The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-08-23T03:33:51Z Incredible deals 2017-08-23T03:33:51Z incredible-deals Simple as that! Simply go to our website, add four watches of your choice to your cart and the fourth one is on us! Just use the coupon code “3+1” to save. A different kind of book to deal with divorce 2017-08-21T23:38:37Z a-different-kind-of-book-to-deal-with-divorce Question: Why is sexy time with an Ex just like reheating old soup? Answer: It’s warm, comforting, and delicious. It’ll cheer you up on a cold and lonely Winter’s night… Statistics indicate that one in three marriages end in divorce. And the majority of those happen when people are in their early 40’s. That’s why 40-something Perth journalist and fashion and lifestyle blogger Beverly Ligman has created Australia’s first ever divorce guide - Welcome to D-Town: A guide to divorce for the kind of young and still kind of hot.  Beverly was inspired to write the guide after a particularly shitty divorce and hopes this book will provide guidance* to help others deal with their own break-up or divorce trauma.   Welcome to D-Town is uplifting, funny and insightful. It includes handy advice, tips and tricks to help the broken-hearted navigate the eight stages of divorce. It’s a modern take on the realities of heartbreak and aims to help people deal with their own break-up or divorce trauma, heal and ultimately, realise that their Ex was not ‘The One’. Welcome to D-Town is available to purchase online at from 11 August for $17.99 hardcover and $12.99 for the eBook.  *Like how NOT to wake up with kebab in your hair next to some random dude who’s name you don’t remember* View the full press release here Free Watches for Everyone 2017-08-21T04:11:03Z free-watches-for-everyone Yep, you read right.  We need to clear our stock and we need to clear it fast!  So the best way is to give it away! Simply purchase any three watches and you'll get the fourth FREE How to make your forearms look bigger 2017-08-17T04:28:27Z how-to-make-your-forearms-look-bigger Out of all the items in the world, there is only one that will make your forearms look bigger. A well designed, perfectly sized watch. You don’t want one of those ridiculously oversized watches, they’ll just make you’re forearms look tiny. If you’ve spent years in the gym working out trying to get huge arms, why ruin it with a poor choice? WHY Watches are architecturally designed timepieces that you know are going to complement your aesthetics. Designed by master level graduates and former athletes, there really isn’t anything on that market that can compete. Grab yours today at Sold out in just days, only 8 left of second release! 2017-08-16T06:02:36Z sold-out-in-just-days-only-8-left-of-second-release Imagine a watch designed by architectural graduates, with years of experience in the field. You'd think that a professional product like this would cost a fortune, right?   Well, WHY Watches have designed a range of architectural watches that don't cost an arm and a leg. Starting from as little as $70 AUD their watches have taken Australia by storm. And now they're taking on the world.   But first, they have limited editions remaining that must go! The modernist model black with black strap has inspired greatness, and also the upcoming kickstarter collection. But the original and crowd favourite is almost gone, forever. With only 8 timepieces left, be sure to get yours before they're gone! Aspect Furniture represents Tim Webber Design 2017-08-11T02:29:59Z aspect-furniture-represents-tim-webber-design Aspect Furniture is excited to announce we are now representing NZ based product designer Tim Webber in Australia. With a range of unique products ideally suited to the modern office environment we look forward to introducing Tim’s designs into our projects. Tim has been designing and producing his range of furniture under the brand ‘Tim Webber Design’ since 2009 and has since gained international exposure through a wide variety of online sources and magazines. Tim has also won a number of awards including the Design Folio Incubator Award and was a finalist in the Home Design Awards 2016. “As a furniture designer I look to create designs that are fresh and innovative, yet simple and clean. I have a real focus on the quality of my product and the integrity of materials. I make products that will be testament to solid, functional design for many years to come.”  A selection of Tim Webber designs can now be viewed at Aspect showrooms or on our website. Silk Scarves – Send a Gift with a Personal Message 2017-07-31T02:18:59Z silk-scarves-send-a-gift-with-a-personal-message The founder of Beautifully Rapt announces her beautiful collection of luxury pure silk scarves and wool silk wraps at an affordable price. Whether wrapped around the neck or delicately draped around shoulders, each luxury silk scarf is like a work of art and makes a perfect gift. In terms of fashion, the women's designer silk scarf is possibly one of the most underrated pieces of clothing on the market. It can give a bespoke look to any outfit and lift it to another level. These luxurious silk scarves come in a variety of carefully selected rich colors.Elegant wool silk wraps and accessories made from sterling silver and semi-precious stones are also available online from “Silk scarves are the perfect accessory for the discerning fashionista, and part of the sale of each scarf goes to charity,” said the spokesperson of Beautifully Rapt. “We offer 20% off for your first order of silk scarves with code FIRST and we also offer free shipping worldwide to most countries and 14 Day Return Policy.” Here is what one of Beautifully Rapt’s recent customer said about the luxury silk scarf “Absolutely beautiful scarf of excellent quality silk. Gorgeously presented with attention to detail. I love it!"  Lisa B (Blue Floral Silk Scarf)  Beautifully Rapt’s overall vision is to design high quality distinctive silk scarves and wool silk wraps forsophisticated women of all ages that can be sent as a gift with a message or as personal treat. The website has a unique Photo-Match Advice page that helps customers match scarves to the appropriate skin tone and eye colour. ### About Beautifully Rapt The beautifully Rapt head office is located in Melbourne, Australian. The company sends contemporary and classic pure silk luxury scarves, wool silk scarf and accessories all over the world. They are made from the highest quality Indian silk and wool and make great birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day and Christmas gifts. They are timeless pieces that can be worn by you, your mother or even your grandmother! All come beautifully wrapped with an optional personal message from you. For more information please visit Or send an email to 12 year old Fashionista Launches his debut range with Trix Clothing 2017-07-18T09:03:13Z 12-year-old-fashionista-launches-his-debut-range-with-trix-clothing "The things I want to wear, and want to buy, are never in my size" Dillan Blown knows his style. He knows what he wants to wear, what type of clothes he wants to buy and the look he is trying to achieve. It is always difficult for him, as the clothes he wants to wear generally belong in the men's section of the store, and the selection in his size just doesn't cut it. 2 years ago, Dillan, then aged 10, approached his parents with an idea. He had thought of a design and a brand name for a label he wanted to create. His Mum, Jessica, still has the little piece of paper he gave her on that day. "Dillan came to us with his ideas. They were great, but we were unsure of whether it would last and if he was genuinely interested in creating this brand that would involve alot of work and alot of startup funds. We sat on it for 2 years, and when he still kept asking to pursue his first range we decided we were all in and we were going to let him have a go". With collaboration with his Mum, they were able to source some help from Sydney company, Ampar, who helped them immensely with communicating with factories, understanding minimum quantities, customs and transport. "Mum helped me with my designs. She is a fabric designer, so she was able to help me create my designs on Illustrator so the factory could use them." Dillan wanted his first range to be about what he likes, what his friends like and the types of clothes that they want to wear. "Our parents buy our clothes for us when we aren't with them. Mum would buy some things she thinks I would like, but most of the time it isn't what I want to wear. The range I have designed is in the style I like. The shorts are comfortable, and are in a soft cotton tracksuit material that is easy to wear but also has the slim design we want. The t-shirts are black and white and simple. I like to go to theme parks, I like music, I love footy, I like the beach. This is what the range is about." The Trix season one collection designed by Dillan is available through the Trix website -, and in Forever Lee Gawler SA. For equiries please contact NEW POCKET CHIEF IS A FASHION PARTY IN YOUR POCKET! 2017-07-17T04:05:45Z new-pocket-chief-is-a-fashion-party-in-your-pocket NEW POCKET CHIEF IS A FASHION PARTY IN YOUR POCKET! Sydney husband and wife team Robert and Tatiana Coulter are changing the face of fashion with their new company delivering a fresh twist on an old trend with the launch of their online pocket handkerchief business POCKET CHIEF PocketChief founder  Robert Coulter and wife Tatiana have designed a range of dozens of new pocket squares that are complimented by their range of mini flower lapel pins all made from 100 % silk. Mr and Mrs Chief, sorry, Coulter have designed the most sophisticated and BOLD pocket squares, that even the most avid "Mad Men " fan can look Don Draper dapper stylish in!   " The trend of pocket squares as a fashion accessory really started during the 1920s, and was considered a trendy accessory up until the 1960s, where actors such as Cary Grant, Fred Astaire or Gary Cooper used to wear them regularly. It fell into disuse up until the 21st century where pocket squares made a come-back, thanks  to some of the world's sexiest men like George Clooney, Robert Downey Jr. Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Craig, Justin Timberlake, Bradley Cooper , Jimmy Fallon and Tom Hardy regularly wearing them on red carpets worldwide." says Robert Coulter. "All ‘Chiefs’ are triple threats! with exceptional colour, movement and style the PocketChief is designed to complement any tie or add style and elegance to a jacket or suit worn without a tie.With epic styles such as ‘The Donald’, ‘Psychedelic ’70s’, Bollywood, and ‘Derby Chief’ the wearer is sure to stand out at any event." continued Robert.   Many years ago, only the brave would step out with a party in your pocket but everything old is new again, and now the PocketChief is bringing the party to you. The Chief himself, can personally select an individual ‘Chief’ for any one and any occasion, on request. The Chief has also designed individual pocket squares for Weddings, AFL Sporting teams including the GWS Giants season launch and businesses. The PocketChief also offers a 1:1 session Masterclass teaching stying techniques, and it’s a must for amateurs.   WARNING: you will turn heads! To see the PocketChief collection visit  TO INTERVIEW PocketChief Founder Robert Coulter and Mrs. Chief, use PocketChiefs as contest prizes or for fashion shoots email or call Max Markson 0412501601 Exclusive New Deal From Avery Verse 2017-07-10T06:00:24Z exclusive-new-deal-from-avery-verse Avery Verse have announced an exciting and rare special offer. Until the 16th of July you can get FREE Shipping + 25% Off Our Luxury Bags! All you have to do is enter AV25 at the checkout. We are a luxury Australian handbag brand and social enterprise that seeks to marry business with charity. Founded by husband and wife team, Taylor and Christie Cook, all our luxury accessories are handcrafted from eco-friendly Italian vegetable tanned leather with a suede interior lining. It takes one master craftsperson twenty four hours to create an Avery Verse handbag thus ensuring the highest quality finish is achieved. Vegetable tanning is an ancient process of bathing leather hide in water full of organic material for up to sixty days. It produces an exemplary leather to touch and smell, and is safe for the environment and the tanners. For 2017 we've partnered with to donate proceeds from every sale to their life changing work in water access and sanitation for developing communities. This special offer won't last long, so visit today and save on conscious luxury fashion! For interviews with co-founders Taylor Cook and Christie Cook, high res flat lay images or to call in samples to shoot please contact Taylor Cook on 0424 718 962 Avery Verse's New Social Media Partner! 2017-07-10T05:59:28Z avery-verse-s-new-social-media-partner Avery Verse is pleased to announce they’ve begun using the Needls robo agency for their social media advertising. This exciting new platform is a welcome addition to Avery Verse’s suite of agencies and tools that are working to promote their eco-friendly luxury handbags and social enterprise business model.  The Needls platform is a constantly optimising system that studies buyer intent online and targets advertisements to those individuals seeking your product or service. Taylor Cook, director of Avery Verse, has this to say about the service: 'The system constantly refines our adverts and delivery to be most effective thus providing enormous value for money. As we seek to become a highly innovative fashion brand we’re always looking for new technology that we can leverage and Needls has in a short time proven to be a great resource for our social media advertising’ Avery Verse is an Australian luxury handbag brand and social enterprise that donate money from every sale to charities with a proven record of social change. Their luxury leather bags are handcrafted from eco-friendly Italian vegetable tanned leather over a twenty four hour period. Avery Verse seeks to redefine the luxury buying experience by providing a great handbag, at a great price while helping make the world a great place. For interviews with co-founder's Taylor and Christie Cook, high res flat lay images or to call in samples to shoot please contact: Taylor Cook on or +61 (0) 424 718 962 Modern Living with kathy ireland® Spotlights Luxury Handbag Brand Avery Verse 2017-07-06T01:15:02Z -364 Los Angeles, CA – July 4, 2017 — Modern Living with kathy ireland® is pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Taylor and Christie Cook, Co-Founders of Avery Verse, an Australian luxury brand that produces high-end handbags made from Italian vegetable tanned leather.  JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Modern Living with kathy ireland stated, “Taylor and Christie have created luxury products as a way to offer even better quality products at a fraction of the cost usually seen for a luxury brand. For this reason, we are excited to have them on to learn more about this revolutionary brand.”  Each bag is handcrafted, a process that takes 24 hours to complete. In addition, the process used to produce the bags, vegetable tanning, has been around for millennia and is well known for its beautiful, high-quality finish. The process utilized to produce the bags for Avery Verse has many advantages. It is environmentally friendly and doesn’t produce any emissions during manufacturing. The process is the most environmentally friendly and safest means of tanning leather. A high price tag for a bag doesn’t necessarily mean the bag is a good product, nor does a good bag have to cost a fortune. Avery Verse is breaking this established trend by providing luxurious products all at an affordable price so everyone can enjoy the beauty of a luxury bag. The company not only provides high quality, luxury bags at an affordable price, but they also give back. In fact, profits from each bag sold go towards environmental and social initiatives. For more information, visit and tune into WE tv as sponsored programming on Thursday, July 6, 2017 at 7:30am EST and Bloomberg International  on Sunday, July 9, 2017 at 7:00am GMT, 10:00am D.F. and 3:00pm HKT. About Modern Living with kathy ireland® Modern Living with kathy ireland® is a weekly business television program featuring real-world insights from corporate executives from all over the globe. Modern Living with kathy ireland® airs throughout North America on WE tv as part of their sponsored programming lineup and to over 50 countries throughout the world on Sundays on Bloomberg International as part of their sponsored programming lineup. EmbPunch Introduces Quality and Affordable Embroidery Digitizing 2017-07-05T11:39:02Z embpunch-introduces-quality-and-affordable-embroidery-digitizing June 21, 2017, Burwood: A lot of people order custom embroidery for various reasons and they have probably heard the word “digitizing”. Embroidery digitizing is the process in which an artwork is converted into a stitched file which makes it easy for an embroidery machine to read and understands as different stitch types. With the help of embroidery digitizing software, a skilled and experienced embroidery digitizer transforms an image or text into stitches, which further creates the image in a file format easy to read by the embroidery machine. There are many reputable companies out there dealing with superior quality embroidery digitizing at affordable cost. One such company is EmbPunch - a topnotch embroidery digitizing service provider that has come a long way since its inception. Why hire EmbPunch for embroidery digitizing? EmbPunch is a Burwood-based one-stop embroidery digitizing shop providing affordable and high quality digitizing solutions. They stringently serve diverse needs for the businesses and people looking forward to professional digitizing services. Their experienced and competent technicians tackle the most intricate and tricky design without hassles. They provide you with impressive results which make one look good. Pricing Matters a Lot! Prices offered by EmbPunch for embroidery digitizing services are competitive and low in comparison other reputable companies serving the Australian market. With their “cost-effective price” comes a dedicated customer service for every business and individual. They provide an exceptional level of customer service to their customers. So Does Turnaround Time! Talking about the “Turnaround Time” it suddenly seems so clear why customers have greatly been relying on the high quality embroidery digitizing services. Delivering reliable turnaround time of 24 hours for each and every design, EmbPunch is a respected and trusted company that has largely grown its business through word of mouth. In addition to serving the businesses and individuals with 24 hrs Turnaround time, they don’t surprise their clients with any hidden charges. With “no hidden charges”, EmbPunch has been gaining trust of its customers for long. They also offer “free trials” to new clients so it becomes easy for any client to check out the services (provided by EmbPunch) before making that final call to do business with this professional name in the industry. Key Retail Sectors Grow Digital Advertising Spend Despite Uncertain Times 2017-06-19T23:32:56Z key-retail-sectors-grow-digital-advertising-spend-despite-uncertain-times AUSTRALIA’S Retail sector continues to invest in Digital media as it faces an increasingly disruptive market but there’s little agreement on the preferred Digital media channel, the latest Standard Media Index (SMI) advertising payment data has revealed. SMI’s data for the first quarter of 2017 shows the key retail sectors of Department Stores, Discount Stores and Apparel/Luxury Fashion/Shoes have all continued to grow the amount spent on Digital advertising. However, the amounts spent and where it was spent differed markedly. Although the Apparel/Luxury Fashion category spends the least on Digital media, of the three sectors it is growing the fastest with its Digital ad spend jumping 73.6% in the quarter. And interestingly, Apparel retailers are the only category spending more on quality Content Sites (mostly news-based websites) with both Department and Discount Stores reducing their ad spend to this area in favour of the Exchanges (or programmatic) market where advertising purchases are automated. The growth in Programmatic advertising was most pronounced within the Department Store category in this quarter with that ad spend quadrupling, while for Discount Stores the highest growth in ad spend was among Pure Play – Mobile groups which specialise in in-app mobile advertising. SMI AU/NZ Managing Director Jane Schulze said the data again highlighted distinct differences in the Digital media channels chosen by key Retail sectors. “Within SMI’s overall Retail category data it’s clear there are distinct Retail ecosystems, each with their preferred method of approaching Digital media,’’ she said. “For example, Department Stores spend the greatest proportion of their Digital media budget on Social Sites; Discount Stores spend the greatest proportion on Search marketing while Apparel retailers prefer quality Content Sites.’ “The only commonality in ad spend trends we’ve seen in the most recent data is the reducing in spend onto Pure Play Video Sites, which may reflect some of the recent debate around advertising on brand-safe websites.’’ Ms Schulze said the lack of consistency in approach to the Digital market was interesting given the number of Retailers in financial difficulty as new overseas entrants ramp up competition in the sector. “Clearly the various Retail sectors are continuing to test what works best as we can see that while Apparel retailers are now spending the largest part of their Digital advertising budgets on Content Sites, in the fourth quarter of 2016 most of their Digital ad spend was directed to Social Sites,” she said. “The Digital media landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace and SMI is the only company able to accurately track the movements in ad spend for these key categories across all Digital sectors.’’  Ms Schulze said SMI’s Digital data is released each month on the 15th and then updated again later in the month to ensure all Digital payments for the month have been collected. “The industry has historically relied on advertising estimates to gauge category expenditure trends, but this is fraught in the Digital world where campaigns are fed through automated exchanges and advertisers have the option of buying ads on a cost-per-click or cost-per-view basis. Estimates are therefore unreliable and only actual payment data can reveal true trends.’’ Note: SMI’s Department Store data includes all Digital ad spend for retailers such as David Jones, Myer and Harris Scarfe; its Discount Stores data includes retailers such as Big W and Kmart while its Apparel data includes ad spend for retailers such as Country Road, Witchery and Marcs. About SMI: SMI has partnered with the world’s largest media Agencies to collect their payments for media campaigns which is then aggregated to provide accurate information on advertising expenditure across all media and 30 global product categories. SMI is headquartered in New York. South Australia’s Jason Fassbender has been crowned as Australia’s best hairdresser at leading industry awards 2017-06-13T07:12:59Z south-australia-s-jason-fassbender-has-been-crowned-as-australia-s-best-hairdresser-at-leading-industry-awards Tuesday 13 June 2017, Sydney: Jason Fassbender has been named the 2017 Australian Hairdresser of the Year at the Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo Awards Gala in Sydney, the first time a South Australian hairdresser has taken out the title in the 32-year history of the awards. A Creative Director at Parlour Hair Unley salon in Adelaide, Jason’s winning photographic collection was strongly inspired by fashion and individuality. “Winning the Australian Hairdresser of the Year award feels totally unbelievable, I didn't even think I would be a finalist, let alone win it,” said Jason. “Hopefully it will open up a lot of opportunities for me and I'm really looking forward to promoting the industry and helping to highlight the work that we do”. The 2017 Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year award went once again to Danny Pato of D&M Hair Design in Ponsonby, Auckland, who also took out the title in 2016. “I've been a hairdresser for over 20 years – this is my second year winning this award and I'm just so grateful to be doing what I love and to be recognised by iconic people in the industry”, said Danny. The pinnacle celebration of Hair Expo Australia, the coveted Hair Expo Awards have been elevating the hair industry for more than 30 years by recognising and celebrating excellence in creative vision, advanced technical skill, and business acumen – the complete picture of what exceptional hairdressing is. The competition for the 2017 awards was tough, with a huge 40 per cent increase in entries from 2016. In May, 107 finalists were announced across 18 creative and business categories, chosen by a judging panel of 12 international and 12 local judges, representing some of the most celebrated names in hair and media from Australasia and across the globe. More than 1000 hair professionals gathered to hear 20 winners announced at the lavish awards gala, hosted by The Bachelor’s Osher Günsberg and held this year in the Grand Ballroom of the ICC Sydney. As well crowning the winners of the 18 existing categories judged prior to the event, the additional categories of People’s Choice and the Hall of Fame Award are also presented on the night. A full list of winners is available from page 2 “Jason has been chosen for his achievements both in creative vision and leadership in the industry, making him a comprehensive ambassador for this multifaceted profession”, said Julia Erben, Event Director for Hair Expo Australia. “The heritage of the Hair Expo Awards is to entice participants to be the best they can be, and our winners tonight are a true testimony to this demanding challenge. During their extraordinary careers, they have not only demonstrated all-inspiring creative vision but have also encouraged and educated countless peers, securing the future of our industry”, added Julia. “Big congratulations to all the finalists and winners! Your talent and passion for the craft of hairdressing is truly inspiring and so important for the industry we all love. As the Hair Expo Award Sponsor, Schwarzkopf Professional is very proud to partner with you by providing the platform you deserve. Congratulations also to our ambassadors and the Schwarzkopf Professional Technical Team – what a great Essential Looks show!” said David Hahn, General Manager of Schwarzkopf Professional ANZ. Hair Expo Australia takes place annually over the Queen’s Birthday weekend and brings together thousands of hair industry professionals for three days of trend showcases, world-class education and Australasia’s largest hair show performances, leading it to be known as ‘The Festival of Hair’. ENDS 2017 SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL HAIR EXPO AWARDS WINNERS AUSTRALIAN HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR Jason Fassbender – Parlour Hair Unley, Malvern SA NEW ZEALAND HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR Danny Pato – D&M Hair Design, Ponsonby, NZ HALL OF FAME INDUCTEE Jane Trewin, TAFE NSW COLOUR TECHNICIAN OF THE YEAR Adrian Rotolo – Ibiza Hair, Albert Park VIC MEN’S HAIRDRESSER / BARBER OF THE YEAR Uros Mikic – Kinky Curly Straight, Stepney SA NEW CREATIVE FORCE Cherie Falco - Kinky Curly Straight, Stepney SA APPRENTICE / STUDENT OF THE YEAR Sharne Rizzo – Joey Scandizzo Salon, South Yarra VIC SALON TEAM OF THE YEAR é Salon, Wahroonga NSW SESSION STYLIST OF THE YEAR Sarah Laidlaw - Union Management, Randwick NSW PEOPLE’S CHOICE Natasha King - Fred and Gingers, Invercargill NZ BEST SALON DESIGN Salon Kiin, Penrith NSW EDUCATION BUSINESS OF THE YEAR Sharon Blain Education EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR Caterina Di Biase INDUSTRY BUSINESS PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR Eco Heads SALON BUSINESS OF THE YEAR Luke Reynolds Hairdressing STATE CATEGORIES NSW-ACT Hairdresser of the Year Scott Sloan - Sloans, Lane Cove NSW SA-TAS Hairdresser of the Year Cherie Falco - Kinky Curly Straight, Stepney SA VIC Hairdresser of the Year Hermiz Daniel - Joey Scandizzo Salon, South Yarra VIC WA-NT Hairdresser of the Year Pauline McCabe - Rock Paper Scissors Hair Studio, Freemantle WA QLD Hairdresser of the Year William Webb - Ella & Jade, Calamvale QLD Many thanks to all members of the 2017 Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo Awards judging panel Local judges (Australia and NZ) ·         Sharon Blain (Aus) ·         Cameron Pine (Aus, Instyle magazine) ·         Matt Clements (Aus) ·         Frank Apostolopoulos (Aus) ·         Sara Allsop (NZ) ·         Justin Pace (Aus) ·         Dennis Langford (Aus) ·         Ruth Browne (Aus) ·         Brad Ngata (Aus) ·         Paul Serville (NZ) ·         Billie Iveson (Aus, RUSSH magazine) ·         Caterina Di Biase (Aus) International Judges ·         Tabatha Coffey (USA) ·         Edward Darley (UK) ·         Mark Hayes (UK) ·         Peter Gray (USA) ·         Gerard Scarpaci (USA) ·         Jayne Lewis-Orr (Hairdresser’s Journal, UK) ·         Jorge Cancer (Spain) ·         Guy Tang (USA) ·         Indira Schauwecker (UK) ·         Angelo Seminara (UK) ·         Andreas Stavrou (UK) ·         Eugene Souleiman (UK) ·         Darren Ambrose (UK)