The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-06-02T01:05:44Z Looking forward 2016-06-02T01:05:44Z looking-forward As a company, we've seen trends come and go over our 46 year history and the past 12 months have been no different. In short, the past 12 months have been about cloud, mobility and passenger experience.   At the end of last year we noted that it was the 'year of cloud' for Intersystems and the beginning of 2016 has been no different. We've increased from one cloud site to four and have seen a marked rise in the number of tenders coming to the market with cloud specified as the preferred deployment mechanism. Mobility and end user experience (UX) are concepts we've seen uptake of over the past 12 months too with airports and airlines around the world increasingly interested in more than just system functionality - they've taken interest in what the user experience is going to be for their staff and how that impacts their organisations. At Intersystems - we've spent the better part of the past 12 months researching and testing UI frameworks as part of our rapidsuite6 user interface overhaul and are happy to say that our first major Windows app redevelopment is well underway with our new user interface to be released soon. The final trend we've seen take root is a system wide focus on 'passenger experience' - something we've specifically focused on for the past seven years. It has come to the forefront of the aviation industry as a 'buzz' concept and could be heard at conferences around the world as technology providers and airports collectively realised that enhancing the passenger's experience leads to tangible outcomes for airports. This is a win/win for both passengers and airports alike.  We'd also like to reflect in on a more specific milestone within the Intersystems Group. On the 23rd of last month, we marked our 3rd year in operation as a wholly owned foreign enterprise in China. When we launched this venture in 2013, we noted that we were set for growth in this expanding region and since then we've done just that - growing 100% in the past three, short years.  It goes without saying, that without our customers and their ongoing commitment none of this would be possible - as such, we thank you. You lead the industry by choosing quality products, outstanding customer service and innovative solutions. White paper - understanding the differences and connections between seasonal and operational schedules in rapidfids 2016-04-18T06:18:33Z white-paper-understanding-the-differences-and-connections-between-seasonal-and-operational-schedules-in-rapidfids The white paper, "understanding the differences and connections between seasonal and operational schedules in rapidfids” provides insight into: The history of seasonal schedules and how these interact with, and enhance the operational schedule. Key differences and connections between seasonal and operational schedules.  Tips for managing schedules to ensure the greatest operational efficiency is achieved.   “At the end of every season, we see several of our airport customers have issues transitioning from one seasonal schedule to the next,” comment Bruce Allen, CEO of Intersystems. "This white paper has been put together as a resource for airports to better understand the interconnections between different types of schedules in FIDS and specifically, how to best use schedules to get the most out of rapidfids."  You can access your copy of the white paper here: Pudong upgrades to rapidsuite6 2016-03-23T01:51:11Z pudong-upgrades-to-rapidsuite6 Pudong Airport is the largest site to upgrade to rapidsuite6 and in addition to upgrading their system, Pudong Airport is also expanding the system's size to accommodate new terminal projects and future growth. The new rapidsuite system has been designed to accommodate 100,000,000 passengers per annum and 2,000 movements per day whilst maintaining it's real-time performance across 3,000 flight information displays.  "As a long-term customer, we've watched as Pudong Airport has grown over the past 17 years with our original Rapid Suite product and wanted to ensure what we designed suited them for the next 20 years," commented Bruce Allen, CEO of Intersystems. "We've completed the design phase of the upgrade and expansion project; the enterprise grade system that we've designed has focused on delivering performance and scalability to accommodate current capacity and projected future growth."  The upgraded system will also be delivered with a host of product enhancements that will deliver new features throughout the suite.  rapidsuite6 was officially released in September 2015 and since then it has had a 25% adoption rate across Intersystems global customer base.  rapidsuite6 represents a significant evolution of Intersystems core airport operational software suite - rapidsuite. Along with a significant number of system enhancements under the hood, rapidsuite6 has started deploying new, purpose built apps that have been designed from the ground up to be the intuitive and powerful apps that are simple to learn and easy to use.  Four Chinese Customers Take Home Awards 2016-03-18T02:02:36Z four-chinese-customers-take-home-awards est Airport Awards 2015 Photo credit: Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA) Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) Nanjing Lukou International Airport (NKG) Nanjing joines Shanghai Hongqiao and Shanghai Pudong who both received Best Airport Awards in 2014 as well.  Best Progress Award 2015 (Airport) - Airport Service and Facilities Photo Credit: Haikou Meilan International Airport (HAK) All four sites are using Intersystems rapidsuite to drive operational efficiency and deliver enhanced passenger experiences throughout their terminals. Asia Pacific takes home 94% of the ACI ASQ Awards 2016-03-15T04:20:32Z asia-pacific-takes-home-94-of-the-aci-asq-awards The infographic below highlights two sets of data. Firstly, the 2015 results whereby Asia Pacific sites accounted for 94% of the total awards given in all of the "Airport by Size" categories - an increase of 18% from 2014. Asia Pacific dominated every size category completely with the single exception of Latin America taking a single airport in the 2-5m size category.  China continues to set the bar with a small decrease from 2014 to 39% of the total awards. India in the up and comer with a 16% increase from 2014 to a total of 28% of the total awards in 2015. ACI ASQ Awards 2015, Airport by Size - by the numbers infographic, shows the dramatic difference between Asia Pacific airports receiving awards when compared to the rest of the world.  To win an ASQ Award, participating airports are evaluated by passengers throughout the year meaning exemplary customer service is crucial but so is consistent, reliable airport operations. As a supplier of passenger facing airport systems, reliability is crucial and it shows with five of our customer sites winning an ASQ Award this year.  Airport by Size 5-15m - (2) Tianjin Binhai International Airport 25-40m - (3) Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport 40m+ - (1) Singapore Changi Airport, (2) Shanghai Pudong International Airport Airport by Region  Asia Pacific - (1) Singapore Changi Airport, (2) Shanghai Pudong International Airport, (3) Tianjin Binhai International Airport Airport by Size and Region  Europe, 15-25m - Dublin Airport Intersystems world-renowned rapidsuite is installed in all five airports providing passengers with continuous access to accurate flight information and operators the operational systems required to run an efficient airport.  Pudong enters the top 10 FIDS in the world 2016-02-22T02:43:41Z pudong-enters-the-top-10-fids-in-the-world Intersystems developed several new features into the upgraded iDesk at Pudong Airport's request including the ability to set custom messages and preview page changes in real-time.  Live page preview function in rapidsuite's new iDesk deployed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.  "Supporting Pudong Airport in developing the functionality that they required is central to our long-term customer focus," commented Bruce Allen, Intersystems CEO. "We're really pleased to see that the new iDesk product has had such a significant impact for Pudong, and of course equally pleased to see one of our customer sites rated in the top ten airports in the world for their Flight Information Display System (FIDS)."  iDesk is a software based solution for managing check-in desk flight information displays. The new features give ground handlers flexibility over what standard, and non-standard messages are conveyed to their passenger base. The new features of iDesk are available as part of rapidsuite6.  A solution for Hobart’s command centre 2015-09-17T23:00:07Z a-solution-for-hobart-s-command-centre When Hobart International Airport approached Intersystems to tender for their operations centre video wall project, the solution that we came up with used very little of our own software or hardware, but was a great solution for them. With a solid track record delivering systems integration work, we knew we could deliver the solution that best suited Hobart Airport.  "The project required our team to work as a systems integrator, similar to how we would if we were delivering an airport operational database (AODB) solution," added Bruce Allen, Intersystems CEO.  Intersystems was selected as the system integrator, after a competitive tender process, to deliver a complete media solution to drive several operations control video walls in our newly completed HIAPL Accommodation Building. The solution delivered provides Hobart Airport with the resources required to effectively manage the airport under any scenario, within an easy to use platform allowing airport operators to focus on the task of running the airport opposed to getting caught up in the technology. Orange implements first ever FIDS 2015-09-17T22:56:38Z orange-implements-first-ever-fids Kel Gardiner of Orange City Council said, “as part of the new terminal project Council wanted to improve the passenger experience by offering a comprehensive FIDS system both in the terminal and with data feeds to our website and we’ve achieved this through Intersystems unique cloud-based delivery model." Richard Allen, Intersystems Services Manager for Asia Pacific commented, “we’ve deployed rapidsuitecloud to reduce costs and keep things as simple as we can for the airport.” “By utilising the cloud, the airport has minimal onsite hardware – what is required is preconfigured and shipped to site.” Intersystems rapidsuitecloud solution has been specifically designed for deployment at regional airports where upfront system costs, long-term management and ongoing support can all be challenging barriers to entry – rapidsuitecloud significantly reduces or removes all of these barriers and more. Intersystems powerful rapidsuite6 is driving Orange Airport’s rapidfids Flight Information Display System (FIDS), delivering real-time flight information to passengers, something that has not been done at the airport previously. In addition, rapidengage, a dedicated Airport Advertising and Content Management System (CMS), delivers an integrated digital advertising experience on the FIDS displays transforming the standard flight information displays into an innovative digital communication experience.  rapidsuite drives new Karratha Airport passenger experience 2015-06-30T01:08:10Z rapidsuite-drives-new-karratha-airport-passenger-experience Karratha Airport’s deployment of rapidsuitecloud includes both rapidfids and rapidengage, Intersystems world-class flight information display system (FIDS) and their innovative airport advertising and content management system (CMS).  The Karratha Airport project was delivered in partnership with WA Billboards, a leading Perth based advertising company that has had a long-standing relationship with many airports in the Pilbara region including Karratha Airport.  Mitchell Cameron, General Manager of Karratha Airport said, “Karratha Airport is investing $35m in redeveloping and completely upgrading our terminal. We wanted the terminal’s FIDS and advertising signage to go beyond the 'traditional' regional airport system to deliver solid commercial returns together with innovation in presentation. Our goal was to provide passengers with the best integrated approach that combines all of the digital signage and advertising in the terminal into one solution. WA Billboards and Intersystems jointly put forward a solution that offer a simple to understand yet powerfully integrated solution." Steve Robinson, Director of WA Billboards, commented, “the project called for a unique combination of all of the visual signage and advertising in the terminal, including FIDS, digital signage and our traditional advertising mediums." “Partnering with Intersystems made good business sense, they bring an impressive amount of experience in the FIDS and digital signage space to the table and when combined with our extensive advertising experience, we were able to offer a premium solution to the airport.”    deploying via the cloud Mitchell Cameron added, “We believe a cloud based FIDS and Content Management Solution to drive our digital signage at the airport will enable us to leverage the affordability and scalability benefits that cloud delivers."   "Karratha Airport now offer the best in breed in terms of Airport terminal with the best in breed FIDS and CMS system." "rapidsuitecloud is a select range of apps from our core rapidsuite product deployed via the cloud,” commented Bruce Allen, CEO of Intersystems.  “rapidsuitecloud gives small and medium sized airports access to the same innovative technology that has been driving efficiency and unlocking non-aeronautical revenue streams at larger airports for decades." Karratha Airport was the third airport to select the rapidsuitecloud platform and cut-over into live operation.    building better passenger experience Building a better passenger experience was central in the page design process that Intersystems took Karratha Airport through. The page design process ensured that Intersystems dedicated page design team understood the requirements of each of the pages in context to where it was in the terminal to design the best solution possible.  Working within the page concepts preconfigured within the rapidsuitecloud product, the page design team were able to customise the concept to suite the architectural design of the new Karratha terminal and implement features that are new to Karratha Airport giving the FIDS pages a true sense of place and space that enhance the terminal, and subsequent passenger experience, opposed to simply providing information.  “Nearly seven years ago we decided to re-think the design of FIDS pages to improve readability and the passenger experience. The FIDS pages we've put together for Karratha are based on these new principles but are unique to them. They've been purposefully crafted to deliver a uniquely, ‘Karratha Airport’ experience whilst delivering the operational efficiencies a world-class FIDS provides” commented  Bruce Allen.   "We believe FIDS can be, and should be, more.” Wichita is up and running on rapidsuitecloud 2015-06-09T23:45:43Z wichita-is-up-and-running-on-rapidsuitecloud Intersystems is driving Wichita Airport's Flight Information Display System (FIDS) from the cloud using our innovative rapidsuitecloud deployment of rapidfids.  WIchita's rapdisuitecloud deployment uses rapidsuite6, Intersystems' clever suite of airport operational applications that have been designed from the ground up to deliver a diverse feature set whilst streamlining operational efficiency.  "The cutover went as planned with no issues to speak of during cutover," commented Wayne Champlin, Services Manager, Americas. "As one of the first airports to select rapidsuitecloud it was great to see the airport go live without complication," commented Bruce Allen, CEO of Intersystems.  "Further still, as our largest cloud site at 80+ displays, it shows that whilst rapidsuitecloud was designed to make airport IT affordable for small airports it is also having an impact in the medium airport space." "We've rethought how airports access applications allowing us to substantially reduce the hassles of installation and management resulting in a system that redefines airport applications: it's simple, scalable, manageable and best of all, affordable regardless of your airports size." Darwin’s new FIDS pages 2015-05-07T02:59:32Z darwin-s-new-fids-pages If you’ve travelled through Darwin International Airport recently, you’re likely to have noticed the newly redesigned FIDS pages being rolled out as part of the Terminal Expansion Project (TXP) - Intersystems was engaged to deliver these FIDS pages with the single goal of enhancing the passenger experience.  As part of the ongoing terminal expansion project, Darwin Airport engaged Intersystems to guide them through a complete FIDS page redesign process.  Victoria Moore, Aviation Projects Consultant at Darwin Airport commented, "Intersystems worked with us on a benchmarking process to look at best practice across the industry, and then incorporated key elements of the wayfinding look and feel into the design, allowing us to integrate the FIDS into the overall plan." China's setting the bar for passenger satisfaction 2015-03-13T01:53:50Z china-s-setting-the-bar-for-passenger-satisfaction The infographic below highlights two sets of data. Firstly, the 2014 results whereby Asia Pacific sites accounted for 76% of the total awards given in all of the "Airport by Size" categories. Asia Pacific is the only region represented in every size category with extremely strong performance in airports with 25m PAX or more per annum. The bottom of the infographic highlights a distinct trend over the past eight years - Asia Pacific is truly leading the world when it comes to passenger satisfaction and as a subset of that data, China is pushing this growth accounting for 40% of this years awards, followed by India at 12%.   To win an ASQ Award, participating airports are evaluated by passengers throughout the year meaning exemplary customer service is crucial but so is consistent, reliable airport operations. As a supplier of passenger facing airport systems, reliability is crucial and it shows with five of our customer sites winning an ASQ Award this year.  Airport by Region  Asia Pacific - (2) Singapore Changi Airport, (4) Haikou Meilan International Airport Airport by Size 5-15m - (1) Haikou Meilan International Airport, (4) Tianjin Binhai International Airport  25-40m - (4) Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport 40m+ - (2) Singapore Changi Airport, (4) Shanghai Pudong International Airport Intersystems world-renowned Rapid Suite is installed in all five airports providing passengers with continuous access to accurate flight information and operators the operational systems required to run an efficient airport.  Victoria International Airport signs multi-year support agreement and upgrade to rapidsuite6 2015-01-23T02:19:15Z victoria-international-airport-signs-multi-year-support-agreement-and-upgrade-to-rapidsuite6 In December 2014, Victoria International Airport committed to a multi-year support and maintenance contract which included upgrading their Flight Information Display System (FIDS) to rapidsuite6. ---- flitexpress is a mobile web app designed for rapidsuite6 provides access anywhere, anytime to FIDS - freeing up operators from workstations and enabling them to be out-and-about interacting with customers and passengers alike.  ---- "We're excited to see our North American customers upgrading to rapidsuite6," commented Bruce Allen, CEO of Intersystems. The support and maintenance agreement also provides Victoria International Airport with all minor release upgrades through the duration of their contract ensuring the FIDS system is kept current over the coming years.  The use of web app technologies over traditional PC workstation software is central to rapidsuite6. For FIDS customers like Victoria International Airport, rapidsuite6 will ship with flitexpress, a mobile web app designed from the ground up to be accessed anywhere, anytime - freeing up operators from workstations and enabling them to be out-and-about interacting with customers and passengers alike.  Hobart Airport selects rapidsuite for enhanced FIDS 2014-12-12T01:14:37Z hobart-airport-selects-rapidsuite-for-enhanced-fids Hobart's decision to replace their existing FIDS system hinged on the requirement for greater flexibility in terms of both functionality and future systems integration - rapidsuite is the same system that drives some of the worlds largest airports providing many options for advanced features and functionality out of the box.  "As a site with an existing FIDS for some years it's always inherently more difficult to convert over - planning and testing was crucial. However it's also an excellent opportunity to work with the customer and show them the latest technologies that bring new ideas and improved ways to handle tasks etc." commented Richard Allen, Intersystems Services Manager, Asia Pacific. "Whilst we had a couple of minor unforeseen issues transitioning over to our system, it was nothing the team couldn't resolve quickly prior to cutover." rapidsuite drives both Hobart's Flight Information Display System (FIDS) and their integrated digital advertising via rapidfids and rapidengage respectively, however rapidsuite has the ability to be easily expanded to include other apps within the suite such as an airport operational database, a resource management system or a airport commercial information system - all of which provide Hobart with unique abilities to optimise operations and revenue streams.  Australia's newest airport goes live 2014-11-18T02:07:57Z australia-s-newest-airport-goes-live Working over the long-weekend, the Intersystems team were there to ensure that everything went smoothly during the cutover into live operations. Richard Allen, Intersystems Services Manager, Asia Pacific said, "we're pleased that all the planning and preparations we've put in place have meant that we not only delivered the system to schedule, but that the cutover into live operation happened without issue - it's great to see a plan come together." Passengers check-in for the first flight from Wellcamp Airport to Sydney. In a project that was close to home for Brisbane headquartered Intersystems, the team have worked with the airport to deliver their innovative rapidsuite6, including rapidfids, a world-class Flight Information Display System (FIDS) featuring integrated media delivered by rapidengage, the airport's Advertising and Content Management System. Working to continually push the boundaries of what airports can achieve with both their FIDS and digital signage the Intersystems combination of rapidfids and rapidengage deliver a clever combination of flight information and content throughout the airport in a way that enhances the passenger experience.  A mixture of passengers, operational staff and media see the off passengers as they board the first flight bound for Sydney. With multiple sites scheduled to cutover into live operations this week, it was all hands on deck with the CEO, Bruce Allen making yet another appearance at Wellcamp to assist with coordination for the Services Team.  He commented, "Wellcamp Airport have the latest version of our sophisticated rapidfids system you'll find at many of the worlds premiere and largest airports around the world - they've taken the view that the suppliers and systems chosen should not just support today's modest beginning operation but more importantly the future capacity they will no doubt achieve. These are very serious people with a clear vision and understanding of what this airport can mean to the community it supports and ultimately the generational family business they are rightly so proud of."