The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-02-02T01:49:16Z Kettle Town launches Free partner Store Pickup Of Online Orders in Sydney 2015-02-02T01:49:16Z kettle-town-launches-free-partner-store-pickup-of-online-orders-in-sydney MEDIA RELEASE   03/02/2015   For immediate release As the new working year starts to gathers some momentum, Kettle Town are improving their customers’ online shopping experience by partnering with a number of Sydney store to offer a free pick option for online purchases. Known for manufacturing innovative tea blends, Sydney’s Tea merchants Kettle Town are now employing clever strategies to offer their customers a cheap and fuss free online shopping experience.   Kettle Town’s online partner store pick up (OPSP) allows customers to shop online at and pick up orders at a selected partner store. Kettle Town has partnered with leading creative store, Work-Shop Makery, to offer this free pick up service for online orders. Located at 106 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst Work-Shop Makery flanks the emerging creative space precinct in Darlinghurst and a perfect partner store for Kettle Town’s customer.   “Our customers enjoy the convenience brought about by online shopping and would rather enjoy it without the additional costs of shipping. This free Online partner store pick up service is one of the many ways we are looking to keep the money in our customer’s pockets whilst allowing them to enjoy our teas.” Said Vincent Maneno, Kettle Town’s co- founder. “We already offer free postage on all our tea sampler packs and this has been extremely successful. We feel the Online Partner Store Pick Up service will be an extension of this value-add to customers for the rest of our products.”   Online partner store pick up service The free service from Kettle Town requires no minimum purchase. Customers can choose the in-store pickup option by selecting free postage shipping option at during checkout. The order will then be packaged and delivered to the partner store ready for collection. This option is only available for residents of metropolitan Sydney and will not appear on the checkout page if you do not reside in Sydney. Kettle Town is in looking for more partner stores in Sydney and interstate and Store owners interested are welcome to call 1300 47 50 30 or fill in contact page at for enquiries. About Kettle Town Kettle Town is a gourmet tea business specialising in unique flavoured teas.  The business is based in Waterloo, Sydney and has been featured in a range of events such as Taste Sydney, Good Food and Wine Show, Vivid Ideas alongside Vibewire.  Kettle Town co founders are the winners of NAB Micro-enterprise Young Entrepreneurs of the Year 2014. To learn more about kettle Town visit, or contact Vincent Maneno - or call 1300 47 50 30 Kettle Town founders win NAB Micro-enterprise Young Entrepreneurs of the Year 2014-10-08T01:24:39Z kettle-town-founders-win-nab-micro-enterprise-young-entrepreneurs-of-the-year MEDIA RELEASE 08/10/2014 For immediate release We’ve all heard the common and sometimes cliché saying ‘you can do anything if you put your mind to it.’ Founders of Kettle Town tea - Vincent and Lily - are proving that the saying holds true. Armed with a shoe string budget and a larger than life vision and determination the duo are determined to make their dream a reality. Kettle Town started from Vincent and Lily’s apartment with no more than a strong passion for a good cuppa and some minimal savings. The pair spent the first few months doing research and experimenting with different flavours. “ we were tasting up to 100 cups of tea a day while tweaking the recipes to get the blends perfect for the Australian palette” said Vincent ‘it was harder than we thought but after getting the first blends right we knew we were on to something. We invited a few friends over for a sampling session and the feedback was amazing’ Within a few months between markets, festivals and a lot of hard work we managed to secure a NAB Microfinance loan with the help of our local BEC Botany bay director Marcus Dwyer. The loan and help from BEC allowed us to move from home to a warehouse and increase production to meet the current demand. With the NAB young entrepreneur of the year in their trophy cabinet, the duo are more than determined to take on the world. Like the great Walt Disney said, ‘all our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” END Kettle Town is a gourmet tea business specialising in unique flavoured teas.  The business is based in Waterloo, Sydney and has been featured in a range of events such as Taste Sydney, Good Food and Wine Show, Vivid Ideas alongside Vibewire.  To learn more about kettle Town visit, or contact Vincent Maneno - -  +61406024649 Fancy a caramel cuppa? Kettle Town's new caramel tea blend is set to quench Sydney's caramel cravings 2014-06-30T23:54:10Z fancy-a-caramel-cuppa-kettle-town-s-new-caramel-tea-blend-is-set-to-quench-sydney-s-caramel-cravings MEDIA RELEASE   01/07/2014   For immediate release Caramel desserts appear to be the latest craze in Sydney’s dessert landscape and to give caramel lovers even more options, Kettle Town is launching a Caramel flavoured green tea with toasted rice. Toasted Toffee, the name given to this tea blend by Kettle Town is made up of Sencha - a Japanese Green tea, blended with calendula, toasted rice and infused with nutty and caramel flavours. The blend has a natural sweetness from calendula petals making it a perfect alternative to dessert. The tea comes packaged in sample pouches allowing the public to try the new blend before committing to the 100 grams boxes which are also available in the online shop. ‘Sydney is currently going through a caramel obsession with majority of cafes and patisseries including a caramel based dessert on their menu’, said Lily Wang Co-Founder of Kettle Town ‘so we made Toasted Toffee for those with a sweet tooth, who just can't get enough of their caramel.’  Kettle Town is known for its unique and slightly quirky tea flavours. The brand recently paired with Skye Blackburn from Edible Bug Shop to produce a world’s first ant tea – Strawberry Ant Hills - during the most recent Sydney Good Food and Wine Festival. ‘We are really looking to push the flavour boundaries with our tea blends’ said Lily ‘the blends are geared towards indulgence with several unique tea combinations thrown in for the tea connoisseurs. ’ Toasted Toffee is one of the many flavoured tea blends that Kettle Town is looking to launch within the next few months. In addition to launching new tea blends, Kettle Town is looking to extend the number of stockists offering their unique teas, majority of these will be patisseries and a carefully selected group of fine food retail outlets.                                                                                                            END Kettle Town is a gourmet tea business specialising in unique flavoured teas.  The business is based in Waterloo, Sydney and has been featured in a range of events such as Taste Sydney, Good Food and Wine Show, Vivid Ideas alongside Vibewire.  To learn more about kettle Town visit, or contact Vincent Maneno - -  +61406024649   Ants in your next cup of tea? A new concept from Kettle Town 2014-06-22T07:04:36Z ants-in-your-next-cup-of-tea-a-new-concept-from-kettle-town MEDIA RELEASE 20/6/14 For immediate release Kettle Town is a small tea company in Rosebery that has recently gained momentum selling its specialty gourmet teas. The concept of Kettle Town is to pair their flavoured teas with sweet desserts, in order to create interesting flavour combinations. However, this June to celebrate Sydney’s Good Food and Wine Show, the owners of Kettle Town have stepped outside their comfort zones to create an acquired taste for lovers of tea. Calling their limited edition recipe ‘Strawberry Ant Hills’, the tea includes a small amount of edible critters. “For most the concept seems quite bizarre, but the tangy taste of the ants work to mimic the tartness of the strawberries for a more intense flavour”, said Vincent, co-founder of Kettle Town. The ants are 100% edible and hygienic, and are bred by Skye Blackburn, owner of The Edible Bug shop. Skye combines her expertise in food science and invertebrate biology to offer everything from cockroaches, scorpions, worms and centipedes to anyone brave enough to eat them. The practice of eating bugs, scientifically known as entomophagy, is said to be an environmentally sustainable farming practice and a nutritious alternative to meat. The practice of eating insects is certainly endorsed by culinary expert Kylie Kwong. Kwong has even incorporated Skye’s crickets and mealworms into the renowned menu at her Surry Hills Restaurant; Billy Kwong. “The crickets taste like dried shrimp or crispy fried shallots, while the mealworms have a mushroomy flavour” said Kwong. The Kettle Town Tea brand was born after a couples’ quest to blend the perfect Chai tea resulted an obsession to create new and exciting flavour experiences. Co-founders Vincent Maneno and Lily Wang test their recipes sometimes over a hundred times to ensure that they release only the most aromatic of blends. “We know that in order to excite the senses, it is just as important for tea to smell great as well as taste wonderful” said Vincent, a flavour enthusiast. “We only pair our teas with foods that will accentuate the flavour and aroma ” said Vincent. Kettle Town now travels the local cafe and market scene in Sydney, pairing their tea with the inspired desserts of pastry chefs and bakers. They are stocked at Salt Meats Cheese store at the Grounds of Alexandria, The Sweet Spot Patisserie in Randwick, and a variety of local eateries and craft retailers in Sydney. Skye Blackburn will be selling her bugs, along with Kettle Town’s specialty tea from the 27th to the 29th of June at Sydney’s Good Food and Wine Show. - ENDS - Established in July of 2013, Kettle Town is small business located in Rosebery, Sydney. Kettle Town specialises in creating uniquely flavoured teas that can be paired to desserts. Please visit our website for more information. If you would like a sample of Strawberry Ant Hills, please contact Vincent Maneno or Georgia Heighway. W F: T: I:    @kettletown