The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-09-26T07:39:50Z Passion Projects is Awarded the “Australia Business Award for Product Excellence 2014” 2014-09-26T07:39:50Z passion-projects-is-awarded-the-australia-business-award-for-product-excellence-2014 PASSION PROJECTS has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner for PRODUCT EXCELLENCE in The Australian Business Awards 2014 for outstanding commitment to the creation and development of products ( and recognises market-leading products that demonstrate overall product superiority offering a point of difference from their competitors.Passion Projects, is an Aussie made health brand dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals thanks to its inspiring Superfood, Protein and Calcium range specifically created to shake-up your daily health regime, enhance your nutrition and boost your energy levels the natural way.Providing the best daily formulas to drink yourself healthy, Passion Projects’ Superfood powder range not only tastes great, but is packed with a string of vitamins, nutrients and calorie efficient freeze-dried organic fruit, land and sea vegetables - designed to offer a range of health benefits. Some of these ingredients are known to assist tired muscles, enhance brain and nerve function, encourage healthy digestion (through detox), relieve inflammation and through the wonders of anti-oxidants – maintain beautifully glowing and radiant skin.    Best enjoyed before breakfast to kick start your daily health regime, as your post workout protein hit or simply as an afternoon pick-me-up, Passion Projects Superfood Powders are perfect for health conscious bodies on the go. Encouraging superior wellbeing and vitality, the range is readily available in; Complex Green, Triple Green, Complex Berry and Acai Berry - The two that are delicious in water are the Complex Green and Complex Berry. The taste gets even better when you blend them into smoothies and fresh juices.  Acai and Triple Green can be taken in water (taste fine not delicious) but they are best blended into smoothies or fresh juice-. These two were designed to dial up the boost of antioxidants (A) and detoxing (TG) as desired, thus changing the flavour of the great tasting Complex formulas.Developed by dynamic husband and wife duo Alejandro and Lynette de la Vega, who have seen formidable success in other areas of business including Architecture and Hospitality, the Passion Projects concept was born in 2005 when their then 8-year-old son was diagnosed with severe Dyslexia and Hypersensitivity to additives in just about everything. The de la Vegas, driven by Lynette’s life-long passion and understanding of the benefits of nutritional supplements, teamed up with world renowned Biochemist Henry Osiecki to create a never-seen-before healthy and accessible Superfood drink alternative. Henry is respected as a leader in ultra-advanced nutritional techniques for high-performance sporting competitors. He has worked with several Australian Olympic and Commonwealth Games teams, three individual Olympic gold medallists and high-ranking teams in Rugby, Football, Cricket, Swimming and Cycling specifically for individual improved performance. Speaking of their crusade to develop a superior and natural superfood product range, Lynette de la Vega, joint founder of Passion Projects says; “We were really surprised about the limited choice of natural healthy drink options available – especially when it came to setting a nutritious diet for our son. Driven by our love and our passion to offer him the best natural therapies available, we saw the opportunity to create a pure, vitamin enriched superfood range ourselves.”“As a brand, we’re passionate about changing the way people drink, forever. We’re into challenging the status quo, showing Aussies just how beneficial and accessible superfoods can be. Our Superfood powders are an easy and efficient way to meet your daily vitamin intake, nourish the body and maintain optimal health.” Screaming the brand’s inspiring “all you need is love” mantra, “Passion Projects passionately believes that good health makes great people and great people change the world. “For more information about Passion Projects, the full list of stockists or to shop the range online, please visit: