The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-12-01T12:16:46Z A new Zebra in town providing Social Media Management Services for Small Business 2017-12-01T12:16:46Z a-new-zebra-in-town-providing-social-media-management-services-for-small-business ThreePoints Creative, an Australian owned and operated Creative Services firm based in Brisbane, provides unique Professional Social Media Services at Affordable Prices to Small Businesses. The Small Business owner is one of the most hard working contributors to the economy.  Anyone who has run a small business knows all too well the routine - getting up early, working late, not getting it all done and too busy to take holidays. Running your small business can be all-consuming and comes with high level of responsibility and sometimes a 24-7 commitment .   No surprise that at times it may feel like your business is running your life.  The long working hours quickly become the new normal and before you realise it, could impact your health and your life in general in a negative way. This is where ThreePoints Creative comes in.  We give the Small Business owner the gift of time by removing the need to spend time and effort on Social Media.  By doing so, the Small Business owner increases the chance of reaching more potential customers which in turn would lead to an increase in Sales.  A range of practical Social Media Management Services are offered as standard and, of course, we can adapt and work with the needs of each individual business.   The difference we bring is a distinctive combination of decades of  business experience combined with the latest specialised technical Industry Tools that allows us to make advanced capabilities of Social Media easily accessible to the Small Business owner .  ThreePoints Creative can be contacted via their website at New Scalable Agile Framework training provides better outcomes to companies with complex projects. 2016-01-09T11:01:30Z new-scalable-agile-framework-training-provides-better-outcomes-to-companies-with-complex-projects ThreePoints, an Australia & New Zealand based Technology & Services firm, expands their training and consulting services to help companies adopt, transform and scale their business with Agile Development methodologies. “Our training sessions are different.  It’s not theoretical info repeated in a classroom with little consideration for what happens in reality”,  says ThreePoints Director, Martin Rajcok.  He explains further “because our trainers also provide Project Management services to companies on complex Software Development projects, they are able to better relate the training to real world situations and challenges.  This means the training course attendees learns how to manage reality the very moment when they have completed our training sessions.” From 2016, ThreePoints’ certified trainers now also offer training on Lead­ing SAFe, SAFe ScrumXP for Teams, SAFe Prod­uct Owner Quickstart and SAFe Scrum­Mas­ter Quickstart.  More details on this and additional training is published on their website (  The new training courses compliments the existing training and coaching / consulting services by creating alignment of People, Processes and Technology as a core to build and optimize a lasting frame­work to grow busi­nesses with speed and quality.   About ThreePoints ThreePoints implements and manages technology so their clients can focus on running their business to maximize revenue.  Our training courses, coaching and consulting brings together solutions to help companies adopt, transform and scale their business with Agile Development. ThreePoints can be contacted by email at or visit their website for more information at