The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2014-12-16T08:48:06Z Total Recall: Conference Delegates Get Memory Upgrade To Improve Company’s Bottom-line! 2014-12-16T08:48:06Z total-recall-conference-delegates-get-memory-upgrade-to-improve-company-s-bottom-line Sydney, 16th December,  A new digital service which records Conference Presentations and publishes them for Delegates to re-watch later has been launched in Australia.   This innovative, easy to use service records the conference audio visual content and uploads the Speakers Presentations to a secure cloud server.  The Delegates then receive a secured, interactive PDF of the Conference Program; they click on a session and the presentations’ vision and audio is replayed directly to their device.   The service is the brain child of Richard Brobyn, Innovation Director at The Miracle Mixing Company.   “The idea is to turbo charge the effectiveness of a company’s conferencing spend by ensuring the Delegates can remember everything that was presented.   We think being able to re-absorb conference content later will improve Delegates’ personal work performance, and this will hopefully reflect in improving the company’s bottom line.”   “But it has to be affordable and hassle free; so we made it very user friendly, and if you have 250 Delegates, the package costs less than morning tea per day to provide each of them with access for a year.    If you compare the cost of a coffee and croissant with the value of being able to re-watch all those Presentations, I think we’ve developed an excellent proposition.”   Ashton Media recently recorded the 2014 Data Strategy Symposium.  Mark Abay, Ashtons’ Content Director reflected on the experience. “The whole process took very little effort. A couple of phone calls to organise it, and they took care of all the techy AV stuff. The record just happened”   “We based our publication on the printed Delegate program, so we sent them the files and a few days after the conference the interactive PDF arrived ready to be proofed.”   “It’s a great result, and it was so simple to organise.”   Richard Brobyn added “We hope this service will be a game changer for conferencing, because it allows the budget to spawn something that’s really usable after the event.  It allows Managers to organise staff refresher programs focused on their publication and for colleagues who weren’t able to attend to catch up on the presentations”.   “And for industry conference organisers the publication can be on sold to Delegates so they get the benefit of attending the conference all year ‘round.”   “We’re also putting together a suite of support services aimed at re-engaging the Delegates with targeted aspects of the content using their mobiles.  So if you have remote staff such as sales reps, you can keep them on strategy and potentially use analytics to get a gauge of their understanding of it.”   “It’s a very exciting time.  We’re calling the initiative ‘Message Retention Services’, and we’re looking forward to providing an innovative, meaningful new service to companies; and to helping solve some of the challenges they face in making their important messages stick.”   To find out more contact Richard Brobyn on 0400 328 723 or     NOTE TO EDITORS.  Email for a demostration publication to evaluate and a hi res' version of image