The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-05-20T01:57:51Z GraphicMail Introduces a New Mailing List Clean Up Solution 2014-05-20T01:57:51Z graphicmail-introduces-a-new-mailing-list-clean-up-solution Simple email list management and verification tool, List Clean Up allows email marketers to engage with the best addresses in their list, thereby maximizing campaign results and return on investment (ROI). List Clean Up uses AI pattern recognition technology and multiple verification checks to determine the quality of an address prior to sending. In plain English, GraphicMail connects directly with email clients to test and verify each address on a specified email list, cleaning out all the invalid addresses of recipients that will neither see or ever open the messages, nor contribute to any potential income gained via direct email marketing efforts. This then dramatically reduces bulk sending costs, incrementally, over time. Additionally, GraphicMail has put measures in place which ensure that this tool will not over-scrub any lists - so users need not be concerned about possibly losing valid recipients by verifying their email lists. The List Clean Up has been integrated to work seamlessly within GraphicMail’s existing bulk email marketing software, and to be instantly accessible whenever required: 1) Users log into their GraphicMail account and click on “List Clean up” on their homepage 2) The list that needs to be filtered is then selected, with the relevant filtering cost displayed. GraphicMail clients purchase the software’s email, mobile and social tools via bundles of “credits” 3) Once the clean up is complete, a PDF report is available for download for the client to review the results via a new, filtered list, without overriding the original Says Ralph McAllister, General Manager of GraphicMail AU & NZ, a clean mailing list is the key to effective email marketing. Not only does it increase engagement, purchase rates and sender reputation, but also saves you money in long term. For only a few Dollars, List Clean Up demonstrates a highly valuable solution for our clients. Clients who have not e-mailed to their lists for a while, or have had email abuse complaints, could benefit from this initiative. About GraphicMail GraphicMail is a hosted Email Service Provider (ESP), which lets users design newsletters, manage contact lists and track campaign performance. The platform provides bulk email software that's easy and affordable enough for small businesses, yet powerful for large companies looking for a corporate-scale solution. GraphicMail offers mobile marketing services, such as bulk SMS / text campaigns and SMS sends with links to mobile sites that can be tracked and analysed. They also offer social media integrations in the form of social sharing features and social data gathering tools. The company's email newsletter service has been used by customers such as, Shell, the American Medical Association and Dell Empower since 2002. The product is available in 11 languages and is represented by 20 offices globally. GraphicMail AU & NZ launches new fully responsive Email Creator 2014-04-22T01:26:08Z graphicmail-au-amp-nz-launches-new-fully-responsive-email-creator Ralph McAllister, General Manager - GraphicMail AU & NZ. Sydney, Australia (PRWire) April 24th, 2014 Beta-test it for yourself now, it’s live! Even though autumn is here, we’re still keeping things fresh at GraphicMail AU & NZ with a new email editor, Ralph McAllister the general manager of the AU & NZ outlets, said today. The Email Creator lets you create newsletters that look fantastic on mobile devices easily. Its responsive attributes, great new features, including dozens of new responsive templates, now make it easier to design and send. According to VentureBeat, 65% of all email is opened first on mobile devices (February 2014). So it’s critical that your message shows up correctly on mobile. Newsletters that you design in the Email Creator are automatically resized to mobile screens, aligning your message and images so they look great on a small screen. It’s easy to edit and modify using drag & drop content blocks. Or you can upload your own customised template. We also host your images and  files, and we make it easy to personalise your newsletters if you have the data. Sending beautiful email newsletters is an easy way to kickstart your online marketing campaign to grow your business. Email marketing can serve any size business, and GraphicMail’s editor has all the powerful features needed for each and every one of your communication needs. You can post to social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, or you can boost your email messages with text message marketing. Over the next few weeks, Ralph McAllister said all users will see a notice in their account dashboard to demo or upgrade. Once you’ve moved over, this will be your primary email creator. The 2011 editor will be phased out over the next few months, and the 2008 editor will remain for those who upload their own HTML coded newsletters. All users will still have access to all previously created content. Ralph McAllister would also like to remind you that GraphicMail is more than just an Email Service Provider. It’s a self serve email, mobile and social cloud-based solution, which addresses all your marketing needs. GraphicMail AU & NZ launches new fully responsive Drupal Website 2014-03-17T21:34:14Z graphicmail-au-amp-nz-launches-new-fully-responsive-drupal-website Ralph McAllister, General Manager - GraphicMail AU & NZ. The ease and simplicity of Drupal’s management tools and permission structures means that we now have a CMS system that can be easily localised even more to truly reflect all local content. According to a study by DigitalBuzz, 56% of people globally own a smartphone and of those, 50% use their mobile as their primary internet source. In light of these statistics it’s clear to see why mobile friendly responsive design has moved to the front of the queue in terms of website development. Says Barbara du Preez-Ulmi, GraphicMail’s Global Marketing Director: “Our move to Drupal’s open source, customized system helps in increasing the speed of our website, but also the ease of use for our network of over 20 global country partners. While moving away from our own system and onto Drupal, we’ve also redesigned the website to be mobile and tablet friendly. We designed it with the maxim of ‘mobile first’.”  Media Machine, the agency chosen to build GraphicMail’s new site, is a Cape Town based web development agency with specialized skills and experience; an absolute necessity when partnering with one of the world’s top email service providers (ESPs).  Says Dewald Herbst of MediaMachine: “We’re extremely proud to have been involved in the development of the new GraphicMail website. GraphicMail required a flexible and robust content management system, not only for their main offices in the US and South Africa, but also for each of their 23 country partners. We leveraged the power of Drupal, an open source CMS, to deliver GraphicMail's unique and somewhat challenging requirements.”  “Our solution has provided GraphicMail with a platform to efficiently deploy new sites for their country partners, as well as tools to translate and customize each site for its respective market. The website has been translated into more than 11 different languages and key functionalities include SEO, various API and CRM integrations and a responsive design.” GraphicMail’s powerful mobile, email and social media marketing tools have helped business grow their client base for over a decade; this has inevitably led to a community of partners and clients from all over the world. The ESP’s international family played a big part in choosing Drupal as the CMS system of choice for the new site. Not only has the site’s entire design been revamped, but it has made it easier for GraphicMail’s site to be localised in the different languages in which they offer their services.  “The ease and simplicity of Drupal’s management tools and permission structures means that we now have a CMS system that can be easily deployed in multiple languages and localised with Drupal’s high level of sophistication,” says GraphicMail’s CEO, Nick Eckert.  From an SEO perspective, Drupal does not disappoint. It is a robust CMS with a solid foundation for SEO. It’s important functionalities include; control over URL structure and path automation, control over page titles and meta tags, Google website optimiser, an SEO checklist module, and a passionate community with contributed open source modules to keep improving on it day by day. Says Shane Joseph, GraphicMail’s Global in-house SEO Specialist: “Drupal is the best CMS for SEO, because it is community driven. There are thousands of people using Drupal and creating, maintaining and updating contributed modules. If, next week, there is some huge breakthrough in SEO I can guarantee someone will be developing a Drupal module to supplement this breakthrough. It's not just a huge community, but also a standards-driven community. The people developing modules and upgrading the Drupal core are committed to making it the ultimate CMS and refuse to sacrifice web standards, maintaining Drupal's reputation for search engine-friendliness.” With a truly global community of both clients and partners, GraphicMail’s move to Drupal reflects its commitment to constant and sustainable progress in the field of mobile, email and social media marketing.