The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-06-03T06:34:02Z LUXE LOVE Collection by WRAPDRIVE 2020-06-03T06:34:02Z luxe-love-collection-by-wrapdrive-1 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 3rd June 2020 Melbourne, Australia: We are currently living through a period of time that is unlike any other. Since the onset of COVID-19 many fashion houses have cancelled orders, reduced production, laid off staff, and sadly; many have closed. The lockdown means that more people are spending more time at home and obviously wearing casual clothing, but the virus also means that people are more focused on their health, and the demand for active wear continues to rise. As trends shift toward comfort driven styles, Luxe Love active wear is more popular than ever – even for non-athletes gravitating to athletic wear which is naturally more comfortable than suits, buttoned shirts, and even jeans. WRAPDRIVE’s Luxe Love founders have combine a common interest of health and wellbeing to bring their customers a fusion of durable fitness clothing for all body shapes. From the drawing board to your wardrobe, Luxe Love sources the finest active wear fabrics and manufactures from scratch; in order to make your workout session comfortable, reduce perspiration, and enable to you move effortlessly, whatever your level of fitness. Founded in 2019, their range has rapidly expanded to include performance wear which is tailored to suit all categories of fitness and healthy living. Luxe Love creates functional, stylish, high performance leisurewear that inspires women of all shapes and sizes to move with confidence and comfort. Their feminine designs focus on flattering cuts and superior support so you can enjoy wearing Luxe Love creations during and after workout sessions. Taking you from the gym to the school drop off, the grocery store, or coffee with a friend, and why not the office? The Aussie lifestyle is amazing… beaches, parks, mountains… and naturally we want to get out there and enjoy them. With this vision in mind, Luxe Love has created the perfect blend of premium active wear and ultra-comfort. At last, affordable, high-end Australian made active wear is now available in all shapes and sizes. About WRAPDRIVE ( Our vision is to create versatile performance apparel, with great attention to detail and eye for good quality, that helps one to reach their peak in the gym, on the running track, or any endeavour life throws. Being driven by fitness, we are, or now it is safe to say we were, working professionals having over a decade of experience in Accounting, public relations, retail. We spend a lot of time in the gym, out running, and climbing mountains during vacations. Stepping into this world of fitness, we are excited and motivated to help each one of us to be the best version of ourselves. We are wrapped with dedication towards creating a culture of fitness with style. So, to all those who are looking for an answer or excuse to be in the gym or outdoor running, lifting, climbing we are here for you and wants to be the part which will propel you into the world of fitness and new milestones. For any media enquiries please contact WRAPDRIVE: Vipin KC Head of Communications, WRAPDRIVE 0410 089 363 Why Beauty Lies in Website Minimalist Design – What to Know 2020-06-03T05:55:44Z why-beauty-lies-in-website-minimalist-design-what-to-know Minimalist design is the new in-thing in just about everything that emanates from design. From houses, to fashion all the way to being an entire lifestyle and movement, minimalism definitely has an intense impact on the way the world is today. But why do people love it so much? The answer is simple—it’s because of the notion that less is more, which entails that a less cluttered space or design speaks to the human soul in another way. When it comes to the internet and web design, the same principles apply. Many websites are going the route of sticking to one colour or one primary colour and a few accents to give the page character, as well as removing any unnecessary elements and replacing them with fully functional ones. Websites full of unnecessary visual noise are not pleasing, as they remove focus points and create mental discomfort. With a good plan of action and a purpose in mind, your minimalist website can be an attention grabber. Click here to read the full article Women's boots are a big hit in Brand House Direct's new winter range 2020-06-02T05:22:32Z women-s-boots-are-a-big-hit-in-brand-house-direct-s-new-winter-range Wednesday, June, 3; 2020, Melbourne - Leading online shoe retailer, Brand House Direct, have leaned into winter with a new range of shoes, including women's boots so hot their set to light a fire in the hearts of shoppers. As a fashion-forward footwear brand, Brand House Direct has a finger on the pulse of what's hot and this season, they are filling the shelves with the latest trends in women's boots and footwear. With more than 80 brands included in the range, the variety of women's boots available this season is too extensive to cover in its entirety, but what you can expect to see are leather ankle boots, combat boots and heeled boots flying off the shelves as the latest wardrobe favourites for women across the country. Villione is available with a series of stylish leather boots for women who like to make a statement with high-quality shoes that are not only comfortable but made to turn heads. For those who are craving comfort during the winter months, Scholl Orthaheel, Skechers and Orizonte offer options in a range of styles and colours, to fit the unique aesthetic of every woman. Beyond high-fashion, Brand House Direct includes women's hiking boots, ready to meet the Australian weather conditions head-on, with the highest quality and comfort for the long-lasting walkers. With such diversity in their range, women's boots at Brand House Direct cover the fashion cravings of all women. Whether they're looking for sleek and sexy or durable and comfortable women's boots, there is something for everyone at Brand House Direct. About Brand House Direct Brand House Direct is one of Australia's leading destinations for shoes, clothing and accessories with more than 80 brands, stocking more than 5000 products. As a long-standing, long-loved online retailer of the world's hottest brands, Brand House Direct are trend spotters, with a keen eye for what their customers want and need in each season. Providing the best in high-fashion, as well as high-comfort, Brand House Direct is Australia's favourite place to shop the best women's boots online. Made to make online shopping simple, enjoyable and fashionable, Brand House Direct offers fast shipping and easy returns, in addition to providing great deals on the worlds favourite brands. How to identify best online apps for furniture and household items 2020-05-30T19:31:14Z how-to-identify-best-online-apps-for-furniture-and-household-items Technological advancements across the world today have changed how everything is done. Unlike previously where people had to go queue or visit showrooms to get furniture and other household items that best suits their needs, today, people can access all these by just a click of a button, thanks to online apps. These apps have made things easy for shoppers, as they bring convenience and saves time, apart from making the whole experience cheap. But how do you know if the online app is best for you needs? We look at some of the things that can help you identify the best online apps for furniture and household items. Cost of what you want to buy Each of the online apps that allow people to sell furniture and other household items has their own prices, and in most cases, the prices differ from one app to another. This means that before selecting the one to buy from, you have to shop around to find one that offers value for money. This can be regarding how much the items are sold on the particular platform you want to buy from.  You can find real cheap products on sites such as the, and yet these products are of good quality. Quality of the products Don’t let the low prices displayed on some of the apps dupe you. You should never sacrifice the quality of your furniture or any other household items simply because it is quite cheap. Before you settle on any online shopping app, you need to be sure that the products sold on it are of high quality, and that they can serve you in the way you really want. Note that online apps can help you save money, but if chosen wrongly, you might end up losing much more regarding quality. Features of the app Whether you intend to buy bedsheets and pillows for your bed or kitchenware, you need to get an app that makes it easy for you to place the order. The app should also make it easy for the buyer to navigate through the various items, reading the product descriptions of each one of them. There are times when individuals buy items using some of the apps, only to be disappointed later. Does the app have annoying ads? Perhaps this is another critical consideration when selecting an online app to buy your stuff. Many app developers have the intention to make money. And to make their dreams a reality, they tend to stuff the app with ads, where advertisers pay the developer to reach a large audience. But as a buyer, how will you benefit from the ads if they are not customized to suit your needs? Some of the ads are so inappropriate that one would rather avoid the app altogether. Choose a mobile app for your online shopping that is both simple to use as well as cheap to maintain. Apps can take a lot of memory space on your smartphone, and this can slow down the operation speed of the phone. For this reason, it is always prudent to be keen on the type of app you want to install on your phone.   SurfStitch makes a splash by partnering with Tryzens 2020-05-26T20:06:45Z surfstitch-makes-a-splash-by-partnering-with-tryzens SurfStitch, the Australian based coastal lifestyle platform, has announced it has chosen digital commerce consultancy Tryzens to help them enhance and support their digital flagship. The new partnership will continue to enable SurfStitch to provide a superior experience and explore new channels and ways of connecting with customers, especially during these challenging times. Since its inception, SurfStitch has grown from a back-garden business located in a garage to a top-tier ecommerce platform that has serviced over two million customers. Over the years it has increased its partnerships to include over 300 different brands, such as Vans, Converse and Stussy, all providing a different, unique story to reflect its customers’ passion for coastal lifestyle. Its success has allowed it to develop a strong customer base located across Australia, New Zealand and in international markets.   To meet the needs of SurfStitch’s new lean inhouse dev team, Tryzens will provide 24/7 support and maintenance along with customer experience design, strategic road-mapping and enhancements to help them continue to stay ahead of the curve and on the cusp of innovation. As a digital brand, the focus has always been on providing the best possible experience for its customers and providing easy access to contemporary coastal culture. Justin Hillberg, Managing Director at SurfStitch comments: “We have always and will continue to put our customers first. In the current climate, we need to challenge the status quo and look to new ways to evolve our online experience. We have always had strong relationships with our partners and cultural alignment has been key to our mutual success. Tryzens provides value for money, flexibility, and industry knowledge which will help us continue to deliver an outstanding online offering. Working with Tryzens is a new chapter for SurfStitch and we are excited about what the future holds.” Andy Burton, CEO of Tryzens added: “Now more than ever, providing a superior online experience has never been more important. Customers are looking for compelling experiences and product offerings as they spend increasingly more time at home browsing. We’re elated to partner with SurfStitch as one of the pioneers in the online space to add our expertise and support to bolster sustainable and profitable trade.”   ENDS About SurfStitch We’re all about those feel-good, Saturday state of mind moments and use our selection of over 300 brands and their stories to provide you with the goods that best reflect your unique identity. Surf may be in our name, though we have grown to embrace the cultures that surround it. Be it fashion, travel, art, music or beyond, we stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends to help connect you with the same positive, passionate mindsets our brand stands by. SurfStitch is proud to be part of the Alquemie Group, a new portfolio of leading premium brands.   About Tryzens Tryzens is an international digital commerce consultancy that take a holistic approach to growing your business, no matter how or where your customers choose to buy. Our team of trading specialists, strategists and technology experts are passionate about growing your business by implementing solutions that optimise performance across all channels. With offices in offices in London, Melbourne, Sydney, Sofia and Trivandrum, we have partnered with some of the world’s most successful retailers and brand owners including Cotton On Group, R.M.Williams, Liberty London, Showpo, Fisher & Paykel and Treasury Wine Estates to provide beginning to end services that help grow businesses and provide the best customer experiences.   Showpo launches new online offering to supercharge global growth with help from Tryzens 2020-05-20T06:39:46Z showpo-launches-new-online-offering-to-supercharge-global-growth-with-help-from-tryzens Showpo, the Sydney-based women’s fashion retailer, has launched its new eCommerce platform with help from digital commerce consultancy Tryzens, enabling it to transform the shopping experience for its customers across every touchpoint and supercharge growth in new markets.   Showpo is one of Australia’s fastest growing fashion retailers. Inspiring a global audience, Showpo has amassed a reach of over four million social users across social media platforms. With hundreds of new styles dropping each week, the company’s range of clothes, shoes and accessories has earned it a loyal and rapidly expanding customer base. Having seized market share in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA, Showpo has now set its sights on expanding to more countries overseas and elevating its brand in countries the world over.   Following an agnostic discovery phase to help it realise its ambitions, Showpo partnered with Tryzens to help it launch a new, agile, eCommerce platform. Salesforce Commerce Cloud was chosen because it could support the rapid growth of the business and handle the logistical challenges of moving into new markets, while enhancing the customer experience. The company was also keen to ensure the new platform had the ability to convey the strong Showpo brand and story.   Showpo wanted a modern and intuitive platform that would allow them to scale and meet the demands of its growing business on a global level and provide the best possible experience for its customers. As well as enabling the company to streamline operations, the new website offers an integrated, intelligent and innovative shopping experience through social integrations and blogs, wherever consumers interact with the Showpo brand, on mobile, web or social.   Tryzens’ deep expertise with Commerce Cloud and its experience in helping Australian brands break ground in international markets has been crucial to enabling an easy transition from Showpo’s existing platform to its new home. With Commerce Cloud’s unified backend, the Showpo team has been able to expand its brand into new regions and manage the different sites from a single platform. It also enables Showpo to introduce a range of different cartridges to provide innovative services to customers, such as different payment options or loyalty scheme benefits.   Jane Lu, Founder at Showpo commented: “Our entire business is driven by our customers – the more we understand them, the better we can serve them. For us, working with Tryzens to deploy Salesforce was the obvious choice. We wanted to improve the customer experience across multiple markets, and with Tryzens’ expertise in Commerce Cloud, we have been able to implement best practice processes and increase personalisation. It has also helped us to utilise resources more efficiently, giving us the opportunity to innovate much faster.”   Andy Burton, CEO at Tryzens, said: “We are delighted to be supporting Showpo in its move to Commerce Cloud. The new offering will give Showpo the capability to add a host of new features to further improve and enhance the shopping experience, bring its fashion-forward creations to life, and helping it grow unimpeded on a global scale. Showpo’s dedication to providing the best possible experience to its customers very much reflects our own ethos, and we look forward to working together on continuing to optimise the site and drive sales and revenues.” Salesforce, Commerce Cloud and others are among the trademarks of, inc. -ENDS-   Showpo Showpo is Australia’s leading global fashion company focussed on the next generation of young women. We exist for women who want to embrace who they are by having fun with fashion and a sprinkle of memes. What started in Sydney with a laptop and two shelves is now a global fashion empire shipping to more than 100 countries, with over 4 million followers across social. We entertain, empower and inspire our community through diverse and optimistic fashion, storytelling and experiences.   About Tryzens Established in 2004, Tryzens is an international digital commerce consultancy that takes a holistic approach to growing your business, no matter how or where your customers choose to buy. Our team of trading specialists, strategists and technology experts are passionate about growing your business by implementing solutions that optimise performance across all channels.  With offices in offices in London, Melbourne, Sofia and Trivandrum, we have partnered with some of the world’s most successful retailers and brand owners including Sweaty Betty, Cotton On Group, kikki.K, Fisher & Paykel and Liberty London to provide beginning to end services that help to grow their businesses and provide the best customer experiences. COVID-19 FREE HAIR LOSS ADVICE AT 2020-05-19T05:42:30Z covid-19-free-hair-loss-advice-at-hairloss-com-au COVID-19 FREE HAIR LOSS ADVICE  # New free website established to provide hair loss advice during current pandemic. # COVID-19 victims can lose up to 50% of their hair 3 months after they recover.  # Health and well-being is important in managing hair loss and thinning due to COVID-19 restrictions. # Using nutritional supplements and botanical medicine is helpful to support wellness, stress & hair loss. # World’s leading medics combine to give free advice.    World leading dermatologist and hair loss specialist Professor Rod Sinclair has combined with a team of Doctors, Trichologists and Medicos from around the world to establish the website providing free advice and comfort regarding hair loss to victims of the Covid -19 Virus and to those experiencing an increase of anxiety and stress during the current pandemic.    The website explains the technical details behind Febrile Telogen Effluvium (FTE) or acute hair shedding. FTE can result in the victim losing as much as 50% of their hair within 3 months after they recover. The website provides advice regarding treatment and management and the facts.   The website with advice from the Medical hair loss “dream team“ has been created and arranged by Advanced Hair Studio ( AHS) as an informational community website regarding hair loss associated with the COVID-19 virus as a way of giving back and supporting the public. Founder and Chairman of AHS Carl Howell has helped some of the world’s most famous personalities with their hair loss over the last 40 years including cricket legends Shane Warne, Sourav Ganguly, Jacques Kallis, and Graham Gooch as well as AFL stars Brendon Goddard and Ben Cunnington among others. The AHS sports stars are also spreading the serious message about the hair loss website on social media to comfort and assist the public. AHS is in 15 countries worldwide.   TO INTERVIEW CARL HOWELL email or call Max Markson 0412 501 601      Australian Fashion Agency Thrives as New Athleisure & Loungewear Categories Surge During COVID-19 2020-05-07T07:17:14Z australian-fashion-agency-thrives-as-new-athleisure-amp-loungewear-categories-surge-during-covid-19 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE7th May 2020Melbourne, Australia: Slyletica, a unique fashion agency which builds activewear and athleisure brands for influencers and entrepreneurs, has seen an unprecedented increase in the number of people wanting to start an athleisure brand during COVID-19.Prior to COVID-19 activewear was already booming, but since the outbreak consumers have shifted towards new athleisure and loungewear categories, and sweatpants are selling faster than ever before. According to tracking firm Edited, the tracksuit sell-through rate is up 36 per cent in the U.S. and U.K. compared with the same period last year, and sweatpants sales were up 79 per cent in the U.S. from February to April.With people working and working out from home, the demand for comfort continues to surge, putting companies like Slyletica at the forefront of a new and burgeoning category. Even Anna Wintour has jumped in on the action – featuring on Vogue’s Instagram account last month in a pair of trackpants.“It was only a matter of time before athleisure led the way in fashion apparel sales. It’s about a lifestyle – moving from work, to workout, to whatever else without the need to keep changing clothes.  Now we’re seeing more interest, particularly from the U.S. and U.K. The demand for comfort and versatility is forcing innovation in design and manufacturing and it’s pretty exciting to be a part of it”, says Slyletica CEO Simon Rawadi.According to Business of Fashion, activewear sales were up 40 per cent in the U.S. and 97 per cent in the U.K. year-on-year during the first week of April.While other sectors of fashion cancelled orders with their factories prior to the lockdown, many activewear labels are thriving and Slyletica is onboarding clients at a rate higher than ever before. “We’ve made starting a brand easy but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. The important thing is to differentiate yourself, have a unique story and solve a problem for consumers. You should have this before you contact us. We can help you with the rest,” says Rawadi.Slyletica is preparing to launch more than seven new influencer brands in the coming months and handles everything from design and manufacturing to ecommerce, marketing and order fulfilment, all from their Melbourne headquarters.About Slyletica ( is Australia’s leading fashion agency and the only in the world that offers a complete end-to-end solution for anyone wanting to start a fashion brand. Specialising in athleisure and sportswear, Slyletica will work with over 250 influencers and entrepreneurs by the end of 2020 in an industry that is thriving during COVID-19 and the surge of casual ‘at home’ attire.Simon and Yetta Rawadi are now available for interviews.To schedule an interview or for all other media enquiries please contact Slyletica:Chloe McQuoidchloe@slyletica.com0422 838 857 The Re-Opening of Retail: substantial discount for a Contactless Click & Collect solution from stockinstore 2020-05-06T05:31:17Z the-re-opening-of-retail Winners of the NORA ‘Best in Store Retail Technology’ Award in 2019, stockinstore are at the forefront of innovative technology development for the Retail industry. And whilst retailers are amidst the current grapple of when and how they can re-open, stockinstore are showing their support by offering retailers and franchises a huge 40% off set up  + 25% off the monthly license for 6 months on all Contactless Click & Collect solutions.     Contactless Click & Collect is set to be the way forward for retailers in the coming weeks and months. Not only does this offer flexibility in how customers can shop, it encompasses the safety measures of social distancing set to carry on being a part of our ‘new normal’.    Whilst acknowledging the current situation, stockinstore said they are still planning for a future that can and will support driving traffic back into store through a myriad of technologies and solutions.    “We’re confident that the product we have developed is the most flexible, affordable and fast-to-implement Contactless Click & Collect solution available on the market - plus it’s suitable for retailers of all sizes. Something not seen often in the retail tech space. Given the hardship retailers are facing now more than ever, we wanted to do our bit and offer our support with this special discount” says stockinstore®‘s CEO Andrew Maver.    Click & Collect underutilised by Australian Retailers    Whilst Click & Collect (C&C) might not be a new concept, it’s certainly underutilised by retailers given the adoption by local consumers. Research suggests Australian shoppers have had a high level of Click & Collect usage: 45% of C&C users choose this delivery option to avoid home delivery charges while 37% find it more convenient than home delivery. (Patrick Viney, Vice President of Retail Industry Strategy in Australia)    Despite its popularity, only 42% of Australian retailers offered Click & Collect in 2017, but that number was already steadily rising pre-Covid. In 2015 it was just 24%. (KPMG, 2017). Statistically, Australia had been lagging when compared to the number of retailers offering C&C in the UK and USA, and in doing so missing out on real opportunities for growth. Now, there is no choice. The Covid-climate is set to force retailer’s hands in needing to offer Contactless/Click & Collect in a bid to succeed among tough times.    How does Contactless Click & Collect Work?    stockinstore has recognized and resolved the key challenges faced by retailers seeking to implement Contactless Click & Collect. A lack of flexibility integrating with existing POS/ERP systems and complex rules, conditions and scenario-mapping have created road-blocks for many retailers, delaying roll-out of this increasingly popular ‘delivery’ service.     Working with growing sports retailer INTERSPORT Australia, a stockinstore Click & Collect customer, helped ensure that the stockinstore solution is up to the range of challenges faced by retailers. The NORA winners have already successfully integrated with many leading POS/ERP providers. A large stable of existing clients utilising their location-based ‘Find In Store’ solution has also helped them gain insights into what retailers are looking for in a C&C solution.     By using stockinstore’s Contactless/Click & Collect solution retailers can gain crucial access to customer demand data gleaned from the SaaS solution’s much-lauded reporting suite too. These reports show a myriad of insights and are used by a range of departments from eCommerce and marketing to merchandise planning and allocations. A feature that has stood stockinstore out from the crowd since day one.     stockinstore’s latest offering comes at a time when retailers may have the time to not only asses their omnichannel strategy, but address the importance of their stores re-opening by offering a fast, convenient and safe Contactless/Click & Collect solution.      Find out more here  Offer valid until 31/05/2020    - END –    For more information please contact: Catherine McKay,       Created in 2016, stockinstore is the only solution suite focused on changing how retailers use their stores. Developed for retailers, franchises, wholesalers and manufacturers of all sizes, stockinstore creates an exceptional shopping experience for customers while providing highly valuable insights into customer demand for products across a business’s store network.   Why a Remarkable Web Design Is Essential to Your Business 2020-05-06T01:05:25Z why-a-remarkable-web-design-is-essential-to-your-business Design is arguably one of the most influential factors in customer engagement. Depending on your website’s overall design, you can either keep visitors coming back or push them away and never return. Your web design helps create the first impression of the visitors on your business. These visitors are potential customers, and if your website fails to capture their attention right away, you can expect that your conversion rate will suffer the effects. A remarkable web design entices visitors. It is what welcomes potential customers and invites them to navigate your website and explore further. The following are some of the reasons remarkable web design is vital to your website marketing: User experience The number one thing that can keep most users on your site is experience. They want the loading times to be fast, and they want buttons to be responsive. Users are looking for fast and easy browsing and you need to give them that. A good web design addresses everything that will affect the user’s browsing experience. By making sure that your website is designed with the users in mind, you’re making it easier for your visitors to love your brand and the products you’re offering. Conversion rate Because you’re inviting more people to browse your website through its remarkable design, you’re increasing the chances of gaining customers and your conversion rate. You don’t gain customers if no one wants to see what your brand is about. If people click away as soon as they see your homepage, then don’t expect them to buy your products or avail your services. Good web design doesn’t need to tell customers to buy the brand’s products. Essentially, it guides the users to the offers of the business through visual cues and eye-catching design elements. If you want to increase your conversion, you need to invest in your web design right away. Click Here to read the full article RETREAT Magazine's Issue #18 has Launched 2020-05-04T02:44:34Z retreat-magazine-s-issue-18-has-launched Retreat Magazine has announced the launch of Issue #18, featuring cover girl and muse, Cara Santana, photographed by Filbert Kung. The actress, producer and our favourite “it-girl” goes heart-to-heart with Retreat on finding happiness in today’s world. Check out our interview with Cara and head to for a behind the scenes look at her Beverly Hills cover shoot! Ahh, travel. In a time of uncertainty, you may have needed to postpone your vacation and are now dreaming of packing your bags to escape somewhere fabulous. Whether you’re daydreaming of a sunny getaway or looking for stylish destinations to touch down in, this issue of Retreat is your go-to for wanderlust inspiration. With so many delicious vacation trends, now is the perfect time to dream and plan ahead. In the age of wellness-is-the-new-luxury, we have the best spa destinations for a vacation with purpose that will relieve all the stress of today’s uncertainty. We also have the perfect insider guide to the season’s most exciting style and beauty trends all topped off with tips on how to faux your glow at home. We have also rounded up some of our favourite style-setters for all the inspiration you’ll need to get you through cabin fever. If you’re looking for more, we have created a YouTube channel highlighting the beauty, luxury and activities that you can experience at luxury hotels worldwide -- all from the comfort of your own home. Featuring stunning spas, architecture, world-class amenities and fine-dining, these virtual experiences offer an exceptional way to discover and sample new destinations daily. And if you haven’t yet picked up our coffee table book, POOLSIDE: The World's Most Extraordinary Hotel Pools, we have a Special Edition on sale now! Head to or Amazon and get ready to dive into the world's most awe-inspiring spots to take a dip. View Issue #18's Coverage Here! Daily Mail Extra TV People Magazine Award-Winning Fashion Agency Brings Cactus Leather to Australia Ahead of Earth Day 2020-04-16T03:16:16Z award-winning-fashion-agency-brings-cactus-leather-to-australia-ahead-of-earth-day FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE16 April 2020 Melbourne, Australia:  Slyletica, a leading fashion agency and pioneer in the manufacturing space, is excited to announce they are introducing the latest innovation in sustainable fabrics,  Cactus Leather, to Australia ahead of Earth Day on April 22nd.   Founded in Mexico, the cactus leather Desserto won the international Green Product Award 2020 in Germany last month. The organic material is made from turning nopal cactus leaves into vegan, cruelty-free leather.    Older leaves are taken from organically grown nopal cactus plants, cleaned, crushed, and left to dry in the sun for three days prior to manufacturing.   The material is sustainable, organic, soft, durable enough to make clothing and accessories and partially biodegradable - unlike other vegan leathers which are made from PVC or plastic.   Working closely with the supplier of the leather, Slyletica is proud to add another eco-friendly option to its diverse library of materials and offer it to their growing database of clients looking for environmentally friendly fabrics for their lines.   Slyletica's range of eco-fabrics includes materials like wool, tencel, linen, organic cotton, hemp, modal, bamboo and most recently Econyl yarn by Carvico - a fabrication made from repurposed and recycled fishing nets.   About Slyletica Slyletica is Australia’s leading fashion agency and the only in the world that offers a complete end-to-end solution for anyone wanting to start an athleisure brand. Slyletica will work with over 250 influencers and entrepreneurs by the end of 2020 to build activewear and athleisure collections in an industry being disrupted by social media influence.   Slyletica was recently named the Business News Australia Young Entrepreneur for manufacturing, wholesale & distribution, 2019 Melbourne Winner; won the Business News Australia, 2019 Top 50 Entrepreneur Award; won the Australian Review, Award for Top Fashion Agency 2018, was in Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Fast Starters in 2018, and was the fastest growing fashion agency on the list.   Slyletica was founded in 2015 by husband and wife team Simon and Yetta Rawadi. Simon and Yetta originally developed their own activewear label, learning how to navigate design, production and selling in the process. They were soon inundated with requests by other entrepreneurs wants to create their own labels and that is how the concept was born. They have since managed to build a multi-million dollar business working with over 750 brands around the world.    Any clients of Slyletica are assured with the company’s quality and ethical codes of conduct being incredibly stringent. The design, production and marketing teams are based in-house in Melbourne. Meanwhile, their partner factories and fabric suppliers around the world are fully-vetted, with bi-annual third party audits to ensure every factory meets industry criteria for fair wages, fair hours, no discrimination, environmental compliant, risk assessment training, and no child labour, amongst other criteria. If a factory cannot provide acceptable audits, they are not even considered to join the Slyletica network.   For all media enquiries please contact Slyletica:   Chloe McQuoid 0422 838 857 Top Australian Women’s Online Clothing Boutique The Half Boutique now Offering Free Worldwide Shipping 2020-03-29T13:01:15Z top-australian-women-s-online-clothing-boutique-the-half-boutique-now-offering-free-worldwide-shipping The Half Boutique is a favorite in Australia for its amazing dresses and other fashion pieces for stylish women. Now the store if providing free worldwide online shipping so women across the globe can enjoy the same amazing choices. March 29, 2020 The Half Boutique is something special. The Australia-based women’s online clothing boutique delivers the latest in very much in-demand fashion choices at amazing prices and backed up by customer service that truly cares, building the online store a spotless reputation. Now to make things even more exciting, The Half Boutique is offering free worldwide shipping so women can enjoy shopping at their store no matter where they live across the globe. Shopping to look amazing has rarely been so simple or so much fun. “We love the idea of making our catalog easier to shop for women wherever they may be,” commented a spokesperson from The Half Boutique. “Our style is international and up-to-date and the interest from other countries has always been high, so we imagine this is going to work out very well.” Current popular choices at the online clothing boutique include summer dresses, floral dresses, mini dresses, playsuits and jumpsuits, crop tops and long sleeve tops, skirts, shorts, pants, and much more. The free worldwide shipping is available for all orders over $50. Students get a special 15% off. The reviews for the store never fail to be passionate. Christine M., from Melbourne, said in five-star feedback, “When it is time to buy a dress online, I always turn to The Half Boutique. Absolutely amazing prices, service and most of all dresses. Perfect for school, work, or fun. Totally recommended!” For more information be sure to visit ### Kalfin Jewellery - 30 Year Experience 2020-03-20T06:28:38Z kalfin-jewellery-30-year-experience Our Now Today Kalfin Jewellery no longer supplies the jewellery trade; instead we cater direct to the public. We have taken a new direction under the watchful eye of our Director Anthony Kalfin. We have embraced new innovations and the latest technology, creating a luxurious environment for the comfort of our clients and empowering them with the information to make an informed and personal jewellery decision. Our boutique established on Level 5 was first of its kind and still stands as a benchmark for others. By closing the gap between designer and end user we have been able to cater for the needs of individuals, providing unsurpassed value and service without compromising quality. Our passion to design and create individual pieces was the driving force for our move from mass production to custom-made. A love for quality, attention to detail and unmatched customer service is the foundation of our philosophy. At Kalfin Jewellery we believe that each piece of jewellery should be as unique as the person wearing it. It should represent a memorable journey from design to the creation of the milestone it represents. Testimonials “Anthony and Yasemin were amazing and helped me find a ring that suited my style.They both have an incredible way of making you feel like their most important customer. They were great at educating me on the various aspects of diamonds which made my decision easier.This is the only jeweler you should be going to!” FARRAH K. Simply outstanding customer service from start to finish!Thank you so much Anthony for crafting such a stunningly beautiful and unique ring.  Anthony and Yasmin were an absolute pleasure to work with during the consultative process and worked within my budget.I highly recommend Kalfin Jewellery.” JACINTA O. Kalfin is A Jewellery House where creativity blends with inspirations & craftsmanship are infused with elegance to forge opulent memories. Supermodel Madeline Stuart walks the runway with Meghan Trainor, Paris Hilton and Shania Twain 2020-02-14T05:32:40Z supermodel-madeline-stuart-walks-the-runway-with-meghan-trainor-paris-hilton-and-shania-twain Supermodel Madeline Stuart joins Meghan Trainor, Paris Hilton and Shania Twain on Catwalk.  Supermodel Madeline Stuart took the world by a storm on the runway while breaking down stereotypes in fashion and beauty by taking the centre stage yet again this week last Wednesday in New York stronger than ever. She was most excited about walking for the American heart association’s Go Red for Women alongside Meghan Trainor, Paris Hilton, Nicki Hilton, Shania Twain, Heather Graham, Ali Stroker, Loren Gray, Robin Givens, Roselyn Sanchez, Jeri Ryan and 28 other celebrities. She also walked for Glaudi by Johana Hernandez, Willet Designs Couture, Merlin Castell, Christina Weeks and Hi Tech Moda.                               The Go Red for Women is a nationwide heart and stroke initiative for women as the American Heart association claims heart disease appears to be the greatest threat to women's health. Having undergone an open-heart surgery herself and being the only model with Down syndrome to have walked the catwalk for 8 seasons of NYFW, she will use this platform to represent inclusion and diversity.   Madeline has walked in over 100 fashion shows across the globe including London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Mercedes Fashion Week - China, Caspian Fashion Week - Russia, and Runway Dubai to name a few. She has also featured in campaigns for Diesel, Modcloth and FabFitFun. She has been an essential personality in achieving this significant societal change as one of the most prominent and influential faces of diversity, alongside Winnie Harlow and Ashley Graham. She is also a high prole advocate of the disability community in Australia and overseas and was nominated for the Pride of Australia and Young Australian of the Year Award in 2015, 2016 and 2017.Internationally Madeline was awarded the Advocacy Award for her work in Uganda from Kulture City in 2017,and received the Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award from Global Down Syndrome in 2018. Madeline continually supports countless charity organisations from Veteran Affairs, Special Olympics, Melange, and Step Up for Downs in America. She works tirelessly with the charities to further spread her message of diversity and inclusion. She is also the founder and ambassador for Inside Outside Dance in Brisbane – a dance school for people with disabilities.           After this fashion week, she will head back to Australia, where she will continue modelling until she returns to Florida on March 6th to work with celebrity cruises heading to the Caribbean. Her schedule looks exciting this year as she will be taking over runways in Germany, London, Paris and Copenhagen.  Photos available here.  For Further information or images please contact : Rosanne Stuart +61428156688 Facebook  :  Instagram  : Web           :