The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-02-03T02:46:28Z launches FREE ‘How To Perform CPR’ online course 2014-02-03T02:46:28Z skillsmaintenance-com-launches-free-how-to-perform-cpr-online-course CPR saves lives, but unfortunately not everyone in our society is equipped with the basic knowledge on how to perform CPR. ‘It is our belief that where a business is in a position to provide a service to the community that will help save lives, then the business should act on that ability and give back to the community’ says Peter Spinda, CEO of With the above statement in mind, announces the launch of their latest FREE online course, ‘How To Perform CPR’. Spinda goes on to say that ‘We have developed this new course to provide those individuals without first aid training with a basic knowledge to perform CPR in a situation where doing so could save a persons life. In my opinion everyone in society should know at least the basics of how to perform CPR, regardless of factors such as age and where they live in the world’.  The new free online ‘How To Perform CPR’ course covers off on a number of important topics, including when to perform CPR and when not to, and has been developed to be educational and engaging enough to grab the users full attention. This free course can be accessed by clicking the following link: How To Perform CPR For further information please contact Peter Spinda, CEO, on 0434 236 418. Training Providers: Get online or get left behind 2014-02-03T01:05:43Z training-providers-get-online-or-get-left-behind It’s a fact that E-Learning is rapidly embedding within the Australian business landscape and is transforming the way organisations manage and build internal skills and talent. With this in mind, it is now more important than ever for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to get online and expand their offline offering with an online component. Whilst some providers have taken this important step, CEO Peter Spinda says that there are many RTOs Australia wide who have either yet to make the transition, or who have made a start but are well behind when it comes to the quality of content and design that can be achieved today. Spinda says there are a several reasons why many RTOs haven’t expanded their offline offerings with online courses. From discussions with training providers nationwide, Spinda cites the following main reasons: 1.       - Cost of course production 2.       - Not enough time and/or experience to produce e-learning courses 3.       - Unfamiliarity with the new technology 4.       - Not sure how to use the technology within their business 5.       - Seems too hard overall Online learning doesn't have to be daunting however, and, as demonstrates, technology is now available that can plug any RTO into the online learning realm within a matter of hours, with ready-made, ready to deliver content that requires minimal effort on the business owners part. ‘In today’s business landscape, if your business is not using technology to generate efficiencies and drive greater profitability, then you need to take a hard look at your business and ask yourself, can I realistically expect to stay competitive over the coming few years?’ says Spinda. Making the decision to say ‘yes’ to online content delivery is one thing. Execution in a professional and profitable manner is another. One of the biggest mistakes RTOs can make when expanding into online learning is the creation of poor quality courses that are more akin to a boring PowerPoint presentation, than a well-designed, engaging and interactive tool that will enhance the learning experience. Typically these in-house developed courses take up far too much time, resources and money for what they are worth, leaving the RTO scrambling to try and gain some form of return on the investment made. On the topic of course development, Spinda says that - ‘The reality is that developing professional online courses take time and money. Most RTOs can’t afford the vast sums required, and even the bigger players act with caution when looking at custom development. And this is exactly where comes in. We have done the hard yards. We have developed and continue to develop high quality, ready to use online courses without the RTO having to pay for development costs. Our pay per use system finally makes it viable for EVERY RTO to get online, and deliver content using the best looking courses found on the web’. Of course, as an RTO you have specific regulatory requirements to meet, so it’s important that courses you deliver meet these requirements. This has been carefully considered in the development of the courses, of which most are ready for mapping against relevant competencies should this be required by the RTO. ‘Using a blended approach to learning has immense benefits for the training provider, the employer and the employee’, says Spinda, ‘Although online learning has been around for years, we are just scratching the surface of what will be possible in the coming years, giving even greater impetus for RTOs to get online, or get left behind’. For further information please contact Peter Spinda, CEO, on 0434 236 418 or visit launches free 'Basics of OHM's Law' online course 2014-01-09T01:53:29Z skillsmaintenance-com-launches-free-basics-of-ohm-s-law-online-course Online training course delivery experts,, have recently launched the first in a series of free online courses. The free 'Basics of OHM's Law' course provides learners with the basic fundamentals of OHM's Law, and uses metaphors and interactive examples to deliver content in an easy to remember format. Peter Spinda, CEO, says that at the core of the business is the belief that personal development and education should be lifelong activities that help shape our knowledge and understanding of the world, enriching our lives and creating better societies in turn. The free course can be completed by clicking the following link: OHM's Law Free Course. Spinda says that other free courses are currently being developed, in conjunction with a continual expansion of the course list. Please contact Peter Spinda for more information, or visit the website. A revolution in staff on-boarding for the coal mining sector 2013-11-22T03:13:18Z a-revolution-in-staff-on-boarding-for-the-coal-mining-sector At a time when the coal mining industry is looking to reduce costs without affecting organisational outcomes, a new era of technology driven improvements is enabling the sector to operate leaner, smarter and more efficiently than ever before.Built on a simple yet robust technology platform, Australian owned is proud to introduce a new, interactive and highly engaging organisational on-boarding model. Using proven methodologies, their new All About Coal course affords confidence, reliability and consistency for the delivery of on-boarding to staff based anywhere in the world. CEO Peter Spinda says the course has been developed to suit all players within the coal mining industry, and provides a great introduction for new staff entering an organisation. Spinda highlights that the course has been priced to make it affordable by even the smallest operator, and the pay per use model keeps it clean and hassle free. Bringing organisations faster delivery cycle times than traditional classroom-based instruction at a fraction of the cost, the innovative All About Coal course promotes information retention via direct engagement. Other important benefits the course brings to organisations includes reduced material, facility and travel costs, ensures greater consistency in training across regions and countries, and delivers knowledge employees can use on the job, at the moment they need it. What makes the course even more unique is it’s availability, which is either via the site, or, if your organisation has over 99 users, it can be easily slotted into an existing or new Learning Management System. An interactive demo of this course is available on the skillsmaintenance website. For more information on this innovative new course please visit and click on the All About Coal course details. FURTHER CONTACT:Please contact Peter Spinda, CEO, for more details. Mobile: 0434 236 418 Email: Welcome to the new era of workplace training 2013-11-21T06:42:09Z welcome-to-the-new-era-of-workplace-training Maintaining a well trained, knowledgeable workforce forms an important part of a safety focused culture within any organisation. In addition, regular workforce training can increase productivity, increase morale, increase efficiency and improve the overall bottom line for the business. In days gone by, training, especially refresher training, has cost a lot of time and money to implement, and often required employees to take many hours, if not days, out of valuable work time. As a result of the often complicated nature of setting up such training, many organisations have put these activities in the too hard basket and have made training one of the first things to go when cost reductions are required. Those complicated training days however are now behind us, as we welcome in the new era of workplace training, powered by This new concept in training brings to the table an ever expanding catalogue of short, engaging, effective online skills maintenance and refresher training courses aimed to enable any organisation, located anywhere in the world to deliver cost effective training solutions to their workforce. With a unique business model, Australian based offers organisations the ability to access an ever growing course catalogue on an as needs basis, via the website, with no lock in contracts or any such criteria. CEO Peter Spinda says affordability was the key when developing the business, which is why the prices per user per course are only $29 - $33 inc GST, depending on the number of users you wish to put through each course. For organisations with large user numbers, or organisations wanting to maintain internal control via an existing Learning Management System, all of the courses have been developed so that they can easily run on any LMS you may already have in place. And if you don’t have an LMS in place, the team can set one up for you. For more information visit and experience the new era of workplace training.