The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-05-18T00:52:19Z Mums Reveal Top 10 Baby Stores in 2021 2021-05-18T00:52:19Z mums-reveal-top-10-baby-stores-in-2021 We’re regularly approached by baby brands here and across the globe, that are launching into the Australian market place for the first time, or baby brands that are already well established in retail, who come to Mumpower with similar unknowns. These baby brands often ask us: Where do Mums go to shop for baby goods? How satisfied are Mums with their retail shopping experience? What can brands and retailers do together to motivate Mums to shop more often? All fantastic questions. Mumpower reached out to our vast network of Aussie Mum Shoppers to clarify the unknowns for brands in this space. Check out the following insights to learn more about Mums buying behaviour for baby goods (excluding FMCG), and prepare to boost your in store presence and retail partnerships. The top 10 type of Baby Stores (ex FMCG) Mums are buying from: In order of priority, these are the retailers Mums are buying baby goods from: In store – pharmacy (i.e Chemist Warehouse, independent pharmacies) In store – department store (i.e. Big W, Target, Myer, David Jones, Kmart, etc) In store – Baby Bunting Online – department store (i.e. Big W, Target, Myer, David Jones, Kmart, etc) Online – Baby Bunting Online – pharmacy (i.e Chemist Warehouse, independent pharmacies) Online – direct from the brand Other online shopping stores (i.e Amazon, Ebay, Kogan, etc) In store – Other stores (not listed) specialising in baby/childrens products Online – Other stores (not listed) specialising in baby/childrens products What does this mean to brands? It is important for brands to stock ranges in both online and offline retailers. In-store retail destinations continue to be a popular destination for Mums. It provides the opportunity to touch, feel, try products and compare items in person. Top 3 retailers offering the best shopping experience Baby Bunting Department stores (i.e. Big W, Target, Myer, David Jones, Kmart, etc) Pharmacies (i.e Chemist Warehouse, independent pharmacies) What does this mean to brands? The better the shopping experience, the greater the likelihood mums will return or recommend to others. There is opportunity for both brands and retailers to review the entire buying experience and brand touch points and review what role can your brand play in improving her in store shopping experience. 8 ways retailers and brands elevate Mums buying experience, as told by Mums: Competitive pricing Excellent brand ranging Product availability Be Convenient Enhanced in store shopping experience Enhanced online shopping experience Superior customer service Knowledgeable staff What does this mean to brands? This is what Mums are seeking from her buying experience.  Some of the ways brands can demonstrate how they deliver across these factors is by: clearly communicate the value or added value of the offering (via communication strategy, reviews, website presence, branding, signage), use intuitive technology online to personalise her experience and promote other ‘like’ products or brands that suit, improve staff training and ensure the in store experience is easy – and enjoyable- to navigate. 6 strategies to attract more Mums in store As part of this Mumpower research initiative, Mums were encouraged to nominate and rate activities that would motivate her to shop more often. The most popular responses, in order of demand include: Educational experiences Demo days with brands VIP special event In store local mums group catch ups Expert speakers Meet and greet with influencers What does this mean to brands? Mums are hungry for information and very eager to engage with brands on site. Mum shoppers need to feel confident in her buying decision and will actively seek this information.  Therefore, this is an opportunity for brands to review the value-add in store experiences your brand can drive in unison with the retailers, i.e. hosting educational experiences such as child safety sessions, baby bonding ideas, breastfeeding support and more, will enable the customer to learn something of direct interest to her needs, interact with others and experience first hand how a brand will fit into her life. Understanding where Mums choose to shop is one part of Mums buying journey . Beyond this, there are many other insights that will continue to support brand growth. Such as: understanding the competitive landscape, assessing how Mums perceive your brand, and what advertising mediums have the greatest influence on her decision to buy. Here is an example of how further Market Research will boost your success exponentially.  Brands that gain insight into her total buying experience are best placed to drive growth further. -end- Russell Hobbs and Mumpower cook up a storm with new partnership 2021-05-12T03:55:13Z russell-hobbs-and-mumpower-cook-up-a-storm-with-new-partnership Australia’s leading agency shaping brands that speak to mums, Mumpower has been appointed by Russell Hobbs to fuel mum to mum advocacy and increase brand awareness for new and existing products, via a long term Influencer Marketing program. With Mumpower Shopper insights revealing 9 in 10 mums research products online before they purchase and that the ‘home’ category will continue to be well supported by Mums this year, this is a timely and complimentary partnership. For over 65 years, Russell Hobbs has delivered simple, thoughtfully engineered products and innovations that make it easier to enjoy life and to spend time with family and friends.  To strengthen this message, Mumpower has begun collaborations with dozens of Australia’s most loved and trusted Mum influencers who will welcome Russell Hobbs into their home and create and share everyday family moments that make their home a haven. Mumpower CEO, Christie Nicholas says, “Mumpower is thrilled to introduce Russell Hobbs to millions of Mum Shoppers, via our vast network of Mum Influencers and we are motivated with the response so far. Mums are already raving about the high quality products bringing their families together and inspiring a continued love for their home.” Within weeks of commencing the campaign, 16 well aligned micro influencers produced almost 100 pieces of engaging content, with more to come. Russell Hobbs Brand and Communications Manager of Home Appliance, Dean Hammerton says, “The influencers truly relate to the brand and know what matters to their readers.  