The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-04-11T04:12:59Z Emerging Australian Information Services Provider Launches Web-based Competitive Intelligence Solution 2014-04-11T04:12:59Z emerging-australian-information-services-provider-launches-web-based-competitive-intelligence-solution Sydney, Australia, April 10, 2014—2Telligence, an emerging information services provider based in Sydney, recently announced the full launch of its online Competitive Intelligence (CI) solution, CI Tracker, after a successful completion of its trials with several medium and large-sized businesses operating in the Australian market. In total, nine businesses from the Financial Services, Professional Services, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical and Telecommunications industry participated in a beta-version trial of CI Tracker. After the trials were concluded, 2Telligence was able to launch its full solution and convert the first trials into paid subscriptions within a three-month period. The main uptake of CI Tracker is by Marketing, Sales, Client Relationship Management, R&D, Product and Supply Chain management teams. A notable client success during the trial involves a leading Global Payments Services provider. By using CI Tracker the provider was immediately able to reduce its paid news subscription fees by 30% in Australia and New Zealand. It also started to receive early warnings on a 'change of ownership' for hospitality and retail venues, thereby allowing their account management team to smoothly transition payment services (e.g. ATM and POS terminals) to a new merchant and reduce attrition rates. Moreover, the provider has been able to further improve relationships with its corporate clients, through the collection and sharing of the latest news and publications within the Australian Payments industry. CI Tracker utilises open source (online), collective and collaborative intelligence functionalities to make competitive and market insights more accessible and actionable for any type of business from every competitive angle. Through daily news alerts, automated online document searches, online micro-surveys, file-sharing, shared database access, and a customisable report builder, CI Tracker enables teams, departments, business units, companies and peer groups to effectively source, analyse and share insights from interdisciplinary research fields. Furthermore, it delivers immediate access to over 2,500 business sources, blogs, and Twitter feeds, and allows users to insert their own sources, such as Google Alerts, RSS/Atom feeds, Page2RSS, Feedity, Lexology, EIN News, and ClinicalTrials. 2Telligence is inviting interested companies and individuals to sign up for a free 30-day trial of CI Tracker today. To register, users may log-in using their e-mail or LinkedIn account here. For more information on the company and its offered solutions, visit its website at or call 1300 61 00 99. About 2Telligence Pty Ltd: 2Telligence is an information services provider based in Sydney, Australia offering an online solution that utilises web-based open source (online), collective and collaborative intelligence to make competitive and market insights more accessible and actionable for any type of business from every competitive angle. After the solution was launched late 2013, it is now being used by a variety of consulting firms, medical devices providers, manufacturers, telecommunications and financial services companies, as well as librarians to collect, analyse and share market and competitive insights more effectively and efficiently. To learn more about 2Telligence and its online CI solution, visit or call 1300 61 00 99.