The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-12-09T04:21:03Z Out of the Ashes- a new Steampunk Circus Spectacular fires up in Brunswick 2020-12-09T04:21:03Z out-of-the-ashes-a-new-steampunk-circus-spectacular-fires-up-in-brunswick Rising from the ashes of lockdown, the home of Brunswick’s famous creative subculture, Rubix Warehouse has been reborn. Just like the famed bird with which it shares a street name, it’s dusting off its feathers to deliver an all-new spectacular dinner show experience. A pandemic-forced hiatus afforded founder and owner Tanya El Gamal a chance to recalibrate, and the time to curate and collaborate with a number of artists. El Gamal wanted to allow the avant-garde club to mature as she had, finding a solution for supporting artists and a new way to continue to keep this creative venue evolving. The result is a theatrical Steampunk Circus experience encompassing an award-winning cast who will take up a performance residency at Rubix, backed by live house band The Ruffled Feathers. The inclusive dinner and show experience will deliver some of the country’s best in circus and cabaret performance; a structured arts experience that will surprise, tantalise and tease. Steampunk encompasses a 19th-century Victorian-inspired industrial fusion of sci-fi and technology; amalgamating fashion, make up, accessories and jewellery. The subculture evolving from the notion that the world would look a little different if the era’s inhabitants had prevailed over technological innovation and escaping to the safe space from the crumbling outside world. Airmistress Octavia will take you to new heights, while Vera Von Vixen simultaneously plunges you into sexual desire. Be mystified and amazed with the juggling skills of NICA superstar Mistatrix and set your world on fire with brazen burlesque beauty Luna Rouge. All the while be lulled into an alternate world with the chords of singer Madam Phoenix. Tickets include two-course dinner from the all-new Rubix pizza bar, a complimentary drink on arrival and 1.5 hour Smokin' Phoenix Steampunk Circus show. Up to two shows per evening will run from Thursdays to Saturdays at 6.30pm and 8.30pm until February, see ticket link for shows. “Rubix has always supported the fringes of music-loving individuals in a fluidity that transcends all genres. We are so excited to innovate once again with a unique offering that fuses art, live music, theatre and performing arts,” said El Gamal. A renowned Melbourne music, arts and community contributor, El-Gamal has two decades of experience in venue operations, event management and community program development as well as being a passionate artist herself. El Gamal, repurposed materials from her second venture - Our Friends Farm - Victoria’s largest licenced music venue located in Tallarook Victoria. First established by legendary venue operator ‘Bruzzy’ who owned the Provincial Hotel in Fitzroy, Tallarook Hotel and the Royal Hotel in Seymour before setting up this beautiful 221 acre property as a one of a kind entertainment and accommodation park in 1999. Rubix is now offering seated dining options with the show, or casual dining in the newly renovated front pizza bar- reimagined with beautiful timber bench seating and long timber slab tables, with the antique metal harrows inherited from the farm claiming the centrepiece above the bar. It has been a labour of love with El Gamal and her partner Jay Tiilikka on the tools, spending weekends renovating Rubix, and weekdays working on the farm. “I was given a commercial pizza oven, and that was the catalyst – from there we built the pizza bar, using materials from the farm to tie in both of my favourite places, giving Rubix a facelift with a rustic and cosy feel. We have designed a yummy pizza and snack menu to cater for all tastes which will also be available for delivery from Mr Yum soon,” she said. The show is an ideal outing for lovers of quirky performance, circus theatre, the eccentric at heart, those who love the unexpected. Guest will enjoy the unique and interactive performance, which is ideal for singles, couples group bookings, hens and bucks nights, corporate and group bookings and anyone after a unique post-covid arts extravaganza. Additional Info and tickets for Smokin’ Phoenix Steampunk Circus at -ENDS- Our Story – how it all started 2020-09-10T13:47:03Z our-story-how-it-all-started Education has always been part of my life. As a 5 years old child I dreamed of becoming first a teacher and then a school leader who would take care of her own creation. I wanted to make space for the wonder of learning and knowledge, for the beauty of each single individual – something that deeply inside me felt like being the most important purpose of life: finding her/his own potential and making it available to oneself and society as a whole. My life story took me on this journey. I became an expert in education, knowledge management and leadership. As a teacher, university lecturer, trainer, adult educator and executive in international educational institutions, I have always been and continue to be committed to helping each person realize their uniqueness and bring it to the world. I worked internationally and I see education and personal development as the vehicle for real change. After having worked and researched in the education field (Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor in Business Administration in Higher Education Management, Master in Giftedness) for over 30 years I used to write a number of articles and books – among others I wrote the book ‘Tacit knowledge sharing at Higher Education Institutions’ which became a source for academics in the field of knowledge transfer. Finally, after an additional move to a new place and in the mids of doing research on the topic ‘A comparison of diverse education systems’ I met Katharina Ferster, the co-founder of School Beyond Limitations. One day she called me (I was a participant of one of her marketing coaching courses), by asking me: ‘Martina, where does your heart belong to?’ Promptly I answered that it beats for education and giving young students the opportunity to live their full potential.Katharina, being a mother of two daughters, then said: ‘Wouldn’t it be possible to create an online school?’
That was the starting point for the creation and the design of School Beyond Limitations: A school that would see the student as a whole human being – a school that would go beyond limitations. I am proud for having designed this school concept and grateful to Katharina for having pushed me in this direction. We were meant to meet in order to bring School Beyond Limitations alive! And this is exactly what I was dreaming about when I was a 5 years old child. Online Schooling - 2020-09-10T11:20:13Z online-schooling Although I have been working in the education field for over 30 years I used to be very sceptical regarding the quality and impact online learning may have on students. I was convinced that, in order to learn well, students have to be in a physical setting where they could mingle with both their peers and their teachers. I held the belief that online learning would not allow students nor teachers to form a community. At the age of 54 I decided to undertake an online course myself – after having gone through formal education in a traditional way (two doctoral degrees, one master degree). During this particular online course – that was not only based on lecturing, but also on valuable live sessions where participants got engaged in debates, discussions and collaborative learning – I realised that I established a strong bond with the participants that resulted in further gatherings online and offline.As, at that time, I was working towards becoming less location-dependent as a professional, I was looking into options that allowed me to live my mission differently in comparison to how I was doing it up until then. After many years of teaching, lecturing, coaching and leading international schools in different countries and experiencing the need to start from scratch again after each move (I moved due to family reasons), I was fascinated by creating something that would allow me and my job to work from anywhere.Synchronicity is often at play and, indeed, the mentor of the online course that I subscribed to one day phoned me and asked me whether it would be possible to create an online school? You can imagine that my former beliefs were at a deviation. We brainstormed on the basis of our common experience and knowledge in different fields (mine in education, giftedness and personal development and Katharina’s (my business partner) in Marketing and coaching) what would be the best way to bring a holistic education offering into reality: School Beyond Limitations was born.School Beyond Limitations is not only based on online schooling, but it also integrates the opportunity of experiential learning weeks in different countries in Europe. Students learn to see themselves as unique human beings who are invited to pursue their own interests through the lenses of academic, social, emotional, personal and entrepreneurial learning opportunities.The experience has now given us enough evidence that online learning has a number of huge advantages (although it may not be the right solution for everybody). Students who love to engage online and gain inspiration by connecting with people from different countries forget that they are not in the same physical room. Surprisingly, students say that they seem to bond more with their classmates in a contained online context (at School Beyond Limitations there are only maximum 8 students in each class) than they ever did before in traditional classes with over 20 students being present. They keep connected after lessons and communicate and collaborate beyond their school hours. As such, the online approach gives them the understanding how much value they gain through collaboration with one another and furthermore, they realise that they belong to a steady, friendly, caring and open learning community – an environment that promotes the notion that learning takes place at any time and anywhere.Online learning allows students to connect with their peers and teachers also in times of change, such as during the COVID 19 pandemic throughout which the majority of countries have closed their schools and were not ready to phase an efficient solution for their students’ learning. Often teachers just sent assignments out to their students by expecting the assignments to be handed in at the end of the week. Students, from one moment to the next, needed to learn everything independently whereas before there was never any focus on self-directed learning in school. There was no or very little interaction with the students. No wonder that students who experienced such an approach started to feel left alone and demotivated about their learning experience.The online lessons at School Beyond Limitations allowed students to continue their learning journey. It never interrupted. Students are involved in their learning. It allows them to see the purpose of their learning by being seen in their individual uniqueness. They learn out of curiosity based on their interests, talents, experiences and competencies. Their learning takes place through inquiry and projects based on a trans-disciplinary approach. That allows them to integrate their learning holistically as it is relevant to their own lives. On top of supporting students’ personal development, they are encouraged, through the exposure to experts in various fields, to develop their entrepreneurial mindset and their entrepreneurial ventures. Such powerful online classes allow them to learn how much value there is to connect with entrepreneurs and to be exposed to their expertise. Online classes offer infinite possibilities for such learning experiences. Students connect easily with relevant people who may have an impact on their own professional career. Another positive aspect of online learning is that students encounter less stress. There is no need to get up so early if school starts at 9 am from home. Students mention this aspect all the time: how much freer and more relaxed they feel about school by connecting from home. There is no need of commuting to school on a daily basis and that helps them to introduce a daily routine based on more freedom and choice. In addition, the peer pressure that usually makes students suffer so much in traditional settings is something that online students do encounter much less. First of all because their environment is so different. Nobody can hide in the classroom. Everyone is seen and also the interaction between the students is taking place openly. If their learning environment puts an emphasis on the whole human being – including their emotional and social wellbeing – then there is no space for such risks to take place. So, is online learning an alternative to traditional schooling? For sure it is (not for all); especially if the online learning is based on the uniqueness of the learning journey of each single student and takes them on an interactive journey that ignites their passion for learning and their interest in creating value for themselves and the world they live in. Author Dr Martina Geromin DBA, PhD Media release: The Merindas' debut album release date 2020-06-03T05:48:45Z media-release-the-merindas-debut-album-release-date As their third single, ‘I Feel It’ is sparking some radio love around the country, Melbourne-based, trailblazing electro R&B pop duo, The Merindas will release their debut album, ‘We Sing Until Sunrise (Ngaangk Nookertiny Ngala Warangka)’ this Friday, June 5.Comprising eight tracks of pop gems – full of delicious harmonies, youthful electro vibes and meaningful lyrics, the album was initially intended for release in late April, at the end of The Merindas’ first national headline tour, which came to an abrupt halt due to COVID-19.After a well-received at home performance last month as part of Isol-Aid Festival, there is strong desire to hear more from these Indigenous warrior queens, and the wait will soon be over.The Merindas are the collective force of Candice Lorrae of Jawoyn and Thursday Island heritage (born in Darwin) and Ballardong Whadjuk and Nyoongar woman Kristel Kickett (from Tammin, Western Australia), bringing an on-trend style of rhythmic, expressive and beautiful music dedicated to their cultural heritage. They describe their unique sound as “electronic pop with a dancehall feel, alongside hip hop and R&B influences.”With three singles under their belt (We Sing Until Sunrise, I Feel It and Before Daylight), their hotly anticipated debut album We Sing Until Sunrise (“‘Ngaangk Nookertiny Ngala Warangka’- which simply means that we are forever singing, forever dancing and forever celebrating our culture”). Says Candice Lorrae, ‘Our debut album release is more exciting and meaningful than ever! With all delays on the live circuit, it's a time to sit back and appreciate all the hard work and creativity poured into this album. It's been three years in the making, not even a pandemic can kill this vibe.’ Says Kristel Kickett, ‘This album feels like a rewarding gift during this time. Even though our national tour and album release were postponed due to COVID-19, I'm so excited to share and give out some positive vibes to everyone through our music. We’ve waited so long for this moment, so I think it's a perfect time to release, despite what’s going down.’ Collectively, The Merindas emphasise that ‘there is no better time to be releasing music in such an historical year when the world needs it most. For us, this album is electrifying and the production is top notch! When listening to the album you can hear our voices singing out to the spirits and the depth in the music grounding us to the earth. Our sound empowers us and we hope that it does the same to everyone else. The Merindas’ messaging has always been about believing in yourself and never giving up, now is a perfect time to be sending this message.’ ABOUT THE MERINDASThe Merindas began in 2012 when Candice assembled a vocal outfit to cover Motown-era classics at the Perth premiere of the hit film The Sapphires, chronicling an iconic '60s Indigenous Australian girl group. They savoured a standing ovation – and were booked for another (sold-out) show. The Motown Girls became The Merindas, meaning ‘beautiful woman’ in the Eora language (spoken in New South Wales). Candice formed the final incarnation of The Merindas with her soul sister Kristel, the pair meeting at Western Australia's renowned Abmusic College.The Merindas' Motown phase would be transitory. Perhaps inevitably, Candice and Kristel gravitated back to their high school love of pop, R&B and hip-hop, adorning themselves as glamourous slaying queens and immersing themselves in music from the likes of Spice Girls, Salt ‘N Pepa and TLC. Both singer/songwriters, The Merindas were determined to shape an original R&B/pop. They'd embrace modish electronic and club genres, too: future bass, dancehall and Afrobeat. As such, The Merindas developed a unique sonic aesthetic with soulful harmonies, energetic rhythms and something intangible. For their live shows, The Merindas are regally DIY – assuming full creative control of their music, costumes, styling and visuals. At the heart of The Merindas is their complex cultural identity as First Nations women. Kristel is a proud Ballardong Whadjuk and Nyoongar woman from Tammin in WA. Meanwhile, Candice, born in the Northern Territory, has Jawoyn and Thursday Islander (or Torres Strait Islander) heritage. She moved to Perth in childhood, being raised on Nyoongar country. The Merindas were inspired to sing in the Nyoongar language, telling traditional stories through music, following WA folk legend Gina Williams. The duo have already achieved much. They received an early Deadly Award nomination as 'Most Promising New Talent' on the basis of their live charisma alone. Then, in 2015, The Merindas won 'Indigenous WAM Song Of The Year' for their cult fave 'Ready To Love'. The next year, The Merindas officially launched with the stirring single 'We Sing Until Sunrise' – which they performed in Singapore at The Aussie BBQ as part of Music Matters Live, SLUMBERJACK headlining. The Merindas even featured on Downsyde's hip-hop opus ClassicILL. They showcased at 2018's BIGSOUND. And have been billed alongside everyone from Brandy to Jessica Mauboy to Mojo Juju to Craig David. The Merindas eventually relocated to Melbourne, the city offering new associations, opportunities and perspectives. Here, Candice and Kristel were soon exposed to fresh influences, prompting them to rework album material they'd cut back in their Perth home studio. Crucially, The Merindas were introduced to an exciting collaborator in New Zealand producer Frank Eliesa, keyboardist in the band Yoko-Zuna, at APRA AMCOS' inaugural First Nations SongHubs (curated by Briggs) and who impressed them with his ability to shape and blend their voices into perfect harmonies. In late 2019, They aired their second banger, 'Before Daylight', narrating a Nyoongar Dreaming story about the thwarted love between a man and a woman who transform into entwined trees – and accompanied by their first video.The Merindas hope to get back into touring as soon as possible, so that not only may they continue to share their music and grow their audiences, but they wish to continue to run workshops in Indigenous communities for girls, their creative leadership program encompassing fashion, modelling and dance. The Merindas are also members of Jimblah's First Sounds collective, advocating for greater Indigenous Australian representation in the music industry.CONNECT WITH THE MERINDAS ONLINE:Official website: www.themerindas.comFacebook: MEDIA CONTACT:Erin Jameson – erin(at)jamesonandco(dot)com / 0419 323 663 WE SING UNTIL SUNRISE ALBUM SONG MEANINGS We Sing Until Sunrise This track strongly reflects that we are forever singing, dancing and celebrating our culture. I Feel It I Feel It talks about the good spirit of the land and about allowing yourselves to feel joy. We feel this spirit when we connect ourselves with the earth, this spirit stirs inside all of us if we let it be free. Noongar words, ​Kwabba Wirran Boodjah waa​, translates to 'Good Spirit of the Land'. Splinter This song is about breaking free from a stand still position where we have constantly been fighting with ourselves about standards. This is about building the courage to lift our roots and discover the world and our potential. The visual being, a lone tree in the middle of the desert that has been standing for such a long time, unrecognised. The purpose of the song is to remind us that it is 'just the beginning to something big' - no matter how far you are in life there is always room to grow and discover new things about yourself. It’s a song about moving forward. Drumfire Drumfire is a reminder for people to stand up for what they believe in. We all have a fire burning inside when we feel empowered by each other. Our most powerful leaders carried unbelievable courage and never gave up the fight against injustices. This song is a tribute to our ancestors, elders and First Nations people that bring communities together and continue the fight for land rights, justice and continue practices of our rich culture. Noongar words Ngang Karla Noonook Karla ​translates to ‘my fire your fire’. Wait For Me This is more of a fun track for us. When you see someone in a club you’re attracted to and you keep an eye on them all night and not having the courage to make a move before it’s too late and they have already left the room … then you spend the rest of the evening looking for them. Make a move quickly. Don’t wait for love. Before Daylight It's about a man and woman who were forbidden to be together. The Lyrics 'Before Daylight, give me one last kiss goodbye' describes the couple’s last moments embraced in each other’s arms. Their love was so strong it grew in harmony with the land through two trees. These trees grew side by side with their branches touching, symbolising their last kiss. Do You See Me This is about our stolen generations reconnecting with family. It’s about that significant moment when two people re-connect and they recognise similar features. Same eyes, same hands, same smile. It’s also open to being about strong connections people have with one another. Young Love Was To Blame Being young in a toxic relationship that leads to abuse and early pregnancy. Being so young, you’re blind to this and it’s basically about looking back to say ‘Young Love Was To Blame’. We talk about looking after our young people. Album credits (We Sing Until Sunrise - The Merindas)We Sing Until Sunrise Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Chorus into Noongar Translated by: Kylie Bracknell Produced by: DazastahVocals Recorded by: Candice Lorrae Bass Guitar: Roy MartinezMixed by: Rob Agostini (Soundbaker Studios) Re-mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) I Feel It Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Chorus into Noongar Translated by: Denice Kickett Co-Produced by: Candice Lorrae and Jake SteeleMusic and Vocals Produced by: Frank Keys Vocals Recorded by: Fraser Montgomery (Aviary Studios) Bass Guitar: Roy MartinezMixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) Splinter Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Music and Vocals Produced by: Frank KeysVocals Recorded by: Fraser Montgomery (Aviary Studios) Mixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) Drumfire Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Co- Produced by: DazastahMusic and Vocals Produced by: Frank KeysVocals Recorded by: Aldie Nusa PutraMixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) Wait For Me Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Music and Vocals Produced by: Frank KeysVocals Recorded by: Fraser Montgomery (Aviary Studios) Mixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) Before Daylight Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Music and Vocals Produced by: Frank KeysVocals Recorded by: Fraser Montgomery (Aviary Studios) Mixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) Do You See Me Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Co- Produced by: DazastahMusic and Vocals Produced by: Frank KeysVocals Recorded by: Fraser Montgomery (Aviary Studios) Mixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) Young Love Was To Blame Written by and Vocals by: Candice Lorrae and Kristel Kickett Music and Vocals Produced by: Frank KeysVocals Recorded by: Fraser Montgomery (Aviary Studios) Mixed by: Tony Espie (TuffTonesMusic)Mastered by: David Walker (Stepford Audio Mastering) Media release: The Merindas postpone national album tour 2020-03-17T02:52:48Z media-release-the-merindas-postpone-national-album-tour With heavy hearts, acclaimed Melbourne-based Indigenous electro-pop duo, The Merindas, have announced the postponement of their national tour, effective immediately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In a statement made today, The Merindas said, ‘The safety of our members, crew and punters is of the utmost importance, and after some of the other events we were booked for had to be postponed or cancelled, we felt this was the right decision.’ The pop warrior queens have completed two shows of their eight-city tour, and were looking forward to performing in their home-town this Thursday, as part of the Brunswick Music Festival, followed by dates in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Broome and Darwin. The tour was supported by the Australian Council of the Arts, as a crucial element of the promotional campaign for their debut album, ‘We Sing Until Sunrise’, making the CDs available exclusively at these shows, before releasing on digital platforms worldwide in April. They will now make the CDs available to purchase through their website, with the digital release date to be announced soon. Ticket refunds can be arranged through the points of purchase. The Merindas are the collective force of Candice Lorrae of Jawoyn and Thursday Island heritage (born in Darwin) and Nyoongar Ballardong Whadjuk woman Kristel Kickett (from Tammin, Western Australia), bringing an on-trend style of rhythmic, expressive and beautiful music dedicated to their cultural heritage. They describe their unique sound as “electronic pop with a dancehall feel, alongside hip hop and R&B influences.” With two singles under their belt (We Sing Until Sunrise and Before Daylight), this is their hotly anticipated debut album titled ‘We Sing Until Sunrise’ (‘or, “Ngaangk Nookertiny Ngala Warangka”- which simply means that we are forever singing, forever dancing and forever celebrating our culture’). MEDIA CONTACT: Jameson & Co Erin Jameson - 0419 323 663 / erin(at)jamesonandco(dot)com CONNECT WITH THE MERINDAS ONLINE: Official website: Facebook: Instagram: Soundcloud: Twitter: Girl Guides calls for volunteers to support the next generation of Australian women 2020-01-30T23:45:57Z girl-guides-calls-for-volunteers-to-support-the-next-generation-of-australian-women-1 Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT, one of the largest organisations in Australia dedicated to supporting girls and young women, are calling for more volunteers to play a vital role in the organisation by sharing their experiences and wisdom with the Girl Guide Community. After the success of the A Place To Grow campaign in May 2019, memberships significantly increased creating a need to recruit volunteers. State Commissioner, Sarah Neill said that volunteering is not only about helping others, studies have shown volunteering helps increase your health, happiness and sense of fulfilment. “From our own research – Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT Insights Research 2018 – we know that our volunteers are making lifelong friends, gaining personal fulfilment, develop a sense of belonging and learn new skills,” Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT, offer a range of flexible volunteering positions available to suit different schedules and needs. “When considering becoming a volunteer, we encourage people to choose a position that reflects one of their passions and/or experience; to add greater value to the team, the girls and gain personal satisfaction,” said Mrs Neill. NT Region Manager, Letitia Baldwin, who has been involved in Girl Guides for 16 years said, “We are constantly looking for volunteers with unique passions to share them with our community. It is incredibly important for volunteers to love what they are doing as this provides the greatest benefit to our girls.” District Manager, Tegan McAnulty, has been a member of the Guiding community for 22 years both as a Guide and a Leader. When asked why she has been a part of Guiding for so long, her answer is simple. “The biggest opportunity – at the heart of the Girl Guiding movement, is the girls we work with; it’s the greatest privilege,” said Ms McAnulty. Tegan has participated in the recruitment campaign with other Leaders sharing their experiences as a volunteer. View the recruitment video series here: With all these amazing benefits and the start of a new year, why not become a volunteer? -ends- Notes to editor: Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT are devoted to the growth and development of girls. They provide a place where girls can learn, build their skills and connect with like-minded peers. The benefits also extend to the volunteers who play a vital role in supporting the girls. Guides work to serve their community and support those in need by offering to help where they can. They participate in many local activities and initiatives aimed at giving back to the community. Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT offers girls, women and volunteers A Place To Grow. For Media Enquiries please contact: Simone Gur | ZADRO Agency | | 0417 778 511 Oakley Grioli I ZADRO Agency I | 02 9212 7867 IMAGES Images are available for use. For high-resolution images, please contact: Image: Girl Guides at Lark in the Park, Sydney, 2019. Image: Volunteers at Lord Mayor’s Picnic. Image: Recruitment Campaign Artwork. Media release: The Merindas announce national headline tour 2020-01-30T22:00:58Z media-release-the-merindas-announce-national-headline-tour-1 Hot on the heels of news about their forthcoming support slot with Craig David, Melbourne based warrior queens, The Merindas, have announced national tour dates to launch their debut album, ‘We Sing Until Sunrise’, which will see them sharing their songs, language, dance, stories and powerful messaging through major cities including Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Darwin and Broome throughout March and April, 2020. The Merindas are the collective force of Candice Lorrae of Jawoyn and Thursday Island heritage (born in Darwin) and Nyoongar Ballardong Whadjuk woman Kristel Kickett (from Tammin, Western Australia), bringing an on-trend style of rhythmic, expressive and beautiful music dedicated to their cultural heritage. They describe their unique sound as “electronic pop with a dancehall feel, alongside hip hop and R&B influences.” With two singles under their belt (We Sing Until Sunrise and Before Daylight), their hotly anticipated debut album We Sing Until Sunrise (“‘Ngangk Ngoorndiny Ngala Warangka’ - strongly reflects that we are forever singing, forever dancing and forever celebrating our culture”). This is the essence of who The Merindas are and the ethos they bring to each of their performances. During their 75-minute performance, audiences can expect a night of extraordinary choreographed dance moves, soaring vocals and visual projections that weave into the fabric of their music and stories. Garnering rave reviews on the live circuit, playing festivals and major events across Australia, The Merindas present a world-class, fresh and energetic show and their first headline tour will see them backed by the mastery of DJ Jake Steele and joined by ‘Wala Connections’ - the fierce dance duo of Thara Brown and Natarsha Bamblett. Together with the The Merindas, they add strength and beauty to celebrate the continuation of culture through music and dance. Special guests will also soon be announced. The Merindas - We Sing Until Sunrise Album Tour is supported by Australian Council of the Arts. For more info/tickets head to or check the Facebook events tab on The Merindas page. - ends - MEDIA CONTACT: Jameson & Co Erin Jameson - 0419 323 663 / erin(at)jamesonandco(dot)com LISTINGS INFO: Sydney The Merindas + special guests Thursday, March 5 Oxford Art Factory (Gallery Bar), 38-46 Oxford St, Darlinghurst 18+ Event Entry: $10+bf ($15 on the door) Bookings: Moshtix Ph: 02 9332 3711 Doors open: 8.00pm Show time: 8.30pm Adelaide The Merindas + special guests (Adelaide Fringe Festival) Thursday, March 12 Ngunyawayiti Space (Tandanya Theatre) at Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, 253 Grenfell St, Adelaide 18+ Event Entry: $25+bf ($20 concession) Bookings: Ph: 08 8224 3200 Doors open: 8.00pm Show time: 8.30pm Melbourne The Merindas + special guests (Brunswick Music Festival) Thursday, March 19 Mechanica, Brunswick Mechanics Institute, 270 Sydney Road, Brunswick 18+ Event Entry: $15+bf ($20 on the door) Bookings: Ph: 03 9387 3376 Doors open: 7.30pm Show time: 8.00pm Brisbane The Merindas + special guests Friday, March 20 The Zoo, 711 Ann St, Fortitude Valley 18+ Event Entry: $15+bf ($20 on the door) Bookings: Oztix Ph: 07 3854 1381 Doors open: 7.00pm Show time: 7.30pm Perth The Merindas + special guests Friday, March 27 Jack Rabbit Slim’s, 133 Aberdeen St, Northbridge 18+ Event Entry: $15+bf ($25 on the door) Bookings: Ph: 08 9325 6677 Doors open: 8.00pm Show time: 8.30pm Broome The Merindas + special guests Saturday, March 28 The Roebuck Bay Hotel, 33 Carnarvon St, Broome 18+ Event Entry: TBA Bookings: Ph: 08 9192 1221 Doors open: TBA Show time: TBA Darwin The Merindas + special guests Saturday, April 4 Darwin Railway Club, 17 Somerville Gardens, Parap 18+ Event Entry: TBA Bookings: Ph: 088981 4171 Doors open: TBA Show time: TBA CONNECT WITH THE MERINDAS ONLINE: Official website: Facebook: Instagram: Soundcloud: Twitter: Queensland’s move to end ‘conversion therapy’ a positive step, but falls short 2020-01-16T04:10:37Z queenslands-move-to-end-conversion-therapy-a-positive-step-but-falls-short The AASW has called on the Queensland Government to broaden the definition of ‘health service provider’ to better restrict the practice of harmful ‘conversion therapy’, a harmful and discredited practice which purports to convert lesbian, gay and bisexual people into heterosexual. AASW Queensland Branch President Ellen Beaumont said that while the proposal to legislate against ‘conversion therapy’ practice was a commendable step by the Queensland Government, the failure to explicitly include non-regulated professionals such as those claiming to be counsellors or religious advisers in the Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2019, could see the unethical practice continue across the state. Ms Beaumont said, “We welcome the intent of the proposed Bill, but it fails to ensure that non-regulated professionals who engage in conversion therapy are held to same account and are open to the same penalties as health service providers. It also further highlights the necessity of social work registration as profession.” The practice is far more likely to be performed by a non-professional than by a professional, but vulnerable and desperate people may not be able to tell the difference. Ms Beaumont continued, “Our state’s legislative safeguards simply must cover the breadth of services and organisations that may engage in this practice, including religious and spiritual advisers. We need to recognise that whether the person is a health service provider or not, conversion therapy offered by any ‘professional’ or person in a position of power has the risk of causing significant harm and breaches vulnerable peoples human rights.” Ms Beaumont’s comments follow the AASW’s written submission to the Health, Communities, Disability Services and Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Committee on the Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2019 which includes the attempt to outlaw conversion therapy practice by health service providers across the state. While the AASW endorses the prohibition in principle, alongside the need to broaden who the legislation covers, the Association has also called for the Bill to reflect more affirming terminology and to expand on definitions of ‘gender identity’, ‘gender expression’, ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘sex’. Ms Beaumont said, “This is a significant piece of legislation that limits the threat of vulnerable people being subjected to a knowingly harmful practice. But there’s still more opportunity for the Bill to better ensure our state policies reflect inclusive and contemporary terminology and provides a greater breadth of safeguards beyond ‘health service providers’.” Notes See the AASW Queensland Branch submission. NSW and ACT Guiding Community merges with NT to create A Place To Grow Together 2019-11-18T03:48:23Z nsw-and-act-guiding-community-merges-with-nt-to-create-a-place-to-grow-together The NSW & ACT Girl Guides community will merge with Girl Guides NT to form Girl Guides NSW, ACT and NT from January 2020 creating a 7,800 strong member organisation. The merger offers a chance to expand learnings and foster collaboration between the state and territories. Girl Guides in NT will have access to greater resources and opportunities through this partnership, with all the administrative and operational benefits of a larger Association. More opportunities will be available to assist with the geographical challenges faced in the NT. The partnership will also allow Guides in the NT to participate in creative initiatives run by Girl Guides NSW & ACT such as GirlMade which supports girls to express themselves creatively. The NT community hope to share their unique experiences and perspectives with the NSW & ACT members, to further support the growth and empowerment of the next generation of Australian women. Letitia Baldwin, NT Regional Manager, Girl Guides NT, is looking forward to this new step in NT Guiding history, believing it will bring great benefit to the girls and Leaders. “I have a brilliant team of Leaders and we will work well with the NSW and ACT teams. It is important to have fresh ideas and the chance to network, especially for our adult members so they can share that with the girls. I want to make this community as big and beautiful as it can be. “I think the opportunities are going to be endless; NSW & ACT have an exciting range of things for girls to do and now we will be able to leverage this and get the girls involved in so many more activities. “It is great to know we’re not alone; we are a part of a large network. I am looking forward to NT standing proud and showing off what we can do,” said Ms Baldwin. Eboney Prentice, Leader Darwin District, Girl Guides NT, has been a member of the Guiding community for 30 years; having had many unique experiences with Guiding including travelling the world, she is now sharing the Guiding experience with her daughter. “Guiding focuses on the community, it encourages girls to think about more than just themselves, to learn from others and give back to the world around them. The joining of our communities will support this Guiding mission and enhance the girls experience,” said Ms Prentice. Sarah Neill, State Commissioner, Girl Guides NSW & ACT, travelled to NT earlier this year and met the Guiding community; she is thrilled to be partnering with them. “I am looking forward to working closely with Letitia and her team who have such a deep passion for Guiding. The girls as always are at the centre of what we do and we know this partnership will enhance their Guiding experience with increased support,” said Mrs Neill. -ENDS- Notes to editor: Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT are devoted to the growth and development of girls. They provide a place where girls can learn, build their skills and connect with like-minded peers. The benefits also extend to the Leaders and volunteers who play a vital role in supporting the girls. Guides work to serve their community and help those in need offering help where they can. They participate in many local activities and initiatives aimed at giving back to the community. Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT offers girls A Place To Grow. For media enquiries please contact: Simone Gur | ZADRO Agency | | 0417 778 511 Oakley Grioli I ZADRO Agency I | 02 9212 7867 IMAGES Images are available for use. For high-resolution images, please contact: Image: Letitia Baldwin, NT Region manager, Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT. Image: Eboney Prentice, Unit Leader Darwin District, Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT. Image: Sarah Neill, State Commissioner, Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT. Image: Girl Guides NT. Image: Girl Guides NSW & ACT. Hollywood stars support ‘next epic’ Aussie sci-fi franchise 2019-10-30T00:35:18Z hollywood-stars-support-next-epic-aussie-sci-fi-franchise HOLLYWOOD stars including Priscilla Presley, US actor Cliff Simon (aka Stargate’s Lord Ba’al) and Bruce Logan from team Star Wars, have thrown their support behind the work of Hunter Valley author A.J. Cootes, who will officially launch the first book in the Almythea franchise in Australia this November. Almythea has been 20 years in the making and excitement is building worldwide for what is being touted as the next epic franchise in the sci-fi fantasy adventure genre. The main launch will be at Supanova in Brisbane from November 8-10, following other book launches in the Hunter Valley on November 3 and on the Gold Coast on November 7. A percentage of proceeds will go to Beyond Blue to help fight anxiety, depression and suicide. Priscilla Presley will play Petelia (Queen of the ‘fleafs’ – pixie-like creatures that act as her messengers and spies, when they’re not messing up) in the upcoming films and Cliff Simon will play Grey Paw (a rebellious, smouldering, immortal Obi Wan Kenobi type). He has also written the foreword for the book. A.J. Cootes began writing after his best friend, Greg Wilson, was involved in a near-fatal motorcycle accident. Greg’s ensuing battle with depression inspired the pair to co-author the artist’s biography, My Brush with Depression, in the hope it would help others facing similar problems. Growing up, A.J. loved movies and stories that encouraged his imagination and altruism. His favourites are the Star Wars films, Dune by Frank Herbert, The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain and other books by Charles Dickens and Ernest Hemingway. The story of Almythea begins with: “In a world ruled by evil, it will take an outcast to save the people.” For centuries, Almythea has been ruled by the tyrannical alien overlord The Lost One and his duplicitous, seductively-sinister lieutenant, Raven Weaver. The once peaceful planet, now enslaved, wastes away as it is mined and stripped of rare refractive crystals. When Little Hawk, a young warrior, confesses to a crime he didn't commit to protect Broken Arrows, the woman he secretly loves, he is exiled to the Badlands. Formidable creatures force him to battle not only for his life but also against his inner demons. On the brink of death, Little Hawk encounters the mysterious and rebellious shaman, Grey Paw – changing the course of Almythea's future…” A.J. Cootes writes from his secluded farm in the Hunter Valley and is a director of the Greg Wilson Studio. He resides with his wife, Joyce, and inseparable friend and business partner Josie Wilson (collectively known as the Hippies on the Hill). He is happiest when he is writing, playing with his dog, Hemingway, and tending to his hens, led by Princess Layer, in the Cluckleberry Inn coop. There will be six instalments in the Almythea franchise The Chronicles of Almythea – Rise of Wingtar; The battle for our souls; The New Kingdom; Three will fall and one will rise; Battle of the Ancients (prequel part one) and the 1,000 year war begins (prequel part two). Numbers will be limited at the book launches on the Gold Coast and in the Hunter Valley, which will be hosted by nearby resident Channel 7's Better Homes and Gardens host Johanna Griggs and ‘Media Queen’ Aldwyn Altuney, from the Gold Coast. For event details, book sales and more information, visit ENDS Media contact only: For advance copies of the book, interviews with A.J. Cootes or celebrities involved, contact project manager Lynn Santer on 0410 513 009 or marketing manager Aldwyn Altuney on 0409 895 055. Media release: Solid Rock - Sacred Ground and the Uluru walk closure 2019-10-25T02:09:01Z media-release-solid-rock-sacred-ground-and-the-uluru-walk-closure ­Solid Rock - Sacred Ground & the Uluru Walk Closure To mark the occasion of this week’s Uluru Walk closure, Razor Recordings proudly presents a unique Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project music video, featuring a rare, collaborative performance of Solid Rock, the iconic 1982 Goanna anthem. Filmed at Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne, as part of Yirramboi Festival 2019, the live concert footage features a host of musical luminaries, including Shane Howard, Emma Donovan, Yirrmal, Deline Briscoe and Witiyana Marika in a stunning union of cultures. Says Razor Recordings owner Gavin Campbell, “Solid Rock was ahead of its time when it was released in 1982, politically and culturally and we feel that the unique, collaborative focus of this contemporary performance of the song deserved to be shared widely. “Razor Recordings is thrilled that at this historic time for Indigenous affairs, all Australians will have the opportunity to witness the event online. “We are also honoured that NITV have added the clip as part of the channel’s programming over the coming days.” The Yirramboi Festival 2019 performance of Solid Rock at Arts Centre, Melbourne was a unique event, for several reasons: - Solid Rock composer Shane Howard's additional, contemporary fourth verse (exclusive to Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project performances of Solid Rock). The new, fourth verse serves to update the iconic anthem as it references important developments/events in Indigenous affairs, since Howard wrote the song in 1980 i.e. the Uluru Statement From The Heart, Eddie Mabo's land rights victory in the High Court of Australia and the nation's current escalation in the call for truth and treaty. - Yothu Yindi founding member Witiyana Marika performs traditional Yolngu manikay, specifically, to pay respect to the Anangu – the Yankunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara people, the traditional custodians of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. As Yolngu people and balanda (white people), this is a very important protocol to observe, especially when paying homage or referencing a revered sacred site, such as Uluru. - The presence of Boon Wurrung Elders Aunty Carolyn Briggs and Aunty Fay Muir, onstage, overseeing these proceedings, as traditional custodians of the land upon which the concert happened. - Emma Donovan’s stunning performance of the second verse, accompanied by acclaimed musician Deline Briscoe on backing vocals. -Yirrmal on backing vocals and also accompanying his father Witiyana on the traditional manikays. -Yolngu yidaki master Malngay Yunupingu’s and celebrated drummer Airileke Ingram’s standout performances. Exclusive fourth verse “The terra nullius lie spread like a cancer, Eddie Mabo brought the truth, He brought the law, he brought the answer. Go back to the centre, the ‘Statement from The Heart’, To truth and treaty, Then we’ll all be standing on solid rock.” Video Credits Filmed in-house at Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne. Editing and captions by Lisa-Jane Campbell. Audio mix by Luke Postill. Australia, it's your chance to design the sex toy of the future 2019-10-24T01:04:56Z australia-its-your-chance-to-design-the-sex-toy-of-the-future Lovehoney has launched ‘Future Sex 2030’, a global competition to find the sex toy of the future Future Sex 2030 is Australians’ chance to design a sex toy which we will be using in 10 years’ time $5,000 prize in each of the three categories for students, designers and the public A previous competition winner, Trevor Murphy, has earnt over $600,000 to date from his design the ‘Squeel’, the world’s best-selling oral sex simulator Lovehoney is calling on Australians to design the sex toy of the future by entering its competition Future Sex 2030. The global sex toy and online lingerie retailer is offering $5,000 to each budding designer winner across three categories: students, designers and members of the public. For the first time, new categories have been created especially for designers and students in the hope of attracting the very best designs globally. A previous campaign saw Trevor Murphy create the Sqweel, a rotating wheel of tongues to boost sexual pleasure. Since launch it has been a smash hit all over the world and has even demonstrated by Jay Leno on his hit American TV show. Trevor, who has also designed collectible card sets for big movies like Star Wars and TV shows like Doctor Who, said: "I've been squealing with delight ever since my sex toy went into production. I am so happy that I have brought so much sexual happiness to so many people. “I made so much money that I was able to emigrate and start a new career in television. Winning the competition completely changed my life.” Due to the popularity of the Sqweel, Lovehoney has made four versions of the toy and Murphy cashed in on the royalties. This year’s competition is now open and will be judged by a panel of experts, including Lovehoney’s design team and Bryony Cole, the world’s leading authority on sextech. Melbourne-born Bryony, the founder of the Future of Sex podcast, says she's looking forward to seeing what designs Australians come up with: "I'm thrilled to be a DAST judge for Lovehoney in Australia and will be personally interested in any design that explores how humans and technology come together. "Research shows that Australians are frequent users of sex toys. The DAST campaign is an excellent opportunity to put the power in their hands, to come up with something new and exciting," added Bryony. Lovehoney product director and judge, Bonny Hall, said: "If we get a design which brings something completely new to the market there is no reason why the designer cannot enjoy the same kind of pay day as previous winners. "You don't just need to be an engineer or a professional designer to enter - all you need is a great idea and a rough sketch so that our team can make your sex toy a reality." Other Lovehoney products which have gone into production after winning the competition include Uprize, the world’s first bionic dildo, GLUVR finger vibrator and BlowYo, a male stroker. Australians can enter the competition now by visiting, The closing date for entries is February 2020. ENDS Media release: POLISH FILM FESTIVAL AUSTRALIA ANNOUNCES 2019 DATES AND LINE-UP 2019-10-17T04:15:38Z media-release-polish-film-festival-australia-announces-2019-dates-and-line-up Polish Cinema In Australia, Inc is proud to announce its line-up for the seventh annual Polish Film Festival, showcasing the best of Poland’s filmmaking – plus a special screening of an Australian documentary - over two November weeks in Melbourne, with Festival highlights screening in early December for Sydney audiences. Melbourne’s much-loved independent cinemas, The Classic and Lido will be home to Polish Film Festival - Australia 2019 from November 22 to December 1; and in Sydney, the Ritz Cinemas will hold two screenings each day on the weekend of December 7 & 8. Setting the tone of quality, award-winning festival programming, opening the Festival will be Academy Award® nominated director Agnieszka Holland’s acclaimed biopic, Mr Jones, which had its Australian premiere at this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival and received Best Film nominations at the 2019 Polish Film Festival (Golden Lion) at the Berlin International Film Festival (Golden Berlin Bear). Starring James Norton, Joseph Mawle, Peter Sarsgaard and Vanessa Kirby, Mr Jones is a compelling and powerful film about Welsh journalist Gareth Jones and his efforts to expose Soviet atrocities in the 1930s. Another highlight will be Australia-based director Simon Target introducing his insightful documentary, The Polish Missionaries, featuring music by Cezary Skubiszewski. Also screening will be Jacek Borcuch’s Dolce Fine Giornata – starring "the dame of Polish cinema" and best Sundance 2019 Actor Award winner Krystyna Janda; multi-award winning director Filip Bajon’s beautifully crafted, epic period drama, The Butler; Werewolf, a disturbing World War II thriller by writer-director Adrian Panec; 53 Wars , Ewa Bukowska’s evocative psychological drama adapted from the autobiographical novel by Grażyna Jagielska; Kinga Debska’s “Best Film” nominated Playing Hard ; Olga Chajda’s outstanding directorial debut, the acclaimed LBGTQIA sensual drama, Nina; multi-award-winning director Wojtek Smarzowski’s controversial box office hit, Clergy ; and last but not least, based upon the Italian hit comedy Perfect Strangers”, Tadeusz Sliwa’s Nie znajomi (NB: in Polish only – no English subtitles). The Polish Film Festival will also feature more special guests and themed multi-cultural events, to be announced in the coming weeks. Session times and ticketing information for Polish Film Festival Australia 2019 will be announced on November 1, through Connect with Polish Film Festival Australia online: OFFICIAL WEBSITE FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM MEDIA CONTACT: Erin Jameson – 0419 323 663 erin(at)jamesonandco(dot)com FILM SYNOPSES Mr. Jones (2019) A Welsh journalist breaks the news in the western media of the famine in the Soviet Union in the early 1930s. Director: Agnieszka Holland Stars: James Norton, Vanessa Kirby, Peter Sarsgaard VIEW TRAILER WATCH MR JONES PRESS CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS FROM BERLINALE 2019 _________________________________________________________________________________________ Dolce Fine Giornata / Slodki Koniec Dnia (2019) Directed by Jacek Borcuch. With Krystyna Janda, Kasia Smutniak, Antonio Catania, Lorenzo de Moor. The stable family life of a poetess living in Tuscany begins to fall apart , after she develops a relationship with a young immigrant, and as she makes a controversial acceptance speech after a terrorist attack in Rome. Director: Jacek Borcuch Stars: Krystyna Janda, Kasia Smutnialk, Antonio Catania VIEW TRAILER _________________________________________________________________________________________ The Butler / Kamerdyner (2018) Set between 1900 and 1945, the film follows a Prussian family von Krauss, and a forbidden love story between the Kashubian boy Mateusz and the German aristocrat girl Marita Director: Filip Bajon Stars: Janusz Gajos, Anna Radwan, Sebastian Fabijanski VIEW TRAILER _________________________________________________________________________________________ Werewolf / Wilkolak (2018) Children liberated from a Nazi concentration camp have to overcome hunger, thirst and vicious dogs in an abandoned mansion surrounded by the forest. Director: Adrian Panek Stars: Kamil Polnisiak, Nicholas Przygoda, Sonia Mielnicka VIEW TRAILER _________________________________________________________________________________________ 53 Wars / 53 wojny (2018) Anna, whose husband Witek is an acclaimed 1990s war correspondent, keeps waiting for him to return safely from each war he reports from. But soon she gets overwhelmed by fear and anxiety. Its ambitious genre blend, marrying suspense and horror tropes to a tormented love story. Director: Ewa Bukowska Stars: Magdalena Bukowska, Grazyna Jagielska VIEW TRAILER _________________________________________________________________________________________ Playing Hard / Zabawa, zabawa (2018) We look at three women. The 40-year-old prosecutor Dorota, the young student Magda and a distinguished surgeon, Teresa. They have something in common, an alcohol addiction. Director: Kinga Debska Stars: Agata Kulesza, Maria Debska, Dorota Kolak VIEW TRAILER _________________________________________________________________________________________ Nina (2018) Nina, a teacher in her mid-30s struggling to have a child, looks for a surrogate mother. It would seem that with her husband, she has found an ideal candidate, yet Nina falls for the woman who could have given birth to her child. Director: Olga Chajdas Stars: Julia Kijowska, Eliza Rycembel, Andrzej Konopka VIEW TRAILER _________________________________________________________________________________________ The Polish Missionaries (2018) Far from their own country, a determined band of Polish missionaries have given up their comfortable lives to heed their call in remote Papua New Guinea. There, they go beyond preaching gospel or handing out bibles – perhaps beyond even religion itself – to work with the Papuans towards a better life. Over a number of years, the missionaries build roads, hospitals and schools, while also struggling with the effects of poverty, disease and a lack of formal education in the young state. This Polish-Australian documentary delivers an uplifting example of how faith-based aid workers from wealthy nations can help those in poorer countries. Director: Simon Target Cinematography : Simon Target Editing: John Pleffer Music: Cezary Skubiszewski Produced by: Handheld Pictures Producers: Simon Target, Beata Zatorska VIEW TRAILER _________________________________________________________________________________________ Clergy /Kler (2018) Clergy received a wide release in Poland on September 28, 2018 and grossed $29,913,342, breaking several box office records. About 935,000 viewers watched the film in its opening weekend, the best opening for a Polish film in Poland in 30 years. International rights to The Clergy have been sold to a number of foreign countries, including Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, the United States and Canada. The film has aroused passionate debate in a deeply religious country, winning awards, but also triggering calls to be banned. Smarzowski has said he “did not want to attack faith itself” but “the men who make up the Church and those who are not saints and act like outlaws”. Director: Wojtek Smarzowski Stars: Janusz Gajos, Arkadiusz Jakubik, Robert Wieckiewicz, Jacek Braciak VIEW TRAILER _________________________________________________________________________________________ Perfect Strangers / Nie(znajomi) 2019 NB: In POLISH only Another variation of the Italian hit comedy, Perfect Strangers by Paolo Genovese, but is shining in its Polish context. Seven long-time friends get together for a dinner. When they decide to share with each other the content of every text message, email and phone call they receive, many secrets start to unveil and the equilibrium trembles. Director: Tadeusz Sliwa Stars: Tomasz Kot, Kasia Smutniak, Maja Ostaszewska, Lukasz Simlat VIEW TRAILER Media release: Ross Wilson and Kate Ceberano headline fundraiser for student music ampitheatre in memory of Paul Gray 2019-10-03T22:00:00Z media-release-ross-wilson-and-kate-ceberano-headline-fundraiser-for-student-music-ampitheatre-in-memory-of-paul-gray Aussie rock royalty and celebrities join forces to honour the late Paul Gray in fundraiser for kids’ arts and culture hub The Outdoor Room Extravaganza Sunday 27th October 2019 at Cheltenham Secondary College Ross Wilson and Kate Ceberano will headline an all-day family event to raise funds for an innovative “outdoor music room/ampitheatre” for the exclusive use of school students and community youth groups to create music and performance art after school hours. The Outdoor Room Extravaganza will be held on the sports oval at Victorian Bayside’s Cheltenham Secondary College on Sunday, October 27th, featuring music, food, local beer/wine and boutique market stalls from 12 noon until 7pm. Also performing will be John Kenny (The Rockmelons), Scott Carne (Kids In The Kitchen) and Mack Moses (from The Voice), and young indie artists Franjapan, Sarah Rzek and Mother Culture, with an all-star house band featuring Ben Cripps (Human Nature, David Campbell), Nik Pringadi (Boy George, Tina Arena, Belinda Carlisle), Jeff Consi (The Badloves), Gods of Guitar Phil Ceberano, Steve Williams (Wa Wa Nee) and Christian Meyer. Tickets range from $25 to $120, with free entry for children under 12 years. The Outdoor Room is the brainchild of well-known vocalist and Head of Instrumental Music at Cheltenham Secondary College, Lisa Maxwell-Cripps, who collaborated with celebrity gardner Jamie Durie on the concept of creating a kids’ music space to be built as a memorial to the late Paul Gray, of Wa Wa Nee, with the aim of encouraging school-aged children to seek music and the arts as a therapeutic escape from their daily pressures. Says Lisa, “As Head of Instrumental Music at Cheltenham Secondary College, I have been moved and inspired by witnessing the positive impact that music has on young adults. “Anxiety and depression are on the rise due to all kinds of modern calamities. The perception of the perfect world on Facebook and Instagram gives confusing messages to young adults and often make them feel like they just aren’t adequate enough. This coupled with the pressures of school work, exams, growing up, hormones, feeling misunderstood, disconnected and trying to look like they have it all together, have contributed to making teenagers anxious about fitting in and hampered the development of coping mechanisms. Suicide is the leading cause of death in young people and affects all socio-economic backgrounds. “I’ve noticed how students flock to the music department since I arrived here. By keeping the music department open during recess and lunchtimes, they always have somewhere to go. But now we are literally running out of space to house everyone and kids are often crammed into the hallways and outside in areas that are cold and uncomfortable. They are bringing all of their friends who love the ‘vibe’ of the music area and just want to be a part of it. “So because of this, I wanted to create a bigger space where ALL students are welcome. An inviting place for them to take a break from schoolwork, exams and feelings of loneliness. A place to connect with eachother through music, performing arts and culture, whilst improving their mood, concentration and connection to the school. A place where musicians can jam on their instruments during recess and lunch playing all their favourite music for their friends to listen to and enjoy. “First came the idea of weather proofing an existing outdoor area, but after a conversation with the incredibly vibrant and enthusiastic Jamie Durie, celebrity landscape gardener, the idea of the Outdoor Music Room/Amphitheatre was born. “We wanted to also honour our dear friend Paul Gray from 80s band Wa Wa Nee and Musical Director to the stars, by building a memorial for him. Paul passed away recently after a long battle with Myeloma. “All proceeds go towards the building of this project and when completed, the space will also be available to our wider community of young people and youth groups for use after hours. It will be a place for young people to come together through music for generations to come.” MEDIA CONTACT: Lisa Maxwell-Cripps - LISTINGS INFO: Sunday, October 27th “The Outdoor Room Extravaganza” – All ages Ross Wilson + Kate Ceberano + Scott Carne + John Kenny + Mack Moses + Franjapan + Sarah Rzek + Mother Culture Cheltenham Secondary College Oval, 73 Bernard St, Cheltenham 12pm-7pm Tickets: $25 (Concession & Students 12+ GA); $50 (Adult GA); $120 (Family pass GA – 2 Adults, 2 Children); $80/$100/$120 (VIP) The Concert! This is going to be an unforgettable day with a line up of Australian Rock Royalty gracing the Outdoor Room Music Extravaganza stage. Sunday Rocktober 27th is set to be one of the most exciting and joyful days of music, food, market stalls, local beer, wine and sunshine! What could be better than that? Be quick to get your tickets, especially in the VIP area as they are already selling fast! Arrive at 12 NOON to secure your spot on the oval if you are purchasing General Admission tickets. Ross Wilson and Kate Ceberano Two legendary superstars of the Australian Music Industry performing their hits!! ARIA Award winners, Australian Rock Royalty and two of the most talented, dedicated and passionate performers, Ross and Kate. The all-star house band features Ben Cripps (Human Nature, David Campbell), Nik Pringadi (Boy George, Tina Arena, Belinda Carlisle), Jeff Consi (The Badloves), Gods of Guitar Phil Ceberano, Steve Williams (Wa Wa Nee) and Christian Meyer. This will be a day you simply cannot miss!! John Kenny, Scott Carne and Mack Moses John Kenny, the supreme soul voice of the Rockmelons, is flying directly from Sydney to perform for a rare one off show. One of the most soulful voices in Australia will be performing the hits; New Groove, Rhymes and What’s it Gonna be. Scott Carne from the multi award winning 80s band, Kids in the Kitchen and the founder of the Absolutely 80s touring show is joining the crew to perform his huge hits Change In Mood and Current Stand. R&B singer Mack Moses from The Voice will also join the mega crew. Franjapan, Sarah Rzek and Mother Culture Sarah Rzek is a Mushroom Records recording artist and her single “This Town” is sublime. Triple J Unearthed local bands Franjapan and Mother Culture, featuring the sons of the late Frank Ward from Sydney’s cult band Bellydance, are doing amazing things on the Australian Music scene, releasing music, getting radio play and a lot of attention at their packed out shows. The added bonus for us is that they are ex Cheltenham Secondary students. Young people and suicide Suicide is the leading cause of death among young Australians. About 350 young people aged 15–24 take their own lives every year – more than die on the roads. For every youth suicide, there are 100 to 200 more attempts. People of all ages, races, genders, incomes and family backgrounds commit suicide. But young people are especially at risk. Having depression or another mental health condition is one of the most common risk factors for suicide. Other things that put young people at risk include: previous suicide attempts problems with family or romantic relationships being bullied having access to potentially harmful medications or weapons having a physical illness or disability being gay, lesbian, bisexual, gender-diverse or an intersex person being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australian Young people are protected from attempting suicide if they are resilient and have positive relationships with parents or guardians, close friends and other adults. Helping young people feel safe, supported and part of the community are all important ways to protect them from suicide. Warning signs Never ignore the warning signs that a young person may be thinking about suicide. Common warning signs, behaviours and feelings include: feeling hopeless feeling worthless feeling alone, like no-one understands showing a drastic change in mood or behaviour being aggressive and irritable talking about dying a lot, or making arrangements for when they are dead possessing weapons, sharp objects or medication self-harming (such as cutting their skin) doing risky things using a lot of alcohol or illicit drugs The person might lose interest in their friends or social activities. They may seem to stop caring about other people or events. Their school or work performance might suffer, and they might get into trouble with the police or even run away. They might also have problems sleeping. While it’s important not to ignore these signs, sometimes there is no indication that a person is thinking of suicide. Mothers and Daughters Who Girl Guide Together Stay Connected 2019-08-18T22:55:10Z mothers-and-daughters-who-girl-guide-together-stay-connected Girl Guides isn’t just for young girls, as mum and daughter duo discovered when Grace Jarvis now 17, enrolled in her local Girl Guides Unit 10 years ago. Instead of just drop-offs and pick-ups, mum Helen Jarvis became a Leader of the Unit and hasn’t looked back. The connection that Helen enjoys with her daughter Grace has a lot to do with the shared understanding and language they have developed through Guiding. Helen and Grace have navigated the distinction between their relationship as mother and daughter and guiding colleagues, by using the mentoring approaches taught at Girl Guides. “I don’t provide answers, just a thought process that encourages Grace to take the initiative and come up with a pathway for herself,” explains Helen. Helen says this shared language and approach has been one of the largest benefits of being a part of her daughter’s Guiding experience. “It's not the doing it together all the time that’s the lovely thing, it's the common language, shared experience and interest which is great. It is one thing to hear about the stories, and another to be there sharing them.” Their relationship and Guiding experience continue to strengthen with Grace now being a Leader alongside her mum. Grace has developed a new appreciation for the hard work her mum has put into leading their Unit over the years. Grace admits: “We make a pretty good team”. Grace has not only experienced great personal growth during her time at Guides she has also been able to see her mum from other people’s perspectives which she is grateful for. “She took on a female role-model position in my life where she was my teacher and my guide through this incredible journey. “So, when people ask me who is your biggest role model, it doesn’t feel weird to say, ‘my mum’ – because in all aspects she is.” The Jarvis family could not be prouder to be a part of the Guiding community appreciating the confidence and strength it has provided them as a family unit. Grace’s younger sister, Amy also joined Guides and has enjoyed building the same bond with her mum. Grace says it best when explaining why this dynamic works so well in the Guiding community: “At Guides, we are an absolute sisterhood and have an underlying acceptance of each other. So, no matter who you are, you're automatically going to be accepted whole-heartedly into this environment of pure joy, fun and learning.” -ENDS- For Media Enquiries please contact: Felicity Zadro I ZADRO Agency I 0404 009 384 Oakley Grioli I ZADRO Agency I 02 9212 7867 IMAGES Images are available for use. For high-resolution images, please contact: Image: Helen & Grace Jarvis. Image: A Place To Grow Campaign. Image: A Place To Grow Logo