The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-08-15T06:25:05Z New Bounce Plant Protein Range 2017-08-15T06:25:05Z new-bounce-plant-protein-range Media Release - August 2017 Australia’s leading healthy snack brand, Bounce, is excited to announce the launch of a new breakthrough vegan range. Live the vegan life naturally or simply enjoy the benefits of plant-based protein – all in one tasty and nutritious protein ball! As the plant-based product trend continues to skyrocket, the new balls show how delicious and healthy a vegan product really can be! Bounce Nutritionist Susie Burrell, one of Australia’s leading nutritionists with almost 20 years of experience, says, “The winning combo of pea and brown rice proteins replicates the amino acid chain of whey protein. That means, by skipping the whey, there’s no missing out on essential amino acids that the body doesn’t produce naturally. As always, Bounce has ensured the range is nutritionally balanced for sustained energy to power through the day.” Benefits of Bounce’s new plant protein energy balls include: Rich in protein with 22-23% protein per ball Contains amino acids and easily digested Lactose and gluten free gives a better tummy feeling! Sustained energy and feel fuller for longer GMO free No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives Cold pressed to maintain ingredient integrity for optimum nutrition The first two new flavours launched in the range include: Almond Kale: Kale needs no introduction; it’s one of the trendiest health foods on the planet. Not down with exactly what you’re meant to do with it though? Don’t stress, Bounce have taken out all the guesswork and created the new Almond Kale ball. Packed with 8.8g plant protein and loads of functional ingredients, enjoy an extra antioxidant boost. Cashew Peanut: Cashews and peanuts are not nuts at all: they’re actually very sane. They’re also highly nutritious, packed with an array of vitamins and minerals: B, E and manganese to name a few. With 9.2g plant protein, this is a delicious concoction of cashews, peanuts, and a whole lot of other nuts and a list of functional ingredients! New Bounce Plant Protein balls are available now exclusively at Coles for $3.29 per ball. Wellness Starts In The Home 2017-08-07T00:25:48Z wellness-starts-in-the-home Living a fast paced, hectic lifestyle can often leave us overstimulated and underwhelmed, with constant digital connection creating the need for mindfulness in our everyday life. Making a few simple changes to your home environment can uplift your mood and re-energise your life. Justine Wilson, Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors, says, “Mindful living spaces are designed with the purpose of reducing depression and anxiety, and supporting an overall sense of wellbeing by offering a relaxing respite from our daily lives. Take some time to redecorate using plenty of natural light and sustainable materials to get back to nature and give back to the earth.” Justine shares her top mindful living tips to help transform your home: 1. Declutter and De-stress Nothing clears the mental confusion quite like decluttering your home! Clear out the living areas by donating and recycling any disused or unloved items. Pack and store seasonal items to create more space and help lighten the load of mental and emotional clutter. 2. Let there be light Natural light does wonders for uplifting your mood and recharging your energy, especially when you have spent your day planted in front of a screen or under fluorescent light. Consider changing window treatments, repainting walls a lighter colour and adding reflective surfaces to create the illusion of more light. Adding skylights can also give light to dark hallways and staircases, allowing light to flood the living spaces. 3. Interior finishes When selecting finishes for your home, invest in items both meaningful and environmentally conscious. This will create a space that enhances your mood and reduces your carbon footprint. Using natural raw wood, seagrass, hemp and organic cotton, linen or wool can create a beautiful and harmonious natural space to unwind, recharge and connect in. Earthy textures inside will also reconnect you to the natural environment outside. 4. Get closer to nature Nature has a huge impact on our overall wellbeing and incorporating it into our interior helps us de-stress and create a natural space. Consider a terrarium, a green wall or an internal courtyard garden will breathe life into otherwise static internal spaces. Tending to these living installations can be relaxing and therapeutic, by bringing a little bit of the outdoors into the home. 5. Indulge in colour therapy In a psychological sense blues, greens and muted tones that mimic nature can create a calm and serene space. When crisp white and neutral tones are used they help to open up the space and create a peaceful setting. By selecting light tones rather than dark, your mood will be uplifted and it will reflect back the natural light, giving the impression of a larger lighter space. 1000 Hour celebrates 25 years and unveils new ambassador! 2017-08-03T06:03:23Z 1000-hour-celebrates-25-years-and-unveils-new-ambassador In celebration of iconic beauty brand 1000 HOUR turning 25, Tegan Martin has today announced that her mum, Cherie Martin, will be joining her as an ambassador for the brand. Australia’s number one selling at-home lash and brow dye kits have been a beauty secret that mothers have been passing onto their daughters for over a quarter of a century. Tegan Martin, former Miss Universe Australia and 1000 HOUR Ambassador says, “I remember as a teenager my mum and I dying each others lashes and brows, it was part of our special pamper afternoons. And, doing this shoot with her was so special too – plus so much fun. Doesn’t she look amazing!” 1000 HOUR Eyelash and Brow Dye Kit was the first product in the range, inspiring the brand name with results that lasted up to six weeks - or 1000 hours. Across 25 years the range has grown to include other DIY beauty products including artificial lashes, hair colour mascaras, sticks and powders, instant brow mascara and utensils designed to help enhance natural beauty. Cherie Martin, 1000 HOUR’s new campaign ambassador says, “When 1000 HOUR approached me to join the 25th birthday celebrations, it was a yes for me straight away. I have religiously used their lash and brow dye kits for as long as I can remember, I can’t actually think of a time when a packet hasn’t been in my bathroom cupboard.” Marketing Manager of Chemcorp International, the distributor of 1000 HOUR, Erica Galea says, “We’re really excited to have Cherie on board as a part of the 1000 HOUR brand. We really have her to thank for introducing Tegan to the brand all those years ago. It definitely goes to show that our mums really are our first beauty influencers. This partnership also accurately represents the first users and loyalists of the brand, as well as the next generation of beauty lovers. ” The 1000 HOUR range is available from Priceline, Woolworths, Coles, and independent pharmacies and specialist stores nationally and 1000 HOUR Eyelash & Brow Dye Kits RRP $18.95 New Mathletics Tri-Nations Challenge 2017-08-02T23:47:22Z new-mathletics-tri-nations-challenge Registrations are now open for Mathletics’ first Tri-Nations Challenge. The free to enter Mathletics competition between schools from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa will take place online from 14 – 20 August. Rebekah O’Flaherty, CEO & Executive Director at 3P Learning says, “The Tri-Nations Challenge is a new and exciting online maths competition that provides a great way to have a bit of fun while improving mathematical fluency for primary and secondary students. It also creates a sense of community as each student earns participation points that count not only towards their personal points total but that of their school. “Our Mathletics program is used by over 4 million students around the world, so we’re expecting some fierce competition between those taking part,” said Rebekah. The Mathletics Tri-Nations Challenge is open to students from Kindergarten to Year 10, with engaging activities appropriate for all year levels. Split into two rounds, students from registered schools will be able to access the program for a training period the week prior to the official competition. There are thousands of dollars worth of prizes to be won by the top schools and students. Key Dates: Registrations open: Now! Registrations close: 13 August 2017 Training Week: 7-13 August 2017 Challenge week: 14-20 August 2017 In addition to the online challenge, Mathletics has also provided the following free resources to ensure all students can take part in the challenge: - Mathletics Tri-Nations Launch Kit - Customisable reward certificates - Mathletics Reward System wall chart - Multiplication tables wall chart - Formulae and Laws factsheets - Mathletics art sheets About Mathletics: Mathletics is a captivating online learning space providing students with all the tools they need to be successful learners, both in the classroom and beyond. Powerful courses aligned to Australian Curriculum maths standards across the primary and secondary years, matched with dynamic tools and reporting for teachers. Mathletics supports and caters to each teacher’s unique blend of student-driven learning and teacher-led instruction. For registrations go to: For further information, images or to speak with Rebekah O’Flaherty, contact 360 PR: Rachel King – 02 9571 4448 – 0423 833 814 – Australia's opportunity to lead the world in shark human management & ocean conservation 2017-08-02T20:00:00Z australias-opportunity-to-lead-the-world-in-shark-human-management-ocean-conservation Shark Shield is urging governments to implement an innovative technology solution to solve the serious shark problem in Australia. Statistically, shark attacks will continue to increase as our population rises along with our increased passion for the ocean. As a result, our country will continue to be branded as the shark attack capital of the world. Now is the time to change this. Shark Shield proposes world first innovation to re-brand Australia as having the safest beaches in the world. Shark Shield CEO, Lindsay Lyon, addressed the Committee on Friday afternoon at the Senate Inquiry into Shark Mitigation and Deterrent Measures. Lyon questioned why Australian governments have not moved forward with Shark Shield to implement its new Ocean Guardian beach barrier solution, stating this is scientifically proven technology, it is not science fiction. Lyon said, “We are amazed given the lives lost and community economic damage from shark attacks as to why there has been no interest in commissioning a pilot or test site for Ocean Guardian. It is based on scientifically proven deterrent technology that has been on the market for twenty years. The electromagnetic transducer has also been used in the medial industry with clinical studies showing it is safe for humans and animals. “Shark Shield is building the new Ocean Guardian products for the luxury yacht and commercial markets. At this point in time we are not progressing with solutions for the beach barrier community protection, as there clearly appears to be no commercial interest in a solution to protect beaches and the environment. “Shark Shield has delivered a global habitat changing technology; this is a significant opportunity for Australia to lead the world in shark human management and ocean conservation. We would hope that both State and Federal Governments would be interested in implementing this solution yesterday.” (Please see press release attached for more information) For info, contact Rachel King @ 360 PR: | 0423 833 814 | (02) 9571 4448 BEST IN MAKEUP AND NAIL ART ENCOURAGED TO ENTER PRESTIGIOUS AUSTRALIAN COMPETITIONS 2017-07-27T04:24:56Z best-in-makeup-and-nail-art-encouraged-to-enter-prestigious-australian-competitions Thursday 27 July 2017, Sydney: Beauty Expo Australia, the beauty industry’s premier annual event, is calling on those who demonstrate the utmost skill in makeup and nail artistry to enter its esteemed beauty competitions in 2017. The Nailympia Australia and Face2Face Makeup Awards competitions celebrate outstanding creative and technical ability in nail art and makeup artistry, respectively. Entries for both competitions are now open and the winners will be selected at Beauty Expo Australia’s 2017 edition, to be held Saturday 26 to Sunday 27 August at the ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour. Nailympia Australia Nailympia Australia returns to Beauty Expo Australia in 2017 in association with Nailympia London, organisers of the nail industry’s leading international global competition, to provide a worldwide platform for nail competitors. This prestigious competition has been known to attract the very best in manicuring talent from across the globe. Nail technicians from across Australia have the opportunity to showcase their talent and shine a light on an awe-inspiring industry. An illustrious panel of domestic and international experts will judge the competition, which will see winners receive coverage in the international press along with a series of additional prize opportunities. 2017 Competitions: ·         TEAM TITLE TROPHY: scored by taking the three top results from three competitors on the team in each competition. Teams are created from three to six competitors, all competing in the same division. ·         SOAK OFF GEL POLISH: This competition is done on natural nails only, ready for gel polish and must be enhanced and covered with any type of soak off gel product (not traditional nail polish or hard gel). One hand has to be finished a solid red colour and the other finished in a traditional French manicure style. No design element is required, just a picture-perfect, flawless set of nails. ·         LIQUID & POWDER ACRYLIC SCULPTURE & TIPS/OVERLAY: Two competitions in one sitting that are judged for Sculpture on the right hand and Tips/Overlay on the left hand. One hand competitors will be given 75 minutes to complete the hand and be positioned in one area together. Those doing both hands will be asked to stop after 75 minutes and have a 10-minute break before starting on the second hand. ·         SALON NAILS (one hand): Demonstrate everyday nails for the everyday client, with a choice of one of these artificial systems: L&P acrylic, UV hard gel, fibreglass/silk; which will then be shaped, styled and lengthened accordingly. (NO DIP system or gel polish to be used.) Judges will compare the unenhanced hand to see how the service has improved the appearance of the model’s hands. ·         STILETTO NAIL RULES: Nails are to be sculpted on forms. Nails can be made using liquid & powder acrylic or hard gel systems. The application can be designed to the competitor’s desire and ability! ·         REALITY NAIL ART: This competition is an open, freestyle competition allowing all competitors to work to their strengths. The judges will be looking for commercial salon nail art that would appeal to clients from a variety of age demographics. ·         FANTASY NAIL ART: A competition for nail artists to express their love for all things fantasy – technicians must create 10 separate tips to adhere to the 10 nails during the competition. ·         3D (Mixed Media): This competition is a ‘show & tell’ format – nails are to be designed on varying sized nail tips and placed in a display case (no lid or cover required) in the arena. Competitors must use three of these five nail art media: airbrushing, embellishments (rhinestones, striping tape etc), liquid and powder acrylic, gel, hand painting, one stroke. Judges need to see five different nail sized tips over 10 tips. ·         PHOTOGRAPHIC NAIL ART 2017: Theme: Medieval Fantasy. Your entry must be in portrait form only as it will be judged as a front cover for a Magazine. Nailympia entries will be judged by an esteemed panel of 15 international and national judges, which this year includes Nailympia London organiser and co-founder of the UK’s Scratch magazine, Alex Fox; Head Floor Judge for Nailympia London, Marian Newman; and Head Booth Judge for Nailympia London and founder of, Elaine Watson. Entrant registration closes at 5:00 pm, Monday 7 August 2017. For full terms and conditions of entry for each category please visit: Face2Face Makeup Awards The Face2Face Makeup Awards are a highlight of the industry, rewarding extraordinary makeup artists for their craft, creativity, and passion. It is the must-enter competition for any artist serious about their career. Makeup Artist of the Year Becca Gilmartin is the Creative Director of the awards. Becca is the Beauty Editor of LAUD magazine as well as a makeup artist working with celebrities like Kimbra, Margot Robbie, Dannii Minogue and Antonia Kidman. "[The awards are] the platform for every kind of makeup artist to explore their craft, push their own personal limits and display excellence on a national competition level not yet seen in Australia", said Becca. Judged by a panel made of prominent industry icons, and with amazing prizes on offer, the awards represent a launch-pad to propel makeup artists to the next level in their careers. The winners will demonstrate excellence in creativity, makeup application skill and professionalism. 