The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-07-23T03:21:21Z ELEVARE SHOWER FOOT REST MAKES SHAVING EFFORTLESS AND EFFICIENT 2014-07-23T03:21:21Z elevare-shower-foot-rest-makes-shaving-effortless-and-efficient The revolutionary Elevare Shower Foot Rest makes it easy to shave, exfoliate and apply tanning cream while in the shower without fear of slipping and falling. It’s a must have accessory for the shower. Many women would agree the world was designed by men when it comes to the awkward task of shaving their legs in the shower. With no bathtub or other sturdy surface to lean on, it’s messy, slippery and dangerous. Balancing is challenging and the whole process is a battle. The Elevare Shower Foot Rest is the ideal height for resting a foot while shaving and moisturising. It fits handily in any shower corner and its non-slip rubber grip ensures a safe and comfortable solution for shaving in the shower.  Leanne Brown, creator of the Elevare Shower Foot Rest, wanted an easier way to shave her legs in the shower. “Shaving in the shower should be risk-free. After researching the subject, it was apparent there was no product designed to carry out the task of safely and efficiently shaving your legs”. Melbourne Charlwood Design is the award-winning firm that developed and patented the sleek one-piece Elevare Shower Foot Rest. In addition to being functional, it adds style to any shower. Simplifying the process of shaving in the shower, many women won’t know how they survived without the Elevare Shower Foot Rest. Twitter: @elevareshowerFacebook: elevareshowerstep    Click to Tweet: