The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2013-10-18T02:04:58Z ICML Includes 10 Courses to their Final Batch of Business Training Courses for 2013 2013-10-18T02:04:58Z icml-includes-10-courses-to-their-final-batch-of-business-training-courses-for-2013 Leadership, effective communication, time management, business writing and project management are among the courses that ICML plans to offer for the last quarter of the year. Their recent lineup of public courses is designed to help individuals enhance their leadership skills and be prepared to meet the changing demands of their business and career. Speak Up, Be Heard and Feel Confident (1 day: October 21)–Aims to help individuals boost their confidence and speaking skills in social gatherings and meetings. Project Management Essentials (1 day: October 21) – Designed for individuals who want to learn the basics of project management and the people side of it. Time Management: Working Smarter (1 day: October 21/December 10) – Learn why and how to prioritize tasks and avoid procrastination.  Effective Business Writing (1 day: November 20) – Develop fundamental writing skills for composing concise and persuasive documents and emails. Advanced Business Writing (2 days: November 20 & December 11) – Submit excellent reports proposals that are very interesting to read. Participants can practice intensively with their own documents. Advanced Leadership (2 days: November 20 & 21) – Leadership and management course designed for experienced managers who are ready to further improve as a leader by developing leadership skills to inspire and motivate employees. Early Leadership (2 days: November 22 & 29) – Learn the secrets of effective leadership and develop the skills necessary to become a respected leader. Influencing and Negotiating Skills (2 days: November 26 & 27) – Build trusting relationships and learn how to influence and negotiate with the internal and external stakeholders of the company. Communicating Effectively (1 day: November 27) - Learn how to listen effectively, build rapport and manage body language in order to optimize personal communication and maximize influence. Presenting with Impact (2 days: December 4 & 11) – Learn how to plan, structure and give presentations with confidence that will hold the interest of your audience and let them follow your line of thought easily. According to Peter Munnik, Director of ICML, “Through our public courses, we will build the foundations people need to become well-respected and influential managers.  We don’t provide quick fixes. What we offer are lasting and enduring skills development and productivity improvements by approaching training as an integral part of a development system.”In addition to the scheduled courses, ICML also offers one-hour to week-long workshops to suit the specific needs of individual clients.