The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-11-10T23:17:23Z Whitepaper: Small businesses should stop being shy about investing resources online 2014-11-10T23:17:23Z whitepaper-small-businesses-should-stop-being-shy-about-investing-resources-online Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, November 11, 2014 - (Apex Action Pty. Ltd.) – Small businesses are problem solvers, not marketers, according to a recent whitepaper published by Melbourne based Digital Strategy Consultancy Apex Action.  According to the whitepaper many SMB’s are reluctant to invest in online strategy and marketing due to digital illiteracy and risk aversion – something that needs to be changed for businesses of all sizes. Bad habits such as copycat marketing, lazy paid distribution and general passive attitude toward digital marketing were under fire in the publication.  The paper focuses on three key benefits of an applied online strategy and marketing tactics that small businesses should target and invest resources to maximise their online presences: maximising reach, measuring results and growing customer loyalty.  Key strategies such as improving local search engine visibility, segmenting user data in Google Analytics and managing online reputation are outlined in the 4,000 word report published earlier this week. Increases of revenue tied to a company’s online reputation, the sheer volume of local searches associated with user behaviour and the effectiveness of surveying users to solve user problems are cited in the paper from sources such as the Nielson-Norman Group and Google amongst others.  “Once a business understands the value in managing the online footprint of their business then the investment of money, time and resources in applying a digital strategy becomes very justifiable” the report states in its conclusion.  “There are a lot of businesses out there that invest the money in building a website, but the process simply ends there. There is little to no effort applied in nurturing the growth of the businesses online which is a shame – it essentially makes the existing web presence of a business a ‘sunk cost’. All the while the more savvy businesses have a great competitive advantage simply by understanding that marketing is a process. It’s better to be consistent than good. ” says company Director Peter Macinkovic in a statement about the recent whitepaper.  The whitepaper “Why businesses should invest online (and why they don’t already)” was first released on the consultancy’s website and has now been cross-published on: Issuu, Scribd, Slideshare and other platforms.