The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-02-25T01:17:31Z Online StartUp Ready To Help Scientists in Asia Save 2016-02-25T01:17:31Z online-startup-ready-to-help-scientists-in-asia-save LabFriend, an online start-up company founded in Sydney Australia has recently opened two new web stores in Malaysia and Singapore with the aim of helping South East Asia's scientists and research organizations save on quality laboratory equipment. LabFriend offers high quality lab products from over 360 brands letting customers order directly online, create formal quotes in seconds, compare products across brands, seek technical advice in real time via the Live-chat feature and many more time saving features traditionally not easily accessible. Perhaps the biggest advantage for these research organisations is the cost savings LabFriend is able to offer by being a 100% online business."After launching LabFriend Australia in 2013, almost overnight we started receiving inquiries from Asia. We don’t want these customer to miss out on all the advantages LabFriend can offer. Thousands of Australian scientists have benefited from the LabFriend prices and features and now research organizations in Singapore and Kuala Malaysia can too!” says Karl Wyzenbeek, the founder of LabFriend. Both the Singapore and Malaysian web-stores are supported by local customer service agents and offer products for sale in local currency. All products are covered by a minimum 1 year warranty and are brand new from the manufacturer. Since launch, LabFriend has shipped over 28,000 products to the Australian scientific community. With laboratory equipment stretching into hundreds of thousands dollars to purchase, the online model reduces many of the traditional costs layers that previously got passed from manufacturer to importer to distributor and then to the end user. Access to funding and grants is large hurdle for scientists looking to conduct research. LabFriend aims to make that hurdle lower."We are optimistic that we will receive the same positive response in Malaysia and Singapore that we have seen in Australia. We are constantly looking for new and creative ways to help scientists save time and money. We are close to launching a new rewards system that we think customers are going to love and we have many exciting developments already in the pipeline that will deliver even bigger time and cost savings." says Karl. Scientists and research organisations in Malaysia can try LabFriend Malaysia by visiting:  The web address for scientists and research organizations located in Singapore is: LabFriend Wins Fastest Growing Startup 2015 at StartUpSmart Awards 2015-04-20T05:17:13Z labfriend-wins-fastest-growing-startup-2015-at-startupsmart-awards The StartUpSmart Awards recognize the most innovative and fastest-growing new businesses in Australia. Categories awarded in 2015 included Best Startup Idea, Best New Startup, Best Regional Startup, Best Social Entrepreneur, Best Disruptor, Startup Hero, Fastest Growing Startup, and Best Startup. LabFriend, an Australian online business designed to assist scientists save money on high quality laboratory equipment and consumables was selected as the winner of Fastest Growing Startup 2015. LabFriend offers customers from the scientific industry over 360 brands and 30,000+ items to cover all of their essential lab requirements with an emphasis on reducing the amount of time and effort required to purchase quality lab gear and offer globally competitive pricing on equipment to Australian based customers. Since starting in 2014, LabFriend has rapidly grown to supply many of the major Australian research organisations and has also diversified into industrial supply (IndustryFriend). 1000+ Online Customers in Under 12 months! 2014-09-03T01:16:57Z 1000-online-customers-in-under-12-months According to the ABC, a survey of government spending in 2013 saw Australia spend 0.67% of total annual budget on “general research”. As the squeeze on funding for scientific research and development tightens, scientists and researchers are looking to make every dollar count and every cent stretch as far as possible. The Australian Research Council, via their ‘Discovery’, ‘Linkage’ and ‘ERA’ programs, is responsible for how the funding of these research opportunities is allocated however competition for these grants is fierce and every year only a limited number of grants can be awarded. "Typically, Australian research relies upon government grants to fund the purchase of laboratory equipment and consumables," says Karl Wyzenbeek, Managing Director of LabFriend. "LabFriend works to ensure that our customers can purchase the best quality equipment at internationally competitive prices even with a small grant,” says Karl.  Last month the team at LabFriend celebrated over 1000 registered customers. An amazing milestone for the business which is only 12 months old. The goal of LabFriend to enable researchers who know what they need, but have limited resources, to save time and money purchasing laboratory equipment. “We know that research grants and funding are going down, but expectations remain as high as ever, putting pressure on scientists and researchers to do more, with less resources” said Anna Peppou of Sales and Marketing. LabFriend makes these high quality laboratory products cheaper and faster to purchase “Having all of the products online allows us to build the website up as a knowledge base for product information.” says Matias Biondi, Sales and Customer Service. “With enough information, most questions are answered before they’re even asked.” A standout achievement of LabFriend has also been the response from customers to their unique online customer service model. “There is so much information available to customer service team, including, documentation, videos and alternative products, which in turn allows us to find the best possible item for the job and to make accurate recommendations” Matias said. The team at LabFriend go out of their way to ensure customers need not look any further than the LabFriend website or can find the answers by contact the LabFriend team. “We’re called LabFRIEND for a reason. And our motto is ‘We love Science’. Our priority is to make outfitting a laboratory as simple and easy, and friendly, as possible.” Having signed up over 1000 registered users in less than 12 months, it is their customers who are truly fueling their success. With a smart eye on the market, and a true understanding of their customers’ needs, LabFriend hopes to continue growing and providing quality solutions to researchers all over the world. Kia Ora! LabFriend laboratory equipment online launches in New Zealand 2014-06-20T05:10:20Z kia-ora-labfriend-laboratory-equipment-online-launches-in-new-zealand Australian based start up LabFriend has just opened  offering New Zealand scientists and research laboratories a way to save on high quality scientific equipment, laboratory equipment and lab consumable items directly in New Zealand by shopping online.The LabFriend New Zealand website provides customers in New Zealand looking for laboratory equipment an easy and fast way to shop for equipment online without the traditional hassles. New Zealand scientists will be able to take advantage of the instant quote functions, browse pricing, and Live Chat with LabFriend's customer service team without having to register or pick up the phone. "We always planned to enter New Zealand. We just wanted to make sure that when we did we had our systems in place so that the researchers in New Zealand could enjoy the same savings Australian research organisations who have been enjoying for the last 12 months" said Karl Wyzenbeek, Managing Director of LabFriend.Research organisations in New Zealand have experienced the price disadvantages that Australian research organisations endured prior to LabFriend entering the market in mid 2013. Over 360 brands and 30,000 products are available to the New Zealand market, and the site operates in New Zealand dollars to make purchasing straightforward.  "Our model is about giving our customers a local choice with easy to read information available" , says Wyzenbeek. The official launch date for LabFriend New Zealand was the 18th of June 2014, and Wyzenbeek says that they are already starting to receive positive response. "This is a really exciting move for us, and we cant wait to help New Zealand researchers begin saving!".   To learn more about LabFriend, or to visit their new New Zealand web store visit or As Budget Cuts Strike Australian Research, A New Start-up called ‘LabFriend’ Helps Scientists Still Get Results 2014-06-10T01:39:12Z as-looming-budget-cuts-hit-australian-research-a-new-start-up-called-labfriend-helps-scientist-get-the-results-they-need Labfriend, a new Australian online start up offering high quality laboratory equipment is changing the buying habits of scientists and turning an industry on its head. A Finalist in the ‘Best New Start-Up 2014’ awarded by StartUp Smart Australia, and nominee for Telstra Business Awards 2014, Labfriend is helping scientists stay within thier budget and deliver results. Sydney, NSW, Australia June 6, 2014 - Labfriend has drawn industry attention due the significant cost reductions on previously expensive laboratory equipment. At a time when Federal Budget cuts loom large and appear set to directly target Australia’s premier research institutes including the CSIRO, the timely entry of Labfriend into the Australian scientific marketplace has been well received. “Australian scientists compete globally to deliver results, but are working against  shrinking budgets and restricted access to funding. The costs of conducting research in Australia and the resources required are huge, and the pressure on Australian scientists to deliver results is greater than ever. Labfriend developed out of a need to tackle these issues and in doing so, we have changed the way the marketplace for lab equipment operates and thinks” said Karl Wyzenbeek, Managing Director of Labfriend. Labfriend says it now has over 360 brands and 30,000 products available for sale online. All of the products display live prices and stock availability without requiring visitors to register. Scientists who visit Labfriend, can compare pricing and request instant formal quotes through the website without having to pick up the phone. Researchers can also consult with Labfriends customer service team online with their LiveChat feature. “Requesting & receiving your formal quote takes less than 5 seconds” says Wyzenbeek.  To keep their prices low, Labfriend developed a complex web automation process that links their website directly to overseas suppliers. Other automated steps throughout the business help keep costs low in an effort to pass the savings through to the research institutes. "We want Information and control to be in the hands of the user wherever possible", says Wyzenbeek. 'time spent trying to chase quotes and pricing could be time better spent trying to get results".  LabFriend’s lean business model has been very effective in reducing the cost of quality laboratory equipment and supplies. To date, over 2000 orders have been placed online with Labfriend, who are also planning to launch a new website in New Zealand plus other markets before the end of the year. By creating not only a local but cheaper alternative for quality equipment, Australian researchers are provided more choice when thee are working not only achieve results but also to stay within budget. The ability to visit Labfriend, view prices and place orders in seconds without disrupting daily work is just one of the many benefits this new Start-up is providing the market. Labfriend plans to introduce more new features and cost saving practices in the near future so that even with the looming Federal Budget cuts to Australian Research organisations, the impact upon actual research can be reduced.  To learn more about Labfriend, visit About LabFriend Pty Ltd Labfriend was founded in 2013 as an alternative to traditional bricks and mortar distributors with the aim of developing an online platform that could deliver the world’s leading quality brands of scientific equipment at a lower price. LabFriend is an Australian owned organisation, with head office located in Sydney Australia.