The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-12-05T09:27:30Z Adelaide Hypnotherapist Launches New Be Healthy Program 2014-12-05T09:27:30Z adelaide-hypnotherapist-launches-new-be-healthy-program The program, many months in the making is the brainchild of Adelaide hypnotherapist, Ben Elliott, aims to assist individuals who have traditionally struggled to get motivated to lose weight or stick to healthy eating plans. Mr Elliott outlines the rationale for the program saying “with New Years Resolutions nearly upon us, hundreds of thousands of Australians will make a personal commitment to get fit, lose weight and be healthier and the reality is that most will fail in their endeavours prior to the end of January.” “Over several years of working with clients I've found the key that can help people unlock the potential within themselves through using advanced subconscious techniques that I've now packaged into this audio program.” The audio program contains five audio tracks including; “exercise motivation”, “enjoy healthy eating”, “overcome laziness and stop procrastination”, “stop emotional eating” and “loving the healthy life”. “The fact that people can listen to them over and over again from their own home makes it a use-on-demand product so people can finally get the health and look they desire. The program has worked fantastically well.” “I’m thrilled to be able to offer this program now because I now have a way to offer my techniques to people on-demand, at home or whenever they feel like the need a little help with their motivation to stick at it.” EzyCoffee Adds To Beverage Range 2014-11-19T12:45:21Z ezycoffee-adds-to-beverage-range Leading provider of coffee for events, functions and sponsorship drives,, has capitalised on increasing customer demand for their products, enhancing the range of hot beverages available to customers with the addition of two exciting products. Event planners and those people looking for a short-term and simple supply of coffee are being drawn to the EzyCoffee promise of being Australia's quickest, simplest and most affordable way to deliver coffee to patrons. The range provided saves organisers the hassle of having to hire coffee vans or coffee carts. With sporting clubs and non-profit organisations practically screaming out for additional funds, EzyCoffee is proving to be a big hit. Australian's drink over 9 billion cups of coffee per year, so clubs and organisations have an opportunity to capitalise on existing consumer behaviour and offer team and coffee products as fundraising initiatives to their supporters. Instead of asking supporters to spend money on products they do not need or regularly use, tea and coffee is seen as the ideal fundraising product as supporters are not having to change their buying habits. Having launched with a range of hot beverages including green tea, mocha, hot chocolate, latte and black coffee, EzyCoffee has now added a red teat product and also a premium organic black coffee that is sure to be a hit with health-conscious consumers. As the festive season hits full swing, EzyCoffee expects to hit record sales as event organisers strive to feed the seemingly insatiable appetite of Australians for hot beverage products, Free 10 Part Network Marketing Training Program Launches 2014-11-12T07:12:01Z free-10-part-network-marketing-training-program-launches Network marketers in Australia will now have access to a free 10 part training program, courtesy of top Australian network marketer, Holly Nunan. Mrs. Nunan, via her website www.HollyNunan.Com, recently launched the 10-part training program as a way to serve participants in the Australian network marketing industry and help them to improve their skills and succeed with their business opportunities. Mrs. Nunan, who has been in the Australian network marketing industry for over 6 years, headed up the expansion of a global coffee network marketing company into the Australian market in 2013 and gained valuable leadership experience throughout the pre-launch and post-launch period. She achieved the position of Emerald Consultant in the company in July of 2013. A central figure in the Australian network marketing industry, Mrs. Nunan has expanded her business through all Australian states and territories, into New Zealand as well as Thailand, Philippines, United States and into Europe. She was recently published in AusMumpreneur hard copy publication “How To Build A Successful & Profitable Business From Home” and was nominated for the AusMumpreneur "Making a Difference" Award. The free MLM training program adds to current network marketing content on her website and provides a snapshot of Holly's experiences across two multi-level marketing companies, being part of a country launch and leading expansion across multiple countries. Importantly, it aims to educate beginners in the industry along with those that have been industry participants for many years on how to get off to a fast start in their business and achieve their business goals. New Australian Home Business Website Launches 2014-11-12T03:10:20Z new-australian-home-business-website-launches Australians looking for up-to-date news and information relating to home based business are in for a treat with the launch of The new website, set to cover all aspects of home business including network marketing, online business options and traditional home based business information, aims to become Australia's leading source of information to the work from home sector. Statistics vary, but it is thought that around 1 in every 10 Australian adults have a side-business or make additional money outside of their employment or traditional business ownership responsibilities. With literally dozens of options for earning money from home, along with the rising costs of living, thousands of Australians are considering launching a business from home on a weekly basis so the need for a centralised forum for home business information is clear. The new website aims to not only feature recent industry news, but also showcase success stories and interviews with Australians that are successfully making money from home and also to provide tips and information to help new business owners to achieve success. The website has launched a Facebook presence and will soon be launching a weekly e-news bulletin to deliver all the latest news, tips and info to subscriber in-boxes.