The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-05-01T03:15:10Z YummyMummy Fitness Detox Comes to the UK 2017-05-01T03:15:10Z yummymummy-fitness-detox-comes-to-the-uk Have you been feeling exhausted lately, despite adequate sleep? Have you strayed from your healthy diet plan and are now experiencing digestive problems? Then the YummyMummy Fitness Detox programme is for you.  Completed and loved by thousands of mums – YummyMummy Fitness knows how to put together the most incredible detox plans!   One of the reasons why you may consider a detox programme is the need to lose weight. Since this diet lays a lot of emphasis on nutritionally rich food plus exercising, you will definitely lose weight when on a detox eating plan. With the many problems associated with weight gain, it is important to put preventive measures in place. Changing your diet to a detox one may well prove the best decision you made in your life.   The YummyMummy Fitness one-week meal plan is the detox that will help you feel reenergised, healthy, cleansed and lighter this spring. You will feel amazing, clear up your skin, heal your body from the inside out and lose up to 6kg of unwanted weight. YummyMummy Fitness will send you a seven-day meal plan packed with delicious meals – eat yummy food and get all the results you expect to get from a detox along the way!   Once purchased, you will receive the YummyMummy Fitness detox, along with instructions and explanations, and you can also join the private YummyMummy Detox Facebook group where you can interact with other mummies who are starting it along side you, asking questions and sharing your seven day journey to feeling awesome!   Detox diets are gaining a lot of attention these days. More and more people are turning to them because of their many benefits. The word detox is an abbreviation for detoxification, which means removal of dietary and environmental toxins from your body. A detox diet is for the purpose to remove all toxins caused from wrong food intake.   So, to find out more please visit the YummyMummy Fitness website at     YummyMummy Fitness Comes To The UK 2017-02-22T02:32:27Z yummymummy-fitness-comes-to-the-uk During the cold winter months it is very hard to find the motivation to lose weight and get fit, and most of us are just too busy anyway. However, now that we have the fabulous YummyMummy Fitness regimes right here in the UK, we can embark on a plan to increase our overall well-being with their delicious, family friendly meal plans and 15 minute Workout Videos, especially for mums. YummyMummy Fitness have three plans for time-poor mums and the first is their quick and easy Detox, One Week Weight Loss plan. These One Week Detox Meal plans will leave mums feeling incredible and full of energy, with the added benefit of incredible weight loss, and the average weight losses per one week plan are 3-6.5 kg. Completed and loved by thousands of mums, the YummyMummy Fitness Detox turned into a best seller within days of its launch. Everyone receives a seven day meal plan packed with delicious meals and will experience all the results expected from a detox along the way, as well as being part of their amazing online support group. Secondly, the YummyMummy Fitness Mini Shape Up gives mums four weeks of intense weight loss and toning, with instant results. When they have their nutrition and exercise perfectly balanced, they can achieve some amazing results, and with the right amount of support and motivation added in, they will be thrilled with the things they can do and achieve. The Mini Shape Up is a training programme that will leave mums feeling great, providing them with weekly challenges, Simone’s weekly mindset emails and contact with an amazing online group of mums who are all on the same journey. Similarly, the Big Shape Up is an eight week lifestyle change, resulting in weight loss and fitness. This plan has been completed by over 10,000 mums across the world, providing that it offers the right mix between guidance, support and ‘feel good’ to help mums to achieve much more than just ‘weight loss’. Mums will also gain confidence, make friends and have fun along the way. Most women say this programme changed their life. So, for all those mums in the United Kingdom who are looking for some inspiration during the winter months, they should visit the website at . Welcome In The Summer In Europe With The Yummymummy Fitness Big Shape Up 2016-04-29T04:14:18Z welcome-in-the-summer-in-europe-with-the-yummymummy-fitness-big-shape-up As New Zealand mums prepare to don their leg-warmers and step up their fitness regime for the winter, mums in the UK and Europe are looking forward to welcoming in the Northern summer. With this in mind, Simone of YummyMummy Fitness is recommending their Big Shape Up which can be accessed at . The YummyMummy Fitness Big Shape Up set-up process is the most personalised of all their group programmes and their fitness trainers look at their mums’ goals and put each programme together individually. They are very upfront about this as they want their mums to reach their goals as quickly as possible, while taking into consideration their holistic, health focused approach. At YummyMummy Fitness they believe that the best way to make long term lifestyle changes is to educate about the very basics of a healthy, nutritious diet – the ABC of weight loss. Their meal plans are simple and delicious, helping mums to make changes that their entire family enjoy while mums lose weight along the way. This is NOT a simple ‘follow this meal plan’ programme – it is about education, support and providing an environment that is both motivating and encouraging – the FEEL GOOD programme as their clients call it The exercise segment of The Big Shape Up is individually adjustable depending on how much time mums have and what their goals are. Everyone receives training programmes to be completed at home in their own time and no equipment is needed apart from a good pair of training shoes. For those who prefer guidance and an extra push they can book into the virtual classes or use the recorded classes from the YummyMummy Fitness database. The support in this programme is the key. Mums will be part of their Big Shape Up group’s secret Facebook page where they can motivate, support and inspire each other. YMF also have a large team of trainers and support crew who do all they can to support mums on their journey if they have chosen the base programme with trainer support. They will have an allocated trainer who they contact once a week for a progress report and she will make sure everyone is on track to reach their goals and offer advice if they aren’t. For further information on YummyMummy Fitness and all their fitness programmes, please visit the website at . Yummymummy Fitness Detox Programme Proving A Huge Success 2016-03-28T22:45:54Z yummymummy-fitness-detox-programme-proving-a-huge-success Completed and loved by hundreds of mums, the YummyMummy Fitness detox programme has turned into their best seller within days of its launch. This one-week meal plan is the detox that mums have fallen in love with and that they find they can repeat over and over when they feel the need to do so. Mums receive a seven-day meal plan packed with delicious meals which means they can eat yummy food and get all the results they expect to get from a detox along the way. Once purchased mums receive the YummyMummy Fitness detox along with instructions and explanations on why they have split their detox into three stages. They are also added to the private YummyMummy Detox Facebook group where they can interact with other mummies who are starting it alongside them. There, they can ask questions and share their seven-day journey to feeling awesome. The YummyMummy detox programme consists of three main meals and two snacks each day with a ‘back to basics’ approach.  This detox will help mums lose up to 5.5kg during the first week due to natural detoxing and controlled portion sizes, as well as set them up for a healthy diet going forward.  The detox is split into three stages, each stage playing an important part in the detoxing process. The YummyMummy Fitness team believe in education and key learning stages on the journey to wellbeing, and have fashioned a programme that will easily fit in with the family. The programme has no fancy or expensive ingredients and is breastfeeding friendly. Already, the YummyMummy Fitness website as ‘over the moon’ mums singing their praises. “Yay just finished day 7 & lost 5.4kg! I feel absolutely amazing, full of energy and best of all I wasn’t hungry at all! This was the perfect kick start and my whole family LOVED the meals!” “WOW Day 2 and I have lost 1.1kg! No new blisters on my hands today so that is amazing!! Healing to take place now! I had issues with my hands similar to you Simone, and for the last 6 weeks I thought they would clear up at some stage, and what do you know, after 3 days of your detox they are finally starting to heal! Never thought my diet was the cause.” “I feel amazing and I’ve had these spots on my face for a couple of months that just wouldn’t go away – 3 days of this and they are almost all gone! Plus I’ve lost 2.1kgs which is everything I put on over the holidays. I also always had a bit of a funny tummy which I don’t have now, so will be interesting to see what I react to!” For more information on YummyMummy Fitness and their services please go to . YummyMummy Fitness Now Feature Meal Plans On Their Website 2016-02-28T23:16:41Z yummymummy-fitness-now-feature-meal-plans-on-their-website The fabulous YummyMummy Fitness team have come up with a detox programme and a range of meal plans for all those mums out there who are seeking to lose weight and get fit in 2016. Meal planning is one of those things that will make all the different to the way we eat: however is very time intensive and what are we meant to be eating anyway? The YummyMummy Fitness weekly meal plans are sent out on a Wednesday for the coming week which gives mums plenty of time for shopping – they have a full shopping list, meals for seven days (Dinners for the whole family @ two adults plus one to two kids) - plus some optional extras – and they use in-season ingredients, family faves and a wide variety of meals from your classic Kiwi faves to Mediterranean classics, Asian stir fries, Indian curries and much more. Basic healthy nutritious meals while aiming at spending as little time in the kitchen as possible (We are all busy right?) Each week’s plan covers breakfast, lunch, dinner plus two snacks and water intake. These weekly meal plans are vegetarian friendly, family friendly and breastfeeding and pregnancy friendly. Mums can choose between three options for themselves (while their family can continue to eat a weight maintenance diet): ◦Fast weight loss (approx. 1 – 1.5kg per week) ◦Moderate weight loss (approx. 500-800g per week) ◦Weight Maintenance The YummyMummy Fitness ladies also advise that mums kick start their healthy weight loss journey with this detox – no fasting or juice diet! Proper food with a holistic approach to detoxing. Three main meals and two snacks each day. Mums can also join the Private Detox Facebook group to share their journey through this and ask questions. Back to basics and then slowly build back up – this detox will help mums lose up to 5.5kg during the first week due to natural detoxing and controlled portion sizes, as well as set them up for a healthy diet going forward.  The detox is split into three stages, each stage playing an important part in the detoxing process. The YummyMummy Fitness team believe in education and key learning stages on the journey to wellbeing, and have fashioned a programme that will easily fit in with the family. The programme has no fancy or expensive ingredients and is breastfeeding friendly. For more information please visit the website at .   Yummymummy Fitness Inner Health Shape Up Can Be Done From Anywhere In The World 2016-01-29T02:54:14Z yummymummy-fitness-inner-health-shape-up-can-be-done-from-anywhere-in-the-world As we enter into the New Year, possibly with the excesses of Christmas and New Year’s Eve taking their toll, the YummyMummy Fitness team ask the question, “How healthy is your body really?” The start of 2016 is a really good time to consider our inner health, which is always going to contribute to the state of our general wellbeing and fitness. The YummyMummy Fitness Inner Health Shape Up programme can be done from anywhere in the world and as they say, “Let us take you on an eight week journey to a healthy YOU from the inside out!” Starting with a detox the team will be focussing on gut health during this shape up, teaching people all about a diet that promotes healthy bacteria and good digestion, for health and weight loss. One of the most important parts of the Inner Health Shape Up is detoxing our body to support a balanced gut, and adding dairy based live cultures and fermented food to our daily diet. The YummyMummy Fitness team show us – what is it, where to get it and how to make it ourselves. This Eight Week programme focusing on inner health starts with a detox, followed by seven weeks of learning all about gut health, how it affects our entire body, food intolerances and allergies and how to add live cultures to our daily diet. The Inner Health Shape Up kicks off on Monday, 8th February; however there are limited spaces available. This programme includes weight loss and exercise set up and programmes as well as 24/7 Trainer Support and weekly check ins with one of YummyMummy Fitness’ trainers. They advise that all materials required for their weekly food topic can be purchased as their starter kit at a special rate before kick-off. The Inner Health Shape Up programme is only $199 or $30 per week on a payment plan ($240 total). Programme plus unlimited virtual classes $279 or $40 per week on a payment plan ($320 total). The YummyMummy Fitness philosophy is to make health and weight management easier for mums by making it a lifestyle. Mums can lose weight, tone and build a base fitness and strength, while feeling motivated and inspired by their interaction with other mums. For more information on the Inner Health Shape Up please visit and for all YummyMummy Fitness programmes at . Yummymummy Fitness Showcases Their New Programmes 2015-12-17T04:40:49Z yummymummy-fitness-showcases-their-new-programmes From the minute we become a mum, we tend to start putting our new baby first and ourselves to the very end of the list of priorities. Suddenly we find ourselves having to decide whether to shower or eat in those precious 15 minutes we might get to ourselves. Putting on make-up, doing our hair or reading a book can suddenly completely vanish from our day to day life and all that seems to matter for a while is feeding baby, changing nappies and getting baby to sleep. The YummyMummy Fitness programmes have changed the way women think about themselves and their bodies, before, during and after pregnancy, and they have now come up with three new programmes to help mums with their fitness to an even greater extent. Their Prenatal programme  is about to go up on their website and their new DIY Shape Up programmes  and are already up and running. The first is their 6-Week Challenge which is ideal for those who want to lose up to 7kg, working on a base fitness and strength level or intensifying someone’s current exercise regime. All they need to do is book a spot into their preferred starting date and fill out the YummyMummy Fitness Pre-Screen form.  A few days prior to starting they will send out a questionnaire to find out all that is necessary for them to set the client up to achieve their very own goals. The Mini Shape Up is an online based programme and can be done anywhere in the world. For those who are close to any of YummyMummy Fitness’s Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin or Invercargill based Bootcamp and Boxing Bootcamp classes then these can be added to the programme. For all mums who have tried it all and nothing works; for mums who love being part of a group and thrive with support and accountability; for mums who want to know how amazing it feels when they reach their goals and for mums across the world, YummyMummy Fitness currently have mums in New Zealand, the UK, US, Australia and Germany successfully completing their programmes. The Big Shape Up is a 12 week Fitness & Weight Loss programme that is perfectly balanced between nutrition and exercise, heavily focusing on education and motivation, setting goals and following a programme that is designed for people’s individual needs, achieving, succeeding, being inspired and inspiring others. This programme offers 84 days that could change someone’s life forever by teaching them how healthy weight loss works, how their body reacts to food and how exercise changes the way they feel about themselves. For more information on these and all the other programmes available please go to . Yummy Mummy Fitness Hits Invercargill 2014-06-22T23:48:32Z yummy-mummy-fitness-hits-invercargill YummyMummy Fitness offer a complete programme that covers all the areas needed for a healthy lifestyle change with fun and engaging activities that teach women how to make exercise a joyful part of their day and they have now come to Invercargill. At YummyMummy Fitness they believe that weight loss is achieved when the balance between nutrition and exercise is perfectly balanced as exercise alone does not guarantee weight loss. Invercargill-ites can now take advantage of the YummyMummy Fitness popular and super successful Big Shape Up (12 Week Challenge) which can be completed with added group fitness classes  in Invercargill or online for those who prefer to do all of the training in their own time. This programme is for those who would like to learn about healthy nutrition for the entire family, lose weight, get in great shape and have lots of fun with the YummyMummy awesome online community supporting them. People can choose between completing one of the 3 parts: Kickstarter, Maintainer and Challenger. The Mini Shape Up is the baby version of the Big Shape up being 6 weeks long. This is a short and intense programme and mums can lose between 5 – 10kg and work on their base fitness and strength. This Shape Up is great for those who are after smaller weight losses – or mums can use it as a warm up for one of the YummyMummy Fitness Big Shape Ups. It is not as complex and involved as the Big Shape Up but offers the same amount of support, nutrition help and training programs to help mums reach their goals. This programme can be done online or with added group classes. YummyMummy now offer their two popular group fitness classes, Bootcamp and boxing classes, in Invercargill. All classes can be attended by all women and are child friendly which means mums are most welcome to bring along their baby, toddler or school aged kids but they can also attend on their own. For those mums who prefer to work with one of the YummyMummy Fitness trainers on a one on one basis, personal training is their best option. At YummyMummy Fitness they will help set goals and then set mums up to achieve those – covering nutrition as well as all of their training programs and supporting them throughout their journey. They are very results focused and have all systems in place to help mums achieve the goals they set. For more information please visit their website at .