The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-05-25T02:48:23Z Stainless Steel Supplier in Perth: “Stainless Steel Restaurant Equipment Should Last a Lifetime.” 2015-05-25T02:48:23Z stainless-steel-supplier-in-perth-stainless-steel-restaurant-equipment-should-last-a-lifetime Perth, WA, 25 May 2015 - Stainless steel is a steel alloy consisting of at least 12% chromium and optional elements such as nickel, molybdenum and carbon. But it is the chromium that makes stainless steel an irreplaceable commodity in restaurants. Chromium interacts with oxygen in the air to create a smooth oxide coating on the surface of stainless steel. This coating provides stainless steel with its non-corrosive properties. It also makes stainless steel a surface that is “unfriendly” to bacteria. This is why stainless steel is a mandatory material for so many sanitary applications.When properly maintained, the surface of stainless steel doesn’t deteriorate with regular cleaning, providing a product that can last a lifetime. Recently Paul Bartlett, the Managing Director of Western Stainless Solutions, provided a guide to properly maintaining stainless steel restaurant equipment on his company blog. Western Stainless Solutions is a full service stainless steel supplier and fabricator in Perth. They have provided custom design stainless steel installation for countless restaurants, pubs and food manufacturing facilities in the Perth area. Mr Bartlett wanted to provide a reminder for his past customers and a guide for future customers that would enable them to keep their stainless steel restaurant equipment in perfect shape for as long as they own their business. According to Mr Bartlett:“Stainless steel is the standard when it comes to restaurant and food processing equipment. In many cases, stainless steel is mandated by various Australian and local codes. This didn’t happen by accident. It happened because stainless steel is the easiest practical building material to keep compliant with stringent sanitation standards.”Proper Maintenance of Stainless SteelStainless steel is the safest material for use in any facility where sanitation is a critical issue. Because it is such a smooth non-porous surface, it is not only unfriendly to bacteria but also easy to keep clean. In fact, using traditional cleaning methods such as abrasive cleaners or pads can damage stainless steel and the integrity of its surface.In most cases, it is recommended that only a cloth and water with a mild detergent is used on stainless steel. If it is cleaned on a daily basis and all spills are cleaned immediately, stainless steel is a “self-repairing” surface that replenishes its oxide film by the interaction between chromium and oxygen.If organic material or dirt is allowed to stay in contact with a stainless steel surface, it keeps the chromium in stainless steel from interacting with oxygen and can compromise the protective layer. According to Mr Bartlett: “The rules for proper maintenance are quite simple. Use soap and water whenever possible for cleaning. Don’t use abrasive pads or cleaners. Don’t use chlorine, including bleach. And clean it every day. If you follow these simple rules, your stainless steel surface can, indeed, last a lifetime.”Western Stainless Solutions is a stainless steel supplier in Perth. They provide stainless steel solutions for the restaurant, medical, manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and water treatment industries. They are a full service manufacturer and supplier that provides bespoke solutions for a multitude of different applications. To learn more or for the full blog post on stainless steel maintenance, call 1300 794 647 or visit their website: Stainless Steel Fabricators in Perth Provide Guide to How Stainless Steel is Made 2015-03-30T05:52:33Z stainless-steel-fabricators-in-perth-provide-guide-to-how-stainless-steel-is-made Perth, WA, 30 March 2015 - For those who have ever wondered how stainless steel is made, a stainless steel manufacturer in WA has produced a very short guide describing the process in simple terms. Western Stainless Solutions, a prolific stainless steel supplier, fabricator and manufacturer in Perth, has made it easy for prospective clients in any industry to fully understand what makes stainless steel such a popular choice for the hospitality, medical and mining industries.What is Stainless Steel?Stainless steel is an alloy that combines steel and chromium to produce a metal that is resistant to rust and corrosion. Depending on the desired characteristics, it can also contain various amounts of nickel, molybdenum, austenite, ferrite, carbon, manganese and/or nitrogen. Stainless steel is produced in various varieties:Food and beverage industry: Nickel is added for use in the food and beverage and medical industries. Nickel helps give stainless steel high cleanability, which is important for sanitation. It also helps protect the flavour of foods and beverages and is very durable.Austenitic: Austenitic stainless steel has at least 6% of a combination of austenite and nickel. That gives it high ductility and high corrosion resistance.Ferrite: Ferrite stainless steel contains ferrite. This produces a stainless steel that is very resistant to stress corrosion. However, it is more difficult to weld. Duplex: Duplex stainless steel combines the elements found in ferritic and austenitic stainless steels. They are usually two times as strong as austenitic stainless steel while they provide more resistance to pitting, cracking and crevice corrosion than other varieties. Making Stainless SteelStainless steel is made by putting various combinations of the elements listed above (iron ore, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, ferrite, austenite, carbon, manganese and nitrogen) in an electric furnace. The furnace provides eight to twelve hours of intense heat. After they are mixed, they are cast into blooms, billets, slabs, rods and tube rounds. Through a process called “hot rolling,” they are then formed into strips, plates, sheets, bars or wires. Then, they undergo a heat treatment called “annealing.” Annealing has to be executed within stringent parameters to ensure a product that is both durable and strong. The annealing process can form scaling on the surface, which has to removed. This is accomplished by electrocleaning or pickling.The pieces are then cut, either mechanically, by flame cutting or by plasma cutting. The stainless steel is then ground to its desired finish by grinding wheels, abrasive belts or cold rolling. The stainless steel is then ready to be fabricated, which can be done by methods such as press drawing, press forming, roll forming, extrusion or forging. The pieces are then put together by resistance welding or fusion welding.According to Paul Bartlett, Managing Director of Western Stainless Solutions: “It is a long, arduous process, but it is worth it when you see the finished product.”Western Stainless Solutions is one of the largest stainless steel fabricators in Perth. They provide custom design stainless steel installation for a variety of applications for, among others, the medical, hospitality and mining industries. To read the original guide to how stainless steel is produced or for an estimate, call 1300 794 647 today or visit their website: Stainless Steel Supplier in Perth Warns Customers: Take Care of Your Stainless Steel 2015-02-23T07:11:22Z stainless-steel-supplier-in-perth-warns-customers-take-care-of-your-stainless-steel Perth, WA, 23 February 2015 - Western Stainless Solutions is a firm that has provided stainless steel products to the Perth area for more than thirty years. They are a custom stainless steel manufacturer for numerous restaurants, pubs, kitchens, food processing facilities, water processing plants and medical facilities in the Perth area. They have supplied major hospitals such as the Fiona Stanley Hospital with medical grade equipment. They have also supplied numerous workshops and mining facilities with stainless steel equipment. Stainless steel is a preferred product for so many applications because it is corrosion resistant and easy to clean. Stainless steel has a long “shelf life” and is the easiest material for those looking to comply with strict sanitation standards. However, stainless steel must be properly maintained and cleaned for maximum performance.Recently, in a post on their company blog, Paul Bartlett, managing director of Western Stainless Solutions, provided a basic guide to keeping stainless steel properly cleaned and maintained for maximum longevity and performance. According to Mr Bartlett:“Stainless steel is the material of choice for many applications, due to its corrosion resistance and its cleanability. However, both of these qualities play into the other. Stainless steel must be properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis or its corrosion resistance can be diminished.”Cleaning Stainless SteelStainless steel has a chromium content of 10.5% or higher. The chromium on the outer surface reacts to oxygen in the environment to form a coating of chromium oxide on the outside of the surface. This protects the surface against any other oxidation and makes it more “cleanable,” making stainless steel the most easily sanitised metal for many applications.There are two important factors when cleaning stainless steel. The first is that stainless steel performs better when it is cleaned on a regular basis. The second is that abrasives and chemicals such as chlorine can damage the outer layer of chromium oxide and compromise the integrity of the surface.According to Mr Bartlett: “It is important to clean stainless steel on a regular schedule. When cleaned correctly, stainless steel doesn’t wear out like many surfaces do with repeated cleaning. However, you do have to make sure that you do it right. We recommend using the most conservative treatment you can use whenever cleaning stainless steel.”Mr Bartlett continued: “If sanitation isn’t required, use water and a soft cloth to remove most dirt and stains. Be careful not to rub any of the dirt into the surface. Then, simply rinse the surface and dry with a soft cloth. If this isn’t sufficient, we recommend a mild detergent that doesn’t contain chlorine. If you need to use a mild abrasive, always check with your manufacturer and clean with the grain.”Mr Bartlett concluded: “If you take care of your stainless steel correctly, it will take care of you for a long time.” Western Stainless Solutions provides stainless steel products to businesses inside and outside of the Perth area. They provide bespoke stainless steel solutions for the hospitality, medical and mining industries as well as for a host of other industrial uses. To learn more, call 1300 794 647 or visit their website: Providers of Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust Hoods Warn: “Don’t Make These Mistakes.” 2015-01-22T11:28:29Z providers-of-custom-stainless-steel-exhaust-hoods-warn-don-t-make-these-mistakes Perth, WA, 22 January 2015 - Commercial exhaust hoods are made of stainless steel for a reason. They combine high durability, high corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning and resistance to extreme heat. That makes them the safest and most sanitary option for their main use: commercial kitchens. Western Stainless Solutions is a firm which provides custom design stainless steel installation and is located in the Perth area. Recently, on their company blog, they provided a guide to selecting, cleaning and maintaining commercial stainless steel exhaust hoods. Stainless steel exhaust hoods are custom fabricated in various sizes and shapes, depending upon the characteristics of the facility in which they are being installed. Most commercial kitchens, especially those with medium to high volume, use a vented exhaust hood. The vented exhaust hood draws air from the facility and sends it through a series of ducts until it is transported to the outdoors.In smaller facilities that don’t use appliances such as fryers, grills and charcoal broilers, ventless hoods can be installed. Ventless hoods draw the air through a filter or filters on the interior of the hood, clean the air and send it back into the kitchen.Cleaning Stainless Steel Exhaust HoodsThe interior of a vented exhaust hood must be cleaned professionally and on a regular basis. The interval between cleaning is according to manufacturer’s recommendations and can vary in time from as long as six months to as short as one month, depending on usage. The higher volume a kitchen produces, the more often the exhaust hood should be cleaned. Kitchens that produce more grease and smoke necessitate more frequent cleaning of the exhaust hood.Unvented exhaust hoods have charcoal filters. These filters are usually available at appliance stores and should be replaced often. As in the case of cleaning a vented exhaust hood, the frequency will be dependent upon the use and volume in the kitchen along with the manufacturer’s recommendations.Health Regulations and Symptoms of Insufficient CleaningAny buildup of mould or bacteria can compromise the health of staff and customers. Most local councils have health regulations governing the frequency of cleaning commercial exhaust hoods to ensure the health of their citizens. If a hood is not cleaned frequently enough, bacteria and/or mould can cause respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses. Fabrication and Installation of Exhaust HoodsPaul Bartlett, Managing Director of Western Stainless Solutions, who provide custom design stainless steel installation in the Perth area, has personally overseen numerous stainless steel exhaust hood installations, from creation to cleanup. According to Mr Bartlett: “It is essential to get everything perfect with any stainless steel project, but especially in restaurants. In restaurants, as in medical facilities, sanitation is extremely important. One slip-up can result in people getting sick and a business being lost.”Mr Bartlett concluded, “That is why we always get everything perfect the first time.”  Western Stainless Solutions are stainless steel fabricators from Perth. They provide custom design stainless steel installation for the hospitality, medical, mining, commercial, industrial and mechanical industries. To learn more or to enquire about a project, call 1300 794 647 or visit their website: Western Stainless Solutions Adds Perth’s Foremost Karaoke Bar to Satisfied Customer Roster 2014-09-30T04:43:17Z western-stainless-solutions-adds-perth-s-foremost-karaoke-bar-to-satisfied-customer-roster Perth, WA, 30 September 2014 - Recently, Western Stainless Solutions completed a custom stainless steel construction project for Ferrara Karaoke Bar. Ferrara Karaoke Bar is known in many circles as “Perth’s best karaoke bar.” It has a diverse customer base, including locals, tourists and the local business community. Ferrara Karaoke Bar also has over 3,000 selections of Japanese music, making it a destination bar for Japanese tourists. They also rent out their entire bar for parties and cater to local businesses.Ferrara Karaoke Bar has a lively, friendly staff, a host of Australian wines and a long list of imported beers. They are dimly lit, giving neophyte karaoke singers more confidence. The audience is an “easy” one; pretty much anyone who sings gets applause. They have been described as having an “urban vibe” by a reviewer.Considering their atmosphere and the fact that they have to please a diverse audience, ranging from stolid businessman to people out for a “night on the town,” Ferrara Karaoke Bar wanted stainless steel benchtops that provided an industrial “vibe,” but without looking like a sterilised medical environment. How Western Stainless Completed the ProjectA representative from Western Stainless Solutions met with the cabinetmaker onsite. They worked together and manufactured the substrates to clad. The main servery counter was adorned with 100 mm fascias, which helped provide a great work area with a “look” that is appreciated by customers. The rear bar was fitted with customised sinks and also insulated ice wells. The owner wanted to save money, so the job was done in a manner that allowed Ferrara Karaoke Bar to complete a do it yourself installation. The cabinetmaker pre-fitted the substrate tops and they were subsequently enclosed by stainless steel. The owner was able to pick up the completed pieces and simply drop them into place.According to Paul Bartlett, managing director of Western Stainless Solutions, the job was a success with full customer satisfaction: “The Ferrara Karaoke Bar project went very well for all parties involved. We were able to work with the cabinetmaker to provide a custom solution that fit all of their needs and will provide them with high performance, low maintenance and the utmost in cleanliness for years to come. It was a pleasure working with the Ferrara Karaoke Bar to provide exactly what they wanted: an industrial vibe and sanitary equipment that didn’t look like it was dropped there from a medical centre.”Paul continued, “Stainless steel is the perfect material for hospitality, medical and any industry that requires sanitation and easy cleaning, but it has its limitations. If it is designed or installed by people who don’t know what they are doing, both function and aesthetics can suffer greatly.”Paul concluded, “At Western Stainless Solutions, our designs combine the utmost in aesthetics and function. Right now, most of our business comes from referrals and repeat customers. That is no accident.”Western Stainless Solutions is a stainless steel fabricator located in Perth They provide custom design stainless steel construction and installation to numerous Perth businesses. To contact them for a consult, call 1300 794 647 or visit their website: Western Stainless Continues to Dominate Market for Stainless Steel 2014-07-23T02:08:59Z western-stainless-continues-to-dominate-market-for-stainless-steel Perth, WA, 23 July 2014 - Western Stainless Solutions proudly calls themselves "the foremost stainless steel fabricators in Perth.” Their projects range from standalone bars or restaurants to extremely large hospitals. They feel that their track record of success in providing stainless steel products in Perth and WA makes them uniquely qualified to inform the public what to look for when they need stainless steel products made for them.Paul Bartlett, Managing Director of Western Stainless Solutions, recently devoted a blog post to teach people how to use Internet research to find the right stainless steel fabricator for the job. Paul is so confident in his firm’s ability to provide the best workmanship, products and timeliness for any project, large or small, that he encourages potential clients to do their “due diligence.”According to Paul, “We love it when people do their research. We want anyone with a pending project to do their homework and find the firm that can provide the best solutions for their needs. That is because we know we will come out on top if an executive or project manager conducts sufficient industry research.”Paul recommends many different questions to ask, but he asserts that the two most important factors to research are a firm’s experience and their resources, which translate to their ability to get the job done correctly and on time.According to Paul, "A fabricator can have all the resources in the world, but if they don’t have industry experience and talent, those resources are rendered irrelevant. At the same time, a firm with industry experience and talent but no resources is going to fare equally badly."Paul continued, "The bottom line is that neither firm will get the job done right or on time. A stainless steel fabricator must have the hardware, the software, the experience and the ability to provide the appropriate set of solutions for any given project."Paul makes a series of recommendations for any prospective client or account. This includes going to their website first to see if it presents the firm in a professional manner. If the website indicates professionalism, it is then time to find out as much information as possible from the website. This would include a list of some finished projects, a short bio including industry experience and company ethos, a summary of available products and a list of testimonials.Paul also places a lot of weight on referred projects. According to him, "We are big on referred business. We have obtained some major hospital projects through referrals, which is a huge accomplishment. The medical field is the most demanding because of the stringent sanitation requirements. We challenge any other stainless steel fabricator in Perth to match our record when it comes to medical industry referrals."Paul concluded, "Every referral represents another project that we executed to perfection."Western Stainless Solutions are stainless steel fabricators located in Perth. They provide bespoke stainless steel solutions for a variety of sectors including the hospitality, mining, construction, medical and mechanical services industries. To learn more about what they have to offer, call 1300 794 647 or visit their website: Businesses Invited to Discover the Western Stainless Difference 2014-06-16T06:37:20Z businesses-invited-to-discover-the-western-stainless-difference Perth, WA, 16 June 2014 - In this day and age, many firms advertise their “difference,” but how many of those firms really separate themselves from their competition? One firm, Western Stainless Solutions, believes it has done just that.Western Stainless Solutions provides bespoke stainless steel solutions for a number of industries, with applications for the hospitality, health and mining industries. In addition, they provide solutions for plenty of shop and commercial building applications. But, according to Mr Paul Bartlett, Managing Director for Western Stainless Solutions, it isn’t the range of services alone that makes Western Stainless unique: it’s the way in which those services are delivered. Mr Bartlett feels that his firm’s commitment to providing unparalleled customer service is the key to separating them from the “pack.”  “At Western Stainless, we know how important everyone’s projects are to them. We always ensure that all of our clients receive individualised service. We never forget that everyone we serve is important. We have a lot of clients, but it is always our goal to treat every client like they are the only one we have.”Mr Bartlett continued, “We know that there is nothing more irritating or unsettling than trusting a firm for a big project, only to find out that we can never get them to answer emails or phone calls in a timely manner. That is never an issue for any of our clients, because we proactively check in with them throughout any project to ensure that they know everything is on schedule and to their specifications.”The ProcessWestern Stainless has a process that virtually ensures satisfaction. ConsultationIt starts with the consultation, in which one of their experts gets to know the client and their expectations. The purpose is to discuss the project and any materials or equipment that may be necessary to purchase during the process.ProposalAfter all the information is compiled and a plan is developed, Western Stainless then has a representative deliver a proposal in person. This face to face meeting helps Western Stainless provide better service because they are able to answer any questions the client may have about items that are included in the proposal. They are also able to adjust the proposal on an ad hoc basis as needed during the meeting.ApprovalAfter the client approves the working plan, they sign a contract and discuss payment details. Arrangements are made for the deposit so that work can begin.SchedulingAfter payment arrangements have been made, it is time to schedule a start date and end date for the project, based on availability, access to materials and amount of work required. HandoverAs part of the handover process, the installation team visits the site and ensures that everything has been delivered and installed as planned. If any adjustments need to be made, they are arranged at this time.Final DrawingsThe last step is final drawings and sign off.The ResultsAccording to Mr Bartlett, the process always works well: “We have found that our process and commitment to customer service and quality work always results in customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves in knowing that we don’t do ordinary work or ordinary installations. Ordinary is beneath our standards.”Western Stainless Solutions provides bespoke stainless steel solutions for a wide range of industries, including the mining, health and hospitality sectors. For more information, please call 1300 794 647 or visit their website: Western Stainless Solutions Provides All-Encompassing Guide on Stainless Steel 2014-05-14T03:10:08Z western-stainless-solutions-provides-all-encompassing-guide-on-stainless-steel Malaga, WA, 14 May 2014 - There are many different kinds of materials out on the market that manufacturers of various appliances and items can use to craft their goods. Among these, stainless steel emerges as one of the best for various sorts of construction and manufacturing of products in the Perth area and beyond. The reason for this lies in the fact that stainless steel has an incredible number of properties that make it unique among metals and highly desirable for food production, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and a lot more. Stainless steel’s claim to fame resides mainly in what gives the metal its name: its ability to resist corrosion from heat and harmful chemicals. In addition, it is incredibly easy to clean, as opposed to other metals which can be difficult or may shed particles. Stainless steel is also malleable during its creation stages, which allows it to be customised to fit any desired item or situation. Moreover, unlike its carbon-based counterpart, stainless steel is completely recyclable, making it a more cost efficient and environmentally friendly option. To provide more information on the nature of stainless steel and its practical applications, Paul Bartlett, Managing Director of Western Stainless Solutions, a WA company dedicated to becoming the best stainless steel product manufacturer, speaks about on the subject, drawing upon years of experience. “Stainless steel is a unique material that is multi-purpose and highly resilient, making it one of the most desired commodities in certain fields. However, this metal is not used in all situations, but is primarily utilised in special fields. Restaurants and other havens of food production use stainless steel in kitchen appliances and cutlery, as may the average home. Hospitals and medical centres also use stainless steel frequently because it is easy to clean and won’t be damaged by potentially hazardous chemicals. Different industries that use pipelines also tend to use stainless steel because it is so malleable when it is being forced and won’t be damaged by fluids that travel through them.” He goes on to name and describe the different kinds of stainless steel and when each should be used. “Austenitic is the most common form of stainless steel and it carries all of the properties essential for certain applications, such as production of kitchen utensils and pipework. By contrast, ferritic steel sacrifices some of its resistance to corrosion to be more ductile. Martensitic is the least resistant of the kinds, but it also tends to be the strongest and sharpest. For the tough jobs, duplex stainless steel offers the best of both worlds, being a hybrid of austenitic and ferritic types. Note that all of the differences in these steel forms lie in their crystal compound structure.” Bartlett concludes by stating their company’s role in providing stainless steel for any kind of commercial or industrial purpose. “At Western Stainless Solutions, we aim to provide only the best kinds of stainless steel to fit whatever need you have for it. We have experienced professionals ready to help you decide which kind of steel you should use and how to construct or order the item that you need. Never be afraid to call upon our knowledge in the field to help you answer any steel-related questions you may have.” Western Stainless Solutions has been providing top quality stainless steel and installation practices to the Perth area for 30 years. For more information about them and their products, please call 1300 794 647 or visit their website: