The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2006-02-06T18:00:00Z Banksia Software Launches Zetafax 2006 2006-02-06T18:00:00Z banksia-software-launches-zetafax-2006 Equisys has launched Zetafax 2006, a major enhancement to its highly successful Zetafax network fax server software that enables employees to send and receive faxes quickly and easily from their desktop and laptop PC. Zetafax 2006 coincides with unprecedented high level interest in the role of IT strategy in meeting compliance legislation. Compliance remains the number one issue for organizations across many sectors, especially financial services, healthcare and local government sectors, as regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley and the Data Protection Act come into force. Zetafax 2006 helps IT Managers meet increasing Board level demands for IT departments to support compliance-related targets. For instance, all faxes sent and received with Zetafax 2006 can be stored electronically for archive and retrieval. Sensitive and confidential documents can be kept private by faxing directly from PC to PC, and fax audit trails can be maintained. As well as supporting compliance requirements, Zetafax 2006 also helps IT Managers cope with the growing use of the fax as a mass marketing tool. For example, as well as offering a range of new features to make sending faxes much easier, Zetafax 2006 also includes a Junk Fax Filter, providing an effective way of dealing with increasing amounts of fax spam. By really looking at the issues facing our customers, we have developed a new version of Zetafax which goes beyond simply sending and receiving faxes, said Chris Oswald, CEO of Equisys. Compliance legislation and fax spam are just two key issues which Zetafax 2006 helps to address. Our new fax creation tool means that faxing is now even faster and easier for users which by definition means Zetafax is easier for IT Managers to manage, continued Oswald. It also means that businesses can deliver a better level of service to their customers at a time when demands on customer service are higher than ever. New Zetafax 2006 User Feature Details Zetafax 2006 offers users a radically improved fax-creation interface. It gives users the ability to view their fax on screen as they create it, just as the recipient will see it. The new, highly intuitive fax creation wizard simplifies the process of preparing a new fax, and adding coversheet notes. The fax can then be previewed in thumbnail and full view before sending. Users also benefit from a new Zetafax Viewer so they can edit and annotate faxes received via email or via the Zetafax Client, without the need for 3rd party imaging products. The new Zetafax Viewer features also give users more control so they can: Forward a fax as a fax or as an email attachment Edit the fax as a thumbnail view Delete pages or rearrange the page order Export the image as a fax image, bitmap file, or PDF Add highlights, underlining, free-hand drawing, and free text Use predefined stamp templates to annotate faxes within text, such as date received New Zetafax 2006 Management Feature Details A key new management feature is the Junk Message Filter. This allows Network Administrators to automatically delete junk faxes (or fax spam), or to divert them to a specific folder, on a system-wide basis. Administrators can choose to delete or junk all future faxes from an identified fax number for a specific Zetafax user or for all users. Users can also be more productive as they dont waste time deleting unwanted messages from their in-box. A new Do Not Dial control allows Network Administrators to restrict dialing to specific numbers such as premium or international numbers. Restrictions can be made by number prefix, area code or DDI. Outbound call charges can be drastically reduced by placing control with the Administrator. New Zetafax 2006 Feature Summary The following new features are available to customers who purchase starter systems or upgrade from a previous version of Zetafax: New fax creation wizard for the Zetafax Client A new Zetafax Viewer incorporating fax annotation and editing options Enhanced server queue management, enabling Network Administrators to change the status of fax messages already submitted A Junk Message filter that allows users and administrators to identify and reject junk faxes Built-in Do Not Dial control that prevents faxes being sent to lists of blacklisted numbers and maintains business policy on outbound dialing Zetafax Client Update service enabling automatic checking for the latest available features and fixes Feature add-ons Zetafax 2006 also includes a free preview version of Zetafax FaxBroadcast, a tool that simplifies the management of large fax jobs. For more information about Zetafax 2006, go to or contact Banksia on 02 9313 9800 Are Your Emails and Harddrive Data Safe? 2005-07-14T20:17:00Z are-your-emails-and-harddrive-data-safe Ever wondered what happens to those deleted pictures, files, or internet cookies on your hard drive? Do you realise how easy it is, for family members or your co-workers to see what website you have been visiting? Sensitive data can easily fall into the wrong hands. And because Windows is not capable of deleting information beyond recovery, you are at risk! Online banking passwords, financial documents, even those "about last night" e-mails are fair game for the IT professional, computer technician or hacker. Most people are shocked to learn files have been placed on their computer (without their knowledge or permission) that create user profiles and document their Internet activity. Few realize every picture, video clip, graphic or chat room conversation is written to their hard drive. Whether your data is sent to the Recycle Bin or your entire drive is formatted and repartitioned the chance of unauthorized discovery is very real and poses issues of risk and liability. CyberScrub Privacy Suite Professional erases all evidence of your on-line history. Not only that, but it will also Delete, Wipe, Overwrite, Destroy emails, Erase previously "deleted" files/folders, and remove data beyond recoverey. CyberSrcubs Privacy Suite is an award winning utility that will improve system performance, and make sure that your previously "deleted" data is not recoverable. It is also ideal for Return of Leased Assests and Computer Disposal. So dont take the risk, destroy your sensative data for good with CyberScrub! CyberScrub Privacy Suite is distributed by Banksia Software. RRP: $89 INCORRECT SELECTION OF FAXING SOFTWARE CAN BE COSTLY 2005-05-27T14:27:00Z incorrect-selection-of-faxing-software-can-be-costly IMMEDIATE RELEASE: INCORRECT SELECTION OF FAXING SOFTWARE CAN BE COSTLY Banksia Software, the Australian distributor of Zetafax, is offering network fax software users the opportunity to switch to Zetafax and receive a discount of up to 50% off the normal retail price. Up until 31 August 2005, Banksia software will offer a license for its industry-leading fax server software with an exclusive discount to qualified customers that exchange their current network fax software to Zetafax. Robert Roughton, Managing Director, Banksia Software commented "There are a large number of businesses that continue to do themselves a great mis-service by using unsophisticated fax software that lacks essential features or is unable to be networked. "This offer is designed to help business make the decision to upgrade to an advanced and easy to use solution that will surpass their faxing requirements." Zetafax is the world's leading SME and departmental network fax software. The latest version 9.1 - is an upgrade of its award winning network fax software application and offers full support of the latest Microsoft releases - Windows 2003 and Office 2003. Seamless integration with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook ensures that Zetafax works the way you work, enabling users to prepare and send fax documents in the software application of their choice. For added convenience, faxes can be sent simultaneously from any Microsoft Office application. This cost-effective solution takes 30 minutes to install and is simple to use. Using network fax server software, companies can benefit from a highly productive workforce as the labour time involved in manually sending faxes is saved. In fact, sending a fax via a conventional fax machine can take up to five minutes. Sending a fax via Zetafax takes just one minute. This is an 80% time saving. Companies also benefit from cost savings using Zetafax. The network manager can determine who can send faxes, where and when, for instance, restricting users from sending international faxes or limiting selected staff to faxing only at off-peak times. Zetafax also maximises existing communications infrastructure investment, as there no additional hardware is needed. The Zetafax server software can run on an existing file server with a low-cost modem. When usage demands, Zetafax supports intelligent fax boards, which reduce fax transmission time, saving even more money. Zetafax is available for Windows 2000-2003, Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP Professional and Windows 95/98 and can run on all PC networks. Banksia Software is reknowned as a leading Australasian distributor of network communications and management software including distributor for Equisys' Zetafax, ZetaDocs PDF, Net Support Manager, Smith Micros, Policy Central and Cyber Scrub. Customers should contact Banksia Software for terms of this offer and eligible programs. For information, please contact 02 9634 9300 Banksia announces HotFax MessageCenter 6.0 2005-05-10T19:34:00Z banksia-announces-hotfax-messagecenter-6-0 Ever wondered what that 56K modem in your new computer could ever be used for? Wouldn't it be great to be able to send and receive faxes right from the comfort of your own home? Or do you have a business and need an inexpensive way to manage your faxes and voicemail? Whatever your situation, HotFax MessageCenter 6.0 is your solution! With HotFax MessageCenter 6.0, everything you need is at your fingertips. Faxing is as simple as printing from any Windows application. Managing your sent and received faxes is a snap. And with the ability to automatically forward received faxes to your email, you will never miss another important fax! If you have a voice capable modem, take advantage of HotFax MessageCenter's extensive feature set to turn your computer into a simple, yet sophisticated answering machine for your family or business. Set up multiple mailboxes for each family member or business employee, each with their own outgoing greeting. Or use incoming Caller ID to customize your outgoing messages. And as with faxes, have voicemail automatically forwarded to your email and never be out of touch. HotFax MessageCenter 6.0 automatically customizes itself to the features of your modem! Whether you have a built-in 56K fax/modem that came with your PC or an advanced fax/modem with voicemail support, HotFax MessageCenter 6.0 will detect that support and customize the program accordingly. It's that simple! HotFax Message Centre is distributed by Banksia Software. RRP: $99.