2017 CATEGORIES ·         Bridal – The Modern Bride: This category is designed for those Makeup Artists wishing to create “Modern Bride” makeup. ·         Fashion Catwalk – Trend Prediction: This category is designed for makeup artists wishing to create makeup inspired by the predicted trends that will be seen on the runways in 2018. ·         Body Art – Art Is Life: Designed for artists to create a full body paint inspired by an artist or artists who inspire them – for instance, a Painter, Sculptor, Musician, Contemporary... Let Body Paint be an homage to their work. ·         Creative Makeup – The Club Kids of Sydney: “The Club Kids were a group of young New York City dance club personalities led by Michael Alig and James St. James in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The group was notable for its members' flamboyant behaviour and outrageous costumes." (Source: Wikipedia) In this new category, artists will create a modern 'Club Kid of Sydney', including creative makeup on the face and décolletage. ·         Beauty Editorial - My Beauty Brand: Artists are asked to imagine a world where they are about to launch their very own makeup brand and will create the first two beauty images that will advertise their brand in the pages of elite glossy magazines. The editorial category is sponsored by LAUD magazine and the winning images will be published in a future issue of LAUD, which has international distribution, as well as featured as LAUD’s RISE artist for makeup. Entries close at 5:00 pm, Monday 7 August 2017. Full terms and conditions, as well as details on how to enter, can be found at Beauty Expo Australia will also host the WorldSkills Australia Competitions, aimed at inspiring apprentices to be ambitious in their careers by equipping young people with the right skills to benefit Australian businesses on a global scale. Designed by industry and skills experts, the competitions assess an individual’s knowledge, practical skills, and employability attributes against a set of strict criteria. This is the first time that the Beauty Therapy category of WorldSkills will take place at Beauty Expo Australia. Beauty Expo Australia is the industry hub for beauty professionals, providing access to networking, independent education and the latest in products and innovations for professionals to see, sample and shop under one roof. Tickets are available now at ENDS   Property Whispers register over 1,000 buyers 2017-07-26T00:30:00Z property-whispers-register-over-1-000-buyers Property Whispers, the home of off-market properties, has today announced that over 1,000 buyers have registered and over 200 matches have occurred since launching two months ago. This unique property match-making service provides agents with a new and cost effective method of sale for their vendors. Every property can start their ‘sales life’ on Property Whispers. Being the only portal exclusively dedicated to promoting off-market properties, Property Whispers is a unique listing tool for agents to use in discussion with potential vendors. The platform enables agents to reach beyond their existing databases, providing instant hot leads, simply by uploading their off-market listings. The Property Whispers platform offers agents a new and innovative way to list properties and save vendors expensive advertising costs. Agents and buyers are notified when a match is made, this reduces time and effort spent cold calling or emailing their databases and can potentially contribute to a quicker transaction. Key benefits for Real Estate Agents include: New and innovative way to list properties and save vendors money. New promotional platform for every listing to start their ‘sales life’. Reach beyond their own databases, Property Whispers has new buyers registering daily. If the property doesn’t sell off-market, the agent now has the listing and can have discussions with the vendor about alternative methods of sale. Brand building – promotional opportunity for agents. A three month obligation-free trial period is available for a limited time for all real estate agents who register online; those who choose to continue using the website thereafter pay an annual subscription fee. Register online to access Property Whispers: Winter prep for spring selling season 2017-07-25T05:32:01Z winter-prep-for-spring-selling-season Noticed that the local Bunning’s has been busier than usual lately? With Sydney experiencing one of the driest winters on record, Cameron Nicholls - Principal and Founder of Nicholls & Co Estate Agents, suggests it may be those prepping for a spring sale. Cameron Nicholls says, “It’s no secret that many vendors have the mentality that it’s bad to sell in winter and they won’t get as much for their home as they would have if they’d waited for the magic of spring. So, we’re urging those who are thinking of selling to use the last weeks of winter to get their homes prepped for sale so they can hit the market from September 1.” Cameron’s top 5 areas to prep this winter include: The Garage – This area is typically the dumping ground. Now is the time to get it organised, clean and demonstrate the functionality it deserves. There is nothing worse than seeing cluttered space – no matter what room it’s in. The Garden – Trim back the trees and consult your local garden centre to determine which plants will flourish and add colour come September. The Façade – Does your door need painting? Or the entire house? Now is the time to invest in painting your façade. Many think the warmer weather is best, but this only makes the paint sweat while drying. The Windows – Simply cleaning your windows can add value to your property, it’s amazing the difference clear glass can give to your home. It also shows to potential buyers that the home has been well maintained. The Gutters – Clear up the autumn leaf drop from your gutters. This is not only for safety and to prevent blockages but also to improve the look of the roofing. About Nicholls & Co Nicholls & Co is a boutique modern agency focused on the person first and foremost and then the property. They do not work with clients, they work with people. Through personal attention and connecting with people on a deeper level they are able to comprehensively understand how best to deliver the results desired. Australia’s #1 bridal magazine presents The Melbourne Wedding & Bride Bridal Expo 2017-07-21T02:03:35Z australia-s-1-bridal-magazine-presents-the-melbourne-wedding-amp-bride-bridal-expo MEDIA ALERT - Australia’s #1 bridal magazine presents The Melbourne Wedding & Bride Bridal Expo 21 July 2017 Contact: Sarah Cannata Phone: 0407 536 133 Email: Australia’s #1 bridal magazine presents The Melbourne Wedding & Bride Bridal Expo What: Australia’s #1 bridal magazine presents The Melbourne Wedding & Bride Bridal Expo When: Friday 6th to Sunday 8th October  Where: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre - Exhibition Centre Entrance, 2 Clarendon Street, South Wharf Why: Australia’s premier bridal show is designed to help brides-to-be to create their dream wedding. Registered brides enter free. The Melbourne Wedding & Bride Bridal Expo weekend will take place on Friday 6th to Sunday 8th October. The annual event allows brides-to-be to meet industry leaders in the wedding space, minimising the stress of planning the happiest day of their life. In addition to featuring more than 150 exclusive displays from Australia’s finest bridal professionals and over 200 exhibitors, the weekend extravaganza includes bridal fashion parades, a wedding fashion showcase, an exclusive handmade chocolate wedding dress as well as wedding car displays featuring limousines, hot rods, classic cars and more. While gaining inspiration and wedding advice from the best in the industry, attendees will receive free samples and have the opportunity to take advantage of free hair and make-up trials. Over $30k in prizes and giveaways will be handed out to lucky brides-to-be over the course of the weekend with registered brides entering the expo for free. Guests will also be able to enter a competition with one lucky winner’s wedding featured in the next publication of Melbourne Wedding & Bride Magazine. Brides-to-be can register for free entry via the official website:  -Ends- To organise an interview with event organisers, please contact Sarah Cannata on 0407 536 133 or via email: About The Melbourne Wedding & Bride Bridal Expo The Melbourne Wedding & Bride Expo is Australia’s premier bridal show designed to help you create your dream wedding. Shark Shield technology used at J-Bay to protect contestants 2017-07-20T05:24:37Z shark-shield-technology-used-at-j-bay-to-protect-contestants The world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent technology is currently being used at the World Surfing League Championships in Jeffreys Bay. Shark Shield’s FREEDOM+ Surf units have been placed on the jet skis of officials to protect water photographers and contestants at J-Bay, including Mick Fanning. Lindsay Lyon, Shark Shield’s CEO says, “More and more event organisers are contacting us to purchase our new Shark Shield FREEDOM+ Surf units to prevent unwanted shark encounters at their competitions and we have a significantly better wide area solution in development.” Shark Shield is currently seeking investors to fund the commercialization of their new Ocean Guardian product, a long range shark deterrent. Powered by Shark Shield technology, the world first Ocean Guardian has the potential to provide a complete beach barrier, protecting surfers and swimmers alike. Based on 20 years of research the Ocean Guardian utilises a patented Metamaterial Electromagnetic Transducer, with expectations of repelling sharks within a 100-meter diameter of each unit installed. “We have the technology ready to go, it’s now funding the commercialization through investors or government orders. Our Ocean Guardian product has the ability to replace shark nets and drum lines around the world, stop culling, protect both humans and marine life while giving beachgoers the confidence to get back in the water,” said Lindsay. Shark Shield is seeking a $1M in investment capital to complete the commercialization of the Ocean Guardian, which will also be targeted at the global luxury yacht market, and will be partnering with independent scientists to further validate the company's own extensive testing. “We’ll be presenting to the senate enquiry into shark mitigation and deterrents an update next week on our progress with the hope that the government will come on board to support another world first from Shark Shield,” said Lindsay. For further information go to: Styling The Heart Of The Home 2017-07-19T01:09:18Z styling-the-heart-of-the-home Media Release - 19 July 2017 The kitchen has long been considered the heart of the home by owners and designers alike. Whether you’re a chef or not, it’s the most important room of any home for practical reasons. This includes our human need to be nourished, no matter what age or social status, as well as our desire to socialise, entertain and congregate. Justine Wilson, Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors, says, “Visually, kitchens are the stand-out showcase feature and talking point of the home. Especially in open plan interiors, this has been a resilient design trend over the last few decades. It’s usually the most expensive room to renovate, but the kitchen has the strongest impact on potential buyers when selling your home, truly elevating the value of the existing dwelling.” Justine shares her top kitchen styling tips: 1. Overall Style The overall tone of the home how you like to cook and entertain ultimately determines whether your cabinetry should have lots of detailing and handles, or if the look should be sleeker, handless and streamlined. If you are a creative cook, maybe a freestanding island isn’t for you as it’s harder to conceal cooking mess! Perhaps a bar height counter will work better. If you don’t cook much, you can afford to have higher maintenance (but timeless) materials such as marble counter tops. 2. Bench Tops Engineered stone and marble work well in both modern or classic look kitchens. Timber can be an affordable option and looks great in industrial or rustic style kitchens. Natural stone is stunning but can be expensive and probably not ideal for a bustling family kitchen. Stainless steel bench tops in a variety of textures is predicted to make a come back, along with tiled counter tops reminiscent of country houses with a modern twist. 3. Added Functionality Consider extending your kitchen to your alfresco area by including a servery window. You can even get the look by continuing the counter material externally so it’s visually cohesive. This is a perfect idea for entertaining and helps create an outdoor room. Consider also adding study nook to the end of the kitchen cupboard or next to the pantry joinery – or if you have the space, creating a butlers kitchen will also provide added function and storage. 4. Contrasting Palette Stick with more neutral and earthy tones for counter tops and combine with deeper cabinetry colours or tones to create a dramatic visual contrast. You can always change out cabinetry doors in the future easily enough, however, under mount sinks and integrated appliances can make it more costly and difficult. Think interesting hardware, bronze, brass and metal! 5. Accents Remember that colour accents and personality can be introduced through funky appliances like Smeg fridges, kitchen aid mixers and Delongi kettles and toasters, as well as feature pendant lights and accessories. For further information, images or to speak with Justine, please contact 360 PR: Rachel King – 02 9571 4448 – 0423 833 814 – FORMER BEAUTY & THE GEEK STARLET OUR NEXT BIG JENNIFER HAWKINS HOPE 2017-07-11T03:27:05Z former-beauty-amp-the-geek-starlet-our-next-big-jennifer-hawkins-hope Former Beauty & The Geek Australia stunner, Kassandra Kashian has achieved success after reality TV stardom by taking out the title of Miss Grand Australia 2017 at a gala event in Sydney. Kassandra, 22, beat out 20 beauties from around Australia to claim the crown, and will now represent Australia in October at Miss Grand International 2017 in Vietnam - one of the world's top 5 beauty pageants and Asia's answer to “Miss Universe”. Kassandra appeared on Beauty & The Geek Australia in 2013 as a fresh-faced 18-year-old, and made the most of her reality TV fame by launching a widely-followed You Tube beauty blog, and working as a model. “I was the youngest contestant on Beauty and The Geek,” said Kassandra. “It was my first time overseas, and I gained so much confidence and independence from the experience.” The perfect combination of beauty and brains, Kassandra recently completed a Bachelor of Business, and now works as the National Events Co-ordinator at JMC Academy and The Academy of Film, Theatre & Television in Sydney. Kassandra was drawn to the Miss Grand Australia pageant after watching the International finals in the past, and feeling a connection to the pageant's 'Stop the War and Violence' campaign, and judging criteria such as interview technique and social impact. The pageant's 'Stop the War and Violence' campaign is all about working toward the betterment of humanity, and taking a stand to reduce and remove violence both at our doorstep and abroad – a cause close to Kassandra's heart. “My grandmother fled Armenia for Egypt during the Armenian Genocide,” said Kassandra. “After this, my father migrated to Australia from Egypt, escaping a time of civil unrest leaving all of his possessions behind.” “I feel I can appreciate how horrific war is as I have grown up hearing heartbreaking stories about my father's struggles. I've always wanted to help others have the second chance they deserve.” In the lead up to Miss Grand Australia, Kassandra worked tirelessly to raise vital funds for Destiny Rescue; a not-for-profit charity dedicated to rescuing children trapped in the sex trade. If Kassandra is successful in her pursuit of the International crown, she will be the second Australian to take out the title following Claire Elizabeth Parker’s controversial win in 2015. -ends-Joanne Rahn Director zanthii communications Phone: 0402 148 334 Email: Facebook: New Brisbane Beauty Salon Famed for ‘10-Minute Brazilian’ 2017-07-10T01:51:21Z new-brisbane-beauty-salon-famed-for-10-minute-brazilian A new salon is offering a unique ‘10-Minute Brazilian’ along with a variety of other waxing and express beauty treatments to clients across the Brisbane area. UrbanBar, located at 130 Ryans Road in Nundah, has already established a reputation for its express menu, fun atmosphere and efficient waxing services by Waxing Specialist ‘Queen B.’ UrbanBar Salon Manager Suzanne McIntyre said the success of their ’10-Minute Brazilian’ treatment came from the selected wax they use and the expertise of their staff. “We use a gentle film wax that speeds up our waxing process,” Ms. McIntyre said. “The film wax combined with the expertise of our in-house Waxing Specialist, ‘Queen B’ has our Brazilian treatment clients waxed and ready to go about their busy day in ten minutes or less. “Our ’10-Minute Brazilian’ treatment is what attracts new clients to the salon and is what keeps our loyal clients returning,” she said. The UrbanBar menu has been designed to position the salon as a one-stop-shop for the busy urban girl and includes a full line of facial and body waxing services, hydrating and brightening skin treatments, microdermabrasion, anti-aging treatments, brow artistry, manicures, pedicures, massages and makeup application. There is complimentary champagne on offer which provides a fun atmosphere especially on a Friday afternoon when the salon takes appointments for the popular ‘Besties Express Package.’ Learn more about UrbanBar by joining the email list to receive a copy of their menu with a 15 percent-off code for first time clients at Follow UrbanBar on Facebook and Instagram. UrbanBar have a brother salon in the same premises called Urbman, offering grooming services for the urban man. UrbanBar is a family owned business and opened its studio doors in the Fifth Element Lifestyle hub in May 2016. The menu has been designed with busy urban women in mind and the salon is a proud Dermalogica stockist. Bizarre Beauty: The Best Unusual Spa Treatments Around The World 2017-07-05T11:07:18Z bizarre-beauty-the-best-unusual-spa-treatments-around-the-world In today’s ever-evolving wellness scene, it’s simply not enough to be mainstream; spas must constantly be one step ahead to cater for discerning millennials who demand treatments that give them a spa experience like no other. Call off the search, as Health and Fitness Travel, the leading experts in tailor-made wellness holidays worldwide, has trawled the globe to discover the most unusual spa therapies on offer. From colour vibration therapy in Malaysia to pepper lipolysis in Greece, these unconventional therapies will raise the eyebrows of even the quirkiest spa aficionado.   Try Colour Therapy in Malaysia: The Banjaran Rejuvenation Set amongst tropical jungle and limestone hills, the Banjaran is an acclaimed 5* hideaway, famed for its extensive wellness offerings. Here you can experience Chromotherapy, a technique using colours to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that encourage greater health and harmony. By cultivating the frequencies of individual colours to balance and re-shape the energy in our bodies, a greater level of physical and spiritual healing can be achieved. A blue light can promote relaxation and calm whilst aiding the recurrence of headaches and nervous tension, whilst pink eliminates impurities in the blood. Once you’ve discovered your favourite colour, head for the green, with luscious jungle, Japanese gardens and a world-class golf course all nearby.   Health and Fitness Travel (1300 551 353 offers 7 nights at The Banjaran from $5,275pp or $7,400 for single occupancy. Price includes accommodation, full board, a spa program and transfers.   Try Himalayan Heart Stone Massage in Vietnam: Fusion Maia Discover a tropical spa paradise on Vietnam’s East Coast, where you’ll experience a true sense of tranquillity with Fusion Maia and its range of healing therapies. For a massage with a heartfelt difference, try their Himalayan Heart Stone Massage—a gentle, alkalising therapy using warm heart-shaped salt stones and pomelo oil to promote inner peace. The warmth from the stones will ease tense muscles and soothe aches and pains, while the stones’ positive ions are believed to rid your body of harmful vibrations and clear the air around you. Combine spa treatments with yoga and meditation for a complete mind, body and soul experience at this tropical hideaway.    Health and Fitness Travel (1300 551 353 offers 5 nights at Fusion Maia from $2,540pp or $4,230 for single occupancy. Price includes accommodation, full board and transfers.   Try Anja Light Therapy in Thailand: Phuket Cleanse For a life-changing wellness holiday, look no further than Phuket Cleanse on the tropical island of Phuket, where you’ll find a range of therapies to detox the body and relax the mind. Anja Light Therapy uses dynamic neural stimulating brainwave technology to induce deep meditative states; a state usually only obtained by meditative experts such as Buddhist monks and Shamans. As you explore the depths of your perception, develop clarity and direction, reduce stress and anxiety, and cultivate a more profound connection with a broader reality. You might even be lucky enough to experience out-of-body and astral projections. Once you’ve come back to earth, hit the ground running with a series of fitness activities, including kickboxing, beach boot camps and TRX training.   Health and Fitness Travel (1300 551 353 offers 7 nights at Phuket Cleanse from $2,685pp or $2,980 for single occupancy. Price includes accommodation, full board, a detox and fitness program and transfers.   Try Nasal Treatment in India: SwaSwara Ayurveda Rediscover the simplicity of the earth at this holistic healing retreat nestled in the secluded, unspoilt Indian countryside. The spa focuses on the power of Ayurveda, with an extensive list of internal and external therapies that are not to be sniffed at. One of which is Nasya, an ancient Ayurvedic practice that encourages nasal administration of medicinal herbs, decoctions and oils, to clear sinus congestion and expel toxins from the head and neck region. With the nose being the gateway to the brain, you’ll breathe easy knowing you’re healing your mind as well as your body, as you make the most of the holistic cuisine and advanced Ayurvedic treatments at this inspiring health retreat.   Health and Fitness Travel (1300 551 353 offers 14 nights at SwaSwara from $4,245pp or $5,385 for single occupancy. Price includes accommodation, full board, an Ayurveda program and transfers.     Try Eye Therapy in Nepal: Ananda Rejuvenation   Retreat to the mountains and discover the serenity of this wellness sanctuary based at the Himalayan foothills. The spa at Ananda integrates the traditional Indian systems of Ayurveda with contemporary western approaches, ensuring a truly unique spa experience. For a real eye-opener, try ‘Akshi Tarpana’, an ayurvedic treatment that involves applying ghee to the eyes to treat eye disorders or simply revive tired eyes. Whilst lying down, a ‘ring’ of flour paste is formed around the eyes into which medicated ghee is then gently poured, followed by intermittent opening and closing of the eyes. After treating the windows to your soul, turn your attention inwards with a variety of holistic wellness activities, including Yoga, Pranayama and meditation.   Health and Fitness Travel (1300 551 353 offers 7 nights at Ananda from $4,700pp or $5,810 for single occupancy. Price includes accommodation, full board, an Ayurveda program and transfers.   Try Moxibustion Chinese Therapy in Italy: Lefay SPA Indulge in the East-meets-West wellness philosophy of this luxury spa retreat overlooking Lake Garda, where you can encounter ‘Moxibustion’, a Chinese therapeutic technique meaning ‘burning herb’. This therapy, however, has nothing to do with smoking recreational ‘herbs’; rather, the burning of mugwort, a small, spongey medicinal herb, on various acupuncture points and energy pathways around the body. For those concerned about combustion, after the ‘moxa’ is placed on the body and lit, it is extinguished and removed before it burns the skin, producing a pleasant heating sensation. This treatment strengthens the blood, stimulates energy levels and boosts the results of other therapies. Once you’ve had your pyromania fix, unwind in Lefay’s salt water lake.   Health and Fitness Travel (1300 551 353 offers 5 nights at Lefay from $3,600pp or $4,470 for single occupancy. Price includes accommodation, full board, a spa program and transfers.   Try Red & Black Pepper Lipolysis in Greece: Porto Elounda Detox Offering stunning views across Mirabello Bay in the north-eastern corner of Crete, Porto Elounda is home to the award-winning Six Senses Spa, where you can experience a detoxifying treatment like no other. Using the medicinal properties of red and black pepper to stimulate the breakdown of fatty tissue, this dinner table staple delivers a deeply moisturising and refreshing treatment. A combination of warm and cool techniques is used to tone the skin, followed by a firming massage to increase blood and lymph circulation which stimulates detoxification, to further enhance the treatment’s slimming properties. Finish off with a spirulina wrap and a dip in the thalassotherapy pool to feel thoroughly cleansed, toned and well-seasoned.   Health and Fitness Travel (1300 551 353 offers 7 nights at Porto Elounda from $2,255pp or $2,840 for single occupancy. Price includes accommodation, half board, a spa program and transfers.   Try Green Coffee Sculpting in Oman: Zighy Bay Sense of De-stress Discover a whole new world on the Arabian Peninsula of Oman, in a secluded bay surrounded by mountains where the world-class Six Senses Spa awaits with a plethora of top-notch spa offerings. Wake up and smell the green coffee with an energising body treatment focusing on the thighs, waist, tummy and derriere, aimed at breaking down fat cells, stimulating circulation and boosting metabolism. The treatment begins with dry skin brushing, before being massaged with the thermogenic, salon-strength chilli and coffee oil for a caffeine hit to rival your morning java. Put your new-found energy to use as you take part in a variety of outdoor activities available nearby, including mountain biking, diving and paragliding.   Health and Fitness Travel (1300 551 353 offers 7 nights at Zighy Bay from $3,715pp or $5,035 for single occupancy. Price includes accommodation, daily breakfast, a de-stress program and transfers.   Try Chavutti Thirumal Massage in St Lucia: BodyHoliday De-Stress Find your bliss at this leading St Lucian wellness retreat designed to maximise well-being and improve health. Whilst having someone walk all over you may not seem like therapy, this ancient Indian massage technique releases muscular tension, stretches the body and improves circulation and energy flow, and is perfect for those who enjoy deep tissue massage. Also known as Indian rope massage, the therapist holds onto a rope above their head for balance and to adjust pressure, while using their feet to deliver a stronger, deeper massage. Take a step in the right direction to finding calm, with a range of holistic therapies and activities, including Reiki, craniosacral therapy and sunset meditation.   Health and Fitness Travel (1300 551 353 offers 7 nights at BodyHoliday from $4,580pp or $4,615 single occupancy. Price includes accommodation, all-inclusive, a de-stress program and transfers.   For advice, guidance and booking visit or call 1300 551 353   -Ends-   For further information and hi-res imagery please email or or call 1300 551 353 / +61 3 9021 0909     Notes to Editors:     About Health and Fitness Travel   Health and Fitness Travel is a global luxury wellness travel company that originated in the UK in 2010 and is committed to providing healthy holidays that enhance and change lives. Created by Paul Joseph, Adam Heathcote and co-founded in Australia by local Director Samantha Lippiatt as a result of their combined passion for health and fitness travel and offering bespoke holidays to improve people’s well-being to lead happier and healthier lives.   Health and Fitness Travel offers clients a tailor-made seamless service with the very best health and fitness holidays, handpicked by its expert team, together with exclusive and added value packages with the best deals. As leading specialists, Health and Fitness Travel has also created their own collection of healthy holidays in various destinations which include Fusion Fitness, Discover Recover and Healthy Honeymoons, offering clients the best value and holiday experience. For more information visit:    Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter (@HFTravelAU) Follow us on Instagram Join  us on Google+ Follow us on Pinterest Esstudio Galleria turns 5! 2017-07-03T05:10:15Z esstudio-galleria-turns-5 Five years ago dynamic duo Aleks Abadia and Jacqui Arnold, opened the doors to Chippendale’s first hair and beauty salon - Esstudio Galleria. To celebrate the team has unveiled their upgraded Chippendale salon and announced the upcoming launch of their new colour and beauty bar located in Parramatta, due for completion in July. The salon upgrade includes: A secluded basin area: Featuring lie flat massage beds for the ultimate comfort encased in a rose gold curtained off space, dimmed for a super relaxing experience. The round table has doubled: There are now two round tables in the main area growing our styling and colour zone from eight workstations to 18. Dedicated barber zone: The signature denim barber chairs have now been given their own zone and expanded from two to three chairs covered in Aleks’s signature denims. Soundproofing: The treatment rooms have been fitted out with theatrical soundproofing to ensure clients feel they have escaped from the hustle and bustle and truly relax and enjoy their treatment without interruption. State of the art lighting system: The responsive lighting system activates based on the movement in each space. This ensures optimal lighting to produce the high standard results the team has become known to deliver. A move to be a sustainable salon: Esstudio Galleria has become a member of Sustainable Salons Australia. They have introduced new measures to recycle 95% of salon waste and use eco-friendly brands including Pureology. Pony tails for kids with leukemia: Also a part of the Sustainable Salons Australia initiative. The hair team at Esstudio now offers clients opting for the chop the opportunity to donate their hair to make wigs for kids suffering from cancer. Esstudio Galleria is located at 5 Queen St, Chippendale. Appointments can be made at or P: 02 9698 1135.