Their content is fantastic and resonating with our customers”. One collaborator told Mumpower, “I knew Russell Hobbs had a good reputation and after collaborating with them, I know first-hand why.” Ultimately, Mumpower is committed to keeping Russell Hobbs firmly top of mind with Mum Shoppers Australia wide and empowering them to make informed buying decisions. -end- Purpose Driven Companies Wins Aussie Mums Vote 2021-03-25T01:22:36Z purpose-driven-companies-wins-aussie-mums-vote Australia’s Happy Hair Brush, Modibodi and Mater Baby Products have been crowned the winners of the inaugural Vote On-Purpose Consumer Choice Awards, a Mumpower initiative. This award comes at a time where consumer are shifting their buying preferences in favour of purpose-driven companies. Mumpower, Australia’s leading agency for Mum-centric brands, introduced these awards to their network of 2,180 Mum Influencers with a combined reach of over 6 Million women. Over a three week period, the Vote On-Purpose Awards garnered votes from Mums Australia wide, to support their favourite brands that are making a difference to their world. This award not only set out to celebrate brands that are going above and beyond to act with purpose and make in impact on their wider community, it conducted an insightful exploration into socially conscious buying preferences. Christie Nicholas, CEO of Mumpower says, “mums in our network continuously tell us how much they value knowing about the heart and soul of the company - what they don’t see on the packaging. The brand story, commitment, and ethos inspires shoppers with better choices available to her. Given that Mums are in charge of 72% of household discretionary spend, this award acknowledges their voice and celebrates these brands.” The impressive line-up of 27 brands shortlisted included popular companies such as, Nespresso for their #RecyclingResolution campaign with Planet Ark which encourages Australians to keep recycling a priority in 2021; Household favourites like Bakers Delight who have been committed to supporting the Breast Cancer Network Australia for over 20 years to raise funds and assist with their My Journey Kits and daily operations; and Vetta for their Rural Aid Pasta initiative. Overwhelmingly, Happy Hair Brush won the Overall Most Loved Purpose Driven Company for their mission to change the emotional and mental wellbeing of people everywhere one head, and one heart at a time. Modibodi, the sustainable and ethically made health apparel range driving the ‘Give A Pair’ charitable programme took out Brand to Watch. And Aussie made, hospital-developed Mater Baby Products that supports Mater Little Miracles to raise funds for life-saving research and care to ensure seriously ill and premature babies can have the best possible start to life was awarded Purpose-driven Brand Most Likely to Purchase. (see full list here) Kristy Chong, Founder and CEO, Modibodi said “We are truly thankful that mum shoppers across Australia have recognised Modibodi as the Brand to Watch (winner) and as a brand they would mostly likely purchase (finalist). It shows how important purpose is in their lives, and how our vision to have "limitless positive impact" on humanity and our planet is significant.” Jen Harwood, Founder and CEO, Happy Hair Brush said, “our mission is to make one million people happy with our best ever hairbrush. This amazing result tells me that what we are doing is working and we are getting closer every day to realising this.” Through this process, Mumpower was able to determine that 3 in 10 Mums have no idea about the purpose driven commitment of most well-known brands, yet upon discovering it, 68% of them are now more likely to purchase as a result of their commitment to positively impacting the wider community. Ultimately, Mums will chose brands that authentically commit to a cause and educate the consumer effectively, because it enables her to make altruistic buying decisions. Popular influencer and mum of 2, Nadine Muller (@nadinemuller) says “People love helping people. Knowing that their purchase is essentially investing into something BIGGER - feels much better than supporting brands and business that are driven purely by profit.” For over 10 years, Mumpower has kept Mums at the centre of the conversation to become Australia’s leading agency, dedicated to shaping the way brands speak with Mums Shoppers. They do this on behalf of Mum-centric brands, by involving their vast network of Mums in the entire brand dialogue, from addressing product preferences, through to understanding and respecting how she wants to be marketed. This way it’s today’s Mums, who largely hold the cards to household spending, that shape tomorrow’s brands. It’s now time to crown Australia’s favourite purpose-driven brand 2021-03-09T00:19:45Z it-s-now-time-to-crown-australia-s-favourite-purpose-driven-brand Cast your vote! Mumpower announces a stellar line-up of brands shortlisted for their commitment to better in their inaugural consumer choice award – ‘Vote On-Purpose’. This award is setting out to celebrate brands who speak with Mums and are going above and beyond to act with purpose to make in impact on their wider community. Nominated both by Mum shoppers and Mum-centric brands, the Vote On-Purpose Awards have seen the elite 27 shortlisted for their amazing efforts in creating a better world. Ranging from sustainability and green initiatives, altruistic commitments and a clear focus on making a positive social impact, this award shines light on companies, large and small, across all sectors, who have a greater purpose in place to support the wider community. Mums Australia-wide are invited to have their say, alongside Mumpower’s vast network of Mums and Influencers, who collectively talk to Millions of Mum Shoppers. Together, they will crown Australia’s most mission focused companies, making a difference to their world. There are the 3 award categories which include; Overall Favourite Brand, Most Likely to Purchase and the Brand to Watch. There is also a huge list of prizes to win. Mumpower Director, Christie Nicholas says “Mums have told us how important it is to them that companies are involved with social issues and movements. So this award is the perfect opportunity to celebrate these organisations and raise awareness for their commitments. This initiative allows Mumpower to unite brands who value Mum shoppers and involve Mums to shape the brands of tomorrow.” Brands nominated for the award include: Nespresso for their #RecyclingResolution campaign with Planet Ark which encourages Australians to keep recycling a priority in 2021; Household favourites like Bakers Delight who have been committed to supporting the Breast Cancer Network Australia for over 20 years to raise funds and assist with their My Journey Kits and daily operations; Modibodi, creating sustainable and ethically made health apparel and drives the ‘Give A Pair’ charitable programme; And many popular children’s brands ranging from Team Rescue dedicated to saving savable lives through educational TV on ABC; to VTech, the renowned toy brand launching a range of green electronic learning products to minimise their environmental impact, and more. Modibodi Founder and CEO, Kristy Chong said “we are dedicated to making a difference - this award would demonstrate we are not alone in calling out period poverty or period product waste. It would be a powerful endorsement of our efforts to make change. It’s a huge challenge we are taking on, but we believe in limitless positivity”. -end- To vote go to: Voting closes 12th March, (it’s free). Find the list of brands in the running on page 2. For more information please contact Mumpower: Maddison Magri | E: | P: 03 9598 9128 Christie Nicholas| E: | P: 03 9598 9128 I M: 0418 511 347 To view all brands nominated, head to: The secret’s out! 2021-02-02T23:47:15Z the-secret-s-out Melbourne mum and journalist Susie O’Brien draws on Mumpower research in her new book, The Secret of Half-arsed Parenting. She wants mums and dads to drop their standards, ditch the guilt and ignore anyone on social media who says they're #blessed because they are probably #fullofcrap. The Secret of Half-arsed Parenting explores the unrealistic goals and expectations parents feel today, and offers a way to raise kids with less pressure, less guilt and less stress. The book’s mission is to guide readers back to a time when kids played by themselves at the park and then walked home, when weekends were for parents, not kids’ playdates, sport and birthday parties, and when naughty kids were punished instead of their parents. Based on current and relevant insights, this book references the Mumpower Market Research conducted during the 2020 pandemic. This 3 part research explored new and evolving trends, changes, and tracked the developing habits of Mum consumers and how these habits shaped her life and ultimately her consumer spend. Author, Susie O’Brien says: “Among other research, the book draws on a 2020 Mumpower study of how mothers were feeling in the middle of lockdown. The study offered an invaluable insight into how mums were feeling and what they were concerned about. The finding that their number two day-to-day frustration was feeling like they have to do everything fitted in perfectly with my Half-arsed mantra - that parents should do less and make no apology for it.” Mumpower is Australia’s leading agency with their finger on the pulse of what matters to this powerful consumer group largely in charge of household spending – Mums, and what brands need to do to be relevant. CEO and head of Market Research at Mumpower, Christie Nicholas says: “We are thrilled for Susie O’Brien and the launch of the book, “Secret of Half-arsed Parenting”. We know, through our efforts representing brands that speak with Mums that Mums feel pressured to keep up with the demands of life, often at her expense. This book is refreshing, inspiring and a timely reminder that what Mums do is more than enough and we are proud that Susie chose to incorporate some of the Mumpower findings”. The Secret of Half-arsed Parenting is out in bookshops or for sale on Booktopia. If you would like to enquire about Mum Marketing, Mum Influencers and Consumer Market Research Services, contact for more information. To purchase: Mumpower Shopper Insights 2020-06-15T02:04:45Z mumpower-shopper-insights Mums largely hold the cards to household spending. Covid-19 and the aftermath that came with it, meant Mums’ habits (across shopping, relationships and life) changed literally overnight. For the first time in history, we had almost the entire population of Australia internally changing habits en masse, across every part of their lives. Now, as some normality begins, we start to see the permanent outward effect these habits will make to the economy. From May 25th – June 1st 2020, Mumpower conducted an in-depth Market Research Survey with 440 online respondents, plus 68 phone interviews to uncover exactly how her changing habits will impact the economy moving forward. This report uncovers: Mums outlook on life versus pre-Covid-19 How mothers view and judge themselves Changed shopping preferences and how this impacts her buying habits The renewed path to purchase and the sources that now influence Mothers to buy Where Australian Mothers are spending most versus least How popular industries including: FMCG/Supermarket essentials, Health and Wellbeing, Baby and Childrens products, Home products and services, Entertainment, Beauty, Fitness, Fashion, Eating, Education sectors, Travel, Utilities, Financial providers will be affected The top 5 Product and service categories tipped to prosper The top 5 Product and service categories expected to be challenged How online shopping habits have and will evolve moving forward Likelihood to buy Australia-made/local brands, products, businesses The ways interpersonal relationships have changed between her partner, children, wider community and how these changing dynamics impact the economy What changes Mums made to habits across all factors of her life including: cooking, cleaning, shopping, family activities, care-giving, self-care, fitness, wellness and which habits will remain moving forward In depth look at the effects of changing habits and how brand custodians can re-establish a relevant B2C relationship with this demographic, Head of Research and Mum Shopper Habits, Christie Nicholas, who has been monitoring mum shopper habits for 10 years, says: “Mum Shoppers have changed from this experience and will continue to change further. Her daily habits, her motivation, her value system, her goals, and what shapes her is evolving. And why does this matter? This is critical because Mums continue to be largely in charge of household discretionary spend.  If this economic driver is changing gears, you will notice changes to what she buys, how she buys and why she buys. By understanding, respecting and responding to shoppers changing attitude, habits and needs, there will be greater and more positive economic consequences for brands keen to bounce back or to continue to thrive.” The Mumpower data insights address real world, current marketing challenges and opportunities and enable brands and business to drive growth by knowing the facts about Australian mothers’ shopping habits in today’s world. For more information about obtaining a copy of the report, contact or to interview Christie Nicholas please contact: ph 0418 511 347 or 03 9598-9128   About the Mumpower Shopping Insights Report and Mumpower: is Australia’s leading agency shaping brands that speak to Mums. We exist to lead mum-centric brands to next-level brilliance, by continuously involving Mums in brand research studies to assess trends, preferences and shopping predictions. This is the first survey report in a series dedicated to “Mumpower: Shopping Insights, Trends and Predictions in a post-Covid-19 world.”  All insights are independently produced and sourced from our own Mumpower research panel. Mumpower is solely responsible for all analysis and reporting. -end- Access shopper behaviour and purchasing trends of Australian Mums 2020-05-30T08:24:52Z access-shopper-behaviour-and-purchasing-trends-of-australian-mums Did you know what your customers are thinking, feeling or even saying about your brand, competitors, or industry? If not, that’s where Mumpower comes in. We continuously reach out to Mums, an economic powerhouse, within our vast market research community of 14,000+ participants for quantitative and qualitative insights into what they are buying, how they are buying and why. This way, we deliver companies and brands clarity around trends and certainty around Australian Mothers purchasing behaviour that leads to heightened brand advocacy and more sales. Over the past 12 months, Mumpower has produced an extensive list of industry research insights on behalf of companies in the following industries: Baby Goods and Services, Children Products, FMCG and supermarket brands, Home products, Appliance industry, Organic market, Lifestyle products, Beauty products, Food brands to reveal shopping habits of Australian Mothers across popular categories. An example list of market research reports produced throughout 2020/2019 period include: ·        Brand advocacy trends and market predictions ·        Usage and Attitude towards advertisers and advertising mediums ·        Consumer relationships with market leader brands and characteristics of best performers ·        Consumer relationships with non market leader/emerging brands and characteristics of best performers ·        Social media habits and trends of Gen X and Gen Y Australian Mothers ·        The role and impact of pester power ·        Marketing to Kids and the role of Kidinfluencers ·        Online shopping trends ·        Instore shopping trends ·        How the shopping habits differ across Gen X Mums vs Gen Y Mums ·        How customers feel about buying Australia Made ·        Product packaging customer preferences ·        How do product claims and accreditations drive sales ·        Sustainability trends and recycling habits of Australian households ·        Cooking trends, predictions and shopping habits of Australian Mothers ·        Market research trends for Organic products in Australia ·        Health and wellbeing assessment; Mums state of mind today ·        Leading Supermarkets private label and home brand assessments ·        Baby skin care consumer trends and preferences ·        Baby food and baby snacking shopper trends and preferences ·        Breastfeeding trends Australian Mothers ·        Mums involvement in online support networks vs live Mother groups ·        Australian Mums usage and attitude towards Appliance industry ·        How Mums buy via baby expos and shows and ways to optimise sales ·        Covid-19 Purchasing Behaviour and shopping habits of Australian Mums For industry leaders who want to go beyond marketing to mums, ‘Knowledge is Profit’ Mumpower data insights enables companies to shape brands with Mums. Being Mum-centric accelerates B2C relationships that lead to sales. If you would like to discover shopping habits and market research stats about Australian Mums related to your industry, please contact to discover more. Join 300+ other happy customers and power your brand forward. About: Mumpower is Australia’s leading agency shaping brands that speak to mums. Ten years young, we keep today’s mums at the centre of the conversation to deliver brands: Mum-to-Mum Advocacy via: Market Research, Campaign Activation & Advocacy Accelerators. Mum Advocacy fuels growth for your brand. It’s critical and your success depends on it. Contact: for more details - End- Empowering Mums of today to shape the brands of tomorrow 2020-05-07T05:59:33Z empowering-mums-of-today-to-shape-the-brands-of-tomorrow Today’s Mums are completely overwhelmed by brand choices on their supermarket shelves, retail stores, Instagram feeds and everything in between. Brand loyalty is diminishing as these women are on a continuous quest to find ‘the next best thing’ to satisfy her and her family’s needs. In a world where a Mum’s endorsement is sales gold, what’s turning her away? Not enough brands are actively involving mothers, still largely in charge of household spending, in the development of products, messaging and campaigns and make costly assumptions instead.  Without having this customer at the forefront of critical decisions, there is a disconnect between what mums want and what companies deliver. The result is disheartened consumers. It’s time to address this gap and give Mums the power to redefine the retail landscape according her needs. The platform gaining popularity both with thousands of Aussie Mums and the brands who want to speak to them, is Mumpower., is the one stop shop for consumer brands, to unite a panel of Mums to test and assess product, messages, trends and best campaign ideas, in return for retail vouchers, products and gifts. This free consumer hub involves Mums in projects that ensure her voice is heard and needs respected, by brands that value them. And makes it easy for brands to discover unknowns, and empower more Mums with a great shopping experience. “We’re on the lookout for more Mums to join our research panel who love sharing ideas and being involved in discussions and testing products from the comfort of their homes including products for baby, kids, food, health, home and lifestyle essentials. In return for rewards, you will shape tomorrow’s brands,” explains Mumpower Founder and Director, Christie Nicholas. The latest brand Mums are invited to evaluate is global breastfeeding authority, Medela, who are excited to collaborate with Mums and discover new breastfeeding trends, insights and preferences. “Mums are at the heart of what we do so staying connected is important. This generation of Mums are facing different lifestyles factors influencing breastfeeding habits, including more breastfeeding friendly workplaces, busier schedules, a growing demand for online breastfeeding networks and let’s not forget Iso! We want Mums to tell us what matters to her most so we can shape our products and services that ensure Mum is totally supported, informed and happy with breastfeeding choices available to her.” Medela Australia Managing Director, Jarrod Percy. And Mums themselves are relishing the journey. “I love giving feedback. Especially since I’m the one who usually does the shopping. It makes me feel like this brand is listening to me and I think more highly of them. I’ve been involved in testing baby wipes, bedding, food. It’s fantastic when I see the product on shelves and know I played a role in making sure Mums would like it.” Mumpower Panellist, Janine. Mums interested in sharing opinions and testing products in return for rewards are invited to join the free panel, by heading over to -End-   For more information please contact Mumpower: Christie Nicholas| E: | P: 03 9598 9128 I M: 0418 511 347 Maddison Magri | E: | P: 03 9598 9128 THE BLOGGERS BRUNCH IS TRANSFORMING INFLUENCER MARKETING - MERGING THE ONLINE AND OFFLINE WORLDS 2019-10-23T10:50:33Z the-bloggers-brunch-is-transforming-influencer-marketing-merging-the-online-and-offline-worlds Australia’s number one agency that connects millions of mums with brands, Kids Business Communications is back with their Bloggers Brunch™ this October 25th in Melbourne with leading brands taking centre stage. What started as the industry’s best kept secret almost 10 years ago, has morphed into an organically grown platform that is accelerating and leveraging brand awareness, with grassroots marketing that brings the online world, offline – and then back again. In its journey, the event has been home to hundreds of brands, both established and emerging and involved thousands of influencers along the way. The Bloggers Brunch™, now Australia’s Premier Influencer Marketing Event, removes the online disconnect and unites mums and brands via face to face experiences with the influencers Mums turn to. It gives both the influencer and the brand a chance to discover one another personally, creating authentic interactions and facilitating real brand/consumer relationships that resonate with readers.   Christie Nicholas, Managing Director of Kids Business has spent almost 20 years marketing brands to women, primarily Mums, and curated the event from its beginning. Nicholas believes: “The Bloggers BrunchTM gives brands and influencers the unique opportunity to fast-track perfectly aligned partnerships that go beyond a single post, to deliver amplified results. We do this by creating a brand experience. Without an experience, there is no emotion. Without emotion there is no advocacy. And advocacy is the catalyst to a brand’s success.  In light Facebook and Instagram’s changes as well as today’s very noisy online marketing sphere, the power and ability to do this well is critical to growth.”  One of the long-term brand partners involved in previous events as well as the upcoming event, Jen Harwood of Happy Hair Brush fame explains:  “Influencers need to meet us, see us and most importantly experience our product. If they love our product and share it, that gives us the 3rd party credibility with potential customers. This event enables us to get to the majority of influencers FIRST, establishing ourselves as the leaders and the response has been incredible! We can hardly keep up. Influencers create powerful, genuine content that speaks about the problem our product solves and our relationships with them is personal.”  As online platforms are moving away from vanity metrics, it is relationships, now more than ever, that matter most. “Potential customers are more receptive to the messages coming from someone they already know, like and trust and who clearly believes in the product” Nicholas adds. The benefits not only lie with the brands – it is the ONLY event on an influencers calendar designed to directly introduce influencers with a stable of the hottest brands and key contacts who are keen to ignite relationships.  Brands participating at this event include a mix of global brands, FMCG essentials, emerging players and everyday home essentials, including: Moose Toys, VTech, LeapFrog, Black + Decker, Breville, Smash Enterprises, Mustela, Uganic by Wattlehealth, Beginners on Stage, Happy Hair Brush, KONG, Nutriderm, Dermavive and retailer Spotlight.   Discover what happens when the online and offline worlds unite, the role influencers play in educating the wider audience and why more brands want messages shared organically and transparently. -end-  Please contact for Media access and story ideas. Happy Times for Happy Hair Brush – Sweeping up Bloggers Choice Awards 2019-03-03T23:35:53Z happy-times-for-happy-hair-brush-sweeping-up-bloggers-choice-awards Winners from the Bloggers BBQ: Bloggers Choice Awards have been announced. To mark the start of 2019, this awards program launched off the back of the biggest influencer marketing event of the year, the Bloggers BBQ.   Organised by Kids Business, Australia’s leading agency exclusively representing brands that market and sell to Mums – this event connected 14 stellar brands to 74 influential guests (with an enormous audience size of almost 3 Million Mums) to ignite the beginning of long term relationships. Brands came from a diverse range of sectors including, education, FMCG, maternity, baby, beauty, home, pet care and more and included: ABC Reading Eggs, Bakers Delight, Belly Bandit, Eonion Care, Goblies, Happy Hair Brush, Heinz Baby Basics, Little Innoscents, Marathon Foods, No Added, Protect-a-bed, KONG, Smash and Spotlight. With the support of the influencer community, the event also raised awareness for the Clown Doctors. The platform featured immersive brand experiences, 2-way interactions, and in-depth educational sessions to fast track the process of word of mouth and mum to mum recommendations. The Bloggers Choice Awards rolled out on the day, gives influencers the opportunity to then share their renewed brand sentiment, measure their advocacy levels, purchasing intent and likelihood to tell others about these brands.    The series of awards include; Favourite Overall Brand, Best Brand Experience, Most Likely to Purchase and Best Community Initiative.  The winners of the Bloggers BBQ Blogger Choice Award are as follows:  Favourite Product and/ or Service Winner: Happy Hair Brush Runner Up: Little Innoscents Best Brand Experience Winner: Happy Hair Brush Runner Up: Spotlight Most Likely to Purchase Product and/ or Service Winner: Bakers Delight Runners Up: Smash Best Community Initiative Winner: ABC Reading Eggs Runner Up: Bakers Delight Happy Hair Brush founder and CEO Jen Harwood said “We are overwhelmed and humbled with just how popular Happy Hair Brush is with influencers. Influencers even came from other states to learn more about our mission to make One Million Women Happy with our superior brushes that go above and beyond detangling hair for kids and adults alike. The women we met influence nearly 3 million people. That’s incredible! The amount of promotion they have already generously given our brushes, even moments after meeting us and posting stories and posts about our products sets us up to be well on our way to reaching our targets! We are thrilled with both these awards and grateful for the support of the influencers who are getting behind our movement to transform the world of how women brush their hair forever!" Blogger and Influencer, Elise from What's on 4 was equally impressed saying "it is a great way to connect with brands face to face". Christie Nicholas, Managing Director, Kids Business Communications adds “Nothing compares with the power of a face to face meeting. It is more emotive than an email or DM and the easiest way to discover if there is a genuine fit between you and your promotional partners.  In just 4 hours, these 14 brands were able to set up their influencer marketing campaign for the next 6 months and know with certainty that influencers open to being on the journey with these brands share the same values. As a result, the partnerships are genuine, the content is more authentic and valuable to the readers keen to learn more. “   Kids Business Communications is Australia’s leading agency exclusively focused on helping brands market and sell to more mums. For more information contact  P: 03 9598 9128.      NEW EVENT - Australia’s Largest Influencer Event Heads North this July 2018-06-22T01:00:40Z new-event-australia-s-largest-influencer-event-heads-north-this-july Now in its 8th consecutive year, the Bloggers BrunchTM is a real-life influencer market place, boasting a live, vibrant and interactive platform for ‘Mum’ influencers and brands to meet and mingle in person. Ten brands are set to wow influencers in Queensland, including returning partners: Nintendo, RYOBI, Little Innoscents Cobs, Marathon Foods, ASG and Chef Direct. Also attending, are first-time brand exhibitors; Gro Company, Terry White Chemmart, Matar, and Bioglan. Returning for their second Bloggers BrunchTM, global brand, and family favourite Nintendo said “Our goal was to educate and change the way Mums view our brand…and we certainly feel like we were given the platform to accomplish that. Bloggers Brunch gave us the rare opportunity of chatting one-on-one to an engaged group of influential Mums. We were really impressed by our visitors’ willingness to learn about our product; when by admission many of them typically avoid video games at all costs!”  Queensland based content creators present fresh opportunities for participating national and global brands; with the upcoming event embracing the unique flair Queensland influencers have to offer. Popular Brisbane Blogger and Founder of national parent’s directory ‘What’s On’, Elise Easdown explains, “QLD bloggers have their own fresh and unique way of presenting information. Our weather, seasons, and lifestyle are different. Our content reflects that.” Not your average expo and more than your standard influencer outreach campaign, the Bloggers BrunchTM has hosted 200 household brands to date and provided a proven way to ignite word of mouth, both online and offline, alongside sampling and experiences – all key activations that influence purchase.  The esteemed network of women attending share over 2 Million connections combined – greater reach than TV. Bloggers BrunchTM Founder and Kids Business Managing Director Christie Nicholas said; “This event creates long lasting, collaborative relationships that benefit the influencers, their audience and the brands. The opportunities and positive flow-on effects this event creates, the brand awareness it delivers, and the energy and interest our guests bring to make the experience complete, motivates us to turn up the dial – this time for Queensland.”  The Bloggers BrunchTM events are held in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. To exhibit please contact Kids Business Communications is Australia’s leading agency exclusively focused on helping brands market and sell to more mums. For more information contact  P: 03 9598 9128.                                 Kids Business Announces Client Win 2018-01-30T03:50:30Z kids-business-announces-client-win Kids Business Communications, Australia’s most established PR and Marketing to Mums agency, are thrilled to renew their partnership with the world’s number one selling mattress protector, Protect-A-Bed. Following a successful 2017 campaign, Kids Business Communications will drive another long-term campaign with the market leader by delivering ongoing PR representation, an influencer ambassador programme as well as a series of bespoke projects throughout the year, both in Australian and New Zealand. Protect-A-Bed products are approved by the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice Program and recognised as being SIDS & Kids friendly. Protect-A-Bed is proudly Australian owned and made, and has grown to become a globally recognised brand, having partners and distributors in 48 countries. Kids Business Founder Christie Nicholas said, “The brand is outstanding, and we are proud to be able to tell more mums and families about it. That’s our goal for all our clients. This year we will build on the proven framework from last year to create specialised and intimate brand experiences that amplify brand awareness both online and offline and promote the essential range of products protecting families from the nasties lurking in our beds.” Kids Business Communications continues to exclusively focus on connecting brands with mums via industry expertise, extensive connections, passion and purpose. Kids Business has represented 180+ brands to date via PR and marketing-to-mum solutions including: PR, Influencer Marketing, Sampling & Review Campaigns, Market Research and the Bloggers BrunchTM. For more information please contact Courtney at Kids Business | | +61 3 9598 9128 Caruso’s Natural Health takes out top spot in the Bloggers BrunchTM Bloggers Choice Awards, along with Lowan and Smiths Snackfood Company 2017-05-29T07:19:22Z caruso-s-natural-health-takes-out-top-spot-in-the-bloggers-brunchtm-bloggers-choice-awards-along-with-lowan-and-smiths-snackfood-company-1 Kids Business Communications, the pr and marketing to mum specialist agency, is excited to announce the brands voted in as winners of the Bloggers BrunchTM Bloggers Choice Awards, for the recent Bloggers BrunchTMheld in Sydney earlyMay. Ten brands exclusively participated in the recent experiential social media event hosted by Kids Business Communications, to educate & engage personally with an elite group of influencers who collectively reach 2M + others. Among them, FMCG brands: Lowan, Luv-A-Duck, The Smiths Snackfood Company (Sakata & Sunbites) and Slendier, as well as Australian Tax Office, Caruso’s Natural Health, Medela, Curash and SEBO. For the first time in the seven years the event has been running for, the Bloggers BrunchTM Bloggers Choice Awards were launched to give attending bloggers the opportunity to nominate brands for the following awards: Favourite Product and/or Service, Best Brand Experience, Most Likely to Purchase Product and/or Service and special acknowledgement for Best Community Initiative. These awards acknowledge both the bloggers’ voice and the level of impression the brands made. The winners of the first ever Bloggers BrunchTM Bloggers Choice Awards are: ·         Overall Favourite Product and/or Service: o   Winner - Caruso’s Natural Health o   Runner Up -  Luv-A-Duck ·         Most Likely to Purchase Product and/or Service: o   Winner - The Smiths Snackfood Company (Sakata & Sunbites) o   Runner Up – Lowan ·         Best Brand Experience: o   Winner - Lowan o   Runner Up - Luv-A-Duck ·         Best Community Initiative: o   Special Acknowledgment - Medela Frank Caruso, Founder, Caruso’s Natural Health explains: “The highlight of the Bloggers BrunchTM was meeting all these wonderful people. They really enjoy what they’re doing and are willing to share what they see here today. It’s a great way of getting the message out to your customers. I highly recommend it.” Christie Nicholas, Managing Director, Kids Business Communications adds: “The Bloggers BrunchTM events continue to grow as we strive to deliver more rewarding connections for both brands and the mums they appeal to. The Bloggers BrunchTM Bloggers Choice Awards are shaped by the authentic feedback influencers provide and simultaneously give brands another opportunity to shine.”Watch the event highlights: All brands involved in the Bloggers BrunchTM May 2017 received extensive online coverage, intimate audience interaction, product trials and valuable introductions. To enquire about the next event, please contact l 03 9598 9128 l @kids_business. Medela survey reveals every Mum has a story to share about her Midwife experience 2017-04-10T09:58:18Z medela-survey-reveals-every-mum-has-a-story-to-share-about-her-midwife-experience In Australia, there are over 300,000 mums giving birth every year and Midwives support 70 per cent of them.  Now with International Midwives' Day taking place on 5th May 2017, Medela Australia embarked on a survey with 7,800 Australian Mums to explore just how much Midwives influence new mums’ confidence and introduction to motherhood. The survey reveals that surprisingly, the role a midwife plays goes beyond providing practical and physical medical support.  A staggering 82 per cent of new mums reported feeling more confident entering into motherhood specifically because of her positive experience with a midwife. The advice a new mum received from a midwife made a difference too, with 88 per cent of respondents clearly benefiting from the helpful or very helpful advice bestowed onto them.  Advice from midwives ranged from practical suggestions for breastfeeding, pain relief, labour strategies, as well as emotional coping strategies and words of wisdom. “The support I got from my midwives at the hospital went beyond breastfeeding advice and how to bathe my baby. They helped me cope emotionally with the baby blues which came as a huge shock to me.  Saying thank you is not enough – there are no words to describe how they helped me” Jessie, 33. Most mums, 62 per cent, have received conflicting advice from midwives, demonstrating that receiving conflicting advice is normal, common and provides an opportunity for mums to select which advice to take on board.  There were 57 per cent of respondents who dealt with conflicting advice by selecting the advice that best worked for them. The other 33 per cent turned to alternative sources such as online networks, family, doctor. In the first 6 weeks of motherhood when mums are feeling more emotional and less confident, mums most valued the support from partners, their own mothers and midwives before online communities, followed by their doctor. Beyond the 6-week mark, results evolved with mums more likely to favour online support. Jarrod Percy, the Managing Director of Medela Australia explains, “It is wonderful to acknowledge the positive impact a midwife has and how the support and advice from a midwife shapes a mother’s confidence and introduction to motherhood. Confidence gives new mothers strength, courage and clarity to embrace her role positively and productively. By celebrating and supporting the community of midwives they can continue to make a difference.” Full results from the survey will be released and discussed at the interactive Medela Mother’s Group event to take place on Wednesday April 19th, 2017 in Melbourne. Featuring expert panellists including Katie James, Educator, Midwife and Lactation Consultant from Medela Australia, Helen Stevens Baby Sleep Expert from New Born Baby and Debra Close and Kate Wilke, Positive Psychologists from Flourishing Mothers.  These presenters, along with bloggers, new mums and media will explore ways the community can support new mums, tips to address common issues new parents face, how midwives can best support next generation of mums as well as other hot topics. This event will also raise awareness for St. Kilda Mums. -ends- Media interested in attending the event or to receive full survey results please contact: Christie Nicholas I 03 9598 9128 I @medela_au I #MyMedela #MedelaAU Finally; An organic baby Sleeping Bag configurable for all-seasons and a Sleepsuit that grows with your child. 2017-03-28T04:53:54Z finally-an-organic-baby-sleeping-bag-configurable-for-all-seasons-and-a-sleepsuit-that-grows-with-your-child Temperature changes causing havoc on your little one's sleep patterns? Not sure how to keep baby sleeping comfortably at night? Worried about them kicking off blankets? Anxious at the thought of bub sweating against polyester fabric? Or simply frustrated at having to buy Sleepsuits and Sleeping Bags for every size and every season? The Sleepy Company knows too well that most parents are eager for solutions to these problems and has created two of the most innovative sleep solutions ever to hit the Australian Market.  Both are made of luxurious, super-soft, certified organic cotton; no polyester, no harmful chemicals and pesticides, creating a healthier option for baby – while being super practical for parents.  Rapid growth spurts in young children normally results in sleepsuits that are outgrown before they are outworn, making it inconvenient and expensive to upgrade.  The X-Tend Sleepsuit is an Australian-first invention that grows with baby! Simply extend the arms and legs of the suit once the baby is ready for the next size.  Boasting handy features such as removable sleeves, hand and feet mittens and two way front zippers, it’s suitable for babies 6 months up to 7 years of age.  For babies 18 months and up, a unique extra-large drop seat feature makes nappy changes or middle of the night toilet stops so much more convenient.  The X-Tend Sleepsuit keeps baby safe and comfortable all night without the worry of kicking off blankets. Back by popular demand with brand new features and upgrades is the 365 Sleep Bag 2.0, the configurable baby sleeping bag that adjusts to all four seasons and temperature changes, eliminating the need for blankets and multiple tog sleep bags. Simply combine the Summer and Spring/Autumn bags to create your Winter warmer. It now comes with the X-Tend system to extend the sleeves to next size up, as well as handy features such as removable full-sleeves, hand mittens, and a travel vent. Made for babies 6 months up to 5 years old. The 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 offers maximum usage of each bag, so baby sleeps in complete comfort and safety 365 days a year. If the ultimate goal is to secure a good night sleep, both for parents and baby, then the new product solutions from The Sleepy Company are every parents’ dream.  Described by sleep consultants as ‘ingenious!’ both products are kind to sensitive or eczema prone skin and come in a selection of unisex contemporary prints and stylish designs. Organic, economical, environmentally friendly, practical and beautiful.  The 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 and the X-Tend Sleepsuit are available for pre-order on The Sleepy Company Website. 365 Sleep Bag 2.0 starts from RRP $149.95 (includes 1 x Summer and 1 x Spring/Autumn, combined for Winter).  X-Tend Sleepsuit starts from RRP $74.95. Free shipping and free returns for 100 days* Australia wide policy. I I