The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-12-08T09:10:30Z Learning to Love Your Body to Reach Your Goals Faster 2014-12-08T09:10:30Z learning-to-love-your-body-to-reach-your-goals-faster Perth, WA, 8 December 2014 – For those who may have slacked off their exercise regimen during winter and are feeling down about it, it’s important to learn the art of self-appreciation, says Michelle Monks, manager of the Warwick Women’s Workout at Perth’s Warwick Leisure Centre. “The first step to forgiving yourself and making positive changes is to write down your wellbeing goals – what do you want to achieve and what needs to change,” Monks says. “You should take note of the amount and quality of sleep you get each night; your diet; and your stress and energy levels. Then write down how you plan to achieve those changes. Seeing your goals in print makes it easier to follow through.” Monks reminds women to be realistic when trying to achieve health or wellness goals, that such changes aren’t going to be felt or seen immediately. Knowing that change is a gradual process is much more realistic. “Another way is to learn to love yourself including your body,” Monks says. “It might sound silly, but being good to yourself is critical on the road to change. You’re more likely to stick to fitness or nutritional goals if you realise your self-worth. Make a point of telling yourself daily that you are smart, strong, intelligent, and you deserve respect and the very best you can get out of life.” Monks points again to the power of the written word. Writing down goals, including a visual of the ‘perfect you,’ helps keep women on track. Positive reinforcement, when documented, is a potent reminder of what can be. “Loving yourself and your body go hand in hand. Find the things that already appeal about yourself physically, and embrace them.”It’s important too, she says to be kind to your body by having a good relationship with food, and that includes eating healthfully. Staying away from chemically enhanced, GM and processed foods is good for both the body and mind. “Listen to your body – it will always tell you how it feels, and you should follow through with what makes it feel its best. Cutting out the things like caffeine, sugar or fatty foods – the things that drag it down – is the same thing as purging negative emotions.”One more way for women to jumpstart a positive relationship with themselves is to learn to say ‘no’ to outside demands. “You have to learn to give yourself a break once in a while. If you overdo, your immune system can be compromised,” Monks says. “You don’t always have to go to that party or volunteer or be the centre of everyone’s world at all times. If your body is exhausted, it needs rest, and you should heed that warning.”Monks concludes, “Hopefully some of these suggestions will inspire women to take charge of their emotions regarding their bodies and minds.”The staff at Warwick Women’s Workout, Perth’s premier women-exclusive fitness facility, are glad to help you attain your fitness and health goals. Please contact gym manager Michelle Monks and join us in better health. View their web page at or contact them at (08) 9342 9028. Exercising Safely in Order to Prevent Injury 2014-11-19T04:52:26Z exercising-safely-in-order-to-prevent-injury Perth, WA, 19 November 2014 – Imagine embarking on a well-meant fitness routine, only to become injured in the process.There are several smart moves to make to avoid this from happening, says Michelle Monks, manager of the Warwick Women’s Workout at Perth’s Warwick Leisure Centre.“First and foremost, you should always warm up your body with stretching or even lightly jogging in place,” she says. “You don’t want to stress out your muscles by going from cold to hot. It’s a brief process, but one that is completely necessary. And then after your workout, do a cool down that involves ‘walking off’ your workout for about 5 minutes thereafter.” Ms Monks encourages pregnant gym-goers to consult a physician if they still plan to exercise during pregnancy, since there are so many adjustments to the body physiologically. There can be both risks and benefits of maintaining an exercise routine during this time.