The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-10-09T02:24:56Z New eBook 40 And Still Fabulous: The Next Chapter Launches 2014-10-09T02:24:56Z new-ebook-40-and-still-fabulous-the-next-chapter-launches MEDIA RELEASE 40 AND STILL FABULOUS: THE NEXT CHAPTER Joanna E. Hall Seahorse Media Partnership | October 9, 2014 There’s a saying - “life isn’t a rehearsal, this is it” - and with this in mind, five years ago at age 45, journalist Joanna E. Hall set out to discover what it means to be a 40-something woman, and how to look and feel great during what she felt were the most rewarding years of her life. The result was the 2009 bestseller, 40 And Still Fabulous, featured in Body+Soul, and on Nine Network’s A Current Affair, packed with top tips and advice from leading experts in Australia, the USA and UK on key topics, from skin care, rejuvenation, style, fitness, diet, and health, to happiness, work money, sex and dating.  Fast-forward to 2014, and this new e-book edition, 40 And Still Fabulous: The Next Chapter, has been fully updated with new information and advice across the same key topics and more. “Turning forty is regarded by many as a key milestone in a person’s life,” says Joanna. “While some psychobabblers have dubbed it the launch pad for a mid-life crisis, others see it as a time to do some soul searching about the meaning of life, the world, and your role in it.” Joanna feels, however, that what turning 40 truly means is trickier to define than it used to be, especially if you’re a woman. “That said, many women disagree strongly with the ‘over the hill moniker’ with which our age group is traditionally labelled,” she says. “Rather than slowing down, many of us are cranking up our lives for a second innings.”  Famous women who have just turned 40, or will do so in 2015, include Penelope Cruz, Chloe Sevigny,  Alanis Morissette, Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore,  Kate Winslet, Charlize Theron, and Chelsea Handler.  There’s an old French proverb which says: “Forty is the old age of youth; fifty is the youth of old age”. So what happens in this in-between decade? “Entering your forties undoubtedly presents women with dilemmas, from what to wear to look good at one end of the scale, to health concerns which can surface at this age at the other,” says Joanna, “but becoming a forty-something also presents us with a fabulous opportunity to take a leaf from Madonna’s book, and reinvent ourselves.”  Some of the many “discoveries” Joanna has made in the past five years include style challenges such as how to successfully cover up grey hair, to important health issues including how perimenopause can wreak havoc with your body. Other topics on the table in this new e-book include how meditation and yoga can improve a 40-something’s health and wellbeing, how to find more fulfillment in life as you age, and what you need to know about protecting yourself if you’re suddenly single again. 40 And Still Fabulous: The Next Chapter is packed with advice from high profile experts including Australia’s hair and makeup gurus, Reyna Xydis and Napoleon Perdis, the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie, Dr. Elizabeth Farrell of the Jean Hailes Foundation, the international “sex-pert” Tracey Cox, the best selling author and life-enrichment mentor, Dr. Madisen Harper, and the Australian Businesswoman’s Network community Director, Suzi Dafnis. “I always had it in mind to publish a second, updated edition of the book,” Joanna says. “The decision was finally made when I turned 50 last November. As a good friend pointed out to me, since the first incarnation of 40 And Still Fabulous I had another five years of discoveries and experience to share with women.” 40 And Still Fabulous: The Next Chapter is published by the Seahorse Media Partnership, and available from, rrp A$5.95 (plus GST for Australian residents) in PDF format. Joanna E. Hall is available for interview:  0416 295 878, email: To receive a copy of 40 And Still Fabulous: The Next Chapter, contact Joanna directly. -Ends- About Joanna E. Hall Joanna is a well known health, beauty, travel and lifestyle writer, editor and author, and a partner of the Sydney-based media operation, the Seahorse Media Partnership. She has written for many major magazines and newspapers in a 30-year career, including Good Health, Body+Soul, New Idea, Virgin Australia Voyeur, Weight Watchers, TV Week, Sunday Magazine, The Sunday Telegraph, the Sun Herald, the Sydney Morning Herald, and Rolling Stone magazine. The first edition of 40 And Still Fabulous was published by New Holland in paperback in 2009. Mixing a passion for health and wellbeing with travel, Joanna is currently a regular contributor to Bauer Media’s YOURS magazine, aimed at the stylish 50+ woman. She is also coeditor and publisher of, which she founded with her husband in 2007, and online editor of  Seahorse Media Partnership PO Box 1152,  Manly, NSW, Australia Phone: 02 9977 8383 Media Kit Links on Hightail: 40 Media Release: Q&A With Joanna E Hall: 40 Jacket Cover Image: Jo and Lisa Kable Training Image: Jo Cruising Lifestyle Image: Jo Doing Yoga/1: Jo Doing Yoga/2: Joanna E Hall Publicity Image Full: Joanna E Hall Publicity Image Head: