The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2013-09-09T23:32:25Z Why many people today are considering downsizing to create a simpler, more low-maintenance style of living 2013-09-09T23:32:25Z why-many-people-today-are-considering-downsizing-to-create-a-simpler-more-low-maintenance-style-of-living When your lifestyle starts to change, so must your living arrangements. Choosing to downsize your home should be viewed as a positive step forward, not a negative step backward. It is a fantastic way to start a new life in a beautiful new home. Many people considering downsizing, find themselves later on in life with grown up children who no longer live at home and left with a too large home that no longer suits their lifestyle. Downsizing can create a simpler, more low-maintenance style of living. With a smaller home, will come less cleaning, minimal outdoor maintenance and as a bonus, less expense on utilities and a saving on energy. The profit made on selling your existing home can also be a welcome cash injection to enjoying your new life.  Streamlining your living arrangements will significantly decrease your daily cleaning and will certainly free up your time for well earned leisure activities, and spending precious time with the family.   Moving house, can also mean that you may need to select a location that has added benefits that may out-weigh any associated financial and more importantly, emotional costs of downsizing. This is an opportunity to assess any changes in your life, or activities that you can preserve, and what new activities or pursuits you may wish to seek in your community. You will need to consider transportation alternatives, parklands, local shops, and even the proximity of your local doctor!   Chances are that you will also have collected many special items of furniture that you will either want to take with you, or you may need to part with. Always carefully scrutinize each piece, looking at the measurements and how they will work in both size and aesthetics with your new home. Careful planning will ensure that your special pieces will still work beautifully in harmony in your new space.   Clever developments mean seriously clever design. Downsizing into a carefully designed development will give you the opportunity to have a whole new lease on life. Just because your new home will be smaller than what you may be used to, it does in no way mean that you need to compromise on all the luxuries that you have by now become accustomed to. Brand new state of the art appliances will make cooking at home a delight, while ergonomically designed cabinets will allow for ease of using your kitchen, bathrooms and storage areas. Finishes and attention to detail, will of course further create a sense of luxury and comfort. The layout and placement of rooms should be carefully planned for ease of navigation around your new home.   Selecting the right property to downsize to, will see you reap many rewards. Enjoy and embrace your new way of life, in a beautiful new home and see why bigger isn’t always better!About Destination Living:Destination Living are boutique custom builders in Melbourne that specialise in luxury homes designed for those who are looking to downsize, Our in-house team of architects, interior designers and affiliated award-winning builders deliver unique, one-of-a-kind designs tailored to your brief & budget.Find out more at: