The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-08-05T00:30:42Z Vividwireless supports initiative to raise awareness of homelessness in Perth 2014-08-05T00:30:42Z vividwireless-supports-initiative-to-raise-awareness-of-homelessness-in-perth Vividwireless, a wireless internet service provider supports the initiative to raise awareness of homelessness by responding to 6PR radio and the Community Newspaper Group "Sox ‘n’ Jox" campaign.    Vividwireless’ Retail Relationship Manager, Monika Page heard about the campaign over the radio and shared the news with the rest of the Vividwireless team.    In response, the Vividwireless team prepared a gift bag with over a hundred socks and jocks to donate to this worthy cause. Vividwireless also encouraged their Facebook fans to support the Sox ‘n’ Jox campaign.The internet company has been very visible in the wider Perth community with various sponsorships such as the Rottofest Comedy Festival, Ballin’ in The Park, Football West, Rooftop Movies and the popular Perth International Comedy Festival. However, the company is also proud to support and raise awareness of homelessness.  It is an ongoing crisis that deprives people of many of life’s basics such as shelter and clothing, especially this winter season. Vividwireless’ encourages the wider Perth community to support such a worthy cause.  Monika delivered the goods at the 6PR radio office on behalf of the Vividwireless team.  “It is really heartbreaking to see homeless people on our streets at this cold time of the year. I think this is a fantastic campaign and one which Vividwireless are humbled to contribute to”, she said. This week, on your way to work or study, take a moment to think about those less fortunate. August 4-10 is Homeless Persons Week and we encourage you to help by donating to the News Talk 6PR and Community Newspapers Group "Sox 'n' Jox" Appeal. You can read more about this campaign and check the drop off locations in the 6PR website.