bamm Bamm Wolfgang, have released an exclusive collection of classic Roxette songs, reimagined as lullaby instrumentals for the next generation of magic friends. Baby Roxers – The Lullaby Hits! (Vol.1) promises to “Rox you like a baby!”. Join the Baby Roxers, Baby Jane and Baby Cooper (the animated artists and babes behind the music), on a melodic journey across three decades of Roxette. Serenade your little one with a starry twist on hits like “Listen To Your Heart” and “The Look” and other fan favourites, including “Silver Blue” and “Stars”. The ultimate gift for Roxette aficionados, this lovingly crafted 12-track compilation appeals to little ears with mesmorising melodies and dreamy instrumentals, making The Lullaby Hits (Vol.1) the essential soundtrack for a “Perfect Day” until it is time to “Go To Sleep”. Adam Alexander, Creative Director of Bamm Bamm Wolfgang comments: “This is a passion project for me. I’m a Daddy and have been an avid Roxette fan since the early 90s. While I adore traditional lullabies, it’s my hope that this record can be something a little more personal for Roxette fans, who are now becoming parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles – to add to their repertoire and share with their little ones. A musical inheritance, if you like!”. To accompany the release, Bamm Bamm Wolfgang have collaborated with Director Robertino Zambrano to produce a sensory music video starring Baby Jane and Baby Cooper, capturing the adventurous and imaginative spirit of the album. Baby Roxers – The Lullaby Hits! (Vol.1) is available from Wednesday, 14 December 2016. Album download available from digital stores. A limited-edition CD is available via the official Roxette website To find out more, visit: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Instagram/babyroxers – END – For more information, images and interview requests please contact: Celia Harding
 M: +61 428 229 455
E: Notes to Editors Baby Roxers – The Lullaby Hits! (Vol.1) Private album link for review Track listing The Look Stars Sleeping In My Car Listen To Your Heart Almost Unreal Spending My Time Silver Blue How Do You Do! Good Karma First Girl On The Moon Perfect Day Go To Sleep Short + Sweet: SNACKABLETV youth broadcast network for short-form content launches 2016-12-01T00:16:58Z short-sweet-snackabletv-youth-broadcast-network-for-short-form-content-launches Meet SNACKABLETV, a revolutionary digital youth network housing the best in bite-sized content. It’s an entirely new way for young people all over the world to access high quality short-form entertainment for FREE, without annoying advertisements or subscriptions. VIEW THE SIZZLE REEL Millennials are diverse, curious and engaged - so, SNACKABLETV is too. It does not discriminate against gender, sexuality, race, creed or socio-economic status, only against beige content. SNACKABLETV launches with solid collaborations and partnerships as official Youth & Content Broadcaster for Sydney Festival, co-produced podcasts with the team from Melbourne’s Sans Pants Radio and short films produced by future creative superstars from the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS). Offering something for everyone, SNACKABLETV plays host to content across seven channels; Culture, Film, Gaming, Music, Podcast, Style, and a dedicated hub for today’s news, events, and the best of the net; What’s Hot. Original series’ will feature respected members of the creative community including; street artist Scott Marsh; music journalist Danny Clayton; celebrity fashion stylist Mikey Ayoubi; mindfulness coach Kylie Ryan; comedians Rhys Nicholson and Robbie Armfield; musicians Client Liaison, Sleep Makes Waves and The Jezabels; and so much more incredible talent in front of and behind the lens. In the face of a fracturing media landscape, SNACKABLETV also offers a solution for brands to target a millennial audience utilising quality native content by creating this ‘safe space’ free of subscriptions and free of pre-rolls and pop-up ads to give viewers a great experience which will keep them coming back for more. The network will lead the fight against ‘Digital Litter’, a result of too much access to poorly made content. Everything on SNACKABLETV is short, sharp, and captivating. It’s video that is never boring, always inspiring, with an added dose of learning for the socially aware, completely free of charge to the viewer. SNACKABLETV Co-founders Kate Edwards and Shae Constantine said today: “We are extremely proud to be launching Australia’s first short form broadcast network made especially for young people. “SNACKABLETV is purpose built as much for the consumer as it is for the creator – it’s a conduit between the two worlds. We identified a gap, in that there is so much good content out there and before now it hasn’t had a home or a chance to get to an audience who will appreciate it. “Our doors are wide open to young creatives and creators. We want to distribute the best short-form content the world has seen, and this is only possible with a truly robust digital platform to facilitate the relationship between creator and audience. That platform is SNACKABLETV.” Content is currently available online (mobile, tablet or desktop) via The bar has been set high and SNACKABLETV is committed to pushing the boundaries in both the controversy and quality stakes. New content will be released on all channels across the network constantly. Stay tuned for updates on exciting co-productions and distribution partnerships. In the face of a fracturing media landscape, SNACKABLETV also offers a solution for brands to target a millennial audience utilising quality native content by creating this ‘safe space’ free of subscriptions and free of pre-rolls and pop-up ads to give viewers a great experience which will keep them coming back for more. Interview and content requests contact The Lantern Group: Louisa Read +61 412 955 101 Fiona Gulin +61 487 992 333 CONNECT WITH SNACKABLETV FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM #snackableTV MEDIA MATERIALS DROPBOX #LoveWins book out now: Jim Obergefell and Debbie Cenziper interviews avail 2016-06-13T19:30:00Z lovewins-book-out-now-jim-obergefell-and-debbie-cenziper-interviews-avail Australian media interviews available with Jim Obergefell and Pulitzer prize-winner, Debbie Cenziper Email: "If you’ve ever thought to yourself ‘I can’t possibly win against these odds’, this is a story for you. This book will become a classic." — ERIN BROCKOVICH LOVE WINS: The promise that won the landmark case for marriage equality by Debbie Cenziper and Jim Obergefell #LoveWins worldwide publication: 14 June, 2016 RRP: $29.99 paperback ISBN: 9781925344554 Imprint: Affirm Press Category: Non-fiction Moments after the US Supreme Court approved the historic decision to grant every citizen the right to same-sex marriage, President Barack Obama made a personal phone call to one man. That man was Jim Obergefell, the lead plaintiff who became an ‘accidental activist’ after making a promise to the love of his life to change the world. Love Wins written by Obergefell and Pulitzer Prize winner, Debbie Cenziper, reveals the inside story of the lovers and lawyers behind this David and Goliath battle that delivered the US civil rights victory of our time — and inspired the rest of the world. More than twenty years ago, Jim Obergefell and John Arthur fell in love in Cincinnati, Ohio, a place where gays were routinely picked up by police and fired from their jobs. In 2013 Jim and John – who was dying of the crippling neurodegenerative disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis – flew to Maryland, where same-sex marriage was legal, and exchanged vows on the tarmac. But back home, Ohio refused to recognise their union. John’s death certificate would describe him as single and Jim would not only have to mourn his partner but also be denied acknowledgment of the life they had shared. Then they met lawyer Al Gerhardstein, who had spent nearly three decades advocating for civil rights, and who now saw an opening that had never been explored in the courtroom. Together Al and Jim began a long and gruelling battle against overwhelming odds, partnering with more than fifty lawyers and plaintiffs to make their case. On 26 June 2015 the Supreme Court ruled in their favour, making same-sex marriage the law of the land in a landmark decision seen as groundbreaking as the historic Roe versus Wade case. Love Wins is the ultimate love story – about a man who goes to such lengths to fulfil a promise to the love of his life that he ends up changing the world. Love Wins is part-love story, part-thriller documenting history in the making,with an unerring eye on the heart and facts of the case, right up to victory in the Supreme Court. READ MORE IN ATTACHED MEDIA RELEASE ALL MEDIA ENQUIRES TO EMMA@HOUSEOFRUSHER.COM Anti-Bullying Day; 'Sextortion' and cyberbullying posing a serious threat to Australia's youth 2016-03-10T02:15:30Z anti-bullying-day-sextortion-and-cyberbullying-posing-a-serious-threat-to-australia-s-youth FOR FOXES SAKEEducating kids way to safety says sex educator For immediate release - March 2016 In the lead up to the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, sex educator and author Rowena Murray lifts the lid on cyberbullying; identifying it as the greatest threat to Australia’s youth. With the rise of ‘sextortion’ or ‘revenge porn’, young women in particular are found to be amongst the most vulnerable. A recent study conducted by beyondblue and Norton by Symantec found that a startling one in ten Australian women said they had experienced ‘revenge porn’ or ‘sextortion’. Most women (76%) under 30 were found to be the victim of online harassment, ranging from verbal abuse to threats of violence. “Revenge porn has far-reaching impacts, with victims often feeling fearful, frightened, violated and abused. Having intimate photos or footage out there can be awful enough, and is exacerbated if online abuse or bullying follows it,” states Rowena. “Young people shouldn’t be shamed into isolating themselves by going offline, as the perpetrators are the criminals here. They shouldn’t be shamed by their families, schools or friends when they need support. Slut-shaming, especially when it’s directed at someone in their teens, only serves to further perpetuate alienation.” In another study conducted by McAfee in 2013, it was found that Aussie teens and tweens were some of the most exposed to cyberbullying; 81% had witnessed cyberbullying, whilst over a third were victims themselves. “Though cyberbullying is sometimes inescapable, young people can take preventative measures to protect their own safety by keeping as many details, such as their location and school private,” says Rowena. “Adults can also help by having two-way conversations with young family members and friends about the digital challenges facing today’s youth.” In her book For Foxes Sake, Rowena educates young people on how they can protect themselves from cyberbullying and on sex in the digital age.  “You’re dealing with a very open internet. There’s also more bullying than ever before because people’s brains go missing when they’re behind a keyboard and they turn into total idiots. Law enforcement, legislation and public attitudes haven’t caught up with the realities of online behaviour.”    -   ends   - Journalists please note: For interviews, images and requests please contactRachel Service  That Comms 0431 339 497Chloe Tran That Comms 0405 955 025 Photographic exhibition to demystify BDSM expression 2016-02-04T01:56:01Z photographic-exhibition-to-demystify-bdsm-expression BDSM, opening at Sydney’s Black Eye Gallery in March 2016 as part of Art Month, features 16 engaging and intimate portraits of very diffe rent BDSM practitioners. Through these portraits, fine art and advertising photographer Simon Bernhardt is attempting to dispel the stereotypes that surround BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission and sadomasochism) and tell the story of ordinary people at ease in their skin or behind their masks. BDSM will open just 2 days before Sydney’s Mardi Gras Festival, matching the theme of everyday people exploring their own sexual identity. “There is a certain misconception associated with BDSM – that practitioners are somehow perverted and guilty of abhorrent fetishes. BDSM showcases practitioners on a journey of sexual discovery, while allowing people to learn more about how they came to be excited by things outside “mainstream” sexual expression,” said Bernhardt. Accompanying the exhibition, is a limited edition book allowing the Australian public to learn more about how each subject came to be involved and influenced in the BDSM scene. First person accounts of their experiences and journeys, which avoid objectification and allow a fresh insight into a community that most people have little understanding of. BDSM seeks to celebrate and document these participants and their unique sexual identities by breaking taboos and misunderstandings about what we think goes on behind closed doors. BDSM By Simon Bernhardt 3rd – 17th March, 2016 Black Eye Gallery, 3/138 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst Opening night: 6pm, Thursday 3rd of March, 2016. #Ends Simon Bernhardt Instagram Simon Bernhardt Photographer Facebook #BDSMExhibition Images attached (higher resolution images available on request): BDSM Simon Bernhardt Subject 1, 4, 15, 16 Photo/Interview Opportunity: Simon Bernhardt is available for interview and photo opportunities by appointment. About Simon Bernhardt: Simon Bernhardt is an advertising, editorial and fine art photographer based in Sydney, Australia. Whilst studying Fine Arts Photography and Media at the University of Technology, Sydney, Bernhardt worked as a freelance photographic assistant for some of the top fashion, advertising and fine art photographers, internationally and in Australia. Soon after, this led to Bernhardt taking on his own photographic commissions for magazines and advertising agencies. In 2010 his first photographic publication was released entitled Polaroid Holiday, reflecting his creative obsession with the Polaroid format and capturing studies of stark urban alienation. This exhibition and book tour, travelled over the next three-year period. Bernhardt then continued to explore his fascination with the minutiae of the urban wilderness throughout Europe and Australia. This resulted in his second photographic publication, released in 2012 entitled Square Scapes, dedicated to his friend and mentor the great Australian painter Jeffrey Smart. In 2014 his third photographic publication and exhibition ‘Gateway’ sparked serious political and cultural debate throughout Australia. It featured sixteen contemporary portraits of cannabis users that attempted to dispel stereotypes, while debating whether cannabis is really a gateway drug and its possible future legalisation for medical and recreational purposes in Australia. The exhibition and limited edition book release also aimed to eliminate any emotion from the sensitive subject of illegal drug use. These portraits engage with the human face of each subject’s personal story behind their cannabis use. Media enquiries: Samuel Spurr ph. 0438 501 005, Mardi Gras Film Festival Coming to the Blue Mountains for the first time! 2016-02-02T22:53:54Z mardi-gras-film-festival-coming-to-the-blue-mountains-for-the-first-time 3 February 2016: For the first time, and in partnership with the local Pink Mountains organisation, The Carrington Hotel in Katoomba will host the best five films of the 23rd Mardi Gras Film Festival presented by Queer Screen, as well as the winner of the prestigious My Queer Career awards from 11 – 13 March 2016. Tickets on sale at and via the Mardi Gras Film Festival app.   “We are delighted to bring the Mardi Gras Film Festival to the Blue Mountains for the first time and to screen at the beautiful Carrington Hotel,” said Festival Director Paul Struthers. “It’s very exciting to bring the best festival films on tour to such a supportive community”.   Peter Hackney, Pink Mountains co-convenor said: “It’s indicative of the burgeoning LGBTIQ community in the Mountains that Mardi Gras has decided to expand outside its Inner Sydney heartland and come to our region. They’ve seen that we have a vital, rapidly growing queer scene and have responded accordingly.   “We congratulate the Mardi Gras Film Festival for thinking outside the box and we urge all local LGBTIQ people and visitors to support these film screenings wholeheartedly”, he added.   The screenings include:  REMEMBERING THE MAN – a bittersweet documentary further exploring the relationship between Australians Timothy Conigrave and John Caleo as detailed in Holding the Man. This film was the winner of Most Popular Documentary at the Adelaide Film Festival. Friday 11 March, 7pm.   The winner of My Queer Career, Australia’s largest LGBTIQ film prize, will be shown on Friday 11 March along with REMEMBERING THE MAN. This year the eight finalists are: Kate Halpin (A PRIVATE MATTER), Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston (DON’T CRY THOSE TEARS), Tim Marshall (FOLLOWERS), Nathan Keene (LITTLE BOY BLUE), Stevie Cruz-Martin (MARROW), Joshua Longhurst (OASIS), Ben Southwell (ON STAGE), and Dannika Horvat (THE SUMMER OF ABC BURNS).  LIZ IN SEPTEMBER - The striking supermodel and actor Patricia Velásquez comes to the screen in this Venezuelan lesbian film. Winner of the audience award at Miami’s queer film festival, this film is captivating. Saturday 12 March, 6pm.  BEAUTIFUL SOMETHING - Featuring some of the hottest sex scenes from any LGBTIQ film this year, this movie is a sexy and tender glimpse into life for the contemporary gay man as the stories of Brian a poet and Jim, an actor intertwine. Saturday 12 March, 8pm.  TCHINDAS – A sensual and transporting documentary that reveals an open and multicultural corner of Africa seldom explored, follows the life of three queer artists as they prepare for a spectacular Carnival. Sunday 13 March, 2pm.  THAT’S NOT US – With beautiful cinematography, and nuanced and natural performances, this engaging dramedy about relationships is a breath of fresh air. Three couples – one gay, one lesbian, one straight - are on a weekend away at a beach house managing the intricacies, vulnerabilities, laughter and connection that comes with relationships. Sunday 13 March, 4pm.     -ENDS- Media Enquiries: Louise Nealon, CallidusPR T: (02) 9283 4114/ 0403 569 177 E: Mardi Gras Film Festival Popping at the Seams! 2016-01-14T22:58:26Z mardi-gras-film-festival-popping-at-the-seams With 20 additional screenings, 4 new venues, 9 international guests, countless Australian premieres and an increased cash prize for the My Queer Career winners, the 23rd Mardi Gras Film Festival presented by Queer Screen is set to be the biggest year yet in the Festival’s history. The full program and all tickets are now on sale at or through the Mardi Gras Film Festival app.   Running from 18 February to 3 March 2016, the Festival will feature 75 screenings at Event Cinemas in George Street and new-to-festival venues the Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace Cremorne, the Golden Age Cinema and Bar in Surry Hills and The Harbour. From mid-March to early April the Festival will travel to the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta and for the first time, the Carrington Hotel in the Blue Mountains.   “Every year we aim to be bigger and better than before and this year we have nailed it,” explains Festival Director Paul Struthers. “We have more diversified content including a lot more lesbian films, more transgender films, more documentaries, more international guests, more masterclasses and more screenings at more venues including two free community screenings. There is absolutely something for everyone in this year’s line-up and we are really excited to launch the full program today”.   An absolutely jam-packed program offers LGBTIQ stories across the whole spectrum from fantastical feature films to raw documentaries and promises to make audiences laugh, cry, think, be inspired and engaged. Highlights include:   CHEMSEX - a fascinating and honest insight into the lives of modern gay men in the UK who engage in weekend-long, drug fueled orgies, a.k.a ‘chemsex’ or ‘wired fun’. Participants hold nothing back and the documentary offers untouched, gritty and sometimes confronting point of view from a variety of lives within the London chemsex scene. The screening will be following by a panel discussion.   Andrew Steggall’s DEPARTURE is a visual delight bringing us to the peaceful French countryside where Elliot on holiday with his mum is awakened to previously unknown desires. With a surprisingly honest portrayal of family, young love and self-discovery, this film will haunt you in the best possible way. Filmmaker Andrew Steggall will be at the Festival and participating in a Q&A after the screening.  THE GIRL KING tells the story of the real life Queen Kristina of Sweden a brilliant 17th century monarch who fought the conservative forces of her court to modernize Sweden. Shocking the court with her refusal to marry, Kristina fell for her lady-in-waiting and names her as the Queen’s bed companion. This is the first film to delve deeper into the Queen’s sexuality and won Best Actress award at the Montréal World Film Festival.   Sure to become an audience favourite, Dame Maggie Smith and Alan Bennett give stellar performances in THE LADY IN THE VAN, fresh from the Toronto Film Festival. This is a quirky, true story about a homeless elderly woman called Mary Shepard who moved her battered van into Bennett’s driveway and refused to leave.    A superb Australian feature from 2013 My Queer Perspective winner Grant Scicluna, and featuring actors Reef Ireland, Kerry Fox and Tom Green, DOWNRIVER is a mysterious story that follows protagonist James as he is released on parole for the murder of a child as a young boy and turns the idea of coming of age on its head. The cast and crew will participate in a Q&A after the screening.     The visually stunning GIRLS LOST is an emotionally raw Swedish urban fantasy film where three teenage girls are given the bodies of cisgender men for the night. When they realise how different they are treated as men then gain a new confidence as women while one realizes he may have been a boy all along.   A fascinating Australian documentary, ECCO HOMO asks a range of famous and not so famous people including U2 and INXS, the impossible question who was Troy Davies? Artist and performer, provocateur and chameleon, Davies charmed his way through a lifetime of fame, art, secrets, HIV, abuse and gender fluidity.   Starring Dianna Agron from Glee, BARE explores the vastness of Nevada’s landscape and the neon lights of its seedy nightlife as country girl Sarah is drawn unto a world of drugs, stripping, spirituality and sex by squatter Piper.   Exciting news for fans of hit online drama STARTING FROM…NOW!, the Festival presents the world premiere of the fourth season in one glorious sitting followed by a Q&A with the cast and crew. Following the complicated lives of four inner-city Sydney lesbians, the drama has amassed 20 million views over its first three seasons.   International directors and actors will be arriving from all over the world including from Germany: Marco Kreuzpaintner(director) and Kostja Ulmann(actor) of COMING IN and previously SUMMER STORM; Spain: Actor Marcal Forés from EVERLASTING LOVE; the UK Andrew Steggall (Director) DEPARTURE;  Canada: Christina Zeidler (Director) PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL MONOGAMIST; Switzerland Claudia Lorenz (Director) WHAT'S BETWEEN US and from the US Ray Yeung, Director and Chowee Leow - Co-Producer of FRONT COVER  and Nneka Onuorah Director of THE SAME DIFFERENCE. All international guests will participate in a Q&A discussion with the audience after their film screenings   My Queer Career, Australia’s largest LGBTIQ film prize has now been increased to a prize of $14,000 in cash and support and automatic nomination to the world-renowned Iris Prize competition. This year the eight finalists are: Kate Halpin (A PRIVATE MATTER), Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston (DON’T CRY THOSE TEARS), Tim Marshall (FOLLOWERS), Nathan Keene (LITTLE BOY BLUE), Stevie Cruz-Martin (MARROW), Joshua Longhurst (OASIS), Ben Southwell (ON STAGE), and Dannika Horvat (THE SUMMER OF ABC BURNS).   Thanks to Screen NSW, Queer Screen is hosting four free events for local film makers with Australian and international talents. These include a production masterclass with US based director of THE SAME DIFFERENCE Nneka Onuorah; a masterclass in directing actors and your crew from COMING IN director Marco Kreuzpaintner and actor Kostja Ullmann; developing a strategy for the film festival circuit with DOWNRIVER director Grant Scicluna; and an industry forum on trends in LGBTIQ cinema.   In partnership with the City of Sydney, two free community screenings will be shown.  WHAT’S BETWEEN US looks at the aftermath of a straight husband coming out as gay as Frank admits to sexual attraction to men after 18 years of marriage and three children. THE YEAR WE THOUGHT ABOUT LOVE is a documentary following the personal lives of members of True Colours, a Boston based LGBTIQ youth troupe and delivers a powerful message on social change.   The always popular shorts section has been extended with this year with the exciting addition of the first ever Asia Pacific Queer Film Festival Alliance Shorts – a selection of the best shorts from a new alliance of 11 Asian queer film festivals.   There will also be a screening of Mixed Shorts featuring a collection of the year’s best lesbian, gay and transgender films; a special late-night collection of international Gay Shorts, and returning after a four year absence a great collection of Lesbian Shorts.     The Festival Bar will run every night from 6pm to late.    The 2016 Mardi Gras Film Festival presented by Queer Screen is supported by St George Bank, The Star Sydney, Event Cinemas George Street, AGL, ACON, Ovolo Hotels, Optus, City of Sydney, Screen NSW, South Australian Tourism and the Star Observer.  Tickets for all films are on sale now including flexi passes to 5 or 10 films. Please visit or the Mardi Gras Film Festival app to book or call (02) 9332 4938 to become a Queer Screen member for discounted tickets and priority entry.   -ENDS-  Note to Editors:   Directors and actors from most films are available for interview  Screeners of most films are available for review and imagery is available for publication   Media Enquiries: Louise Nealon, CallidusPR T: (02) 9283 4114/ 0403 569 177 E: Queer Screen Promises Salty, Sweet & Sexy in Festival Teaser 2015-11-17T01:02:17Z queer-screen-promises-salty-sweet-sexy-in-festival-teaser 17 November 2015: The 23rd Mardi Gras Film Festival (Festival) from Queer Screen promises to set hearts beating and pulses racing with a raft of exciting Australian premieres, award winners and an Oscar contender announced in its teaser program today; tickets now on sale at   The Festival will open on Thursday 18 February with the Australian premiere of the sensual French film Summertime. Other Australian premieres to be screened include the hauntingly beautiful Thai Oscar entry for 2016 How to Win at Checkers (Every Time), Addicted to Fresno starring Natasha Lyonne, the captivating Venezuelan lesbian film Liz in September, and Coming In, a comedy from the director and star of gay classic Summer Storm.  Remembering the Man, a new documentary of the tragic tale of Australian lovers Timothy Conigrave and John Caleo, will make its Sydney debut at the Festival.   Running from 18 February to 3 March 2016 at Event Cinemas George Street and other venues, this year’s festival promises to deliver something for everyone.   “2016 is a universal festival and caters for everyone under the rainbow,” explains Festival Director Paul Struthers. “Film subjects range from athletes and dancers to local heroes and features straight, gay, lesbian, trans, and bi-sexual characters from across the world. Whatever genre you are into from lighthearted comedies to surreal horror we have it covered. It’s definitely our most wide-ranging and exciting festival yet”.   The Opening Night film Summertime, follows farm girl Delphine as she heads to the bright lights of Paris to create her own life during the dawn of 1970s activism in France. Screened recently at the highly esteemed Toronto International Film Festival, and winner of the Variety Piazza Grande Award at the Locarno International Film Festival, this sensual film will move everyone who sees it.   Further exploring the relationship between Australians Timothy Conigrave and John Caleo as detailed in Holding the Man, Remembering the Man is a bittersweet documentary featuring previously unseen footage of John Caleo and looks at Timothy’s life after John.  This film was the winner of Most Popular Documentary at the Adelaide Film Festival.   Genre fans won’t want to miss multi award winning Everlasting Love, Spain’s answer to Stranger in the Lake but even weirder. A winner at LA’s Outfest, this film is set in the woods in the wake of a grizzly murder, so why can’t the cruisers keep away?   The Thai entry for the 2016 Oscars, How to Win at Checkers (Every Time), is a stunning drama about a young boy who worries about losing his openly gay brother to the army draft. A compelling and beautiful film, which recently played at the Berlin International Film Festival, it’s easy to see why this was chosen to represent the country on the international stage.   Game Face is a must-see documentary exploring the lives of LGBT athletes. Featuring transgender lesbian MMA fighter Fallon Fox who competes in a less- than-trans-friendly environment and Terrence Clemens coming out as a college basketballer, this documentary brings us up close and personal with the athletes during their most challenging times.  Orange is the New Black’s Natasha Lyonne and Jamie Babbit re-join forces to bring us the comedy Addicted to Fresno that premiered at Sundance. Featuring sex and murder, the movie looks at how far you will go for sisterhood.  Coming In, a new comedy from the director and star of gay classic Summer Storm explores what happens when a hip gay hairdresser at the top of his game falls in love with a woman.   Documentarian Jack Walsh brings us a funny and frank look at the life of revolutionary choreographer, artist, filmmaker and feminist Yvonne Rainer as she goes through political, professional and personal struggles in Feeling are Facts: the Life of Yvonne Rainer.   The striking supermodel and actor Patricia Velásquez comes to the screen in the Venezuelan lesbian film Liz in September. Winner of the audience award at Miami’s queer film festival, this film is captivating and touchingly real.   Featuring some of the hottest sex scenes from any LGBTIQ film this year, Beautiful Something is a sexy and tender glimpse into life for the contemporary gay man as the stories of Brian a poet and Jim, an actor intertwine.   The 2016 Mardi Gras Film Festival presented by Queer Screen is supported by St George bank, The Star Sydney, Event Cinemas George Street, Screen NSW, ACON, Ovolo Hotels, Franck Provost and the Star Observer.   The full Festival program will be launched on Thursday 14 January. Tickets for the first 10 films are on sale now including flexi passes to 5 or 10 films. Please visit to book or call (02) 9332 4938 or to become a Queer Screen member for discounted tickets and priority entry.   -ENDS- Note to Editors:  An exciting addition to the program will be announced by Mardi Gras on Thursday 19 Nov  Directors and actors from most films are available for interview  Screeners of most films are available for review and imagery is available for publication  Louise Nealon, CallidusPR   T: (02) 9283 4114/ 0403 569 177   E:  About Mardi Gras Film Festival: Now in its 23rd year, the Mardi Gras Film Festival presented by Queer Screen is one of Australia’s largest film festivals of any kind, and one of the top five queer film festivals in the world. It is highly regarded by filmmakers all over the world, and is the most important avenue for promoting gay and lesbian titles to distributors and exhibitors in Australia.  About Queer Screen: Queer Screen was established in 1993 as an independent organisation whose primary focus was to bring queer film and culture to Australian screens. Run by volunteers and a small staff, Queer Screen develops the annual Mardi Gras Film Festival and a number of other short film festivals as well as the LGBTIQ short film competition My Queer Career.