The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-10-24T03:56:12Z Family Business Glenroy Bakery Goes Digital 2014-10-24T03:56:12Z family-business-goes-digital Glenroy Bakery, one of Melbourne’s leading wholesale Bakeries, has recently launched their new website. Administrations Manager Angela Cristiano comments on how the new website is a turning point for the 53 year old business. "Our ultimate goal is to create a strong digital presence, and attract more customers via the internet. We’re a family business that in the past has been hesitant to embrace new things like digital media, but I believe our new website will strengthen our connection to the local community. We wanted a site that reflected our family values, and showcases our more than 200 products in a modern way, and I believe we’ve done this. It’s a very visual site.” The website provides information for those wanting to become wholesale customers and will also feature a special news feed, entitled ‘Fresh From the Oven’ that’s all about the people, community and products that make the industry fun and unique.The new site, the blog feed, and the company’s new Facebook page are all designed to help the business strengthen its engagement with the local public. Angela is confident that the new site will help Glenroy Bakery thrive in the digital era: "We’re a 50 year old family business, started by my father in 1961 as a one man operation. He used to buy loaves of bread from a local bakery and sell them door to door in and around Glenroy. But as we’ve changed and grown into a wholesale bakery, we’ve often overlooked the internet. So I decided to take a course in IT, learn the basics about web design, SEO, and a little bit about marketing online and got a team together to help make our new site. I’m very happy with the end result.” About Glenroy Bakery: With over 50 years' experience working as a wholesale bread supplier to a host of Victorian school canteens, factory canteens, cafes, take-away shops and caterers, Glenroy Bakery is one of the largest independent bread distributors in the Melbourne metro area. Founded by Antonio Cristiano in 1960, Glenroy Bakery is a family-owned business built from humble origins. Specialising in wholesale orders, Glenroy has successfully won many significant tenders over the past 30 years. They currently employ 80 staff, and produce over 200 unique products.  Contact: Angela Cristiano (03) 9306 4577