The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-03-24T02:57:18Z Mobile web users shocked websites can watch their every move 2014-03-24T02:57:18Z mobile-web-users-shocked-websites-can-watch-their-every-move March 24th 2014 - Sydney, Australia.Mobile users can use a new web based demo to clearly see a live view of how their device is tracking their location right now. "Most people are aware their smart devices can track them, but they have no idea how accurate this is or even how they could start to visualise this" said Rob Manson, CEO & Co-founder of, the company that developed this demo. To test this for yourself all you need to do is open on your mobile device. It shows you an interactive map which displays exactly where your device thinks you are right now, and how accurate this is likely to be. "This opens people's eyes to the privacy implications of the modern web" said Manson. "But when you test it for yourself you also see how inaccurate this can be and it makes you think about how applications rely on this location data". The buildAR team have put together a blog post that walks through how this can impact different types of applications, including Augmented Reality apps that use this location data to show you information overlaid on the world around you. "Many AR apps quickly grab the first location estimate the phone provides so they can load the right data as quickly as possible" said Manson. "Although this often means the wrong data can be loaded. As soon as this information is displayed it then moves around as the phone makes more and more accurate calculations. This can create a very confusing user experience". The demo is part of the awareness building that buildAR is working on through their "Augmenting the Web" Kickstarter project. This project makes it possible to deliver Augmented Reality using standard Web browsers, making AR available to Billions of Web users on all kinds of Smart & Wearable devices including smartphones, tablets, Google Glass and the Oculus Rift. You can check out the "Augmenting the Web" project at Location data has already had a massive impact on all our lives and has become something we depend on every day, yet it is still an area that needs a lot more research, especially from a user focused perspective. "By helping people see what's really going on under the hood we're hoping we can all learn a lot more about how to create great web based experiences that rely on locations" said Alex Young, Chief Experience Officer & Co-founder of buildAR. About buildAR.comThink of as “Wordpress for the Real World”. It makes creating Augmented Reality as "easy as adding a blog post" or "sending a tweet". The buildAR platform enables you to embed your digital content into the physical world around you by linking it to images, locations and was launched in 2009 as the world's first Cloud based AR Authoring Platform, and has been leading the way ever since.In 2010 buildAR presented the first overview of how they believed AR could work on the Web at the 1st International AR Standards Workshop in Seoul, Korea. Since 2010 the have co-founded, traveled to a lot of workshops, hackfests and conferences and actively participated in shaping these new Web standards. The buildAR team have spent a lot of time talking to both Web and Web browser developers and have been working hard to contribute to the AR and Web standards communities. This work has been recognised and buildAR are now Invited Experts with the W3C, ISO and the Khronos Group. They even wrote a book on one of the key Web standards that is enabling the Augmented Web called "Getting started with WebRTC" (the Web Standard that enables access to Video Cameras and Microphones) and this is now a 5 star hit on Amazon.