The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2015-12-08T23:10:22Z Community rallies to help save orangutans from extinction 2015-12-08T23:10:22Z community-rallies-to-help-save-orangutans-from-extinction The 9th annual Animal Action event on December 16 at Quality Hotel Mermaid Waters will raise funds for orangutans, which currently face extinction. Animal Action Night: Inspiring Action for Orangutans Christmas Extravaganza host and AA Xposé Media Director/ Photojournalist Aldwyn Altuney said Animal Action events inspired action for the humane treatment of animals worldwide. “After being sick of seeing animal cruelty in society, I wanted to do something about it and founded the world’s first Animal Action Day in 2007,” Ms Altuney said. “I ran seven free day events raising funds for different animal charities each year, including the Animal Welfare League, World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), David Fleay Wildlife Park, Sea Shepherd, Voiceless, Save Japan Dolphins, Save China Tigers and Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, and this is now our second night event on the Gold Coast. Last year’s event inspired action for whales.” Animal Action Night: Inspiring Action for Orangutans aims to raise awareness, appreciation and respect for orangutans. It will raise money for the Orangutan Foundation International Australia (OFIA). OFIA co-founder / president Kobe Steele said OFIA's mission was to support and continue the orangutan and forest conservation efforts initiated by Dr Biruté Mary Galdikas in Kalimantan, Borneo. OFIA has two core campaigns; caring for orphaned and displaced orangutans at the OFI Care Centre & Quarantine in Pasir Panjang Village, Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo and securing habitat for their future release. “The OFI Care Centre currently cares for 340 displaced or orphaned orangutans, which costs a hefty $1 million a year to run,” Ms Steele said. “Orangutans are threatened with extinction due to the destruction and degradation of the tropical rain forest, particularly lowland forest, in Borneo and Sumatra. This has been caused primarily by intense legal logging, illegal logging, conversion of forest to palm oil plantations and timber estates, mining, clearing forest for settlements, road construction and large-scale fires facilitated by the El Nino weather phenomena.” The illegal animal trade has also been a factor in the decline of wild orangutan populations and orangutans are occasionally hunted and eaten by some of the indigenous people of Borneo as well as migrant loggers and plantation workers who do not have dietary prohibitions against eating primate bush meat. “At one time, the world’s wild orangutan populations likely included hundreds of thousands of individuals, but current estimates indicate far fewer wild orangutans now remain. During the past decade, orangutan populations have decreased by 50% in the wild,” she said. Entertainment at Animal Action Night: Inspiring Action for Orangutans includes the launch of Vavachi Entertainment’s new show World on a String - a tribute to Michael Buble, featuring Thomas Armstrong Robley and his 4-piece band, Ten Tenors co-founder/ internationally acclaimed tenor Roger Davy and country rock singer Tyson Colman. Speakers include Kobe Steele, Sunshine Coast Conservationist Casey Murtagh, who has personally raised over $65,000 for Orangutan focused projects in Borneo and Sumatra, and MC/ Animal Action Events founder Aldwyn Altuney.  There will also be a special appearance by Santa (aka Rod Hyatt), as well as a roving masseuse, stalls, raffles and auction items for the cause. Animal Action events aim to encourage people to take action for animals, even in small ways. You can do this by making healthy choices while shopping - buying cruelty free; reducing your consumption of animal products or becoming vegetarian or vegan. You can also write to your local, state or federal elected rep to convey views on animal protection; volunteer with animal organisations; write a letter to the editor of your local papers; recycle and compost at home and express concerns to food companies and supermarkets that are involved in sustaining animal suffering. "Together, we can all make a difference for animals and the environment," Ms Altuney said. Tickets for Animal Action Night: Inspiring Action for Orangutans are $55 each or $50 each for a table of 10, including entertainment, a drink on arrival and 2 course meal, and are available from the Eventbrite link on the Facebook page ‘Animal Action Events’ or visit CAPTION: - Aldwyn Altuney, Santa and Thomas Armstrong-Robley prepare for Animal Action Night 2015. Photo by Joyita Sio   Gold Coasters fight to save whales at Animal Action Night this Saturday (31/5) and National Whale Day on Sunday (1/6) 2014-05-28T04:25:15Z gold-coasters-fight-to-save-whales-at-animal-action-night-this-saturday-31-5-and-national-whale-day-on-sunday-1-6 THE first Animal Action Night: Inspiring Action for Whales at Quality Hotel Mermaid Waters on May 31 aims to help save whales off Australian shores as the Japanese prepare to hunt whales again this year despite legal ruling banning it. Animal Action Events founder Aldwyn Altuney organised the fundraiser for Sea Shepherd after watching the movie Blackfish and in response to whaling by the Japanese. It follows seven annual Animal Action Day events, which have raised over $10,000 for different animal charities. The night event comes the day before National Whale Day on June 1, which will include performers, speakers and stalls at the Southport Broadwater Parklands from 9am to 6pm. Sea Shepherd Gold Coast co-ordinator Stephanie Ashton-Walters said at least three Japanese whaling ships were heading back out to whale in Australian southern Antarctic waters from November 2014 to February 2015. “Australia won an International Court of Justice lawsuit against Japan’s whaling program in the southern ocean this year, but Tokyo is still continuing with its hunt,” Ms Ashton-Walters said. “Their three harpoon ships (which hunt the whales) and factory ship (where the whales are killed and processed on board) are in the North Pacific currently. “Despite the ruling in court, the Japanese will continue whaling this season with what they call ‘non-lethal research’ on the basis of supporting an application the following season for a lethal research permit.” Sea Shepherd Australia will monitor Japan’s operations in Antarctica and ensure that no whales are killed off our shores at the end of this year. “We are highly suspicious of their intention to uphold the ruling and will be monitoring them closely,” Ms Ashton-Walters said. “The fuel alone for four of our ships to go out costs about $5 million. We are purely non-profit and non-government funded so we rely entirely on donations to survive.” She said Sea Shepherd stood strong in its stance that whaling was illegal off Australian shores. “We have saved about 5000 whales’ lives in the last 10 years off Australian shores which has led to an increase in the number of whale sightings,” she said. “It is a sanctuary for whales and we need to ensure their survival and family structures are protected. Our goal is to make whaling financially unviable for the Japanese worldwide. There are hundreds of tonnes of whale meat sitting in factories in Japan and people aren’t buying it. The new generation don’t want to eat whale meat.” The Animal Action Night will feature entertainment by Rhythm IV Vision band from Byron Bay Junkyard soul blues performer Benny D Williams and soulful melodic singer songwriter Lauren Napier. Speakers include Stephanie Ashton-Walters, Connect 2 Animals animal communicator Eliza Priddle and Spirit of Gold Coast whale watching cruise director Denise Ryan. MC will be Taflyn Fiola, with welcome and wrap by Aldwyn Altuney. Tickets are $55 for 1 or $50 each for a table of 10 from Eventbrite or Quality Hotel on 5572 2500. National Whale Day festivities on June 1 at the Southport Broadwater Parklands include performances by The Lyrical, Felicity Lawless and Steve Andrews and speakers from 15 different organisations with stalls, including Chay Neal from Animal Liberation and Shane Weat from Coast to Coast Animal Friends. A paddle out will start at 11am for the plastic free event. People are asked to bring drink bottles to fill up at water stations on the day. The event leads into Green Week by Gecko, which will have several events across the Gold Coast during the week. "Together, we can all make a difference for animals," Ms Altuney said. Connect on the Animal Action Events page on Facebook or visit