“Every pregnancy is different, and every woman’s body is different,” she says. “Consider the type of exercise you want to undertake and discuss this in depth with your doctor.” Pregnant or not, a body requires a break from the stress of exercise. Monks recommends at least two days weekly, even three, if one feels they have ‘overdone’ it. “You can’t expect your body to give in to the strain of an everyday workout,” she says. “Just as your mind needs respite every now and then, so does the rest of you. If you’re injured, definitely don’t try and subject yourself to a workout.”Your body will signal that it needs a break. If one experiences the following during a workout, seek medical assistance immediately: pain in the chest or jaw, overt breathlessness, irregular heartbeat or extreme thirst.It’s important to drink water several hours before a workout to avoid fatigue and muscle cramps, says Ms Monks. Especially if it’s warm outside, drinking water periodically during a workout will replace lost fluids and prevent heat stroke. “Drink water before, during and after each exercise session. Electrolyte replenishing drinks are fine, but nothing is better than plain old water at room temperature for drinking during a workout.”Equipment safety is also something that Ms Monks and all the fitness trainers at Warwick Women’s preach. Not knowing how to use a piece of equipment can be dangerous and detrimental to a successful workout routine.“Lots of people, when they join the gym for the first time, hop on to a piece of equipment without fully learning how to use it properly,” Ms Monks says. “There is a right and wrong way, and this applies from dumbbells to the lat pulldown machine. Before you start, reduce your risk of injury by having the trainer show you.” “There are plenty of other reasons to be safe when it comes to working out,” Ms Monks says. “Consult your physician or gym professional before embarking on a new fitness program.”At Warwick Women’s Workout, an exclusive women’s fitness facility located in Perth, WA, their staff are happy to give advice on keeping healthy, safe and fit. Contact Michelle Monks about becoming a member of their community and join them in better health. View their web page at or call them at (08) 9342 9028. For Stay at Home Parents, Working Out is Made Easier Than Ever 2014-10-16T04:30:35Z for-stay-at-home-parents-working-out-is-made-easier-than-ever Perth, WA, 16 October, 2014 - If you’re at home with the kids during the days, you needn’t forego your exercise routine, says Gym Manager Michelle Monks of Warwick Women’s Workout. Now, more than ever, it’s easy to combine caring for children and still managing to keep fit – all in the comfort of your home or neighbourhood. “The best thing you can do is to include your kids in your workouts,” Monks says. “If you have access to a park or outdoor play centre or even a large back yard, that offers a wealth of unlimited possibilities for parents and kids to enjoy healthy time together.”   Monks says even parents with babies and toddlers can benefit being together outdoors by utilising a chest harness, baby backpack carrier or one of the newfangled bike strollers that attach in the front or back of the bicycle. One can get a better workout this way, she says, due to the extra weight from baby, and therefore, burn more calories. On days where the weather is inclement, however, exercise options still abound. Exercise DVDs and instructional videos found on YouTube can keep a busy mum in shape in the comfort of her own home. “Even if you’ve found yourself with no time to do a structured workout, routine housework counts as physical activity,” says Monks. “It doesn’t matter if you’re lifting loads of laundry, sweeping, mopping or reaching high to dust shelves. It goes without saying, if you have stairs in your home, you’ll get a great workout going up and down the steps each day.“Setting your alarm for an early morning run before the kids rise can be beneficial in getting your day off to a good start – and you can concentrate on other things throughout the course of the day as well.”The staff at Warwick believe kids should be encouraged to learn fitness at an early age to set the stage for good habits later in life. Teaching children the connection between good health and physical activity is invaluable. “Even little things, like walking or biking to the shops instead of driving or occasionally taking the stairs instead of the elevator – it’s the small things they’ll notice,” Monks says. For women in the Perth area who feel the need to join a traditional fitness facility, Monks has good news. “We invite mothers to check out Warwick Women’s Workout, because not only is it a friendly community of like minded, health-oriented women, we also have a supervised crèche, called The Ark, for women with younger children,” says Monks. “You can work out without worry and your kids will be in capable hands!"The Centre also recently extended its weekday hours to accommodate its members' need for earlier or later hours.At Warwick Women’s Workout, a women exclusive fitness facility located in Perth, WA, the staff are glad to provide fitness and health tips. Get in touch with Michelle Monks and get on the road to better health. To learn more, visit their website at or call them on (08) 9342 9028. Eleven Clever Ways to a Summer Dream Body 2014-09-17T06:58:19Z eleven-clever-ways-to-a-summer-dream-body Perth, WA, 17 September 2014 – Summer is around the corner in Australia, and many women are curious how to adopt a ‘summer body’ quickly and efficiently.Michelle Monks, Gym Manager at Warwick Women’s Centre, says if women follow most, if not all, of the eleven best suggestions their staff offered, they’ll be on track to a beach-worthy physique.“We worked out some tips that are worthy,” she says. “The obvious ones are eating right and keeping active, and those are very important all year long. But there are several more things to accelerate weight loss in time for beach season.”Monks recommends working out at higher intensity levels: skipping rope, jumping jacks or running in place. She and her staff also advocate balancing your workouts with a combination of strength training and cardio. “This is a super effective workout,” Monks says. “At Warwick Women’s Workout, we offer a circuit that combines both regimens into one. When done this way, it helps build endurance, energy and works your larger muscle sets.” Rowing is also a great way to work several muscle groups at the same time. Rowing machines are effective when used in a gym setting, but rowing a boat or paddling a canoe or kayak will also suffice.If one is strength training, the WWW fitness team agrees that the exercises with the best results are deadlifts, pull-ups and bench presses.Monks says, “We invite women of all ages to try our fitness community. However, during the days when you can’t visit the gym, you can continue with your fitness regime and get some of the same results at home. You can do sit ups, squats and push-ups as easily in your home.”Hiring a personal health coach is helpful as well. These health and fitness experts help keep track goals, address and correct their clients’ fitness weaknesses, offer nutritional advice and much more.One might not think of it, but sleep cycles are important to fitness health. “Your circadian rhythm inside your body helps regulate wakefulness and sleepiness,” Monks says. “If you keep track of your body’s personal clock, find the time that you have the most energy and use that time to exercise. Exercising when you’re already exhausted is essentially futile.”Sleep heals, too, she says. Getting adequate rest helps the body reset for a new day. A good night of rest will regulate metabolism, appetite and keep moods stable.“You should also say no to a big, carb-heavy dinner,” Monks says. “Your body metabolises better earlier in the day. The last thing you want is a plate of pasta sitting in your belly overnight. Carbs can convert to fat unless they’re burned off immediately. So try a salad or even a light soup instead for dinner.”“Hopefully some of these suggestions will mobilise our friends to kickstart their healthy summer bodies!” At Warwick Women’s Workout, our exclusive women’s fitness facility located in Perth, WA, our staff are happy to give advice on keeping healthy. Contact Michelle Monks and join us in better health. View our web page at or contact us at (08) 9342 9028. Warwick Women's Workout Club Eases into Bigger, Better Premises 2014-08-07T06:44:39Z warwick-women-s-workout-club-eases-into-bigger-better-premises Perth, WA, 7 August 2014 - Warwick Women's Workout has moved its operation into bigger and brighter rooms at the Warwick Leisure Centre.Michelle Monks, Gym Manager of Warwick Women’s Workout, says “after a weekend of preparing and what seemed like a thousand tasks completed, our wonderful women’s centre is ready to head into a whole new era. And for our dedicated clientele, it means the changes will do them good.” With Warwick Women's Workout’s change in quarters, they had the opportunity to expand their range of cardio machines. The current roster of the machines now include 4 treadmills, 2 cross trainers, 1 recumbent bike and 1 spin bike and a rowing machine. Says Monks, “The usual circuit of hydraulic machines and recovery boards will still remain central as to what we offer for cardio and strength training for all ages and fitness levels. The resistance on each machine can be adjusted so you get an individualised workout to suit your needs. It’s all very user friendly.”In addition to the new cardio equipment, WWW has also added a new tower of dumbbells. With a range of free weights weighing from 500gm - 10kgs, clients can engage in strength training routines in an addition to or as an alternative to the circuit. “The lighter weights are ideal for those recovering from injuries or those who want to begin weight training slowly,” Monks says.Having added the new equipment made it necessary to expand the floor space by 50%. “This allows plenty of room for the circuit as well as any extras,” Monks added. “It’s important to know our clients are comfortable when working out. With the added space and equipment, our aim is to make each day in the gym a breeze.”Michelle Monks says, “Warwick Women’s Workout is now well positioned within the Warwick centre in relation to the expansion project which will commence later in 2014. We are also offering all our gym members free access to WiFi as well as complimentary personal training sessions for gym members who have been attending consistently.”Warwick Women’s Workout have also extended their morning operating hours by one hour each day to provide greater flexibility and access for members. Gym members who want to work out and have young children are welcome to drop them off at The Ark, Warwick’s supervised crèche within the building.“We’re pretty pleased with the expansion,” Monks says. “With our brand new factory fresh equipment in place, extra floor space and expanded hours, it’s always been our goal to provide a warm, friendly and supportive environment for women of any age to keep fit and achieve their weight-loss goals. We think the improvements will make a huge difference to a lot of women.”Warwick Women’s Workout is pleased to offer women of any age an opportunity to attend to their health and fitness in a safe, non-threatening environment. For more information on how to join the fitness centre, call (08) 9342 9028 or visit their website: During Winter, Watch That Weight 2014-07-07T08:43:28Z during-winter-watch-that-weight Perth, WA, 7 July 2014 – Cooler months can be the enemy of good health, and there are a few scientific reasons why.According to Michelle Monks, Gym Manager of Warwick Women’s Workout, “Lots of people go into indoor hiding, or hibernation during colder weather, but they should always be mindful of getting too much into a comfort zone that it plays tricks with their health,” she says.Just plain cold weather is the most basic reason for weight gain, she says, as well as a dip in metabolism. It’s a natural occurrence that most people have to fight a little bit harder to combat.Simply feeling ill will knock out your resolve to work out. Having a cold or flu can help pack on unwanted pounds – and the experts say this could have an effect to almost be triplicated.Monks says that cold weather, with its occasional dark skies and shortened daylight can make many people crave carb-heavy foods. “Seasonal affective disorder is a real thing, and it affects people in ways they don’t even realise,” she says. “There is that tendency to compensate for a blue mood with lots of carb heavy foods, and that in turn can make you gain weight.”Winter also brings on stress factors such as rising utility bills, and higher food and fuel costs. Stress can have impact on one’s nerves, including an increase in cortisol - commonly known as the stress hormone.But stress can be busted with a little regular exercise, at least three days weekly, during winter. Keep the metabolism revving up, says Monks, but taking a stroll around the block or doing some sort of cardio indoors.“On sunny days,” she says, “also try to work in some of that natural sunlight, which is packed with Vitamin D, and is also a real mood enhancer. Even during cooler days, the sun will still have a positive effect on you.”Monks also stressed the importance of eating well, which means, essentially, to consume plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, low fat dairy, beans and legumes. “Winter veggies are some of the best, healthiest and most satisfying, not to mention, low in fat. You should also make sure to drink plenty of water. If you need warm beverages, go for black coffee or green tea. Green tea is a superfood and has amazing cancer fighting and healing properties,” Monks says.“If you’re not really into fruits or veggies,” she says, “it’s important to add even just a little bit of them to other foods that you regularly eat, like cereal, pasta or pizza. It’s always better to have some than none, and at least you’ll be getting some nutrition in the deal.”Lastly, Monks shares how their fitness community can help: “During the winter months, we run a fun weight loss challenge. We started on June, but you can still join. All you need to do is to register and weigh in weekly. Prizes, fitness challenges and tips await you.”She concludes, “Taking excellent care of yourself this winter is vitally important to how you feel during the eventual warm weather months.”At Warwick Women’s Workout, our exclusive women’s fitness facility located in Perth, WA, our pro staff are happy to assist with advice on keeping healthy. Contact Michelle Monks and join us in better health. View our web page at or contact us at (08) 9342 9028. How Stress Can Pile on the Weight 2014-06-05T05:39:52Z how-stress-can-pile-on-the-weight Perth, WA, 5 June, 2014 – Most people experience stress of some form or another – often repeatedly – throughout their lives, but for women especially, the pitfalls can be devastating on the body.“Body and mind are constantly linked with each other,” says Michelle Monks, Gym Manager of Warwick Women’s Workout at the Warwick Leisure Centre in Perth. “When you’re thinking about something that isn’t particularly pleasant – or you’re going through a time in your life that is challenging – it can have repercussions on your body if you don’t check it.”Monks agrees with experts that women in particular – having taken on the roles of wife, mother, housekeeper and caregiver – are more prone than men to suffering what is called ‘occupational stress.’Having to care for an elderly or infirm parent, for example, can burden the mind of the caregiver. Monks believes that it is vitally important for women in that situation to take a moment each day to step away and recharge.“What often happens is women in stressful situations tend to make poor nutrition choices, as well as neglect their fitness, and that leads to weight gain as well as setting up for more severe issues like diabetes and cholesterol problems,” Monks says.“I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to employ a change of pace. Get out for a run, go for a swim or do something completely opposite to what you do that is causing the stress.”Even knitting or crocheting – activities which keep the hands moving repetitively – can serve as a sort of meditative exercise. Gardening or chopping up vegetables has the same effect, with added plus of lowering heart rate as well as blood pressure.Experts in the field of stress management also believe that going out into the great outdoors is a mood booster. Whether it’s climbing a hill, walking through the woods or sun bathing on a beach, getting in touch with one’s natural side can help the brain to extricate itself from the troubles or the workday or personal situation.Even the weekend away from the office can be stressful if not managed correctly. It’s natural for many people to want to spill several activities into their weekend, yet experts say too much to do can make one even more exhausted and stressed. It’s recommended that of a weekend, 30 minutes daily should be put aside to recoup by reading, listening to music or even taking a soak in a calming bath.“It’s completely possible to reset your mind by escaping to another place – be it a sporting event or a movie,” Monks says. “It’s the best way to take your mind off work, off the things that are distressing you. Do this for a few hours as often as you can, because emotionally, you really need it.”Monks says, “You should ideally engage with what is going on around you – just take a deep breath and enjoy being in the moment. That’s a time-honoured prescription for kicking stress to the door and your health will thank you for it.”Warwick Women’s Workout, at the Warwick Leisure Centre in Perth, offers women the chance to connect with each other to help them on their journey to optimal fitness. Contact a staff member by phone on (08) 9342 9028 or visit their website: Demystifying Which Gym Machine Does What and How Much 2014-05-09T08:21:38Z demystifying-which-gym-machine-does-what-and-how-much Perth, WA, 9 May 2014 – For gym newbies, question after question pops up, especially when it comes to how to use the fitness equipment in their local gym. The next set of questions might be, “What can this equipment do for me?”Michelle Monks, Gym Manager of Warwick Women’s Workout operated by Churches of Christ Sport & Recreation Assoc. at the Warwick Leisure Centre in Perth, says not all fitness machines are created equally, but when used properly, they can be a huge tool in attaining one's fitness goals.“Which exercise machine will burn the most calories? Which can make my upper body stronger and more toned? How many calories can I burn by cycling? These are very common questions from people who are just getting into the gym scene,” Monks says.Bike riding uses the larger muscles in your legs, which creates an intense calorie burning activity. This activity burns around 500-1000 calories an hour, making cycling a hyper-effective workout. Monks says to keep in mind that recumbent bikes don’t give as good a total workout as the ‘typical’ upright bike. “You’re positioned differently on a recumbent, so of course your results will differ.”Running on a treadmill burns more calories than bike riding does and running on the incline setting is an even better way to boost metabolism, especially after the workout is finished. Treadmill walking burns fewer calories than running, but still gives a decent workout, especially for those requiring a low impact activity.Monks suggests when using the treadmill incline setting, to not select a very steep pitch. “Your natural instincts would be to use the handrails to balance yourself and that has a negative impact on your total body workout,” she says.The elliptical trainer machine can help burn around 600 calories per hour. Again, Monks recommends not leaning on the railings of the machine; allow your body to do the bulk of the work itself.“Your muscles should be contracting properly during the elliptical session and you’ll lose weight and burn more calories if you choose a striding rate of 120 and above,” she says. Monks claims that the rowing machine – which simultaneously works the back, abs, arms and legs – is a powerhouse piece of equipment that challenges the upper and lower body equally in a cardio duel. She says those who hop on and work with the rowing machine can expect to burn no fewer than 1000 calories per hour.“You’ll want to work your torso as well as your arms and your legs,” Monks says. “Make certain to check your posture, too, so that you don’t throw your back out. You can ask a trainer, or someone at the gym who has more experience on the rowing machine, the best way to ‘sit’ while you work out.”Monks says by using those three muscle groups, the workout on the rowing machine will show amazing results.“Cardio is good for your heart, your muscles and much more,” she says. One just needs to vary his or her routine a bit.“Remember,” Monks says, “to have fun during your workout. Being knowledgeable about how to use all of the equipment helps make each day in the gym a breeze for you.”Warwick Women’s Workout is glad to help when it comes to demystifying each piece of equipment in the gym. Contact Gym Manager Michelle Monks for your journey to better health. View their web page at or contact any staff member by phone at (08) 9342 9028. Tai Chi Offers A Wealth of Health Benefits 2014-04-07T02:27:58Z tai-chi-offers-a-wealth-of-health-benefits Perth, WA, 7 April 2014 — Fatigue, pain, stress….practitioners and those in the know say all those ills may be alleviated by the ancient martial art of Tai Chi.Michelle Monks, Gym Manager at the Warwick Women’s Workout, says Tai Chi provides an ideal ‘exercise’ for anyone, but especially women, the overweight, or the aged.“You don’t have to be in tip-top shape to practice it,” Monks says. “It’s a very forgiving, easygoing art no matter what condition you’re in physically.” Tai Chi (pronounced “chee”) is a martial art developed in ancient China. Typically practised outside, Tai Chi incorporates slow, controlled movements. It also emphasises correct posture in order to evoke awareness of the body and its motions.For people of varied abilities and physical conditions, Tai Chi is low-impact, gentle, and best of all, relaxing — offering the benefits of traditional mindfulness meditation without the sweat and breathlessness of typical high intensity exercise.Monks says, “One of the best things about Tai Chi is you won’t need special equipment, workout clothes or shoes, and it can be practised indoors or outside, alone, or with a group of many others.”  It is said that Tai Chi can help reduce anxiety. For those suffering the effects of mood imbalances or depression, Tai Chi may be able to offer improvement. Engaging in its gentle movements is often considered desirable over medication for anxiety.A US study was conducted amongst people who suffer from fibromyalgia, a complicated and generally misunderstood pain syndrome that troubles the joints. Tai Chi’s exercises can help alleviate tautness in both the muscles and joints, in turn helping increase the flexibility and inflammation. The study found that aged non-sufferers of fibro also saw improvement with knee pain and joint and muscles became less prone to stress and injury. Tai Chi is a weight-bearing exercise, in turn making it ideal for maintaining bone strength.“Many people who practise Tai Chi swear by it for the experience of sleeping better and more deeply,” Monks says. “For those who suffer from insomnia, it’s a great way to help fall asleep more quickly and wake up refreshed the next day.”Practitioners surmise Tai Chi’s gentle physical movements and controlled breathing work powerfully against toxins and internal disease.“You should always consult your doctor first before beginning any exercise or regimen,” Monks advises. “Tai Chi should never be considered a ‘magic elixir', or something that will fix everything that ails you, but its benefits are real when practised regularly.”“If you suffer from chronic illness, or if you’re overweight or haven’t undertaken exercise of late, Tai Chi can be very helpful, but your health care provider should be able to make that assessment first,” Monks says.After consulting with your physician, Monks recommends searching for a certified instructor.“It may look simple, but one cannot ‘learn’ Tai Chi from simply reading a book or watching a DVD,” Monks says. It should only be taught by an instructor certified in the martial art. Monks recommends obtaining feedback from the instructor to be sure one's movements are done correctly. Ideally, she says, the instructor should have at least 10 years of experience. Warwick Women’s Workout in Perth offers Tai Chi sessions off-circuit at their women’s fitness facility. Contact Michelle Monks about exploring the benefits of this ancient martial art. View their webpage at  or contact them by phone at (08) 9342 9028.