The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-05-30T22:02:44Z Brisbane trumps Silicone Valley heavy weights 2016-05-30T22:02:44Z brisbane-trumps-silicone-valley-heavy-weights Brisbane based product design and manufacturing firm Evolve Group has won the coveted 2016 Good Design Award of The Year at the annual Good Design awards in Sydney. Hundreds of international companies, including Tesla, Google and Audi were no match for Evolve Group’s entry Flow Hive which cemented their victory. Evolve Group shared the win with Cedar and Stuart Anderson, the inventors of the Flow Hive, an innovative beehive launched last year via crowdfunding. The Flow Hive campaign broke records and went on to sell over $12.4 million USD in just 30 days with Flow Frames now distributed to 128 different countries worldwide.  Evolve Group was responsible for the design for manufacture and design optimisation of the Flow Hive product as well as the end to end fulfilment of the global orders, all from their new product development facility on Brisbane's Southside.  Evolve Group’s Managing Director Ty Hermans said there are so many great opportunities to design award-winning products and preserve manufacturing in Australia, and Evolve Group are revolutionising the industry with their unique approach. “With many manufacturers struggling to keep their doors open, we have continued to grow and are reshaping the manufacturing industry in Australia,” Mr Hermans said. “We have such a rich history of innovation in this country, and there are a lot of great products being designed in Australia but the manufacturing is often completed elsewhere, we are providing Australians with the means to produce their products in Australia and reap the rewards of local manufacturing”.  “The key is concentrating on what we can do well and putting focus on great product design and cutting edge manufacturing technology which will keep Australia's manufacturing future bright,” he said.  Working with customers from beginning to end is what results in Evolves high success rate. “We often start working with a customer right from the lightbulb moment of a new idea, all the way through to manufacturing and successfully launching conventionally or via crowdfunding and ultimately getting it on the shelf of a major retailer anywhere in the world,” Mr Hermans said.  “To date we haven’t partnered on a project that hasn’t been a success and that’s a great feeling.”  Mr Ty Hermans said manufacturing products in Australia is cost effective while contributing to Australian jobs. “It’s very frustrating every time a project is taken offshore before considering getting a local manufacturer to quote on the work,” Mr Hermans said. “We are actually re-shoring jobs that went to China years ago as we demonstrate the many benefits of working with a local supplier that extend far beyond just cheaper part costs.”  Evolve Group was established in 2006 by Ty Hermans, a 33 year old Brisbane based inventor and business person. Evolve won two awards at the 2015 Good Design Awards and were listed as one of BRW’s 50 most innovative companies of 2015.  Specialising in end to end product design, development and manufacturing in Australia at their purpose built facility, Evolve are setting the benchmark for the future of Australian manufacturing. For more information about Evolve Group visit – or TRED Pro Coming Soon to Kickstarter 2015-10-30T10:48:06Z tred-pro-coming-soon-to-kickstarter Launching on Kickstarter 10 November 2015, TRED Pro™ is the world's most advanced and highly engineered all-in-one off road vehicle recovery device. Manufactured in Australia, TRED Pro™ is the result of the most extensive testing and engineering of any product of its kind in the worlds history, TRED Pro™ will out perform any other traction aid in the market. Traditionally plastic recovery ramps and traction boards can fail to engage a moving tyre and suffer damage from wheel spin among other design flaws. Utilising advanced technologies such as 3D scanning and CAD modelling we searched the globe and created a database of the world's biggest brand tyres, their dimensions and tread patterns. TRED Pro™ utilised this data library and extensive destructive material testing to create the hardest wearing and best performing product of its kind. And that’s not all, we have crammed in every other possible design feature and improvement from years of product field testing and refinement into the new TRED Pro™ TRED Pro™ will be available in April 2016 based on successfully achieving the crowd funding goal. Pledge on the TRED Pro Kickstarter Campaign page (Launching 10 November 2015) and help bring TRED Pro™ to life! Visit for more information. The Evolve Group introduces the Plumbspec® Mildred Valve 2014-06-16T23:40:40Z -125 The Evolve Group is thrilled to announce the newest member of Plumbspec® plumbing product range, the Mildred Valve. The Plumbspec® Mildred Valve is an electronic automated safety control valve for internally installed hot water systems. The Plumbspec® Mildred Valve has been designed, engineered, and built right here in Australia to meet the requirements of AS/NZS3500.4:2003 and ATS5200.476. Watermark approved and designed with a plumbers first philosophy, the versatile Plumbspec® Mildred Valve allows for installation on any angle and any height up to 600mm from the safetray floor thanks to the robust contact based sensor trip mechanism. Featuring long-lasting battery operation, there is no requirement for any connection to mains power. The visual and audible alarms will alert the users to multiple trip modes allowing the plumbing professional to easily reset the unit with a single button. When it comes to safety and installation, the Mildred Valve is simply the best device for the plumbing professional. The Plumbspec® Mildred Valve has 1/2” male ends with included copper olives and nuts. Plumbers can install the Mildred Valve straight out of the box using the supplied fittings, or alternatively, it can be modified to the plumber’s preferred way of installation such as flare, plastic, or crox, by fitting the desired fitting to adapt. The Plumbspec® Mildred Valve is yet another innovative product solution by the Evolve Group and forms a part of the Plumbspec® plumbing product series. For more information please visit or call +61 7 3283 1196.