The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2013-11-11T00:04:15Z WebQuacker Ushers New Web-Based Companies to the Ecommerce Trends They Rely On 2013-11-11T00:04:15Z webquacker-ushers-new-web-based-companies-to-the-ecommerce-trends-they-rely-on From a complete shift in SEO and emerging approaches to social media integration, WebQuacker is showing new online businesses how to ride the digital gold rush effectively. Rather than trying to rely on outbound tactics or shoot for magically going viral, WebQuacker’s practical and solution-based approach is helping brands build for a sustainable future.WebQuacker skips blowing tons of capital on baseless assumptions or marketing gimmicks. Their firm relies on a steady stream of hard data to facilitate SEO and web design techniques for their expanding clientele. Instead of blowing hot air they produce actionable and directly applicable results that make it easier to capture leads and track shifts in behavior/conversions. It may be an era of big data and inbound marketing, but without precision and focused attention on ideal prospects new businesses can go into the red before ever reaching their potential.“WebQuacker ushers clients through the peaks and valleys towards explosive levels of brand awareness in a way that protects capital and invests in quality over quantity.”Kapil Jekishan3 Emerging Pillars of 21st Century eCommerceWebQuacker makes changes quickly for their clients and provides new businesses with the boosts they need to survive the first year through integrating 3 primary pillars of modern marketing. #1: Strategic Web Content ManagementInbound marketing requires a versatile and steady stream of content. This includes engaging and relevant text-based blogs & articles, image-based visual cues and optmised videos. Consistency is critical across all platforms because search engines are quickly making aggregate judgments now. #2: Expansive Social Media CurationSocial media messages need cohesion and brand development. It’s more than simply blurting out random things or becoming a funnel for cheesy sayings or internet meme’s. To strike a chord with the online consumers of today and tomorrow a genuine connection is required. Social media curation is a quasi-contemporary science! #3: Adaptive Search Engine OptimisationWhen Google updates their algorithms huge swaths of the internet realm are influenced and impacted. Both web content and social media management need to be built upon an adaptive and constantly updated understanding of SEO. Furthermore, it’ about having an eye on the future to anticipate where web crawlers will go to next. Invest in a 100% Satisfaction GuaranteeIn this new era of unfolding technological innovations it’s good to have a Sydney-based service like WebQuacker in your corner. As the hypercompetitive world of online marketing transforms and adjusts to mobile gadgetry, user-experience software and increasing web content demands, WebQuacker is the go-to solution source for modern cyber companies.  Instead of being swayed and controlled by ecommerce trends as they come online, or just remaining in the dark altogether, get onboard the fast track to the future. Reach through the digital divide and contact the WebQuacker team immediately. Join their impressive network of clients and modern companies today: New Sydney Based SEO and Digital Marketing Company : WebQuacker 2013-09-30T00:21:49Z new-sydney-based-seo-and-digital-company-webquacker In this new age of the entrepreneur Australian start-ups are a massive moving force to be reckoned with. Recently, the ODesk Corporation, the world’s biggest freelancing platform, announced that they represent 600,000 ambitious start-ups. Their highest penetration is in Australia! New businesses and platforms are sprouting up all the time and WebQuacker is positioned to be the powerful tool they can rely on.Fresh new brands and their platforms benefit from social media management and optimisation, as well as ongoing consultation and analytics. WebQuacker provides solutions and skill sets that breach the mold and get the results coming in. Rather than stepping into the emerging ebusiness market with a shoddy website, WebQuacker is that one-stop-shop digital marketing firm Australian start-ups are searching for to crystallise their visions. Social media and mobile innovation are moving so quickly, and changing and evolving, a service like WebQuacker takes away the dilemma. Company owners can focus on what they do best rather than having to worry about what’s happening on Facebook, Pinterest or YouTube. WebQuacker Provides Pro Branding Solutions to New Australian Start-upsBranding is the name of the game. Conventional start-up models are shifting and responding to consumer demands. The next few years will be absolutely stunning and the companies that get in on the ground floor now will be the brand names of the future. How can new companies be expected to keep up with an ever-changing and evolving SEO arena? Google alters the rules a few times a year. What is true and effective today may be worthless a month from now.Truly effective advertorial copywriting is hard to obtain for many Australian start-ups just getting involved. WebQuacker specialises in direct-response copywriting and overall content management.Inbound marketing rules the roost. It’s about legitimate localised SEO tactics, genuine search engine friendly link building techniques and an approach to social media that starts small and builds big.WebQuacker’s Start-up Services are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!Kapil Jekishan is a director at the firm, and had this to say about WebQuacker’s solution-based structure:“As a social media marketing firm out of Sydney, we are strategically placed to help new Australian start-ups kick off and maintain their platforms and online presence saving tons of time and money.”No matter how prolific the product, or how stellar the service, it doesn’t mean a thing without a progressive and practical approach to establishing authoritative branding and social media presence.Start-ups can jump into major freelancing marketplaces trying to source competent team members, but in the end only waste tons of time and energy on recruitment and constant turnover. WebQuacker is that reliable Sydney-based service that gets new companies past the development stage and into operation smoothly and efficiently. They’re the digital ear to the grindstone that keeps new businesses on the front lines and performing up to current standards without adding unnecessary overhead. To get involved in the Australian start-up revolution, contact Kapil Jekishan and the WebQuacker team directly at Reach out and see how wonderful truly making a difference can be.