The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-07-15T04:17:39Z Small Business Skills Summit Online is back by popular demand in 2019 2019-07-15T04:17:39Z small-business-skills-summit-online-is-back-by-popular-demand-in-2019 The countdown is on to this year’s Small Business Skills Summit, with business owners set to enjoy access to some of the finest experts in the small business realm, courtesy of a skills summit delivered directly to them online. Back by popular demand, the Skills Summit is an initiative of small business networking and resources community, Business Business Business, and this year will see 11 presenters offering their tips and insight on topics like marketing, law, sales techniques, mindset and more. Business Business Business founder Linda Reed-Enever explained the Small Business Skills Summit is now in its second year after a hugely positive reception in 2018. “The Small Business Skills Summits is designed by business owners for business owners, offering operators the best tools and expertise available in a convenient, accessible form,” Ms Reed-Enever explained. “In business, knowledge is power, but we also appreciate most business owners don’t have the time to step away from the office and attend multi-day conferences. The Skills Summit is delivered online and tailor-made to allow them to access the experts they choose at the time that suits them.” The summit officially runs from August 1 to 11 and features a new presentation daily, delivering insight and expertise into the essential tools all businesses require. Attendees can pick and choose the presenters they wish to see, engage in question and answer forums, or enjoy the convenience of accessing information for three months after the event. And it all takes place in the comfort of a business operator’s office, home or even while they’re on holidays. This year, the Summit will also feature Live Panel sessions for extra insight and live Q&A with the presenter panel. The Small Business Skills Summit runs from August 1 to 11, with enrollments open now at ENDS   About Business Business Business - Business Business Business is a hub of information, made for business owners, by business owners. With the mantra “Learn, Connect, Network and Do” it is an arena dedicated to supporting and offering essential resources and skills to small business operators.   For further information or to arrange an interview, contact:  Linda Reed-Enever on 0433 149 319 Rural Resources founder Birgid Price explains “drought is like a cancer” 2018-08-27T00:31:18Z rural-resources-founder-birgid-price-explains-drought-is-like-a-cancer Queensland grazier and agriculture advocate Brigid Price has shared her insight into the drought currently affecting much of eastern Australia, noting for the farmers experiencing it, the repercussions are like cancer. “This current drought is the worst in living memory for many farmers,” Ms Price noted. “Like cancer it does not discriminate and as it gets drier, it continues to spread and become more severe. “Drought doesn’t just impact the person battling the illness. Rural communities are suffering along with their farmers.” As the founder of online agricultural community Rural Resources Online and a recognised female agriculture leader, Ms Price said many may not appreciate the stress farmers were under or the measures they had taken to mitigate the risk. “All farmers understand that droughts are part of life in Australia, and most do plan for them. Strategies are put in place. Stock numbers get reduced, grain and silage is grown in good years and stored for times of drought. “But on the east coast farmers are facing their worst drought in 50 years, and quite simply these stockpiled supplies along with savings and credit are now running out. “The problem is, for all the planning, farmers don’t know when it will rain.” Ms Price noted that meant farmers were now feeling it from all sides. They were attempting to secure the future by maintaining livestock and replanting crops, with no assurety of what would happen next. “After several seasons of failed crops, debt levels get scary. The gamble of course is that one good season can turn things around. For many over recent years that gamble has not paid off and they are devastated. “The heartbreak for those who breed livestock is the thought of losing decades of genetics that have been carefully selected for their traits. So, understandably they try to hang on. “Australia exports much of what it produces, this means people will not starve. But like the small towns that are impacted at some point the economy will feel the impact. “And lives will continue to be lost because individual farmers and their families are hurting. “The stories that would really shock Australia are not being heard. That is because drought for many people is a very personal thing.For some people this has been going on for a very long time. “Like cancer, they live in hope the battle and heartache will have a happy ending, but the reality for some is they simply don’t know.” ENDS Brigid Price is a Queensland grazier and the founder of Rural Resources Online. Earlier this year she was recognised as as an “outstanding” female agriculture leader of the future, with the National Farmers Federation (NFF) announcing she is one of just eight female agriculture leaders selected to be part of the Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program. For further information or to arrange an interview, contact: Linda Reed-Enever at ThoughtSpot PR: 0433 149 319 or  Brigid Price directly at on 0439 575 092 Innovative Small Business Skills Summit delivered direct to regional business 2018-08-03T04:45:40Z innovative-small-business-skills-summit-delivered-direct-to-regional-business-1 From the family farm to the local fish and chip shop, small business is at the heart of Australia’s rural and regional communities. Now an innovative Small Business Skills Summit aims to deliver the latest small business insight and expertise direct to their door. This August, networking community Business Business Business will host its inaugural skills summit, offering participants access to 60 of the best minds in small business courtesy of a summit delivered entirely online. Over 11 days, the skills summit will cover all the essential topics of business, ranging from social media strategy to accounting, recruitment and growth. Attendees can log in to view the presentations live then participate in Q&A sessions, or access seminars pertinent to them at their own leisure for three months after the event. Summit organiser and Business Business Business founder Linda Reed-Enever said the ethos of the online event was all about accessibility. It was devised to ensure small business owners had the best skills at their fingertips regardless of location. “We know how critical small business is to regional Australia. We also understand how hard it is for these busy operators to take time away from their business to access skills and seminars that are often confined to major metropolitan areas,” she said. Ms Reed-Enever noted statistics indicate in some regional areas, up to one in five income earners derive their livelihood from small business. Meanwhile in 2016-17, there were 2,238,299 actively trading businesses throughout the nation. In cold hard financial terms, the sector generates 44 per cent of the nation’s employment, 33 per cent of Australia’s GDP, and pays around 12 percent of total company tax revenue. “Small business is the quiet achiever of Australia’s economy and employment landscape, and often that achievement is the major source of jobs and income in small communities,” Ms Reed-Evener said. “Knowledge and skills can be the very real difference between this lifeblood of regional areas just surviving or truly thriving.” The Small Business Skills Summit is created for business owners by business owners, offering a no-nonsense approach to the issues they commonly face. “Whether they’re in central Sydney or Outback Queensland, the summit offers small business owners the tools and insight they need to sustain themselves and the communities they serve.”   The Small Business Skills Summit runs from August 6 to 16, with enrollments open now at ENDS About Business Business Business - Business Business Business is a hub of information, made for business owners, by business owners. With the mantra “Learn, Connect, Network and Do” it is an arena dedicated to supporting and offering essential resources and skills to small business operators.   For further information or to arrange an interview, contact: Linda Reed-Enever on 0433 149 319 Small Business Skills Summit set to deliver specialist skills direct to business owners 2018-07-10T01:17:57Z small-business-skills-summit-set-to-deliver-specialist-skills-direct-to-business-owners This August business operators will have the unique opportunity to access some of the finest experts in the small business realm, courtesy of a skills summit delivered directly to them online. Featuring 60  presenters and spanning 11 days, the summit will cover all the essential areas of business, with topics including business mindset, identifying the ideal customer, wellbeing, the business bottom line, and marketing. Attendees can pick and choose the presenters they wish to see, engage in question and answer forums, or enjoy the convenience of accessing information for three months after the event. And it all takes place in the comfort of a business operator’s office, home or even while they’re on holidays. An initiative of Business Business Business, founder Linda Reed-Enever explained the Small Business Skills Summit was designed to offer business owners the best tools and expertise available in a convenient, accessible form. “We know the power that knowledge and learning offer businesses, and we also get that the demands of being a small business owner make it hard to get away to attend seminars for days,” she said. “That’s why this innovative seminar has been crafted to deliver skills and advice directly to their door.” Months in the planning, the Small Business Skills Summit lineup features experts ranging from business coaches to PR and marketing professionals, accountants and seasoned entrepreneurs. It will provide an insight into business best practice but also offer a forum for business operators to ask questions of presenters. The summit is supported by handouts and a dedicated Facebook page where presenters will be available immediately after their presentation to take questions on the topics covered. Business operators can opt to log on and watch a presentation, then take part in the Q&A on the day, or choose to watch the presentations at their leisure in the three months that follow. “Attendees can pick and choose the topics that interest them, or embrace the entire program for the full gamut of skills available,” Linda said. The Small Business Skills Summit runs from August 6 to 16, with enrollments open now at ENDS About Business Business Business - Business Business Business is a hub of information, made for business owners, by business owners. With the mantra “Learn, Connect, Network and Do” it is an arena dedicated to supporting and offering essential resources and skills to small business operators.   For further information or to arrange an interview, contact: Linda Reed-Enever on 0433 149 319 Sue Lester explores 5 Ways Your Unconscious Blueprint is Blocking Your Path to Success 2018-07-10T01:15:14Z sue-lester-explores-5-ways-your-unconscious-blueprint-is-blocking-your-path-to-success What if the only thing standing between you and success is you? That’s the question mindset expert Sue Lester will address at the Small Business Skills Summit on August 7. The summit runs from August 6-16. A specialist in clearing “head trash”, Sue will take to the screen to offer all the essential practical tips and strategies to optimise your internal blueprint so that business owners can feel successful on the inside too. Sue is a renowned international mindset healer and coach, and professional speaker. She works with individuals, teams and audiences, optimising their unconscious blueprints and reigniting their zest for life's adventures. Her impressive resume includes books and she writes for several national women's magazines. Meanwhile, she serves on the Professional Speakers Australia Qld Chapter Leadership Team, and in 2017 was awarded the SIMNI International Small Business Woman of the Year.In her spare time, Sue has been charged by a silverback gorilla, canoed the Zambezi River dodging hippos and crocodiles, trekked at high altitude in Nepal, India and Peru, walked across the Australian Simpson Desert with 16 camels, volunteered in a Kenyan slum orphanage and much more. She uses her adventurous travel tales to inspire others to reach their potential. Sue will bring these skills and more to the table when she presents at the Small Business Skills Summit in August. The Small Business Skills Summit is specifically designed with the busy small business operator in mind. Events take place online, with live sessions and Q&As that come complete with handouts and takeaways. Each session will also be available for three months after the event. The event is an initiative of business networking and resources group Business Business Business, and founder Linda Reed-Enever explains that the summit was a year in the making. “We have attracted a vast array of small business talent, with skills ranging from accounting to marketing and mindset. Our aim was to be a seminal space for business operators to access the skills and insight they need.” “The small business summit lineup has quite simply surpassed expectations, with huge value for every business that takes part. It’s exciting, it’s authentic, and it goes to show the power of businesses working together.” The Small Business Skills Summit features 60 presenters and runs from August 6 to 16, with enrollments open now at ENDS About Business Business Business - Business Business Business is a hub of information, made for business owners, by business owners. With the mantra “Learn, Connect, Network and Do” it is an arena dedicated to supporting and offering essential resources and skills to small business operators.   For further information or to arrange an interview, contact: Linda Reed-Enever on 0433 149 319 Australian Farmers: its time to get strategic online 2018-05-06T05:34:39Z australian-farmers-its-time-to-get-strategic-online “Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you’ll be criticised anyway” Eleanor Roosevelt In every moment of disaster there is a hope. 2018 will be known for many things. For Qld Farmers it will be a defining period of time as the reality of the changes made to Vegetation Management Act 1999, amended for the 19th time, are realised. Brigid Price from Rural Resources Online a mother to the future Farming Genarations is calling on all farmer to act and get strategic in sharing thier message online. The biggest let down of all Being a resilient bunch, farmers look out for each other and don’t have time to play games. Country values have stood the test of time and while others were carrying on with their politics, farmers and graziers got on with the job of providing world class produce. As a minority however, it seems it was only a matter of time before the very people entrusted by all Queenslanders do the right thing have sold the bush out for political payback. An attitude adjustment But now is not the time to vent. Reactive actions will achieve far less than proactive planning that is strategically implemented. Farming is a business. Great products don’t sell themselves they need good marketing and PR. So if you are a primary producer what can you do to sell Queensland farmers as the true environmentalists doing the right thing by their land and animals? The good news is there is a great opportunity to harness and unite those involved in Agriculture. Just as the Greens and Labor have put aside differences to achieve their political objective so too can the supporters of Ag. It’s time to tell stories Who better to tell our stories then us? For many it involves stepping out of comfort zones. Don’t think of it as self promotion but rather what is needed to engage city consumers. The goal is simple. We need to get our city friends back on board so they are telling the Government to ‘leave the farmers alone’. Our voice must be united and our message clear. The online world interacts differently. Communication is through hashtags and headlines. We are an #agfamily. We need to get strategic, come up with a game plan and share it openly. Farmers will lose nothing by keeping the process open and transparent. It will be our defining difference between green lobby groups, green political parties and the Labor Government. Coming from strong foundations we will adapt with assistance. Importantly, define our Industry values Honesty - Farmers are doing the right and therefore have nothing to hide Transparency – Open dialogue with city consumers about why and how we do things Future focused – Consumers need to know our vision. As an industry we recognise that poll cattle are better off than horny cattle. We are using genetics to help assist us to breed hornless cattle. Integrity – we are proud to grow world class food and fibre that reflects our strong morals. We do not sell anything we would not feed our family. Family focused – we are maintaining and growing our business for the future generations to also be custodians of the land for their children Compassion – we have a deep connection to both the land and animals we make a living from Good manners – in all our interactions we show respect for others Agriculture’s secret weapon The image of the old Akubra wearing farmer is iconic but outdated. Agriculture in Australia embraces technology, works tirelessly to meet best practice standards and can proudly open it’s doors to anyone. It’s time to set the record straight and create an online farmers market of sorts where city voters and farmers can interact. There is a need to upskill in marketing and public relations basics and get involved in social media beyond the personal level. It’s not simply about creating a platform for the city to come to the country. There are so many interest groups already operating. We need to join them and become their unofficial ag spokesperson. With the average age of rural landholders approximately 68 the thought of this for them is overwhelming. Currently women are highest users of the internet and social media platforms in Australia. Rural women are passionate, used to multi-tasking, not afraid to try new things and #tellitlikeitis. Now is the time for them to step up and shine. New rules of engagement As a community we need a plan. City consumers are busy people they don’t want to be bombarded with statics they just their expectations met and their fears allayed. One of my most important roles is that of a mother to three children. I am also a friend, community member and small business owner. My interactions on social media are mindful of these roles. The messages I give my children and how I represent my business, in alignment with my personal values, are clearly defined and used as benchmark for my behaviour. Good manners and meaningful conversation that is respectful and factual is my preferred approach. Social media provides an opportunity to engage but it also opens individuals up to personal attack. When I am reviewing others behaviour I look at both the context and intent behind their actions. Online it is hard to sometimes read the tone of a comment. I keep my approach simple. I acknowledge and sometimes thank the person for their question. Why? Because we need open discussion that shows we are approachable. Politicians are very good at having an online presence but did you notice most post content but do not engage with people who comment or ask questions? I engage or respond to questions and where necessary I try to provide a future vision for them visualise. For example dehorning is performed for the safety of other animals and people. The beef industry is using genetic testing to identify polled, or hornless genes that will enable us to breed cattle with no horns. Why do I do this? Because of my values of integrity and honesty. What better way to demonstrate this then engaging with consumers of genuine interest in our industry. Social media use needs an understanding of social licence. As representatives of the agriculture in Australia you must understand this is what you are online. Understand the big picture At times this approach means stepping away from the online world and taking a deep breath before composing my response. And that’s ok. Because although human I am aware farming is our business and when online I am also representing our Industry. There are times I want to type ‘are you serious’, but I do not. There are times I want to say far worse. I am human and when my family and friends are attacked it hurts. Farmers wear many hats. When online I wear my business hat. We should not assume the misinformation others quote is intentional. We have to be prepared to explain why, what and how we do things. I know enough to realise there are strategies being played by others. Not everyone who posts online uses their own name or engages for meaningful conversations. And that’s ok. My response is not written for them. It is written as a mother, friend and small business owner. Life is too short to play games, so I don’t. But telling it like it is I can. If you would like to tell your story to please send it to us to share About Brigid Price and Rural Resources Online  – Brigid Price is an organic beef producer near Injune in Queensland. She is also the founder of Rural Resources Online – a seminal website for the rural sector that draws together tools, wisdom and stories for Australia’s vast community of primary producers. For further information or to interview Brigid Price, contact: Linda Reed-Enever at ThoughtSpot PR: 0433 149 319 or  Brigid Price directly at on 0439 575 092   THE HIDDEN COST OF COAL SEAM GAS TO FARMING 2018-04-29T23:53:05Z the-hidden-cost-of-coal-seam-gas-to-farming Coal seam gas versus farming might seem a clear-cut, two-sided affair, but as primary producer and Rural Resources Online founder Brigid Price explains, it’s anything but. Far beyond the legislation and the fight over rights and entitlements, farmers are feeling effects that impact every element of their rural way of life. Brigid’s organic beef business and others in her wider rural community of Injune in Queensland have just completed their latest round of coal seam gas negotiations. Standing in a green paddock with a backdrop of snuffling horses and quietly grazing cattle, Brigid says it’s the hidden impacts that many fail to consider. “The sound you can hear is the sound of our home,” Brigid explains, gesturing to near-silent green pastures and distant hills. But what of the impact of hundreds of contractors traversing that landscape whenever they require? Brigid notes in the relevant coal seam gas legislation that spans reams of paper only a page is dedicated to the implications for primary producers in a section entitled the Five Heads of Compensation. “These are the five areas under legislation that we as landholders are actually entitled to in terms of compensation for impact. “What’s really hard to explain is when this is your home, you’re used to seeing pretty much no-one except us, how do you account for the effect of hundreds of contractors coming and going?” “There could be gates being left open, possible bio-security issues. How do you make sure cattle don’t get into areas where they just can’t be because of coal seam gas activity? “There’s the checking, the maintenance, the loss of control, making sure people are adhering to speed limits, and then there’s the dust and dirt involved with the roads. “When you drive on unsealed roads the dust spreads and it affects the grass. When there’s dust on the grass, quite simply the cattle don’t want to eat it. “All of these are impacts that we have to be aware of, but it’s really hard to articulate and the time involved with checking all of this is what’s really not considered in the actual cost to our business by third parties. “For anyone thinking there’s money involved and we are paid compensation, yes there is an income component but what needs to be understood is the actual cost to our business of coal seam gas mining is significant on both a personal and business level. Legally we have to negotiate so it is something we try to manage as best we can.” To learn more about Coal Seam Gas at, or for the full video with Brigid Price seeFacebook @ruralresources ENDS   About Brigid Price and Rural Resources Online  – Brigid Price is an organic beef producer near Injune in Queensland. She is also the founder of Rural Resources Online – a seminal website for the rural sector that draws together tools, wisdom and stories for Australia’s vast community of primary producers. For further information or to interview Brigid Price, contact: Linda Reed-Enever at ThoughtSpot PR: 0433 149 319 or  Brigid Price directly at on 0439 575 092 More needs to be done for rural mental health says Rural Resources founder 2018-01-22T22:45:40Z more-needs-to-be-done-for-rural-mental-health-says-rural-resources-founder Rural Resources Online founder Brigid Price has backed the comments of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, agreeing rural mental health services are in crisis and calling on the government for more to be done. Ms Price heads up a modern day bush telegraph for the rural community of Australia, and notes stories of depression, anxiety, and mental distress are all too common, but the services to support people often fail to meet their needs. “The rural community is tough, but that doesn’t make them immune to needing a helping hand. We have generations of families working in a tough environment, under tough physical conditions, with a tough economic backdrop. That strain starts to tell.” “Advances in technology and the need for economies of scale in production mean less workers on stations. Jobs that once required a few workers are now solitary in nature. Men in particular, are not working side by side with other men. Communities are in decline and opportunities to ‘check-in’ with each other are reducing.” “Humans are wired for connection. They need other people to interact with who empathise with where they are at and it seems the RFDS and GPs are the ones currently filling the gap.” “We often hear the stories of farmers in financial and mental distress, but sadly it’s the cold hard statistics that paint the true picture. Suicide rates in rural regions are 40 per cent higher than in metropolitan areas. In remote areas the rate almost doubles. Meanwhile, 50 per cent less money is spent on mental health services in rural and remote Australia.” The Royal Flying Doctors this week revealed they saw 24,500 people to provide mental health counselling last year alone but could double or triple that service tomorrow and still not touch the surface. “Guarding the mental health of a rural community is not a responsibility that should fall to the local GP. These highly committed doctors are too busy dealing with physical ailments in townships where they often know their patients well. “Nor should the Royal Flying Doctors be shouldering the burden. This amazing charity is a lifeline for the bush that’s clearly becoming overwhelmed with the task of psychological support.” Ms Price continued it wasn’t just farmers and adults feeling the distress. “In recent weeks we’ve seen the tragic suicide of a young teen from a rural community due to cyber bullying. Surely that indicates that more needs to be done. “This has been a massive wake-up call for many parents who weren’t aware of the online world their children were accessing.” “We need mental health support for our rural communities, and the infrastructure that allows our children to grow up healthy, happy and with a positive perspective of rural life. We then need the tools and the professionals to assist if someone starts falling through the cracks. “Every family needs a farmer, but we need the right support. It’s a tough gig that we take on gladly, but there are times when it takes a toll.” Brigid Price is available to talk about the challenges of farming and provide a perspective of the mental health services needed to support rural life. You can learn more about Rural Resources Online at including recent articles about assisting rural children in a remote yet online world. ENDS For further information or to interview Brigid Price, contact: Linda Reed-Enever at ThoughtSpotPR: 0433 149 319 Brigid Price at on 0439 575 092 About Brigid Price and RuralResources Online As a city girl turned farmer’swife, Queensland beef producer Brigid Price is proud to call Rural Australiahome. Now she’s helping it find its shared voice through an online initiativethat’s fast becoming the modern day “bush telegraph” for the nation’s farmers. Brigid is the creator of RuralResources Online, a comprehensive website that unites Australian farmersthrough resources, shared knowledge, expert skills, and the all-importantstories of community and spirit encapsulated by life on the land. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: LinkedIn Media, Marketing & Branding Thought-Leaders, giving small business a massive boost with a Think Tank just for them 2016-01-12T01:48:26Z media-marketing-amp-branding-thought-leaders-giving-small-business-a-massive-boost-with-a-think-tank-just-for-them Making good choices early on can have a huge impact on a business’s visibility over the course of the year. The new year is often a time where business owners refresh and revamp their business’s marketing strategy and align it with their annual goals. To kick off this new year, three leaders in the field of media, marketing and branding are coming together to help business owners start 2016 on the right marketing foot in a Media, Marketing Think Tank. Here, they will share their knowledge with business owners in the room and help them to put some solid, year-long plans in place. Held at the BizHub Maroondah in Ringwood, the Think Tank will take a practical approach to your media and marketing strategy by bringing together the combined expertise of Media Connections Founder Linda Reed-Enever, Photographer Larissa Hill and Parisotto Design Director Natasha McArdle. This one-day Think Tank is a fantastic opportunity for any business owner to get a headstart on their plans for 2016. Linda, Larissa and Natasha will share their wisdom on Media, Branding and Marketing with you, and help you on the way to a successful new year. With sessions full of insider tips, how to’s and trade secrets from some of the best minds in the business, this Think Tank is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss. Whilst the morning is dedicated to the reflections of the 3 experts, the afternoon is an open floor where attendees can workshop ideas and pick the specialists’ brains. Due to the very hands-on nature of the Think Tank, space is limited to ensure that each business gets attention from Natasha, Linda and Larissa. Linda Reed-Enever said, “It is important for all businesses to know how to work with the media and when they should be marketing their business.” “Not all business owners can afford a PR and Marketing Consultant, and sessions like these allow businesses to tap into insider knowledge and get some tips that will help them in 2016 and beyond” she adds. Linda Reed-Enever is the founder of Media Connections and the popular business group “Business Business Business”, and brings her 15+ years of PR and Marketing experience to you on the day.  “I am looking forward to brainstorming ideas with amazing business owners and seeing them flourish throughout the year” she said. Larissa Hill is a professional photographer who knows how important the right headshot can be. Larissa will not only be sharing her tips for the perfect photo, she will be capturing one for each and every attendee. “People are more likely to do business with someone they know and trust. This is why letting people know who you are and what you look like is so important. Having your image accessible helps people feel like they know you”. But, simply having any old photo wont necessarily give the right impression or message. ”The images need to be consistent to your brand, what your business is all about and look like you! When people meet you, it is great if you actually look like your photo!” Natasha McArdle is Graphic Designer and all round creative and will be helping business owners on the day make the most of their visual brand. Natasha is a very talented designer with over eighteen years’ experience in the industry.  “I’m excited about working with business owners in tweaking/developing their branding and sharing my creative experiences”. The Media, Marketing and Branding Think Tank is an initiative of Business Business Business and MS Connections to make Media and Marketing knowledge accessible to all business owners in 2016. For further information on the event and presenters visit: Event Details: When: January 30th - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Where: BizHub Maroondah – Level 2 Realm  Ringwood Town Square (Eastland), 179 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood, Victoria Register: Media Contact:  Linda Reed-Enever – 0433 149 319 –   Award-winning leader in communications open’s her Little Red Book to help others DIY PR. 2015-08-05T04:17:05Z award-winning-leader-in-communications-open-s-her-little-red-book-to-help-others-diy-pr As the winner of the 2015 Edupreneur Award for PR and Media, Linda Reed-Enever is a master wordsmith who knows how to celebrate a business and get the most out of their personal media profile. Linda is the founder and Principal Director of ThoughtSpot PR and Media Connections. Linda’s ability to think outside the box and deliver new and creative ideas gives her an edge in the market. She inspires and motivates with her entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiastic ‘can do’ attitude. Now, she’s giving you an inside-look into connecting your business with media opportunities. Linda launched her highly anticipated The Little Red Book of Press and Media Release Ideas during a two-day workshop running in July. Attendees to the ‘Master the Media’ workshop were among the first to get a copy of Linda’s Little Red Book of Press and Media Release Ideas, taking time from their busy weekend learning how to develop strong working relationships with the media. The workshop focused on helping business owners and organisations build a media toolkit and taught attendees how to grow their reputation through media engagement. Linda’s Little Red e-Book gives the reader a sneak-peak into the ‘ideas bank’ of her innovative, award-winning PR practices. Linda demonstrates her expertise and passion by offering a world-class introduction into the world of DIY media promotion. She shares her marketing wisdom with her own unique and professional style. As a master storyteller, Linda knows the power of building a clear, gripping narrative to tell your audience. Linda’s Little Red Book of Press and Media Release Ideas covers how to promote your business and products via media and press releases. Linda’s Little Red Book of Press and Media Release Ideas covers: Being Part of the Community Events and Things You Do Key Dates and Making News from News Promoting your business and Products When Things Happen for You or Your Business Your Industry and Thought Leadership Your People Your Why and Your Story  Linda has launched the Little Red Book of Press and Media Release Ideas by providing FREE copies when you subscribe to her newsletter at To arrange an interview with Linda, please be encouraged to contact her directly on 0433 149 319 or via email Media Connections Founder Linda Reed-Enever was one of 3 Business Business Business Members recognized in the first annual Edupreneur Awards 2015-08-03T01:42:03Z media-connections-founder-linda-reed-enever-was-one-of-3-business-business-business-members-recognized-in-the-first-annual-edupreneur-awards Belinda Hughes, Michelle O’Hara and Linda Reed-Enever were all recognized for the work they do in educating others at the first annual 2015 Edupreneur Awards in Perth last week. Reed-Enever for PR and Media, Hughes for Beauty, and O’Hara for Professional Services. The night saw Edupreneurs recognized in 25 categories with 2 winners in each category (public and a judge’s vote). Business Business Business is a Facebook community that Linda Reed-Enever started in 2014, offering a place of support, growth and encouragement for business owners. This really showcased Linda’s passion for educating and empowering others as well as PR and Media. "I am proud of our group” Reed-Enever said.  “This is just a small reflection of the amazing business owners who educate and share in the Business Business Business community” she said. Of her own win, when asked why she is so passionate about teaching others, she said “that is easy, I love what I do and Australia has so many great business owners who have a story to share they just need someone to show them the how and where to find it.” Reed-Enever continues her education path in 2015 with a number of guest speakers at the small business festival and working on the 2015 edition of the PR Media and Marketing Companion. To find our more visit or the Facebook group or call Linda on 0433 149 319   Melbourne Celebrities accept the challenge at the CPR Challenge Launch night. 2015-02-17T04:31:52Z melbourne-celebrities-accept-the-challenge-at-the-cpr-challenge-launch-night Melbourne Celebrities including Stephen Curry, Giaan Rooney, Tiffany Cherry, Jane Allsop, Nikki Osborne, Emma Louise Wilson, Troy Kinne & CJ Fortuna accepted the CPR Challenge last week, learning how to save a child’s life through CPR. CPR Challenge Founder Brionhy Westbrook said, “We would like to thank everyone who attended to create awareness for the CPR Challenge.” Each year approximately 260 Australian children (aged 0-14 years) are killed and 58,000 hospitalised by unintentional injuries.For every minute that CPR is not done when needed, the chance of the child’s survival decreases by 10%. What happens in the first five minutes hold the key to saving their life. Making it essential that more people of all ages are trained and willing to provide immediate CPR while waiting for professional help to arrive. The aim of the CPR Challenge is not only to skill parents and grandparents it is also to set the world record for the most people trained in pediatric CPR in a six hour period whilst  raising significant funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital. On Good Friday, the Palladium Room at Crown Melbourne will be converted into a training centre and family fun day. Nurses, paramedics and medical practitioners will provide the training. “The celebrity support of our launch night was amazing,” Brionhy said. “And we look forward to seeing them as part of our Challenge on April 3rd where we aim to set a Pediatric CPR World record.” All proceeds raised from the CPR Challenge are being donated to the RCH Good Friday Appeal. All Victorian parents, grandparents and carers are encouraged to accept the challenge and register to be part of this world record event by visiting The event’s social media platforms will also be filled with important information and exciting surprises in the lead up to the day. The CPR Challenge is powered by KidzAid Pediatric First Aid Training and supported by Presenting Partners Priceline Pharmacy. Sponsors include, Crown Melbourne, BMW Melbourne, Australian First Aid Training, Melbourne Child, Dorevitch Pathology, Harts and Zoll. Editors Notes: ·    Hi-Res Image Available including those of our celebrities learning CPR. ·    Video and Audio is also available of the celebrities encouraging the public to take up the challenge Available for Interview ·    Bri Westbrook - Emergency Nurse & Founder of KidzAid Paediatric First Aid Training ·    Dr Claire Wilkins - Paediatric Consultant, Royal Children’s Hospital ·    Cassie Watling – a mother who had to resuscitate her child twice For Further Information or to arrange an interview contact: Brionhy Westbrook – - 0402 440 522 Linda Reed-Enever – – 0433 149 319 Sydney it is time to get Media Ready 2014-09-18T06:48:49Z sydney-it-is-time-to-get-media-ready For many business owners it is a dream to be in the Media and on October 18th and 19th Media Connections Founder Linda Reed-Enever is coming to Sydney to help business owners make their dream come true! All businesses have their own story. Linda’s aim is to help you find the best way to express your story at the Media Ready Weekend. "It is often no what you say but how you say it, that gets the media's attention" Linda says and I want to help business owners stand out and get the attention the need." Linda adds. Over the Media Ready Weekend Linda will be working with attendees to help them: Understand how the Media works Create a solid Media Plan Identify Media Opportunities within their business and help turn them into releases Craft a Media Kit for you and your business Share her expertise and tips that will help build your profile "The weekend is not easy" Linda adds "It will be full of hard work and brainstorming with attendees walking away with real results and action plans to follow."  Attendees will walk away with not only a Media Plan, but releases and their own researched media list so they can start networking and understanding the media. With attendee numbers limited Sydney we encourage you  and get Media Ready with Linda as she shares her insights on what you need to do to reach the media and be media ready. For Further Information or to Arrange an Interview Contact: Linda Reed-Enever - - 0433 149 319 “The Life Guru” Alistair Horscroft will be in Melbourne OCT 2014 2014-07-10T22:03:37Z the-life-guru-alistair-horscroft-will-be-in-melbourne-oct-2014 Learn how to “superhero your life” with the internationally acclaimed speaker and advisor. Melbourne, AUSTRALIA: Today, NLP SuperFest announced that internationally acclaimed speaker, advisor and educator, Alistair Horscroft, will be a guest presenter at this year’s 2014 conference in October 3rd to 5th in Melbourne, to show how to “Superhero your life”. Alistair Horscroft rose to prominence through his hit Discovery Channel Network series “The Life Guru” and through regular appearances as a mind and performance coach on UK TV. He has been featured in The London Times, National Geographic, the Daily Mail, The Scotsman and more. Often called the ‘therapist’s therapist’, Alistair has worked as coach and mentor to celebrities, rock and pop stars, entrepreneurs, world champion athletes and CEOs, and has personally coached some of the world’s most successful people. He now works to deliver behavioural change and optimal human performance strategies to individuals and business. Based on 20 years of study and experience, he calls his approach Modern Psychology and is the creator and owner of the Australian Government-accredited vocational Diploma of Modern Psychology. The 2013 International Coaching News Magazine recognized him as one of the world’s top leadership coaches, and Alistair also recently appeared at TEDx Noosa Do you want to SuperHero your life? Internationally acclaimed coach and speaker Alistair Horscroft will be appearing at the NLP SuperFest, to show you how to get hulked up on superstate management techniques that will have you meeting the moment as it needs to be met, and how to use the power of your inner super team to solve problems, get insights and get goal achieving. He will be joined with a list of amazing high-profile trainers such as UK coach international best-selling author, Jamie Smart, world renowned hypnotist, James Tripp, and a Founder of NLP, the elusive Frank Pucelik. The NLPSuperFest is held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, on October 3rd to 5th 2014. The website is ABOUT NLPSuperFest: is a 3-day conference focussed solely on providing interactive workshops to teach personal and business development skills, in a fun, collaborative environment. It came about from feedback that a lot of the top NLP trainers are located outside of Australia, and therefore is time consuming and expensive to train with the best. The first of its kind in Australia, NLPSuperFest is a platform to upskill and to learn directly from highly sought trainers under one roof. For Further Information or to arrange an interview contact: Linda Reed-Enever – 0433 149 319 – It’s Little, It’s Red and full of PR Tips – Linda Reed-Enever launches her Book Series. 2014-07-10T08:09:17Z it-s-little-it-s-red-and-full-of-pr-tips-linda-reed-enever-launches-her-book-series PR, Media and Marketing Coach Linda Reed-Enever has written her first book “Linda Reed-Enever’s Book of PR Tips” the first in her series with more titles to come later this year. Those who know Linda will tell you; her little black book of PR has always been red! Linda is opening up her black book and sharing her tips with business owners wishing to reach the media. Publicist and Marketing Consultant Linda Reed-Enever lives and breathes publicity with a passion for connecting; everything from people to ideas. Linda is the Principal Director at ThoughtSpot PR and Media Connections and with her ‘can do’ attitude and entrepreneurial spirit she inspires and motivates as she connects people and opportunity. Her book series are a continuation of her passion for educating and connecting. Linda Reed-Enever’s Book of PR Tips is a go to guide for those starting out in DIY PR and for business owners wishing to learn a new trick our two for their business. Linda Reed-Enever’s Book of PR Tips covers the basics from working with the media from getting started to what to do after you have secured an interview. Linda Reed-Enever’s Book of PR Tips cover: Getting Started The makeup of Media Releases Times in Business Where You Could Write a Media Release and Media Release Ideas Checklists for your media campaigns and more. Get your copy now: