The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2010-03-17T00:30:00Z NetIQ extends benefits of IT Process Automation to VMware environments 2010-03-17T00:30:00Z netiq-extends-benefits-of-it-process-automation-to-vmware-environments NetIQ Corporation today announced the extension of NetIQ Aegis to VMware environments. By extending IT process automation and delivering integrated virtual-physical management and control, NetIQ Aegis helps organisations mitigate the risks of operational cost overruns, while enforcing consistency between virtual and physical management processes. Boris Ivancic, regional director, Asia Pacific, NetIQ, said, “Companies worldwide are increasingly turning to virtualisation to cut costs and improve efficiency however, without effective management and control virtualisation can introduce administrative burdens and increase organisational risk. Basic management tools aren’t flexible enough to deliver the required level of integrated control, so by extending IT process automation to include virtual environments NetIQ is helping customers integrate virtual environments with existing change processes and management technologies. Ultimately customers will be able to ensure the cost savings, service delivery improvements and efficiency gains they’re looking for in virtualisation.”NetIQ Aegis allows VMware administrators to design workflows based on existing practices, standardise execution of technical policies and security settings, and automate snapshot management. Featuring out-of-the-box integration with ticketing systems, such as BMC Remedy, Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs) and other enterprise management tools, NetIQ Aegis allows IT operations to gain greater control of virtual environments, integrate virtual-physical management and reduce storage costs so that they can focus on core business priorities.NetIQ Aegis allows organisations to create workflows based upon their existing processes, as opposed to one-size-fits-all automation. Easily modifiable workflow templates are also provided to:Enable snapshot request and management – allows end-users to request, review and remove snapshots as required to minimise storage requirements.Convert templates to virtual machines – provides administrators with a repeatable approach to maintaining and patching templates to reduce manual effort.Find orphaned VMDK files – enables administrators to quickly identify orphaned files resulting from virtual machine removal to reduce disk usage.Execute virtual machine request and management – captures requests with an easy-to-use email template to automate provisioning and management. Availability and PricingNetIQ Aegis and the NetIQ Aegis Adapter for VMware vCenter Server are available worldwide today. List pricing for NetIQ Aegis begins at AU $27,000. For information, visit NetIQ names Ron Milton as vice president of customer value realisation 2010-02-24T00:41:00Z netiq-names-ron-milton-as-vice-president-of-customer-value-realisation NetIQ, an Attachmate business, today announced that Ron Milton has joined NetIQ as vice president of customer value realisation. Milton will lead the global delivery of NetIQ’s professional services, technical support, product line sales engineering, education and training programs and NetIQ’s online communities, helping to align these elements of solution delivery that make NetIQ customers successful.Jay Gardner, senior vice president and general manager, NetIQ. Said, “Ron is a tremendous asset to the NetIQ organisation, having worked with a vast array of senior executives and industry thought leaders throughout his career. With his extensive expertise in determining customer needs and how they evolve, Ron will be instrumental in how NetIQ shapes solutions, service offerings and educational opportunities for our NetIQ community.”Prior to a fifteen-year tenure with IDG, Milton served as vice president and partner at GLA Computer Systems, a software developer and channel integrator. He also spent time in various channel management, marketing and field sales positions at Bull HN Information Systems. Along with his extensive industry background, Milton has been recognised with a 10-year special achievement award from the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) global board of directors. Milton also served as a founding board member for Storage Networking World, created the Premier 100 awards and education program, and is a current member of both SNIA and the Cloud Computing/Cloud Storage Initiative. Milton noted that, “One of NetIQ’s primary objectives is to enable customers to gain the maximum value possible from their solutions. NetIQ’s customers initially choose our products to solve a specific problem, not knowing they can address other challenges that may arise over time. I plan to help our customers get that additional value and further build upon the success they have had with their NetIQ investments.” NetIQ signs up CSC and RMIT for VoIP management solution 2009-08-05T01:50:02Z netiq-signs-up-csc-and-rmit-for-voip-management-solution NetIQ, an Attachmate business has signed on two new enterprise customers to its VoIP management solution, in what the company says is a trend towards VoIP adoption in the ANZ region. CSC and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) have both begun implementations of NetIQ AppManager as part of their IP Telephony rollouts.RMIT will use NetIQ AppManager to support 7,500 phones across all of its campuses, while leading ICT solutions company, CSC will use NetIQ AppManager to strengthen the networks of its VoIP customers.According to NetIQ’s Regional Director, Asia Pacific, Boris Ivancic, businesses in Australia and New Zealand have become significant users of VoIP technology during 2009.“We’ve noticed that the market for VoIP solutions is bigger throughout the Asia Pacific region than the US and Europe, where security and IT Process Automation continue to be our most sought after offerings. Our local implementations are also significant in scale - organisations such as RMIT are installing huge IP Telephony networks and they understand the only way to experience real benefits from this technology is to have a strong management system in place. We’ve also signed on a major financial services company that is implementing the solution to manage an IP Telephony network of 8,500 phones in Australia.”NetIQ AppManager is used to support more than one million VoIP enabled phones worldwide, spanning the four leading infrastructure vendors; Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft and Nortel. It provides a comprehensive solution for managing, securing, diagnosing and analysing the performance and availability of VoIP, to ensure Quality of Service (QoS) for end users.Local NetIQ customer and IT Solutions company, Gen-i believes the VoIP market has matured enough that organisations are more comfortable to introduce the technology. Ron Murray, ICT Outsourcing Business Manager at Gen-i elaborates, “We’re being approached by large enterprises in particular to implement or manage their converged voice and data networks. For example, we use NetIQ AppManager to support a large bank with over 300 branches in the ANZ region, which has 7,500 phones, a VoIP solution, and video and audio conferencing capabilities. Working with such large customers, it’s critical to have a functional solution like NetIQ to pinpoint exactly which branches or offices are experiencing issues and gain insight into potential problems.”Responding to this growth in VoIP adoption, NetIQ has recently appointed VoIP specialist and former Nortel engineer Allen Young as a senior consultant. Regional Director, Boris Ivancic continued, “Young is a real asset to our local team, and his vast knowledge of the VoIP space will help our customers get the most out of their IP Telephony deployments. “Despite the growing interest in VoIP, we still find that many enterprises aren’t familiar with how to prepare and manage their network to support the technology. Without proper analysis and visibility into your network you’ll never be able to give end users the level of voice service that they’re traditionally used to. However, the success we’ve recently had with companies like CSC and RMIT suggests that awareness of these issues is beginning to spread.”A recent survey by NetIQ on trends in converged voice and data found that only six percent of the 400 global respondents intended to monitor and measure usage trends, leaving administrators unable to collect productivity metrics and optimise quality of experience (QoE).About NetIQNetIQ, an Attachmate business, is a global leader in systems and security management. With more than 12,000 customers in over 60 countries, NetIQ solutions maximise technology investments and enable IT process improvements to achieve measurable cost savings. For more information on NetIQ’s portfolio of award-winning products for IT Process Automation, Systems Management, Security Management, Configuration Audit and Control, Enterprise Administration and Unified Communications Management, please visit HAMBS gets a healthy report with NetIQ AppManager 2009-06-29T23:52:20Z hambs-gets-a-healthy-report-with-netiq-appmanager Melbourne, 30 June 2009 – NetIQ, an Attachmate business, has announced that Adelaide based company HAMBS has successfully implemented NetIQ AppManager for improved visibility into its customer networks, which support close to 1,500 end users.HAMBS is a co-operative company currently comprised of 23 Private Health Insurers across Australia. It provides a health fund management application for members, along with related IT services and application hosting. HAMBS will use NetIQ AppManager to monitor its members’ IT infrastructures, increasing response time to events and its ability to produce detailed reports in line with service level agreements (SLA).As Stuart Brown, technical services manager at HAMBS, explains, being a co-operative company means customer service is critical to the business’ ability to provide a cost effective service. “If a member of the group goes elsewhere for fund management software, the price of our service increases for the remaining members. To avoid such a scenario we’re constantly fine-tuning our service and applications.“Until recently our reports were based on exceptions. Using NetIQ AppManager to monitor our members’ networks means we can now maintain their infrastructures more proactively, and free up personnel to concentrate on other responsibilities. NetIQ AppManager allows us to easily create knowledge scripts that automate repetitive tasks, such as managing connections to terminal servers, so that resources can be directed elsewhere.“This is only the tip of the iceberg, we’re still refining our scripts and expect to find a magnitude of ways to benefit from NetIQ AppManager. Our goal is to tailor the solution to provide monthly reports to members that are delivered in a manner they can easily understand. This is something we’re not far from achieving,” said Mr Brown. NetIQ AppManager is a comprehensive systems management solution that assists with monitoring, analysis, reporting, diagnostics and resolution. It provides greater control over the IT environment through automated detection and deployment, which provides end-to-end service visibility and pre-empts downtime.NetIQ’s regional director, Asia Pacific, Boris Ivancic, said, “HAMBS is a perfect example of how customers can leverage our comprehensive systems management solutions to achieve huge business efficiencies. More and more organisations are realising that to offer end users the best experience and maintain business productivity, it is critical to have real-time visibility into your IT infrastructure. NetIQ allows its customers to go a step further than this by providing the ability to automate procedures around network events, so that resources can focus on more strategic activity.”About AttachmateAttachmate delivers advanced software for terminal emulation, application integration, and secure communications. Our NetIQ business provides solutions for automating IT processes and managing the performance, security, and compliance of your distributed IT. With our technologies, more than 65,000 businesses worldwide are putting their IT assets to work in new and meaningful ways. Attachmate has been helping businesses extend, manage, and secure their IT investments for more than 26 years. Headquartered in Seattle, Wash., Attachmate has offices and partners all over the globe. We are widely recognised for our innovative products, easy business transactions, and exceptional customer service. NetIQ advances change detection and user monitoring to reduce corporate data loss 2009-04-21T14:00:00Z netiq-advances-change-detection-and-user-monitoring-to-reduce-corporate-data-loss To help organisations protect critical systems, files and data, NetIQ Corporation has announced the NetIQ Change Guardian family of products. Previously an integrated feature set of NetIQ Security Manager, Change Guardian solutions are now available worldwide as individual offerings. As a vendor agnostic product set, NetIQ Change Guardian completes major security information and event management (SIEM) solutions offered by both NetIQ and third parties. With enhanced real-time monitoring of file and privileged user activity, and powerful change detection features, NetIQ Change Guardian greatly reduces the risk of malicious activity and supports comprehensive data protection initiatives. NetIQ’s regional director, Asia Pacific, Boris Ivancic, said that the number of high profile security incidents happening over seas has brought change detection and user monitoring into focus for local businesses. “The availability of NetIQ Change Guardian as a standalone product group is a brand new concept for us. It’s a direct response to an increased concern from local customers about how best to manage threats from hackers and internal attacks. Mergers, acquisitions and layoffs are becoming more common in today’s economic situation, and many organisations are unsure how to best protect their data during these turbulent times. “We’re offering a solution that can integrate with and supplement what is available from the industry’s leading SIEM solutions. It provides real-time change detection and reporting, so that security and compliance teams can detect changes that threaten data or vital infrastructure services as they occur.” said Mr Ivancic.A failure to achieve comprehensive data protection is caused by insufficient visibility into system configuration changes, and improperly managed administrator access rights to key IT systems and applications. NetIQ Change Guardian detects what changes are made and by whom, and whether or not those changes are authorised. By integrating with SIEM software, this solution enables correlation of events and visibility into threats across the entire enterprise. NetIQ Change Guardian offerings now include:NetIQ Change Guardian for Group Policy – determines and documents all changes to Group Policy Objects to prevent modifications from adversely impacting security posturesNetIQ Change Guardian for Active Directory – assures changes to Active Directory are authorised, monitored, verified and auditedNetIQ Change Guardian for Windows – monitors user activity and changes across Windows environments to provide file integrity monitoring and reduce the risk of insider attackGeoff Webb, senior manager of product marketing at NetIQ, noted that, “Traditional SIEM is just not enough to achieve comprehensive data protection, given the reality of today’s internal and external threats. Now, organisations can leverage NetIQ Change Guardian products to complement SIEM with much-needed privileged user activity monitoring and powerful change detection to significantly limit the risk of corporate data loss while continuing to improve the TCO of existing security investments.”NetIQ Change Guardian solutions are currently available worldwide. For more details, visit or call NetIQ at +61 3 9825 2300. Attachmate appoints new director of technical services 2009-03-17T00:50:40Z attachmate-appoints-new-director-of-technical-services Attachmate Corporation has appointed Philip Owens as director of technical services, Asia Pacific. Owens is responsible for the integration of Attachmate’s services team across its host connectivity business and NetIQ range of solutions.Boris Ivancic, Attachmate’s regional director, Asia Pacific said Owens’ past experience adds a new dimension to the local team. “We are expanding how we provide technical services to customers, and Philip has a long history in professional services with a particular focus on Attachmate’s two main areas of operation – banking and IT security. This combination of expertise will play a significant part in refining our services so that we can engage with customers on a much deeper level.”Owens says that a key objective for him is to expand the company’s service offering across the region. “There are two distinct service streams within Attachmate - presales and consulting. I’d like to co-ordinate these teams in a manner that broadens our services offering and go-to-market strategies. There are great opportunities take our technical services beyond solution implementations, and create long-term engagements with customers.“Given the current financial climate, customers have an increased desire to work with vendors that are willing to devote a little extra effort into making their job easier. Attachmate and NetIQ offer significant reductions in cost and risk, so I think there are lots of opportunities for us to grow at the moment.” Owens said. With 23 years IT experience, Owens’ career has spanned program management, professional services and engineering. Prior to Attachmate, he spent two years at National Australia Bank as security integration manager on a large-scale transformation program.Owens spent another two years as professional services manager with security vendor CyberTrust, and a further three years in professional services at Avanade Corporation, a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture.Philip Owens reports to Boris Ivancic. Siemens IT Solutions improve IT service management with NetIQ Aegis 2009-02-10T23:42:47Z siemens-it-solutions-improve-it-service-management-with-netiq-aegis Melbourne, 11 February 2009 - NetIQ Corporation, an Attachmate business, today announced that Siemens IT Solutions and Services, a leading international provider of information technology solutions and services, has selected NetIQ Aegis software within the scope of a customer project. The aim of this project is to optimise its IT services and to automate and document pre-defined IT processes across their heterogeneous environment.Sven Kock, Operations Manager at Siemens IT Solutions and Services, said, "By implementing NetIQ Aegis, we are extending our delivery of superior, global IT services with automation. Within the scope of this project we were able to automate certain IT processes with NetIQ Aegis, and to improve cost savings. Moreover we did not only meet the objectives of our customers, but exceeded them." A comprehensive solutions provider for the complete IT service chain, Siemens IT Solutions and Services delivers consulting, systems integration, IT infrastructure management, IT outsourcing, software engineering and more. Providing IT service management for an international client - a leading, financial institution - the objective of Siemens IT Solutions and Services was to streamline selected operational processes with Aegis and improve the service quality, while reducing costs. A decision was thus made to reduce the number of manual transactions and to purchase a new IT solution to model, automate, document, and optimise IT processes. Furthermore, by intelligently automating IT processes, the new solution was also slated to substantially cut costs and pare down the time required for manual and redundant administrative tasks.Sven Kniest, Sales Director Central Europe at NetIQ, explained, "As an IT service provider, it is important for Siemens IT Solutions and Services to constantly consider IT products that can increase service quality while offering an increase in productivity. By selecting NetIQ Aegis, Siemens IT Solutions and Services has a cutting-edge automation platform that fully supports their IT service management strategy of this specific IT project, optimises their existing IT investments, and ensures they can develop and deliver business-critical services."Selecting NetIQ Aegis software was an obvious choice, as Siemens IT Solutions and Services has long leveraged the NetIQ AppManager Suite for comprehensive systems and application management. With NetIQ Aegis, the industry's first vendor-neutral IT process automation platform, Siemens IT Solutions and Services can within this project reduce their customers' number of manual transactions and intelligently automate event management across their environment. By paring down the time required to address redundant administrative tasks and resolve issues, the customer can now streamline these specific IT services and improve overall efficiency.Already within a short timeframe, Siemens had automated their first processes in this project and were able to measure the results. Data consolidation between and integration of different toolsets resulted in a reduction of manual efforts and an achievement of cost savings, helping to maintain consistent process documentation that is always up to date. In addition, Siemens IT Solutions and Services automated a data maintenance process, providing improved compliance with customer's service level agreements (SLAs). Thus, routine jobs, such as daily morning check processes or repetitive administrative tasks, were automated.In addition to these technical processes, Siemens is developing an automation process to ensure efficient control of important quarterly change processes in order to significantly reduce costs and provide better services within less time.About Siemens IT Solutions and ServicesSiemens IT Solutions and Services is an internationally leading provider of IT solutions and services. It covers the entire IT service chain from a single source, from consulting to system integration, right through to the management of IT infrastructures. In addition, Siemens IT Solutions and Services extends the range of offerings of the other Siemens Sectors to include software developments and IT solutions. With its comprehensive know-how and industry-specific knowledge, Siemens IT Solutions and Services provides measurable added value for its customers. Founded in January 2007, the new Siemens Division employs around 41,000 people and posts annual sales of about 5.3 billion euros, of which some 70 percent are generated outside of the Siemens Sectors. More information at: NetIQNetIQ, an Attachmate business, is a global leader in systems and security management. With more than 12,000 customers in over 60 countries, NetIQ solutions maximise technology investments and enable IT process improvements to achieve measurable cost savings. For more information on NetIQ's award-winning products for IT Process Automation, Systems Management, Security Management, Configuration Audit and Control, Enterprise Administration and Unified Communications Management, visit