The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-09-15T02:47:02Z Vertex Projects announces brand change as part of company’s evolution 2017-09-15T02:47:02Z vertex-projects-announces-brand-change-as-part-of-companys-evolution Australian construction and fitout company, Vertex Projects Pty Ltd, has announced a name change as part of the company’s expansion. Vertex, ranked ninth in the Australian Financial Review Fast Starters, will become Structure Australia Pty Ltd with a new web address from today. Structure, who are currently engaged on the redevelopment and refurbishment of Sydney Airport and other significant projects, have moved to diversify their business in response to the company’s continued development and expanded mandate. “We’re restructuring to give us increased scope for further growth over the coming years,” said Scott Toy, Managing Director at Structure. “We have grown exponentially in our first 4 years, and in so doing we have acquired companies and expanded our services along the way. We need our name to reflect this evolution.” Structure will continue operating out of the company’s existing offices on O’Connell Street in Sydney’s CBD, as well as maintaining an operational facility at Sydney Airport and a warehouse in Lane Cove. “We currently have $30 million of projects in hand, and expect to maintain the current substantial growth curve. The rebrand reflects our position in the industry, and draws a line in the sand. This is the point where our company builds on our past success, and takes off as a significant new player in the construction industry, with smarter business tools and a better way of managing our clients’ success,” said Toy. From a standing start, Structure has delivered $60 million worth of construction, across more than 100 projects for the Australian Government, Westfield, AMP Capital, Qantas Airways and Event Cinemas among others. The company has developed proprietary software to streamline all construction and business processes, including an in-house management solution and filesharing platform with mobile access to all documentation and workflows for remote staff. “Our approach to technology and improving productivity is what sets us apart. We built our in-house software to improve the way we do business so the team can focus on projects rather than cumbersome systems. The objective is to work smarter so our clients benefit from a better overall experience,” said Scott Dumbleton, Finance Director at Structure. Structure will continue to move forward with the significant property portfolio and financial backing accumulated by Vertex Projects and subsidiary companies, a position which Dumbleton considers to be “very safe, and something else that sets us apart from many of our closest competitors.” About Structure Founded in 2013, Structure (previously Vertex Projects) is a mid-sized construction company offering a point of difference to the modern market. The company prides itself on its innovation, achieving substantial success through a more agile business model and in-house productivity systems. With extensive knowledge of working in sensitive environments, our aim is to provide better service, lower costs and on-time delivery. Structure’s capabilities include construction projects up to $20 million in scope supported by a $50 million performance security facility with substantial public liability and contract works insurance. Visit for more information. AIIA undertaking significant survey on analytics and data usage by Australian businesses, government and NGOs 2016-09-12T01:46:08Z aiia-undertaking-significant-survey-on-analytics-and-data-usage-by-australian-businesses-government-and-ngos FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12 SEPTEMBER 2016 Encourages new and established organisations in all sectors to participate in order to develop the most comprehensive report possible The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), the peak member body for the ICT industry, today announced it is undertaking a major survey of Australian organisations on analytics and data usage. The purpose of the survey is to find out what differentiates those business, government and NGO organisations that effectively use data and analytics for senior decision making. The survey is open to individual respondents via the AIIA website until 31 September 2016. It is anticipated that a whitepaper will be published towards the end of the year incorporating an analysis of the results and providing a body of knowledge that will help guide business leaders on ways to incorporate data and analytics into their organisation in order to remain competitive. Rob Fitzpatrick, CEO of the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), says, "On a global scale, we see those organisations that know how to use data effectively are usually the strongest performers. If Australia is serious about driving an ideas boom and creating new employment opportunities, we need to ensure that we help local organisations better understand and then take advantage of data to be competitive. “This is not just a survey for tech companies. The information generated will benefit all industries and we encourage participants across all sectors whether they be in education, retail, finance, or others, as well as established and newer companies to participate,” added Fitzpatrick. This initiative is being led by the AIIA’s Data and Analytics Special Interest Group, which is chaired by Dr Roger Kermode, director of business consulting firm Alimua Pty Ltd and former practice principal for analytics and data management for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and Graeme Wood, general manager of marketing for Semantic Software Asia Pacific. “There is mounting evidence that data-driven organisations tend to require fewer assets, execute with greater insight and less risk, and ultimately generate higher returns. We believe incorporating these practices is an important part of creating a sustainable and growing economy in Australia and is crucial to seeing our standing in world innovation and growth rankings improve,” says Dr Kermode. The data collected will be analysed by data scientists at the University of Technology Sydney. Professor Michael Blumenstein of UTS Sydney says, “Much has been published on big data, automation and the use of analytics at an organizational level. However, despite the recognition of data increasing in importance, the use of data between and within organisations varies widely. The AIIA survey has been constructed to find out why. It’s designed to enable deep diagnostics and analysis of what actually take place inside organisations across different functions and different levels, not just what is visible externally.” Numerous leading Australian organisations are encouraging their members to complete the survey, including: Data61, The Knowledge Economy Institute; NSW State Government; Advance Australia; FINSIA; CPA Australia; StartupMuster; UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT; and, the UTS Business School. # # # About AIIA The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is Australia’s peak representative body and advocacy group for those in the digital ecosystem. Since 1978 the AIIA has pursued activities to stimulate and grow the digital ecosystem, to create a favourable business environment for members and to contribute to Australia’s economic prosperity. We do this by delivering outstanding member value by providing a strong voice of influence; building a sense of community through events and education; enabling a network for collaboration and inspiration; and developing compelling content and relevant and interesting information. MEDIA CONTACT For more information, please contact Joanna Stevens Kramer at 0408 466 410 or email For more information about the AIIA please visit Safe Work Australia’s Award for Good Design goes to a Forklift with a difference 2016-06-06T00:16:55Z safe-work-australia-s-award-for-good-design-goes-to-a-forklift-with-a-difference Safe Work Australia’s Award for Good Design goes to a Materials Handling device with a difference Creativity, innovation and design has come together, winning Makinex Construction Products’ Powered Hand Truck Safe Work Australia’s Award for Good Design last weekend. The revolutionary machine, the Powered Hand Truck, replaces the need for a forklift and has the potential to cut shoulder and back injuries in the workplace. The Makinex Powered Hand Truck is a universal materials handling solution that enables one person to safely lift and load small equipment or bulky goods weighing up to 140kg (309lbs). It provides a quick and easy alternative to using a forklift or tailgate loader for small loads. The inaugural Safe Work Australia Award for Good Design was selected from finalists across all categories in the 2016 Good Design Awards. Makinex were presented with their award as part of the 2016 Good Design Awards ceremony on 27 May 2016. Since using the Powered Hand Truck, Australian company Kennard’s Hire has seen a significant decrease in shoulder and back injuries. It has become an indispensible piece of equipment in Kennards Hire across Australia and New Zealand. “A focus on health and safety in design helps eliminate hazards and risks before they enter the workplace. Good work design can radically transform the workplace in ways that benefit the business, workers, clients and others in the supply chain.” said Safe Work Australia Chief Executive Officer, Ms Michelle Baxter. “Makinex is about making inefficiencies extinct, where the name itself comes from this driving force. Makinex strives towards continuous improvement by looking close at it’s business to find unique, innovative and practical product solutions that provide the construction and rental industries with a better way to do their jobs to save time, physical effort and money”, says CEO Rory Kennard, who plays an instrumental part in the design and development of many of Makinex’s products. Makinex is an Australian owned private company that have been experts in the design, development and distribution of innovative products since 2004, providing solutions to the construction, landscaping, equipment hire, infrastructure and related industries. With plans to expand the existing designed product range, growth in local and global markets with offices in Los Angeles, and a global dealer network they have a commitment to ongoing research and development, Makinex is experiencing exponential growth, particularly in its own line of designed and manufactured products. “We believe that ‘good enough’ is never enough for our customers”, says Kennard. Watch the multi-award winning Powered Hand Truck here ENDS For further information, hi-res images and interviews please contact: Amy Dowd | Rhetoric Communications|0420 979 187| Makinex Makinex seeks to make an impactful difference on the global construction industry through the provision of truly unique and innovative Australian designed quality products. Engineering Solutions Queensland Enhances Project Delivery with Specialised Data Management 2016-05-24T02:00:00Z engineering-solutions-queensland-enhances-project-delivery-with-specialised-data-management SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, May 24, 2016 – Civil engineering and project management consultancy, Engineering Solutions Queensland Pty Ltd (ESQ), has increased productivity by enabling team collaboration and providing a central data repository for project-related emails and design files using 12d Synergy.   12d Synergy is a data management and project collaboration software suite for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries that solves the problems of document management and transmittals, task allocation and email tracking.  Established in 2013, ESQ formerly relied on manual processes to manage road design, earth works, drainage and infrastructure modelling projects. As its business expanded, the firm recognised the need for sharing and managing project related tasks, documents, email and data to avoid project bottlenecks.   “The team previously used their local computers to schedule and record their daily tasks, and this information was not shared,” said Mal Peaker, Design Office Manager, ESQ. “Because our Director manages most of the client liaison, a lot of important project data would sit in his inbox. That created an inefficient work system because no one would be notified of potential client or project changes unless they were copied on emails.”   With each project comprising numerous design, correspondence and data files – anything from drawings to task notes and communications – tracking the progress of jobs could no longer be accurately managed without direct and timely access to up-to-date information.   “For example, when a client called chasing information on a project, we wouldn’t always know the details behind the request because we wouldn’t have the files needed to review or an effective way of retrieving the background information,” said Peaker. “Since we are such a young company, we were looking to get a data management system so we could keep up with new demands and peak workloads by collaborating throughout the lifecycle of every project.”   Since migrating its projects and data library into 12d Synergy’s architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) data and project management software, ESQ has enabled a collaborative and file-sharing environment to provide its team of seven with the most up-to-date information.   Using 12d Synergy’s Outlook plug-in, ESQ has automated the filing of emails; emails are now attached directly to a job folder which all staff can view and action. ESQ has also introduced a formal documentation process with templates for fee and project proposals, as well as project assessments. Document naming conventions are enforced by the system.   These capabilities are being supported by 12d Synergy’s over-arching revision and version control, which simplifies the process of backup and audit when changes need to be made to a job. This means ESQ can quickly roll back to previous versions of designs created with a geospatial platform, such as 12d Model (also developed by 12d Solutions)   “With a comprehensive data management and collaboration system in place, ESQ is in a position to expand its business with complete control of its project designs, documents and liaison,” said Joel Gregory, General Manager, 12d Solutions. “Mal and his team have future-proofed the organisation by building a collaborative environment that allows projects to be delivered on time regardless of the location of its designers.”   ESQ’s implementation has been backed by 12d Synergy’s renowned, locally-based support through which 12d Solutions’ technical team has provided ongoing guidance to maximise the value the software delivers.  About 12d Synergy 12d Synergy is the data management and collaboration product of Australian-based Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) software developer, 12d Solutions. 12d Synergy is designed to solve problems around tracking email correspondence, document management and transmittals, task allocation and management of geospatial data from 12d Model and other industry-standard AEC design platforms. 12d Synergy is available globally from 12d and authorised resellers. For more information, please visit  About 12d Solutions 12d Solutions is an Australian Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) software developer founded in 1991. The company’s flagship product, 12d Model, is a powerful terrain modelling, surveying and civil engineering software package built for projects including, but not restricted to, land development, highways, mining, urban drainage and flood modelling. 12d Solutions is available globally from 12d and authorised resellers. For more information, please visit   New Release: CoCo-80X Dynamic Signal Analyser from Crystal Instruments 2016-05-18T11:29:42Z new-release-coco-80x-dynamic-signal-analyser-from-crystal-instruments Crystal Instruments has introduced the CoCo-80X dynamic signal analyser and data collector equipped with a 7-inch LCD touchscreen, a dual-core DaVinci series 1GHz processor, and a wide-range of connection options including CAN-Bus, USB 2.0, HDMI, Ethernet, and SD card. CoCo-80X is Wi-Fi and GPS enabled with non Wi-Fi and non GPS options also available. The CoCo-80X is a rugged, lightweight, battery-powered handheld system with un-paralleled performance and accuracy supplied by John Morris Group.  It is ideal for a wide range of industries including petrochemical, paper, steel and other metals, automotive, aviation, aerospace, electronics and military. These industries demand quick, easy, and accurate data recording and analysis, as well as a real-time machine condition monitoring solution. Combined with hard keys, the multi-point touch functionality touchscreen is designed for an intuitive user interface that provides a wide variety of analysis functions. The CoCo-80X is equipped with 8 software-enabled input channels. In addition to data acquisition and extensive FFT spectral analysis functions, CoCo-80X provides advanced real-time analysis functions including ZOOM spectra, file export, FIR and IIR digital filters, histogram, statistics, order tracking for rotating machinery, fractional octave analysis, sound level meters, rotor balancing, vibration intensity, modal data acquisition, automated test and limit checking, swept sine, shock response spectrum and route-based vibration data collector functions. Building on the success of the original CoCo-80, the new  CoCo-80X boasts improved speed, a bigger screen, and more connection options. A significantly more powerful processor frees DSP resources for faster, more reliable, and more complex processing in real time. The handheld system is equipped with a bright 7.0 inch color LCD display with multi-point touch functionality as well as a physical keypad. Flexible connections via a USB 2.0 port, 100Base-T Ethernet port, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection, SD card interface, HDMI interface, CAN-Bus/serial port, stereo headphone and microphone jack, and GPS. Connect the CoCo-80X to a PC to download files, remotely control operations, or upgrade the software through several means of network connections. Please read our brochure: CoCo-80X Dynamic Signal Analyser About Crystal Instruments Corporation Crystal Instruments (CI) is an engineering firm focused on data acquisition, dynamic signal analysis and measurement data management supplied by John Morris Scientific. With over ten years' experience creating embedded and DSP systems for structural testing, product evaluation, algorithm implementation and application software programming, CI's products and technology are in use today by many of the world's leading companies, industrial providers and government agencies. Find out more about Dynamic Signal Analysers likeCoCo-80X from Crystal Instruments,Contact our John Morris team toll-free:AUS 1800 251 799 and NZ 0800 651 700Email: Website: NSW Mining and Suppliers Awards - The Winners! 2016-05-16T05:51:03Z nsw-mining-and-suppliers-awards-the-winners Last week saw the NSW Mining and Suppliers Awards take place in Parliament House, Sydney. Over 250 people gathered to celebrate the triumphs and successes of our sector over the last 12 months, even in the face of adversity. Austmine was the proud sponsor of the Outstanding Contribution to Mining Award, which recognises the positive contribution made to mining by an individual that has demonstrated outstanding leadership, innovation or performance. The winner of this award was Tony McPaul, General Manager Cadia Valley Operations, Newcrest Mining, for his ongoing commitment to the site, and to the sector as a whole in NSW through his involvement in the NSW Minerals Council. Tony retires from the industry in July of this year, and this award was more than deserved in acknowledgement of his contribution to the industry. The night was an exciting one across the board for Austmine, with three of our members all battling it out as finalists in the Outstanding Suppliers Category. Pulse Mining Systems, Banlaw and RungePincockMinarco were all up for the award, which recognises a business that can demonstrate excellence in working with the NSW minerals industry, adding value to mining operations and demonstrating great relationships with the client. RungePincockMinarco (RPM) were the winners on the night, with Simon Askey-Doran, Business Executive accepting the award for RPM. This recognition of RPM’s ongoing commitment to and collaboration with many throughout the mining industry was fantastic to see. Congratulations from the whole Austmine team to RPM!Speaking of this achievement, Philippe Baudry, Executive General Manager – Advisory said “We could not be prouder of the achievements of our entire Australian Advisory team. RPM’s internationally renowned Advisory team prides itself on being active members of the industry and an example of how innovative operating practices can ensure resilience in such a tough market." We were also delighted to see another of our members, Quarry Mining, supporting the sector through sponsorship of the Mining Operation of the Year Award. Kari Armitage, Managing Director of Quarry Mining, who will also be speaking at the NSW Mining Conference today on the suppliers panel, along with Simon Askey-Doran from RPM, congratulated the winner, Whitehaven Coal’s Maules Creek operation. Maules Creek were nominated for their entering production 3 months ahead of schedule and just 359 days after approvals were granted. Other awards on the night included the Young Achiever in Mining Award, which went to Kate Swain of McCullough and Robertson and the Exceptional Woman in Mining Award, won by Raelene O'Brien of Glencore Coal Assets Australia. The Small Business Achievement Award was presented to Airspeed Aviation. The most ambitious school building project in Victorian history 2016-05-06T02:47:40Z the-most-ambitious-school-building-project-in-victorian-history 06/05/2016 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) congratulates the Victorian Government for its investment in the future growth and development of education infrastructure in Victoria which will underpin future innovation across the State. To safe guard the $1.1b investment and ensure both the Victorian Government and the people of Victoria are getting value for money in this initiative, the AIQS recommends the government engage AIQS professionally qualified quantity surveyors from the outset of these projects to ensure costs are controlled and managed. AIQS quantity surveyors, by working side by side with the Victorian Government, will control costs, minimise risks, and provide certainty to ensure potential cost overruns experienced on some school projects undertaken during the BER are not repeated. Part of this cost control process is ensuring the procurement of contractors to deliver these projects is done in a manner to provide ‘value for money’ and not simply flood the market with projects. With rates for education projects ranging from $1,500/m2 to $4,500/m2 dependent on the scale of the work required, it is important that the 23 new schools and upgrades to 147 schools have this professional quantity surveyor advice from the initiation of each project. This will ensure that each project has a skilled professional as part of the team to assist in identifying and minimising risks associated with time, cost, quality, environment and safety. For more information, contact Peter Clack (AIQS President) on 02 8234 4000 or The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) is the peak professional body for Quantity Surveying in Australia and Internationally, with over 4,000 Members. Through its leadership, Standards, and Code of Professional Conduct, AIQS ensures that practising Quantity Surveyors are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of professional excellence. The Institute promotes AIQS Quantity Surveyor members in providing impartial, independent, expert advice which benefit construction and infrastructure projects, by ensuring that design and construction costs are managed as efficiently and effectively as possible. The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) Level 3, 70 Pitt St Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia (02) 8234 4000 Austmine-METS Ignited Agreement to Strengthen METS Sector 2016-05-04T00:59:55Z austmine-mets-ignited-agreement-to-strengthen-mets-sector Austmine-METS Ignited agreement to strengthen METS sector The Australian METS sector has been strengthened by the signing of a collaboration agreement between the two key organisations committed to improving the competitive positioning of the Australian mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector. Austmine, the leading industry body for METS, and METS Ignited, the Industry Growth Centre for the sector, have struck an agreement which sets out ways for the organisations to collaborate and leverage greater efficiencies for the growth and development of Australian METS. Austmine and METS Ignited have already forged a close working partnership, and the agreement underpins key principles of the relationship and provides a framework under which activities will take place. Importantly, as well, it reaffirms both parties’ shared mission of strengthening Australia’s position as the global innovation hub for METS and enhancing the global competitive position of the Australian METS sector. The work undertaken as a result of the agreement will be a critical step towards a more unified industry that strives to sustain and boost the sector’s global competitive edge. The collaboration agreement is focused on leveraging knowledge, partnering on strategic initiatives, and harnessing combined networks to drive collaboration across METS, mining, research and Government. Over the next month, Austmine and METS Ignited will develop a work plan which will outline specific activities, roles and shared responsibilities. Christine Gibbs Stewart, CEO of Austmine said: “This collaboration agreement represents an important step forward for Australian METS. We are thrilled Government has recognised the sector’s importance to the Australian economy and there is now a sharp focus on ensuring its sustainability into the future. Working together we will be able to tackle some of the challenges faced by the global mining industry, and help to accelerate great ideas, create world class technologies and foster leading edge innovations. Elizabeth Lewis-Gray, Chair of METS Ignited said the work that the Growth Centre will do together with Austmine should augur well for the METS sector and strengthen the mining ecosystem. “Our cooperative work will align our organisations towards a shared vision for the sector,” said Ms Lewis-Gray. “Austmine is a key constituent in the METS sector with whom METS Ignited will continue to work closely and collaborate. One of the key strategies METS Ignited will deliver this year is the industry-driven 10-year Sector Competitiveness Plan for the sector and Austmine’s input into the roadmap for METS will be very important to setting the strategic direction for the sector and to help position Australia as the global hub for mining innovation.” Elizabeth Lewis-Gray, METS Ignited Chair and Alexander Kachellek, Austmine Chair signed the agreement on 28 April 2016 while they were in Adelaide to co-host interactive workshops with more than 30 METS, mining and research organisations as part of the national engagement program to identify gaps and opportunities for the continued success of the Australian METS sector. PULVERISETTE 9 Vibrating Cup Mill, greater Grinding Performance and Pellet Press 2016-04-26T10:16:45Z pulverisette-9-vibrating-cup-mill-greater-grinding-performance-and-pellet-press The brand new remodelled Fritsch Vibrating Cup Mill PULVERISETTE 9 represents a new standard from John Morris Scientific. This Vibrating Cup Mill is seen as essential when hard, brittle and course material must rapidly grind down to the fineness required for analysis. Perfect for quick sample preparation throughout applications like spectroscopy, geology and ore laboratories, mining and metallurgy, agriculture and environmental science, ceramics, infrared and x-ray fluorescence analysis. With extra grinding power plus a brand new drive concept, this unit is easier to tension the grinding set, offers quieter operation with better safety and is quick to clean whilst easily operated. No other mill on the market presents operators with such convenience: the highest ergonomics present a perfect working position and you cannot match how easily this is cleaned. The grinding sets are extremely light-weight; these don't require direct placement onto vibrating plate at the mill's centre. The grinding set is simply placed on the guide rail and easily adjusts to it's final position. The grinding set is tensions in mere seconds using a thoughtful one-hand lever. These features prevent back and neck injuries whilst saving time and cost. With the manual hydraulic Fritsch Pellet Press, the ground samples can be fast and easy prepared as pellets with a smooth and homogeneous surface for spectral analyses such as X-ray fluorescence analysis or infrared spectroscopy for elementary analysis. Increased power with a new drive concept Super-fast grinding up to 1500 rpm Exact settings for rotational speed, grinding time and pause periods Grinding cycle programming and data storage Icon-centric intuitive menu navigation Optimised tensioning of grinding set with anti-twist tensioning Extremely safe hood locking Completly soundproof lining Ergonomically optimised working position of grinding sets that move easily Detector agate grinding sets reducing rotational speed Extremely light-weight grinding sets that use handles with heat insulation Applications Crushing of concrete into course and fine particles Liquid manure comminution Ferro alloys comminution Comminution of consumer electrical products Read this article in full at: LabMate Need to know more about FRITSCH PULVERISETTE 9 Vibrating Cup Mill?Talk to our experts in the Laboratory team todayFreecall AUS. 1800 251 799 and NZ. 0800 651 700Email: WEBSITE: Look for LEYVAC to increase your vacuum process efficiency 2016-04-10T02:58:56Z look-for-leyvac-to-increase-your-vacuum-process-efficiency Looking to boost performance of the vacuum process? Dry compressing Oerlikon Leybold LEYVAC pumps deliver exceptional process reliability, solid environment characteristics plus an attractive price-to-performance ratio based upon the screw principle. LEYVAC pumps and systems offer high process throughputs and maximise your system uptime. This product line of dry compressing vacuum pumps has been developed for the specific requirements of industrial processes and coating applications in the pumping speed range of 80 to 250 m3/h. LEYVAC pumps and system combinations are robust, dependable and offer long-lasting service, plus they are particularly appropriate for the process industry, coating, solar-cell and display applications. Industrial vacuum generators of the LEYVAC line are small, compact units. They excel through long system uptimes and high process throughputs. Moreover, they offer an optimised performance for lighter gases. Low heat and noise emissions are further benefits.The simple, frame-less connection of Roots pumps via adapters expands, if required, the demand for an increased vacuum performance. Such a direct connection is possible with Roots pumps from our RUVAC WS/U 251/501 and RUVAC WH 700/702 lines. The LEYVAC product line comprises the models LEYVAC LV 80, LV 140, LV 250 and their C or CC versions. The new LEYVAC 250 significantly expands the performance spectrum of this product range with excellent energy efficiency characteristics. LEYVAC benefits at a glance: Dry pump technology No oil contact to process gases Only periodic gear oil change High pumping speed for air and H2 already at high pressures Hermetically tight No shaft seals to ambient No oil leakage Safe pumping of toxic gases High reliability Long service intervals of up to 5 years High uptime with limited maintenance Robust and durable design One motor solution Multi-voltage, dual frequency motor operable at 200V - 460V and 50/60Hz Easy and modular Direct coupling of roots booster pumps without frames for models WH 700 and WA(U)/WS(U) 251-1001 provides enhanced pumping performance LEYVAC Example Applications: Process Industry: Industrial furnaces - Degassing - Charging - Casting - Drying processes in general - Freeze drying - Packaging Coating: PVD/CVD coating - Wear resistant coatings - Optical coating - Web coating Solar: CVD/PECVD - Crystal pulling and casting Support functions: Regeneration of cryo pumps - Backing pumps for Turbomolecular pumps For further information on Oerlikon Leybold VacuumIn Australia and New Zealand please contact our Vacuum expertsFreecall Ph. AUS 1800 251 799 and NZ 0800 651 700Email: WEBSITE: Retriever Prepare Automates Pre-Planning for Field Technicians to Finish the Job the First Time 2016-04-06T21:34:50Z retriever-prepare-automates-pre-planning-for-field-technicians-to-finish-the-job-the-first-time Sydney, NSW April 7, 2016 – Retriever Communications, a global provider of mobile workforce automation, today announced Retriever Prepare, a project management solution that integrates with in field scheduling and mobile delivery, to help businesses provide a seamless experience from the initial work order appointment booking right through to the on-site project completion. Created for telecommunications, utilities and a range of other industries that manage multi-stage work orders/projects, Retriever Prepare improves efficiency and productivity by eliminating the need for manual or excel-based pre-planning processes that often result in disconnect between customers, appointment makers, dispatchers and field technicians. Retriever Prepare serves as an additional module to Retriever’s current mobile field worker management Barking Suite Solutions. End-user friendly and practical, specific features included: Appointment Management • User friendly web portal to manage customer appointment slots • Information about technician (including sub-contractors) availability and schedule coordination integrated into appointment management solution • Easier scrutiny of organizational compliance • Mobile Apps to allow easy input from field workers regarding availability and certification Job planning • Manage tasks requiring completion prior to job commencement (e.g. pre-scope inspections or parts order) • Management of job planning processes for improved productivity and higher quality outcomes • Track and record all pre-job task activities, access full audit history Retriever’s industry partner ISGM, a provider of integrated workforce management solutions and a co-author of Retriever Prepare, will deploy the new solution later this year for clients where it will deliver higher quality outcomes.  . “Current pre-planning processes can be costly and disjointed at a systems level. This new approach is holistic by enabling a seamless workflow from first customer touch to delivery and completion of the service,” said Jonathan Field, CEO of ISGM. “Retriever’s Prepare is another piece in solving the field service puzzle,” said Mary Brittain-White, CEO, Retriever Communications. “We are offering businesses a pre-planning automation solution that is configurable so technicians arrive at a customer or asset site, with the right equipment and armed with the information needed to finish the job the first time.” To learn more about Retriever visit About Retriever Communications Retriever Communications has been providing field force automation technology internationally since 1996. Privately-held with corporate headquarters in Sydney, Australia and North American headquarters in Houston, Texas. Retriever’s wireless field solutions improve productivity and automate data collection processes for companies with field operations - operators to service companies in energy, petroleum, and utility industries. Retriever Communications is a Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company of the Year award winner in the category of Industrial Mobility and Gartner Field Service Management Magic Quadrant participant. About ISGMISGM is a leading Australian services company providing advisory and workforce management services through its strategy, systems and operations capabilities with annual turnover approaching A$500 million and a workforce of over 4,500 people. The business was founded in 2010 with the objective of establishing a better, more productive service delivery model for companies to engage their own or an outsourced workforce to deliver last mile services. New Heatstrip outdoor heater a world first 2016-04-05T00:01:51Z new-heatstrip-outdoor-heater-a-world-first After three years of product development, Thermofilm is set to launch Heatstrip® Elegance, the world’s first true outdoor-rated strip heater that is off-white rather than the traditional black. Available from May 2016, Heatstrip Elegance radiant heaters blend in seamlessly with most white ceilings in any al fresco, verandah and patio areas for both residential and commercial premises. Thermofilm, a world leader in electric heaters, worked with coating technology experts to develop a unique composition that has driven a new generation of outdoor heater. The Heatstrip makeover has extended to its effectiveness with a new heating element design that produces a more even temperature distribution and allows the energy efficient heater to operate at higher temperatures thereby providing greater comfort. The new heaters are also approximately 12 per cent shorter than the traditional black Heatstrip heaters and therefore take up less space. This shorter, more compact design has less surface area than others on the market and can help transform an al fresco area into a stylish, vibrant and sophisticated space with more effective heating comfort. New coating Greg Trezise, Thermofilm’s national sales manager, said it has taken years to get the right formula for the new coating of the Heatstrip heaters, which have to withstand constantly high surface temperatures. “There’s no other off-white outdoor heater in the world that does not discolour through the constant heat it produces. By virtue of the material composition, white is the hardest colour to operate at a high temperature and ensure it doesn’t lose its colour,” he said. Thermofilm’s R&D has extended to making the new off-white coating flexible so that it doesn’t crack. Other strip heaters on the market use traditional paint coating technology, which cracks at normal operating temperatures. Other highlights of the Heatstrip enhancements are equally innovative and market-leading, namely: With several several mounting options available, the Elegance series can be tailored to any space. The new bracket will allow both ceiling and wall mounting at various angles as well as suspension by chains, wires and metal rods for use with higher ceilings. All accessories and brackets are colour coordinated with the Heatstrip Elegance range. All three new models are IP55 rated, which means they are protected from water ingress from all directions. The 1800W and 2400W models come with convenient DIY installation while the 3600W model needs to be hard wired. Heatstrip Elegance strip heaters suit most white ceilings in any al fresco areas with ideal ceiling heights of 2.1 to 2.7 metres. They are corrosion protected so even suitable for seaside locations. In addition to trade outlets, Heatstrip heaters are available nationally from Bunnings as well as specialty outdoor living, electrical and heating stores. The RRPs are: 1800W-$699 (974mm length); 2400W-$799 (1204mm length) and 3600W-$899 (1804mm length). They come with a two year residential warranty and a one year commercial warranty. The 3600 watt model is the first true 3600W heater offered in the world in the electric radiant strip heater category. Details about the earlier models of Heatstrip can be seen here: and more information about Thermofilm is available at ends About Thermofilm: With more than 25 years manufacturing innovative, stylish and energy efficient products, Thermofilm Australia has supplied to residential, commercial and institutional markets both in Australia and around the world. The Thermofilm range includes the award-winning Heatstrip heaters, Bliss indoor and outdoor series, Envirotouch energy saving timer switches, and timer and thermostat controllers. In 2014, Thermofilm won the 2014 Manufacturer of the Year Award in the Victorian Government’s Manufacturing Hall of Fame awards and in 2013, the Heatstrip range was awarded the Australian Business Award for Product Value. Thermofilm will continue to maintain its position as a market leader in heating products by listening to its customers and focusing on continuous improvement and innovative product development. General enquiries to Tel: 03 9562 3455 Fax: 03 9548 3979 and Media enquiries: Issued on behalf of Thermofilm Australia, 17 Johnston Court, Dandenong South VIC 3175 by WMC Public Relations Pty Ltd. Contact Wendy McWilliams on 03 9803 2588 or Greg Trezise, National Sales Manager, Thermofilm Australia. Tel: 03 9562 3455. Please contact Wendy to request the high res images you require. Terrorism Impacts Global Supply Chain 2016-03-23T22:39:02Z terrorism-impacts-global-supply-chain Increased number of terrorism incidents contributed to major disruptions to international shipping in Europe and Middle East. In 2015, BSI noted a number of cross-border issues that threatened supply chains across the world. This included damages caused by cargo theft worth AUD$29.7 billion; increased number of terrorism incidents contributed to billions of dollars in losses to global shipping companies; an influx of migrants in Europe that harmed supply chain integrity across the continent; economic downturns in Argentina, Brazil, and China; and issues of political transparency that drove social unrest in Africa and Central America. Extreme weather events, including many attributed to the El Nino phenomenon, caused supply chain disruptions and threatened business continuity in multiple regions. There were also several industries that were plagued by poor enforcement of labour regulations, allowing for significant rates of child or forced labour in Argentina and India, among other nations. Nearly AUD$30 billion was lost due to cargo theft worldwide in 2015 from a variety of supply chain threats, predominantly driven by security concerns. South Africa has seen a 30 per cent increase in cargo truck hijackings over the last year, with thieves using high levels of violence and switching from targeting only high value goods to also targeting lower value items. Daring vehicle shipment thefts have become increasingly commonplace in China, with a recent series of in-transit vehicle thefts occurring along the busy G45 highway. More sophisticated attacks were observed in India throughout 2015, where criminal gangs masterminded new techniques to steal goods without breaking customs seals in order to avoid detection – a major risk for companies participating in international supply chain security programs. In Europe, disruptions in trade caused by the ISIS terrorist group clearly highlighted the link between terrorism and the supply chain. Border controls in France following the November attacks in Paris are estimated to have cost the Belgian shipping industry AUD$4.6 million. Terrorist-linked smuggling rings were also identified to be colluding between Spain and the Middle East, the groups illegally transporting shipments of stolen electronics, drugs, weapons and other contraband. Elsewhere, the Jordanian trucking industry suffered AUD$990 million in lost revenue since conflict began in the Middle East in 2011. In addition to theft, business continuity-related threats such as extreme weather events and political and social unrest, led to significant losses for individual companies and national economies last year. 2015’s top five natural disasters caused a collective $33 billion of damage to businesses. In 2016, BSI has identified emerging health crises, such as the Zika virus, could also pose a significant threat to the global supply chain and may lead to work stoppages and protests similar to the supply chain disruptions seen in conjunction with the Ebola epidemic. Labour unrest and factory strikes have also caused considerable financial damage across the world. Factory strikes in China increased by 58.3 per cent from the previous year due to pay disputes, as factory owners struggled to pay workers due to a slowing economy, leading to protests. The withholding of wages was cited as a major cause in 75 per cent of protests and generated losses of up to AUD$35 million in the footwear industry. Labour unrest is likely to continue in China in 2016, regardless of whether the economy improves. Numerous cases of child and forced labour were exposed in 2015, highlighting the need for visibility into corporate supply chain to mitigate the risk of human rights abuses. Nearly 80 per cent of Argentina’s textile industry was found to be sourcing from unregulated facilities, where forced, child labour and poor working conditions are common. BSI also noted an increase in the risk of child labour use in India due to the existence of loopholes in labour reforms approved in 2015. In response to these and other recent concerns, European countries and the United States last year moved to pass laws mandating reporting on corporate social responsibility issues in corporate supply chains.   Jim Yarbrough, Global Intelligence Program Manager at BSI commented: “Companies are facing an increasingly wide range of challenges to their supply chain, from human rights issues to acts of violent theft and natural disasters. Such complexity creates extreme levels of risk for organizations, both directly affecting the bottom line but perhaps more seriously, hidden threats to the supply chain which, if ignored, could do serious harm to a company’s hard-earned reputation.” The biggest threats to the global supply chain in 2016 include: Global cargo theft cost estimated to grow by a further AUD$1.3 billion in 2016. Increased concerns in China, Germany, India, Mexico, South Africa, and United States Continued tensions in South China Sea predicted to lead to further protests and disruptions On-going conflict in Syria will continue to impact supply chains Migrant crisis will continue to lead to port disruptions. European Union/Schengen border controls predicted to have far-reaching impact. ISIS is predicted to remain a significant threat to disrupt supply chains Labour unrest in China is predicted to persist, as a slowdown in the Chinese economy continues and more jobs move to neighbouring countries Weather disruptions e.g. La Nina phenomenon Global health crises e.g. Zika and Ebola The report is based on data from BSI’s Supply Chain Risk Exposure Evaluation Network (SCREEN), which provides continuous evaluation across 22 proprietary risk factors and 204 countries. BSI’s 2015 SCREEN data and analysis reveals a clear picture of the changing global threat landscape and how this varies by country, continent, and industry sector. To download a copy of BSI’s 2015 Global Supply Chain Intelligence Report, please click here.  - ENDS-   About BSI BSI (British Standards Institution) is the business standards company that equips businesses with the necessary solutions to turn standards of best practice into habits of excellence. Formed in 1901, BSI was the world’s first National Standards Body and a founding member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Over a century later it continues to facilitate business improvement across the globe by helping its clients drive performance, manage risk and grow sustainably through the adoption of international management systems standards, many of which BSI originated. Renowned for its marks of excellence including the consumer recognized BSI Kitemark™, BSI’s influence spans multiple sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, Built Environment, Food, Healthcare and ICT. With 80,000 clients in 182 countries, BSI is an organization whose standards inspire excellence across the globe.  To learn more, please visit   About BSI Supply Chain Solutions BSI Supply Chain Solutions is the leading global provider of supply chain intelligence, auditing services, audit compliance and risk management software solutions, and advisory services. Our mission is to help corporations, governments and associations identify, manage and mitigate global supply chain risks and maintain world class governance risk and compliance programs. Our holistic supply chain risk management suite is designed to predict and visualize risk, and develop robust risk mitigation and compliance management programs to protect your supply chain, brand and reputation. Our intelligence-infused supply chain solutions and global network empower our clients to understand global supply chain risk with unequaled precision. To learn more, please visit      Media enquiries: BSI Marketing Department                Tel: +61 2 8877 7131          Email: Marc Barnes Managing Director - BSI Group Australia and NZ Tel: +61 2 8877 7100 Email:    Don’t bank on a pay rise in 2016 new report warns 2016-03-16T22:13:38Z don-t-bank-on-a-pay-rise-in-2016-new-report-warns Sydney, 17 March 2016: Despite consumer and business confidence trending up, most employers (79 per cent) do not plan to offer wage increases in 2016 and of the 21 per cent who will, the majority (57 per cent) will offer modest increases between 2 and 5 per cent, the 2016 Adecco Employment and Talent Report has found. Performance, local economic conditions and competition for talent (86 per cent) are the major influencers for employers considering wage rises while aligning wage rises with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) has lost favour with just (14 per cent) using it as a reason for increases. Nor is it surprising that employee disengagement is costing the national economy $54.8 billion annually with the report showing 76 per cent of Australian workers are in two minds about their jobs or worse still, are completely disengaged. “It is well documented that disengaged workers are less profitable, less loyal, less safe, less innovative and less likely to stay,” Lindsey Monroe Ruth, Head of Marketing at the Adecco Group Australia & New Zealand said. “This report clearly shows that employers need to address common pitfalls like lack of direction, relying too heavily on pay as a motivator, not recognising achievements or ignoring career progression and consider ways to enhance employee engagement. These could include articulating the organisation’s values, fostering behaviours that align with these values, showing gratitude, emphasising the positives and understanding what inspires their employees,” she added. The report also found that better opportunity (46 per cent) is the major reason employees leave an organisation, followed by salary (20 per cent) and lack of career (progression) 14 per cent. Flexible hours (43 per cent), and education and training (34 per cent) continue to be the key benefits while bonuses remain popular (20 per cent). And if you are young and unemployed you probably need to lower your salary expectations as 21 per cent of employers attribute youth unemployment to high salary expectations and 15 per cent to lack of experience. Moreover, with new generation, come new expectations. Work life balance (65 per cent), salary (54 per cent) and the opportunity to grow (51 per cent) seem to be the key motivators for candidates seeking a new role. “Tomorrow’s workplace will be very different to the workplace today. It will evolve into a mixed environment where workers can relax and play. We are already seeing the seeds of this change. Organisations such as KPMG and IBM have adopted activity-based workplaces that are designed to heightened transparency and creativity. Employers are turning their minds as to how best manage a multigenerational workforce and employees will continue to strive for better work/live balance,” Lindsey Monroe Ruth concluded. Ends/ More information on Adecco Group: For further information, please contact: Lindsey Monroe Ruth, Head of Marketing Adecco Group Australia & New Zealand or +61 425 203 033 OR Louise Nealon, Callidus PR or + 61 2 9283 4114 About the Adecco Group The Adecco Group, based in Zurich, Switzerland, is the world’s leading provider of HR solutions. With more than 32,000 FTE employees and around 5,100 branches in over 60 countries and territories around the world, Adecco Group offers a wide variety of services, connecting around 700,000 associates with our clients every day. The services offered fall into the broad categories of temporary staffing, permanent placement, career transition and talent development, as well as outsourcing and consulting. The Adecco Group is a Fortune Global 500 company. Adecco S.A. is registered in Switzerland (ISIN: CH0012138605) and listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (ADEN). Planetary Mill PULVERISETTE 6 premium line, grinds down into the nano range 2016-03-09T11:41:15Z planetary-mill-pulverisette-6-premium-line-grinds-down-into-the-nano-range Now available for sample quantities up to 450 ml and a max. feed size up to 10 mm – with premium performance, usability and safety. With two grinding stations, FRITSCH have developed the new FRITSCH Planetary Mill PULVERISETTE 6 premium line as the ‘big sister’ to the PULVERISETTE 7 premium line: Your ideal mill for fast, wet and dry grinding of hard, medium-hard, soft, brittle and moist samples as well as for mechanical alloying, mixing and homogenising of larger sample quantities with reliable results down into the nano range - and an absolutely secure automatic clamping of the bowls by the mill. Advantages of the Planetary Mill PULVERISETTE 6 premium line: Extra strong 2.2 kW drive power and extremely high centrifugal acceleration up to 64 g and up to 800 rpm (rotational speed of the bowl 1600 rpm) Motor-driven ServoLOCK clamping of the grinding bowls Safe and user-independent reproducible clamping 2 grinding stations for grinding bowls 160 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml volume Intuitive touchscreen operation with colour display Grinding has Never Been More Safe With the completely brand new ServoLOCK clamping of the grinding bowls and the automatic check of the fastening of the bowls inside the mill, man and machine are optimally protected. In the event of impermissible operating states, the machine blocks the start of a grinding – and if an imbalance occurs it automatically shuts off. Safely Guided Insertion The grinding bowl is simply inserted in the PULVERISETTE 6 premium line from the front into the holder. Correct positioning is automatically ensured by a practical guide. The PULVERISETTE 6 premium line doesn't start until both bowls are correctly inserted and prevents due to bowl detection via RFID chip, the setting of too high speeds depending on the bowl material used. Motor-Driven Grinding Bowl Clamping The revolutionary ServoLOCK is activated with a single hand motion by pressing down the clamp. It is automatically locked by the machine via ServoLOCK instead of manual clamp. A LED light illuminates when the bowl is correctly inserted and clamped. User Navigation that's Intuitive The PULVERISETTE 6 premium line is operated via the adjustable, ergonomically arranged touchscreen with high-resolution and logical menu structure in multiple languages and practical plain-text user navigation for fast and easy operation. Here you enter the variable rotational speed and define the grinding time. You can programme interval and pause times using the minutes and seconds timer and can save up to 10 programs. Read this article in full at:  Need to know more about FRITSCH PULVERISETTE 6 premium line?Talk to our experts in the Laboratory team todayFreecall AUS. 1800 251 799 and NZ. 0800 651 700Email: WEBSITE: