The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2013-10-23T05:15:28Z Launches World-First Virtual Try-On Comparison Site for Glasses 2013-10-23T05:15:28Z framefish-com-launches-world-first-virtual-try-on-comparison-site-for-glasses, an Australian software startup, announces the launch of the site featuring its virtual try-on technology. This revolutionary technology allows customers to realistically visualise how glasses look on their own face, enabling them to make online purchases from a variety of retailers without ever stepping into a retail store. We understand that is the world's first virtual try-on comparison site for eyewear, allowing shoppers to virtually try-on glasses from a range of retailers in one place. It’s a huge step forwards for shoppers with weak eyesight, as it allows you to keep wearing your existing prescriptive glasses while looking in a virtual mirror at new styles. Software engineer Peter Anderson, Founder of FrameFish, developed the technology in-house after being dissatisfied with existing virtual try-on systems and finding that online retailers shared the same view. “Most existing virtual try-on systems are clunky and slow. Internet users are not prepared to wait. Our technology is a completely new approach that allows shoppers to move instantly from one pair of glasses to the next, or to try on dozens of glasses side-by-side. We’re super excited about seeing customers interact with the website and make easy, informed and interactive choices about their new glasses purchases.” FrameFish has partnered with four of Australia’s most exciting prescription eyewear brands, Sneaking Duck, Frankie Dean, Oscar Wylee and Bespecd, to bring a growing inventory of designer eyewear to the site at great prices. Soon to include mobile support and a sunglasses range, is an exciting and reliable way of shopping for eyewear. Sharing features are being added that will enable shoppers to ask family and friends for feedback via facebook and twitter, or email. FrameFish also intends to make the technology available for use on other sites as a plugin. Visit for more information and to try the virtual try-on app. Preview video link: