The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-04-10T04:30:36Z Press Release: Torrent helps V.E.K Tools increase productivity 2017-04-10T04:30:36Z press-release-torrent-helps-v-e-k-tools-increase-productivity ­­­ ­­­­­­­­­ Sydney, Australia – NCH Australia has an excellent reputation with its customers for providing quality products and services across various industries. One such success story is that of the Torrent 500 water-based parts cleaner working its magic at V.E.K Tools.   V.E.K Tools owner Kiro Athanasiadis has grown the family-run business, which now boasts multiple stores across the country. Kiro decided to install the Torrent 500 into one of his stores repair service centres to assist the technicians in cleaning the power tools parts more efficiently.   The Torrent 500 has helped V.E.K tools reduce the amount of time in performing parts-cleaning by a third. The productivity in the workshop has increased, ensuring their strict deadlines are met. “V.E.K Tools is known for its customer satisfaction and excellent service,” says Reno Mythillos, Regional Manager for Torrent at NCH Asia. “With the Torrent in their workshop, they can clean parts quickly and safely”.   The Torrent is a water-based cleaning solution that rids greases and oils with heat and high pressure much more quickly and safely than the traditional parts cleaner, keeping technicians much more safe during the process.   Aside from the smell of the solvents from traditional parts cleaners, the chemicals were harmful to the skin and filled the air breathed in by the technicians. Safety was the primary concern for developing the revolutionary Torrent parts cleaner. It’s economical operation, and superior performance combined with the safety benefits to users makes this solution best in its class.       For more information about NCH Torrent solutions, contact NCH by clicking here.     NCH CONTACT INFORMATION   EMAIL   FACEBOOK   WEBSITE NCH Offers Live Workplace Demos of Revolutionary Parts Cleaner, Torrent 2017-03-31T00:54:20Z nch-offers-live-workplace-demos-of-revolutionary-parts-cleaner-torrent Launching in 2016, the Torrent Parts Cleaner by NCH has revolutionised machine cleaning. Introducing a water-based detergent solution with the power to clean up to ten times faster than oil-based methods. The closed system has the power to degrease most parts in under 60 seconds, creating significant savings in productivity.   The torrent system is a win for employee health and safety as a water-based system reduces exposure to harmful chemicals and eliminates fire hazards. It’s also a solution that has less impact on the environment.      As part of the product launch, NCH is offering free workplace demonstrations. You can see for yourself how the closed unit uses water, heat, pressure and detergent – along with corrosion inhibitors – to efficiently clean parts without the need for direct contact.   During a workplace demonstration, NCH technicians will provide a full explanation of the system, and calculate any potential savings that could be made through its implementation.   There is also the potential to acquire the Torrent on a lease basis, with NCH taking care of all servicing and maintenance. This presents a great opportunity to install cutting edge equipment without the need for upfront costs.   For more information about the Torrent system and to book your free demonstration, contact NCH by clicking here.     NCH CONTACT INFORMATION   EMAIL   FACEBOOK   WEBSITE Live bacteria system presents a new solution for treating wastewater 2017-03-16T04:32:43Z live-bacteria-system-presents-a-new-solution-for-treating-wastewater Sydney, Australia – NCH recently unveiled its environmentally friendly solution for the treatment of trade wastewater, and it’s being adopted on a global scale. Growing vast amounts of natural bacteria each day, the BioAmp system directly targets fats and greases in wastewater, also reducing biological oxygen demand levels.   NCH’s key objective is to provide solutions for the management of trade wastewater, and this new forward-thinking biotechnology provides great advantages to Australian businesses. As the President and CEO of NCH Asia, David Weiss explains: ‘In BioAmp, we have new technology developed that involves automatically delivering live bacteria into the trade waste system, which in turn produces huge economic and environmental benefits for manufacturing industries across Australia.’   While BioAmp is set to revolutionise the treatment of wastewater, NCH continues to invest in advancing complementary solutions. Every business has its own wastewater processing challenges, and the company provides onsite analysis and tailored programs that take an integrated approach to the issue. Specifically, drain maintenance, lift stations, grease traps and the reduction of COD and BOD are all utilised by NCH, along with the new BioAmp technology.   A comprehensive program implemented by NCH aims to improve the quality of trade waste effluent, reduce odours and keep drains flowing. Advising manufacturers on the most effective methods to reach particular wastewater benchmarks, NCH specialists ensure legal standards are adhered to, and trade waste costs kept to a minimum.     For more information about NCH solutions, contact NCH by clicking here.     NCH CONTACT INFORMATION   EMAIL   FACEBOOK   WEBSITE Press Release: NCH On Track to be World Leader in Clean Water 2017-01-24T05:27:14Z press-release-nch-on-track-to-be-world-leader-in-clean-water 19 December 2016   Sydney, Australia – Valuing innovation and the highest level of customer service, NCH is on track to become world leader at cleaning water, conserving energy and maintaining equipment.   Already a global leader in industrial and commercial maintenance products, since 1919 NCH has demonstrated superior solutions for those aiming to maximise efficiency and keep facilities running in optimum condition. NCH’s specialties in the area of water cleaning further reflect the company vision of putting customers first, while focusing on innovation.   Recognising the importance of sustainability as a key area of growth and innovation, NCH constantly seeks environmentally friendly solutions for water cleaning and equipment maintenance that don’t come at the expense of quality, and customers are drawn to this integrated approach.   NCH divides its specialities across two main platforms namely: Industrial and Commercial. In the Industrial sector, the challenges of industry are met head on with an extensive range of lubricants, industrial degreasers, rust and corrosion products and biological solutions. These solutions are targeted at keeping business operating profitably by minimising downtime, extending the life of machinery and reducing costs.   In the Commercial sector NCH’s pioneering water treatment program assists in the efficient running of water cooling towers and boilers. While wastewater programs provide cleaner water and free flowing drains. The ultimate aim is for buildings to run at peak performance, cleanly, safely and efficiently.     To find out more about NCH Australia and its solutions, visit the NCH Website or contact NCH by clicking here. Press Release: NCH rebrands, Specialising in Lubrications 2017-01-24T05:24:30Z press-release-nch-rebrands-specialising-in-lubrications 19 December 2016   Sydney, Australia – With a company vision to be the world leader in cleaning water, conserving energy and maintaining equipment, NCH recently embarked on a massive re-branding exercise. Equipping their professional employees with the skills and knowledge to innovate, the company has released new specialty products for each facet of the business.   The lubricants program in particular sets a new industry standard, providing superior protection through an extensive range of products aimed to reduce parts, labour and downtime costs. This forward thinking portfolio of products includes greases and oils, specialty lubricants, metal working fluids, fuel improvers, and water based parts cleaning systems.   Focusing specifically on tailored customer solutions, NCH now provides skilled lubricant specialists who provide live demonstrations of individual products to customers, confirming benefits in real time. Experiencing the quality of lubricants in this way means customers can witness the benefits and experience the quality of these products in comparison to others on the market.   As customers become more technically knowledgeable and seek to reduce downtime and associated costs, the challenge for businesses is to ensure company specialists stay ahead of the game. This recent re-branding of NCH and shift away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach to lubrication has allowed for the growth and development of staff in line with this more specialised and skilled path.    For more information about NCH Australia and its solutions visit the NCH Website or contact NCH by clicking here. Press Release: Hotels Saving Big with Biological Wastewater Treatment 2016-12-14T05:54:12Z press-release-hotels-saving-big-with-biological-wastewater-treatment Sydney, Australia – It may not be top of mind for hotel guests, but wastewater in hotels is serious business. With wastewater from kitchens, bathrooms and public areas to consider, hotels need a solution that is affordable, easy to maintain and most of all effective. For many, environmental impact is also a significant consideration. To prevent blockages many hotels are turning to biological drain products to “clean” wastewater, but many of these solutions use solvents or free enzyme treatments which can damage the environment and don’t prevent one of the biggest concerns, odour. NCH provides an advanced biological concentrate that improves effluent flows throughout the drain network, reduces foul odours and provides more sanitary environments. Richard Swanborough, Regional Technical Manager at NCH, says “Our solution for hotels is a patented product unlike any of its competitor solutions, in that it creates a seamless environmental maintenance plan for any hotel kitchen”. The drain liquid is being used in hotels for maintaining grease traps, drain lines, septic tanks and sewage treatment systems. It contains 1000 times more bacteria than the nearest competitor, with 30 – 500 trillion live bacteria delivered daily into drains. With traditional treatments, most bacteria get flushed through the pre-treatment system before they become active. NCH solution provides bacteria that are live and begin feeding and multiplying the instant they enter the wastewater stream or drain system. All  our products have NSF L2 approval making it appropriate as a bacterial/enzyme drain and sewer treatment for use in and around food processing areas, which reduces manual cleaning, hydro jetting and the amount of waste in grease traps while extending pumping intervals. Hotels using the NCH system have found that with fewer blockages and less odour, they are seeing big savings in money and time without feeling like they have to cut corners or damage the environment.   For more information about the Wastewater solutions, contact NCH by clicking here. NCH appoints a new Maintenance Regional Director 2016-12-07T04:51:20Z nch-appoints-a-new-maintenance-regional-director Sydney, Australia – NCH Asia announced its new appointment of Joseph Youssef as the Industrial Maintenance Director or APAC Region to further develop and grow the maintenance portfolio of NCH in Regional and National accounts. Joseph Youssef brings a wealth of experience within the Industry, having being part of the development of Corporate Accounts team in Australia since 2014. Joining the maintenance specialty, Joseph can continue his success in NCH.   Joseph joins NCH Maintenance adding guidance, leadership, field and product training to his growing team. “This in turn will lead to greater growth and success across the product lines in the maintenance program for the Asia Pacific region,” comments Joseph.   NCH invests in extensive research and development to provide products that are both innovative and environmentally responsible. The Maintenance speciality offers superior solutions that maximize efficiency across various industries, helping keep facilities safe, maintained properly and running at optimum levels of efficiency. Commercial, Industrial and Infrastructure are the segments NCH focus on providing these effective products and services, which include,  Manufacturing, food processing, construction, transportation and many more.   NCH Maintenance consists of four main areas of service: Industrial maintenance, Partsmaster range, Parts Cleaning (Torrent) and the services program. Within those areas we have over 80 products centred around Cleaning, rust and corrosion and repair.   “Most of our clients find us through our active in the field sales team and we work hard to build relationships and trust with our customers and offer them unique and innovative solutions as partners in their business. Torrent creates the Perfect Storm 2016-12-07T04:47:57Z torrent-creates-the-perfect-storm November 14, 2016. Sydney, Australia - Cleaning greasy machine parts isn’t the highlight of anyone’s workday, but if you work in the lubricant or manufacturing specialities, there is a good chance it is an unavoidable part of your business. While traditional machines use oil-based chemicals to separate the grease from the parts, NCH has launched a water-based cleaning system that is up to ten times faster than existing automatic machines.   The system is called the Torrent® Parts Cleaner, and it uses a combination of pressure, temperature and chemistry to clean parts better and faster than anything else on the market.   So how does it work? The Torrent is an enclosed unit with a durable, hard wearing lid and industrial standard gloves to protect employees from direct contact with cleaning solutions providing safe washing with no mess and no fuss. It uses awater-based cleaning solution alongwith water, heat and pressure to clean tools or parts. The unique clarifier technology within the system separates contaminants from the cleaning solution, a powerful NCH detergent in combination with corrosion inhibitors result in a more effective clean.   This Live Demonstration shows the cleaning power, making swift work of degreasing a part in under a minute, and in fact 90% of parts can easily be cleaned in less than sixty seconds.   By decreasing the exposure to harmful chemicals, users of the Torrent are prevented from coming into contact with hydrocarbons or aggressive cleaning solutions. Noxious fumes and fire hazards are eliminated leading to diminished medical claims. This also makes the Torrent a solution that has less impact on the environment.   Choosing the most efficient product on the market leads to increased cleaning productivity so that businesses can reduce costs. NCH have created The Torrent® Calculator to assist customers in calculating return on investment.   The system comes installed in your workshop with full introduction on how to use it. Rather than having to outlay the total cost of new equipment up front, the Torrent Parts Cleaner can be acquired on a lease scheme, so you’ll also avoid service and maintenance costs, with NCH visiting your site regularly to keep the machine in perfect working order.   Whichever industry you work in, if your workday includes cleaning parts, you could be saving you time and money by changing to a cutting-edge system that offers maximum performance, economical operation, increased safety and reduced environmental impact.   For more information about theTorrent® solution or to arrange a free live demo, please contact NCH by clicking here.