The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2005-11-21T20:56:00Z Solio, a Solar Powered Multi Device Charger Plugs into Aussie Sun 2005-11-21T20:56:00Z solio-a-solar-powered-multi-device-charger-plugs-into-aussie-sun Solio is a portable, solar powered, renewable energy source that allows users to enjoy an endless power supply for their increasingly power hungry mobile phones, PDAs, iPod/mp3 players and portable game consoles. Now available in Australia, Solio fits in the palm of your hand, captures energy from sunlight and stores it within an integrated battery. Solio provides consumers with a highly flexible, socially responsible portable power solution that really works. According to Christopher Hornor, CEO of Better Energy Systems (BES) the company that developed Solio, the technology means you never have to be without battery power for any of your portable communication or entertainment devices again. Particularly with the recent release of power hungry 3G phones, Solio means that you can stay connected, says Hornor. Because Solio generates power from the sun and does not rely on a traditional power supply, users dont have to carry different power adaptors while traveling throughout different regions. For anyone that travels frequently or depends heavily on devices such as a PDA or mobile phone, Solio portable power is essential. Regardless of whether you are stranded on a train in Tokyo on business or backpacking in Guatemala, Solio gives you access to a reliable source of renewable power to recharge your devices. We constantly receive emails from people using the Solio from all over the world - from the North Pole to Antarctica, says Hornor. BES customers include some of the worlds best known companies such as Apple, Quiksilver and Vodaphone who offer co-branded Solio devices. Coldplay, one of todays most popular bands also released a special edition Solio for the launch of their latest album X&Y. Co-founder of Na Pali/Quiksilver Europe and executive advisor of Quiksilver Inc., Harry Hodge is the chairman of the BES board and believes that while the Solio is a simple product it has the power to fundamentally impact the way we live. The technology really struck a cord with me, says Hodge. I travel frequently with my family and rather than having to cart around different chargers and power converters for all of our MP3 players, gameboys and mobile phones, now we just travel with a Solio. Hodge believes harnessing the power of the sun to stay connected makes perfect sense for Australians. On the whole, we like to be outdoors and on the move and we also like our technology, Solio supports that lifestyle. Inspired to create a product that made clean, renewable energy attractive to mainstream consumers, BES focused on developing a device that was both fashionable and environmentally sound. Over a twelve month period, 100,000 mobile phone users will produce 172,500 pounds of carbon dioxide (C02) charging their phones from a traditional electricity supply. Solio provides a clean energy alternative that enables users to reduce the level of carbon dioxide they emit into the atmosphere. As well as being a popular device with leisure and business travelers, Solio has also proved to be invaluable in disaster relief and community aid programs. Solio was literally a lifesaver when power and phone lines were downed in New Orleans as a result of the force and devastation of hurricane Katrina. The continual source of power to recharge phones enabled rescue workers and residents to communicate with the rest of the country, facilitating relief efforts and contacting loved ones. Many volunteers with SurfAid, a non-profit aid organisation assisting remote village island communities also use Solio to power their devices while working in remote areas that dont have electricity. About Solio The Solio solar charger has a fully integrated lithium-Ion battery and achieves maximum solar area at a minimum size thanks to its award-winning fan-blade design. When closed, Solio is only slightly larger than a mobile phone, making it highly portable. With Solios intelligent internal circuitry and patented interchangeable tip system, mobile devices can be charged at the same rate as their dedicated wall charger. To use the device, one simply needs to attach a cable and press a button. To charge Solios internal battery from the sun takes between 8 to 10 hours of direct sunlight. Using the included wall adapter takes approximately 5.5 hours to fully charge the Solio. A fully charged Solio will completely charge an average mobile phone or similar powered device at least once. When charging a mobile phone directly from the sun, 60 minutes of sunlight will provide approximately 10 minutes of talk time or 4 Hours standby time. Connectors are available for Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Sagem and Sharp mobile phones as well as Palm and Sony Clie PDAs. Attachments are also available for the Apple iPod (3G, 4G, Mini and Nano), Gameboy SP, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS,Mini USB, USB, Blackberry, Motorola V3 and Sony PSP. Solio is available at for AUD$124. It can also be purchased at Harvey Norman and selected retailers. About BES Better Energy Systems (BES) is a leading producer of environmentally conscious products for the modern mobile consumer. Based in London and founded in early 2002, BES is an original design manufacturer of portable renewable energy products and believes in a better business ecosystem that will benefit both the consumer and the environment.