The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-07-25T00:39:19Z Silver Anniversary of Phenomenon Creative Event Services: Something to Celebrate! 2014-07-25T00:39:19Z silver-anniversary-of-phenomenon-creative-event-services-something-to-celebrate Perth, WA, 25 July 2014 – Now beginning their second quarter century in the events industry, Phenomenon Creative Event Services are considered Western Australia’s go-to event styling and theming professionals.Phenomenon’s Director, Paul Cumming says “Now is as good a time as ever to look back at our journey during the past twenty-five years. We’re enjoying reminiscing, but also looking ahead into the future and wondering what ‘will be’.”The Phenomenon story began in a humble garage in Perth, by founders Paul Cumming and his business partner Steven Power. They hit upon the idea of a mobile disc jockey business that would service anything from parties to large scale corporate events and other celebrations.Eventually, both gentlemen brainstormed with ideas on how to expand the business beyond simple disc jockey talent. What they needed to find was a reliable team of hardworking, talented and creative people who could help them grow the business into something ‘phenomenal’.Cumming says, “The resounding message coming through on this point in time is that our current success is based on brilliant people doing equally brilliant work even in the early days.”In 2000, “Phenomenon Creative Event Services” was officially born, when Cumming and Power expanded the business to include photography, videography and event theming. In more recent years, the DJ, photography and videography arms of the business were sold and our primary focus became what it is today, to specialise in four key areas - event theming & styling, furniture hire, corporate branding and prop hire. Phenomenon do however work in tandem with other like-minded professionals to deliver event services such as entertainment, photography, videography, audio visual, lighting and the like."After so many years, Phenomenon has witnessed trends and changes come and go. What remains, they say, is their commitment to excellent customer service and delivering superior events in Perth and the surrounding area.“If you’ll forgive us and let us brag for a bit, we are proud of the evolution of our company,” Cumming says. “Each one of the changes and tweaks we have made means that we are never still and never complacent.“Looking ahead, our end goal is still no more solid than it was 25 years ago. Every year, we adjust our mindsets to pursue new looks and new markets and to become more efficient and deliver more creative options to our clients.” he says.When asked what exactly has changed in the last quarter century, Cumming stands firm with his answer.“Many, many things have changed, but not our attention to detail and customer service. Creating amazing events and ensuring people leave an event having had an experience is what we enjoy doing the most.” he says.“We have phenomenal clients who have pushed us to achieve more, and awesome vendors and suppliers, who have helped us realise our needs and goals. We couldn’t have achieved this without them because it’s definitely teamwork all the way round.”“And we never forget that even if it’s a business, we have to have fun,” he adds.Cumming says, “To our equally phenomenal clients who have pushed us to achieve more with each coming year. To our vendors and suppliers, who have helped us realise our clients dreams and needs, and of course, to the staff who have worked so hard at meeting and exceeding this dream. Thank you - we wouldn’t have achieved any of this without you!”Phenomenon Creative Event Services has earned its reputation for excellence in the Perth area. Now twenty-five years strong in the industry, the Phenomenon team will make your next event one to be remembered for years to come. Visit their website at, or phone them on 1300 33 9000. Plotting the Event Production Trends for 2014 2014-06-20T06:14:37Z plotting-the-event-production-trends-for-2014 Perth, WA, 20 June 2014 - When it comes to event planning and production, atmosphere and location are critical, as well as visual details, sound, lighting and catering. For 2014, enthusiastic professional event planners and producers are predicting – and putting into motion – some of the hippest trends in their industry.Jeni Donald, Business Development Manager at Phenomenon Creative Event Services in Perth, says experts predict that event production this year will be, as was last year, dependent on vivid colours.“We at Phenomenon have always believed that theming and styling is at the heart of any event production process,” Donald says. “We expect to see an explosion of colour at the request of our clients, which means we’ll be picking up on some trendy new styling themes from around the world, too.”According to Pantone, the global authority on colour, many of the ‘in’ colours for 2014 are in the pastel range, including one shade called Placid Blue. Sunny yellows and light teals and blush shades are slated to be seen dotting events with accents of colour. “When planning an event, don’t be afraid of playing with different colours,” Donald says. “Colour sets a mood, and depending on the mood you want to evoke, there will always be a colour especially for that. Colours can also inspire a specific theme, so have fun!”“Shapes are ‘trendy’ too,” Donald says. “We hear that polka dots are making a comeback, as well as houndstooth and bright, bold, 1960s style floral prints.”Location – the place or space in which to hold an event – can also fall onto the trendiness radar. For 2014, it’s predicted that culturally significant venues such as art museums and charming old buildings are taking the place of houses of worship or traditional banquet halls. With the popularity of last year’s “Great Gatsby” film, event producers and their clients were influenced to seek out opulent, grandiose venues, such as castles, old mansions and vintage grand hotels. “It appears that lush and luxurious are ‘in’,” Donald says. “There is nothing that compares to an elegant event in an equally elegant venue.” At the other extreme, ‘rustic yet modern’ is becoming popular, as clients sometimes opt for a rootsy, outdoorsy touch to events, often in the warmer months when the weather is behaving.A rustic feel with contemporary touches on the accent pieces includes chic wood pallet furniture, mirrors, feather or metallic centrepieces, Mason jar candles, fairy lights, birdcages and live plants nestled in vintage containers.For a quasi-steampunk feel, the industrial or warehouse look is increasing in favour with its urban factory sensation. Appropriate styling touches include metal beams, tables and benches made from rough-hewn planks, minimalist lighting, exposed ductwork, chrome fixtures and brick walls.When it’s time to plan an event, Phenomenon will coordinate with sponsors, entertainment providers and food and beverage caterers to make any occasion an impressive one. “When it comes to impressing guests, our event producers are pros in creating and styling events that give a return on investment for your clients,” says Donald.“The staff here at Phenomenon are willing to assist you with the event styling process and help create fabulous events in 2014 that will leave your clients breathless. Our company has a warehouse full of contemporary props and furniture for hire for almost any kind or size of event.”Phenomenon Creative Event Services is a leading event production firm specialising in event styling, theming, as well as props and furniture for hire. Contact them at 1300 33 9000 or at their website, Add a Theme to Your Next Event and Attract Sponsors 2014-04-02T08:05:38Z add-a-theme-to-your-next-event-and-attract-sponsors Perth, WA, 2 April 2014 – Phenomenon Creative Event Services is no stranger to conjuring elaborate themes and unique styling for their clients’ events and celebrations. In fact, the 25 year-old company welcomes the challenge!“Event theming is at the heart of the event management process and a powerful driver of all other components of an event. Anyone can toss tables and chairs into a room, organise table centrepieces, a band, food and beverage - but that is simply not enough these days.” says Phenomenon’s Business Development Manager, Jeni Donald.What Donald is suggesting, is that in order to create a lasting impression you need to take your guests on an amazing journey, to connect with their emotions and create a much talked about event experience. By theming, she suggests that anything from a 1920s Gatsby ‘party’ to a Winter Wonderland adventure will transform an event from blah to bodacious.Having a themed event can also be beneficial in garnering the support of a corporate sponsor. Consider offering a sponsor the opportunity to fund a component of the event - food, beverage, audio visual, theming, entertainment, musicians etc. It’s a win-win for the right sponsor because it’s a great way for them to showcase their wares and expose their brand.Having an event outdoors with a Hawaiian motif, for instance, opens up opportunities to grab the interest of a suntan lotion company or a surf brand manufacturer. A travel agent may even get interested and jump aboard!Attracting the eye of a sponsor is best done by presenting them with unique ideas and offering a sponsorship package that will allow them to deliver their brand to a wide audience. “The most important thing to remember,” says Donald, “is giving everyone involved an experience to remember, one that makes both sponsor and client the hero!”Donald says, “We keep a watchful eye on current trends in Australia and abroad and pass our enthusiasm and knowledge onto our clientele. We are always striving to present our clients with dynamic and exciting concepts while of course remaining mindful of their corporate goals and of course budget.”Phenomenon’s team of Event Producers and Creative Designer see every new event as a blank canvas waiting to be painted. They say that sitting down with the client and discussing their ideas and really listening to what they have to say is an absolute must! They then present a theme or style that best fits the clients’ needs and that will best convey their message.  This is the time when Phenomenon’s creative minds start spinning!“The next time you have an event to organise, contact us at Phenomenon with your ideas,” Donald says. “Our creative team will meld your ideas with our ideas, develop and implement the event concept, to deliver creative excellence.”Phenomenon will liaise with venues, technical experts, sponsors, entertainers, caterers etc to make your event a ‘phenomenal’ one! “Whether we're managing the entire event or just one aspect, our commitment remains the same - to provide quality in every regard, ensuring we meet our clients' needs with mind-blowing creativity and superior service!” says Donald.Phenomenon is a premier event production company that has been in the industry for 25 years. Contact them at 1300 33 9000 or visit for assistance with furniture hire, corporate branding, event theming and styling. Corporate Branding and Beach Theming Spells Success 2014-03-07T06:17:03Z corporate-branding-and-beach-theming-spells-success Perth, WA, 7 March 2014 — Phenomenon Creative Event Services, the Perth-based event production specialists worked in conjunction with Launch Marketing to produce a phenomenal industry night for Corona earlier this month.“The event was a resounding success and the venue was perfect!” says Phenomenon’s Business Development Manager, Jeni Donald. “We were thrilled to again be working with Launch Marketing, this time to help reinforce the La Casa brand for Corona.”  The Corona La Casa Artist Residency is touted by the beer company as a haven for young artists, musicians, writers, photographers and itinerant surfers in search of creative inspiration. Nestled on a beach facing the Coral Sea, artists convene in a hired beachfront house – as Corona describes it, ‘on Mexico time’.The ‘chilled-out’ event theme, based on a sunny afternoon on a Mexican beach, was held at the iconic B Shed in Fremantle, WA. Phenomenon’s creative staff styled the event with a keen focus on bringing the client's brand to life!Phenomenon’s Creative Designer and team of Event Producers got creative with their theming, customised branding and styling elements for this event. Placed around the event area were trendy pallet service bars lit with Corona’s signature blue and yellow colours, a 10 metre pallet wall with custom branded panels,  Corona branded deck chairs, eclectic surf images and posters, and clever projection mapping - all adding that ‘wow’ factor, tying the whole theme together perfectly!The groovy ‘chill out’ areas screamed shabby chic, Mexican vintage style. Guests relaxed on brightly-coloured Tolix inspired stools and lounged on colourful sofas festooned with Mexican style blankets. Working with the event caterers, Phenomenon designed food huts with custom signage to suit the cuisine and chalkboards that featured the fare of the evening. Phenomenon’s Creative Designer dressed the entire area with an abundance of swaying palm trees, succulent agave plants, driftwood, tins and old jars filled with pebbles and candles for that rustic look. Ambient lighting from coloured paper lanterns were strung overhead, and one hundred square metres of Astroturf in the café area finished the festive look!“We are also well versed in corporate branding,” Donald says. “We can place a logo or motif on just about anything in order to enhance your corporate identity at your event.  It worked incredibly well for Corona in this instance, as it has for many others.”“Don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas,” she says, “we want to be your go-to event theming company!”For more photos, visit their Facebook page or for more information on any of their event services - event theming and styling, furniture and prop hire - simply email or call 1300 33 9000. It’s their mission to create memorable events for you and your guests. Phenomenon’s Silver Anniversary Celebrating 25 ‘Phenomenal’ Years! 2014-02-13T03:51:06Z phenomenon-s-silver-anniversary-celebrating-25-phenomenal-years Perth, WA, 13 February 2014 – After a solid twenty-five years in the industry, Phenomenon Creative Event Services have established a firm foothold as Western Australia’s go-to styling and theming company.The seeds of Phenomenon were sown in a small garage in Perth, 14 January 1989, by Paul Cumming and Steve Power. The duo called their first venture ‘Da Doo Ron Ron DJ Entertainment Services,’ – a DJ company – which later became the most popular and successful DJ company in Western Australia.Having met while studying Media Performance at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), the two shared the same vision and decided to go into business together.As the DJ company expanded, Steve studied Musical Theatre at WAAPA. Paul achieved his B.A. from Edith Cowan University in Media and English and travelled extensively, including several summer jaunts to the US for a major performing arts camp.Phenomenon Creative Event Services – was launched as a mother company to DDRR in 2000 – made a giant leap onward when the two expanded the company’s schedule of services to include videography, photography and event theming.  They grew the Phenomenon team and embraced hard working, talented and creative people who they knew could take the business to a whole new level with their own special skill sets. Shortly thereafter, Paul and Steve realised they had created a niche market with the event theming concept; they then sold the videography, photography and DJ branches of their business and concentrated on event styling, theming, corporate branding, furniture and prop hire. This was to become the true core concept of what Phenomenon is at present.Paul says, “It was actually easy to do that, because once we had secured the best people to adapt and evolve the theming and production, everything clicked into place. We thought it was wise to scale down to fewer offerings – because now, we can really excel at them.”This niche market for specialty themed corporate events has earned Phenomenon a top spot in the Western Australia events industry. The company is proud of having their own in-house Creative Designer instead of fielding the job outside. They moved house in 2012, into their “dream home” – a huge warehouse in Osborne Park that has a tech savvy boardroom and modern offices.  They say they exist almost “purely on word of mouth.”  Client testimonials on their website speak volumes about their work, they have nothing but glowing things to say about their professionalism, creativity and personable service – Phenomenon has arrived!  Their Osborne Park warehouse is chock full of props, furniture and styling elements for hire – everything they need to create whatever their clients want!“We have over 40 different themes and we continue to build and renew them, whilst also looking for additional themes or styles that follow current trends” Paul said. “We travel the globe and network a lot locally. Our team is always culling new ideas, seeing what’s new and fresh so we can bring them back home and pitch them to our clients.”Although Steve moved in 2007 to Canberra for family reasons, he is still involved in the business with Paul and the team. Phenomenon Creative Event Services has earned its reputation for excellence in the Perth area. Now twenty-five years strong in the industry, the Phenomenon team will make your next event one to remember. Visit their website at, or phone them on 1300 33 9000. Keeping Event Guests Happy Is As Easy As Keeping Them Busy 2014-01-20T02:44:14Z keeping-event-guests-happy-is-as-easy-as-keeping-them-busy Perth, WA, 20 January 2014 – Providing interactive entertainment at a corporate event or special celebration is paramount, says Jeni Donald, Business Development Manager for Phenomenon Creative Event Services in Perth. “In order to keep guests entertained and ensure maximum impact, we believe in coordinating the event theme as a whole concept.”Phenomenon, a top company in the Western Australian event production industry, offers more than forty creative themes on which to plan an event. Theming and strategising the event is the tip of the iceberg, Donald says, and arranging the entertainment is the icing on the cake!“These days, guests expect more than just drinks, dinner, MC and dancing,” Donald says. “Expectations have shifted. High quality in the form of engaging entertainment, spectacular theming and sensational food and beverage are essential to the success of any event.”Prime examples of Donald’s concept – ones that have earned a reputation for going “above and beyond” – include events based upon popular and elaborate themes like Alice, Wild West, Oriental, Hollywood, 1980s and the roaring ‘20s.The rad 1980s is a favoured theme with Phenomenon’s clients, combining a rich cornucopia of colour, light and sound. DJ’s, professional ‘breakdancers’ and authentic arcade games like PacMan and Space Invaders are all ways guests can be a part of the action. This theme also allows guests the opportunity to show-off those 80’s dance moves like the robot, moonwalk and the worm!“It’s about having fun,” Donald says, “but for us on a professional level, it’s about maximising the impact of the event. The more there is to do and see, the greater the impression on the company and their clients or staff.”Imagine this: as guests take part in an exotic Arabian theme, they travel down the magic carpet to an exotic marketplace of palm trees, flowing silk fabrics and Moroccan lanterns. Guests are greeted by a real camel, or surrounded by belly dancers, snake charmers and may opt to have their future revealed by a tarot card reader. Vegas or Casino is another theme that always remains in the Top 10. When there is nothing to lose, everyone comes out a winner! With a handful of pretend poker chips, surrounded by the luxury of Aston Martins, Las Vegas show girls, flashing lights and gaming tables, guests can try their luck at Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, or spin the Money Wheel knowing that they’ll leave having lost nothing but having had a great experience.“Professional event producers should consider four crucial things,” Donald says. “Listen to your client; keep your guests engaged; appeal to all five senses; deliver an experience”. Make people ‘feel’ like they have been transported to another place, another time - as if they’re actually at Vegas or back in the 80’s.Donald also insists that music, choreographed dance routines, entertainers, roaming actors and photographers are essential to a successful, exciting and truly fun event. Phenomenon’s event producers are confident that with their experienced team, an overflowing warehouse of props, furniture and styling elements, and their extensive source of venues, caterers and entertainers, they can take any event to the next level.“Don’t hesitate to contact us with your event ideas,” Donald says, “If you have an idea that isn’t quite at its fruition, we can make it happen. We’re proud to say we are good at what we do and we also love experimenting with new ideas.”“Our event production team and creative designer will work directly with you to manage and deliver the full impact of your message.”Phenomenon Creative Event Services has earned its reputation for excellence and service in the Perth area. The Phenomenon team will make your next event one to remember. Visit their website at or phone them on 1300 33 9000. Colour ‘Pops’ through as One of 2013's Newest Event Styling Trends 2013-12-17T03:50:22Z colour-pops-through-as-one-of-2013-s-newest-event-styling-trends Perth, WA, 16 December 2013 – In Perth and elsewhere in the country, savvy folks will start to notice a popular new trend in event production – simply, the widespread use of vivid colours throughout the event venue.Jeni Donald, Business Development Manager at Phenomenon Creative Event Services in Perth says, “We’ve been witnessing a rise in the trend of colour use as the underlying theme for an event.”Phenomenon, always at the top of their game in the Western Australian event production industry, is keeping close tabs on upcoming colour trends for 2014. They have relied on the authority of Pantone, the global colour experts, and so far for spring and summer 2013, the popular tones are harmonious and nature inspired. Australians will be seeing lots of vibrant shades, such as Tender Shoots, Monaco Blue, Dusk Blue, Dazzling Blue, Poppy Red, Nectarine, Lemon Zest and Tangerine Tango – refined colours yet completely in tune with the warmer summer months.“We also keep a watch on what Australian interior decorators are talking about,” Donald says. “Because much of what we do is interior-based, we like to stay on top of the trends and pass that excitement along to our customer base. We want our clients’ events to be as fresh and fun as possible.”“Our event specialists have been busy brainstorming and we have recently launched a new event theme we like to call ‘Spring Garden,’” Donald says. “With our spectacular topiary grass entry tunnel, pedestal topiary ball urns, green grass hedges, vine and flower garlands that hang vertically from the ceiling, it’s perfect for the casual to classy event.” It utilises loads of green with the confines of a garden motif.Creating a place for guests to ‘chill’ is an important consideration also. Phenomenon has recently also revealed a new range of pallet furniture. “Scatter lounges with orange, blue and yellow cushions; style hi-bars and coffee tables using a cloche filled with butterflies and enhance the area with white paper lanterns and pontoon lighting overhead for the full garden experience,” Donald says.Even weddings have been taking advantage of the colour trend. Bold colours can be seen in wedding finery, décor and bridal accessories. Against a white background, colours like green, red, hot pink, or yellow stand out well.Donald says that there are dozens and dozens of ways to incorporate colour into an event, including flowers, effects lighting, furniture, decor, drapery, table linen, menus, gifts and even the attire worn by event staff.It’s not just colour that paves the way for a trend – shapes are making a splash as well. During 2013, chevron patterns and geometrical shapes with monochrome colouring have been popular with our clients. Big, bold stripes used as a backdrop have also been seen, especially in black and white themes.“Don’t hesitate to contact our team of event specialists at Phenomenon with your ideas,” Donald says. “We will work with you to translate your vision into a reality!”Phenomenon Creative Event Services has earned its reputation for excellence and service in the Perth area. The Phenomenon team will make your next event one to remember! Visit their website at, or phone them on 1300 33 9000. Attention to Detail is Critical When Theming Your Event 2013-10-28T09:14:34Z attention-to-detail-is-critical-when-theming-your-event Perth, WA, October 28, 2013 – Whilst large, memorable props and customised pieces have a powerful impact, especially in a ballroom of 1200 excited guests, it’s important not to overlook the little things that can be equally as important, say the staff at Phenomenon Creative Event Services, Perth’s premier event theming and styling company.“Creating a lasting impression on your guests is vital to ensuring repeat customers and such impressions are built on a solid foundation of customer service excellence and our superb attention to detail” says Jeni Donald, Business Development Manager at Phenomenon.Customer retention and loyalty are dependent on the impact that the event has on every single guest in attendance. Phenomenon believes “everything is an experience” and that when it comes to event theming and styling, the clientele deserve only the very best experience. The big picture needs to be considered before the minute details, Donald says. When clients have the task of embarking on a major, complex event, “it’s worth considering appointing a capable event services company who has experience creating and producing such large-scale events. Once the client has briefed us on their overall requirements, that’s when we go into planning overdrive to bring their vision to life,” she says.Once the basic concept is created, the smaller details can then be fine-tuned. ‘Seeing’ the overall vision of the event through others’ eyes will help square up the ‘small stuff.’  The venue, furniture, lighting, music, entertainment, catering, props and decor are all important in making the right impression.Managing guests’ expectations is crucial to any event’s success. This is where the most creative and forward-thinking event stylists and producers shine. Depending on the type of event, where or when it’s held and the crowd demographic, little things can make all the difference!Paul Cumming, Director of Phenomenon, says “It takes more than a sit down meal, a band and farewell to engage an audience these days. Now, it's all about providing an unforgettable experience”. Think of unique ways to present the menu and work with your venue to make the food more of a culinary experience for guests rather than just a necessity – serve canapés in glass baubles hanging delicately from illuminated trees around the room or create a homely garden bed for a springtime theme that resembles rows from a veggie patch; build interactive food stations that complement the theme/style (ie Oriental theme - make your own sushi); or think healthy – offer healthy juice blends as opposed to cocktails! Many events are incorporating chill-out zones, funky bar areas, and interactive entertainment such as casino tables to embody a Vegas theme or a mechanical bull for a Wild West event. All of these ideas encourage guest interaction and make for a memorable experience. In terms of new creative technologies, projection mapping is a definite game changer. It involves projecting static or moving imagery onto props, trees, buildings and set pieces in order to literally bringing them to life. This exciting technology will completely transform the look and feel of almost any event to ensure that the theme inspires the desired emotion. “We work harmoniously with only the very best Audio Visual and Lighting companies in Perth to bring this magic to life”  says Cumming. Aside from projection mapping, popular trends in event styling for 2013 include funky chevron patterning, geometrical shapes with stark monochrome colouring and eclectic furniture such as wooden tables, fabric bunting and Hessian table runners. Of course, music, dance routines, entertainers, roaming actors and photographers will always be incredibly important and powerful but think about new ways to present their talents and utilise your chosen venue in a way that will provide the most impact.“Guests need to feel totally immersed in the theme, style and story of your event” says Cumming. Phenomenon believes that theming and styling is at the heart of the event management process. Donald adds, “Even if you decide on going minimalistic, having props and subtle styling elements that complement the overall theme can make all the difference.”Donald stresses that “hiring a professional event production team who has a solid reputation and eye for detail will guarantee a truly unforgettable experience for your guests, making them want to come back year after year.”With 24 years of event styling experience, supported by an overflowing warehouse of furniture, styling elements and props, the team of event specialists at Phenomenon Creative Event Services in Perth will work strategically with you to transform any space into something truly extraordinary! Visit their web site at or phone them on 1300 33 9000.